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  1. The atmosphere seemed to change once more; The man on stage seeming to be more than a stage act. He seemed to breath the very life into the stage itself as he moved from the high energy he had been belting out to something once again easier listening as he took hold of the mic and announced that he would be playing something near and dear to his heart; A song from his hometown. Sevra groaning from her position guarding the office and slumped into her chair; the lack of bass these songs lacked did not vibe with the DJ, but even she couldn't deny the awe his performances always emanated. Artemis now trading the guitar he had been shredding to a stranger instrument that was called the 'Keyboard Guitar' or 'Keytar'. The music taking a different feet, but possessing an upbeat tune that many still grooved to as the musician took the stage once more and filled the bar with his dulcet tones. The lyrics could almost be felt internally as his voice drew forth a glamour that showed the reason why he was Calypso' Main Act. An incubus who infused all his power into the skills of a bard, twisting the archaic class on it's head. Valenstein had both elbows up with his hands holding his head; His eyes glued to the red haired musician. The mage' hips swaying in turn with the beat. the two seeing a blush illuminate across his golden skin as though Artemis were singing directly to him "Journey's and adventures are dangerous, but fun~ I've had my fair share, but seek something...intimate" He said, expelling a longing sigh as Artemis straddled the mic stand. Ohgdenn drumming his fingers together as he tried to understand further. A few patrons barking at him for their drinks, but he seemed mystified by the performance. His eyes glowing with intent. The boy taking a notebook from his sleeve and scribbling down some information in interest. Valenstein only ever acted this way when Artemis was performing; he had studied it for a few weeks now and still hadn't come up with any conclusion other than some sort of jealousy...perhaps? He couldn't say for sure "Summons are quite an interesting subject, I shouldn't be surprised when it's Ohgdenn. His safety is quite important so I am all for this idea" He said eventually returning to his duties as he made a few drinks and returned to the two at hand. A small jar in his hands now "he essence of Arcane; The base ingredient for all my spells~ If your looking for a long lasting companion; you'd be hard pressed to find better" He said with a wink, setting the magenta bottle between them and laying a finger on it's cork "But Oggy darlin, there's a favor I need in return." Valenstein pointing a finger toward the stage "Artemis is...amazing, spectacular, and-...I want you to ask him on a date for me~. I can't say i'm very courageous, but a boot strapped adventurer like yourself shouldn't have a problem" It was strange seeing such an evocative man acting sheepishly, and Ohgdenn wrote a few more lines in his notebook before nodding happily "I will do my upmost Mr. Stalonius!" Ohgdenn said warmly, taking the bottle and giving a little rattle as he studied it intently. Valenstein giving a warm giggle before giving China a double tap of his badger nose "Mmmm, Self Taught~" He said with a confident swish of hips and a snap of his fingers, both in unison as he turned from them and continued his shift. "Forgive all these errands Mr. Chinafel. I imagine this is much more feasible than getting them from their natural resources. I hope i'm not causing you too much trouble"
  2. Marigold couldn't help but smile at her response; It seemed that she too had gone through great revelations of her own. He shouldn't be surprised when she was such a powerfully terrifying dedicated force. He held a hand to his head for a moment as he breathed through his nose. A headache perhaps? The inconvenience passing as he continued to listen to her. Nines had told him nothing of any captives, only that they were in need of a newfound sanctuary away from treacherous lands. It was his own fault for not asking enough questions...such things were unnecessary to bring up as she was still right. His involvement was undeniable as he still kept her prisoner, even if it was a night. He half expected for Raphael to show himself around the corner and extract such information from him. It would be simpler on her part. "I believe in that we share; Everyday had been nothing more than a little death for me for quite some time. I had once tried to teach my experiences onto another so that she may grow to be better...but Ceyana's events became too much for her and she ended up killing me. Is this what vampirism is? To die and live again? To know that life before can never be the same? I suppose it is a relief to know that in this...you understand. It was not your conscience decision to see me whole. How could it be? I was a human among monsters watching you at your lowest...but I had forgotten for so long what Lilly had told me...before the sickness claimed her speech. It was you who reminded me of that. It was seeing all the passions that... Philippe inspired" He grew silent as Gabriella continued; He knew that The Abaddon was likely to come up and had even hoped that this would come up. A chance to put this behind him and see to it that there was some form of right he could do. Their eyes looking at one another and Marigold understood now that she wanted to find those who