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  1. Sounds pretty wicked. I'd join it honestly. I imagine it'll be pretty fun.
  2. Haha. Is that so? Then feel free, I'm pretty curious now. @princeben07
  3. "The will to move forward to what I enjoy. New forms of knowledge that I seek and the culinary arts~" @princeben07
  4. Leon Godspell

    Starting Over

    So I've been away from the role-playing community for a while. Occasionally I'd gawk at other's and really pleased to what I read-- personally as someone who enjoys reading quite a bit and epic fantasy has been my jam since the start of my role-playing journey 11 years ago. Recently over time the people who I met over the past years have just stopped role-playing and I didn't notice til, well recently. It's a weird feeling like suddenly you remember it like yesterday and them BAM the precipice of realization catching you off guard. It feels sorta like day one when you start-- like a new game, more like new game plus. I hope I can eventually meet some new people and start a new chain and maybe nerd out along the way.
  5. Always handy. Free healing is quite good too! XD
  6. So a cleric walks into a bar... Yeah I don't have a joke.
  7. Yeah, I totally agree with you both. The past few places I've been to had such a high competitive mentality within the community it ruined it for me lately and i"m just trying to have fun with it again as I use to. I want to try and use this site regularly and meet new people. Hopefully I can get back on my feet soon. I appreciate the advice.
  8. Approaching the front doors of what has been called the Tavern of Legends by the locals. A good name for such a place that may have undeniable in depth and rich history. The young man would hold his breathe steady as he would walk through the doors. The vibrant colors of his tabard armor with a white prime and golden lining within the fabric giving a shining appearance with dark pieces of ebony plate. A more noticeable feature was the large cross equipped on his back as the shaft is less bulky than the metal head, Kain, a young traveling battle-cleric entered the the tavern with an open mind. Casual, came to mind going through the main area to find a table to sit on. Purpose of entering such a place? To relax of course. Day by day he travels to new lands and to see the sights of nature by forest, rocky terrain or the seas. A few moments away from the nomadic life style. After sitting and setting aside his cross-like stave; a large breathe of relief exhaled and sensation of calmness overtook him. Able to calm down and nothing to edge his nerves. Fatigue leaving his body, his vibrant aquatic eyes lazily half shut as he leaned back in his seat. "By the six... I can finally get some downtime" He tiredly exclaimed. Paying more attention to his surroundings more so enjoying the view of merry folk.
  9. Justice is one of the domain of the Divine so I'd say it definitely fits Pretty cool I'd say.
  10. I've been curious on how many Divine type of characters are out there. Divine being one of the main paths of magic; as it doesn't necessarily need to be a God/Goddess or holy as Divine can mean a plethora of things within that spectrum. Right now I'm shaping up and wanting to develop a Paladin of nature and puts his faith towards the Sun. Anyone else who enjoys that or similar tropes when role-playing or character building?
  11. After a long hiatus to about half a year and maybe even longer; I feel that my writing skills have drastically went underwater and not quite surfacing as I thought from muscle memory. Last few days been trying to get back in the groove but nothing seems to quite spark that drive which is sort of depreasing. Kind of afraid I won't be able to hold up to par on the many talented writer's here. Anyone else ever had that kinda problem? Probably not many I bet but I'll keep trying somehow to get things going. Feel free to express similar concerns, just really needed to get that off my chest.
  12. Leon Godspell


    Anyone currently playing any MMO's? If so, what kind? Very interested in discussing about your current experiences! Personally I'm playing Guild Wars 2 and trying to get into Archeage.
  13. The more or less interesting developmemt had taken its place and a more. Uneasy situation unfold causing causing the young man to sigh deep from within. How exactly did it turn like this? He asked himself. The tanking aspect still at play. The Battle Mage would then take on a different approach. Being cautious. Casting Mana Ward. The initial thought of a large spherical dome raced acrossed his mind as the casting would take place. A multitude of complex diagrams befitted underneath him as only moments later he was surround by a spherical shroud of raw make in a protective barrier that was e meters in radius. Able to take even the strongest of a large creatures might but as all shields have their time of shatter. A hand raised in front of it as the palm contains the same luster as the ward placed aroand him. Empowering it further. "Well this doesn't look good. Tobias did you know anything about this before having us come here?" (It's alright. Getting a bit harder to understanding the scenarios though with how its worded.)
  14. Taking on a slightly front lead by lead to tank the next section of the dungeon. As the woman spoke once more he'd acknowledge her words. "Alright. Alright. I'll humor you. Only after we've finished here. No use half-assing a job now." With his clarifications being said. He continue to walk forwars while casting Mage's Aegis. A spell that surrounds the caster in a shroud of raw arcane power focused on a highly defensive attribute in nature. The shroud appearing like a suit of armor bearing a large kite shield before going ethereal in apperance. An abjuration spell used for the intent of tanking. Able to soak up a laege quantity of physical and magic damage and unaspected damage like a shield wall. The swords floating around him in a slanting fashion also change. Gaining a sort of thicker and gilded appearances as several lined nodes connect all six blades with the focus being centered now containing four floating kite shields around it, proportioned to the focus' size. His initial intent was to sacrifice some of his damage dealing feats to a tanking role. Keeping the remainder of the party safe. Being a magick tank he can also keep up wards and good area of effect potential. With keeping the aggro focused on himself he can allow for the members to lend a hand on taking out the immediate threat.
  15. Taking moment after moment to gain gis breath. The previous feat taking a lot out of him-- mostly mental fatigue and the sudden draining of the arcane forces from his body occurring from a myriad of places and situations at once. He's usually more prepared than this. A mental lashing at his performance. He knew he could do better. As the woman who also ventured to the danger filled dungeon this place seemed to be; approached him with what seems like hostile intent. Taking the gas mask into his hand as a caught it and then giving thanks to Tobias and once more turning his attention to the woman. "Given the circumstance of this task I don't really have a need to show off. Just doing what I can to get us by with the ability I posses. Nothing more." Fixing the mask over his face. His voice slightly muffled by the item placed over his face. "If you want to fight-- save it til after we're done here. Don't want to cause more trouble when we could have been done than having a skirmish. If you would-- help taking out the threat is a good warm up." The blades that were present never left his back however motioning to a right lean diagonal spin track around him to a more static defense. "Alright let's move on. Next floor." Treading forward with stead fast steps and taking in the surrounding area to be aware of any present threats. In the meantime however while still in the radius of his party. He's quickly cast Major Haste. Increasing movement speed, incantation speed, vocal registration improved neural synapses performance, decreased time it takes to fully register images and physical to mental actions throughout the body by 50% additionally as well as reducing mental fatigue by 30% additional. Hyper muscle stimulation balance muscle relaxation and contraction ratio to increase adrenaline and flight or fight responses more logically sound and natural, ergo simulating the medulla gland. What can be felt from this effect would be similar to a refreshing breath of fresh air, relaxation of the muscles and full body revitalizing all in one movement-- a feeling of bliss for a brief time as well as minor Harmony. The effect of combining Physiological aspects of wind and a spell of support through influence to much greater effects. The buff acted as an outwards pulse in a spring green ring, taking two pulses to register each increased effect as each pulse had a 1,00,500,000 nanosecond interval of motion in between moving at 12fps and would dissipate at 20 meters. (Buff lasts 15 minutes)
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