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  1. St. Petersburg, Russia Monday, 10:30am Cole chuckled; smoke poured out his nose as if he were a dragon. It almost fit the situation. The Russian gangster flexed his shoulders, and if it weren't so cold his tattoos would be seen trailing down his arms, even reaching the second knuckle of his fingers. His glove-less hands showed the tentacles, Russian words, and symbols on the backs of his hands and fingers. When he reached up to tug his cigarette from his mouth his wrist showed the word 'Братва' printed in italics. (Brotherhood) "No, you can do it. But you know rules, my friend; if you get caught and if they find out you are connected to someone then you stay quiet. You do not know me." Cole said in a firm but still friendly tone. Cole was good that way. He got his valid point across but still remained the favourable over other members of his society. "I know Lukus is not attached to anyone, but Jack only has friends. Most of his enemies are dead, or too scared of what he can do. You come to me if you need help though, I will get into contact with the brother." [REDACTED], Russia Monday, [REDACTED] Jack growled. His wrists had healed, the tied had been off for an hour now. The man in the suit - Jack could hardly believe it - was sitting across from him at a large mahogany desk. Jack tapped his fingers in a successive motion on the desk, then bowed his head low as he spoke. His voice was still raspy from the petrol poured down there; sensitive flesh always took longer to heal. "What you're saying... it can't be true." "Why else would I be here?" With a frown, Jack huffed out a breath. "I... " "You remember the good times, yes? No one to take care of; order for all. I have been told you were a General." Jack swallowed. "Yes. I was stationed in Berlin when the shit hit the fan." He looked up, then corrected himself. "When the war ended. The bombs fell..." "You died." "Ja. Yes." Jack swallowed, then shook his head. The memories had always been there in his head but now the door they were locked behind had been kicked in. Everything was truly flooding back. The suited Russian man watched him in silence. Jack did not dare look him in the eye for fear of offending him. What would happen if he broke? Jack could feel the weight of the memories piling on his sanity, and the methods were working on him like a slow motion capture of a tree being felled.
  2. St. Petersburg, Russia Monday, 10:17am Cole filtered through his wallet to rid himself of any ID cards in his real name. He took cash insted; totalling about 600 rubels in notes and coins of all sizes. He slipped on another undershirt, had a freezing cold shower - damn shitty maintenance - and got on his merry way with the average amount of coverage for a man of his size with his budget. Suffice to say his body was trembling. Nevertheless he got to the inconspicuous meeting place and rubbed his hands together. Cole looked up at the building. The big man took a drag of his cigarette while he wondered if his old buddy would even be there. Cole hummed, then put his phone on silent and entered the building. "My friend!" Cole announced when he saw Kelly. "I was worried you would not be here; it is not usual that I give little information." Cole offered a cigarette to the man as he continued. They had used this place before; he knew it wasn't bugged. He had been here last week to check. "Let's get down to the business; an Englishman called me yesterday. I know him well enough, his brother is a badass. Some sort of hell creature when he fights. Amazing, he is. Ayway, the police have arrested him for using 'supernatural powers' to assault and almost kill an officer. Big deal in Russia, my friend. My English friend says he has looked into it through some dark internet; says his brother has likely been taken in by the Government. He does not know where he is, only that his cell phone stopped working in Moscow and he was last sighted in Vladivostok. The city is big, in Primorye, near North Korea and China." Cole took another drag of his cigarette, then chuckled to himself. He got out his phone and showed a picture of the two brothers. "This one; Jack. He is the missing one. He will be alive no matter what they throw at him, but Lukus said he wants him back quick. He has a cloudy past. Likes 'the old ways' a little too much. He needs to be back before he is brainwashed, the brother said. Can you do it?"
