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  1. I'll wait for some others to post - as probably the only non-military character I'll just assume I'm a shadow hired contractor brought in to drive and pretend he saw and heard nothing.
  2. This looks like something Frank would probably like to be apart of. Probably not as a player, he doesn't have the kind of cash to high roll - but a spectator! On a side note, if anyone needs a driver to and from the event, Frank is for hire!
  3. Kind of an odd jump in, but if you think your team of hitters is going to need to get somewhere fast - I think Frank might be up to the task. If not I'll still keep my eyes on the thread; looks like it is gonna be interesting!
  4. [The Car] [Model] - Sword Industries 'Alfa'; a classic small sedan the SI Alfa was marketed towards those who lived in harsher climates - its four wheel drive system its primary selling point for its efficiency through snow in comparison to its contemparies. A commercial flop the 'Alfa' was underpowered, over sprung and generally poorly received. Shortly afters its release most Magitech vehicles began switching to direct drive, using the technology to produce electrical current to simplistic electric motors. This is one of the last Magitech Internal Combustion vehicles ever produced by Sword Industries. [Drive Layout] - Front Engine, Four Wheel Drive; the Alfa's primary selling point the system consists of a viscous coupling unit, central epicyclic differential and torsen differential in the rear, the power driven to the rear axle is continuously variable from 0 to 100% depending on road conditions. Torque is distributed between axles depending on the speed, turning radius, engine rpms, throttle position and road conditions. [Engine Type] - The Sword Industries A164 is an inline layout, six cylinder belt-driven dual-overhead camshaft aluminum block Magitech direct mana injection engine developed for use in mid-size sport sedans by Sword Industries. Available in a number of cars and various layouts the A164 is perhaps most famous for its use in racing, being one of the best production engines ever to compete. The A164 was standard equipment on the Alfa, outfitted in the base model 'GE' trim it lacked the enchantments and mana forced induction of some of its higher power brethren. Clocked at 227 bhp and 220 ft lbs of torque this high compression, natural mana induction engine is no slouch. [Engine Specifications & Modifications] - [Type] - 3.0L A-164-GE [Horsepower & Torque] - 227 bhp & 220 ft lbs of torque [Modifications] - Stock Engine [Potential Upgrades] - Twin scroll ceramic turbo mana induction from the A-164-GTE. After market crankshaft, pistons. Bore and stroke for displacement increase. After market individual throttle bodies. Many more. [Suspension] - [WIP]
  5. "You hired me to drive, so get in and shut up." [Basics] [Name] - Franklin Breedan [Alias] - 'Handsome' Frankie, Driver [Age] - 25 [Race] - Human [Height] - 5'10" [Weight] - 175lbs [Hair Color] - Light Brown / Dirty Blonde [Eye Color] - Gray [Build] - Athletic, broad shouldered. [Alignment[ - Chaotic Neutral [Occupation] - Delivery Driver / Getaway Driver [Mental] [Personality] - Franklin is quiet, calm and organized - he has a deep confidence in himself which seems to manifest itself in a fearless nature. [Hopes] - None, Franklin lacks ambition and seems to mostly be in life for the thrill. [Fears] - Being locked in a cage for the rest of his life, unable to feel the thrill of pushing his car to its limits. [Attire] [Polarized Sunglasses] - Frankie is rarely seen without his polarized sunglasses on - a simple, timeless style these black framed glasses have a 'polarized lens' which protects against sun glare while being equally as effective against oncoming traffic at night. Furthermore the lens are ballistic rated, providing eye protection from shrapnel and the like. [Watch] - A highly accurate, classical styled watch with a automotive styling. Bought more for its accuracy then its style Frankie uses it to time himself during deliveries, or set a deadline for his clients to get back to the car. It is worn on Frankie's left wrist at pretty much all times. [Weland Souvenir Jacket] - A vintage black and red Weland 'souvenir' jacket these style of jackets were quite common twenty years ago in Weland, sold in every tourist trap and often depicting some 'Weland' trope like samurai or oni. This particular jacket shows a horse mounted Samurai charging with a spear, cherry blossoms raining down the back and left sleeve. The right sleeve has a pair of spears down the arm and the front has a skull with crossed spears. These jackets have long since fell out of favor as a tourist item and most that are around are vintage, this one being no different. Unique to this jacket is a custom lining of stab resistant fiber layered alongside a fire retardant - a getaway driver never knows if he might get betrayed, or worse still; crash and burn. Frankie is oddly protective of the jacket, seeming personally attached to it. [Red Leather Driving Gloves] - Red leather driving gloves with a gold pattern sown into the back of the hand. Frankie tends to keep them tucked into his back pocket when not driving, though if he thinks something is about to turn violent it isn't uncommon to see him sliding the red gloves on. [Black Motorcycle Jeans] - A set of fire retardant, stab resistant and armored motorcycle jeans. Designed to allow a rider to fall and slide tens of feet without shredding these jeans are designed to look mostly causal while providing protection. The knee and hips have flexible 'impact' armor designed to absorb shock from abrupt falls and the lining is thick enough to resist stabs and tears - much like the lining in Frankie's jacket it is a deterrent against betrayal and a fail safe against the unthinkable of a crash. [Red Casual Driving Shoes] - Flat bottomed, slip resistant flexible walled driving shoes designed to allow easy heel toe action while being competent enough as a shoe to be walked around in off the car. Due to their design they are fairly weak running shoes but they are generally supportive enough to allow it. These shoes are the same red as Frankie's gloves, but are otherwise unremarkable.
