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  1. Djinn&Juice

    A Change of Heart (Hyde)

    Moshra said nothing in return. He had made his case and only time would tell if he was to be trusted. If it would cure Arashi of her affliction than Moshra was willing to temper her protection. Her gaze looking upon Xartia with an indomitable seriousness before smiling down at Fye who kept jumping in place "Don't worry Deshii, a miracle has been answered. Both of you get ready for bed" she said, a quick whistle having both of them stand in attention. Rivana rolling her eyes as they moved to their rooms. Rivana sticking her tongue out at Arashi as she passed the kitchen "Ya got company twerp, some weirdo" she said with a snort before vanishing into her room. A 'Do Not Disturb' sign on her door. "Arashi dearest! I have good news" Moshra called soon after, moving to her chair in the living room and sitting down. The age apparent now as her rounds tonight had left her more winded than usual. "Would you like something to drink, yes? Tea? Milk? Ale?" She offered "The sooner you do this. The better I will feel" she said. It was obvious she was nervous as she rocked back and forth in the rocking chair, tapping her feet as she watched Arashi enter the living. She had gone through so much, and she would go through hell and back for this child. Again and again. Her baby no matter the age. Her Arashi. "This is Xartia, yes? You and his family have history. He is here to undo the damage afflicted upon you"
  2. Djinn&Juice

    What dreams may come...

    His eyes still possessed a suspicious edge as she saved face. He was a man who had seen much and experienced more than he would've liked; his intellect and mind were something he hadn't ever neglected. Whether it was a curse or a gift was dependent upon fate who dealt the tarot cards of his future. The doctor sighing and lowering his shoulders. His suspicion evaded as she spoke of her burial. The world around them shifting to a twinkling night On valucre; more specifically his home. The imperium. A laboratory he had built in Terrenus. An attempt at a new life. This, a memory of the day his world had been flipped upon it's head. The day he had tried to make unsavory allies, the day he tried to save Gabriella, and ended up delivering her baby. He had lost his dog...her ashes being spilled into the soil. He had also gained a new sense of direction. A new friend in The Black Queen. His eyes breaking from hers toward a version of himself only a few months younger; finding her ashes where Xerxes had fallen; giving her proper burial there. A last rite for a wife who had once again saved his life. He would have never known Gabriella and wouldn't have had such...conviction in her safety. Marigold watching himself as he sat in the rain, burying xerxes with her and both versions closing their eyes in unison and sighing. "I had once believed this day to be a curse, but humility in hindsight was a sobering experience. One cannot survive alone and I craved companionship so much so that I let in strangers. I realized I was tainting your memory when I held that child. Gabriella had a baby...and he was the most beautiful thing I had ever held since you..." The rain falling around them soaking into the memory Marigold while leaving the real one dry; its waters bending around him as he contemplated his predicament. "You encouraged me to be so much more; tried to show me that my work was more than my algorithms and statistics...it took me this night to realize it. To see that despite my suffering and isolation...I could do good. I had delivered a child despite the assistance of Rodan. I brought life into the world! It was a life changing experience. Gabriella a kind soul to me, showing me that all power isn't necessarily corrupt. Her suitors having no such luck it seemed, but I learned here...learned what you tried to teach me so long ago. Two strong women teaching me a lesson I hadn't had the courage to learn on my own. He was used to talking to himself, even as he spoke to her. He knew it was only his own subconscious talking back to him through a form paramount to his mind. It was still a weight off his chest regardless. The Marigold in the memory resting his head upon the freshly covered grave and laying there for quite awhile. Her eyes catching that the left side of his coat tails fell to the ground shorter than they should. Where was his leg? "Orisia is dangerous. I have made enemies with it's rulers you see. I could tell Gabriella was simply an instrument of their goals. A tool that i fear would be used against me. They could kill me on sight for assisting in Gabriella' capture in any capacity." Marigold gripping his fist as he remembered Raphael' gaze. A creature profound in hiding his cowardice. The type of power he loathed most of all. His eyes watching with surprise as she shifted into a memorable dress. One Marigold knew well. The emotion in her eyes making his entire soul burn as he moved closer to her, wreathing his fingers alongside hers. His eyes losing direction in hers. This was a stronger memory than he had prepared for. She had been everything and even in his mind palace, she still surprised him. A single tear cradling the side of his cheek as he nodded in confidence; He knew it was still a form of closure he needed. It was her home. She deserved to be buried there. He still had a promise to keep. His eyes looking toward the stars once more "But if I will find peace in Orisia...it is a risk I must take"
  3. Djinn&Juice

