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  1. [Ayyyy everybody. This is an Open call. First come, first served. I'm gonna say this right now; I would really prefer a character with physical weapons rather than magic. Or at least not ONLY magic attacks. Because to me, they suck. Otherwise; have at it! My character re-heals after he dies so go for the jugular.] Jack Ransom hadn't been in a proper fight in an age. He needed to get rid of some aggression, the sooner the better. He stepped onto the open field, eyes narrowed as he looked at his surroundings. He was in a grassy meadow, with thick tree-line surrounding in a rough circle. It was almost perfect. Jack would have preferred a Colosseum, but this would suffice. He wondered who would come - if any one was to come at all - and what their powers would be. Nothing would deter him though. He'd be able to fight to the death and live another day. But once he was killed, he would hand over the glory of victory to that person. That is, if he was the one to be killed. Of course, Jack wasn't planning on murder. He'd subdue, at the very most. His beast form would be more appropriate for that. The beast-man yawned, then took out his flintlock pistols and spun then on his index fingers. "No one's gonna come, huh?" He said loud enough for anyone in the vicinity to hear. "Guess I'll have to just claim victory..." He said, then shifted his eyes so they turned bright orange. He smirked as his teeth shifted. They became larger, and turned a dark grey along with his gums. He was intentionally changing slowly. Waiting for someone to come and see the competition they were up against.
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    Darker Days

    A smallish creature wearing iron combat armour stood tall at three and a half feet at the edge of the forest. He watched the town burn with narrowed eyelids, the orange orbs inside glowing from the reflection of the burning houses. The creature huffed through his nose to loosen any ash from his nasal passages, then wiped his face with a white furry paw-hand. He had to do something. The creature hissed out a curse as he fell onto all fours and loped forward. he stuck to the shadows, bow and arrows on his back swaying as he moved elegantly and without hesitation. To hesitate was to receive an unwelcome and certainly untimely death. The armoured little thing peaked around a wall that wasn't burning to cinders yet. Nothing out of the ordinary for one so used to following Vampires. A growl from a nearby Vampire, and sounds of a scuffle - Vampires didn't usually grunt, or make any pained noises - brought the little creature to attention. He tore off his helmet top release his massive, white furred ears. He hiss instinctively, and looked with his keen eyes away from the chaos. A Vampire was attacking a human girl. She looked young for a human, and fought valiantly despite the disadvantage. The helmet was shoved back on, and the little fox bounded into range. He took off his bow, lined up a shot, and let an arrow loose. He had aimed for the centre mass of the Vampire to distract it, then while the creature most likely inspected the area where the shot had come from, the little fox creature would aim for the head. Maybe then the girl would have a chance to hack off the head. That was assuming the girl had the guts to do such a thing. The bipedal fox hoped she did.
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    This is my final farewell

    Good luck in future endeavours, writing friend! We'll miss your amazing writing.
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    Russian Rescue Mission [Ask before you join!]