  6. What's up scumbags? Names James, and I'm your resident getaway driver. I'm 27, I'm from Florida and I'm a lifelong gear head and roleplayer; I ordinarily don't roleplay in a fantasy setting but I'm lookin forward to stepping out of my comfort zone a bit! My experience is primarily as a part of small group roleplay, a sort of D&D type setting without the dice rolling or rules. This will be my first persistent world type roleplay!
  7. I can't post till late Monday, early Tuesday.
  8. @~Harlow. I can't post till late Monday, early Tuesday.
  9. My character Athena is currently looking for work - a job as a book retriever would probably interest her heavily. She is a young swordsman from Nvengaria of Noble birth, so she can read and write just fine.
  10. "I'll admit I am no art critic, but to my eyes it is beautiful." Athena said, her sincere opinion within them and showing through in her voice. Beyond the deck of the ship lay their destination, and Athena wondered how such a timid if not intimidating looking creature would survive such a famously dangerous place in the middle of conflict. In the end Athena decided there was no recourse for her - she lacked both the skill and conviction to offer the strange looking artist protection, and in the end had her own path to take when the ship made land fall. Gripping the railing tight Athena once more cursed her lack of confidence and strength but quickly pushed them aside, understanding it was foolish to desire what one had not worked hard enough to attain yet - all there was for her to grow more. "I apologize again for my reaction - but I must return to my training. If have a need please do come find me, Mr. Vulgun." Athena declared after some hesitation, returning once more to the center of the deck and drawing her blade - the pattern of cuts somehow felt more stern, as if she was being harder on herself for the minor faults in each motion. If nothing else the encounter had reminded her to be stern on her training, lest she strike someone ill prepared.
  11. Athena had done everything she could to stifle her anger - this woman was classless, forget the illusions that she resembled Athena's mother, no Jack Dashing as she called herself was nothing but a court jester playing combat. Her boisterous nature drew a scowl off the pretty face of Athena, but little else in terms of psychological damage - fighting the jeers of others had become commonplace for the girl, a woman trying to be a swordsman in her homeland was open to these sorts of criticisms and far worse slurs then anything Jack had said. As the woman began another lengthy tangent on her willingness to let Athena fight to a draw with her she collapsed, the strange plank she was standing on falling to bits underneath and sending her cascading into the stone bowl below. Athena watched with open amusement as the woman face planted, she herself effortlessly dropping down into the bowl while retaining her stance. "Brilliant work, Miss Dashing. You have truly bested me as the court jester for this occasion, had I known I was matched with the local entertainment I perhaps would have brought a comedy rubber sword." Athena jabbed back suddenly, her soft voice dripping with a bemused venom that Jack had been using on her just moments before. Athena was not one to physically strike an opponent who was totally helpless before a battle even began, but since Jack the Jester had started the war of words Athena was not feeling so accommodating as to not comment on her failures. "Jack the Jester, I'll wait for you to dust yourself off for your next gag - I'm sure it will amuse the crowds." Athena said, motioning to the non-existent cheering masses. In all this wordplay Athena never faltered in her concentration or stance, keeping her mind keenly aware of any potential surprise attack. It wasn't impossible her opponent played the fool to lull opponents to weakness before dealing a decisive blow, and Athena had little interest in being such a victim. It was likely this fight would be over soon - Athena only hoped her inexperience didn't cause to fall into her opponents traps; assuming of course she was competent to even lay any.
