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  1. I want to throw my hat into this with Marigold, and His Imperium Laboratory!
  2. Djinn&Juice

    Suggest a Curse! Making a List of 100 for d/100 Usage

    1: Curse of The Djinn: Must speak in ryhme for a duration, cannot formulate any words or conjectures that don't have a matching couplet or otherwise it will be left unsaid 2: Curse of The Soldier: Must follow all suggestions, conversation, and vernacular as though they are direct orders for the duration 3: Cursing of the Mad God: Bursts of laughter, gibberish, and lies will emanate from you whilst you are convinced you must eat your weapon
  3. Djinn&Juice

    To y’all with characters with swords...

    Now what if my character is into the half sword technique? I choose to not use my sword's blade and instead beat the shit out of them with the polished handle 😈 A fool you call me? Fine then! my last resort
  4. Djinn&Juice

    In The Mouth Of Madness

    There was a euphoria that burned within his soul,yearning to see such genuine relief. He could practically feel it on her as she realized she wouldn't have to sleep in the woods again. He had suffered for years, alone in this madness; Laughing Stock' manifestation only a confirming the mad man he was. He still had a shadow of a doubt that she was some well conceived illusion constructed by the parasite in his psyche, perhaps you should watch your words before I show you what a real parasite can do~...Marigold smiling in defiance of it's interruption, nodding his head in thought as he listened to her rifle's issues. It couldn't maintain a stable charge amidst anomalous arcana, fascinating. His mind beginning to formulate several concepts that could assist in such an issue. "If that is what you want me to focus my efforts on, I will gladly do so!" He said, rubbing his hands together in an eager desire to put his hands to work again. Nikki stopping him in his technical tirade with A question he hadn't been expecting. He had remembered leaving Antigone in favor of exploring the world; not realizing how unprepared he was for the dangers Valucre possessed...he could only imagine what she had been through just on this journey alone. Marigold giving a sympathetic smile, and nodding eagerly "I most certainly do, they are from another that resides here and should fit you just fine" He said, taking her rifle with the aforementioned upgrade plans in mind as he stalked down the hallway, leaving her to her new quarters for several moments in quiet contemplation. Well it looks like things are getting better for you hmm? You can trust me sometimes you know! Ive been in your head long enough~ Marigold returned with a small stack of clothes, various jeans and darker clad shirts "My systems are analyzing the rifle and will construct a blueprint in no time; then I will be able to take it apart and put it back together stronger than before; I also brought you a collection of clothes I hope will be suitable, undergarments and the like included of course" He said with a sheepish chuckle of his own as he handed her the clothes "I will make us some dinner within an hour's time, feel free to explore and relax for the time being. Half a year is quite a journey you made" He said, tussling her hair before turning on his heel, vanishing down the corridor where he would continue to work on her rifle.
  5. Djinn&Juice

    Chapter 1: Revival (LoD)

