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  1. Well.. It's actually happening... In Patia.. Well, I'll try and figure up a character to join.. Might get me some more Roleplay.
  2. Let's Be Valucrean Villains!

    More reasons for people to avoid Patia.. Though.. If things ever work according to Roen's plan.. might have some really good progress available for this little group.
  3. Taen HQ

    You make Role-play sound like a job, Rudolph..
  4. Taen HQ

    Such liberties can only lead to trouble - Be weary, host - the world is corrupted one. But seriously.. I almost want to make a character for each part of Taen.. As soon as I get home, I'm going to start drafting something exciting.
  5. Taen HQ

    Decisions, decisions.. What shall I create to play here..
  6. Everyone Likes Oranges

    Erotisch shifted uneasy in her submissive position fighting the chill that ran down her spine. He threatened her; it seemed more a promise to some, as if he expected her to actually betray him. Her word meant nothing to him and it stung her ego. This was a side of Roen she had never seen before, and it scared her beyond her years of training in the Slave Chambers. A part of her already regretted this day - requesting time with him, seeking his help with.. Whatever his name was. Out of her peripheral, the slave watched as her superior rose from his crouched position and watched as his shadow rose a hand to touch its chest. Concern flooded her - enough so she dared to lift her chin, gazing blindly up at him to make sure he was actually in a well enough position to be standing. She had a small fear of punishment for such an act, but felt the payout of a clear conscious was worth such a punishment. As his hand moved down, aimed to touch the top of her head, the feline lowered her gaze once more, eyeing the green grass as if it held some sort of merit or rewards for doing so. It wasn't long until the heat of his hand was felt against her head - the weight of him almost impossible to bare for her shoulders alone. She was small to him, in comparison - nothing of equal mass.. The feeling of pressure as he scratched through thick strands and eventually touching flesh beneath, down around the sensitivities of her ears before he spoke, drawing them up to catch words spoken from his lips. Tomorrow, thereafter. A part of her wanted to run from him today – one last chance of a freedom she had long grown accustomed too. It was then Erotisch felt the weight of his hand lift from her head, the chill of the air dampening heavy strands of hair before her own silver gaze lifted to look at her Master. It was an apologetic, almost pitiful look she gave him. Almost as if she was apologizing for her thoughts of one last night of freedom; ones that stayed locked away to be broken later and probably used against her. He tried to smile, his failed attempt smacked her in the face like a proverbial hand. He was troubled, pained, and she knew it was not for taking her freedom from her once again. He spoke of the one thing he requested from her today, her shame showed almost instantly. She had ruined the day. A simple meeting with Roen, to ease her mind, put to rest her torment she was going through emotionally. She had to bring the things in her jacket, and it was where they still sat. It almost wasn’t worth it. To ruin a beautiful day with her paranoid tendencies. The shame she felt played right into his words, ears dropped once more, resting against the thick strands of red hair as if she was in trouble for doing so. His command, though it was heard didn’t register as one until a few moments later. The mention of the jacket and basket of food was acknowledged with a slight nod of her head. Through it all, she stayed silent. Shifting her weight, Erotisch lifted from her kneeling position, almost as gracefully as her shift was to sit at the beginning of their day, she was standing, coming to just about his shoulders before she turned to face him. Thick tail flickered behind her, the tip twitching expectedly. Tiny hands folded in front of her, wrists crossing over one another as her fingers laced together almost romantically. He spoke of things to show, which brought an excitement to Ero’s pretty features, a smile twitching at the corners of her lips, her eyes bright and filled with motion once again. He was on the move, and Ero was within only a few feet of him the whole time. One a few