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  1. Djinn&Juice

    Nu Martyr Goes to War

    So are we breaking into groups on either side of the fight? I imagine having someone to oppose you directly would be interesting Might as well add to Marigold' Nemesis list! @danzilla3 Maybe some help from a third party? @Unicorgi
  2. Djinn&Juice

    Nu Martyr Goes to War

    I'm throwing Marigold into this This looks hella intriguing
  3. There was an unmistakable stench in the air; a lingering of iron, decay, and pestilence exhuming through the blankets of rain pelting the earth relentlessly. An abhorrent display of violence being brought to these unfortunate town's folk that laid scattered across the ground; Their corpses being piled up in a totemic claim of territory with survivors barely hanging onto their lives as they ran with everything they had, and lost. The executors of these poor souls, abominations with only bloodshed framing their trepenated skulls. The Dead attempting to cut a swathe through these fields of slaughter; The skeletal deviants chittering and creaked as they moved with unnatural speed. Hunger their only driving instinct. A blue shimmering tear of magic appeared betwixt the hordes, and The Dead themselves; a particular ravenous fiend being caught where the portal had suddenly expanded from. His form being erupted across the ground and greeting a few of the members with undead viscera. A robed figure merging from the arcane tear before it regressed and closed behind him. He was adorned in multicored robes of reds, golds, and purples that concealed most of his form except for what appeared to be...slow writhing worms that undulated in place of his hands and feet. A removed hood exposing that his head too, was made entirely out of strange purple worms. A face lacking any facial features to speak of. "I have arrived!" He called with a youthful voice of eager application expelling vibrantly from an otherwise unnatural creature. Reginald raising his arms in greeting before one of the undead horde smashed a heavy club through the wizard, reducing him to a cloaked pile. A wormed finger erupting from the pile and firing a sickly green beam at it's attacker. It's form beginning to rapidly decay and caused his body to begin flowing with the rain water. His robes beginning to jostle and rise before two arms of maggetous manifestation erupted into view. Reginald reforming and dusting his robes off before continuing "Forgive my lateness, everyone! Allow me to assist!!" He barked eagerly, listening to their instruction as he turned to face the coming foes. His hands beginning to trace arcane glyphs in the air as he prepared a spell. Arcane energy beginning to coalesce around his abberational form.
  4. Djinn&Juice

    [T1] Iscariate Lichthammer :VS: Nica Sero

    Iscariate had forced himself back for some breathing room; The cheers and excitement from all the bloodshed and intense combat causing the arena itself to quake. A vampire was a patron of shadows, and darkness...they were to eist between the realms of man and monster. They were not meant for such a blinding spotlight, and yet...In this moment he didn't feel like a vampire. He felt like a gladiator. A true warrior. Nica gifting him with the chance of true combat from a foe who could handle his fists without fear of breaking. Iscariate feeling his muscles beginning to slow in their movements almost forcibly work against any movements he tried to make. This had to be some sort of sneaky shit that black ooze did. His burning eyes of sanguine passion burning into the oozing coals of Nica's as they stood adjacent. He couldn't stay still with his limbs trying to go into atrophy...He had to keep moving. The Blood Knight firing forward as he saw Nica raise into the air. The way Nica's eyes were...He wasn't in control was he? whatever the hell this ooze was...seemed to be doing the work. A man who hides behind his tools. "Letting that thing fight for you? PATHETIC! Face me as you are!" He bellowed in unrelenting rage; the vicious array of claws coming directly for him. His eyes now focused solely on Nica; He had faced so many in far too many wars and battlefields to see the eyes of a man without control. He had been one of those men, and it was how he became A vampire in the first place. He wanted to face true strength..the strength of courage...not mindless violence...but if Mindless violence was all His foe could produce...then he could only retort in kind. The claws clashing with sparks and spurts of blood as Iscariate met the claws with his grizzled maw; incisors and jagged molars crunching down on the claws in a vicious bite(1) His fangs sinking into the troll's flesh as the claws that weren't broken pierced into his throat. A risky move that could end it all here, but he was used to being reckless... Blood spurting out of his mouth and spilling to the blood stained floor and causing the amalgamated blood around them to ripple and quake with growing intensity as it began to surround Iscariate with a crimson pool (2) The pool seeming to shimmer with a growing power as the vampire quaked it's surface with heavy steps, keeping the remaining claws stuck between his hungering fangs(3) as he hauled forward into a jump directly toward the demented flower, his muscles continued to fight him as he attempted to uppercut Nica directly (4). Ouroboros had existed in Blairville for only a year, and yet it gained quite a reputation for it's business practices; Marketing as a source of every sinful entertainment one could ask for and being headed by an Illustrious woman known as Calypso. Calypso and Gilandriel both owning Ouroboros and seeing to it's many functions, but Calypso was far more starstruck than her reclusive partner and gladly became the face of the company. The bar itself possessing a wide array of drinks and mixes from all over the world, and even having it's own curious flair. Ina watching A well dressed man weaving magic through the air and infusing with a particular glass before him; an orange tinged drink being presented to an awestruck woman a few patrons next to Ina. The Bartender immediately brandishing a tall glass and filling it with chilled water; presenting it to Ina. "There ya go darlin, water's free~" He said, his gold skin making his magenta gaze more prominent through the locks of periwinkle hair. The sound of sudden cheers catching her attention as many started to crowd around the stage placed directly in the center of the main floor; the bar hugging the far left corner. Ina seeing the crowd growing around a woman in a jeweled dress. Her hair long and sparkling gold, and matched her eyes as the room filled with the music of her voice. "She is an absolute treat isn't she? My daughter has learned quite well~" An abrupt voice spoke beside her suddenly, a once unoccupied seat now possessing A most evocative woman with eyes of sultry hot pink. A laxidaisical smile touching her perfect lips. Ina feeling a crackling against her skin as though this woman possessed an intoxicating aura. She possessed snake earings that looped through her elven ears a few times before the sapphire eyed heads perched at the pointed tips. Her hair an ocean of silver and gold locks that flowed down her exposed back and hung off the stool. her dress enrapturing her physique in a tightly woven pendulum of anticipation that dared to come lose and expose Ina to a wave of emotions she hadn't expected to combat today.
  5. Djinn&Juice

