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  1. To everyone that's been waiting for posts I am sorry.

    Life is bringing me down so hard right now, so I've decided to take a break.

    Anyone who is waiting on me just skip me.


    1. Die Shize

      Die Shize

      Sorry to hear man. If you ever need an online ear, reach out to the community—we will listen.

  2. Sorry for dropping off of the radar everyone, schools been a pain in the butt but I'm back so...


    1. Die Shize

      Die Shize

      Welcome back!

      Looking forward to reviving our old roleplay!

      Dunno why, I'm always happier when a thread from aeons ago is revived!

    2. TheElementHunter


      Shoot me a pm of your ideas for the thread, anythings welcome.


  3. Want to pick this back up?


    1. TheElementHunter


      I'd love to, give me a couple of days and I'll have a post up.

  4. Honesty... Condescension... Honesty... Condescension... ... Nope, he was one hundred percent sure he'd said the right word. A giant plume of of vapor flows from his mouth as a sigh escapes his lips, carrying itself upward and into the dark sky. He wasn't usually one to cast judgement so quickly but he could tell that one was gonna be a problem; know-it-alls were never a good addition to any team. Torch light catches Margot's hair as she stomps away, brief shimmers refracting in the snow, glimmering until she past over and over again until she is out of sight. A growl shakes his shoulders, Silverstrike's body unfurling itself from his backpack. Sikko nudges her chin, telling her to calm down; even though she couldn't use her magic didn't mean she couldn't hurt someone. He feels good. The warmth finally spreading to his toes, turning them from tingly icicles back to normal flesh and bone. He scans the groups, watching some workers mill about, feeding animals and starting fires. Most people stood, huddling in little groups, talking, an occasional laugh floating through the air. Others seemed to be trying to sleep, how they could do it, he did not know. With a light step he trudges toward the front looking for something to fill his thawed stomach.
  5. Sikko decides to pass on the nose plugging as the shit taste was slowly fading away and he didn't want to jinx any of the effects. Shaking his limbs out he turns to focus in on the blinding brilliance of the woman. Something sturs within him, not the butterflies of attraction, no something entirely different. He can't place the swirling in his stomach, but he doesn't like it. Might be the drink. He shrugs again letting the rope flutter to the ground. "Why the condescension when we were at the tavern? You know people usually respond better when people don't step on their toes." The bluntness surprises even Sikko, but the unease that he'd felt goes away; he needs to confront this one. Not only to know if he can trust her, but if everyone else can too. @Artificer
  6. Thank you, I will happily enter into your fold.
  7. Ice. Ice in his ears, ice in his mouth, ice lacing intricate patterns between his lashes. Snow, turned sleet, turned freezing rain; it was the stuff that made even the shaggiest bears shiver. The hemp that Sikko gripped burned, an unpleasant fire that licked a straight line into the middle of his palms. That line was the only thing he could feel, the only thing tying his body to earth. He'd drifted off more than a couple of times, his body continued to walk on at those times like it knew better than to fall off with the mind, like it knew falling meant death. A shiver radiates up from his stomach, catching his lungs, clenching. His foot takes another drag through the snow, the sting reminding him that he still had toes on his feet. Nothing warmed him and anytime he tried to block the winds nothing would happen. After the hundredth time he'd finally conceded to ask Aron and he'd been (albeit rudely) informed that "highstorms inhibits magic, you dolf!" At that point Silverstrike had collapsed and now she was curled in his backpack, snug as a quivering bug. "Here, take a sip." Sikko looks up, surprise trying to raise his frozen eyebrows. The effort rips his skin, sending a crimson streak down his face. It settles on his chin, dropping as he raises his hand to accept the jug. The warmth of the jug surprises him and spurs him to drink. He tilts it up, the sudden warmth on his lips causing him to tilt higher. All at once the liquid hits his tongue. It's sweet for a moment, not the sweet of the tongue, but the sweet of relieve from the frigid grasp of winters grip. "Ughhhh..." He gags a bit before pulling out Silverstrike and forcing the stuff into her mouth. "Thank you," He looks up into Louvier's piercing eyes. "W-what is this?" @Artificer
  8. I am ugly I am sad But the best thing about me is I don't have a dad... *tada*
  9. Bad cactus! Only humans can have cocaine... *swipes it away*
  10. Another day gone, no writing done... I'm slackin' big time *facepalm*
  11. OMG yesssssssssss. Honestly a solid 9/10 tbh.
  12. School is soooooooooo tiring, ugh.

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      Are you Mr. Miyangi-ing me???

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      Somebody please shoot all these Santas

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  13. As the door bursts open yet again, Sikko wills himself to stay seated for a second or two. After, he stands, dropping Silverstrike onto the floor in front of him. As the jovial little man grabs items, Sikko rushes over to help, lifting a few with his arms and a little help from his magic. The man doesn't wait and neither does Sikko as he follows him into the biting cold, the iridescent white that coats everything blinding him for a moment. "So," He jogs up beside the man, settling into a quick walk as they cross the snow. "I'm Sikkoran, Sikko for short. That's Silverstrike," He motions to the ocelot winding between his legs. "And you are?" @Artificer
  14. He stood for a moment, the gazes of his fellow quest members seeping into him. He felt squeamish all of a sudden, the fire in his hand replaced by one in his soul. A paw touched the top of his head, a comforting mew reverberating through his neck as he sat back down. He watched the interaction between Knox and Margot intensely. He didn't trust this woman, not one bit. He'd met his fair share of haughty hotheads on his travels, always putting their groups in danger for the sake of pride and their own little adventures. He was elated when Know began to turn away, dismissing the woman, but alas in vain. Suspicion deepens in Sikkoran. This woman was just ridiculing Knox on how none of them knew the dangers of Cobran, of winter travel to a land filled with beasties, now she wanted to join? He didn't like it, not a bit, but he didn't have any say, none at all. All he could do was watch and be wary, that's all any of them could do really.
  15. welcome to the moving profile pic gif club *shower of confetti* ? very mesmerizing ?

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      Remember the motto my brother: To Move Is To Live

      And never lose your way.

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      Sadly! Why is it sad to have life imbued upon your profile by the galactic art of the gif?

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