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  1. If you're still looking for a role play partner; Jack is an assassin when he needs the money. Wanna team up assassins to kill a hard to reach target? I feel like they'd hate each other, and who doesn't love character conflict?
  2. 1) What is your name? "Ransom. Jack Ransom." 2) Would you consider yourself old, young, or in between? "Are you kidding? I'm older than your entire line of ancestors combined." 3) What is one word that you would use to describe yourself? "Mad." 4) What do you think people think of you on the outside? "They probably think I'm cocky. Maybe a bit hot-headed." 5) What about the inside? "The same, if not worse." 6) What's the worse thing that has ever happened to you? "Hmm... Egypt. Too hot, too many lions." 7) What's the best? "Greece. Sex, olives, and art. Loved it." 8) Name a few things that you like. "Hunting, Food, and Murder." 9) Name a few things that you dislike. "I suppose I dislike being told what to do. Moldy cheese is gross too." 10) If you had ONE wish, what would it be? "...that's a cruel question." 11) What color do you think represents you? "Red." 12) Would you rather follow the crowd or explore the unknown? "Explore the unknown with a crowd, then I could sacrifice them if we came upon danger." 13) Who/What/Where do you love most? " brother."
  3. Cole chuckled, and huffed as he had to keep up with Crystal. "You would have told me not to come after you." He reasoned, then turned around and shot a zombie as it came a little too close for comfort. "And besides, I don't have much to live for, besides taking my sniper back from the guy I left it with." He looked down around for a landmark of some kind, anything the group may have picked for a waiting site if they had any sense. He hummed, then looked behind him. A few stragglers were gaining on them, but he'd have to wait until they were within point blank range to guarantee a head shot. ** Nimueh had been a welcome sight to Kahòn:tsi the black timber wolf, who hadn't been game to eat anything for three days before. She came to him smelling of dried meats, and so the two had formed a bond over their shared loss of their pack, and the desperate need for food. Now they were wandering toward a human town - one of the white man, even worse - and Kahòn:tsi looked up to Nimueh. He sniffed her, then yipped before he leaped in front and started to scout ahead. The ravenous ones didn't seem to want to eat canines as much as people, but they would still give chase if they could. Still, Kahòn:tsi was a lot faster than Nimueh. He smelled another dog, and a living human. He growled, then loped towards the smell. Maybe they could get some food that wasn't dried or berries today. ** Chester looked to his dog as he raised his nose to the air and whimpered. What had he smelled? Chester leaned down and rubbed between King's ears. King looked to him, then moved to the gate and scratched at it. Chess furrowed his eyebrows, then looked down to the dog's unfinished food. Whatever was out there had to of been a threat if King wanted to abandon food for it. King looked back to Chess, and scratched at the gate still. Chester hummed, then finished the rest of his soup and stood. He opened the gate, and King shot out of the safe zone. King, now out of the safe zone, ran to the outskirts of Manila and stood guard. He smelled a wolf, which always spelled trouble.
  4. Lukus and Jack both looked to Janus as she suggested they Captain a team themselves. Jack smirked, then looked down to the audience and nodded before Lukus could be the party pooper. "That is a brilliant idea. I'll be a Captain." Jack said, then looked down to the audience and began to pick. The man who wanted to come with him, he pointed to him and bared his sharp teeth in a sickening grin. Lukus could only watch on and growl to himself. He didn't want this to be some party they could all partake in. Lukus cast a glance to Janus and continued to stand by her as he murmured to her and himself, too low for anyone to hear. "Are you sure putting my brother in charge of mortals is a good idea?" He did have a good point. Little did Janus know, Jack was notoriously good at instilling hope but terrible at keeping numbers of living under him to a maximum. Lukus gave Jack a look as he swept the crowd with his eyes like a child in a sweet store. Lukus continued his quiet speaking as he watched the crowd getting revved up for the Beast-hunting. "He's terrible at looking after men underneath him, I've lived in his company long enough to know that."
  5. Martin hadn't woken up one day with the idea of murder. It cam to him in short bursts, like a demon sitting on is shoulder and occasionally whispering into his ear. If only he could walk. If Martin could walk, then he wouldn't have to just think for day on end. He wouldn't have to go to a therapy session that would never work. He wouldn't have had to make a fool of himself by dating and falling in love, only to have it ripped away from him. He'd be able to finally take revenge. But here he was; in front of the door to the factory and testing areas of Ventrix Industries. There wasn't many jobs going for a man paralysed from the mid-chest down, nor would there ever be. So experimental injections that could make him walk were the only choice he had if he wanted to eat. Besides, if one f the injections actually worked all of his problems would be solved. He'd be able to walk, and get a job, and have a partner just like everybody else. He wheeled up to the reception desk, and grumbled. Martin could hardly even look over the damned thing. The man reached up, smacked his hand on the desk and drummed his fingers. "Excuse me, down here." The receptionist - who had apparently seen enough already because she looked tired and angry - stood and stared at him. She asked what he wanted. Martin gave his name, then smirked when the receptionist realised he was on the 'Experimentation Personnel' list. She buzzed for someone to help to his room, so Martin waited in his wheelchair. He hoped to God no one offered to carry him up stairs.