    the Dead Celebrates.

    The festivities were only just beginning and there was already so much happening around the curious mage; one of which being A most outspoken maid. His facial expressions strangely poignant in their ministrations. The Mage clapping his hands excitedly and giving an eager guffaw "Wondrous! Our Architect certainly knows how to put a party together!" He said with a delightful laugh before Brida watched in a crescendo of horror as he merrily stripped several inches of tinsel from it's lavish home against the tree and slurped it as though it were an exquisite Italian dish. Reginald seeming to have no discomfort as he finished off the small rope of garnish before sinking his 'teeth' into a most decorative ornament. He in his honest opinion didn't find any of these confections too appetizing. He had lost the ability to gain energy from food and drink when he became an aberration, but he did his best to comform with social normality so if this was what he had to do then so be it! Reginald polishing off a few ornaments before hearing the sound of a beautifully macabre piece. Reginald always favoring the musical arts; music always possessing an mortal place in his otherwise eldritch existence. It pulled him toward the sound as though it were a siren's song...He was helpless to it's power, and it was the few things that still made him feel human. A monster cared not for the intricacies of a gifted hand striking keys like an alchemical formula constructed by Flamel himself. It was a melancholy that grazed his psyche with the intensity of memories long fragmented from such A destructive fragmentation of his very soul. It held it all together once again and made him whole. Ina and Shikai had swung into a dance all their own, something unknown as it was developing all the same. Reginald recognizing Ina and unsurprising to once again find her in such a instrumental environment. It seemed more than he shared such a love. A swirl of purple and magenta above his hands manifesting an archaic violin that he began to play with a bow of mahogany. Reginald bowing to the two of them as they began to dance "Allow me to continue the reverie whilst you two dance! An introductory gesture, I am Reginald Baldrick Omaya Thaydrenn Lockheed The Third. A pleasure" He said warmly to Shikai, Ina recognizing the stranger from his name; it seemed he had different disguises he donned. It wasn't the same face he wore in Lunaris. The Mage standing once again as he began into a piece he felt matched the energy Shikai had started with. They all could see books animating as they flew about the room in curious flocks, seeming attracted to the sudden music. A few beginning to even mimic Reginald and produce instruments of their own to add to the song; A true symphony beginning to orchestrate itself as those books spun around Reginald in a laxidasical rhythm that timed with the music. Reginald beginning to pulsate with arcane energy that licked at his form. He was curious if those tasteless, but decedent treats he had, empowered him in some way. He was exceptionally grateful regardless, his feet beginning to move into a bit of a dance as he pranced with the same bounce the books did. A book in particular catching such a familiarity from this eerie song as it trounced around Reginald's head. A tune that could not be denied...for it was the last one The Fae Queen had heard from her beloved. @danzilla3 @-Lilium- @Aleksei
  6. Djinn&Juice

