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  1. I'm wiling to be a guest, sounds exciting.
  2. Everything looks damn good to me. I'm probably post a recruitment to continue the Kaiser investigation, leaving the HH behind for a bit. I don't know when, but I'm definintely going to do that. Thanks for suc an amaziing, fun time!
  3. Me too. I mean he is MY character, but he's still a mystery even too. I usually try to grow and learn with them as I rp.
  4. I'm fine with my last post being my final one.
  5. Oh alright, I'll see what I want and get back to you if I do decide to wait. But htis was really fun, for real! Thanks for recruiting Ivan (ME).
  6. One question: Will it be the whole troop on this mystery quest?
  7. Oh yes, my bad. I wasn't thinking about that, though Ivan maybe trying to get Caden captured... Nah, jk I'll fix it rn
  8. Yes, you are very correct! When I first seen it it blew my mind and I had to use it.
  9. Samuel slid his hands back, grinning. "You know," He said, selecting a slice of apple off of his plate. "If you go, I go." He placed it into his mouth, chewing slowly. He allowed the tart juice to coax out his saliva, filling his mouth with the sweet mixture in moments. How long had it been since he'd last eaten an apple? He couldn't even remember. He wasn't one for fruit before the bombs dropped, the apples his mom packed for his lunch always ended up in other peoples mouths or the trash. But never agains would he waste something so precious. Theey ate in silence, the low hum of people a small comfort to Samuel. He hoped they could stay here, hoped that these people weren't bad or trying to trick them. Suddenly the door open and two UDD personel walked in, summoning their presence with some 'Secretary.' "Ahh man," He grabbed a handful of bacon and a biscuit before standing up. "I hope the next meal is just as good." They led them down a series of hallways, that looked the same as every other hallway. By the time they arrived at their destination, Samuel couldn't tell one gray wall from the next and, if there wasn't constant road maps along the walls, he would have been totally lost. "This is where we leave you," One of the personnel said. "Go right on in." They then turned around, walking back in the direction they'd came Samuel looked up at Alken. "After you," He motioned toward the door, trying to push away the faint trace of fearing rumbling in his stomach.
  10. I'm glad! I actually borrowed the idea from somewhere else, but I always like to give spellcasters some wacky components that make sense when you actually think about it.
  11. Ivan rolled his eyes as Caden released him, sending his papers scattering to the floor. He quickly gathered them up, stuffing them into his cloak in a neat pile. A slight huff escaped Ivan's mouth as the table leg was thrusted into his chest. "Jesus C-," He paused, realizing the grave mistake he was about to make. "Stupido, I'm not a fucking punching bag!" He yelled, but Caden was already pushing through, punching guards left and right. Ivan held himself lower, ducking as a broad sword arched above his head. He didn't notice the back swing until it slammed against him,knocking him face first into the floor. He spun around, moving his head just as the guard slammed the sword down, splintering the wooden floor next to him. By the time he wretched it up again, Ivan was on his feet, pulling out some bat guano and slapping it into his hands. WHOOSH! A scream erupts from the guards mouth as his body is engulfed in flames. The tapestry behind curled upward as flames eat the stairs nest to them. Ivan grimaced a bit, then rushed on to meet Caden and Vito. "Can you get up there, or do I have to throw ya?" Ivan looked at Caden, rolling his eyes as he mumbled a few words. His hands drew some runes in the air, turning into middle fingers as he floated up next to the window. He sent another fireball down toward the mess off guards skittering through the house, for good measure. "Not sure who you've fucked with this time, but I do believe it's time to leave! How about we head back and talk about this over a drink and some bacon?" "A drink and bacon sounds nice," He zoomed through the window, a smile on his face. "I'll meet you guys at the boat, this spell won't last too long." With that he flew up higher, shivering in the cold, before going to their boat. He made sure to fly around in circles, going to ground level every once in a while to throw anyone who might have seen him off track. He would take out a bottle of wine, and have the cook sizzle up some bacon while he waited on his friend to get back.
  12. I don't mind either, if it makes sense go for it
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