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  1. Oh... Yeah I tooooootally meant that as a mistake Cole made >.>
  2. Me to Cole and Crystal; kiss kiss kiss kiss
  3. Did I say they counter every blow that comes to them?
  4. Cole had been looking through his scope, not firing, ever since Crystal had left the vantage point and essentially sacrificed her life for everyone else's. She didn't deserve to die, not like she was certainly going to if no one helped her. Cole growled, then got off of the vantage point and shrugged his jacket on. He banged on the side of the van, then motioned for it to go as he reached his car and put his gun on Henderson's lap. ** "Where the hell are you goin?" Henderson asked over the sound of the air horn, the shots fired and a walkie talkie going on near them. He looked to Cole. Henderson already knew wht the man wanted to do, so his question was less 'where are you going' and more 'why are you going'. Why did he want to risk his damn life for a girl? He saw Cole rummage around at Henderson's feet. The big guy picked up a handgun, all of the reloads he could, and the hunting rifle he had left in the car. ** Cole got the handgun, the rifle and the reloads then pulled his keys out of his pocket. He chucked them to Xavier and spoke in a low tone meant to both get the kids attention and intimidate him. "Listen to me, kid. You're going to get into the front sat and drive my truck until you're safe from the hoard. I'm going to go get your sister and walk in the direction you drive. You wait three hours for us then if we're not there you take this car and make sure it gets good use. If I find it dumped outside of town I will personally-" Cole growled "-be the one to turn you." He cut away from the group and the vehicles, making his moderate pace towards Crystal. He hoped the vehicles could get through. He hoped the kid knew how to driver properly so they wouldn't need to stop every two seconds for him to change gears. He hoped Crystal would be okay when he got to her. With only a few shots fired towards walkers that got to close for comfort, Cole finally got to Crystal and handed her two of his handgun magazines. He grinned to her, then nudged her shoulder with his and pointed to the truck, whether it be moving or not. "Can your brother drive a manual properly?"
  5. Hahahahahahaha oh how innocent you are to my characters abilities
  6. A very smart thing to do when starting a new roleplay with strangers, unlike Jack - who decided to trip a dwarven pie eater - and Lukus - who implied he and jack were better than the volunteers- (=_=)
  7. Wooo, time for a heroic rescue! Once I finish class, that is...
  8. The thing Lukus Ransom was most confused about was the venue. He rolled his eyes and watched Jack eye the man leading the pie eating competition. Lukus knew his brother was sulking, sitting behind the tiny gap in the curtain on the stage. Lukus himself stood, with his hands behind his back. Jack had wanted to participate in the pie eating contest, had been guilt tripped into sitting and watching by his brother, and was now extending his foot out to the dwarf mans chair. Jack, with a devilish look in his eye, hooked his foot around the chair leg of the dwarf when Lukus turned his eye to the people bravely volunteering for a job the Ransom brothers were forced into. Jack still had the scars to prove it though they were healing at an alarming rate. He grinned as his foot hooked the chair leg, then with a swift movement he yanked his foot back. The chair toppled, and Jack suddenly stood, rearranged the curtain and stood beside Lukus. He smirked with a sense of accomplishment. Two people in masks had volunteered, and Jack lost his smile. Masks. Ugh. Lukus smirked at the sight of them, while Jack looked to the man in the leather jacket who nonchalantly raised his hand and volunteered for the killing of the Beast. Hm. Maybe this one wouldn’t be so bad. Lukus bit his bottom lip, then elbowed Janus lightly. “Are you sure this publicity stunt is the right thing to do? I’m sure Jack and I could do this on our own, considering our uhm. Abilities."
  9. Please god not the dice roll, I hardly even like using dice to do combat stuff in DND
  10. Hey guys and gals, I'm gonna pull out. Peace.
  11. I'm going to wait for you to reply first, @Zenthaur! (_/'3')_/
  12. @Aleksei _______________________________ Jack Ransom Jack smirked at the politeness of Delaney. He felt her aura, the curiosity burning for answers in her that was only aged my her impatience to wait for them, and he smiled. They were more alike that even he would have guessed. Jack allowed himself to he pulled by the arm. Certainly if she had asked to maim him in some way he would have blindly agreed also, for was that not the affect of love? Jack put his hand on her hip as they strolled back to the place where they had shared their first kiss, then many others after. "When you leave tonight Jack, where are you going to go?" Delaney had asked. Jack instantly pondered this. He licked his lips, and turned to face her as his hands found their place on her hips. This time it was not a heated gesture, but a comforting one that a person would expect a married couple to take part in. He spoke with uncertainty, but was telling the truth as much as he could. "I'll go wherever the wind takes me. I haven't yet seen all of this world, and I intend to change that..." He paused, then looked around before he continued his speech. "You ask as if you wish to come with me. Is that the case, or am I imagining it out of hope?" Jack smirked, then brought her a little closer to him before she had the chance to reply. It was a slightly chilly night - not that that affected Jack in any way - that he used as an excuse to have her as close as possible. How he wanted to sweep her away and go on adventures with her. But what of her family? Would they have him executed for stealing her away? Wold they force him into domesticity? Would they give him an ultimatum? Jack shook the thoughts from his head because as long as she was with him in the present, that was all that mattered. Lukus Ransom Lucky had not ventured far from the starstruck lovers. In fact, he was ashamed to admit that he had followed them, always staying within earshot of the two. When they had a short-lived romp in the maze mere meters from him he held back a chuckle. When Delaney went quiet, then spoke to someone else of conspiracies and curious happenings within the castle he furrowed his eyebrows. She was an interesting one, he'd give her that, but what had Jack so captivated was completely lost on Lukus. When she asked where he was going next, Lukus felt his canines - all three pairs - enlarge as he suppressed a growl deep in his throat. He knew Jack would take her with him. What of Lukus? Would he be left behind, the eternal third wheel? The younger brother wouldn't be able to stand it. He had to make some sort of plan. The princess had to have some family he could inform... he'd have to get closer to them to find out. "You ask as if you wish to come with me. Is that the case, or am I imagining it out of hope?" Lukus strolled in a nonchalant matter - he wished he had a cane to accompany him - into their vicinity. Jack's eyes lit up in a different way than they did in reaction to Delaney. Lukus swallowed thickly as he spoke, his silky voice lulling his brother into a false sense of security. "Miss Delaney come with us? Well, I'm sure she'd be a wonderful addition." He smiled to Delaney. "But what of your duties, madame? Do you have family? Friends that you would need to inform?"
  13. Has actual mountains of paperwork to fill out and acquire, an assignment to start and a rather important quiz to do.


    Checks Valucre instead of doing any of these things.


  14. So is mine...
  15. Yay, another Jack! They likely won't get along because mines a douche! :D