    [Dead] Opus Magus

    Reginald bore no disguises, or exclusionary dispositions. He adorned his runic robes of purple and gold with only his writhing hands and head exposed. His worms slowly writhing in place, and framing the humanoid figure he took on. There was nothing to hide among his peers, and helping him come to terms with just how much dissonance there was between him and a burgeoning world he no longer knew. Time had become relative to him; no longer suffering from the mortal factors of age or sickness and thus would always be seen standing still for what could be seen as a tremendous amount of time, yet to him, only a few minutes had passed by. The time he had spent locked away making him even more abysmal at being on time, and thus...he was late. A portal manifesting next to Cain; Reginald immediately spilling out of the arcane vortex. "Forgive my lateness! I am still getting used to being free to roam! Back in my day we used these curious things called sun dials! They were a wonderful conversation piece in any boudoir" He said, bowing apologetically to Cain before immediately beaming with eager energy as he saw the two together. These were his newfound leaders and while he was curious about their interests in arcane and it's future, since the celebration he couldn't help but be lovestruck by their phantasmal relationship. Ramesses absolutely astounding the mage as he looked onto the deconstruction and technological wonders that Cain had access to. The mage while having no such understanding of magitech or it's mechanical counterpart awed at the capabilities humanity and all species have managed to accrue over the ages he had been gone. He was so proud of them! Valucre had grown so much and every facet poured forth new ideas and fascinating new species with even more concepts that he could hardly believe. It was the first time in awhile that he didn't feel like the most bizarre entity in the world. There was such a new bizarre fluctuation of good and evil and might and magic that he knew this was a fresh new world he was stepping into. One that he needed help in navigating. It was why he was here, and why he supported The Dead. It was neigh impossible to know what was going on in Reginald's head due to his lack of facial features; His only focal point being a pair of coke bottle glasses accentuating where his 'eyes' would be, but it wasn't hard for Cain to discern his excitement as sparks of arcana perforated through his coat as spoke to the eccentric wizard "Your research into my studies is most flattering sire! Scrolls, spells, and raw Mana are my specialties yes! Artifacts always housing mysterious magic from times long passed. You are far too busy to be dealing with such matters, which is exactly why I am most willing to take on that particular workload! Please take this aberrational form you see before you as a resume of my capabilities!" He said, ready to show what he was capable of; graciously taking the cylindrical case; several of the documents lifting free and levitating before his features as he examined them. "The Arcana division?! Oh Sire that would be most gracious! It is a position I humbly feel could do the most good in" He said, his worms undulating in ecstatic elation at the concept of being able to once again study magic at his leisure; There was so much new magicka to be researched and tested! Reginald nodding eagerly, no longer able to stand still as there was so many newfound ideas being formed from all the raw designs Cain had afforded him. Riforte finally taking the time to speak her mind with the grace and gravitas she seemed to carry herself with everywhere she went. Reginald wishing he could possess such a level of confidence. "Both of you have been far too kind to me, and yet I still have more to prove!" He said; Reginald laughing and immediately skipping circles around his newfound Fae Queen. Vanadey never far from the aloof mage ever since the celebration. Vana realizing rather quickly that Reginald had suffered fragmented memory loss from his transformation, and believed that this was the first time they had ever met. The bittersweet concoction of emotion slightly overshadowed by the fact that it seemed Reginald had somehow reverted to the truth seeking mage simply trying to make magic more accessible to the less gifted. It seemed that for better or for worse; He was a truer version of himself than the obsessive desperation she had seen grimly depart. "Vanadey has been such a delight, and I know iv'e thanked you so much already, but thank you again Miss. Riforte! I will make you proud!" He said, turning to Vana with a shining confidence that clung to his very robes "Miss Vanadey; It appears I am in line for a new promotion! I must come up with a suitable commission that is worthy of the title Arch-Mage! Perhaps you have some thoughts?"
  7. Djinn&Juice