times did she skip a step to catch up, often times staying within steps as he took them. The slave watched the bare feet of her Master pat on the ground and was sure her boot hit at exactly the same time. Being in step with their Master was a skill set oft-times overlooked. But with how much she’d been trained, to add the sound of her footstep was distracting to some and unacceptable to her. The long hallway was regarded less times then it should have been; left unappreciated by her. She kept her attention on Roen as much as she could. Looking for facial cues of what was going on, where they were going, and what the next move was going to be. Her smile and excitement lessened each turn they took to get deeper into the underbelly of the Lore-Spire. It was when he finally stopped, Erotisch turned to view the direction she’d come from, finding it as dark as she expected it.. Much like the tunnel at the end of a persons’ life, this one held no light at the end, no peace and no joy. She felt drained down here, almost like the weight of being underground was actually upon her shoulders. It was when the slave turned back, the statue was regarded with an awe often times mistaken for impressive. She stood at the base of the bell bottom, gazing up, head nearly tilted all the way back as those ears laid flat against her head again. The statue was beautiful, if it was possible, wings covered her body in a fashion that made Erotisch miss her own. A beautiful set she did have one, large and something that actually deserved that look of impressive. This was the first time Erotisch had broken her submissive demeanor. The part that would have stopped such a statement was still awe-struck as she spoke. “She..?” Erotisch turned silver hues to his amber ones, tilting her head in curiosity. He spoke of the statue as if it was alive and it unnerved her slightly. Ero stepped forward slowly, placing her hand, uninvited upon the statue much like he had, expecting to feel a pulse beneath her fingertips. “My help?” She turned her gaze upwards again, lips parting as she gazed almost romantically towards the statues etched face, down over the wings that kept her modesty, over the curve of her hips, her thighs. She continued to listen further, as her attention slowly made its way towards her hand upon the statue. Half of her feared it to drain her very life from her. With what she had seen from the Devil the last several minutes, she would not put it past him. She pulled her hand away quickly at this thought, hugging it to her chest while the other massaged the palm between thumb and fingers. “What strength, Roen?” She was short, almost so that it surprised her causing a heat to rise to her cheeks and her eyes to avoid contact with him. Did he not remember she came to him for strength, and protection? She was here because she didn’t have the strength. He knew this, his demand was impossible for her. The ring upon her finger, the one he’d given her was regarded with a bit of a sigh. “This -“ She lifted the hand decorated with said ring “ - This is all the strength I have.” And it wasn’t the ring, but the fact she felt it was linked to him in some way. Without hesitation Erotisch turned away from Roen, shaking her head. “I can’t help with this.” There was a time, years ago, she would have been able help. Her abilities – healing, they were gifts from the Gods as she matured through her host body. They started coming, and by the time she was eighteen, she had fully formed healing capabilities. Often times they’d come of their accord, other times, she had to beg them. All times she was left weak, wounded and vulnerable. She enjoyed healing, but only when she felt safe enough to do so. With the protection of a Master she trusted, Erotisch could heal most wounds. Until she was punished for falling in love – her wings were taken, her powers removed, as far as she knew. Remembering this painful event, Erotisch’s left hand moved over her shoulder, rubbing just above the ‘x’-shaped scar on her right shoulder blade, where her wings used to sprout. “I can’t help you, Roen. I’m sorry.” She turned to him now, sadness, shame. What was he going to do with her if she wasn’t able to help him? She did not know if he knew of her abilities, and would no volunteer the information – this was one last thing she had to herself, and it would stay that way.
  7. So...

    What kind of writing are you looking for?