    The beam had found it's mark and wracked her body with an unbelievable force; Kru'gorah's tail barely holding onto a complete body anymore! The deamon rattling MIddy's husk before smashing her form into the scorched and blooded ground beneath them. Life essence continuing to spill forth from the corpses and pull into The Djinn's singularity of crimson betwixt his jaws continuing to bubble and broil as he collected the blood from any sources that were close enough to him. The broiling orb beginning to diminish as he absorbed the life force. His wounds beginning to seal, before eventually swallowing the orb whole and cackling with absolute delight. It was the prophecies burned upon his flesh being foretold. A creature of darkness would bring forth a new era, lead into the glory of a new dawn by a most loyal Wish-Master. "You fought well in this crimson laced piste, and you will serve me even better as a feast" He said, sinking his teeth into her flesh and tearing into her with fervent hunger and desire, his claws filleting meat from bones with ease as he smeared his face with the mess of her entrails, taking several inches of skin to add to his cloak for later. Kru'Gorah taking several steps backwards as Dredge made his peace with The Mistress. It was the first time he had ever seen Dredge show such unfamiliar emotions. The djinn never understanding, love, remorse, or even true hatred. They were qualities he had seen in his victims, but could never replicate. That must mean The Prophet possessed the one organ The Djinn could never get working properly after death...The Heart. "She held back from being too vision, but it made her meat all the more delicious" He said, licking his chops and standing at his full height. His eyes scanning the massacre they had caused around them. The Legion had been victorious in their first raid, and he could hardly contain his excitement as he began to run through the snow, giggling and cackling with joy. His form stalking through town and beginning to hang internal organs like garnish, and stake corpses into the ground as though they were scarecrows of flesh and bone. A body he had been dragging, beginning to shift and groan in confusion. it seemed this one had managed to survive through the chaos. "How unfortunate for you to be survive The Legion's Ire! Be honored, for you are to be our crier!" He drawled, a forked tongue licking along the shaking features of the human he had managed to find. The luckless soul screaming in terror and agony as he was speared through; His tail suspending the villager in the air before stabbing into the ground, snapping from Kru'Gorah' form and creating a totem of terror in the center of town. A screaming villager writhing in agony that fueled the tail's energy...keeping him alive in this perpetual torment. "Sing for me you, sing as hard as you can! Let your song strike fear into the heart of man" He said, beginning to wail with faux agony in mockery of his newfound plaything. @Dredge @Thotification @Bureku
  6. Djinn&Juice

    In The Mouth Of Madness

    Marigold found a strange sense of relief in all this mess. He had lost a great deal today, and even somehow brought a baby into the world. One of irrefutable power. He knew he had made more than one enemy this day...yet here sat a friend. A charming young girl full of youth, and even threatening a smile. Marigold couldn't believe such a thing was possible. He had made a deal with Laughing Stock to cease his invasion upon the Imerpium and this world as a whole. How was he able to manipulate events such a large distance away? It seemed impossible for Laughing Stock to weave this together, and manage to bring her at his door the day of their 'surprise' meeting. He wouldn't question it. Nikki was a welcome distraction from the troubles he had faced; He could only hope Knoles wouldn't try and raze the Imperium down overnight. The doctor giving an enthusiastic nod "We are in agreement then, wonderful!" He said, waving for her to follow him as he moved out into the atrium once more. Marigold taking her down a blue lit hall with a few sliding doors on either side of the hall, entering the farthest left door and revealing to be a bedroom "I know it may not be home, but it will give you time to rest and recuperate whilst I set up the details for your excursion...it will also give me the time to give your rifle a touch-up; consider it a thank you for not shooting me in the head!" He said brandishing a smile of his own "Don't worry, I won't break it. I spent quite alot of time reading the fabrication of firearms, weaponry and the like. Their designs aided any necessary components that went into my larger machines as a whole. Is there anything specific you would find helpful? Anything that feels could be improved about this rifle? You would know it the best afterall" He said, an eager fire in his eyes. He could use the distraction of a good project "Bring me these artifacts, and we will see about upgrading your gear further" He said with a chuckle.
  7. Djinn&Juice