    A challenge for unusual characters

    Isn't it? It's actually from Dungeons and Dragons to be fair so I can't credit the species, but their creation and usual evil alignment made me want to try and make a character based around such a weird and gross concept and thus my worm wizard was born. He is definitely the most out there thing I have done in some time!
  8. Djinn&Juice

    A challenge for unusual characters

    My wonderful Reginald is a disgusting aberration known as a Worm That Walks, but he is becoming one of my favorite characters! I definitely recommend trying out new species and bizarre concepts; it gives a whole different perspective!
  9. Djinn&Juice

    Bring me a Dream

    Reginald couldn't believe that he had managed to do so well. It was the first time since his incarceration that he had attempted such a feat and it felt quite refreshing! The Magus in Butler disguise gallivanting through the streets of Lunaris with an infectious aura of joy. He couldn't be happier; more magic being displayed before the town's people and gifting harmless trinkets to the children. His violin bringing a crowd of it's own as he played melodies lost to time. It was the human condition to distrust and he had suffered from that condition for most of his mortal years, and while he did miss the sensations the human form brought; he felt as though he could do far more in a form that allowed him to act without the constraints humans made for themselves. He wasn't afraid to beguile the public with charm and music, or show them that magic should be celebrated...not feared. He hoped one day that he could show them his true form and he too...would be celebrated. The butler clad wizard beginning to dance with several of the town's folk as his violin continued to play on it's own. Reginald eventually catching up with the rest of the group and greeting them all with an eager and prideful smile, his excitement involved pulling Ina into dancing tirade that he had left the town in, presenting Amantis a small stack of stapled papers as he continued to groove with his seemingly endless energy "I completed my mission! The distribution of our product will be legal; Deacon was quite the charmer! Ina, Linda! You'll never believe what a delightful woman gave me in town! A french kiss I believe it was! A strange good luck charm!" He said with A beaming grin as he looked to the sky. It was a new era he had been brought into with luck's grace. He wouldn't squander this opportunity he had been given. He would cherish these new friends of his. Reginald pulling Ina, Linda, and even Amantis in for a group hug as he swelled with joy and excitement. He couldn't wait for the next adventure in store! "Ina! Perhaps I could demonstrate A french kiss for you! It's quite an intimate experience!"
  10. Djinn&Juice

    The Bad Doctor

    The sound of commotion was heard outside the cells that dissipated the figure before him and left him in quiet curiosity. The commotion growing louder as he could hear the cells being...opened? forced open? the loud creaking and heavy boots implying that there was some sort of chaos happening that the military hadn't been prepared for. He could hear some voices disccusing matters he couldn't quite hear...but he heard one such familiar voice as The Doctor himself; laying his ear against the door with an eager grin. The door being pried against and forcing Vashka to step back a few feet as it seemed he was getting an unexpected visitor. Light filling the room as the door's hinges gave way and nearly blinded him from the sheer difference brightness. Mara seeing an emaciated figure holding up a scarred hand to block the intensity of the light; A man of tall disposition but with a figure more akin to a corpse than any actual person. His face gaunt and seeming to be the worst for wear. His lips being burned off and only exposing cracked and disfigured teeth, possessing only one functional eyelid on his left side and having further chemical scars painting the right side with blackened veins coursing down his cheek. "Isn't zis a surprise? Und here I sought zat my goose vas cooked" he said with a ghoulish grin as he bowed to his rescuer "Opportunities should never be vasted" He said, immediately stepping out into the hall. His gaunt flesh even more of a bizarre sight in the open light. His eyes peering at Mara intently; caustic yellow swirling like the very gasses he created. this was the chance he needed and he certainly wasn't wasting it, wiping acrid drool from his chin as he began to looking for The Doctor. A new mentor that would not lead him astray, and would see his corrosive dreams a reality. Mara immediately having him stand with the other freed prisoners; Engel being one of them and making him much more cooperative to this nuisance barking him orders. His eyes scanning the bridge with acute paranoia. This was an exceptional ambush position, and he wasn't fond of going back to that steel cage once more. Vashka picking the corpses on the ground clean of their equipment and strapping on what he could immediately. The marshall's firearm would help keep him alive at least, wiping the caustic drool from his ghoulish teeth and falling in formation to the bridge . "I know not vere zey have my equipment Herr Doctor...but vith time zey could figure out ze compounds oft mein mixtures...I vill have to start from scratch" he hissed, his mired teeth grinding angrily at the thought of those mouthbreathers corrupting his formulas. He hated the aspect of leaving them behind, but he could always start again with new ingredients. If they managed to get out of here. Vashka scrounging the ground for bullet casings; his mind thinking of quick solutions to help Engel escape. There were so many to go about this. "Zere are bassrooms in ze kitechn und mess hall...if I can get zere again I can help vith our escape route" His voice keeping low; Who knows who could be listening. @Tyler
  11. Djinn&Juice

