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  1. There were few things a practitioner of magic needed more than A Wizard Tower. It quantified their pursuit of the arcana and encapsulated their desire of knowledge. It’s design, decoration, and interior were only means to further make this point fine and focal. It was where they could house their research material and hoard their artifacts while also becoming a beacon of attention and suspense among their peers. Reginald had existed in an era where these concepts were far more prevalent due to many wizards and mages being obstinate in their singular focuses. Such gilded and magnificent spires of immaculate beauty showed the power and status of its owners. It was one of the few isolated memories he had as a child...dreams of a tower of his very own Reginald stood at the peak of a decrepit and craggy shelf of rock where he looked onto the arid landscape dotted with shambling, mummified corpses. He would have to find a way to deter the scourge otherwise he’d be under constant annoyance by the bemoaning twits sucking in air through their gaunt and sagging cheeks. The undead wasted no time to vye for their quarry as they continued to claw and scratch around the rocky shelf. Their incredulous fingers dragging across the course red mesa stone that made up the rest of the wasteland. Their glazed eyes and rotted ears unable to witness majesty of the wizard above them. A miasma of magic beginning to pollute the air now as his spell came into it's final stages. His chanting continuing to grow more erratic, but still continued to add scriptures of sigils into the maelstrom of arcana that migrated around him.The skies themselves beginning to twist and writhe as an unseen force started to settle over the decrepit lands.The wormed wizard a soul who found great joy in all things...but possessed a darkness far greater when it came to the joy he had for the arcane. There simply wasn't a limit when it came to his spell craft. It was where he got to be his true, unaltered self. The spell being cast as Reginald lowered his hands and touched the hot surface of the rock beneath. The magic vibrating and quaking through the air before it started to flood back into it's master and into his fingertips. A ripple of black and purple mana rolling down the precipice; Hitting the ground and rolling back up. Each loop causing it to intensify and swell in size. A bubble of purple and black swirls beginning to grow in it's radius around the cliff, pushing back the undead as though they were being continually shoved back until the entire his space was protected by a barrier. It was something that could be seen for nearly a mile, and was only a start to his grand tower project. He dug through the dozen or so wrought iron crates and removed a quaint tea set from them and starting to brew a pot as celebration for his hard work! A flick of his wrist materializing a violin that started to play on his own, providing some music the mummified corpses could rake their claws to. "Just you wait my leathery skin compatriots; This is a mere overture to the true performance to come! Cheer up won't you? You'll certainly play your part!" His cheery attitude bringing no change in the undead as pounded against with barrier to no avail @PandaHat
  2. Belle gave a sluggish wave to Dia, based off what Leon explained, she was the venue owner. It was her first real gig and though her smile was slow to catch up, she waa just as eager. She didn't mind the rules, and always figured they were for a good reason. Dreggz barking at her to pitch in with the equipment. Her expression taking several moments to reciprocate, staggering a nod before slinging some of her drums over a shoulder. "Well...I hope it's not...over too...soon" Though by the time those words left her lips the goblin had already marched off. There were more than a few personalities in the band that shined under a spotlight. They reminded her of her sisters, both good and bad. It took a few minutes before her hunched stride reached the stage, setting the drums down and watching Dreggz chide the bouncers. "Man She's...cool" Belle mumbled, laughing in small pauses. She started to set up her equipment, slow but methodically. It was the fastest she had moved in some time; A desire to prove herself through the sloth she had been born with. Hell, she took nearly sixteen months before she was even born. The drummer tightening a few screws and yawning, Leon would yell at her if she took another nap so she had to see this through A few raps of the cymbals and a test of the drum pedal giving a teaser of that prenatural potential hidden behind her lethargy.
