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  1. Hello everyone! I'm Lucious Irving (James IRL), I'm 28 and I like westerns. Introductions aren't my forte, but I figure it's polite to put in the effort.
  2. (Note he does not currently posses clothing or a sword) Shash Shasha is an Orisian Kobold, a lesser subspecies of dragon kin native to Solum Irae but which has expanded beyond the borders of their origin and can be found all over Orisia. Generally of low intelligence they are seen as little more then pests by most, and are often used as a way to give young warriors a taste of real combat. Tribal in nature Orisian Kobold's form small 'family' units which rely on each other for survival. Due to their voracious appetite they often steal live stock and occasionally kill unsuspecting travelers. This tendency toward 'crime' has made them reviled by most Orisian's, seeing them as no more then a dangerous animal to be eradicated. The females lay eggs every four months on average, due to the large clutch of eggs and the frequency of it their numbers rarely dwindle, and juvenile Kobold's mature in a mere six months - this means local farmers and novice adventurers never cease to have to deal with the Kobold menace. Shash Shasha is an Antiguan Rain Forest variant of Kobold, his scales are naturally darker in shade, and his body is adapted to wet environments. He is the last of his tribe, which had been killed by a group of novice adventurers while he was out fishing. He does not speak nor understand the human tongue, and possesses an intelligence roughly equivalent to an uneducated adult human - this above average intelligence for a Kobold has allowed him to survive alone for a number of years, and locals tell tales of seeing a Kobold fishing with a homemade fishing rod. Shash Shasha does not encroach on human territory, and avoids them to the best of his ability if he encounters any. He is adept at tool usage and making, and is a skilled 'trapper' of wild game as well as talented fisherman. He wears no clothing and has only a flint napped dagger to protect him as well as his natural weapons. He is not inherently dangerous but he also does not posses traditional human morality, nor does he fully grasp the concept of 'possessing' something. It is not rare for human camp sites in the rain forest to be found ransacked by him, however he would almost always flee rather then fight if confronted by a human, even one which appears unarmed or unassuming, as he has a deep fear of them due to their brutal eradication of his entire tribe, including his mate and even going so far as to crush his eggs. He believes humans and other humanoids to be evil by nature, and as a result he despises them almost as much as he fears them.
  3. An interesting roleplay, I don't really have a character suited to diplomatic type missions but I will for sure being reading this thread. Just wanted to give you a shout out for some cool ideas that you put into roleplay.
  4. [History] Born in a small town in Terrenus called Jötunn to a retired Gaian Paladin father and retired Gaian Academy Professor of Gaianism mother Víðarr was destined to be a religious man, and despite most children's nature to rebel Víðarr did not disappoint. Víðarr spent his early years mostly with his mother, being a definite momma's boy and often seen clinging to her dress while hiding behind her when introduced to anyone he wasn't familiar with. As he grew older his father took him under his wing, and even as a toddler he was teaching him the spear and the tenants of Gaianism while his mother handled the more academic side of his learning. A natural loner and adventurous child Víðarr spent more time in the woods then he ever did playing with the other children, most of which were either slightly older or slightly younger then himself. As a young adult more and more began to be expected of Víðarr, and soon he was working alongside his father as a traditional mason - building homes and businesses in the small town without the help of Geomancy as a way to better understand the things they were creating. One a year Víðarr would venture out into the woods alone, surviving off the land and struggling against himself and nature in hopes of improving himself both spiritually and in skill set; all with a single goal in mind - to one day venture out from his small town home and see Terrenus for what it was, to experience its peaks and valleys and get closer to Gaia in the process. Time passed and when Víðarr came of age he told his parents of his plans, and added another to his list of goals - to follow in his fathers footsteps and become a Paladin in service of Gaianism like his father before him. The village and his parents embraced the idea and banded together to help him prepare for the dangerous journey, giving him the equipment he would need to survive. His journey has only just begun, and with some nerves he ventures out from his life long home into the harsh world of Valucre. [Friends, Family & Acquaintances] [Father] - Baldr Vorweir - Retired Paladin of Gaia and current priest and Governor of Jötunn. (Alive) [Mother] - Hecate Vorweir - Retired Professor of Gaianism at the Gaian Academy and loving mother and wife. (Alive) [Enemies] None [Roleplay History] None