had wronged her. Her words of redemption catching him off guard and causing his eyes to prickle with emotion. He had thought it was such a fool's errand to try and change what felt so impossible. If one who too suffered in such complicated ways as he could afford his such words then a chance existed. The sound of Xerxe's head clanked to the ground as she suddenly found him hugging her. The gesture surprisingly and out of nowhere, but those words had been the kindest he had heard. Marigold laughing in surprising as he wiped tears off his cheeks and returned xerxes to his lap "I don't know what came over me...Thank you. the short amount of time I have left will be spent taking those steps...now about those you seek. They are called the Abaddon Triumvirate. I didn't know much about them before our first initial meeting with you in tow. One of their members Nines and I had met in a bar some time ago and she had helped me set up in the wilds of Terrenus. It was then that she had offered me a position among their rank. The one whom turned you into a swan and had the most immediate control over your capture was Rodan Allagi. I had done some research using the military's help over the members I could and found out that he is one of the first believed to be apart of this organization. I have seen his abilities first hand, if only for a short time. Is able to manipulate the organic matter of anything and anyone. I would consider him a great danger in both combat and wit. Agony was the unknown abomination that concerned me the most when I first met him. His capabilities are vast in scope and I believe that he has a connection to another of theirs specifically. Lunara is a fae creature and the one I know the least of. She is fast, and according to...Intel she was able to counteract the powerful illusion magic being placed upon the facility. when we convened outside and she had you at knifepoint. She managed to transform and appear as though Agony had crushed her. My guess was that Raphael possesses a great thread to him and they wanted to keep mitigate damage. I know that you are vampiric and of royal nature and I do not try to presume your threshold of power, but use caution. Raylon, his people, and yours...need you." He wished he knew more over the subject of The Abaddon, but Laughing Stock made everything a challenge, especially if he wanted it bad enough. Perhaps his own justice could live vicariously through Gabriella. Marigold holding up a finger as he looked at her with a much more grim expression. His eyes showing an air of serious expectance "My involvement is unmistakable, and Raphael and Roen were acting on behalf of your safety. Such situations can cause anyone' emotions to run high, but Knoles had nothing to do with the situation at The Imperium! Those were good people who I was genuinely trying to build a relationship with. If Roen hadn't allowed his power to run unchecked their deaths wouldn't have happened. What he did is the reason I so feared your kind and the kind of those who managed to wield such powers over humanity and mortal kind! I do not blame them for what they did to me or my facility, but I do blame him for unleashing that hell on those innocents....I can't abide the deaths of Children Gabriella...This is my request in return...I want justice for Knoles on account of what Roen released upon them. They deserve restitution...Their...graves...were so small..." Marigold lowering his head as he looked at his shaking hands as though the dirt from all those graves were still stained upon his hands; his pupils mere pinpoints as he recounted the smell.
  3. The nature of what and who I am exists purely in this broken man you have so easily taken advantage of. The secrets you seek from me are the ones that define your reasoning for continuing are the very truths that have been shown to you, don't you understand? I show him the truth just as you show the truth on all those impertinent men you destroy with but words. We both sew chaos into everything we construct so that it may destroy the foundations of old. You will find only falsehoods where you curious mind leads! If you show the world this man's madness then I've no doubt he will finally give in. Turn away from his lies and see all that I will give you...A man who defines your hatred! Who cultivates the madness you infect your victims with~ just....as I do The waves continued to roar and rumble underneath her feet. Her body continuing to move toward the lighthouse, but her head had been suddenly forced to turn toward her left; attempting to distract her from the ominous light house. She saw Marigold stranded in that same rowboat, watching as he writhed and lashed out against the terror of the storm. The waves beginning to splinter the boat and shatter through it's pathetic structure. Her eyes focusing in realization as she saw that waves weren't pulling him throgh the tears in his craft...but hands. She saw fingers...dozens of ominous men and women who grappled at his writhing body; beginning to pull him under. She could see the clear faces of many who were dragging him below depths...their faces streaked in sorrow and misery; more continuing to rise from the infinite darkness below and grasp at more of his flailing form. The lighting crashing into the waves transforming into violent legs that kicked him into the murky depths. She could see now amidst this angry mob of absolute fury...he was surrounded. It isn't about getting what you