    Heat Exposure For The Soul

    The tutorial was quite intrinsic as it seemed to respond to her movements with gratifying responses. The bike shifting and swaying with unintended energy Nikki hadn't expected; It was going to take some time to get used to such a vehicle. Her beastly eye beginning to twitch and shift in eager awareness...A flicker of molted green smoke permeating the bike before it came to life with exuberant vitae. Nikki unable to resist the excitement of such a new adventurous development in her life. why shouldn't she test it out first? Nikki feeling that tug of freedom from the very demon she was attempting to cast away...but was madness so bad? was it so wrong to free herself from her impending mortality? Nikki feeling her hand grasp the handle and twist the throttle as the tutorial instructed. A distant ephemeral laughter heard in the recesses of her mind as she suddenly flew forward; A set of guard rails erecting immediately and giving arrows directing around the training course Marigold had created for Nikki the night before. It was a smoother ride than she had expected, feeling weightless in her seat as steal and artificial lights passed her by. A couple of droids giving her a curious wave as she barreled passed them. A few laps giving her time to adjust speeds and orient herself in turns; The machine feeling natural to her form, and becoming easier to maneuver with. The course ending on construction pad, where two droids immediately started to outfit it with the necessary supplies for her travel. "// Can never be too careful! It's an important mission after all.//" A shorter one commented "//Have you heard all the gossip going around J3N? The doc could finally make a true breakthrough.//" The taller one chattered in return. "It isn't rude if it's accurate it s eems" He said with a coy quirk to his lips "Caffeine is an ineffective method to stay awake; I've been told creativity can stimulate your mind as long as you need" he said, his voice seeming to go off kilter for a moment before he coughs into a closed fist and digests her quips. "the tree sap and outdated tech tells me you don't go to these black tie parties often regardless; This facility is free of such social constraints so feel free to let your hair down as it were" He said, cleaning his glasses with a few hot breaths before returning them to his paled face "Hotshot? It is Dr. Ravenspire to potential business partners" He said with an incredulous smile; Their eyes creating a thin layer of tension that he maintained throughout their conversation. Marigold stepping through the grid wall completely and revealing the lanky doctor completely. A dozen or so pockets lining his pants that were cuffed around a scuffed pair of wingtips. A burgundy lab coat possessing an equal amount of pockets nearly draping to the floor as he sipped at his tea. A checkered sweater vest could be seen as he laughed with an underlying hysteria "That was an unforeseen side effect; You heard them sing didn't you? isn't it marvelous? It as though life was breathed into their beings" He said with a bark of laughter, recoiling into a coughing fit before waving his hand dismissively "Your logic is sound. The world is changing, and I fear that it is going into an age of Arcanum...and that will be the death of us all. Madness will consume them all" He said The air becoming still as her demeanor changed; Marigold feeling this tense disposition and looking at her with unwavering attention, almost as though he couldn't believe the sudden edge her voice carried. The distant trees swaying and shaking against a strong breeze that carried across the facility and through Marigold' hair; silence claiming the space between them for quite some time. "If there is nothing to wonder then why did you come here? If I am something you have seen before then why bother at all? There is always more to wonder...somewhere...out there" He said, his gaze beginning to travel far distances towards concepts unknown. His eyes eventually meeting hers once again; a ghost of A smile appearing on his lips as he nodded "You certainly possess a fool-hearty courageousness that is to be inspired. I am to assume with your overconfidence that you are aware of my security measures so keeping any foreign technology and magic to yourself is greatly appreciated" He said with a nod. He had to get back to Nikki and send her on her adventure, but this girl was quite a curious flare of disobedient independence. It was possible that she too were somehow connected to the plight Nikki and he were suffering from. All worthy theories at least, but he needed more information. The doctor leaning forward and plucking a hair from her head; His form once again vanishing behind the grid walls. Petrichor left out there for only a moment before A hand waved her in; a tingling sensation being the only effect the grid walls had on her. "You have been added to the registry, or whats left of it anyways. You are able to pass through unharmed now, breaking any of my rules will result in automatic termination...but im sure you already knew that" He said, eyes flicking a frustrated green before leading her into The Anima Imperium; when she did decide to follow. A single step through the energy field would introduce her to the stark dissonance the facility held within it's walls. Four large buildings of difference size and shape placed along each corner of the perimeter with ten or so feet of walkway inbetween each building. She and Marigold both moving along one of these steel streets where thick chords and vast catwalks interconnected between the buildings and possessed different entrances so you could travel from structure to structure easily. The central hub being where all these walkways meet; A central hub possessing a directory of the layout and even several benches. I'd be upset too if my profession was written off so easily! Whadya planning on doin to her? Cut your teeth on some good old fashioned experimentation?? Maybe it'll make you feel better! Maybe try a profession less cliche? Maybe a baker! or A Court Jester! Your attempts to get rid of me and handle the criticism of a dumb little girl are sure making me come apart at the seams HAHAHA Sheees plotting against you...They all are.
  12. Djinn&Juice