  3. Moscow, Russia Friday 11:16pm Winter was like a cold tsunami in Russia. It covered every surface it could, and was only kept at bay as much a it was through the miracle of nuclear energy. Jack Ransom was the only person in Moscow who wore jumpers on chilly nights for fashion. Cold ever bothered him, unlike the police force. As the man ran down alleyways, through cafe's, and around frozen ponds, he contemplated this. Was the Winter making him slow or had the Russian police gotten faster since the Cold War? He groaned, feeling his lungs burn as he one again skidded to a stop to evade the swooping lights of a policeman's torch. "Остановка, где вы находитесь! Сдаться!" (Stop where you are! Surrender!) Jack whined. He cut through an alleyway and tripped on a beer can frozen into the ground. The man toppled, then for a few seconds progressed forward on his hands and feet like a toddler climbing stairs. A shot rang out and Jack howled. A bullet ripped through his side, and Jack could imagine it now lodged in his intestines somewhere. The Policeman who made the shot did so again. And again. And again. The khaki-clad blond man walked forward a few steps with every shot until he was at Jack's right side. Jack growled; his teeth shifted and changed into black, sharp animal teeth and the policeman faltered. Jack took the opportunity and sunk his teeth into the man's ankle. He heard a scream, then his vision went black as another policeman shot him directly in the head. ** Pripyat, Ukraine Sunday, 8:06pm Cole Kellerman looked around. Dead. Everything in the abandoned town was dead. The dog that lay at the front door; dead. A theme park visible from the apartment window he was gazing out of; dead. The artefact he was looking for wasn't so dead though. Supposedly someone had been living in the old block, inside the exclusion zone of Chernobyl. Cole had found some signs, but not the an himself. The military personnel following him pointed at everything as if it were a damn clue. "Anatoly, no." Cole said as he spotted the bulkiest of his entourage poking at an old dol house with the butt of his rifle. "Stop touching things that don't belong to you." "идиот, nothing here is owned anymore." Anatoly retorted. (Idiot) The Russian rolled his eyes then picked out his long-range phone as it rang. "Да, это Коул." (Yes, this is Cole) Cole answered. He listened for a little while, and opened drawers with his free, gloved hand to continue his search. He found a false bottom as the man on the phone spoke to him, and pulled the artefact from the secret compartment. He grinned at it's shine, and spoke into the phone as he showed the Ukrainian entourage. "I'll call someone good for the job. Leave it to me." ** St. Petersburg, Russia Monday, 7:54am The heater had explode again. Cole woke up freezing. It had to be a sign; he should have called his guy for the job he was told about earlier. The tall Russian man slumped out of bed, got dressed, then made toast as he dialled the number of his former partner's cell. Hopefully he still had it. "Привет!" (Hello!) He said in greeting when the phone picked up. "It's me; Carl. Listen, I am needing a favour from you. Benefits both of us, a win-win. You get cash in hand and I get a bonus for the referral." ** [REDACTED], Russia Monday, [REDACTED] Jack groaned. His wounds were healing as normal but every time they closed up a man would come in with a blowtorch and a hammer. Jack had died hundreds of times, in whatever span of time he had been chained to the wall. "Tell me, devil-man." The accented man said as he took the blowtorch to Jack's eye. "What did you do to Alexei?" Jack screamed. Pain like this was something that was faintly familiar, but ever since he and Lukus had settled down with their conspicuous mercenary jobs the exact memories had been warped. But he couldn't talk. He wouldn't. The man would not allow himself to crack. The blowtorch was turned off, and Jack felt blood and ocular fluid leak down his face. A ringtone had sounded, and the Eastern European torturer answered the phone. Jack passed out before he said anything worth listening to. When he woke up, a clean cut man in a suit was staring at him. Jack had healed some, but his eye was tight and his vision fuzzy. Jack recognised him, but said nothing. Now he really couldn't crack. "Вам говорят по-русски?" (Do you speak Russian?) The man asked. Jack huffed, and pulled at the chains. A smile graced the suited man's face. "Then you will forgive me for my appalling pronunciation. Tell me who you are, and I will let you out of here." [@ZionVI]
  4. Jack: terrible at not hating any magic user, hates intricate tasks that require patience, sucks at not flirting with any man/woman/terrestrial/anything with a pulse and a language Lukus: little upper body strength, bad temper, actually a psychopath Magnus: bad at being quiet, bad teeth despite now being immortal Cole: terrible at remembering how tall he is, bad at being polite
  5. Something whooshed past Jack's head and for a split second he looked up. It was one of the damned soldiers. He slipped from the Red Bull, and came crashing to the ground as the Red Bull wobbled. It would regain its strength son, but for now Jack had a few precious seconds. He turned his head and roared at the Soldier who shot at him -teeth black and dripping the Bull's blood- then turned his attention back to the Red Bull and made a leap for its back again. He dug his claws in; he slipped some and slashed the Red Bull's back some; with a yowl he sunk his teeth into the fire-snorting Bull's back. He chewed around it's neck searching for the proper place to crack the spine. This beast was like nothing he had encountered in at least a few thousand years, the muscle on it and the fire-breathing was a testament to that.