  8. Everyone Likes Oranges

    "What do you mean it's already ruined?" The Kitten protested loudly. "It's only ruined because you won't drop it!" Erotisch sighed heavily, finally giving up the attempt to save the day. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to yell." Something had shifted; the air around her became almost heavy, weighted down on her sudden unease around him. He was going to pressure it out of her. And the more she thought on it, the more it seemed small and insignificant to even let herself dwell on. If Carmichael was going to come for her, he would have already done it, right? There’s no telling if he was even still alive or not. Maybe he died from an illness. An idea that peaked her interest in a slight way. Roen moved away from her, it brought her attention back to him, and the soft kiss to the hand. “Don’t be sorry, Roen.” She’d whisper slightly, trying to ease the unrest on her mind. His rejection to the comfort of her lap caused a pain in her stomach, just behind her navel. Something had changed between them. It was quick, and like a Band-Aid she wasn’t ready to say goodbye too. The mention of a few months caused the feline to sigh once more. Pulling her hands from his reach as he let them go. "That’s sad to hear.." She’d whisper slightly, hugging her hands to her chest protectively. Her mind raced now; where was she going to go when he left? Maybe Orisia? Maybe Predators Keep? No, she couldn’t stay here.. The idea of following him around Valucre seemed almost pitiful. Perhaps if she learned where he went, she’d go the opposite direction. While he rose and stretched, the feline cleaned up what little mess there was. The eaten remains of the strawberry picked up, placed in the corner of the basket. She ignored his twisting as turning as she lowered the lid onto the basket. The smell of the fresh bread, the aged cheese, it was to be denied to her. It was that first step though, Erotisch looked up to the Devil, blinking as the brightness of the sky teased her silver hues. He moved away again.. Fear, it set in. He moved towards her jacket. It took everything for her not to show this fear. Her heart was racing, the feeling of urgency flooding to her fingertips. He was going to find the items. He was going to see the bagged eye ball, the letter from Carmichael. Her stomach was doing summer-saults. He didn’t though, her confusion played on her pretty features as he watched him walk back to her, dropping the jacket to her lap. It was quickly picked up and hugged to her chest tightly almost childishly. He spoke, she felt the panic as her hands searched for the hardness of the case hiding within the pockets. "Yea.. I will be busy.." She parroted back to him until she truly heard the words spoken. "I will be?" She’d blink, looking up to him positively confused. Those hands through her hair, nails scraping against her scalp caused a chill to run down her spine that caused small goosebumps to raise along her arms. He brought her attention back to the items in her jacket. Suddenly she truly didn’t care what they were and what they meant to her. He said she was going to be busy, and she couldn’t figure out why he would know what she was planning after he left. Responsibilities. This very word seemed to bring a bit of pride to her statue; her back straightened, shoulders rolling back, chin lifting. She moved her lower body, the jacket placed atop her legs carefully, her knees were bent, shifting to lift her statue up a bit and placing her rear on the backs of her ankles. She posed, perfectly, slave-like as he spoke. She continued to watch him, with an adoration only becoming to her. The jacket, now between the two of them as he lowered to kneel before her. Symbolically and factually. She lifted the jacket, to just below her chin, the fingertips curling around the bunched fabric. Her movements were deliberate, intentional now. Those silver eyes dropped to the fabric, watching at her knuckles turned white with the internal conflict. He was offering her a day, a day of his services, a day to help carry the burden she now felt was insignificant and not worth the trouble. Do as I bid, speak. "My past is my past.." She’d whisper after a few moments of silence, looking to those amber eyes, searching for the words to cause him to believe her fully. "My past will not disrupt your future." The jacket was released by her right hand, the left hand moving to her side and dropping the jacket unceremoniously. As a symbol of her forgetting the past, her own need to get over it and move on. What was to happen to her was to happen even she was prepared for it. "My loyalty is yours. I am at your service, completely, totally until I am no longer needed and casted away." With this, those eyes broke contact, her head lowering, ears lying flat against those red strands of curled hair. Both hands came to rest upon her thighs, palm raised, the ultimate sign of submission. It was in this moment Erotisch gave herself fully and completely to the .. Devil..