  5. [Basics] [Name] - Víðarr Vorweir [Age] - 18 [Race] - Human [Height] - 5'9" [Weight] - 178lbs [Birth date] - August 13th, 10AO [Birthplace] - Jötunn, Terrenus [Occupation] - Novice Adventurer [Current Residence] - Wanderer / Vagabond [Personal] [Religion] - Gaianism [Likes] - Working with his hands, helping others, swimming and animals. [Dislikes] - 'Unnaturals', feeling powerless to help others, being indoors, and arrogance. [Goals] - To become a Gaian Paladin (long term), to experience Terrenus beyond his small village (short term). [Fears] - To die nameless at the side of the road forgotten, to face life alone without friends or loved ones and to fail to meet his parents expectations. [Equipment] [Spear] - A simple wooden haft 8ft spear, constructed by the local blacksmith in Jötunn Víðarr has owned the weapon since his sixteenth birthday. Designed specifically for single combat the 8ft length is just within the sweet spot for one of his weight to maneuver it effectively at distance and yet still be useful if short gripped for close range fighting. A simple, double edged cut and thrust head sits atop the flexible wood haft with the metal head being fixed by it's hollow round tang which travels about a quarter of a way down the haft where it is pinned in place. This makes the the spearhead all but impossible to 'cut' off in a bind action or to break with a stomp if the head is pinned. [Hunting Knife] - A large single edge 'table' or 'hunting' knife Víðarr has owned since he was a young man. It can skin animals, work as a table utensil and in a pinch kill a man. It is made of fairly cheap materials and would probably snap if used in anger. [Gambeson] - A light blue padded long jacket, Víðarr's gambeson was hand made by his mother and some of the other village tailors. Heavily padded and reinforced it provides surprising defense against slashes and thrusts, a 'layered' coat the gambeson is a series of quilted linen layers with horsehair lining in between. Quite heavy and warm it is unsuitable to warm climates but makes a perfect winter jacket on top of being a defensive garment. [Studded Leather] - A gift from the entire village this set of a leather breastplate, pauldrons and vambraces was bought from nearby Marlboro Keep using many of the villagers savings. An expensive, handmade piece it is fit perfectly for Víðarr's body and provides extra stab and slash resistance on top of the gambeson. While not metal do not let it fool you, it is more then sturdy enough to absorb mighty blows without giving way - and it requires none of the careful maintenance metal armor does. [Travel Pack] - A large travel pack with a sleeping roll atop it this deep travel pack allows Víðarr to carry all his needs on a journey, it even has a cross hook for his spear when the road is wide enough to allow it. Víðarr bought it himself from money he saved working as a mason, and he has owned it for a number of years and it shows some wear from use. [Various Pouches] - Various pouches and bags Víðarr wears on his hip, everything from a water skin to a snack pouch. Unique is a locked 'treasure' pouch on his left side which seals with a series of keyed locks. He carries the key on a rope around his neck - a gift from a former thief who moved to Jötunn it was to 'keep the naive boys things his things' in the surly old man's own words. [Skills] [Spear] - Víðarr's father spent every evening since Víðarr was a toddler teaching him the spear - a former Gaianist Paladin Víðarr's father was harsh but fair and the fourteen or so years of nightly training has left Víðarr fairly skilled with the pole weapon. While hardly a master he is at least equal to most adventurers and is very aware of the weapons length and how to use it to his advantage - flashy movements are not something Víðarr does or was trained to do, instead focusing on the fundamentals. Do not let the basic style fool you however, often the fundamentals are such because they are the most effective. Skill Level - Intermediate ■□□□□ Next Level - Skilled Experience - N/A [Outdoorsmanship] - Víðarr has always loved the outdoors, and it wasn't uncommon for him as a boy to spend hours alone exploring the small forests and hills around his home. As Víðarr grew older and he began to know he would become an adventurer his play turned to a matter of life or death. For two months out of every year since his fourteenth birthday Víðarr would live off the land deep in the woods, accepting no help and bringing only what he could carry in a pack - he learned to hunt, forage and find or build shelter. While he probably couldn't survive indefinitely off the land alone Víðarr is more then capable enough to survive till he finds the next pocket of civilizations to get supplies at. Skill Level - Basic ■■■■□ Next Level - Intermediate Experience - N/A [Masonry] - Before taking up the spear and leaving home to be an adventurer Víðarr worked alongside his father as a mason's apprentice. While his father was deeply skilled in geomancy the pair never made use of the Gaia gifted skill, instead building homes by hand. Years spent as an apprentice has made him a skilled mason fully capable of building a home himself if the need arose. Furthermore he understands the structure of stone buildings, from their strengths to their potential weaknesses; be it something he needs to exploit or avoid. Skill Level - Skilled ■□□□□ Next Level - Master Experience - N/A [Magic] [Heal] - The