    Heat Exposure For The Soul

    Marigold's form quaked as the facility continued to spiral out of control' acrid tears burning down his cheeks as A war was waged within his very being. Eyes of putrid green flicking toward Nikki as she grasped at either of his slender arms and attempted to shake him awake "We are one now Nikki- But we are not the same!" Marigold's voice tearing through the imposter's as his eyes flushed back to their respective violet. His form slacking as the tensile stress of this unnatural contest was put to rest. The facility groaning in relief as it was once again put back together as it should be. The infectious madness bleeding into every crevice beginning to recede as Marigold gasped for air and looked at Nikki with the same fearful surprise as she looked at him with. "Forgive me my dear...it seems...sleep is a necessary ingredient in keeping my sanity" He said with a hollow chuckle. "Do you understand now? How dangerous these artifacts are? We are in theory...giving him exactly what he wants, but I can use them to sever his connection to us! It's all I have" He said, collapsing into his chair; his trembling hands holding his head "I don't claim to have all the answers, but please trust that I am not trying to...get you killed" Those words feeling cold to his lips as all he could think about was how his father acted all those years ago. There came a series of chirps from the holographic screen. Nikki's vehicle had finished. The doctor sighing as he spun his chair around to look at the finished design. Mechanical mandibles and automated claws rising back into the ceiling, leaving a freshly made hovercraft before the two of them "I ran a great deal of prototype tests last night and possess the confidence to give this a 'Mark 1' as it were" Marigold said, a ghostly visage of pride clinging to his form as he looked upon it Marigold immediately adding some refinements to a small holographic heads up display just above the handles "It has been programmed with Hermonthis' location and safe rest stops along the way that you shouldn't find any troubles in your journey there. It possesses a hidden compartment activated like so" He said pushing a panel beneath the handles that reveals an elongated rifle case build into it's side "This will keep your rifle secure and will also connect the excess arcane reserve your rifle uses to give it an extra boost if you need it. That button is here. I will gather all the provisions you need and then you will be on your way. Any questions you have please voice them now. If I am to be any use to you when you arrive...I need rest" He said rubbing his eyes with a shake of his head. An alert blaring across the garage and causing Marigold to audibly sigh "For fuck's sake what is it NOW" He barked "It appears the perimeter alarm was tripped, please get accustom to the vehicle and listen to the tutorial I made you...I must deal with this" He said, a snap of his fingers causing the holographic screen on the bike to light up with a play button and the word 'Tutorial'. Petrichor had A plan in motion and knew that this too was another untrustworthy laboratory unfit to call it's self such. Her march taking her to the energy humming grid walls of the facility itself. They were eight feet tall and obscured any visuals on the interior within. The droids continuing their work unabated by the events that had just occurred. Her unscrupulous gaze immediately met with a Violet one as Marigold's face poked through the wall of energy. His sudden presence A startle, but more so was the strange exasperation he seemed to exude "How can I help you miss? I am Dr. Marigold Ravenspire. If you are here from the dissolution Knoles has spread I am sorry to disappoint. I am not after the resources of the town or seek to end all organic life or whatever they are rightfully spinning tales of. I am just tired, would you like some tea? likely not I presume, assuming I poisoned it or put some mind altering drugs. Suit yourself. I have fine tuned my tea making capabilities for guests...but it's hard to trust strangers I understand, let alone ones that just appear through walls" An air of a smile meeting his lips; the bags under his eyes feeling less heavy as he sipped on a single cup of tea. "From your immediate experience would you say my lab gives off: A- an uninviting air of technology and unholy union of magic and machine B- A sense of wonder with mystery in who could create such a marvel C- A sense of constipation due to the immediate size of my facility? You'd be surprised to know that C tends to be the case in at least 14 case studies I've done" He said sipping on his tea once more; his eyes drifting toward the sky as it seemed sleep deprivation had taken it's toll on the good doctor.
  13. Djinn&Juice