  3. Species: Worm That Walks (Akin to the lich, they are souls of powerful magic casters that refused to pass on, but these aberrations are not made on purpose like their undead counterparts. There is no common occurrence simply because every case is wildly different with only a key factor. They were creatures made up of slow, writhing worms) Age: 28 (He can no longer remember the other 1900) Occupation: Roaming Magician Description: Reginald is a humanoid mass of verdant purple worms that stands five feet or so. A multicolored and iridescent robe covering most of his bizarre features save for his gangly arms and featureless face. A pair of small circular glasses resting on the center of his face (they remain despite not having ears), seemingly acting as a focal point. This form is rare to see however, as open as the world has become, his otherworldly form would be ostracized from any town. He remedies this using transmutation, given his malleable constitution; He could take the shape of any humanoid of similar height along with any adornments) Personality: Reggie was a strangely optimistic soul, someone out of time who relished the numerous happenings of the world and found every detail intriguing. Due to his fragmented memory, there were moments where he'd lose track of where or who he was, but he always managed to endure. A charm about him both alluring snd unnerving; His aberrant nature and what remained of a vaudevillian philanthropist manifesting into the quirky worm wizard that is Reggie. Equipment: He has a multitude of reagents, trinkets, and baubles that he keeps tucked into the various pockets on his robes, which can translate to any compartments a new form would take on. He otherwise travels very light; without the needs of food or water. He has a vast collection of relics from his time hidden with pocket dimensions of his own design, but memory bars him from most of them and so he lives without their luxury, blissfully unaware. Abilities: He has the overwhelming knowledge and power of a wizard who perfected his craft, but much of it has been lost through the years and his memory fluctuates day to day and determines what spells he can remember, and even then, there is a chance when he casts a spell that it becomes sometimes entirely different. It has made spellcasting for him tricky and the more complicated the spell... the less likely it would properly cast. He has moments that are like flashes of genius, and allow him to cast unabated, but those are only ever brought out in times of incredible stress. The worms that make up his body are infused with his arcanum, and allow them traits of their own. Shape-shifting into similar sized creatures, and giving him a resistance to arcane based magic, and even allow him to absorb and learn some of it's properties. When he suffers damage that would be fatal; his form will lose it's validity and the mass lf worms will escape into the ground. The time until he completely recovers can be from a few days to a few weeks. Skills: The arcane was something he always pursued in every facet, and though his knowledge was of it's archaic roots. It was something he was very skilled in and made him a valuable teacher for any (patient) student. He was a renaissance man and had a capacity for Painting, Reading, Writing, and Music. The violin a favorite of his. There is no school of magic that is unknown to him, and it's designs and structures are something he can always translate and gain deeper insight on, though it depends on what memories surface on any given day. Weaknesses: Though his nature is more aberrant than natural, he still has pitfalls like any race. If his body suffers too much physical damage he will reduce to a weakened state that leaves him otherwise defenseless. His spellcasting can also be exhausted given enough time he is in a fight. There is also the case of him being gullible due to his otherworldly curiosity, and is prone to wandering off given enough incentive. There is also the lack of understanding towards the modern climate of the current world and that itself leaves him weak to society's norms and complete confusion toward any technology at all.
  4. Belle had become the newest member of the band, having an awkward first few interviews of elongated silences and lighter flicking, but the moment Leon had managed to get her in the drummer seat; A switch flipped and she had stuck with them ever since. A slacker in everything but the drums. It was how she had managed to end up here doing an actual gig. She got her fourth nap in before the show started; her own pillow betraying her and waking her up. She sat up and yawned before digging through her locks and producing an unmarred joint. "Hah" she snorted, slow and methodic, eventually making her way in front of the club "Let's kill it" She said, a slow grin spreading across her freckled face. "I gotta say, im pretty excited" Her words akin to mollasses so a great deal of patience was needed at times, and that lead to it's own complications. She was definitely not allowed to drive or operate a vehicle. Bellerouse marching up to leon and Dreggz "Pretty..." A few moments past before dhe continues "Cool right?" She asked with a laugh. Smoke rolling from her nose as she passed her joint to Dreggz. It helped that she was an incredible producer of marijuana, strains of her own that kept her paid due to her state of being. "I call it Rhodium Reefer" Her eye brows raise at the same slow rate "Get it? Hah" she snorts again and does a knee slap that takes nearly fifteen seconds
