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  1. Went on a trip to VA and Wash. D.C Wensday! Just got back. Making rounds now! :3

  2. Cinderella

    Chad smiled at her, "I'll keep you warm, If its by my arms or by my jacket, thats your choice." His voice was low as he looked at the gun then the girl. He smiled as he saw her struggle. "It's okay, love. I can show.." He went to say before the Game manager walked over and started talking to Rose, a growl almost escaping his clenched teeth. Calm down, it's just a stupid human, he thought to himself and rolled his eyes. "That won't be needed sir," the young male said as he moved the water gun to the hand farthest from the girl, his other wrapping around her waist. "She has me," He stated, moving his eyes away from the man as if dismissing him. He gently pulled her in front of him and flashed her a smiled, "Which is your dominant hand?" He asked as his face was a few inches from her face, voice low and a bit rough. His breath made some stray strands, his eyes looked over all her features on her face. He did not like the fact the man made her uncomfortable, he did not like the human flirting with her, he did not like that he did that in front of him. The vampire felt territorial now, his mood going from sweet to wanting. His urge for her grew ten times stronger, and he was not gonna fight it, blood rushed through his veins, mind traveling down the dark ally of lust, and his body wanting to speak everything he was feeling.
  3. Cinderella

    He held back a smile as he watched her reactions towards his nearness. His skin felt electrified and his thirst grew stronger when her hand moved to his then to his hair. her words swarming his brain. Long bridge, he smiled and let himself move away from her, climbing out the Jeep himself. Does she mean it as taking it slow or what? He tried to take his mind off his thoughts as he moved to her side. "Cold?" He asked and then smiled at her wanting the bear. He smiled and grabbed her hand, walking he over to the game, his other hand in his pocket. "What will you name it?" He asked, his curiosity about her was slowly beginning to over flow. Once they made it to the game, the vampire pulled out a 5 and handed it to the game keeper. "I hope you have aim," he joked and picked up to water guns and help one out to her. His eyes jumping from her lips to her eyes every so often, Damn this girl is driving me mad.
  4. Cinderella

    Chad smiled at her question, his thoughts going a bit to the guy side. Shaking his head as he found a parking stop, "Anything is okay with me, Princess." His voice was happy and he shut the Jeep off. Feeling grateful towards Kate, he remember to put a good word in for her with his father. Looking over at Rose, "What your favorite ride?" He looked at her eyes and smiled a toothy, goofy grin. As the sun faded, the feeling of dread followed as he realized he'd have to leave her side soon. He sat back in his seat and looked at the carnival in front of him, "Let's save the Ferris Wheel for last, though." He said glazing up at the big machine, "It'll be a lot better when its darker." Reaching his hand for the door, he bit his lip and let his eyes travel towards the human girls beside him. "After tonight, I hope it's a bridge and not a dove," softly his voice filled the vehicle.
  5. I need a rp that can help me get all this unease out. Lol i have been away from writing for so long I am having withdrawals now. :sweat:

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      Make sure you check the water cooler!

  6. Cinderella

    Chad listened to Rose’s description of the book, his smile growing wider and wider as her words continue to spill. He loved how her voice and scent filled the moving vehicle, warming his soul by her close proximity. Hearing her talk so fondly of vampires, the young man felt words rising up in his throat but before he could say anything he pulled into the parking lot and it wasn't soon before the girl hopped out of the jeep and pulled him out guiding him to the bookstore. He didn’t mind being with her one bit, even if she talked and dragged him places; though he is very willing. Once in the store, the little place began growing rather crowded and uncomfortable. He looked around for a moment before letting his eyes set on the lovely women by his side. Trying not to stare, he would look ahead then at the little tables around the store beside them. The line started moving up faster, the crowd grew more lively, and the space became a lot more uncomfortable; until a arm slipped around his waist. Quickly looking down beside him, he smiled. “No reason to apologize,” he wrapped the arm that was in between the two around her shoulders and pulled her close. “It’s nice spending time outside of a daily routine, you know?” Curious as to her sudden reason to put an arm around him, he had a suspicion that it was the bald guy behind them. He felt eyes on him other than the only pair he needed. Maybe she’s feeling the connection and her actions are being affected by them, he thought as they moved up a few spots and was almost to the table where the author was. He looked down at her and bite his lip, I have a nine months. I can let her get to know me before throwing her into this world, right? Even if she seems to adore vampires, no normal human or person would be okay with someone telling them they’re are the mate of a vampire, a royal one at that, and their decision could cost that man his life and everything. Biting his lip, he looked ahead and scrunched his eyebrows, I can be selfish or caring. I better choice wisely. “So would you recommend this series to my sister-in-law? Or even my mother?” He chuckled a little at the idea. “I mean they are crazy romantics,” his eyes moved back to her face, completely covered with amusement instead of his focused stare while his thoughts roared on. Yet it quickly disappeared as he glared at the bald man who bumped into him, making him nudge a woman in front of him. “I am so sorry,” He offered the older woman as she turned with a bewildered expression, which changed to a forgiving expression as she smiled and turned around. Returning his gaze to the man, “Could you move a little less?” His voice was a little annoyed and he pulled Rose closer, “It’s already crowded enough, you becoming inpatient and moving around will not make things go any fast.” Sternly, his words came out, before he turned back to face forward with his jaw set as he tried to calm down. The young vampire was not a very angry person, not until final year of his count down came around. He started growing more irritable and his tolerance began growing shorted. Biting his lip, he peeked at his dance partner, hoping to gage her reaction.
  7. College Love and Tuition Debts