    the Dead Celebrates.

    It had been such a long time since he had experienced anything other than utter darkness. The shrewd imprisonment he had suffered something between a fever-dream and a nightmare. Any human would have found that endless span of suspension in ancient arcane restraints maddening...it would have broken them. It was good, he supposed, that he hadn't been human in quite some time. It had all been taken from him the day those government buffoons found his teachings and proclivities for forbidden magics 'dangerous'...well they were long dead by now and here he was, late for the first party he had gone to in eons so what did they know? It seemed that most of the guests had already arrived and were just beginning to 'enjoy' themselves as best as a macabre group like this could. It was quite a good thing they had invited Reginald to help brighten the mood! There wasn't a knock at the door or carrier pigeon bound to burst through the window, but rather a distortion of air followed by a swell of bright purple and blue magic accumulating into a portal. A man immediately spilling forth from the arcane machination in a bit of a fluster. The portal shortly closing with a wink of periwinkle glimmer. The man quickly recovering as he dusted himself off and ran a lithe hand through his curled violet locks. "Forgive me everyone! My trajectory was slightly askew, hopefully I didn't leave any marks!" he said, quickly looking back at the floor nervously before sighing in grandiose relief. Reginald had met a few of the members of The Dead, but still felt it necessary to adorn one of his disguises. His form having no place in a formal setting, besides this one was far more accommodating! The mage giving an apologetic bow before rest of the guests as he realized he had nearly opened the portal In the tree the staff had likely painstakingly step for such an event. "Reginald Baldric Omeyya Thaydrenn Lockheed The Third at your service! I am but a rookie among such esteemed members of your organization and it is an honor to be invited to such a soire! forgive my tardiness" He said, giving a gracious bow as maids immediately went to remove him of his cloak an unnecessaries. "You are too kind, please, as gratitude and apologies for my rudeness" he said to the few who took his cloak, and cane. A rotund pair of Sapphires being presented to the two; giving them away without a second thought as he looked onto the rest of the gathering with a wide smile. Eyes like the very gems he parted ways with; pulling from his sleeve an elongated present box with shifting prismatic wrapping paper, tucking it under the tree just like he read in those instructional books he had been catching up on. He now finally had the freedom to take in his surroundings, and he could hardly believe how astounding this manor was. He could scarcely remember living in a home much like this one...he could feel it's mysticism and wonder practically calling him to every hall and balcony. Was this where the mysterious Riforte lived? He had heard that between her and Cain, they were the runs who orchestrated The Dead's activity. He loved a mystery in the chain of command! His fingers tracing the tree as he felt each bristle and strand of tinsel. It was all such a new experience...everything has such care put into it for an event. He was still quite new to this group, and could only hope he could earn such confections and joyous merriment. "I know not where our hostess is, but her eye for detail has not be wasted on that I can assure! I can feel the winter solstice coursing it's mysterium through my four humors! I have long dreamed in my long days of silence to once again experience the pleasures of comradeship and Life's grand design. From the bottom of my heart I must thank you for giving me this opportunity! I won't let my superiors down!" Reginald giving another bow before using this time to lean into a passing maid, pointing at the tinsel "Excuse me madam, but some of this customs are still foreign to me...can I...eat that? Is this tree decorated with brightly colored food for a reason? I don't believe ive ever seen a charcuterie like that before!"
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    Bring me a Dream