deserve or paying for all the wrong you've done. It is about crushing poisonous, ruinous hope and succumbing to your fears, terrors, and mortality...it is only then can you call out for the freedom of madness...for it to save you from the eternal grief of existence! Don't you understand this? Better than anyone? You've done just that and look at you! You have found the freedom you have longed for. These are the faces that haunt him; take them and destroy him! He will finally stop resisting when he's finally found out for the monster that he is. The monsters we all are. Andromeda is no more a lie than Laughing Stock! She saw herself now, her hands pushing his head underneath the raging waters as his hands clawed at the air. A terribly caustic laughter beginning to rupture the skies with thunderous clouds of insidious green. Marigold's ultimate secret being discovered before her very eyes as a form emerged on the horizon. A mountainous shadow that revealed eyes of swirling green; she could see the reflection of a thousand maddening smiles as his own stretched across an endless face. The storm only grew more erratic as the rained began to fall in reverse and the sea underneath her began to raise past her feet and ascend, beginning to consume her form. Her eyes could no longer look away as she felt the indomitable fear of what could only be considered...a god's presence. His aura seeming to be the cause of this very storm as he continued to rise above the water line until his face seemed to become the very sky above as he looked into everything she was and would be. "I give you his ultimate secret! ME HAHAHAHAA" His voice now emenating from his cackling mouth as his laughter started to catch the air on fire; her skin beginning to sweat and her face beginning to grow taut as a smile grew upon her very lips. The very avatar of madness was before her. "You saw those memories of his father; He made a deal with me long ago for the truth of everything. He willingly gave himself to madness so that he may learn more...but he also willingly gave his son Marigold; A truly superb replacement. His family are descendants of A Cult who worshiped me~ All their hard work will be made manifest now and you will destroy what remains of his reputation. Do this and you will have earned my favor...quite a gift if you ask me~ That light house will finally be destroyed and with it his falsehoods and lies. I'm what he fears most dear little muck girl~ I am everything he is terrified of made manifest. He loathes Raphael...Roen...Agony...Rodan....Gabriella...Their magic, their power, their...madness. He is terrified of them because he knows that it all...leads to me~His destiny was set for him a long time ago...but yours is now in your hands. The families he had destroyed because of his fear of magic and destruction...they would be forever grateful to know hmm?" She was now faced with this immeasurable power literally looming over her scope of vision with a drowning Marigold being pulled underneath the waves by everything he had ever feared; She was being faced with a choice now as she felt a tingling in the back of her mind...there was something about that Light Tower. She could see, using her peripheral and minor movements of her head away from the grinning mania before her...there was a beacon of light, barely piercing through the torrential maelstrom. She could see it's oscillating light barely piercing through the storm's fog. The greatest secret Marigold had was now laughing overhead and would lead to all the answers she desired...so then why did this supposed god want her to stay away from anything but further truth?
  4. There had been such terrible conviction in The Pyromancer's life; A baleful wrath that shown in the storms of conflagration he suffered onto those who dared slight him. He had the power to see his visions through and nearly had all his dreams made manifest, but so too did heroes possess passions and hopes that fought for those he had burnt to cinders and used their very memories against him. His seas of hatred and fire swept across those who would see him dead and no matter his razing...still they came! He had become a Hell Weaver, A Sun Preacher, and a flame cultivator. Geegra pulling the flames of hell with one hand and the solar flares of the very sun with the other; desperate to turn this world into ashes and in the end...called forces that mortal flesh simply couldn't wield. The heroes storming into his treacherous lair only to find half of him burnt to ashes. Altre watched now as the systems that encircled his latest and greatest masterpiece began to hasten in their results. The heart rate monitor showing an accelerated beats per minute that coincided with the shifting moving emanating from within the liquid. A crack splitting the glass as two molten eyes of caustic orange opened. Alerts and notifications suddenly being lit up on the monitors as it appeared that he...was awake. His fingers splitting through the crack and forcing it wider until the entire tank shattered; thick liquid spilling forth across the floor now as he tore away from the wires, tubes, and devices that were connected from him. The sound of flat-lining heart rate monitors betraying the very much alive gargantuan Dragonborn that lumbered out of his confinement and before Altre himself. The ground shook as a heavy knee slammed into the glass and liquid soaked ground; Even kneeling his form matched height with his very master; the whirring of his mechanical exoskeleton showing a sturdy foundation as it held the indomitable force together. The room already beginning to humidify as the temperature steadily increased. Steam trailing off him from the sheer heat he was beginning to produce. The pressure and heat of his knee causing the ground underneath to begin to groan and creak as his fundamentals were beginning to return to him. His head raising toward Altre; the interior of his mouth glowing like cupped hands around a candle's flame. His voice like spoken through magma...bubbling and deep. "Hell...baptized me in endless flame. Thank you...my king...for allowing me to show them all...it's engulfing fire"