  6. Character is made solely for Ventrix Industries. Thanks to @Archie for this character sheet! [BASICS] First name: Martin Surname:Baker Nicknames: 'Marty', 'Wheels' Alignment: Chaotic Neutral Race: Human Marital Status: Single Gender: Male Age: 33 [PHYSICAL] Voice: Soft, but deep with a lot of bass. Eyes: Light Brown Complexion: Caucasian Height: 6'2, in wheelchair 3'6 Weight: 165 pounds/75 kgs Build: Thin Athletic Hair: Bleached Blond Tattoos/markings: Surgery scars on back and hips. [MENTAL] Demeanor: Quiet, soft spoken. Hopes: To win back his 'true love', to walk again Fears: Being alone, spiders Likes: Subway sandwiches, sunny days, science Dislikes: Sweet food, bullies, insects [GEAR] - Wheelchair - iPhone - Wallet [WEAPONS] - N/A [STRENGTHS] - Intellect - Upper Body Strength [WEAKNESSES] - Paralysed from mid-chest - Relatively low Self-esteem [SKILLS] - Basketball - Academic Writing - Fast Learner [FAMILY] - Mother - 62 - Younger Brother - 28
  7. open

    Jack was thrown from one place to another on the tides of time, but at present he was in Japan. He couldn't leave, at least not without paying back the Yakuza. He hadn't been very respectful to them, and so they had found him not far from where young Kaneme was hiding. He was thrown by some of the thugs, and landed right next to Kaneme with a thud. He groaned, then wiped his bloody nose and tried to get up. "Stop trying, Jackie-boy!" One of the Yakuze thugs said. Jack growled, his teeth sharp like a wolfs', and got to his knees. Then he looked beside him and saw Kaneme. He swallowed, then grinned to the young one and turned back to the thugs. "Come on, boys. I'll find your money in a week?" He shook on his feet, then flashed a grin. The thugs growled to him, then threatened to kill him if he didn't come up with the money he owed in one week. Jack rolled his eyes, then looked to the kid. He narrowed his eyes and bared his sharp teeth. "Get up. Tell me who you are."
  8. interest check

    Sure thing, I'll add you to the chat! You ever played DnD before?
  9. I will make a new character for this if there are still spots left?
  10. Jack huffed as he took his place beside Lukus. The lack of boos and/or cheers from the crowd on the other side of the stage made Jack look behind him on occasion, but the man was in the firm belief that his little stunt had simply stunned the crowd to silence. In truth, he wasn't wrong in assuming this. A quick look around the crowd from both brothers recovered two very different reactions. Lukus was upset they had to work with other people, whereas Jack saw them all as 'new meat' he had the opportunity to test. He began examining them from the stage, trying to deduce little details or uncover buttons he could push. Lukus rolled his eyes, and looked to Janus as she spoke. "The other half of us can venture into the woods in either one or two groups and search for the Beast. " "Jack and I will take the patrol the woods together. Alone." Lukus spoke to Janus, though if anyone was listening they would be able to hear him for he made no effort to cover up his disdain. With a huff, Jack looped his arm around Lukus' shoulders and gestured to the crowd below them. "Lucky, these people volunteered their lives. The least we can do is offer our hospitality." Lukus snorted, then cast a stern glare to his brother. He spoke quieter this time, in a voice only audible to those pressed up against the stage edge, or Janus herself if she focused on them. "We were told we were needed to capture the Beast. Now we're put up here like we're the leader's personal puppets, like we volunteered ourselves." "You were the one who agreed to help." "That's beside the point. These people will slow us down, Jack." Lukus said. Jack shrugged, then touched their foreheads together as he put a hand on the man's shoulder. Lukus was still frowning, but he visibly softened his features when Jack chuckled. The Elder Ransom spoke. "Come on, you're the gentleman of the group. Act like it, or people will start thinking I'm the good brother."
  11. Lukus looks to the tapping fingers and nods his head. He holds out his hands and looks to Jack, then points to the boy tapping. "Look at him. Let him go." The younger Ransom's heart is pounding, his fingers twitching as he watches Jack with wary eyes. Jack slowly lets the boy go, then huffs through his nostrils to get the damned fingers from his nose. This in turn sprays the boy with mucus, so Jack smirks and gets off him. He looks to Pale, and bares his teeth. Lukus palms his blades, anxious to see if she would try to fight still. He yells out to her across the field, "Your friend has given up!" Jack prowls away, cutting through the longer grass once more to make his way back to his clothes. But first he stops just shy of pouncing distance of Pale. He smirks, then settles in the grass and readies his haunches for a leap.