    Reginald was now sat in A most pristine office where the trees had blended into a sakura blend that the 'butler' fawned over. It was positively glowing with Gaian beauty; If he had been turned into a nymph or a spriggen...perhaps things would have turned out different. Reginald not allowing anything but absolutely reverie to fill his aberrational heart. Sybal leading him into an Embassy Representative' Office; Deacon she called him. This Deacon now seated across from Reginald with a mahogany table between them. Reginald noticing that his desk was neat, but possessed an extraordinary amount of curious little Bobble-Heads. His hand reaching out to flick one on the head before Deacon's voice cut through the air like a swift wind. His eyes of dull glasz looking at him with only the quirk of an eyebrow. Sybal bringing in two cups of tea before closing the door behind them. "Please refrain from touching my things; You may call me Deacon How can I help you?" Reginald straightened up in attention and fanned his lithe hand a few times in ensnarement "Forgive me! I am Reginald Baldrick Omeyya Thaydrenn Lockheed The Third, and i'm absolutely astonished at such a wondrous collection! I too possess a collection very dear to me. It is peace of mind that allows us the freedom to find such wonders and treasure them dearly. it is sometimes all we have in this life, and I am here to retain that peace of mind" He said; All great charm came from a seed of truth no matter how much it may have been weaved. He believed that a small consequence for a greater happiness and health was quite an equal exchange, knowing anything further was inconsequential if it did what this bespoke butler said it did. His smile as genuine as his twinkling gaze; his disguise no mere illusion, but a transmutation; seamless. He removed a pill bottle from his sleeve and held it up with a slow nod as he tapped his cheek. Deacon eye's piercing his visage from head to toe before looking over the bottle he had pulled forth. A scrupulous man, Deacon is. "You have my attention, but understand I want no salesman malarkey. If this is some cheap snake oil you are trying to peddle to this community. I will not hesitate to take action" Deacon said. His voice curt, but collected as he simply wouldn't tolerate nonsense. Reginald giving an understanding nod and A appreciative bow. He rested the bottle upon Deacon's desk and displayed his open palms as he began "Imagine, truly imagine A medicine capable of quick response time and potency. Catalyst aims to bring both to your hamlet! I am no paltry salesmen making blanketed statements" Reginald said with an feigned gasp as he shuddered at the mere thought. A manilla folder being presented and laid across from Deacon, who was inspecting the bottle intently. His eyes flicking to the folder and almost smiled at the aspect of tangible paperwork. Perhaps this wasn't a crockpot afterall. "In that folder you will find Tia, Palgard, and Casper's hospitals have all acquiesced our product for the past three years, and have signed statements praising of our drug's safety and effectiveness! My Employer Theodore Amantis has also placed two signed pieces of documentation that both adhere to any searches or inspections, and he is willing to absorb the transportation costs in order to show how true our passions are; There will only be a mild application of import tax that would be well worth it's weight in the revenue you would make. Take your time to read it over as much as you need." Deacon listened to his claims as he read over the documentation that had been presented to him; overlooking every seal and signature for any inconsistencies...none of it was fabricated. The Clerk shifting from paper to paper for what felt like hours. Reginald quiet and calm; he always valued his patience. It kept mistakes to a bare minimum and allowed him to fiddle with a Bobble-head while Deacon was distracted. His eyes snapping forward and boring into Reginald as he set the papers down and pushed up his spectacles with his thumb and forefinger. "Everything seems to match your claims here...Very well. It would be foolish of me to deny such a profitable avenue for our budding Lunaris. I will contact your employer for further details and begin the process of passing this...Catalyst" He said, the name a bit sour in his mouth and he couldn't quite explain why. He couldn't put any personal emotions in this decision making. "Thank you for your time Mr. Lockheed. I have much work to do now. Sybal will escort you out. I trust you wont be too far if any further questioning is needed" He said with a terse smile. Reginald swelling with pride as he nodded eagerly "But of course! Not a problem at all! Thank you so much for accepting my proposal; You won't regret it!" He said with beaming smile; his eyes twinkling with the sparkle of success. It all happened so fast he had almost forgotten to drink his, taking several lavishing sips before Sybal led him back to the front doors. "I-Im glad it worked out for Mr. L-L-Lockheed Baahh...Have a w-wonderful day Bahha" Her eyes never looking from the ground, before the shy creature skittered off. Reginald giving a few giddy claps, and even clicked his heels as he made his way outside. It had been too long since he had done anything so invigorating! He was so excited to tell the others as he made his way back to the rendezvous point, beaming the entirety of the way. This was a new beginning for him, and he wouldn't let his superiors down!
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    The Illuminarium

    This is gonna be such a blast! I am getting hella percy jackson vibes off of this and I love it