  9. It Got Worse

    Erotisch carried the weight of the world on her shoulders these days, and often times found herself trying to impress even the most simple of people. She held a sense of pride about her, and tried to bring honor and grace to her position as majordomo, this evening through, proved to be a challenge. The panic on her face, the strain, almost pout in her voice. It was unrecognizable for the Kitten. "You have to find it, please!" Pathetically thrown at the couple, seeking the pity and urgency she was going to display if it wasn't found. Those silver eyes watched as Edward moved off to the study, Ero's frustration playing right into her mood. What was she going to tell Roen if she came back empty handed. What sort of punishment would she receive, and worse yet, what kind would they receive? Turning her back to the window, her tiny hands ran through the mess of curls atop her head. She was panicking, but only because Roen wasn't around to witness her falling apart and correct the behavior. The sound of a glass bottle outside scared her, those thick ears atop her head turning to catch the direction the sound came from. ".. What..?" The ultimate panic set it. It was Carmichael, he finally was coming for her. She pushing past the wife, about to make a run for it when the screams of the wife pierced her ears. Her own flight response was overtaken with the utter, soul crushing scream of the husbands name. The blue flames; Erotisch was in shock. The hair on the back of her neck standing up. The study seemed to be engulfed in flames, the wife attempting to run to her husbands aid. "No!!" Erotisch, though terror stricken and uneducated in what was happening tried to stop the wife from getting to her husband. Her tiny hands, even her lengthy, thick tail wrapped around the woman. It was then another appeared, in the kitchen and running to the living room. The nekos' eyes were wide, her only exit seeming to close around her. "Who--what.." Then those silver eyes turned towards the blue flame. "This is you, isn't it?" Who else would run into a house, echoing with the screams of a wife watching her husband - in essence - burn before her eyes. Edward was looked at, that blankness in his eyes heart-breaking for Erotisch to imagine. "Get him. Save him!" She yelled at the Wizard, attempting to pull Edwards wife back. Erotisch no longer cared for the book she was sent for. She didn't care for herself or is this new person was the dreaded Carmichael, she only cared about saving the innocents in the home.
  10. Everyone Likes Oranges

    It was in moments like this that Erotisch, a celestial being, admired a mortals ability to age. While Roen wasn't an mortal, per-say, he did hold the wear and tear of a mortal who has seen, discovered, and done a few things she never did. Those lines, often times not celebrated, were marks of wisdom, years of messing up, falling short only to pick himself back up and try all over again. Erotisch admired him, in a sense. His courageousness, his tenacity, even his vicious attempts at the world. He was always such a beautiful specimen to her. It was in that beauty Erotisch was lost. In the moment, the sun shining off his face; his relaxing, the unwavering comfort he had around her. It had her caught in this delusion he was a grand - upstanding man - perfection. It was that moment, her beautiful features were lit a fire with this gaze "--What..?" She was lost, not listening to the words and having to replay them in her mind. Slowly she caught up, blinking at him quickly. "Yes.. How will I ever forgive you.." A small, airy laugh as he bit into the strawberry. It was a clean bite, only a little juice dripped as she lifted the strawberry for inspection. Any of the fruit that was left, she'd quickly nibble the rest, not wanting an ounce of the food to go to waste. The remaining leaves were placed delicately in the grass beside the basket. While the Outsider dismissed her concerns for his image, as if her attempts of saving it were unwanted, Erotisch moved to retrieve another berry. Those delicate hands half tempted to grab a piece of cheese stingily for herself; but her attention was quickly turned back towards the Devil with only the newest strawberry. "Fine!" She'd retort sarcastically. "I won't care for you image anymore." As if her words would wound him in some little fashion. Of course, this was totally untrue. She'd always be on her best behavior for him if he so desired. Hell, with enough practice and praise from the Devil, Erotisch would be a world class slave again - if he wanted to put in that sort of work. It would prove quite a challenge, for the woman to accept her status as above everyone else, but under of the most well-known kings of Valucre. He shifted, laying on the grass, those silver hues moved to follow his features. The discomfort of a tail - something the pair of them shared together. His thin, devil-like, obviously uncomfortable if laid on, hers was the complete opposite. Thick, full of body, oftentimes used as a pillow is she didn't have one. The spade, placed haphazardly in her lap the glint of platinum flashing in the sun. It was when the air around them grew thicker he moved again, her attempts at offering him a berry weak and half-assed. His head moved to her lap, a far more enjoyable position. She gazed down at him, the smile on her face, weak and pathetic. He asked an interesting question, one that did not merit a response for fear of disapproval. Instead, she took a bite of the strawberry she was holding, avoiding the question all together as she chew silently. Instead, her free hand moved slowly and on it's own accord to run her fingertips through his hair. Perhaps if she petted him, there would be no reason to answer. His movements, indicating more strawberries caused a blush to rise in her cheeks. She'd eaten one without permission, and didn't even really offer it to Roen. "Mm. Yes.." She said, swallowing the last bit of strawberry before running her tongue over her lips. The puzzled and hurt of his next statement was hidden from his view as she discarded her own leaves and retrieved another strawberry. Would Roen really be so carefree about the whole situation if Carmichael had in fact come to get her. Perhaps - but a strong part of her body said he would be completely indifferent. The nuzzling of her thigh brought a twinge of regret she was drifting the mood into the wrong direction. This was supposed to be an enjoyable time. He had rejected the offered strawberry as her own sadness came to her face. It was when he moved his head from her lap, sitting up right and eying her jacket that she moved to dismiss the whole conversation - "You know what? It can wait. Lets not ruin today." Her free hand reached forward, attempting to direct his upper body back into the laying position, his head needed to be in her lap again. "Please, Roen.." She didn't follow his gaze back to her jacket. There was no need, not right now. Erotisch had a strong feeling he wasn't going to let it go. No, she suspected it would linger in his mind, but perhaps he would humor her still. IN an attempt to guide the day along instead of dwelling on what may or may not happen, she turned her otherwise sour mood to something more calm and enjoyable. Maybe even coy; "So.. When are you leaving again? How long do I get to enjoy your company."