  5. Marigold gave an embarrassed chuckle "Let us say I have only just come into my vestiges as it were. A one Michael Commager....saved me from utter darkness" He said, taking the rosary around his neck in hand. It's thorn depictions remind him of the men that had only recently come into his life and changed it for the better. Li a light in his life as strong as the newly found Gaia was. He was in a strange position as he was an aggregate of both science and faith now. The Bond Energy coursing through him proof that both could coexist. His underlying goal in this mission being to prove that and test how far he could take it. His mechanical canine, xerxes trailing off to keep a perimeter check for any threats. Marigold eager to respond to Cadmium' concerns "I have been blessed with such capabilities, they are still new to me, but it is nothing I haven't researched greatly. Allow me" Marigold giving a nod toward Emile with a fresh smile as he felt a well of courage he hadn't known. An otherwise timid and analytical creature strengthened by A goddess who had given him A chance none ever had. The doctor stepping toward the blockage that impeded the start of their journey. He rested upon his knees before the boulder and retreated into his mind palace. An internal state of mind he had started to call 'The Beach'. It was not a place one could see directly, but upon looking at him now...there was a faint white glow that encapsulated him. The Beach dwelling within his very core and acting as the sanctum of his worship where Bond Energy thrived. Though he were machine, he felt no less human. He placed his hands against the stone and that aura surrounding him pooled into his palms before branching out across the boulder; causing it to fold into itself in brilliant geometric patterns each merging into the stone beside it until a threshold opened up to them and allowing to move through the mountains. Marigold coming out of his state and mind and looking almost surprised at his work. A smile blooming across his features as he eventually stood up and dusted off his knees. "The results were better than I anticipated!
  6. Oh I will absolutely be joining in, granted I am lacking a sheet for Reginald but that is being added to list for the weekend! The dead collaborations are always chaotic and exciting. I mean what can go wrong??
  7. Lagrimosa had offered him much in his short time here, but such harrowing mountains were not among the things he had quite expected. Marigold had gone through a renaissance that changed nearly every facet of his life. An experimental A.I though he had become, piloting a well made facsimile of himself; Still his conscience remained, the estranged scientist being forced to accept an otherwise impossible statistic. An energy of bonds coursed through him now and granted him the senses his mortal coil had grown accustomed to. Cadmium getting a persistence in finer details from him before he had finalized his arrival to The Bluarg Mountains. He was still getting accustomed to the mantle of Disciple, and felt the best way to apply his skills to Mike and Gaia as a whole...would be to assist Lagrimosa in it's affairs. A still wild and unknown landscape to him. He had made his home here and yet there was still much to see. He couldn't deny a level of excitement, an eagerness to finally step out of the miasma of madness he had been shouldering for far too long. Marigold was an easy man to spot from a distance. His paled features adorned in adventuring gear, pushing his pip hat up as he saw the party already gathering. His burgundy vest and slacks matching with a coffee brown undershirt. His mechanical canine moving from behind him and guarding his left side as he eventually arrived. The doctor giving A bow to the commanding figure "Dr. Marigold Ravenspire, forgive the lateness! I am very honored to be here" He said with enthusiasm. A white glow seen underlying his clothes, his joints, and even showed up in the violet of his eyes as he turned from Cadmium to Emile. His canine sitting at his side with a curious cock of it's angular head. "This is Xerxes, the oldest friend of mine" Marigold said with a chuckle, Xerxes barking at the mention of his name and swaying his segmented tail. Marigold taking a moment as he looked up at the mountains themselves in absolutely awe "One of the tallest mountain ranges in the world no less!" He crooned "I have done a fair amount of research upon learning of our target location. Oh Thaddeus was a pioneer! There is such potential for growth in a place so steeped in rich history" He had always wanted to explore this mountain range and he didn't want to waste such a chance. A new chapter was beginning in his life and he had been instilled with a motivation he though died a long time ago. He also wanted to learn all he could about the Ourea and there were few places better. "Who knows what wisdom Old Father still has to give hmm?"