  5. The duality of his soul had been a question he himself had agonized over ever since that fateful encounter they had. The Black Queen arriving on his doorstep and causing him to decide right then where the line would be drawn in the ways of morality...could he really blame the abaddon for not telling him of their prisoner beforehand? He should have asked more questions...he should have immediately told them to unhand her...there was much he should have done. It could have gone much worse, and it could have gone much better. Those capable men of hers seemed to have powers that could free her from that situation far sooner, so why had they been so incapable? He was but a mere human and it felt as though he tried harder. It wasn't even just the case of Gabriella anymore...but of the town that selfish cretin devastated in a wasted attempt at intimidation. How many graves did he dig that night? how many...children?...He wouldn't deny his involvement with Gabriella...but that blood sat upon Roen's hands and it was something he didn't even know happened. That day permeated such moral struggles that Marigold had pulled himself from the next morning changed...A change for the better against the staggering cliffs of madness. She saw Marigold amidst the passing public; The melancholia like a cape that hung around his shoulders as he moved through the crowd. It wasn't the approach of a scientist, a villain, or a widower...but of a man who despite the immeasurable losses suffered...endured. A few llyrian children moving through his legs and some of the people even recognized him. The man who had saved their life amidst the disaster; armed with his mechanical canine as they fought through the streets. Marigold alongside their very king at the end of chaos and destruction. It was strange seeing him smile, whether for her it was still lingering vestiges of resentment toward a man that aided in her suffering was unknown. He broke away from the crowds and continued to move toward where this meeting was to take place. He wanted to feel proud for the lives he had managed to save and the good he and Raylon had done in stopping those rifts...but did it matter in the scope of his past? Was...redemption even possible at this point? He supposed no matter what he deserved; There were those now who at least knew Marigold as just a man helping where he could. Perhaps it was all he wanted in these diverging times. Marigold hadn't much time to change so he was still in his tattered undershirt and slacks; the clothes he had worn during the catastrophe. Everything he had brought on his journey to Orisia had been destroyed or lost. A large hole ripped through the front and back of his shirt. A terrible burn scar shown on both sides. His hair had been singed, but his face was clean at least. The closer she got she soon realized just...how much he had physically changed. He didn't have a left arm, and the metallic glint of his left leg revealed it to be some sort of cybernetic replacement. Xerxes' head still cradled in his arm as the door eventually opened and allowed him entry. He gave a respectful bow before entering, a few strains of pain making the stairs a struggle but he sat a comfortable distance away. The aircraft a bit claustrophobic but in light of everything else...he could manage. His eyes not meeting hers, and instead continued to look down at the severed head of his canine in his lap. He could only imagine the hatred she felt, the resentment, the bitter loathing toward a man who had brought suffering to her. In all honesty; He expected to be arrested as she had every authority to see him to absolute ruin. Why had he arrived then? She knew that from their past encounters that he could be a conversationalist and possessed an intellect toward speech that seemed no longer present. Silence falling over them as he simply awaited for the much deserved hatred. It wasn't cowardice that kept him from her gaze, but grief. The council she had with Raylon toward their people had brought him such a connection toward those who had been lost and he knew that must be disgusting for her to see on a vile man such as he. He was content with that and only wished now to allow her the chance for her vengeance, pain, and anger to see it's self through. He had come here to bury his wife, but ended up stopping interdimensional rifts from tearing the country apart...he had seen it all and felt every emotion the human heart could endure. He rested his forehead on Xerxes' own and closed his eyes. "Do what you must, but know that through the grief and travesty that day brought...you saved me from myself. Your son saved me...I hadn't...known such a miracle was possible until I held him in my very hands. I would not have had the courage to change if not for you..."
