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  1. Claude Tenaille [WIP]

    πŸ…•πŸ…‘πŸ…˜πŸ…”πŸ…πŸ…“πŸ…’ XXXXXXXβ–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€ [WIP] πŸ…”πŸ…πŸ…”πŸ…œπŸ…˜πŸ…”πŸ…’ XXXXXXXβ–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€ [WIP] πŸ…‘πŸ…žπŸ…›πŸ…”πŸ…ŸπŸ…›πŸ…πŸ…¨ πŸ…£πŸ…—πŸ…”πŸ…πŸ…“πŸ…’ XXXXXXXβ–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€
  2. Claude Tenaille [WIP]

  3. Claude Tenaille [WIP]

    πŸ…”πŸ… πŸ…€πŸ…˜πŸ…ŸπŸ…œπŸ…”πŸ…πŸ…£ XXXXXXXβ–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€ πŸ…¦πŸ…”πŸ…πŸ…ŸπŸ…žπŸ…πŸ…’ XXXXXXXβ–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€ πŸ…πŸ…£πŸ…£πŸ…˜πŸ…‘πŸ…” XXXXXXXβ–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€
  4. Claude Tenaille [WIP]

    (Disclaimer - This character is based off my great grandfather who passed in Verdun in 1915, if the above certificate or the concept makes you uncomfortable I apologize.) [Name] - Claude Tenaille [Title/Rank] - Soldat de 2e classe (Private 2nd Class) [Age] - 24 [Race] - Human [Place of Birth] - Saint-Γ‰loi, NiΓ¨vre, France, Earth Realm [Date of Birth] - May 17th, 1891 [Height] - 5'9" [Weight] - 151lbs [Eye Color] - Blue [Hair Color] - Brown [Affiliation] - French 56e rΓ©giment d'infanterie, World War 1 Allied Forces [Alignment] - Neutral Good πŸ…ŸπŸ…”πŸ…‘πŸ…’πŸ…žπŸ…πŸ…πŸ…›πŸ…˜πŸ…£πŸ…¨XXXXXXXβ–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€ [WIP] πŸ…‘πŸ…˜πŸ…žπŸ…–πŸ…‘πŸ…πŸ…ŸπŸ…—πŸ…¨XXXXXXXβ–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€ Born in a small town in the center of France, Claude's father was a retired officer of the French Foreign Legion - a native born Sicilian Italian Claude's father James enlisted in the legion as a means to attain French citizenship. It was during his time as a soldier that he met Maria Esto Tenaille, a French newspaper artist and later photographer; the two were married six months after their meeting and Claude's father James took her family last name, fully integrating himself into French society. After his service James worked as a gunsmiths apprentice in Saint-Γ‰loi, eventually opening up his own business as a gunsmith. Claude was born that same year, and much of Claude's early life was spent alongside his father learning about firearms and the skills needed to repair and maintain them - as a school boy Claude was sub par, and as a result Claude was enrolled by his father into a military prep school from 6th grade onward - only to return home on weekends. After his high school graduation Claude joined the army, he was assigned originally to logistics, his background as the son of a gunsmith fast tracking him toward a life repairing weapons for the army. It was during this time Claude met Adaeze Anwilichukwu, a Nigerian born immigrant. The two quickly fell in love, and they were wed within three months of their meeting - they had two sons, James and Frank. Shortly after their birth World War 1 began, and Claude was pushed from gunsmith to infantry. Fearful of the fate of the war, Claude had his father take his family to Italy where they remained throughout the war. Claude served with distinction on the front lines during the Battle of Marne before he was moved to Verdun in anticipation of a coming battle in which the Allies planned to begin their push back of the German Forces. (Note - from this point forward everything is fiction.) During his stay in Verdun Claude began to notice bizarre occurrences, such as sounds from the nearby rivers, his stop watch stopping for minutes at a time before rapidly advancing to the correct time and wild shifts in weather. These bizarre phenomenon however soon got drowned out by the sounds of war, for what began as an Allied plan for offense quickly turned into tragedy for the French forces. It is estimated 550,000 French soldiers died at Verdun, and Claude was not immune to the chaos - but amidst the chaos of war came other things. Men spoke of the dead rising from their trenches to attack their former allies, of the sounds of German lines screaming in horror as blue smoke poured from their trenches and of huge, bestial wolves unlike anything that should be prowling the edges of the battle lines waiting for prey. During a charge order Claude began to notice once more that his watch had stopped working, as he crested the trench and charged toward the German line he realized he had arrived far too quickly - as if he simply skipped ahead in time. The shock of the German soldiers in the trench showed it was not mere perception, but reality that Claude had simply appeared amongst their ranks. Still bewildered by the sudden trans-location Claude put up little defense as the Germans beset upon him. As he bleed out in the filth of the trench floor Claude watched in horror as huge wolves tore into French and German alike, watched as corpses rose from the dead to eat friend and foe. Claude turned his mind away, begging to be spared the fate of living corpse - begging to find his final moments anywhere but amongst this horror. With those thoughts on his mind Claude he succumbed to his wounds and fell unconscious. When Claude next awoke, he was in an unfamiliar land - for he had arrived in Valucre, unharmed and deeply lost. (My great grandfather passed in the first two months of the Battle of Verdun, reportedly dying during a bayonet charge. His body was never recovered, as with many other French soldiers at this battle. My great grandmother Adaeze remained in Italy even after the war, however she chose to immigrate to America in 1919 with her two children, where she changed her name to Anna, she never remarried. My grandfather was the second son Frank, my grand uncle James died in World War 2 fighting the Germans on French soil, and my grandfather fought in Pacific as a Naval Officer, he died in 2006 of cancer.)
  5. Warriors Needed [Interest Check]