  12. Athena smiled sorrowfully at Vulgun's assertion that he had become used to people fearing him - just the hatred people had shown her for being a woman whose nature strayed from a proper Nvengaria Lady nearly crushed Athena, she could not imagine the sorrow of having every soul fear you on sight. She too had noticed his trepidation at being seen, as if was either not supposed to be above deck or that he simply feared being seen at all - Athena had no way to know it was fear of being caught a stowaway. "Worry not about their gazes, you say you are an artist? May I see some of your works? I'd much love to see what a traveling talent can produce." Athena asked with a soft smile, motioning for the large Vulgun to join her near the back edge of the ship - somewhat away from prying eyes. She only hoped no anger was raised toward him, because she much doubted she would be able to calm a situation easily - it was not in her skill set to mediate, least of all in a foreign land. (OOC: Short post is short.)
  13. Athena wasted little time in her entrance, for her it was simply a battle to test her blade - she had no understanding that this tournament was entertainment to the masses, that it was being broadcast to vast amounts of people; truthfully Athena didn't even bother to try and understand that Magitech marvels of Terrenus for they were so alien to one from the near medieval Nvengaria. The stage looked like a burned out inn with some sort of empty bowl dominating the center of the stone floor - standing at the opposite side of the empty bowl known as a 'pool' was a woman wearing skin tight fabric that was black and gold; she was slightly taller then Athena's 5'6" and probably a fair amount heavier. Where Athena radiated a gentle elegance this woman seemed far more wild, reminding Athena in part of her mother, strong and a bit masculine. "I am Athena Yanitza, representing Yanitza di Bataila - first sword of the Earldom of Kedves." Athena suddenly declared, her gray eyes becoming like steel, gone was her gentle elegance instead replaced with the sort of calm fury that was common amongst far more experienced warriors then Athena. In a single smooth motion Athena produced her blade from it's scabbard - a blunted longsword. Athena's stance was simple, her left foot forward and her right foot about shoulder lengths back from that - her sword was placed vertical in front of her, left hand on the bottom of the grip and right on the top. The battle had begun - even if the distance between the two combatants was far out of striking range there could be no doubt; blows would fall in but a moment. The tension was nauseating, and Athena did her best to suppress the doubt that was creeping up in her mind - her first real battle, and it was in a tournament!
  14. The moment Athena saw the expression on the sheep man's face her hostility drained - his demeanor screamed that of a gentle soul; and when he spoke that impression only grew deeper. As he removed art supplies from his satchel Athena sheathed her sword, bowing deep to the massive man and hiding her embarrassment; for she was red from ear to ear. "I am so sorry! I thought you were trying to attack me! I judged you by your appearance, I am ashamed!" Athena stammered, her speech almost faster then mouth could keep up with. Bowing slightly deeper before returning to her neutral standing stance Athena offered her hand to Vulgun, her small hand covered in the rough callous of a swordsman - a feature counter to her feminine appearance. "I am Athena Yanitza of Nvengaria, I apologize again for my actions. It is a pleasure to meet you, Vulgun." Athena said, her tone firm but friendly - trying to regain some of her elegant composure. (OOC: Not my best post, but I wanted to get it out before work.) @Mr. Burgundy
