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  1. rolling to see how this works hehe
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      Ahh yes, I'd love to get back on this. Just give me a day or two and I should have something up.

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      Thank you! I'm glad to be back. Needed somewhere to blow off steam while I work on my applications lol

  3. Ivan trails a hand along the scar that runs on the side of his head breathing in then out. His breaths are shaky, whether that was from the nerves or the chill in the air he didn’t know. He didn’t really want to know. Another breath. He looks up at the woman towering above him, outlined by the cloud dappled sky. “Nice day, huh?” Ivan looks over, somewhat startled by the dwarven man grinning up at him. Taking in a big breath he hacks, spitting out a glob of dark spit then refilling his mouth with a dark swath of tobacco. It took all of Ivan’s self-restraint to not recoil from the display and just walk away, back to the tavern him and his new companions were staying at. “Um, yes,” Ivan reaches out a dark hand that contrasts handsomely with the deep crimson of his cloak. “Though I’m unsure what would be considered a nice day in this region considering it’s my first time here.” The dwarf’s smile is missing a few teeth, but the congeniality of the gesture isn’t lost on Ivan. “Well son this is a mighty fine day, if that’s whatcha sayin’” His hand grasps Ivan’s gripping it tightly. “Anyway I see y’ere staring up at that mighty fine woman.” A chuckle. “Don’t stare to hard, don’t want them Druids to chop y’ere eyes out.” Ivan rolls his eyes once the man walks away, the stench of alcohol following in his path. Oh, how he hated alcoholics. But the man might have been on to something in his drunken musings. Everyone else spoke highly of the Druids, calling them things like ‘holy’ and ‘honorable’. The Druid were the kind to murder a man, call it upright, and everyone around them would think so too. The dwarf had been the first ill word he’d heard about them since he’d entered these mountains. The criminal enterprise had been his excuse to get up here, but Dalia was the reason. Five years ago she’d come up here when he’d begged her not to, begged her to stay with him in Blaireville. She was a curious one and followed where the trail led. The first year had been rough, but after a while they letters were sufficient. He could always feel the energy in her words, see her days in the descriptions. She’d been getting close to something. She told him the Druid weren’t what they seemed, and tried to get in the way of her work whenever they could. Dangerous. Then the letters stopped. He’d written to the city and no one knew who he was even talking about. Then he tried to go there, the darkness springing from his heart. Falling. Silence. The Beast. Ivan shakes his head, dispelling the memories and quelling the writhing darkness springing from under his cloak. He’d been out long enough. He walks back to the tavern waiting for his mates to arise and join him at a booth.
  4. Yeah, I wanted to give anyone I was rping with before I dropped off the radar a chance to jump back on with me before I did something new.
  5. The two got up, Sanso placing his dish in the kitchen before taking Sikko's hand and guiding him to his study. Sikko was never allowed in here when he was a student, except on the special occasions he got caught being mischievous and had to write spells for the whole day. A candle flickered in the corner, a trail of black smoke slithering up to the ceiling. The walls, a clothe and bamboo mix, held the familiar sandalwood scent of his master. Letting go of Sikko's hand, Sanso motions for him to sit. "I've been waiting to give this to you until the time was right," Sanso walked over to a chest lined with intricate carvings and began to mutter. The carvings flashed a brilliant white, imprinting their design onto the back on Sikko's eyes for a few moments, then dull to a pulsing glow. Sanso lifted the lid, bending down and bringing out a poncho. It too is filled with intricate lines and patterns, ruins Sikko now realizes as he stands. "What does it do?" "It'll protect you form the elements without you having to use your abilities," Sanso holds out the poncho, allowing Sikko to take it. It's light, much lighter than Sikko expected. "Oh and it also helps to lessen blows done to out by people that mean harm. It isn't much but-" A smile lights Sikko's face as he hugs his master. "No it's perfect, thank you Sanso!" Sanso proceeds to give him a few potions of healing, two blades, and some holy water "just in case".
  6. @Djinn&Juice Just wondering if you are still interested in this?
  7. Samuel stared at the sky for a moment. They didn't know how strong that storm was or what was inside of it. It could be rain, or a giant monster, either way staying on top of this hill was a gamble. He looked around studying the land below. "I think we should try and find a cave or something. That storm could just be rain or it could be something worse, either way I wouldn't want to be on top of a hill when we find out." He looks at Alken, studying her for a moment before walking down. "If not a cave, maybe a rock face or something." After a couple minutes of searching Samuel realized that he didn't have half a clue the nature of a forest. Searching for a cave had led him in circles, and looking up at the sky told him that they didn't have much time. "Ok, I'm beat. Got any ideas?"
  8. Hey, I'd be willing to hop back on Frostbitten if you want.

  9. [BASICS] First Name: Ivan Surname: Nial Age: 25 Sex: Male Race: Human Marital Status: N/A Alignment: Chaotic Neutral [PHYSICAL] Height: 5'11" Weight: 145 lbs Hair Color and Style: A short bush top; jet black Eye Color: Brown Complexion: Dark Brown Scars: A slice on the side of his head Resistances: Necrosis [MENTAL] Hopes: To find the balance within himself Fears: Letting the darkness consume him [GEAR] Outfit: Leather armor stained purple and a black cloak with a hood. Weapon: An aura staff that can be summoned at will Storage: Satchel kept under the cloak Accessories: Spellbook [SKILLS] Specialization: Academia; Really scholarly and logical [MAGIC] Specialization: Necromancy
  10. Ok, I'm officially in! I can make a character sheet if needed, otherwise I usually develop characters during the rp.
  11. Well I've been thinking about making a necromancer that is struggling with his ties to that darkness. Not evil per se but he is someone that would partake in such enterprises. @supernal @Rabbit
  12. @supernalThis definitely does! Any certain type of character I should use or no?
  13. Ima try and join with a new character made on the fly. I can post a sheet later on if you want.
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