    St. Petersburg, Russia Monday, 10:41am Cole shakes his head. "No, Lukus tells me nothing people throw at him has killed him yet, so this time will be no different. Maybe he has another power up his sleeve, I do not know." The Russian man scrunches up his nose at the rude gesture - the crushing of his cigarette - then picks out another and gives Kelly a scowl. At six foot eight, Cole likes to think he's tall enough to intimidate without a verbal threat. With a shifty look around, Cole picks out another phone and plays a video. It shows Lukus speaking softly into the camera. "You wanted some proof of his powers, right? Right. Well, this is what I have to deal with at every over-cooked dinner." Lukus rolls his eyes as the camera turned around. The new shot is Jack sitting on a couch with his face half-shifted - teeth black and long, eyes orange, almost grey skin - biting a piece of steak that refuses to have a chunk taken out of it. Jack shakes his head, eventually tears off a piece, then notices the camera. He smirks as his face returns to normal. "I got it!" Cole pauses the video and looks to Kelly. "I have a few other video if you need them. Oh, and this phone has all the files Lukus sent." He picked out a third phone, then smirked. "That is last one. I promises." [REDACTED], Russia Current Day(Monday), [REDACTED] "It's been a while since we spoke. Tell me what you have learned." The suited man asked. Jack swallowed. His eyes conveyed his placid, almost drugged demeanour. He frowned. Jack tugged on his lapels, and loosened his collar. "I am not sure where to start, Sir." Jack growled, and tugged once more on the lapels. They felt wrong. Too tight. The suited man leaned over the table with his right hand splayed out. Jack stilled instantly with his hands at his sides. The suited one straightened the lapels, fixed his collar, then patted his chest. "There. Now tell me who you are, to start." Jack nodded. "My name is Jack Volkov. I live in a three room apartment in Moscow." "Good. What do you do?" "I cannot tell you." "You can tell me." Jack paused. His eyes flashed up as he murmured an answer. "I am at the disposal of the Russian people."
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    Russian Rescue Mission [Ask before you join!]

    St. Petersburg, Russia Monday, 10:30am Cole chuckled; smoke poured out his nose as if he were a dragon. It almost fit the situation. The Russian gangster flexed his shoulders, and if it weren't so cold his tattoos would be seen trailing down his arms, even reaching the second knuckle of his fingers. His glove-less hands showed the tentacles, Russian words, and symbols on the backs of his hands and fingers. When he reached up to tug his cigarette from his mouth his wrist showed the word 'Братва' printed in italics. (Brotherhood) "No, you can do it. But you know rules, my friend; if you get caught and if they find out you are connected to someone then you stay quiet. You do not know me." Cole said in a firm but still friendly tone. Cole was good that way. He got his valid point across but still remained the favourable over other members of his society. "I know Lukus is not attached to anyone, but Jack only has friends. Most of his enemies are dead, or too scared of what he can do. You come to me if you need help though, I will get into contact with the brother." [REDACTED], Russia Monday, [REDACTED] Jack growled. His wrists had healed, the tied had been off for an hour now. The man in the suit - Jack could hardly believe it - was sitting across from him at a large mahogany desk. Jack tapped his fingers in a successive motion on the desk, then bowed his head low as he spoke. His voice was still raspy from the petrol poured down there; sensitive flesh always took longer to heal. "What you're saying... it can't be true." "Why else would I be here?" With a frown, Jack huffed out a breath. "I... " "You remember the good times, yes? No one to take care of; order for all. I have been told you were a General." Jack swallowed. "Yes. I was stationed in Berlin when the shit hit the fan." He looked up, then corrected himself. "When the war ended. The bombs fell..." "You died." "Ja. Yes." Jack swallowed, then shook his head. The memories had always been there in his head but now the door they were locked behind had been kicked in. Everything was truly flooding back. The suited Russian man watched him in silence. Jack did not dare look him in the eye for fear of offending him. What would happen if he broke? Jack could feel the weight of the memories piling on his sanity, and the methods were working on him like a slow motion capture of a tree being felled.
  8. jack-attack

    Russian Rescue Mission [Ask before you join!]