  6. This sounds fun as hell! Letsss start this up 😍
  7. Ohgdenn didn't care for such loud environments either; they made him incredibly anxious and wracked his body with stress, but he needed this summon and without money or the physical capacity to hunt for these materials...seeking the aid of his newfound allies had become his only chance in the matter. The boy sidling up on a bar stool as Chinafel started A conversation with the bartender. His name was Valenstein and he possessed an air of absolute brilliance. A similar vein among the employees of Ouroboros. Valenstein could hardly take his eyes of the two of them as he made more drinks for other patrons without so much as batting an eye at them, sliding the cocktails toward the farther down customers and leaning a single elbow on the bar with his hand resting underneath his chin. His eyes flicking from the coins toward the badgerfolk and flicking his off hand toward the miasma of arcane energy hanging above the bar itself, pulling a wisp from the cloud; A bottle of rum floating from the row of bottles along with a glass and resting in front of Chi. The wisp of magic pouring into the glass alongside the rum as Valenstein stirred the drink with his, but didn't spoil it with any contact. A form telekineses stirring the contents and giving it a vibrant orange hue. The mage dropping a tiny umbrella along the rim and winking "Try this one darlin~" He said, taking the coins as Ohgdenn then spoke up "Thank you for taking the time to see us Valenstein...We are attempting to make something that will help me branch out and adventure, but we require materials that are too dangerous for me to acquire in the field or simply too expensive...Mr. Iscariate has already helped us in a great regard, and I am hopeful that you would help in any way you can" The boy spoke; his hands jittery as he tried to face the almost glowing vibrant violet of the bartender's eyes. "You are a skilled wizard who s-specializes in transmogrification...An essence of your...magic would mean alot" "Oh?...flattery will get you everywhere~" He said with a laugh as he made a few more drinks "Why don't you tell me what this is for then hmm? Whose your friend? I don't kiss and tell you see~"
  8. I literally just finished that game lmao their relationship is as ridiculous as ever
  9. Well it can be easy to be paralyzed by choice which is why I throw all my spaghetti at the wall and see what sticks! It sounds like an interesting plot so let's do this! I already a wonderful concept for the wolfie down so let's have you create the thread! A breaking and entering happened in The Nersh among the rare population of humans there, and even worse they found a murder! The only evidence being some sort of struggle and strange wolf footprints leaving the back that strangely shift to a more humanoid shape the longer they go on until they completely disappear. Use that as a starting off point and also it gives you an excuse to exposition more of this nersh to me cause I am always interested in technocrocies!
  10. "I suspect our preparation will in itself attract conflict" He said with a sniff of the air; eyes of a hound stripping the environment for any anomalies. Paranoia a trait he had picked up on the long walks between towns, having to sleep without fire and an eye ever vigilant. One had to be prepared against both monster and mundane. "A drug you say? Enhancements do possess their own strategic advantage, but I'd sooner rely on my sword arm than any opiate. Will it have advers-" His voice cutting itself off as a rustling caused the two to snap toward it's source with unmitigated attention. Whispernight was a place Aegis had only traveled within a couple of times; being hired as a guide for researchers and pillagers alike. The undead were almost common place among the ruination the once mystifying realm had. Aegis took an unknown stance where Eiji' signal kept him, readying himself for the upcoming battle these creatures would bring. Their incessant need for flesh drawing them toward any life that dared cross their path. They were a slow shambling force, but he wouldn't underestimate the abhorrent fixation they had on pure hunger. They were as dangerous as any warrior. Eiji proving to be more skilled however, as his blade unfurled with impending grace and bisecting the monster into two halves that collapsed to the ground. It's unholy kin continuing to march without fear...simply..hungry The Ronin nodded and began to step in a sideways direction adjacent from Eiji as he narrowed his gaze to the last few in the pack. This luckily not being his first encounter with the residents here, and having a bit of a trick. Aegis kept one hand hovering over his sheathe while he rose the other to his mouth and bit his thumb with a sharp canine...causing several beads of crimson to well up and it was as though he had lit a flame. Four of them immediately catching the scent of fresh blood and moving toward the other morsel in their sights. The bait had worked at least He waited until they were mere feet away from with gangly arms outstretched, desperate to tear and rend. His blade flashing with similar speed as it separated A head from it's shoulders. Eiji now seeing what Aegis called his Tenkai for the first time. A blade possessing scrawling across silvery metal that strangely ran along visible cracks. The cracks shimmering with each swing he took, managing to split one in half horizontally and kick it's torso into the back of the pack. Two had been dispatched and he immediately leaped back several feet and sheathed his sword once more. His stance now much lower as he watched the remaining three...waiting for his moment to strike... Their shambling inconsistent and without pattern, but he just needed a solitary moment when they were...in a line...The moment presenting itself as they came at him with macabre motivation. Aegis unsheathing his blade with speed, and used the momentum to throw it. the cracks along it's blade glowing bright now as his outstretched hand was pulled behind it with an unseen force. His form following sweet as the blade flung forward and pierced through the head of the first in it's row; Aegis slamming his feet back onto the ground and gripping the handle once more and with an almost declarative demand to the sword directly; he forced the blade through the remaining two behind the initial target and skewering all three. "Tenkai Korosu!"