  8. Same! Working on updating Marigold' sheet so it's not out of date; I'll reply tonight as well! Stoked for this one
  9. Marigold was getting used to being able to hear Tori without truly hearing her, and though he had grown accustomed to ear pieces of all sorts when it came to auditory tech...this felt a little more personal; as though her voice radiated from The Beach within his core directly into his ears. The doctor listening to her explanation of Server Z and it made sense that they would use a data storage facility for a technological marvel like The Sieve. Tori was indeed right that the guards were afflicted with more than just the common practices seen throughout Lagrimosa 'It is strange though...Kru'Gorah does not use chemical compounds; His tail has no stinger...why would he use chemicals now?' His words speaking to Tori without his lips moving at all as he adjusted to the mental communication with ease. Marigold' focus remaining on the estranged sister nervously tapping the holographic keyboard. Mike's telling gaze grooming him to keep their suspicion to a minimum. He had portrayed these roles in the past quite well. His demeanor nothing but supportive as he let Mike take the lead. His eyes scanning the...deformities the interior of this place started to show...as though they had perturbed a hostile nest. Tori' own scan conjoining with Marigold' as they both saw that there was indeed a presence that surrounded the facility. the same sinister aura that stabbed at the hearts of man. It was the energy source they had both been tracking for their entire journey here. It was a maelstrom of viscus, harrowing torment; Tori seeing through the psychic barrier of terror that there were indeed foreign devices attached to the various support pillars. Marigold citing to Tori that they possessed the same chemical the two guards were struck with. The entire server was rigged to not only erupt in fire, but release toxins that would spread for several blocks and plague the citizens greatly. Marigold feeling a sense of dread and gravity that had been steadily building up to this point. The nurses confused at first before the only one that had spoke to him, spoke up once more. A bead of sweat escaping down her trembling features. It was the first time Mike and Marigold had experienced Kru'gorah' Terror Feast. Marigold only understanding traces of the demon's dreadful magic, and it was difficult to understand for humans due to it's unquenchable hunger for them specifically. The air heavy with crippling bloodlust, as though The Djinn had been starved. Marigold steeling himself from the overwhelming urge to run. It reminded him of Roen, of Raphael...of Dredge....Laughing Stock. His corporeal form being lost to such monsters. "Please...right this way" She said, turning heel and leading them down the corrugated hall. Marigold holding onto every shred of courage he had left and walked in pace with Mike. The fluorescent lights overhead flickering at intermittent times and creating a sickening strobe effect that etched visages of an endless segmented tail Looping around the hall as though it were a predatory animal watching them as they passed. The twins leading them down into A wider atrium where various doorways led further into the building proper. The meek attendant pushing open the doors ahead of them where a blacked out room could barely be made out. Marigold's interior lighting and eyes providing a soft glow. The room so thick with this dread that the twins were frozen in their shoes as their eyes looked toward the deeper dark. A light illuminating in the shadows...a flame emanating from a flip lighter. A paled and horrifically scarred face illuminated behind it as they watched him light a cigarette. Tori picking up dozens of ramped up heartbeats clinging to the edges of the room "Some vork on keeping zem stalled" A thick norkotian accent rose from the dark, it's intent on the twins who were frozen in fear as The Terror Feast fed on them without mercy. Server Z illuminating behind them man and revealing his silhouette as the bright, pulsing lights of the holographic storage thrummed on. A far more sinister outline behind him. An endless tail encircling much of the storage as a demonic form could be seen in the server itself, somehow merging into it's banks. "I am here to make sure everyzing goes smoothly so I am afraid zat zis is as far as du vill go" The stranger spoke up once more, steeping forward and into the light that illuminated from the hall behind them. He was a lanky man of a short build, adorned in military fatigues and adorned in a dozen or so metal canisters all hanging off of bandoleers. The lower regions of his face obscured by a gas mask with terrible chemical burns decorating the rest of his face. A toxin pair of green hued eyes looking from Marigold to Mike with a cold contemplation. The cigarette being vented through the mask and billowing out the smoke in a constant stream. A pair of detonators in his hands as he waved his hands toward either side of the enshrouded space. A dozen or more hostage all lining the walls with A metallic canister strapped to their chests. Most of them as frozen as the twins were due to the overwhelming pressure Kru'Gorah' presence gave off, feeding off the fear his hostages were drowning in. "Make a move und it vill be Biazo all over again, eh Herr Commager?"