    [Faction] Imperium Expansion: Clarity in Madness?

    Marigold squeezed the bridge of his nose with his thumb and forefinger as Arashi moved next to him and loosed her fiery temper. Something she'd always possess in some form; if only she could control it. "Arashi, please do not be rude to a guest! I am not going to allow a few mistakes lock me away from the world like some emotional prisoner! It is time I breathed in the sunshine once more. Madness be damned .Your mother helped show me such peace was possible. You should listen to her more" he said, his words sharp, and poignant as his gaze looked toward the sky, passed it's clouds, passed it's stars, and passed itself indomitable vastness. The flecks of green floating within his violet gaze fading; the strange glow of the device in his skull ceasing in it's undulating blink. Into the infinity of the universe "Forgive me Miss. Shanti. Alot has happened to me in building my laboratory; has put me and my ward here on edge" He admitted with a sheepish chuckle, giving nervous grin and waving Arashi through the barrier "Well please by all means come in. I am currently expanding my territory, use this civil war malarky to my benefit I suppose. I need to help on a larger scale, but I must do it on my own terms." Marigold beginning to move with a labored gait as his the dark metal cane in his left hand swung forth to keep his balance as he walked in a steady rhythm. Shanti seeing a jagged shock of white through the back of his mauve hair. Shanti being lead into a walkway inbetween two adjacent structures; made of metal and possessing squared windows with lights on within. A blue artificial aconce acting as street lamps at the corners of these buildings. The doctor leading them toward a central structure. "Arashi, please put some tea on will you?" Marigold' gaze looking toward Shanti "So then, what brings you to Terrenus? I am a new addition here aswell; creating a sort of hallmark of study for the world and magic around us."
  4. Djinn&Juice

    Forging allies (Private)

    Break' form was hovering in the stasis field the medical table produced. It made it possible for the doctor to check his form despite the weight of the droid making it difficult. His eyes moving over every detail as it was scanned over. Data and graphs beginning to formulate across the screens surrounding the table itself. The glow of the screens glinting off his glasses as he blew a trail of smoke into the air. This wasn't purely machine. He possessed living tissue, and yet he was brilliantly designed. The stench of alcohol breaking his listless concentration over the scans of his power source. His eyes flicking toward Khaki. "I have used some of Valucre' rarest materials throughout my career and still have seen nothing close to the level of technology here" He said tapping Break' arm and giving him a slight spin in place due to the stasis. "I will be able to repair him, he seems to be the equivalent of exhausted. That's the best I can diagnose right now. This...Break as you call him needing A few repairs-" The sound of an explosion heard and causing the doctor to swear and turn heel and stick his head out into the hall "Arashi you infuriating girl! You are my assistant. You are supposed to help me, not BREAK my lab further! I swear by the late great Edward Aloysius Murphy Jr you are the personification of his entire research!" He barked. The device on his right temple beginning to pulse a slow green. Flecks of green haze beginning to populate his irises as he turned back toward Break. "She is maddening at times i swear" He groaned, taking a few tools from his tray and beginning to work on repairing Break.
  5. Djinn&Juice

    Two if by Sea (Last Chance Raid)