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  7. Thanks to @SpectreShawn for this character sheet! [@ZionVI - Meet Evion's new and improved buddy!] [ size=1][ u]act i. The Profile[/u] [b ]Birth Name[/b]: Magnus Mayweather [b ]Name[/b]: Magnus [b ]Title[/b]: N/A [b ]Age[/b]: 39 (turned at 29 in 1994) [b ]Race[/b]: Vampire [b ]Class[/b]: N/A [u ]act ii. The Diagnostics[/u] [b ]Height[/b]: 5'11" [b ]Weight[/b]: 145lbs [b ]Hair[/b]: Black [b ]Eyes[/b]: Blue [b ]Voice[/b]: Low, little raspy [b ]Skin[/b]: Pale, soft [u ]act iii. The Armament[/u] [b ][/b]: [b ]Weapon[/b]: Handgun in backpack, teeth. [b ]Armor[/b]: Modern body armour(chest) [b ]Accessories[/b]: Backpack, phone, packet of chewing gum, clear braces [u ]act iv. The Dossier[/u] [b ]Likes[/b]: Soda, Crowds, Tamagotchis [b ]Dislikes[/b]: Modern lingo, Being alone, Yoghurt [b ]Attitude[/b]: Calm, friendly, extroverted [b ]Habit/Twitch[/b]: Chewing gum with an open mouth [b ]Quote[/b]: "I'm not obsessing, I'm just curious." [/size]
  8. Jack growled audibly when he heard the Red Bull, then raced closer to watch the two soldiers reacting to the legendary crashing beast that came onto the scene. Jack sunk low to the ground and watched one of them shift and change. He widened his eyes, and watched. The Beast glanced to his grey skin, and ran his tongue over his sharp teeth. Was this man who changed his skin and extremities the same a whatever Jack was? He had to know; plans be damned. His muscles were bunched and at the ready, poised and ready to strike. The Red Bull was crashing around, and when the beast got close enough Jack made a leap onto the thing's back and sunk his claws in as best as he could. He yowled out as he bit into the creature's flesh wildly, and tried to keep held on to its back.
  9. I'll write my reply now
  10. Jack leaned against the door frame, and as they got ready to leave Hayden told them what to say if they were caught. Jack was wondering how they hadn't been arrested by the police, who surely would have been tipped off had they noticed Jack busting the door. Obviously people in this neighbourhood were either all blind or all extremely apathetic. Lukus smirked to Jack, then as they started walking the brothers bumped shoulders. Lukus spoke to Hayden as he put a comforting hand on Jack's shoulder. we're not going "I hope we're not going to be a burden for you, Miss. I'd hate to impose." Jack rolled his eyes, and looked forward. As long as he could get to a couch or chair or - were a miracle to happen - a bed, then he'd be right a rain. He could sleep for half an hour then be on his way with Lukus begrudgingly in tow. God only knew he liked being a proper gentleman to ladies. "We need to follow the leads we got." Lukus looked to Jack. "Yes, I know, but you're tired and you need to sit down for a few minutes. Hayden here is offering her place so kindly." Lukus looked forward to Hayden. "And we've put her in danger by destroying the door in public view. The least we can do is accept her offer." Jack rolled his yes and sighed. He followed along, but did with lidded eyes and heavy steps. "Fine, fine. When are you ever going to let go of that Victorian hospitality?" "Never, Jack." Lukus said firmly. Jack grumbled.
  11. Being brought up in a less than ideal situation, Ruben McKenzie was a Gypsy at heart. Coming originally from Ireland at the age of eight gave Ruben the classic traveller-boy macho pride in himself. Fame had made him protective of his private life to the point of attacking paparazzi. Money had made him plain greedy to everyone but his family whom he grew up with. Most who weren't screaming his name groaned it as he passed. 'He was the gypsy boy who had made money just like every other gypsy wanted. All he wanted was money, they said. Of course he wanted the money; what person doesn't want money? However, Ruben wanted the money to make himself better. He had bought all five of his brothers caravans the size of houses, including an enormous plot of land for them to live on whenever they wanted. But to keep the luxury coming he had to do things like this. Promotions, appearances, and interviews. He looked up from staring at his scuffed $1000 boots to Heath. Ruben curled his lip up, and stared for a millisecond at Heath. After the tense moment he smirked a bit. He felt a little happy to hear that someone was feeling just a plateaued as he was. Ruben looked to his main bodyguard as the suited man gave the money, then Ruben nodded to Heath and spat his gum into the nearby bin. An Irish lilt clung to his American accent. "I'm glad someone here realizes how unnaturally dull standing in the sun for hours is." ** Blaire smirked when Steven agreed to come with them. David beamed. Sure, he had spent some time in pretty tight places and gotten shot at more than a few times, but he always kept his cheery nature for fear of becoming just as disliked as those that had shot at him. "Excellent. We can go in the rover." David said, then beckoned both Blaire and Steen over to said vehicle. Blaire took the time to lean over to Steven a tad and whisper to him. "In case you think he's putting this happy face on; he's not. He really is that happy all the time." Blaire said with a subtle smirk. Blaire, ever the complete opposite to David in any way, wasn't one to grin and belly-laugh whenever she got the chance. Bright expressions such as that were saved only for family and close friends. Once they got to the Rover, Blaire offered the front seat to Steven as she got into the back. Of course, David jumped into the driver's side and grabbed the radio. "Jerry!" The radio crackled. A sigh was brought through from the control room. "How many times have I told you to speak properly on the radio, Dave?" David ignored the request. "Give us the 4-1-1 on the Danger 10 situation." There was a long pause on the other end. Blaire leaned forward in her seat and asked if the radio was broken after a while. David tapped it, then all of a sudden it crackled again and Jerry finally replied. "Uh, David, we need as many people up here at the containment enclosure as possible. Are you with anyone?" "Just Blaire and another Security guard." "Right. Well, 'll need all three of you to come down; extremely dangerous subject has escaped her enclosure. When you get here just radio before you get out of the car, okay? Danger Level 10 means you don't go out into the open-" David rolled his hand; a hand gesture that obviously said 'I know, I know!' while also conveying his joking nature to everyone. "Yeah yeah, I know. Get to the enclosure, stay in the car, radio papa bear for confirmation. Over and out."