  10. Marigold was not expecting the hug, but it was welcomed all the same. His synthetic form something that was still taking time to get used to, but feeling the embrace of a daughter that was not from his timeline, but still felt attached to all the same. She had gone through a great deal and from the memories he had reviewed. Much was different from her plane of existence. His hand running through her hair in a moment of vulnerability Arashi had issues showing. The fact that she missed him regardless made traced a sorrowful smile across his features. He could so many passions in her eyes justified and nodded as she explained her mission and her employer being a third version of them with unknown, sinister ideals. "So then this original as it were seeks unification in some capacity. That is indeed concerning, and it makes me wonder of your methods. If you followed in my footsteps then surely you know her intentions are sinister? She would not send you here to assault your own kin and kidnap with amicable intent" He explained, wondering what her employer' intentions were and why such acts of exaggerated violence were needed. He remembered days where he had employed such tactics and all the pain they sewed...none of it would bring peace. Marigold broke from the hug and rested a hand on her cheek as he gave her a warm smile. A smile she knew well from her own timeline. It was the smile he gave when he looked upon his daughter. The one only a father could make to reassure his daughter. "You have suffered greatly dear child...I can see all the passions you inspire completely justified. I suppose it is comforting in a way to know that a me from a completely different set of circumstances still managed to be graced with you as my daughter...deeper than flesh and blood. Do you understand? It is a concept I believe can change hearts and minds. Bonds that exist within all of us and connect us no matter the distance" He said putting her hand in his "We are connected by these threads that will never break, and I can say without a shadow of a doubt...I love and forgive you" He said giving her a warm kiss on the forehead "and that is a bond that will never break between us. I wont let your employer kill you, nor will I allow you to kidnape A daughter I love just as much. You are both my children and there is always a third option. Come with me" Marigold leading her out of the cell by her hand and through the corridor where she saw the familiar halls of The Imperium. the droids and robots working with a life that she hadn't seen before as though they had their own personalities. Each one humming a tune in unison as they worked tirelessly. Marigold giving them a wave as they all nodded their respect towards their creator before continuing on with their work "The damage you caused with that fight is already being repaired, but these are not mere droids...I believe with these threads of bond they themselves can be the very heart of this facility; It gives them pride and in return gives me pride. I don't want it to just be cold steel and metal...I want it to be a home for wayward souls willing to put effort into something that will truly be...something magnificent" She saw such passion in him as he spoke these words, he truly believed in what he was doing here. They arrived back to the many engineering halls he had scattered throughout the facility. Stormbreaker seeing her suit of armor scattered across a worktable in thousands of pieces each with a holographic print. He had recorded every scrap of tech she had and was currently cataloging it into his own data banks. "I want you to contact your employer from here, and I want to talk to her hmm? Sound fair? If perhaps I can somehow come to a compromise with her than this can all be sorted out before any irreversible mistakes are made. Granted, Rivana...might not think that but she is an incredibly stubborn girl" He said with a sigh as he sat next to the cockpit of the suit and waved her over "So, think you can do it?" he asked warmly
  11. Oh I gots to get in on this. Marigold would be all over this! Being a disciple under commager would definitely feed into his reasoning!
  12. "Mr. Lockheed" He had been a worm that walks for eons, A being of immortality that proved what a disaster it could be for what could pass through the annals of time unscathed? What made one whole more then the sum of their memories? Reginald didn't even remember the man he had come from, so what even made him who he was now? A drive for arcane knowledge with some whimsy? Precious things existed for every soul, and for him, those precious things were his memories. He heard his name, but turned to find A man tailored in immaculate robes. Reginald raising his hand to wield a defensive spell only to find flesh where there once was only his disguise. His fingers feeling real, as if there were no worms writhing beneath the surface. His arcane mind would have known if this were an illusion...had the siren siphon gotten this strong? Pulling on memories he didn't even remember having? Reginald touching his face, and once again feeling true contact. "It is not the time to be fooling around...your assembly awaits you" The man before spoke with reverence and tact Reginald hearing everything, but understanding none of it. An assembly? He looked around to try and find where Shikai and Phobe had gone, but all around him was just a magnificent hall of silvers and golds with wall sconces that touted blue flamed torches. He himself dressed in what appeared to be a robe made of space with living stars brightening and dimming intermittently. His feet starting to move without his consent and the two of them moved down the brilliant hall toward a wide mouthed threshold. A congregation of a thousand and one robed figures standing in attention the moment Reginald enters the massive atrium. There was a