  11. I don't think you and I have done anything together and I would love to use this oppurtunity to do so! I am always embroiled in too much, but I just can't help myself so count me in! It sounds like the hunting a werewolf/ shape shifter with a friend/lover twist sounds like something you are already interested in so if you want to make that concrete I have characters for either side of the dilemma! Character development and interpersonal relationships are my two favorite things to work on so this is going to be pretty fun. I do my best to reply to my threads once every 1-3 days due to my work schedule( Currently getting to a few threads I nearly forgot about >>). Lets do this thang
  12. They are painfully real andy~ you could say it was like he was born cursed! these oh so dreadful memories are his truest self and are locked behind layers of repression, but well lets say...I have all the keys HAHAH She continued to watch this estranged Marigold paddle the boat along the tumultuous waves, fighting against current after current as she followed him on this journey. Her eyes catching a glimpse of something through the sheets of rain and salty brine. She could make out a long spiral building seeming isolated at sea. It somehow felt connected to this scene and for a split second she could almost make out a glimpse of light at it's peak before she had been pulled into another memory...as if to avoid any revelations on what she had just seen. She found herself somewhere well lit; stark walls of steel and concrete floors greeting her as she stood face to face with a younger marigold. She could estimate he was in his earlier teens and must've been earlier in his life than the previous memory. There was a moments confusion as he seemed to step forward and reach out, as if to touch her...but instead he moved entirely through her and toward a man in a lab coat behind her. He was tall, brooding, and concentrated. His features pinched and his eyes possessing the same thousand yard stare Marigold had today. She could see a strange aura present around this man; strange fissures cracking the skin of his arms and legs. Marigold calling to him, but getting nothing but mutters to an unknown force and frantically pointing toward a metallic threshold. A Portal A green miasma spilled forth from the portal as it shimmered with a terrible putrid color. "He will be free...and so will I. Marigold...come to me...you will free me" The doctor asked his son. Marigold Didn't understand what that meant, but his father had always been firm on the brink of terrifying...ever-since his mom...they had both suffered...but his would roll over the world. Marigold threw his hands up and barked at his father with determination. How could he not see that this was crazy! What was he hoping to achieve from this heinous experiment? "Whatever you are creating, it isn't the answer to bringing mom back! Weird things have been happening, and the experiments...my head...it's...something bad is going to happen if you don't stop!" Marigold demanded, swinging his hands in a wild motion...desperate to try and get his father to understand. There was a bitter and unending silence as Andromeda watched the tensions broil between father and son. The portal a intensifying backdrop that whispered horrendous laughter and seeming to balk the sanity within the patriarch as his eyes shined with terrible green "This is about more than your mother; it is the fundamental basis that everything derives from mania...Sanity is but a synthetic concept that builds a foundation for security of the weak cattle. Don't you understand? His freedom is our own! He will set us free from all this...pain...Science has failed us my boy...magic will destroy us; If we don't do something about it...Isn't it wiser to be mad in a world that's gone insane?" He slackened his muscles as he removed his glasses and bored a look onto his son that could pretrify the woman who wasn't even present in the material history. Andromeda seeing everything that Marigold could become within this singular man whom was bent on his goals no matter the cost. The screams of victory dwelling in his head were too great to ignore as he released the final restriction on the portal. A terrible force beginning to pull itself through. A miasma of eyes and teeth...all...gnashing and grinning. Marigold watched in petrified terror as it seemed as though his father had released the very depths of hell through this terrible machination. What was the boy to do? There was such a terrible presence emanating from both the portal and his own father. Tears beginning to prickle his eyes as he immediately bolted toward he machine and started pulling wires and cables out from it's sides. His father immediately running toward him to try and stop his interruptions; a hand erecting from the miasma of green smoke lashing out toward Dr. Ravenspire Sr. Marigold watching wide eyed as eldritch hands gripped at his father and pulled him through the threshold of the portal before the damage had been done and the portal faded and closed with the final screams