Gaian magic Heal is one of the most basic but important spells available to those of the Gaian faith, a tiered spell it grows in strength as the faith, skill and devotion of the user grows. Víðarr was taught the spell mere hours before he left for his journey by his father, making him a true novice who has only cast the spell a handful of times. Magic Level - Minor □□□□□ Effect - Heals minor cuts, scrapes and bruises. Next Level - Medium Experience - N/A [Light] - A vital but basic spell of the Gaian faith, Light is a spell which causes an object to glow a warm, comforting light. Víðarr was taught the spell mere hours before he left for his journey by his father, and while it is considered a 'basic' spell Víðarr has yet to master it, making his light weaker then average. Magic Level - Basic □ Effect - Make an object glow with regular light for ten minutes. Next Level - None Experience - N/A [Purify food and drink] - A basic Gaian magic spell designed to purify food and drinks of impurities and poisons. Víðarr was taught the spell mere hours before he left for his journey by his father, however as a truly basic spell even Víðarr has already grown accustomed to it, and will purify any food or drink he obtains before consuming it. Magic Level - Basic ■ Effect - Cleanse food and drink of regular poisons and impurities. Next Level - None Experience - N/A
  6. Sup, nerds. I'm Victor - I think I've been here once before, but it was like four years ago and I don't remember my username or if this was even the place. I've been lurking for like a week reading that juicy lore (I'm a lore whore) and now I'm here to take part.
  7. Ah, alright so more like a Suomi M31 with a stick mag. Just a wood stocked bottom feed SMG. Yeah, I should mention just cause I'm a gun nut psycho - the Kar98 fires a larger round then 30-06. Again, not trying to inject my 2 cents into your world, I just like to share my stupid hobby! The Kar98 fires 7.92mm AKA 8mm Mauser and the 30-06 is 7.62mm.
  8. So a short Mauser action rifle in an inch caliber (Maybe an Argentine pattern 1891?) and basically a Hyde Model 33 in upscaled .30 Luger?
  9. Hopefully everyone is enjoying themselves! I'm excited to see how this all plays out! I should also mention that last post was written on my phone, so forgive any....questionable grammar or wording. I'm awful at it at the best of times.
  10. Hyeok allowed everyone to speak, listening with interest at each - even when the one known as 'Murray' attempted to take a handle on the crew himself; frankly it was a bold choice, considering Hyeok had gunned down the last person he didn't like without so much as a warning. The large woman and the vampire spoke quickly, both taking the job of assassin - a two man team was a perfect size, and they both were ones Hyeok had pegged as particularly capable. "Your both in for assassin, you two run your own show - decide amongst yourselves who goes for which target or if you work as a duo. I won't micromanage the teams, so once you leave this barn your in command of yourself." Hyeok stated, leaning back as the mage known as Dahlia argued for Hyeok's strategy - she was quick witted and Hyeok would be lying if he didn't say he was relieved when she offered to be apart of the recon team. "Dahlia, take Murray and scout the place out, I expect good things from both of you." Hyeok nodded to Dahlia and Murray in turn before he walked toward the one who had introduced himself as 'Cutter'. "Congratulations, you just got promoted to second in command 'Cutter'; your in direct command of our cloaked friend and the woman in armor. When the bullets start flying after first contact I want you three to separate from me and our old artillery piece here and go fucking wild. Kill anyone who looks aggressive, villager or otherwise; make a show of it yeah? Any employer blowback I'll handle." Hyeok pat 'Cutter' on the shoulder as he spoke - hoping to reassure the assassin that he knew what he was doing. "Me and the old mage are going to play fire support - if anyone, be it first contact or recon is in trouble reach out and will provide suppression." After letting the plan settle for a moment Hyeok distributed a Magitech ear pieces to each of the squad leaders - Dahlia, Cutter, Persphone and Gisela. "Magitech radios, in Norkotia probably a range of about 500 hundred feet - more then enough for what we are doing. Keep me informed of your movements at your leisure or don't; up to you." Hyeok finally ended his managing of the situation - and much to his surprise it had went better then he had planned. All that was left to do was hurry up and wait - Dahlia and Murray would gather the intel they need and either radio back or return in person and then the festivities would start in earnest. It was these tense moments before the big show that Hyeok always dreaded - the tingling pressure of the life or death struggle to come that burned his body up like a fever. It wasn't uncommon for the nerves to crush some soldiers before a big battle, but Hyeok had experienced it dozens of times before - he had some to expect and even relish this moment in its own way. A reminder that he had chosen a dangerous life full of adventure over the mundane life - and not for a moment had Hyeok regretted it, not now and not even when he was lying in an ditch forgotten and unwanted like every good mercenary.