  11. It Got Worse

    Today was one of those days Erotisch was able to leave the Lore-Spire since her position had changed from free-person to slave. For what ever reason, Roen didn't mind if she went to town to run his errands, but did mind if she stayed away too long. Today was no different. He needed something from town and sent her to retrieve it. On her way to the location, she made a habit of meandering the streets. Avoiding the back alleys and dark spots of the town. Since the release of the thoughtfire on the town, Erotisch had been vigilant in her movements through the busy streets. Part of it was fear it was a rouse from Carmichael, another that she would be punished if she didn't make it back to Roen in a decent time. The guards had finished their search, thus the people of Patia believed the thoughtfire wasn't as dangerous as first thought. Perhaps people believed Roen had it in one of his private rooms of the Spire to have his professors and scientist study. It wasn't her concern, nor did she pry into that. Today she enjoyed her limited freedom in the streets. Soft bare feet padded along the sidewalks, easing passed the people rushing home to their significant others. Children, a rare sight in Patia, playing in the streets. Erotisch was humbled no one recognized her. She was one of these people only a few weeks before - hiding the very shadows she avoided now. Only a few people were talking about the blue flame, others seemed to be ignorant or uncaring of it's arrival and sudden insignificance. Erotisch finally reached her destination; a husband and wife who had an extensive collection of books. From within the apartment, Erotisch could hear the male figure reassuring the female, no doubt about the troubles that had recently made their way to Patia. Once she was sure they were done, a small knock at the door would disrupt the pair. "I come for the book Roen requested." She spoke through the solid wood, no doubt loud enough for the spy to hear. The door was opened, greeting Ero was the wife, cheerful and smile ready. "Yes of course." She motioned for the Neko to enter the apartment. "My husband has been looking all over for the book.. --" "-- Has been looking? You mean..-" She interrupted the woman quickly only to have all sense of a good mood leave her. A sudden drop of her stomach, a tightening of her jaw. Those thick ears folded atop her head, settling down on the mass of curls in a sense of shame and defeat. "You don't have it.. do you?" She had reassure Roen that the book would be here. This was one of the biggest collections of paper aside from the Devils' own in the Lore-Spire; but there was only a few rare ones he did not have. "Please tell me you know someone who does.." That voice had softened, a small hint of a whine as she spoke. She had no idea why this relic of a book was so important to Roen, but she did not ask either.