striking anticipation that could be felt, and the wizard felt his mind snap back into a place it had forgotten for so very long. "Hail our Magus Supreme, he who will lead us to arcane singularity. Reginald Thaydrenn Omeya Lockeheed The Third. The third generation continuing our legacy!" Their hands all raising in unison as they chanted the name of their leader. Reggie feeling as though two completely different selves were merging in an instant. Phobe and Shikai watching a blue glow encroach Reginald before the floor itself swallowed him whole. Phoebe' words of warning never reaching the aloof mage' ears. The two being left on their own as they entered this offshoot from the crumbling storage room behind them. A smattering of broken chairs and rotten tables seemingly the only interesting aspects of this otherwise barren room. The only clues as to where Reginald had gone was simply the direction, as he had sunken into the floor itself. A groan beginning to rattle the mountain kingdom around them as something stirred. It had been a long time since such power as the three members Dead were drawn in, and to their dismay. It was pleased. A chunk of the floor giving way within the room and revealing that there was indeed floors farther beneath them. A rotted array of once glossy wood leading down what appeared to be a massive marketplace. Shikai feeling a twitch of pain as duel perspectives started to fight his vision. It was as though he was looking at himself...high up and obscured. A realization curling around his eye socket as these two perspectives met and within the darkness of this markeplace, far down into the reaches of this mountain. He saw his own eye staring back at him; in a skull that was not his own, before it too much like their eager arcanist...vanished. A challenge almost for it's other half. A city of it's own had existed within the depths of Ogg-Machus, now a crumbling shadow of itself forever lost to time. The pair feeling as though they were likely the first souls hear in centuries as their footprints left imprints in the collected dust. Broken cobblestone roads leading through large walkways with cubic housing that was cracked and malnourished of repairs. There came from the shadows a slew of disturbing beasts; massive inky black wolves with eyes that dotted their entire form, dripping with pus and savagery in their gazes. The weeping wolves emitting a howl that was more akin to a scream as the pair saw more these creatures emerge from the rooftops as they spotted their quarry. The siren siphon attracted more than just foolish adventurers, but the very beasts that called Yh'mi home aswell. A wave of that pulsing blue energy washing over them; Phoebe feeling that this intermittent wave of blue was disrupting her psionics. A pack of these abomination taking the initiative as they charged forth toward the pair, their strangled howls making it difficult to verbally plan with eachother. Their eyes widening in feral excitement as they leaped forth toward both Phoebe and Shikai with hungering intent.
  13. Michael and Tori worked well together and their hypothesis combined had a great deal of merit. Marigold doing a great deal of research on this creature, unlike Dredge, it was as though he were the enemy of humanity itself. Depictions of his visage going as far back as recorded history. He was a level of cunning that seeped through the pnuematics of marigold's form, into his humanity. He didn't understand how they could remain so calm. He still had nightmares of what had transpired in Ceyena, and now they were about to face something almost designed to suffer the world itself! A moment of pause taking place as they passed the guards, his eyes giving them a more pervasive investigation, as he attempted a touch that warranted no reaction. "Gray skin...and blackened veins; A chemical likely introduced through their respiratory system..." He relayed back to mike as they carried on. "My theoretical gut is telling me that there is indeed a third party...some sort of chemist" The dome catching him off guard as it felt as though it were twice the size on the inside. The rings fascinating in their own right, cataloging some design ideas for later use. The reception desk now ahead of them. A pair of women working on clerical work. Marigold running through the many excuses and lies he had come up with over the years. Marigold nodding his head toward security cameras that focused on their arrival. "I suggest you take the lead, given your station, and say we're here to tour facility?" He offered quickly. He had used that in the past and given Michael's astounding charisma. It was a viable strategy. His eyes keeping tracking of the cameras as he followed Michael's lead. The two receptionist adorned in sleek business casual with black pinstripes and pink buttons; Blonde hair woven into tight buns. The twins matching as they always did for work. Both of their smiles never quite reaching their faces as they approached. Michael feeling a gravitas in the air the closer he got to the receptionist' desk. Their detection picking up strong trails of the demon's loathsome aura everywhere within Server Z; clinging to these two girls as they greeted him timidly, but only one managing to keep eye contact. Her fingers pensive and shaky on the holographic keyboard as her sister beamed at Michael. "It is an honor to see you Mr. Commager!" She said gingerly, her eyes flicking over toward Marigold before returning to The Bastion's "What can we help you with today sir? Our services are limited due to server maintenance, but we will do the best we can to assist you!" Marigold pinging Tori silently as his eyes flicked over toward the sister who was typing in a redundant manner that didn't match any clerk he had seen before. She kept pressing upon the H key for almost fifteen seconds before switching to the letter E.
