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  1. He shrugged, opting not to speak through the mouthful of eggs. He motioned to her plate, nodding for her to eat it. He shrugged again when she mentioned the dragon. "Lucky would be an understatement," He shivered, thinking back to their fight and the dragon's fiery eye. He sat eating and thinking for a long moment. He hadn't trusted them either, but then they'd just let Alken walk free along the compound. If this was some type of Government facility they were doing an awesome job of not giving it away. He looked at Alken. "Honestly I don't know if we have a choice, really." He ripped another piece of bacon off, chewing slowly. "If this is really the Government they won't let us leave, if it isn't then we'll just die out in the wild." He shrugged. "I say we stick with them for a while and see what their up to for real. Making decisions like this without enough information usually turns out really bad." He swiped two more pieces of bacon from her plate.
  2. "Fuck." Ivan chuckled. He'd said the same thing when he first learned of her research, told her something like that should stay hidden and lost to the ages. Of course she refused, and he had to admit he was still very curious himself as to how such a device worked. He couldn't go with her at the time, but he researched in libraries all across Terrenus, sending her relevant information when he came across it. "...I bet you it's in here somewhere and we just gotta knock it loose." "I think you're right," His spell book floated to the middle of the room, resting onto the floor. He brought out some chalks. "It'll take some time, around ten minutes, but I can 'astral project' our bodies for about an hour. You're welcome to be astral projected if you want to." He immediately walks into the middle of the room, nabbing the gold and jewels on his way. He hopped over a particularly large rune in the process, sitting down in front of his book. and drawing a circle of runes around himself. He does the same for Caden if he decides to join. Putting the chalk away, he pulls out a vial. It shimmers like a million stars in the faint glow of his spell book and various runes around them. Uncorking the top, he waves his hands and the liquid comes out, flowing around his hands in a circle. "Xi Di gUh U" The arcane words flow from his mouth, silky on the ears. Immediately their consciousness' are thrust outward and they see their bodies sitting on the floor. The room around them is the same, save for the shimmering door where one wasn't before. "Guess that's our place," Ivan immediately goes forward and through the door. What he doesn't realize is the sigil that's tucked behind a vase lighting up briefly, alerting someone to their presence. The door they'd walked through seals shut with a loud crack. "Fuck!" There is a stack of papers in the room and a weird metallic object that's littered with old runes. He relays that information to Caden and rushes back to his body.
  3. Ivan smiled at Caden's remark. Not a smile of condescension, or pity, but of delight at a mentally capable partner. It wasn't often that, when people seen his devices, they made suggestions to him, or at least ones that were worth the breath used to say them. "You're right," Ivan said as they crept up the stairs. "However, I am not skilled in lock picks. Making an artifact or spell is much easier, and I'll admit a lot more fun, than taking the hours to train with my two hands." He held them up, the faint moonlight glimmering off of his ring. "If you know how I'd gladly have a lesson or two, you never know when you might need them." "...What was Daria working on anyway?" Ivan waved his hand. Purple particles floated up from his spell book, forming into signs like coordinated fireflies. Guttural sounds were flicked from his tongue in a slow motion, building to a crescendo. A loud crack sounded and the particles flew in every direction, adhering themselves to everything magical. There was a seal right in front of their feet, ready to spring its trap. "Keep an eye out for any suspicious looking runes," He motioned to the glowing one at their feet before stepping over it. "I don't know the details of what she was working on," He began rifling through the papers on the desk. "She read a story about an artifact that would rip someones soul out of their body and allow them to place a new one of choice into it. It was rumored to be lost somewhere in these mountains." He leaned over checking one of the drawers on the main desk. A purple ruin sat above the lock. He dispelled it, opening the drawer. More papers, a pouch of gold and rubies. He put it back, closing the drawer. "I don't think any evidence will be out in the open, there has to be some type of secret compartment here." He took to the bookshelves, moving books, checking for levers. "I think breaking and entering is more your department." He said after pulling every book. "got any suggestions?"