  11. Leo was nervous, Gaia was he nervous. His first task as an adventurer weighed heavily on his mind as he strolled down the poorly lit streets of the Blairville slum - it reminded Leo in a way of Last Chance before it had become gentrified, an air of desperation making the people seem agitated and busy even when standing perfectly still. The steep decline however was quite different from what Leo was used too, and as the youth filtered through the crowd he found himself struggling not to bump into people if he tried to pick up the pace - his nerves probably didn't help. When Sera had thrown the job offer at him Leo was hesitant, sure his fight money was dwindling as his lost more and more but he wasn't sure he really had what it took to be an adventurer - even less the the kind that went hunting for magical books! Leo was a mundane, he had no meta human abilities or magical talents; what could he possibly offer to an adventuring party? In the end it didn't matter, Sera was right - she was always right, the money was simply too good to pass up. In fact it was three times what he made in a fight when he won, and Leo hadn't won in awhile. "This will let Sera live how she wants." Leo muttered to himself from beneath his hood as he stood at the entrance of the bizarre tavern nestled between two trees 'The Lithium Hour' it called itself - the bastard child of Weland design it wasn't the kind of place Leo liked to spend a lot of time in. It reminded him a bit of the places he made money fighting in on occasion, but perhaps a little too small and with a lot less angry gamblers. Leo approached the back stairs with a surprisingly confident gait for someone shaking hard enough to knock teeth out. He flashed the pass to the horned guard who stepped aside allowing him to enter, and all at once as Leo began to ascend the stairs it hit him. Just as it often did before a fight his nerves came crashing, causing him to grind his teeth hard and fight violent, visible tremors which Leo struggled to control - hugging himself and muttering a little chant too low to be audible. After a few minutes Leo realized the nerves were not going to end, so he simply ascended the stairs despite them. He turned into the room and shed his hood, looking at the woman settled deep into a surprisingly opulent if tacky sofa - Leo knew he was shaking, but he had given up on containing and so he bowed low. "Hello M-Miss, I am Leandro Petrus - I was hired for this job." His voice was surprisingly soft and though clearly nervous his tone was incredibly polite, a rarity for an adventurer - rarer still for a man sporting a swelled shut left eye and pugilists gloves. He did not take a seat after he spoke, however he did step away from the door way as to allow anyone else easy entrance. Leo was a fairly plain looking man in his early twenties, about five foot seven and one hundred fifty five pounds he was well defined not but heavily muscled. He wore a sleeveless black and white pullover sweatshirt with a Weland character printed onto the stomach, the name of his martial arts school. A set of modern pugilist gloves covered his fists and forearms, their leather construction hard and lightly padded, more to allow a fighter to punch at full force without risking breaking their hand or wrist then to protect any opponent. Unusually the gloves were linked by a strap to a rashguard worn under the sweatshirt, the strap supported the elbows - likely a brace for nursing an injury. The rashguard itself served to protect Leo to some extent, being mildly stab and slash resistant - a rare gift from Sera before his left Last Chance for the job. Frankly Leo looked woefully unprepared and unqualified, a journeyman prizefighter thrust into a line of work well out of his skill set but he was here, and he would do the job no matter the risk or how little he understood.
  12. [Friends & Enemies] [Seraphine Jeanne] - Once the love of Leo's life and his current burden, Sera is a capricious, damaged woman in her early twenties with a prominent facial scar from a horrendous sexual assault. A leech on Leo's life she takes advantage of his self loathing to exploit him for all he is worth, often flaunting her drug abuse and promiscuity to spite him for his foolish decision. In reality she hates herself and Leo for allowing her to take advantage of him so easily. Unable to cope with the reality of what happened to her or what she has become she drowns her self in hedonism and takes it out on Leo, often lashing out at him physically and mentally and finding no resistance, which only heightens her anger. The crushing weight of their past haunts Leo and Sera alike, their unspoken love left in limbo by the self hatred and growing resentment each feels for each other.
  13. I'm going to be playing a down on his luck prizefighter named Leo, he needs the extra income!
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