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  1. Well, that is quite interesting. I'll take a look. Maybe it was because it lost its thread. I'll talk with Roen. Thanks Supernal!
  2. I'm looking to start roleplaying again. Unfortunately, because I am so out of practice - I'm sticking to one character, my Erotisch. She was active here on Valucre (and Gaia several years ago), but, in my waiting for my partner to post, the city she was in was completely destroyed and removed from Valucre all together. (I'm not quite sure of the lore of this change, but.. I am going with that!) Because Ero is so very dear to me, and a part of me and my growth as an individual, I'd like to say she survived the destruction. I'm trying to figure out where I can place her, where she wouldn't seem too out of sorts, but not to far from where Patia was. If you're interested, please PM me and let me know if you have any questions/suggestions. Thanks for the interest!
  3. I'm totally interested in taking you up on this. I'm totally interested!! What did you have in mind? Political intrigue? I'm interested. Let me know what you got?
  4. Perhaps I just need a qualified teacher to show me how to do it?
  5. I'm really not into the whole fighting scene. I have a difficult time playing fighting scenes in my head, so getting them into words is nearly impossible. Realistically, I'm sure it's something I could learn but, the quality of such roleplays may be deluded with my lack of experience. Slice of life is good, can do fantasy rather well. I play on realistic emotions in semi-realistic situations.
  6. That would be absolutely amazing! Let me know what you had in mind and I'll see if it'll get the creative juices going!
  7. Yes, of course within the confines of the Code of Conduct. My apologies for not clarifying this.
  8. Greetings! I am an old player here, who has been struggling to get back into the roleplaying world. I do live such an active life out side of Valucre that I sometimes don’t make it back everyday to see if it’s my turn to post. But I am slowly working back into that habit. I’m looking to start a new character here, but am having difficulty finding something I know how and enjoy playing. There has to be a sense of comfort when I play a character or I simply lose interest fast and move on, or in this case away. Things move so quickly here, keeping up is incredibly overwhelming once you fall behind. I would like to find someone who is not necessarily active every day, but involved. I’m basically looking for someone to help me get back into the game I enjoyed so much growing up. It’s going to take a bit of patience and understanding, but in the end – you would have another friend. I have one character here who is currently stuck in a limbo. She is my original OC I created over ten years ago, and has been the inspiring force I’d like to revive in the near future. My new inspiration doesn’t necessarily need to fit into her mold as an extension of her, but it is something I’m incredibly comfortable in doing as she’s pretty much an extension of who I am. If you’re up to a challenge, I would love to hear from you. A little bit about me, before you assume you can handle My name is Kayla. I’m generally the sweetest person there is. (But who isn’t right? It’s the internet.. everyone is sweet in some way.) It’s not like a school girl kind of sweet, but a more, walk-all-over me kind of sweet. I don’t pressure people into posting for me. But I do come to the assumption that you’ve lost interest and therefore I lose it as well. To avoid such disasters, I appreciate communication. Going to be gone for a week and half? A month? Enjoy your time! If you don’t tell me, my anxiety will tell me I did something wrong and therefore avoid you when you return. We could have the best, steamiest, most amazing roleplay going, but without communication I’ll get paranoid and think I’d done something wrong in that roleplay that simply turned you off of it. Won’t matter. My following posts will be half-hearted and not fair to you. When I say I’m incredibly busy, I do sincerely mean it. I am a paralegal for one of the most active law firms on the west coast (hint at time zone here). I some times get out of work at 5, but I don’t get to come home after that. I have sports, child, dog, shopping, dinner prep, every-other chore known to man, then I can sit down for a league game or a post. These priorities are number one. I’m telling you this now, so if there is a day I don’t log onto Valucre, you know why. On top of all of this, I’m also a future wife; someone who had promised to dedicate her free time to another soul. He does work late on the weekdays, so I have a little bit of freedom then, but we share the weekends off together. This time is usually carved out for family activities and home improvement. Should this be an issue and we’re going to be gone all-weekend, I will let you know beforehand, otherwise I’ll be able to get a post or two on the weekends. We tend to plan trips out of the city at the beginning of the week. You will be kept in the loop in some way or another. For now, to be perfectly honest, I’d like to roleplay in PM’s until I hash out what kind of character I want to play. There are a few things I can and cannot do though. So I feel these are important for you to know. One. I cannot fight. I know it’s a big thing for women