of his father vanishing into nonexistence. Andromeda realized that with the incident he explained about his mother and the isolation that the marigold she saw now amidst the now isolated laboratory...He had been completely orphaned far sooner than any man should have been. The last visages of his father being the grin of a man who had done his work well. Andromeda seeing Marigold fall to his knees now as he he was left all alone, isolated and without a mother or father...only an empty lab before him. Andromeda was once again cast into the raging sea of Marigold's subconsciousness. Her vision returning her to clarity as she saw the same isolated rowboat adrift in this endless storm. She was learning more from this man than she had ever known about any of her previous victims of mind manipulation. He possessed a great deal of tragedy that attested to the unfortunate machinations his gaunt expressions showed. His paddling just as desperate as he had been memories before. It seemed her destination was toward this mystifying tower she had witnessed prior to the memory flash. She could now see that it was a lighthouse; decayed and forgotten. It's crumbling structure seeming to barely hold on as a dull light undulated at it's top. She could see light emanating from the cracks; a strange white glow beaming through the many weak points of the structure. An unknown force physically moving her head away from the isolated tower.
  13. He wished he could take in the sights of such wondrous newfound technology and capacity that the foreign Illyria possessed. The two familiar members of this nation standing on either side of him as nearly blinding platform of crystal revealed their light. He wanted to know so much from this society, but none of that had any tact in this melancholy situation. Luz' side eye wasn't a surprise, and it was strangely appreciated. Her's a loyalty he hadn't known. He could still feel the strange flames arashi had struck him stinging as he moved his shoulders. He felt anchored in this spot, by betrayal, obligation, remorse...all played a part in this address. Raylon' voice pulling him from his far away gaze. There was a strength in those that could pull optimism from the endless depths of the void that he couldn't hope to achieve. He had tried to find absolution through the guiding of Arashi, but...he had failed her in a way that had led to his own demise. There was a part of him that still wondered if he was a ghost...a revenant carrying on with his corpse still overlooking the once tranquil heights. He could still feel the breeze flowing through his perforated chest and he shivered. Marigold trying so desperately to hear every word the light of Illyria spoke; was it shock? Or simply contemplation? “This new home that came at the cost of countless, innocent lives. That same fear and anger you have all felt is no stranger to those who were here before us or their loved ones. We are not the only ones who have been thrust into a dire situation against our will. An ally, and dear friend, has had her people slaughtered. Their blood beneath our feet. Their lives stripped from those they loved. You should all know how that feels. We must not let the chaos that occurred then present itself now. It is important to work together with our neighbors so we can all prosper together.” These words found a place within him that none at the time could. It was as though he were speaking to Marigold directly. The endless machinations of his mind wondering at the pounds of bone underneath their feet. It were these very words that caused him to lower to the ground; his hands running along the solid ground as he closed his eyes. He had been a man of stark science all his life, and laughed in disbelief at both magic and myth...but too much of the bizarre had touched his life to allow such narrow thinking continue. It was as though the souls of everyone who had lost their lives this very day were here with all those who still stood. Tears mixing with the dirt as he lowered his head; he could feel their sorrow and while he knew not of any afterlife...wished them a better existence than the one they had been afforded. His throat choking up as he wondered how disappointed Lilly would be at the way he had used her name...to spread bloodshed...madness...a pitiful man broken from weakness who could have done so much more...here. How many lives could he have saved here if he listened. His laboratory, machines, projects, and dreams paled in comparison in the present desire to trade his life with theirs. You never cared for them before so stop pretending and get up! All those times you came through here with that girl of yours, all those times in these lands and you didn't even bother learning any of their names. Do you even know any names back home? Do you even KNOW anyone?? What are those pitiful tears for? People you don't even know? Give me a break. Your only grieving because you know she would hate you now, and that hurts more than anything~ Ding ding did I win the lottery? Huh? Huh?! "These tears are what I offer...to this land that is