    Character: Reginald Allies: @Bureku @Zashiii Enemies: @jaistlyn @spacegy4 Objective: Escape! Reginald could hardly believe it! He was a human, yet he possessed an indomitable will. Quite the man he was. The wizard weaving arcane energy in his hands as Delistair struggled in the runic trap. Arcane had certainly advanced over the ages! Such strong, mobile casters. Perhaps he had been underestimating this human; to be able to cast a spell under such painful circumstances was impressive, and another to do so with a powerful anti magic field. 'Magic is like chess...' He would remark in a past that felt so long ago. Each spell they cast and move they made like pieces on a board. And his opponent had the checkmate "My goose has been cooked..." He muttered as his spell fizzled out; the space around them shrinking and becoming dangerously small. Delistair unfortunately pulling too much into this spell and causing his consciousness to fade. The spell soon shattering like glass and fizzling into flecks of energy. His hooded form looking toward the open sky, seeing the shadow of Hana over Delistair. The human was good, but he had been spent. The spell sapping everything from him; This ally of his was most courageous, coming in to rescue her friend. Reginald giving a bow, the field enclosing around him lost in the wake of Hana' escape and his exhaustion. "A good show old sport. Till we meet again! He said with a tear opening up behind him as he took his leave; vanishing into the shimmering purple field. Another portal opening up before break and Khaki, giving them a chance at escape. Reginald' portal winking away like star in the day. The prisoner gone.
  6. Djinn&Juice

    Forging allies (Private)

    The rain was noisy and loud tonight. It's pattering drizzle a requiem for one's soul. The revitalizing constitution rainfall could provide was one Marigold loved to ponder. His eyes often drifting toward skies, looking through the clouds, through the dark sky and into the stars. It felt so freeing...to know just how infinite the universe was. What magic lay beyond? What species? New realms and new discoveries. He wanted to be a pioneer. His eyes ever glued to the night sky. A blip on his glasses causing him to sober from his thoughts. A source of energy being materializing somewhere near the imperium; it was a good thing the detection software was working. Raphael would be the last to threaten him in his own home. He would make sure of it. Marigold grabbing his cane, and beginning to make his way down to the ground floor. He found it strange that despite losing a limb, he didn't feel overwhelming fear. He had already lost so much, that this was a minor inconvenience for him. It was something he knew he could get over with time, the device in his skull pulsing with a slow green light that proved even his madness couldn't shake him anymore. A spotlight bloomed to the life from the Imperium as several droids passed through it's Grid Wall defenses, soon followed by Marigold himself; only one of these machines following him to the treeline. A lanky harnless looking construction droid. The doctor finding the source of the disturbance; a couple? One of which seeming to have collapsed. Marigold knitting his eyebrows in concern as he moved forward; now only a few feet away from the two. His glasses glowing with a light of their own as he scanned their vitals. Both of which very...peculiar. "A machine materializing here of all places? How interesting" He muttered. Marigold moving closer, and inspecting break curiously. He was damaged, and needed repairs it seemed. "You'd be hardpressed to find anyone around here with my skill set Im afraid" He said in response to any protest as his droid lifted Break up and marched behind Marigold who began to make his way to The Imperium. It's walls sizzling from the rainfall. "You are free to follow, can't rightfully leave you in the rain can I?" He called to Khaki. The journey taking them through the energy walls and into a dry facility with several different buildings and structures tethered by walkways and catwalks. A brisk walk leading them to a central building and through a set of sliding doors. The room within possessing a large hologram of a planet. Pieces of it still missing from the design; a work in progress. "I'll admit I haven't seen the likes of something this advanced before due to it's rarity. I'm one of a few in this whole world even capable of understanding...how curious" he muttered, scratching his chin. Break being laid out upon a medical table. Marigold taking out a pack of cigarettes as he turned on the table; a scan flourishing through Break and running a diagnoses. "How'd he even get here? There was a high density magic emitting from the treeline before vanishing and leaving...you two" He said, a trail of smoke spilling from his lips and rising into the air as he watched the screens collect Break' data
  7. Djinn&Juice

    Two if by Sea (Last Chance Raid)