to fight and the strong-female character yada, yada. I just cannot grasp the articulation of roleplay involving fighting. I have sat for HOURS reading fights and I just can’t get the picture in my head enough to help me form the words. So, I tend to avoid characters who have that ability. Two. I will only play females. I’ve tried playing a male once, and it turned into more of a confused male which made it uncomfortable for me. I just didn’t enjoy it as much as I thought I would. Three. Paragraphs. As you can tell, I like details and winded explanations. I will never go into so much detail as to type out every time my character blinks or breaths (Unless it’s an intense situation), but the more the detail, the more I have to work with. When I write, I like to write books. Story’s for other to enjoy. I’d love to get back into that. Four. Adult themed – I am not opposed to adult-themed roleplay. The character I have here stuck in limbo has been a slave for 10 years, because I enjoyed it. I’m not opposed to playing that role again, but am willing to break from that norm to better fit a new exciting roleplay. Five. Robots – I know they were a big thing here a while ago (probably years ago now), but I just can’t do it. Emotionless machines is not enjoyable to me, unless it’s an NPC I probably won’t be involved. To begin, I’d like ideas. Simple base ideas of what kind of characters are popular right now. (Vampires, angels, demons, mermaids), whatever. Like I said, I’ve fallen behind and it’s growing impossible for me to catch back up. Even the site has changed and I can’t find where I usually lurk. Once I find an idea that connects with me, I can hash out a character relatively fast. Then will come the first introductory post. So, if you’re looking to try out a new idea for a character, want to introduce someone to the world of Valucre but want to test the waters first. I’m here to help – because it’ll help me get back into what I enjoy doing. And that is writing. Thanks for reading – Kayla
  9. Well.. It's actually happening... In Patia.. Well, I'll try and figure up a character to join.. Might get me some more Roleplay.
  10. More reasons for people to avoid Patia.. Though.. If things ever work according to Roen's plan.. might have some really good progress available for this little group.
  11. You make Role-play sound like a job, Rudolph..
  12. Such liberties can only lead to trouble - Be weary, host - the world is corrupted one. But seriously.. I almost want to make a character for each part of Taen.. As soon as I get home, I'm going to start drafting something exciting.
  13. Decisions, decisions.. What shall I create to play here..
  14. Erotisch shifted uneasy in her submissive position fighting the chill that ran down her spine. He threatened her; it seemed more a promise to some, as if he expected her to actually betray him. Her word meant nothing to him and it stung her ego. This was a side of Roen she had never seen before, and it scared her beyond her years of training in the Slave Chambers. A part of her already regretted this day - requesting time with him, seeking his help with.. Whatever his name was. Out of her peripheral, the slave watched as her superior rose from his crouched position and watched as his shadow rose a hand to touch its chest. Concern flooded her - enough so she dared to lift her chin, gazing blindly up at him to make sure he was actually in a well enough position to be standing. She had a small fear of punishment for such an act, but felt the payout of a clear conscious was worth such a punishment. As his hand moved down, aimed to touch the top of her head, the feline lowered her gaze once more, eyeing the green grass as if it held some sort of merit or rewards for doing so. It wasn't long until the heat of his hand was felt against her head - the weight of him almost impossible to bare for her shoulders alone. She was small to him, in comparison - nothing of equal mass.. The feeling of pressure as he scratched through thick strands and eventually touching flesh beneath, down around the sensitivities of her ears before he spoke, drawing them up to catch words spoken from his lips. Tomorrow, thereafter. A part of her wanted to run from him today – one last chance of a freedom she had long grown accustomed too. It was then Erotisch felt the weight of his hand lift from her head, the chill of the air dampening heavy strands of hair before her own silver gaze lifted to look at her Master. It was an apologetic, almost pitiful look she gave him. Almost as if she was apologizing for her thoughts of one last night of freedom; ones that stayed locked away to be broken later and probably used against her. He tried to smile, his failed attempt smacked her in the face like a proverbial hand. He was troubled, pained, and she knew it was not for taking her freedom from her once again. He spoke of the one thing he requested from her today, her shame showed almost instantly. She had ruined the day. A simple meeting with Roen, to ease her mind, put to rest her torment she was going through emotionally. She had to bring the things in her jacket, and it was where they still sat. It almost wasn’t worth it. To ruin a beautiful day with her paranoid tendencies. The shame she felt played right into his words, ears dropped once more, resting against the thick strands of red hair as if she was in