  12. Everyone Likes Oranges

    Erotisch had since moved closer to the Devil. Those thick ears flickering slightly when he bestowed that generously inappropriate name upon her. Dearest Heart, she would have scuffed at that if she didn’t know he was jesting her completely. A tiny hint of confusion played across her features as the basket was moved fully from her vision, held behind his back, before be began to bend at the waist. Erotisch paused in her steps towards the Devil, narrowing her eyes suspiciously. She was then found blinking ever so slightly as a blush could be seen and felt traveling up her neck to fill the hallow ivory of her cheeks. “You should know better than to show me this sort of attention, Sir..” The title, it slipped haphazardly from her lips. It took all of her effort to not correct his position to something more appropriate for his statue as King. Anyone looking into this little scene would certainly think he was bowing to her because she held a greater superiority. Those silver hues widened at this though, looking past the Devil to make sure everyone had left the halls or were too busy with their own importance to notice. When she finally did reach him, a delicate hand reached out to touch his cheek.. “It should be I who bows to you.” As if to correct the fact she just called him Sir in some fashion. Upon his taking her fingertips, Ero gasped, those ears relaxing if ever-so-slightly. That warmth he was known for. The fire that burned inside – whatever its source drove the Kitten wild. There was always the appeal of that warmth when they were together. There was a sense of security, pleasure and safety within that warmth. While she was too busy trying to overcome the way she felt when he touched her, the frown flashed across his features. All pleasure she may have derived from that touch was quickly flooded by the emotional turmoil he currently relived. It was a subtle frown, but enough for the spiritual being to know of his.. Heartache and his recent unfortunate adventures. “Roen..” it was only a slight whisper, easily explained away as a breath had he not heard it. Erotisch had not heard of his stories as of late, and would not pressure the Devil into telling her. She knew him, they had history. He would either tell her, or let it eat him alive. But it did not make for a promising future in his company that much she knew. Erotisch did not let the emotions of her companion play with the current mood of the situation. It was his intention to enjoy this little get together, or she would not be here at all. The basket was finally released from his custody, her lithe fingertips wrapped around the handle with the direction of his hot-little-hand. “Absence..?” She’d hold back a mock chuckle. “Is that what we are going to call it now? Should I be demanding a note as to why you’ve been so absent?” Her own playful tone was to change his current palpable mood. That small grab to her rear brought her free hand down, smacking the hand away. “Should I get the ruler?” As if that was going to help the already building playfulness. She knew he would either ignore the comment or turn it around to poke fun at her, she welcomed it. Meant he was still as engaging as she remembered. He moved to dismiss that “Busy” word, only to cause the feline to shake her head slightly. “I do like the sound of that..” she’d remark towards the mention of negligence,. “Makes it sound like you owe me something now.” Her own little jest as she bent down, placing the basket beside his legs. It wasn’t too long before she was kneeling beside him, just off his hip. “I didn’t think you were having fun, Roen.” A roll of her eyes as she moved to pry into the basket. “If you were, you wouldn’t have come back. No matter how much I wanted to see you.” This she knew for a fact. The throwing of the grass caused a slight chuckle from the feline, eyes darting towards him narrowing slightly. He didn’t want much more to come of it, obvious from his lack of follow-through. The mention of shoes brought the feline’s hands from the basket and whatever they were looking for. “I think I’ll pass.” She’d retort, “I don’t want to be caught barefoot and on the run.” A slight offhanded comment to the fact she was a fugitive according to the Slavers World. “I can pay? For your company?” the tone in her voice was playful, but even more so, she gave the Devil a slight shove. “I thought you would owe me, not the other way around.” With that, she went digging into the basket again, this time having a target. Strawberries. Once the juicy red berries were found, she lifted them slowly; “These Strawberries?” A heavy question as she looked almost menacingly towards him. Taunting.. His next statement did not actually catch her in surprise, but she did play at it well. “Topless--!” A gasp of sorts as the hand both hands, strawberries and all moved to cover her chest. As if she would have been embarrassed at the very idea of it. Of course, if he commanded such an act, she would. “- My honor. You’re quite comical today. You must have forgotten who I used to be.” She was often found topless, bottomless, strapped, tied, even ridden like a horse in public and used as a dining table. Being topless, feeding him strawberries was not going to damage it anymore than those things. Erotisch was picking up a small strawberry by the leafy stem as he spoke again. This time, she moved to settle