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  1. Thank you all for showing interest and I really appreciate it ^^ I am willing to rp with all of you 1on1 of course and i'll pm you soon with the details.
  2. Hey Valucrians! Literate roleplayer here still getting used to the site's many features after a long time away so for the time being i'm looking for a few partners to roleplay with me one on one. I prefer you come up with a plot and i'll agree to it but if it's necessary and you don't have one then I have a plot and a world ready for both of us. My genres include but not limited to: High fantasy(My strongest preference), action, adventure, gore, mythical, supernatural, sci-fi, ero(not the bulk of the story).
  3. Hey Mickey thanks ^^ been a long while :P
  4. Many thanks Rin :) not sure whether those links are your signature or your subtly trying to tell me to try roleplaying with you. Both would do fine as I would very much like to learn using a real example if possible.
  5. It's been months since Sorvantes attempted to venture back into the blasted shadow realm. Months since he had done the impossible. Directly oppose his father's rule. It was a clear hierarchy in the demon world and rank shifts were numerous and mostly brutal in their changes. Lesser demons, incomparably large monsters that come in a sundry of miscellaneous shapes and sizes, vie for power and for attaining higher levels by massacring each other in droves and consuming each other with cannibalistic abandon to increase their power and ascend through the ranks. Right above the common rabble are the normal demons. A bit smaller in size than their earlier counterparts but what they lack for size they make up for in sentience. While those lesser demons are just frenzied monstrosities, the normals possess varying degrees of intelligence, and in some rare cases, they can speak. The same process reciprocates among normals, albeit with more viciousness, ferocity, and cunning than in the lower ranks. The pinnacle of these ranks is the arch-demons. Usually favoured as pets by the Alpha Omegas, They are the closest things that could resemble anything human. Standing at least over three metres in length, and with mostly shadowy bodies that ebb and flow more than form solidly, arch-demons are extremely cunning creatures who have killed, devoured, deceived, and destroyed countless members of the demon race to get to their level of power and intelligence. The Alpha Omegas, the name strikes fear into even the coldest of hearts and the hardiest elite demons cower in fear at the approach of one of them. These titles are only granted to the offspring of the Demon King who rules the shadow realm with an unyielding will that tolerates no disobedience of any kind. There are only two Alpha Omegas in existence. Sorvantes, now known as the Demon's Bane, and Gillian, the Black Heart. Non-identical twin brothers, the Alpha Omegas once were inseparable brothers who reveled in the annihilation of entire worlds and the obliteration of races, leaving scorched worlds and scarred remains in their destructive wake. The comparison between Sorvantes and Gillian were like night and day or the sun and the moon. While Sorvantes was chaotic and enjoyed killing and massacring everyone with reckless abandon, Gillian was the cold and ever calm antagonist to Sorvantes. A story perhaps for another time, as Sorvantes refocused on the present, his title of Alpha Omega meaningless as he barely escaped from the demon king's realm, stripped of his previous power and boundless might. He has escaped to a frequented world called Lesunia only to be immediately whisked away into this strange world where he found himself outside this seemingly impossible tavern. It look small and normal from the outside but as soon as he entered, after healing his wounds with regeneration, he was astounded by the sheer size of this place. 'The magic in this world certainly feels stronger here than in Lesunia' He thought inwardly. That or his new weakness made him more sensitive to his surroundings. He surveyed the room as he entered. Patrons of all races and sizes sat around in ordered places or random positions, it mattered not for it seems you could find a place to sit anywhere. Servants flitted among customers, serving food and drink all over the place with practiced ease. He moved forward, his clinking armour now a participant in the background noise of the busy tavern, and reached the bar counter. He called for the barkeep, who responded instantly, and spoke to him. "Greetings, can you get me something to drink? anything will do.". The barkeep silently nodded and went to bring him what he desired. Sorvantes wondered if they'd accept gold coins, he did not know whether it mattered if the currency was of this world or not but he only figured he can try and see what happens.
  6. Way ahead of you dear lady ^^ but regardless many thanks for the help and I appreciate the warm and support welcome <3 here's to the coming fun times :D
  7. I may not be a very old person here but I did specify I was out for a couple years which is also the same time I joined the site, I only used it for a month or so before life as always wrenching me away with responsibilities. Anyway I hope to be more active this time around and actually have proper fun with the amazing individuals around here.
  8. Greetings everyone and hope this topic finds you well and healthy! After a long hiatus spanning the better part of two years, i'm finally back and boy are we going to go wild in this world ;) Obviously much has changed so if any veteran sees this post please don't hesitate to update me through the changes.
  9. It's been a lonesome road. After his recent brush with death, once again Devian sets out for the tavern of legend where his agreed upon contact would be waiting to pay him his bounty. He was excited at the prospect of an earnest fight with some tough opponents but even that was an understatement as Devian found out later on to his dismay. Having been tasked with eradicating a group of assassins who defected from the kingdom and have taken refuge in the outskirts of a city that was a week's ride from the tavern, Devian set out with confidence and assuredness of a job easily done and a sum of money too good to be true. Dozens of corpses and bleeding wounds later coupled with long days walking since he lost his horse in the fight, Devian promised himself not to be a fool like he usually is and actually ask more details about the contract before accepting. What's done is done, however, and Devian has finally arrived at the tavern, a bit exhausted but otherwise feeling satisfied with his work and with his incoming pay. He opened the tavern door and was instantly greeted by the racket caused by the never-ending multitude of patrons and tavern workers. He missed those noises and the scent of ale, smoke, and food sizzling on spits, he missed the serving girls here and the constant sound of conversation in the tavern, even though its been just less than a month since he's been here. "Here I am now" He said to himself, he entered the tavern and went for the bar and sat down, dropping his duffle bag beside him with a heavy thud. "Barkeep! Some strong ale and a plate of tonight's dinner please, on the double!" He ordered as he settled in. He took in the surroundings, things haven't changed much and he didn't expect it too, same place different faces. A smiling man was busy conversing with a young man in a hooded cloak. A group of girls are busy drinking at the bar, some merchants were busy conversing about business no doubt. Devian was busy taking in the sights when his order came swiftly. "Much appreciated." He thanked the man for his service and tossed him three gold coins for his trouble much to the bartender's surprise. Devian has amassed quite a fortune from his daredevil forays and perilous jobs. He hoped he'd find a nice place to sleep in for the night after he's dug in and drank his ale but if not then he'll just find somewhere to tuck in without being a bother, easier said than done with all his heavy armour and height.
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