    Bring me a Dream

    He could hardly believe that he would be awarded such a profound opportunity! Here he was, an absconded inmate incarcerated for far too many centuries, riding along with a merry bunch of fellows he already was having a wonderful time with. The World That Walks an odd sight to behold with no facial features or physical traits other than the visage of a five and half foot tall man...comprised entirely of slow writhing, dull purple worms. A cloak of shimmering purples, reds, and golds covering most of his form with only his hooded face and hands, which were currently flipping through a tome from his mind palace. He hadn't the time to read any of the material he had...procured before being captured by those awful mage hunters! The lack of eyes seeming to not affect his ability to read the spell book in some bizarre fashion. Reginald finding Amantis' voice quite a fanciful tone to listen to, and rather intrigued by this whole scheme as a whole. He didn't even remember what it was like to be human, so why should he think like them anymore! He can still be quite pleasant! He just didn't feel he should have to follow their rules! They were still helping the people despite their deception, and he was certainly fine with it if it meant he could pursue the mysteries of modern magic! "You know this is an astounding journey we are going on fellow compatriots! Birds are singing, the winds are blowing, Amantis, your voice is quite lovely! you are doing wonderful" He announced proudly, closing his tome; a sealing spark crawling along the spine before it vanished in a miasma of gold smoke, pulling out instead a rather large deck of cards; their surfaces having wildly detailed pictures of different effects inlaid with gold. The estranged mage tucking a few of these cards into his flowing sleeves before returning the stack into his satchel. It was always the wisest to be prepared, afterall! "I will gladly deal with this embassy clerk if you don't mind Mr. Amantis! But Reginald your appearance would make him less agreeable, well quell your paranoia for I possess...an ace up my sleeve!" He chimed, laughing with elation over a successful 'pun'! His hand summoning forth a card from his sleeve and giving it several twirls in between his fingers; A glow of vibrant blue shimmering around the card, and consumed his entire form. His form beginning to alter in the midst of their arrival Automatic The magic fading as he stepped off the carriage, and revealed his newly disguised self, in place of the peculiar wizard, stood a well manicured male specimen. He was decorated in the most expensive butler attire with a premium wool vest, an obsidian petticoat pressed and creased to perfection; his face a spotless glow with eyes of maroon amidst a tangle of black hair. The man before them pouring a cup of tea seemingly out of nowhere, before handing it to Amantis "I would be pleased to convince the embassy of our well being; I may no longer be human, but I am a most wondrous actor I assure you Master. It is the duty of a butler afterall, well toodles!" He said, receiving the necessary directions before immediately heading into town. Reginald already starstruck by seeing such a wonderful city! He hadn't seen such a beauty since he had seen A budding Arkadia! "Salutations!" He announced to town's goers. An aura of charm practically radiating off the faux butler. His journey to meet this clerk a most sociable one as he went into stores along the way to meet more of these wonderful citizens! A few curious children even getting him to do a little bit of a magic show, two purple roses of shimmering arcana being presented to a pair of twin daughters, both taking them shyly before hiding behind a bemused, but watchful mother. Reginald giving a bow before heading further into town, seeking this Embassy, he was most eager to prove his worth among his newfound compatriots!
  8. Djinn&Juice

    Chapter 1: Revival (LoD)

    Her punches betrayed her small squishy statue as she delivered unrelenting counter-attacks. This only made the Djinn more eager in his carnage; His cloak sloughing off his form of burgeoning blades. His form snapping and breaking into a far more combative form; his arms splitting into four sets of claws that coupled themselves together into what was akin to large harvester blades. His horns shining brighter as they began to whir, and spin with grinding malice as he swung them with terrible ferocity "I care not for the trophy's upon your wall, Arrogance is but a wind before your downfall" He screeched amidst the sparks of his claws seeking purchase against every inch of her skin. She was formidable, and possessed an array of curious capabilities; her words sparking some form of remembrance of The Mistress, but this couldn't be her could it? The Prophet had a weakness for her...had that passed? Was his lord finally ridding himself of such unnecessary distraction? The Djinn couldn't satiate his bloodlust no matter how hard he tried, and itch for chaos coursed through his body; noxious sand pouring through the wounds he had been sustaining, and creating a terrible cloud around him as he couldn't to swing and stagger each of her attempts. The blades decorating his body ringing in delightful glee as he sweeped his tail under her legs, grasping a tender thigh and attempting to uproot her from the ground, suspending a perfect target for Altre as he cackled into the snowing sky. This was a wonderful overture to their coming crescendo! His maw opening wide, and beginning to pull the blood from the snow and sleet amidst the battlefield. Corpses stirring as it's crimson was being pulled forth into the snow and gravitating toward The Deamon; sustaining him further and only making him crave the delicious meat upon Middy's bones. "You could end all with chaos and anguish, all you must do is make a wish~" @Thotification @Bureku
  9. Djinn&Juice