    (I'm gonna just tune Dylan in at the song request.) Once Vinh returned to the table with the food, Dylan zoned out and slowly munched on the food to enjoy it to the best of his ability. Only hearing bits and pieces of the conversation, his head popped up when his roommate said his name and he offered a small smiled. "Yeah, I was going for a Panic at the Disco look, and you two look very nice," he replied then went back to eating. Well I am very much a third wheel and buzz kill, He thought to himself with amusement. Oh well. Maybe that will make them be more friendly... His amusement soon dissolved and was replaced with worry. Shit, fix yo self, man! He scolded himself just as Vinh disappeared from his prefixal vision. "OH SHIT!" He said before bursting out with a booming laughter seeing Ariana on top of his friend. "Please don't break him," he said to the girl who tackled Vinh. Seeing as she was winking at him as if to tease him. Does Ariana see my mixed feelings for Vinh? Deciding to make a joke, the boy contuined only after raising a finger to Phillip for him to wait a moment, "That's my job." He winked back to the small girl before standing up and watching as his blue headed friend asked him to dance. "Sure, just let me change the music," He smiled and pointed to his set up, "Any requested, anybody?" He asked looking around the small unformed circle. @Trigger2Red @Skyscraper
  8. Hi, my friends! My life has taken up a quick pace and I am slowly making my rounds to reply to topics. I will mostly be on Fridays-Sundays. I apologize in advance! 

  9. New year, New love? 1x1 with Skyscraper

    Derek smiled against her lips, She actually leaned in, he thought in disbelief. He placed one of his palms against her cheek softly. After the cheers died down, the boy reluctantly pulled away from her. He had a genuine smile resting on his lips and eyes filled with desire. I may never see this girl again. Probably for her own good. Probably for mine. I've only know her for less than a hour, and she already has me feigning for her in more than a sexual way, His mind blabbered before he could mentally slap himself. You always do this, Jonny. Quit looking for love, it doesn't just happen like that. He got a hold of himself and reality brought his attention back to what was going on around him. The water was getting colder than before, and everyone was coming outside to look at the fire work show the host planned. "Happy New Year's Elle," He whispered then kissed her lips again lightly before letting his hand drop from his face. Taking a tiny step back from her giving her some space, he looked her over for what was like the tenth time. He was not doing it in a a hungry manner, but in a way a lover of art looks at a piece of work. With admiration and bliss, his eyes moved up to her face again. This has to be the softest and most happiest anyone out side of his family has seen him. Derek was a gangster on the streets, fighting, and committing crimes. Everyone knew he was not friendly and stuck to his main little group of four. He was never this kind and easy going, it had something to do with this feisty and playful girl. He bite his lip and looked around, not sure of what he should do. Maybe I should go get some clothes from Bobby, maybe even give Elle my dry t-shirt and I could where my jacket and a pair of sweats that I will get from him, he thought. "Hey, Elle, wanna get dry?" The young man asked his eyes moving back to her. [ @Skyscraper ]
  10. New year, New love? 1x1 with Skyscraper

    Derek smiled and looked at her lips before moving away slightly. After a couple of seconds, the sound of a countdown from 20 started. "20, 19,...." They were loud and he looked around. People were pairing up with others for their midnight kiss, some already started. Looking back at Elle, the boy raised an eyebrow slightly as he moved closer again. If she pushed him away, he would listen and move back, going into the water. If she did not reject him, he continued moving in, slowly just enough to when he finally meets her lips at the end of the count down. Just a simple kiss on the lips, soft and gently. Not making any other move but the meeting of the lips. ( @Skyscraper /(#^~^#)\
  11. New year, New love? 1x1 with Skyscraper

    Derek smiled and nodded, "That's good to know." Is she planning on seeing me again? He asked himself, Maybe she lived in a town close. "I can understand the Bad childhood thing, and I don't mind hearing things about people," He whispered and moved to be in front of her, he tried lifting her face up with a finger on her chin. He was gentle and did not force her to look up, only guiding her if she chooses to follow. Smiling a little, "You're not suppose to say sorry, not with me." His voice was low as he looked down at her. @Skyscraper
  12. New year, New love? 1x1 with Skyscraper

    "Yeah," Derek nodded in agreement, "I just wanted to be straight forward, but also I do have it under control. I haven't tried to hard with you have I? and your the most interesting and pretty girl I have seen." He looked her over a little before looking back at the guys. "I think all guys are like that deep down, some don't have control over it or they do, unless they are stuck in the middle," he thought out loud. "I'm just a work in progress," he laid back floating a little one foot on the pool floor and his hands behind his head. @Skyscraper
  13. New year, New love? 1x1 with Skyscraper

    Derek looked at the girl, "Oh?" He was wondering what was going through her head right now. He watched as she took in his appearance. He was glad he wore black jeans, even though he knew they might be ruined by the water, he did not mind; As long as he keep his reputation for the way he dressed. "Does that bother you?" He looked at her curiously and ran a hand through his hair, moving it off of his face. ( @Skyscraper it's good. lol he was wearing jeans! <3 )
  14. New year, New love? 1x1 with Skyscraper

    Derek looked around the pool for the girl, before she popped up beside him and he smiled. "Okay?" He said questionable before following her hand to look in the direction of the boys taking to the girls. "No, not exactly," he watched as one of the guys felt a girl up. "I keep my hands to myself and I leave when their not interested or I am told to leave," he said causally, "Unless I am really messed up at a party. Then I might turn into a version of Samuel." He spoke honestly as he watched the group of people. He thought for a moment, "I have been better at keeping my Samuel on a leash." @Skyscraper
  15. New year, New love? 1x1 with Skyscraper

    Derek chuckled and jumped away from the splashes shielding his face, "I can see that." He moved closer to her and smiled gently, "Thats good." After he was close enough he splashed her, moving his arms over the water before clapping. He laughed and pushed backwards and floated on his back slightly watching the girl for any attacks. @Skyscraper