on her rear, tucking her legs and tail beside her, but also getting her body closer to his warmth. He spoke, filling the void in time as she transitioned; causing her to remember the last several months while he was away. “I came to be the Black City so I wouldn't be a burden to anyone.” She corrected the Outsider “Learning to fight was only a step in the right direction.” Which to this point, he had deprived her of. “You taught nothing -” She whispered softly as the strawberry was lifted, gesturing towards his features. He may or may not have been serious about her being topless, but the feeding him strawberries was something he wanted. It was the next part of this conversation that caught the feline off guard. She walked like a princess? It nearly killed her hearing this. He had no idea what she had been through the last several months. Erotisch’s head turned slightly, gazing at her own lump of jacket in the grass. Within the folds was a burnt piece of paper and a small box; one that most would assumed held a ring of sentimental value. She quickly turned back to the Devil, plastering a smile across her face. “I should be a Princess.. Putting up with you for so long.” A slight chuckle as the strawberry was offered again. “You know I would not accept a position above my grade. I only walk with confidence because I was meeting with you. What would people think if the Devil was meeting with a poor pitiful soul?” She scuffed slightly at the mention of her shirt. It was bright colored, something she’d normally wear when around him. “Look good?!” This time see seemed almost offended. “Oh, you have no idea.” She’d toy playfully. His off handed comments about Carmichael, how he hadn’t showed his face – yet. “It’ll be just when I get comfortable he’ll come around. It’s the way he operates..” This was softly spoken as if she feared he was here now.. At this point, if Roen hadn’t taken the strawberry offered or was just about to take the strawberry, Ero would pull it away and bite into it, those pearly white teeth touching her fingertips, the juice staining her pale lips. He had no idea how much she had hated her time here. How much she wanted to disappear one again, only to fear she’d be found like her four friends. Chewing softly, Ero’s mood changed, its transition was almost a heartbeat in the air. Finishing the fruit she looked to the Devil, saddened; “Roen.. I have to tell you something.” It would not disrupt his world, but it was enough to cause hesitation in hers. “Well.. I have something to show you....”
  13. Everyone Likes Oranges

    Erotisch had been in Patia all along. The usually bright and bubbly, center-of-attention was often found hiding in the furthest corner from the door. Since she’d been here she sought help from one person she never wanted to truly come back too. Roen; the Devil who cost her the magnificent wings. He only offered her a protection detail, a simple ring that only the Devil could remove. She wasn’t entirely sure how it was going to keep her alive if Carmichael found her, but wasn’t willing to test it either. Instead of simply going after the man, Roen decided she should live her life in the constant fear that Carmichael would soon arrive and take her back. Instead of looking for the trouble though, Erotisch simply hung back and kept to herself. Every stranger that came near her seemed to wear a sticky name badge that said: “Hi, my name is Carmichael..”. After being in Patia, almost six months into her stay, she tried to tear the ring off her finger to simply run away again. Attempt after attempt proved to be fruitless, as only the Devil could remove the cursed thing. It was in her annoyance, fear and fits of anxiety she finally retreated into herself. It was a letter from the homelands that really got to her though. The last of four slaves she freed was found – the electric blue eyeball she received was that of Kynai. It was accompanied with a simple note saying “You’re next” and it was enough to cause a drastic change. Erotisch soon disappeared from Patia. She wasn’t gone, but she made it a point to not stand out anymore. Those beautiful ears, obvious to her breed, blood-line and race were usually hidden beneath a heavy hood of a cloak or hat of some sort. Her features were always cast downwards – never looking at anyone. The obvious tail – tucked beneath layers of clothing, often times hidden against her leg. Erotisch even started walking with a limp so people would avoid her completely. Beneath the hood, those swimming eyes of silver were puffy, obviously deprived of sleep and recently teared. She often thought of those she tried to help, only to find her that world had turned its broad back and heavy shoulders on her. She was once a pride and joy of the slave trade. A precious commodity, often a winning trade to whoever received her. Now – she was hunted. The only bit of money she was going to make someone was when she returned with only her head upon a spike. That wasn’t exactly how she wanted to be remembered, but – her name would go into the books for future generations. Twelve years she gave to that world, it was her landing on Gaia that caused the drastic changes in her life. First, she broke free. She remained freed, broke the code and fell in love, lost her wings and as most would assume, her healing abilities. Then she went back to the world of slavery, not as a Mistress, but as an outsider