now their tomb...I will learn their names...every one....and carry them..." His strained voice whispered to seemingly nothing before he rose once more. Raylon's words possessing an impact he hadn't been expecting...but meeting eyes with Gabriella was something he hadn't been prepared for. she too possessed a cacophony of sorrow that lied beneath unreadable features. She was someone he hadn't regretted; in the tumultuous days that followed her escape from The Imperium...he didn't regret attempting to save her life...risking his life against forces far more powerful than he. There hadn't been a line before that point, but she had drawn one for him. A powerful woman had once again shown him the error of his ways, and despite the madness that was consuming him. If she saw something in him...how bad could he be? Her words possessing an encouragement in grace that carried a weight all their own. It seemed they had a depth of a relationship that revealed an unknown past. She had betrothed herself to Raphael before mere moments of decapitation...had that been a guise merely to save him? All that mattered was that these two pillars of a now conjoined kingdom came together to endure this tragedy neither were responsible for. It would show a solidarity that many could follow suite. "Luz...Heron...I believe that your light can help these people endure and bring them a better future...but you must too believe that The Black Queen is willing to do the same...Orisia, and Illyria will need the both of them to see this through. This disaster...mustn't be for nothing."
  14. The room continued to fill with new bodies; their smells becoming unfortunately familiar to him as both his head and tail snapped toward the presence of Privo. A familiar smile splitting through his leathery features. There was much to be said about their relationship, but it was akin to keeping the dog from eating the cat. A premise that had improved under tenuous understanding. The Djinn listening to Privo affirm their reasoning and pretenses. There was wisdom in him being here Kru could only relent; his appearance a blight among even the muddiest of societies. He hadn't been...created for such things, and yet that was what drove him to to such pursuits of dialogue. There were were far more ways words could torture that the methods of flesh couldn't contend with. How secrets and truths could brutalize without bloodshed at all. Privo seeming to know this art quite well; perhaps that was the reason he had grown so interested in the goblin. The smell of Altre and his ilk continued to populate the court with indomitable auras of distinctive power. Ego was Terror's counter and Kru'Gorah knew that any action could cause a great deal of chaos. The demon resting on his haunches as he watched Lilith enter. A curious smile still upon his lips; Altre desired eyes of his very own upon the situation...She requested The Queen's time and made it all too clear that Altre had reasons of his own to be here. The Legion's interest must come before any of it's parts and as such Kru'Gorah had been the first to address Akako, giving A bow as she addressed him and Privo. "I will take heed with trust your grace; We are whom he could efface" Kru'Gorah spoke. The realms of hell having tales of their own from the many this blood king had damned. It was the riskiest part of this plan for sanctuary and it was a strange thing for a Djinn to worry. Her speech had been to her people, and it spoke with such foreign conviction. Where had he heard such conviction? His lord? His prophet? No This was different. He had met her kind before...A curse making it impossible to speak or think if it could not be done in rhyme. They had been spoken with such conviction that it was as though he had been compelled. An immediate and uproarious cheer swelling around them. Such solidarity for this kitsune with allies at either side. It wasn't terror at all...it was the absence of terror. Courage...something he couldn't understand. It all but drained him of his terror feast. It burned at his skin and ached his bones. It was the very principle he had been created; The absolute terror. He still had a job to do and raised a crooked finger after her speech had concluded "your words are that of a sun that I cannot escape, however the location of the meeting Is something I believe my prophet would reshape" He reached into the dwellings of his cloak, revealing a living zhenniao; unbeknownst to them it's poison had been extracted. "Your docks are the lifeblood of this region, and much like this zhen bird I believe they will make a memorable introduction to the sovereign of The Legion" Kru'Gorah releasing the bird into the air and quirking his head with interest "Not to insinuate that your mansion won't do; I think it's simply when it comes to the ocean Dredge prefers the view"
  15. Horror has to be mine since it's the genre I grew up most in and there's something exciting and skin crawling about writing a visceral scene involving a horrible monster or abhorrent environments.
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