    Character name: Reginald Affiliation: The Legion Allies: @Zashiii @Bureku Enemies: @jaistlyn Reginald was surprised to say the least as the point of his spell was met with no eruption. His hooded head peering through the gathering smoke from the searing energy billowing through the room. The roof now completely destroyed and revealing the skies above Last Chance. "Bully for you! A well timed counterspell!" He called forth, a surprised yelp coming from his form as a crack of pain ripped through him...piercing his shield? "Oh dear...what peculiar...projectiles" He muttered. They were using all sorts of new tactics in this age weren't they?? Reginald doubling over for a moment. Quite powerful attacks indeed Delistair beginning to move and fire more of these strange attacks. It certainly couldn't be a new age magic could it? My oh my he was getting old! Reginald closing his fist and swirling his right hand, a spark of arcane weaving into the smoke before it thickened and swelled. Delistair seeing Reginald again and finding his bullets met their mark. His form crumpling backwards before Delistair saw another silhouette several feet to the right, another to the left, and two more behind them. Which one was the real one? "A change in tactics keeps you guessing!" They all said in unison. Delistair keeping in constant movement as the now dozen or so reginalds fired off magic missles and despite his best tactics, he couldn't dodge them all. A potential spike of fear as several of this darts met their mark on his person...but phased through? these were illusions This realisation being gifted with the glow of a trap underneath his feet. Reginald needing a proper distraction to lay this down. Delistair enraptured by a horrible red glow as The mage was struck with searing pain throughout his body. The symbol of pain cursing his form while he stood on the Sigil"Abjuration a tricky thing to perfect, but absolutely deady when used proper!" Reginald said as his clones dissipated; revealing the true one just ahead of him. "How do you plan to get out of this kerfuffle I wonder? Don't let me down boyo! We cannot let the arcane be hidden away by cowardice and fear. We cannot let this gift, our responsibility, to be tempered like cheap steel dear boy. It's a force that shouldn't be so harshly chained. Perhaps you do understand" Reginald spoke "I dared to learn and they locked me away for it! For what I know I am dangerous, yet i seek not to destroy, but to simply...learn. Do you dare to learn hmm? I could teach you! Oh I do so love to teach aspiring Magus." "Such potential!"
  8. Djinn&Juice

    Snake' Coil

    Hell's gate was pinnacle to Magitech and innovation; it's skyscrapers and structures vast in scale, and made it feel like a true concrete jungle. Crime here far less obvious, and remained as low to the ground as possible. This city still as capable of swallowing the unprepared as any other house of cards. Ouroboros was a club slowly gaining popularity in it's curious drinks and curious staff. It was a two story building with the depiction of two snakes eating either ending surrounding the frame of the velvety double doors that acted as it's entrance. The neon sign blinking off and on in rhythm and filling the streets it surrounded with an intoxicated light. It was a hard thing to ignore for certain. There was a doorman mounted at the front; a dark blue suit and lighter red tie making his outfit. A wide brim cowboy hat covering most of his face, except for a ghostly pale white eye that watched each patron go in. May having an awkward few moments of awkward silence before he nodded his head toward the door and looked towars the next patron. Through the doors, she would find a short hallway doused in purple, orange, and blue neon. The sound of music thrumming through the hall, growing louder the closer she moved in; pulling a curtain back and revealing the hall opened up into a vast room. The Music now blaring around her she saw that it was rather packed in here. Men and woman of all races and variations enjoying themselves in various means. A stage was ahead of her with tables and a dance floor at the center. The music getting some patrons in the mood for a night of dance as a gold haired woman lavished in reds and whites sang to the infectious beat. Her eyes sparkling the same gold as she looked at May from across the club and winked. To the immediate right she found a bar with circular counter surrounding the alcohol shelves themselves. The bar stools actually rather vacant, only a few patrons around one side. The bartender a golden skinned man with periwinkle hair combed in a dazzling quoff. His eyes darting toward her and revealing a charming pink lipstick smile "Well hello darling, what can i get you? Snake' Coil perhaps?" He asked, revealing a glittering smile as he leaned on the bar curiously. @spacegy4
  9. Djinn&Juice