    You got a character profile @Beelzebub or at the very least can you tell me what your character is and his/her/its general capabilities?
  6. Warriors Needed [Interest Check]

    Alright - Jinsoku and Professor Kura are in. I would like one more player, but if you two are impatient to start I can make do.
  7. Warriors Needed [Interest Check]

    I'm going to be busy this weekend, so i'll leave this interest check up until Monday and pick out whoever shows interest. That work for everybody?
  8. To Gamers: What are you playing currently?

    Replaying MGSV doing pistols only. In the process of 100% the FFXIV Free Trial (Level 35 Max, All Quests, Best Gear, All Classes.) Crusader Kings 2 Multi-player I've been for like...two years; as Aquitaine. I used to play a LOT of Verdun before I sold all my shit, I really should buy that game back.
  9. Warriors Needed [Interest Check]

    That is understandable!
  10. Warriors Needed [Interest Check]

    He does not want it alive, a better wording would be 'damage to internal organs' reduces pay. As for what is going to be done with it, that is a strictly 'need to know' basis IC. OOC I can tell you, if you desire. The reason is again, 'need to know'. Pace is negotiable, depends on who joins and their comfort level. Quickest I can go is once per 2 days but beyond that I'm negotiable.
  11. Trader In Predator's Keep

    On a somewhat unrelated by slightly related note, I think my character Dreyse might have some business opportunists for your character at a later date. We should set up a meet for them if your interested.
  12. Warriors Needed [Interest Check]

    My character Dreyse Chauchat is recruiting warriors, mages or any otherwise combat capable individuals on a dangerous monster hunt in the sparsely explored Amalia. High danger is expected, and the exact details of what you are hunting is unknown - but expect a formidable beast. Pay is half upfront, half after completion - damage to the specimen's internal organs reduces pay. Exact amount of pay is negotiable on person to person basis. Dreyse himself is a Magitech Engineer in his early fifties, and is best considered a non-combatant who will be joining the mission. Those interested in playing the monster itself are encouraged to reply, but just understand the end goal is to defeat the monster. Roles: 1. Professor 'Jack' Kura (Teyler) 2. Jinsoku Hayabusa (Al Sa-her) 3. Monster?(Optional, otherwise I will DM it or maybe grab a storyteller.)
  13. Dreyse Chauchat [WIP]

    πŸ…•πŸ…‘πŸ…˜πŸ…”πŸ…πŸ…“πŸ…’ XXXXXXXβ–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€ None πŸ…”πŸ…πŸ…”πŸ…œπŸ…˜πŸ…”πŸ…’ XXXXXXXβ–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€ None πŸ…‘πŸ…žπŸ…›πŸ…”πŸ…ŸπŸ…›πŸ…πŸ…¨ πŸ…£πŸ…—πŸ…”πŸ…πŸ…“πŸ…’ XXXXXXXβ–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€ None
  14. Dreyse Chauchat [WIP]