trouble for doing so. His command, though it was heard didn’t register as one until a few moments later. The mention of the jacket and basket of food was acknowledged with a slight nod of her head. Through it all, she stayed silent. Shifting her weight, Erotisch lifted from her kneeling position, almost as gracefully as her shift was to sit at the beginning of their day, she was standing, coming to just about his shoulders before she turned to face him. Thick tail flickered behind her, the tip twitching expectedly. Tiny hands folded in front of her, wrists crossing over one another as her fingers laced together almost romantically. He spoke of things to show, which brought an excitement to Ero’s pretty features, a smile twitching at the corners of her lips, her eyes bright and filled with motion once again. He was on the move, and Ero was within only a few feet of him the whole time. One a few times did she skip a step to catch up, often times staying within steps as he took them. The slave watched the bare feet of her Master pat on the ground and was sure her boot hit at exactly the same time. Being in step with their Master was a skill set oft-times overlooked. But with how much she’d been trained, to add the sound of her footstep was distracting to some and unacceptable to her. The long hallway was regarded less times then it should have been; left unappreciated by her. She kept her attention on Roen as much as she could. Looking for facial cues of what was going on, where they were going, and what the next move was going to be. Her smile and excitement lessened each turn they took to get deeper into the underbelly of the Lore-Spire. It was when he finally stopped, Erotisch turned to view the direction she’d come from, finding it as dark as she expected it.. Much like the tunnel at the end of a persons’ life, this one held no light at the end, no peace and no joy. She felt drained down here, almost like the weight of being underground was actually upon her shoulders. It was when the slave turned back, the statue was regarded with an awe often times mistaken for impressive. She stood at the base of the bell bottom, gazing up, head nearly tilted all the way back as those ears laid flat against her head again. The statue was beautiful, if it was possible, wings covered her body in a fashion that made Erotisch miss her own. A beautiful set she did have one, large and something that actually deserved that look of impressive. This was the first time Erotisch had broken her submissive demeanor. The part that would have stopped such a statement was still awe-struck as she spoke. “She..?” Erotisch turned silver hues to his amber ones, tilting her head in curiosity. He spoke of the statue as if it was alive and it unnerved her slightly. Ero stepped forward slowly, placing her hand, uninvited upon the statue much like he had, expecting to feel a pulse beneath her fingertips. “My help?” She turned her gaze upwards again, lips parting as she gazed almost romantically towards the statues etched face, down over the wings that kept her modesty, over the curve of her hips, her thighs. She continued to listen further, as her attention slowly made its way towards her hand upon the statue. Half of her feared it to drain her very life from her. With what she had seen from the Devil the last several minutes, she would not put it past him. She pulled her hand away quickly at this thought, hugging it to her chest while the other massaged the palm between thumb and fingers. “What strength, Roen?” She was short, almost so that it surprised her causing a heat to rise to her cheeks and her eyes to avoid contact with him. Did he not remember she came to him for strength, and protection? She was here because she didn’t have the strength. He knew this, his demand was impossible for her. The ring upon her finger, the one he’d given her was regarded with a bit of a sigh. “This -“ She lifted the hand decorated with said ring “ - This is all the strength I have.” And it wasn’t the ring, but the fact she felt it was linked to him in some way. Without hesitation Erotisch turned away from Roen, shaking her head. “I can’t help with this.” There was a time, years ago, she would have been able help. Her abilities – healing, they were gifts from the Gods as she matured through her host body. They started coming, and by the time she was eighteen, she had fully formed healing capabilities. Often times they’d come of their accord, other times, she had to beg them. All times she was left weak, wounded and vulnerable. She enjoyed healing, but only when she felt safe enough to do so. With the protection of a Master she trusted, Erotisch could heal most wounds. Until she was punished for falling in love – her wings were taken, her powers removed, as far as she knew. Remembering this painful event, Erotisch’s left hand moved over her shoulder, rubbing just above the ‘x’-shaped scar on her right shoulder blade, where her wings used to sprout. “I can’t help you, Roen. I’m sorry.” She turned to him now, sadness, shame. What was he going to do with her if she wasn’t able to help him? She did not know if he knew of her abilities, and would no volunteer the information – this was one last thing she had to herself, and it would stay that way.
  15. Erotisch


    What kind of writing are you looking for?
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