  12. Jack still watched the crew as they moved along. He sensed the tension radiating off some of them, and narrowed his eyes to it. Did they sense him following? Or did they imply feel that all-too familiar feeling of uneasiness when treading in a foreign place? Jack kept low and quiet, but got a little closer. Had he known about their skills - especially the telepath - he would not have made this move. Be it a mistake or a great advantage, he decided the change would bring about one reaction or another. After all, he did need to learn their reactions speeds and martial abilities before he went in for the kill.
  13. With a huff, Jack flopped down onto the floor and watched Hayden as she apologized to him. He was tired from the energy he had burned to do the soul drain. Still, he managed to bow his head to her in appreciation of the apology. Lukus rubbed between his front sets of shoulder blades and Jack visibly settled. He watched the girl speak with vague interest. Lukus chuckled at the second statement. They were in very similar circumstances, indeed. He smirked, and looked to her as he spoke telepathically. It wasn't the first time this sort of communication had been used on the brothers, but it was always something to get used to. "Small world, isn't it?" Lukus asked with a smile. Jack perked up a bit when Hayden abruptly left and came back with clothes. The beast huffed as he got back onto his feet, and watched Lukus kindly take the clothes with a bow of his head. Jack's younger brother was always a gentleman, to a point where it sometimes annoyed Jack. Now was one of those times. The elder Ransom took the clothes gingerly in his maw, then managed to shimmy himself through the door frame and down the hall. Lukus watched him go, then turned to Hayden with a shrug. "He's tired. Happens to the best of us. Still, we should think of how we can help each other. We might as well, considering who may have the answers we seek." Jack transformed back to his human form and put on the shirt, jeans, and socks. He remembered his shoes slipping off as his feet elongated during the transformation. Jack smirked, then walked back into the room. He pushed his feet into the shoes without using his hands and looked from Lukus to Hayden.
  14. Jack watched them closely through the shrubbery and trees. Two whispered to each other. The third seemed preoccupied but with what he could not discern. Perhaps he was a city boy, never been in the forest before. Perhaps the unicorn had reached out to him specifically. Jack narrowed his eyes on the whispering ones though. Although his senses were heightened in this form, hearing whispering from twenty feet away with the noise of the forest overhead was still tough. His paws snapped once last twig, then Jack converted back to his hunter walk. He was as silent as a fox hunting rodents under the snow. The beast moved around shrubbery, moving even further away from the soldiers. There was no use in taking them all on without knowing how they would deal with the Unicorn body. All he wanted was the high from the meat and blood; so this was nothing to die over. Dying was not permanent for Jack, but it was an inconvenience.
  15. Once the creature was surely dead Jack wailed with what sounded like a Mountain Lion's roar, and hit his head against the filing cabinets as his gums burned away then healed. His teeth rattled a little at the brief loss of proper support, but stayed in his mouth otherwise. He whimpered, and as his mouth recovered he huffed. He was finally showing his exhaustion, and in the haste to change his lower half of clothes had torn. Shit. He looked to the tattered remains then to Lukus. The younger brother was looking to Hayden as she questioned who they were. He held out his hands as Jack complained and calmed down. "I'm not sure I can answer that question." Jack growled. He pressed himself into the corner to give them more room. The demon had given him a clue, whether or not he was lying was the real question though. Was he really a demon? A half-demon? Or were these speculations nowhere close to what he truly was? Jack huffed through his nose, and licked his front hand-like paws. Lukus briefly glanced to his brother before his gaze settled back on Hayden. "We were hoping that hunting these demons would get us closer to finding out what we are. Most of the time they're liars or they taunt us." Lukus sighed. He gave Hayden one last passive look before he turned to Jack and petted between his front two sets of shoulder blades. Jack huffed, and growled briefly at his torn clothes. Lukus looked to them, then exhaled. Leaving would be hard now. Getting brought in by some crazy scientists to be prodded at for the rest of eternity wasn't on their wish list.