  4. Samuel groaned, sitting up. He squinted at the lights above, started at the walls around him. Had the Government taken back? Had they failed whatever test they were on. His heart beat faster and faster as he surveyed his surroundings. It wasn't until he looked down at his wrist and did see the usual cuffs that he calmed down. the bed he was on had a slight cushion and a thin sheet was placed over his form, two things the Government never did. Suddenly his door opened and in walked in a man he'd never seen before. "Samuel, is it?" He nodded slowly standing up. The man smiled. it was strange to Samuel to see such a smiled, unbridled by sarcasm or sinister intent. It was a smile filled with... friendship. "Mind if I sit, Samuel." "Sure, why not." Samuel motioned to the bed. "My name is Stanton." He proceeded to go into some explanation on how the world had really been destroyed and why. Samuel covered his mouth when he said the Government had intentionally let the bombs fall, intentionally killed thousands of people, intentionally took away his family. "Samuel, I know this is a lot and you don't have to answer now, but we'd love for you and your friend to join us in our fight." "Alken? Alken's here?" an unknown weight was lifted off of his chest as Stanton nodded. "Where is she? Can I see her?" "You may, I'll have someone fetch her. Me and you are going to go to the cafeteria, get some grub if that's good with you?" His stomach suddenly growled, as if remembering it was empty. Samuel chuckled a bit. "Yes, I'd love to." Stanton led him out of the room and into a hall. It's walls were the same gray color, worn with time and precipitation. Samuel rubbed his arms, attempting to get some of the chill out of his bones. They passed a few other people, each of them smiling and waving, greeting Stanton like the best of friends. It was a sight to behold, a boy that always flinched and a man that never stopped smiling. Samuel chided himself on his behavior, embarrassment welling every time someone would soften their voice as they greeted him or slowly reach out to shake his hand. He smelled the cafeteria before he saw it. Savory meat and sizzling vegetables filled his minds eye, making him walk faster. The rounded a bend, Stanton swinging open a pair of doors and revealing the most beautiful sight he'd ever seen. Food lined one whole wall. Bubbling soups, crackly bread, eggs as yellow as the sun. He gulped down saliva, resisting the urge to run and stuff his face into everything. "There you go, have at it bud." Stanton turned. "I wish I could eat with you but somethings come up. Alken should be here in a moment though." And with that he was gone. Alken immediately felt all eyes on him as he walked over and grabbed a plate. Once he began stacking food onto his plate he forgot about all the stares, his entire focus on carrying the three plates he'd stacked with every item on the tables. He looked around spotting an empty table in the far corner of the room. Using his telekinesis he floated the plates around him, weaving through people until he got to the table. He immediately began to chow down, setting Alken's plate to the left of him as he waited for her.
  5. Alright, the study is on the second floor so most of the action will be up there. Nice find!
  6. Would this be the first floor or the second? @supernal
  7. Ivan made a mental note to ask Caden the mechanics of the spell while they ran behind the house. He reached into his cloak, rifling through the different items in the space before pulling out a small device. The bronze shone in the faint bit of moonlight streaming from the clouds. He traced the runes, muttering a few arcane words under his breath. A low whir began to be emitted from the device a it began to move. Spindly legs shot out from it, making it look more like a spider than something that could get them inside the Kaiser's home. "Here it goes," He muttered, placing the device onto the doorknob. The legs clicked onto the knob, holding fast as long spires shot from underneath. They enter the lock where they clicked and whirred, moving tumblers this way and that. He'd made the device while working under the artificers guild back in Terrenus. It could unlock almost anything mechanical lock he put it on. His teacher was so impressed that she took it away under the guise of "safe keeping". Ivan knew the woman would never give it back and used one of his prototypes to sneak into her office and make it "disappear". After a minute the whirring stopped, the runes flaring a deep purple. It was done. He took the device and opened the door, wincing at the low groan it emitted. He motioned for Caden to join him as he stepped inside. A large stone counter lined the left wall, forming an "L" as it met with another one. They seemed to glisten in the light of the candles that burned around the room, low and smell-less. "His study is upstairs," Ivan whispered as they crept along. Two gargoyles sat at the base of the rails that led upward. He put his hand on the left ones nose, pushing it. It slid backwards, runes flaring the whole length of the rail. He did the same with the other. "I seen this trap disabled while I was scrying on him. There are definitely going to be more as we get closer to his study so be on the look out." He began to slowly walk up the stairs, his spell book floating in front of him.
  8. Oh my Jeez, yes! this is honestly so fun and exciting.
  9. "Kaiser is at temple. Let's see what we can find in his house." Ivan took the film, the faint magical enchantment lighting in his minds eye. It may have seemed as if he was hesitant to put it on his face when in fact he was intrigued with the material and the underlying enchantment. He made mental note to look into where Caden had gotten the material, before pressing to to his own face. His cocoa brown skin was replaced with that of a paler variety. He traced the steep hook of his nose with the tip of his finger, the delicacy of his features oddly annoying. He shook his head from side to side, unlatched his book from his cloak and pressing to his face. It was an odd display, but a necessary one, he would hate for the magic to fail him halfway through their snooping. "Alright, let's go." ### After a minute or two they came upon the building Kaiser claimed as a home. It was a magnificent building made mostly of a white marble that seemed to catch the light and crank it up one hundred times its normal power. The whole second floor was hugged by a balcony, beasts flinging from the metallic bonds in various poses of flight and fight. An ostentatious manor if he'd ever seen one, a lovely tribute to the man who laid his head behind its walls. They walked around, taking note of the few guards that roamed the area. They didn't seem to care about the smaller homes along the row, instead taking to a tight perimeter of Kaiser's. "I can unlock it from the back but I'll need a distraction," He looked expectantly at his compatriot.