    [OOC] Night of Terror - Knoles

    Gotchya! Then yea Fuck that one dood up Ripperoni if they get anymore hits on herrrr
  10. Djinn&Juice

    [OOC] Night of Terror - Knoles

    N 16 Does the other three damage not carry over to any adjacent squares or is it limit to all damage to one enemy square?
  11. Djinn&Juice

    [OOC] Night of Terror - Knoles

    Nah its cool Ill have one of their attacks!
  12. Djinn&Juice

    Night of Terror [Knoles]

    Sigrid was surrounded and memories of her tribe became all too familiar; her time as a child possessing striking similarities to her current predicament. A goblin was a unsavory little monster, but a hybrid with a human? Unheard of. Her tribe had beaten her and tried to throw her out, bit she was a savage child and didn't know how to give up so she kept coming back. Determined to be a warrior among them. This was her test all over again. Only this time it was for a family she cared about. A mayor she admired...an elf she loved. The monstrous abominations tearing at her hide armor and letting loose blood from her arms and back as they slashed mercilessly, but she wouldn't go down so simply. She had too much to protect. She pulled her maul back and jammed it's handle into the chest of the monster upon her flank before ripping it sideways and wedging the tortured soul next to her into the wall of thr library. It's bottom half sloughing to the ground as She wiped its gore across her face in mask of war paint. Slamming her chest with her fist as she swung her mace for the amassed group in the doorframe
  13. Djinn&Juice

    [OOC] Night of Terror - Knoles

    Using my movement for my item Rolled a four and attacked M & O 15 and N 16 This item might be a life saver 😵
  14. Djinn&Juice

    [OOC] Night of Terror - Knoles

    She's not down yet! 😤
  15. Djinn&Juice

    [Faction] Imperium Expansion: Clarity in Madness?

    It was a strange sight to behold as she looked upon walls of pure energy creating a rectangular perimeter around some obscured structure or...structures? A tower rising high above the walls and above the canopies. If she squinted she could see it's apex, blipping to life every other minute with a blue light. The clearing possessing several patches of filled dirt where stumps were uprooted, but otherwise it was a rather lush field. A mile inbetween the treeline and this strange facility. She could make out movement moving through the walls before breaching the energy field. A machination of metal and technology; A construction droid. An intimidating figure of height and stature, yet seeming to not even pay her any mind as it marched through the plain and started to pull a stump from the ground. Shanti would receive no agressive behavior from the droid of she moved toward her, in fact any proximity around him. He would look at her curiously with a blue light in his face plate acting as his eye; waving at her before returning to his chore. A pair of cameras atop the pylons at each corner of the facility, however had noticed her and kept close watch as she approached. A voice crackling through some unknown device coming from the structures itself. "Yes? What do you want? Fool me once and all that, you understand im sure. One second." The voice clipped off and left her in silence for the time being before she found an actual man step through the field. He was tall and thin as a board, adorned in a double breasted lab coat that trailed to his ankles, stopping at a pair of simple black shoes. His face was fair and scrunched in an untrusting quizzical stare. Steely mauve hair pulled up into a loose ponytail with bangs framing either side of a pair of searching violet eyes. "Well...I had Bentley run your vitals, and you show no signs of any genetic match from them...Say hello Bentley" He quipped, looking toward the Droid, who then waved at her and made a few enthusiastic beeps. "He says you look pretty, right well. My name's Marigold. Is there a reason you've arrived? A death threat? Knoles? That crazed vampire? I'm in the middle of construction and have had a really rough few months" He said, pushing his glasses up and rubbing his eyes before returning them to their place on his nose. He looked tired above all else. Paranoia was exhausting it seemed. "If your not here to kill me would you like some tea then? I just put the kettle on"