  14. The clattering of swords and shouts continued to echo and grow louder as they continued through this cramped hall. Reginald agreeing with her that his physical prowess was lacking. Phoebe taking the lead as Reginald rested a hand upon her back. A spell thrumming through her back and giving her better vision in the dark. The wizard feeling a strange pull every-time he used magic in this place and wondered how strong The Siphon' lure was. It would have taken a great deal of sacrifice for it to have grown in such a time. Mist clung to their shoes and crawled up their legs; growing cold and bitter as another blue pulse rippled across their forms and drew out desires that were once lost to time, a song Reginald had long forgotten humming lowly in his throat as he followed closely behind Phoebe. Shikai feeling as though the floor was giving behind him as darkness swallowed their rear guard. The material of the hallway beginning shift from carved stone to something porous and waterlogged; Droplets of murky water pattering them overhead. Reginald inspecting the walls curiously as they moved, finding the change disturbing. "This certainly wasn't in the history" Reginald said, touching the wall and watching as it squirmed and writhed like his true nature. "Definately not" He emphasized An hour passing by before they saw any change in their trek through mist and murky water. The mouth of this hallway finally opening up to reveal a much different architecture. The floors, walls, and ceiling made up of this gray, porous material. It looked to have been a station for minecarts that would travel throughout the rest of the mountain. A dozen or so rotten mine carts scattered across the floor, most of the rails were rust eaten and degraded with a massive hole in the center, both ceiling and floor. A familiar sound of combat resounding from the hole in the floor. Voices being just barely heard. Phoebe found that her psyionics were becoming difficult to manifest, like a sword being caught in it's sheath, but managed to detect that there were only two fighting below. The psion noticing that Reginald had to weave his symbols in the air multiple times before they actual worked. An enchantment being cast on the two of them that allowed for greater stealth. "If The Siphon is strong enough to disrupt magic like this...then it could get quite tricky indeed." Reginald whispered to the both of them, keeping toward the entrance of the tunnel if they went to investigate the combat below. The sight was a gruesome as A chalky pale man struggled against an orc in a savage grappling match; Both tossed in their own blood, and emaciated. The room they were in appeared to be A storage for the carts themselves as they fought atop the broken porous floor. Their eyes the same blue that rippled through the air in that strange pulse as the orc tossed the man over his shoulder and slammed him to the floor "It's mine! It listens to me!" He cried as he attempted to strange him. The man screaming back and flailing his feet "Calls to me, me, me! Not you!" He cried back as his fingers splintered against the orc's skin as he clawed relentless. A bloody mess those of weaker constitution would feign from. The man pushing his head up with force and sinking his teeth into the orc's nose and tearing it off his face with a font of crimson that spattered the rubble they fought on. The orc screaming in agony and rage as he topped off the side and into a broken cart, spearing him through. "I am worthy!" The man called out in reverence and madness; his eyes meeting theirs in a moment of confusion and surprise before another ripple coursed through both rooms and trickled into their desired. When the effect bathed over the man, they watched him waste away before their very eyes. His feet sinking into the floor before his knees did as though his entire body was folding in on itself like a house of cards. "Do you hear that? It's that music again! It sounds so...familiar..." They heard Reginald from across the room as continued to explore in the meantime. He had pushed open a door barely hanging on it's hinges as the pulse traveled across him, and they too heard the music he had been rambling about in the halls. A soft orange light glinting farther into the room Reginald was investigating. Neither of them knew the origin of this foreign music, but it's archaic nature seemed familair upon the disguised Reginald's face. The strange desire they were experienced was upon his face in that moment, eyes glinting an ephemeral blue as he vanished deeper into the room. That music beginning to grow fainter as though it were moving farther away.
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