  15. Awesome - looking forward to this.
  16. I got delayed by a work related mishap. I'll post tomorrow morning - I apologize for the delay. @Mr. Burgundy
  17. I'm heading to bed - I'll reply in the morning/afternoon! Look forward to where the story goes!
  18. Athena was so engrossed in her training she didn't even see the massive, near horrific goat horror run into her path. At a glance the creature appeared vaguely humanoid, though furry and with the head of a sheep - perhaps most unsettling were its arms, as long as it was tall they radiated an almost eldritch horror in their disproportion to its frame. Yet even though it was horrific Athena had little desire to hit it, but she knew it was far too late to stop the travel of her blade - should could only thank her luck that her sword was not sharp, for as it came barreling into her the rounded point thrust hard into about it's belly button in height, the sheep headed things body so tall that was as high as her high thrust reached. She knew if she did not follow through with the motion she would be barreled over by the massive creature, and despite her desire not to hurt it she wasn't sure it shared the sentiment and so she continued the same pattern her training took. Stepping into the thrust her rear shoulder became her lead shoulder, slamming into the stomach of the goat man and at the same time her hand left the grip of her sword and grasped the blade, effectively creating a lever which she then used to 'shove' against the stomach of the beast as she herself went hip to knees with it, popping her hip upwards in hope of 'throwing' the creature over her shoulder. Her diminutive height in comparison to Vulgun meant she had the center of balanced advantage - even without her incentive he would likely 'trip' over her regardless; this just meant she didn't join him on the ground. Assuming the massive thing did fall she would turn and face it quickly, taking a neutral stance with her sword held in front of her in both hands. "State your intention, beast!" Athena shouted, her soft feminine voice not exactly the most commanding of things - but her tone left little doubt she meant business, even if her five foot six frame and fair, maiden-esque appearance - cute bow in hair and all didn't quite scream 'I'm a warrior, back off'. It was doubtless her outburst, and the sudden sounds of body and body contact was going to draw attention beyond herself, she only hoped if this creature was hostile she was up to the task to face it long enough for assistance to arise.
  19. @Mr. Burgundy Since your running into Athena in the middle of practice your probably going to smacked with a blunt sword as it happens, that cool?
  20. Athena had been a board the ship when it arrived in Elendaron but had paid little mind to those people who had boarded, spending most of her time on the most spacious portion of the deck practicing. "Ha! Ha! Ha!" She shouted, swinging her blunt longsword from an overhead stance repeatedly, her front foot sliding forward to close an imaginary gap with each swing - her technique was near perfect, her return to stance quick and her reset into the swing fluid and perfect. Her dark blue knee length dress and short cape blew heavy between the winds and her motion - the sweat beading off her head and matting her silver white hair against her forehead told the tale of the time she had spent practicing, spending hours upon each individual swing and guard pattern. At first the crew of the airship found the young female swordsman slightly amusing, with her blunt practice sword and her cute, elegant features and attire - she looked like a young Lady attempting to emulate the warriors she read about in books. Yet over the days it took from Port Caelum in Genesaris where she boarded to Elendaron and then to Athentha itself their amusement became a simple respect - she practiced everyday without fail, from the moment the sun rose until it set, taking only breaks for breakfast and lunch. The soft murmur of people drew Athena's attention, and breaking her practice she stepped toward the edge of the bow and looked down through the thinning mist to the breath taking landscape of Athentha. A place which Athena knew little about, choosing to board this airship bound for it by a combination of chance and wanderlust, the young warrior still without a true purpose or destination - it was only the rumors of challenge, of curse and beast and of war that drew Athena to it. She had no desire to fall into a foreign war, but war brought swordsman - and swordsman is what Athena sought. Be they potential master or a stepping stone to her own growth - in the forefront of Athena's mind was always the sword, and how to grow. Turning from the stunning view Athena returned to the center of the deck and started her training once more, this time focusing on a high thrust into a 'half swording', or grabbing the blade style hooking motion; as if she thrust at an opponent and in the same motion fell into clinch range of her opponent; turning it into a place for half swording and wrestling. It was an unusual technique to practice without an opponent, looking somewhat ridiculous as a solo drill - but Athena was relentless. The sun still shined, and so Athena trained - it was her way.
  21. I got two characters I think could potentially take part in this. Zombie - a psychotic drug dealer who will do the job, but he might eat some folks in the process. Gwen - a hobgoblin girl who likes to wrestle things; has no real thievery skill but could easily front as 'muscle'. Is also not evil and won't eat people.
  22. If you don't mind another Gaia convert I'm interested. I wanna wrestle monsters.
  23. I wouldn't mind taking part, if you don't mind a newbie. My character is Athena and it wouldn't be hard to come up with a reason for her to be traveling to Athentha - reading the lore it seems fairly famed for it's knights; what better place to learn unique sword skills?
  24. Adventure Journal Roleplay Threads Adventure Hooks A series of plot hooks related to Athena, PM me if you'd like to brainstorm a roleplay! Athena has no money, no employment, and no marketable skills beyond her sword - she needs to earn some cash. Got a job for her? Traveling by foot across Valucre is impractical and tiring, and hiring transportation is costly - Athena needs some kind of vehicle. A boat, an airship? Got an idea to acquire one? Athena still has limited experience with a sword, further combat could help her grow - or another master could guide her well. Challenge her or teach her, what would you do? Athena has never had any friends - the village kids weren't allowed to talk to the noble girl. Befriend her, would ya?
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