and took four souls that were not hers to take. All of this, against her very meaning in life. It wasn’t until this last act that the slaver world finally had enough of her antics. They released Carmichael who was a legend – often times referred to simply as the Hunter. He was the story Masters told their newest slaves to guarantee their obedience and loyalty. Carmichael – the name would be the last she heard if things keep up like they were. Either as he whispered it seductively in her ear, or as her mind finally succumbed to the chaos that drove her mildly insane. It was his imagined face she saw around every corner, ever dark alley. It was his smell that tainted her very aura. She’d never seen him, or smelt him, it was easy for her mind to truly go wild with information it didn’t have. Today was different though. Ero had requested to see her protector, many moons ago. He was always busy though. She would watch from afar as he left the kingdom, and often times when he came back. In her mind, she believed he was off defending villages and the weak. She often refused to see the negativity in his very core – she was still blinded by a deep-down love of the man she knew years ago. Instead of hiding today, those attractive and appealing features of the feline were seen. She was expected at a certain location, at a certain time. Any sort of mis-direction would certainly be noticed by the Outsider – thus leading to an extensive search for her person. Those ears were erect atop a messily-stylish bunch of vibrant red curls. Those swimming silver eyes were only a hint of puffy from sleepless nights, something that could be chalked up to something in the air that day. No, today would be different. Upon entering the Lore-Spire, long before Roen and his antics would be seen by onlookers, Erotisch fought every fiber of her being wanting to run; only the promise of speaking with the Devil kept her walking. Everything was so much to take in. From the students who looked at her curiously, too the staff who seemed to ignore her very existence. Much to her surprise, along her journey to the Gardens, the women found herself smiling. She was used to this, being the one all eyes turned too. It was what brought her back to her adolescence. When things were so carefree and promising. It wasn’t long until her stance grew more confident, and those hips swayed, almost leaving a path of feminine allure in their wake. The Garden, a beautiful contrast to the rest of the city, even to the inside architecture of the Lore-Spire. The scent of fresh grass, blooming flowers. It brought Ero back to her time in The Golden Tether. The statue, the place she was supposed to be meeting Roen was admired from afar. He would have something like this in his city – the nymphs, fleeing from the unknown. Much like she had in her own past. Was it intentional for him to pick this location to meet. She would not put it past him. Twenty minutes had passed, those who were staring at her had moved on to their classes or meaningless tasks. There was a chatter coming from inside; most were laughing quietly to themselves or to the small group of people who would listen. There was discussion of someone sliding across the floors within the halls. Piqued, the feline continued to listen, ears picking up the smallest sounds. To be honest, she was tempted to do the same, but the state of the floors cleanliness was a little off-putting. The sounds of footsteps on the grass, that finally brought the feline to turn away from admiring the statue. Greeting whom-ever came into the terrace. He carried a basket; the smell of bread had her stomach doing back flips. Despite her sudden hunger, she looked to the Devil with an adoration she could not hide. “Roen..” She whispered, taking a step towards him. She relaxed, almost instantly upon meeting his gaze. It took a moment for her to regain her composure, in a sense. He did keep her waiting, nearly six months to see him. “You truly know how to keep a girl waiting, don’t you?” The coy whisper as she moved yet closer, aiming to take the basket from his grasp. There was no need for him to carry such things – she was there to do that for him. Always the studious and helpful one she was. Compared to days before, one could say Erotisch was back to her former glory. Her attire today was appropriate for the weather in the gardens. A simple pastel blue t-shirt hung loosely off her shoulders, the hem of the fabric kissing just above the waistline of dark-denim jeans. A small sliver of pale stomach could seen as she moved closer to him. “I guess I should thank you for finding the time to see me. I know you’re busy..” She trailed off at this point – a clash of words between what she wanted to believe and what was a much cruder reality. “Thank you.” A final gesture as she stood before him, hand out-stretch, palm up, waiting for the basket to be turned over. After all this time, apart, estranged and otherwise forgotten to one another, Erotisch knew her place, and settled back into it as quickly as one would expect.
  14. Trying again..

    I have been around before, and have found the whole thing (the site of Valucre) very intimidating. But, I'm back and trying to find something creative to break up the day-to-day tasks and journey's with something new. Any suggestions or tips?
  15. Kill Roen: the League of Doom

    I'm actually curious if this is still going..