  12. Jack howls as he's pushed back by a invisible shield of some sort. Magic He growls, gets to his feet and looks at the recovering girl. He growls, then looks to his brother. His nostrils flare, and the beast makes a mad dash for the boy flashing fangs at him. Jack leaps as soon as he's noticed (Lunge roll 17) and connects perfectly with the kid. He barrels the opponent out of the way, then gets on top of him and closes his mouth around the boy's fragile head. He holds a stern pressure, but not too much to break skin. Lukus growls as he barely hits the boy, then the kid grabs for his collar. Thankfully, he looses any semblance of agility and falls. Lukus is smirking at first, then looks as the kid - Evion, but he has to call him names otherwise it's too hard to hurt him - ducks into a forward roll. A glint of fangs catches his eye, and Lukus hardly has time to turn away before Jack bursts onto the scene. The younger brother sees the flash of grey, then Jack holding Evion's head in his maw. (Rolled 20 for general mouth and head thing) "Jack, no!" He yells, then holsters his knife and strides to his brother. "He's just a kid!" Jack growls, and turns his head ever so slightly to look at his brother. This, in turn, moves Evion's possibly traumatised head as well. The beast glares to his brother. He wants to win. He needs to win.
  13. (Defence roll - 14) Lukus dodge the oncoming attack and whips around the back of Evion, he holsters one knife, then holds the other tightly in his hand as he attempts to slice up the back of the boy's head. He remembers Jack telling him how painful the skin of the scalp is and, from Jack's own experience how slow it takes to heal. How easily infected it can become. (Attack roll - 7 including proficiency) Lukus makes the swiping motion, but comes just short as he nicks the boy's skin. Nothing more than a papercut. Jack, once again in the grass but making small growling noises as he moves around the woman, is now angry. Whatever made him think this was easy was out the door. He growled low and loud, then made another lunging attack at the girl from behind. He could still take her soul from the back of her head, right? He'd find out. (Lunge attack - 16) Jack connects with the girl, and grins as he almost perfectly nails the lunge. Third time lucky. He opens his mouth, and begins the Soul Drain. [Soul Drain - Slowly takes the target's soul which can then be held inside Jack's mouth or spat out, forever lost to it's body unless summoned back. 10 seconds to take soul properly, if interrupted the soul portion taken goes back into the host.]
  14. (Stick Attack roll defence; 7) Lukus groans as he feels the stick connect nicely with his chest. Luckily it just misses going between the ribs, and hits his sacrum - otherwise known as his breastbone - instead. Blood seeps out, and his formal shirt is ruined. The white cloth gets stained by the red liquid pouring out, and Lukus lunges for Evion as he tries to stand. He makes a slashing attack at the back of Evion's right knee, where so many tendons attach and pull on bones to make walking happen. (Knife attack: Dice roll 14 including proficiency bonus) Jack smirks as he sees the woman passing by him. She makes a sweep of the area and doesn't seem to falter or flicker back to his position. He takes this as his opportune time to strike. He crouches. (Noise roll - 1 (fuck)) A stick breaks behind him, and crackles loudly. He inwardly curses himself, then makes the lunge out of the comfort of his safe haven and straight for Pale. (Tackle roll - 2 (fuuuck)) He misses the girl by a hair, then turns on his feet and uses his quick reflexes to try again. He lunges for Pale, from the other side now. (Tackle roll - 1 (WHY)) He misses again, this time falling short because of loose ground. [Soul Drain still charged and ready.]
  15. Jack notices the less weak one coming towards him. He smirks to himself as he thinks of how easy a fight Lukus would have, and what an almost proper fight he would have. Jack stays still, and still prepares his attack. He needs the prey to get close enough to him, so of course he would have to let the first move go to his opponent. Lukus on the other hand was not so still. He tried to dodge out of the way of the stick attack (Roll attempt 13) and just barely got out of the way. He slipped a little as he got to his feet, then dropped himself onto the young man with the large tree branch. He tried to hold the boy down with his legs (roll attempt 3) but slipped again, due to all the wriggling and the almost choking thickness of the grass. He finally kicked out a leg as he slipped (roll attempt 15) and connected it with the boy's side. Jack heard the commotion on the other side of the meadow. Damn. If this didn't urge the fight on, then what would? Jack licked his lips and watched the woman with her tech. She'd have to make a move some time. [Still preparing Soul Drain for Jack, and Knife Attack for Lukus is prepped.]