  10. Adrenaline. It was all he felt as his companions fought and the wolves charged. One. Two. Three. Four wolves soured over his walls, running straight at him. Five feet. He steals himself, looking into those cruel, crimson eyes. He imagined all of the innocence that'd seen those fiery pupils and then eternal darkness, without even a chance to fight back or scream. A fire lit his stomach crawling through every nerve in his body. Four. Three. Two feet. He slips his dagger out One. Ice explodes in their hearts. It spreads through vein and arteries in a split second, filling them until they crack. They hadn't noticed the slight pricks when they jumped, a thin spire placing the cold seeds in their chests. The ice goes through tissues, tearing them apart before reinforcing it with cold. Through the bone it goes and out of the skin, thin sprays of crimson shooting from their bodies. Sikkoran jumped, using the snow to throw himself higher than normal, just missing two tumbling bodies flying below him. The other two run to the perimeter of the wall, his ice magic filling their bodies and taking their forms. They jump at a wolf who'd made the mistaken of not checking its six, taking it down with a blood lust that Sikko couldn't express with words. He landed on the floor, rolling beneath an angry jaw. He scrambled up and dusted the snow from his hair, smiling at his foe. They made at a dance, going left, then right, before leaping at each other. a scream billowing from Sikko's mouth. It grabbed his arm, clamping tight. Using the wind, he sent the dagger straight through and out the other side of the wolf's chest and into his other hand. The momentum of his jump caused his body to go forward, twisting around until his arm was ripped out of the moth by the force. Sikko went spiraling through the air, landing atop a soft bed of snow. "How many more of these bastards?" He called as hurriedly cleaned the wound, sealing it with a layer of ice.
  11. Yes, I'd imagine it being amongst the bigger homes in a private district by their temple.
  12. "The UDD stands for United Defense Division." Sara sits on the bed nest to Alken, careful not to touch the woman. "We aren't a part of the government though." Sara sighed before pulling a device out of her pocket. Turning it on, she swiped the screen and an image appeared on the wall in front of them. It was Samuel. He was clean, fresh clothes were on his body, eyes closed, chest going up and down in a steady rhythm. "There he is. The sedative we gave you all takes a heavier toll on smaller people, plus the kid was banged up pretty bad. Our healer shooed death away, but he needs the sleep." Another swipe and the image is gone. She puts the device back into her pocket. "Alken I'm about to tell you somethings that you may find unbelievable, but they're true." She sits back. "Trillions of years ago the earth was nothing like it was today. I don't mean what they tell you in science class about early flora and fauna and all that other bullshit. Humans thrived on that earth and had abilities like you do. The flora and fauna were much different also. You know dinosaurs, well they were weaker cousins of what walked the earth back then." She stands up and began to pace. "Something, and we don't know what is was, caused all of those things to go away, including our intelligent human ancestors. A few years ago records of that society was discovered and scientist reverted a gnat into a super bug by by throwing its cellular structures back to those prehistoric times. How? I don't know. All I know is that the fools released those bombs in an effort to revert all of humanity into super beings. What they didn't anticipate was everything else on earth reverting too." A beep chimes from her pocket and she groans. "I have to go. You are free to roam the compound, if you'd like you can also see Samuel. I have more information for you, but that only comes with a promise of you staying and helping our cause." @AngryCacti
  13. "...gets up to after the market." Ivan nodded, turning to look at the scenery around them. It was nearing dusk. Clouds kissed the top of the mountain, an orange glow lighting their underbellies. It was hard to imagine that such a beautiful place could harbor such evil. The world was cruel, yes, but also curious. You found evil and ally alike in places you would never expect. He would never have imagined joining up with drug dealers to find his lover and slowly growing a fondness for their presence. "Yup, I hear you loud and clear Caden." He turns back to his friend. "But I can't promise that if he indeed is connected, he won't mysteriously disappear forever." He looked at Caden a moment before walking off. As dusk turned to night he helped pack up shop for the night. Many of the crew weren't familiar with the new guy, but they gladly excepted the help. Packing boxes, stuffing crates, putting everything all back on the ship; It was a lot of work. Ivan made a mental note to look up some spells that may make the job easier. Fire lights the night as the last crate is packed and secured on ship. Many of the crew go off into town to spend their wage recklessly of drink and companion. A few stay a board, relaxing on crates and various other items piled on the ship. Caden sits on one, drinking something dark from a glass. Ivan walks over, saying nothing, and sits down next to him. This took him back a bit, startled his very being. Could she have left him for some rich priest in Behods? He got up pacing for a moment. No, that women loved her research too much to be tied down to anyone, that's the reason she left in the first place. His panic subsided, replaced by a mild irritation at Caden's nonsense. "She isn't." He sat back down. "She's a researcher, a scientific investigator is what she liked to call it." A slight smile curled on his lips at the memory. "She went wherever the clues led and they led here. She found something that someone didn't want her to find and I'm going to find out what."
  14. Ivan listened, his anger going to a low simmer as the woman spoke. They were right after all, killing anyone here wouldn't do them any good, they needed to make sure this never happened ever again. His staff disappeared and he stepped up to the monitors. The images were no more disturbing than what'd he'd seen on the outside. Undead roamed ruins and unspeakable monsters flew through the skies. He shook his head, placing a hand on the counter. "So what is the first step, where are we to go, what are we to do?"
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