    Chapter 1: Revival (LoD)

    He had been burned alive, stabbed, hung, and flayed alive; the tortures of hell finding familiar territory upon Kru'Gorah's skin. His master of yore exposing to him an array of torture that had molded him into the prophet he had become today. Reyna, however...had introduced him to a new one. He hadn't ever been choked before. The demon' limbs continuing to thrash and seek every inch of flesh they could as she kept him locked down with her heavy hands, requiring both if she didn't want his shattered tombstones of teeth to sink into her skull. She found the leathery skin quite difficult to grip, akin to writhing sandpaper as he choked out delighted laughter; his maw beginning to shift and crack as his jaw distended; Her eyes enamored by the horrors his jowls produced. Voices, whispers, screams, and cries heard from the recesses of his throat; Reyna being exposed to the fears of thousands of victims this demon has claimed; each one being sewn into his being and used to only spread further torment. This torment attempting to extend to his foe. His tail attempting to spear into his back all the while. ”Enough.” The words was both heard, and felt as he immediately recoiled from the fight, kicking Reyna off of him before snapping his limbs back into place with a irreverent slur of chants and gleeful mumbles. The Deamon doing as he was told, and despite the disappointment of ending such a delightful bit of fun. There was more delight to be had in seeing what how his master would raze this frozen tundra. Kru'Gorah crawling along Dredge's stationary form in a familiar, but still eerie fashion. The Djinn perching himself upon his master's mighty shoulder. The blade form the two woman had fought only moments before receded back into his cloak, and taking on a much thinner, and hunched visage that chittered in eager reverence; his tail swaying like a slow pendulum behind Dredge as he peered at the potential prey still all around them. His master giving these foolish creatures a chance to save their skins and test their constitution against the bitter cold. Kru'Gorah eager to watch them run away like mice scattering amidst the night. ”Djinn, Ochigo, Break. Kill Middy, painfully. Spare her little lackeys, they will make excellent play things. Just like Sera did.” He stood upon his perch, only a minor shift in Dredge's weight being affected as the howling winds of piercing snow whipped through his cloak and billowed forth the sounds of his cacophonous laughter, eyes like hellish torchlight as he heeded his Dredge's orders as though they were sent from the heart of hell itself. Kru'Gorah leaping into the air; his tail piercing the ground and propelling him even further as he immediately bared down onto Middy. His claws brandishing like insidious sickles seeking a debt in blood to be paid. The demon eager to bare down on this familiar morsel. A vicious array of blades attacks and snarling bites aimed at every inch of Middy. His blood running as cold as the snow being crushed underneath their feet. "Give me something to grind my claws upon, Let us see what bloodshed our dance will spawn?!~" He said with a incredulous cackle, his form once again beginning to glow with ignited orange; his horns like hellish sconces for the second time tonight as he acted as Dredge' tool of sumbission and terror, and he lived for it.
  10. Djinn&Juice

    Chapter 1: Revival (LoD OOC)

    Ill be posting today! This fight is becoming absolutely thrilling! @Sleepy Seal @Knighto
  11. Djinn&Juice

    Chapter 1: Revival (LoD)