    πŸ…”πŸ… πŸ…€πŸ…˜πŸ…ŸπŸ…œπŸ…”πŸ…πŸ…£XXXXXXXβ–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€ [WIP] πŸ…¦πŸ…”πŸ…πŸ…ŸπŸ…žπŸ…πŸ…’XXXXXXXβ–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€ Chauchat "Guide" Gun A 'straight pull', magazine fed bolt action rifle the 'Chauchat Guide Gun' is a one off experimental prototype hand crafted by Dreyse himself. A 'bullpup' in configuration, the 'mechanism' in the rifle is placed behind the trigger, a unique design which allows the rifle to be relatively short (33.5 inches) while retaining a long barrel (24 inch) for increased accuracy and muzzle velocity. The 'straight pull' design of the rifle means the user need simply grasp the bolt handle and force it to the rear, at which point a series of caming surfaces machined into the bolt and receiver force a rotating, three lug head 'open' - as the bolt is pushed forward a spring inside the bolt forces the head to turn as enters the locking recesses in the trunnion - thus locking the action. A mana cartridge firearm the 'Guide' gun fires a massive .41 caliber (10.4mm), 400 gr (26 g) metallic projectile at 2,400 ft/s (730 m/s) impacting on target with 5,115 ftΒ·lbf (6,935 J) of energy. A caliber designed specifically for large beasts the round is designed to impact with as much raw force as possible, knocking down or killing a large creature out right. This amount of force comes with a draw back, being quite severe in recoil energy and in internal pressure on the locking mechanism, preventing a semi-automatic design. To mitigate this recoil the firearm has a built in foregrip and a massive, helical compensator at the end of the barrel which vents the excess pressure leaving the barrel in a 'rotating' pattern to reduce muzzle climb and lessen some of the severe recoil. Like all mana cartridge firearms the Guide Gun's primer is a rune at the end of the metallic case, when struck by a rune on the 'striker' of the firing pin the mana is spent to create a powerful explosion - thus propelling the projectile and eliminating the need for the user to have any magical capability or spend any of their own mana.
  15. Dreyse Chauchat [WIP]

    πŸ…’πŸ…šπŸ…˜πŸ…›πŸ…›πŸ…’XXXXXXXβ–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€ Metallurgy Dreyse spent a significant portion of his life studying and working as a forger and foreman for an international metal supply company - his ability to forge metal is at the level of a master blacksmith, and his ability to expedite and streamline the process is unparalleled. It would be no exaggeration to say many of the blades adventurers hold, armor they wear or tools they use were at one point or another metal Dreyse forged or oversaw the forging of. His skills range from copper to mithril and anything in between - given time he could even forge new or unknown metals, removing impurities and improving them for their intended use. R&D Dreyse ran and contributed to an R&D division for ten years, his direct breakthroughs and breakthroughs he oversaw changing the face of Magitech in no small way. His ability to tackle a problem from many angles, devising solutions and working through set backs is likely only rivaled by the likes of the Monroe family of Hell's Gate. A true visionary in the technology of Magitech Dreyse is an unheralded inventor and designer, but make no mistake his skill set mark him as a man who will one day change the face of Terrenus. Dreyse holds no bias or specialization in Magitech, though his skill as an arms designer and his theories on warfare and the roles Magitech play in it did briefly see him scouted by the Terrenus Military. Business While only a recent business owner his time spent amongst Kraken Metals has allowed Dreyse an intimate knowledge of the inner workings of business, the politics and games and the understanding of the need for qualified personal. While mostly theoretical in nature Dreyse's intellect and calculating nature mean he is a shrewd, if not somewhat passionate business man - a rarity amongst visionary minds in the fields of technology, an occupation which ordinarily leaves the inventor themselves broke and suffering while the company they worked for flourishes. Dreyse has no intention of repeating the mistakes of his predecessors and his mind for business, while perhaps not as great as his mind for Magitech, is deep. Marksmanship While the elder half-elf has few hobbies, one which has captivated them since their inception is that of Magitech Firearms - a type of weapon which fires various projectiles at high speeds. Dreyse is no warrior, but his hours spent on ranges and in simulated high stress training is not without merit - if he were not an inventor, it would not be unfair to say his skills with the a gun would make him a talented soldier. Dreyse preference is to long range, finding the subtle nature and challenging mental aspects deeply appealing as the ranges grow, and when he is not working he is likely at the range, constantly chasing a longer and longer shot. πŸ…œπŸ…πŸ…–πŸ…˜πŸ…’XXXXXXXβ–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€ Artificer Like most Magitech Engineers, Dreyse has an understanding of Magic as used in the creation of tools infused with magical properties. From rune etching to mana infusion, Dreyse is a master of all that and more. A combination of physical and magical skill, an artificer works their magic on objects rather then opponents - imbuing or disassembling, modifying or creating new entirely. As an Artificer Dreyse is incredible, capable of any and all the varied and complex spells and rituals involved - from binding summoned spirits to blades to writing a runic code into the head of an automaton to allow it to mimic life he is capable, and deeply skilled in all aspects. Electricity Many mages posses a unique attunement to a particular school of magic, be it Necromancy or Divinations - others still a deep connection to a particular element. Dreyse's specialty is that of electricity, or lightning magic as it is sometimes known - a dangerous, volatile specialty often prized by militaries and adventuring bands for its raw destructive power. Dreyse has rarely if ever used his skills in malice, instead channeling it into his work as a forger and inventor, using the power in unique and unusual ways. One such way is the use of a fine, focused arc to etch runes into metal - a type of 'laser' engraving which requires a precision and control rare of one not specifically trained as a mage. Other uses Dreyse has found for it is welding, magnetism and other such feats. Should Dreyse have to turn his powers on another it is likely they would find an incredibly skilled and inventive mage staring back at them, his control and output far above the job description of 'inventor'.