    St. Petersburg, Russia Monday, 10:17am Cole filtered through his wallet to rid himself of any ID cards in his real name. He took cash insted; totalling about 600 rubels in notes and coins of all sizes. He slipped on another undershirt, had a freezing cold shower - damn shitty maintenance - and got on his merry way with the average amount of coverage for a man of his size with his budget. Suffice to say his body was trembling. Nevertheless he got to the inconspicuous meeting place and rubbed his hands together. Cole looked up at the building. The big man took a drag of his cigarette while he wondered if his old buddy would even be there. Cole hummed, then put his phone on silent and entered the building. "My friend!" Cole announced when he saw Kelly. "I was worried you would not be here; it is not usual that I give little information." Cole offered a cigarette to the man as he continued. They had used this place before; he knew it wasn't bugged. He had been here last week to check. "Let's get down to the business; an Englishman called me yesterday. I know him well enough, his brother is a badass. Some sort of hell creature when he fights. Amazing, he is. Ayway, the police have arrested him for using 'supernatural powers' to assault and almost kill an officer. Big deal in Russia, my friend. My English friend says he has looked into it through some dark internet; says his brother has likely been taken in by the Government. He does not know where he is, only that his cell phone stopped working in Moscow and he was last sighted in Vladivostok. The city is big, in Primorye, near North Korea and China." Cole took another drag of his cigarette, then chuckled to himself. He got out his phone and showed a picture of the two brothers. "This one; Jack. He is the missing one. He will be alive no matter what they throw at him, but Lukus said he wants him back quick. He has a cloudy past. Likes 'the old ways' a little too much. He needs to be back before he is brainwashed, the brother said. Can you do it?"
  9. Moscow, Russia Friday 11:16pm Winter was like a cold tsunami in Russia. It covered every surface it could, and was only kept at bay as much a it was through the miracle of nuclear energy. Jack Ransom was the only person in Moscow who wore jumpers on chilly nights for fashion. Cold ever bothered him, unlike the police force. As the man ran down alleyways, through cafe's, and around frozen ponds, he contemplated this. Was the Winter making him slow or had the Russian police gotten faster since the Cold War? He groaned, feeling his lungs burn as he one again skidded to a stop to evade the swooping lights of a policeman's torch. "Остановка, где вы находитесь! Сдаться!" (Stop where you are! Surrender!) Jack whined. He cut through an alleyway and tripped on a beer can frozen into the ground. The man toppled, then for a few seconds progressed forward on his hands and feet like a toddler climbing stairs. A shot rang out and Jack howled. A bullet ripped through his side, and Jack could imagine it now lodged in his intestines somewhere. The Policeman who made the shot did so again. And again. And again. The khaki-clad blond man walked forward a few steps with every shot until he was at Jack's right side. Jack growled; his teeth shifted and changed into black, sharp animal teeth and the policeman faltered. Jack took the opportunity and sunk his teeth into the man's ankle. He heard a scream, then his vision went black as another policeman shot him directly in the head. ** Pripyat, Ukraine Sunday, 8:06pm Cole Kellerman looked around. Dead. Everything in the abandoned town was dead. The dog that lay at the front door; dead. A theme park visible from the apartment window he was gazing out of; dead. The artefact he was looking for wasn't so dead though. Supposedly someone had been living in the old block, inside the exclusion zone of Chernobyl. Cole had found some signs, but not the an himself. The military personnel following him pointed at everything as if it were a damn clue. "Anatoly, no." Cole said as he spotted the bulkiest of his entourage poking at an old dol house with the butt of his rifle. "Stop touching things that don't belong to you." "идиот, nothing here is owned anymore." Anatoly retorted. (Idiot) The Russian rolled his eyes then picked out his long-range phone as it rang. "Да, это Коул." (Yes, this is Cole) Cole answered. He listened for a little while, and opened drawers with his free, gloved hand to continue his search. He found a false bottom as the man on the phone spoke to him, and pulled the artefact from the secret compartment. He grinned at it's shine, and spoke into the phone as he showed the Ukrainian entourage. "I'll call someone good for the job. Leave it to me." ** St. Petersburg, Russia Monday, 7:54am The heater had explode again. Cole woke up freezing. It had to be a sign; he should have called his guy for the job he was told about earlier. The tall Russian man slumped out of bed, got dressed, then made toast as he dialled the number of his former partner's cell. Hopefully he still had it. "Привет!" (Hello!) He said in greeting when the phone picked up. "It's me; Carl. Listen, I am needing a favour from you. Benefits both of us, a win-win. You get cash in hand and I get a bonus for the referral." ** [REDACTED], Russia Monday, [REDACTED] Jack groaned. His wounds were healing as normal but every time they closed up a man would come in with a blowtorch and a hammer. Jack had died hundreds of times, in whatever span of time he had been chained to the wall. "Tell me, devil-man." The accented man said as he took the blowtorch to Jack's eye. "What did you do to Alexei?" Jack screamed. Pain like this was something that was faintly familiar, but ever since he and Lukus had settled down with their conspicuous mercenary jobs the exact memories had been warped. But he couldn't talk. He wouldn't. The man would not allow himself to crack. The blowtorch was turned off, and Jack felt blood and ocular fluid leak down his face. A ringtone had sounded, and the Eastern European torturer answered the phone. Jack passed out before he said anything worth listening to. When he woke up, a clean cut man in a suit was staring at him. Jack had healed some, but his eye was tight and his vision fuzzy. Jack recognised him, but said nothing. Now he really couldn't crack. "Вам говорят по-русски?" (Do you speak Russian?) The man asked. Jack huffed, and pulled at the chains. A smile graced the suited man's face. "Then you will forgive me for my appalling pronunciation. Tell me who you are, and I will let you out of here." [@ZionVI]
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    What does your character suck at?

    Jack: terrible at not hating any magic user, hates intricate tasks that require patience, sucks at not flirting with any man/woman/terrestrial/anything with a pulse and a language Lukus: little upper body strength, bad temper, actually a psychopath Magnus: bad at being quiet, bad teeth despite now being immortal Cole: terrible at remembering how tall he is, bad at being polite
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    A Hunt In the Wild [Ellwood Forest]

    Something whooshed past Jack's head and for a split second he looked up. It was one of the damned soldiers. He slipped from the Red Bull, and came crashing to the ground as the Red Bull wobbled. It would regain its strength son, but for now Jack had a few precious seconds. He turned his head and roared at the Soldier who shot at him -teeth black and dripping the Bull's blood- then turned his attention back to the Red Bull and made a leap for its back again. He dug his claws in; he slipped some and slashed the Red Bull's back some; with a yowl he sunk his teeth into the fire-snorting Bull's back. He chewed around it's neck searching for the proper place to crack the spine. This beast was like nothing he had encountered in at least a few thousand years, the muscle on it and the fire-breathing was a testament to that.
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    Magnus the 90s Vampire

    Thanks to @SpectreShawn for this character sheet! [@ZionVI - Meet Evion's new and improved buddy!] act i. The Profile Birth Name: Magnus Mayweather Name: Magnus Title: N/A Age: 39 (turned at 29 in 1994) Race: Vampire Class: N/A act ii. The Diagnostics Height: 5'11" Weight: 145lbs Hair: Black Eyes: Blue Voice: Low, little raspy Skin: Pale, soft act iii. The Armament Weapon: Handgun in backpack, teeth. Armor: Modern body armour(chest) Accessories: Backpack, phone, packet of chewing gum, clear braces act iv. The Dossier Likes: Soda, Crowds, Tamagotchis Dislikes: Modern lingo, Being alone, Yoghurt Attitude: Calm, friendly, extroverted Habit/Twitch: Chewing gum with an open mouth Quote: "I'm not obsessing, I'm just curious."
  14. jack-attack

    A Hunt In the Wild [Ellwood Forest]

    Jack growled audibly when he heard the Red Bull, then raced closer to watch the two soldiers reacting to the legendary crashing beast that came onto the scene. Jack sunk low to the ground and watched one of them shift and change. He widened his eyes, and watched. The Beast glanced to his grey skin, and ran his tongue over his sharp teeth. Was this man who changed his skin and extremities the same a whatever Jack was? He had to know; plans be damned. His muscles were bunched and at the ready, poised and ready to strike. The Red Bull was crashing around, and when the beast got close enough Jack made a leap onto the thing's back and sunk his claws in as best as he could. He yowled out as he bit into the creature's flesh wildly, and tried to keep held on to its back.
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    Big Game Hunting [Orisia, Ellwood Forest] OOC

    I'll write my reply now