    He had been caught off guard, cut short...but from what? The pillar of stone smashing into the back of his throat and shattering a few of his teeth; A strange dark sand spewing forth from the internal wounds lacerating his throat. It seemed he did not bleed as most creatures do, but he felt pain all the same...and he loved it. The sand creating a noxious cloud that began to permeate the air around him. It smelled acrid and irritated the skin,burning it in elongated yet still this one came and cascaded the pillar further into his throat. More sand spilling from his lips and filling the air as he reeled back. His jaw creaking with physical resistance before splitting the pillar with his teeth, spitting the slagged stone into the water where it billowed steam upon contact. The Djinn whipping his tail ferociously, hissing with anger before coughing from his throat injuries; plumes of sand beginning to obscure his immediate visage. Two coals lit by orange flame piercing through the obfuscation at his attacker with tangible delight. " Humans always act without thought, A lesson in agony must be taught" He seethed with incredulous laughter, curling the air around him as he stood to his full height once more; The plants and their noxious by product splashing upon his form and eating away at the leathery skin across his back, and arms. An aura of burning orange ignited around pulling an enraged roar from his barbed maw. his limbs once again creaking and groaning as they twisted and split apart, another pair of arms being made just below his original set; two sets of claws bursting from their forming hands as he howled in delightful pain and irreverent glee. Kru'Gorah sprinting forth in a frenzied state, his seemingly boneless form sliding underneath her legs. A tail being swept just behind in attempt to trip her up before spinning in an arc with his claws seeking to rend their flesh in his bladed fury. the joy of inflicting pain on others overshadowed only by his love of pain inflicted on himself. They only anchored his purpose with every laceration and burn he suffered. They were only idolizing his flesh with physical agonizing purpose. "Pain is the offering to him I pledge! Suffer me now in the name of Dredge!" He cried out amidst his ravenous attacks, bites, and whips from his coiling tail. @Knighto @Sleepy Seal
  12. Djinn&Juice

    Chapter 1: Revival (LoD OOC)

    This is certainly getting interesting!
  13. Djinn&Juice

    Chapter 1: Revival (LoD)

    The claws speared...not into flesh? No, this was wood! Trickery! Deceit! Kru'Gorah hissing as she had managed to fabricate a shield to block his attack; claws beginning to grip and pull at the defensive measure; It and the planks below beginning to hiss as an unknown viscious fluid dripped from The Djinn's claws, seemingly acidic in some form. Her attempt at escape overshadowed by her attempt at luring him. He was seething in joy at the prospect of such a fiery spirit. He craved it more than anything now. He lurched his head back and slammed his insidious horns through the barricade, a blood chilling screech clinging to her heels as she ran; A intent tail thrashing and spearing through the dock in pursuit of her. It seemed she had the gates of hell licking at her back. Kru'Gorah calling forth the abominations he had worked on so passionately in the time that they had laid dormant. Screeches of baleful woe piercing the sky as these winged orc monstrosities swooped and preyed upon the village populace, feasting on some, and taking the rest that weren't being torn apart by wolves. These ravenous beasts having patchwork sewn over any skin they originally had, eyes feral and hungry. It was his best work. Her shield eventually shattered against his merciless pursuit of blood shed, hers most of all. His limbs elongating as he became more fevered in his obsessions. Spines of shimmering deamon-flesh erupting from his back, tearing through cloak and all. His form stalking toward the direction she had run "Run as fast as you can little shrew, It will make you all the tastier to chew!" he screeched behind; his tail attemting to robe her leg and pull her off balance, his legs kicking forth as he bared his claws down on her once again; his maw frothing with quaking teeth eager to rend the flesh from her bones. The dock splintering and fracturing underneath as Kru'Gorah tried to sink his teeth into the woman. The taste of blood igniting his senses and unearthing the branded and ashen face of the demon baring down upon her, Each eye possessing multiple seething pupils, teeth like obsidian trees piercing through primordial gums as they craved her life source in any form they could get it. His horns spiraling black, erupting with an orange fire as though he were a hellish sconce; The brands upon his skin beginning to emanate a light that revealed them to be symbols and incantations...scrawled across seemingly every inch of skin. "Your world was made to be subjugated, and burned! Hark!, for The Legion has returned!" He howled to the sky; The Gargoyles of Flesh returning in kind as they continued to sew chaos. @Knighto
  14. Djinn&Juice

    Chapter 1: Revival (LoD)

    It had all been so hot, the fear, the terror, the blood, and The Legion itself. His new life with burgeoning purpose had been sweltering with enlightening heat. He had bathed in the blood of the innocent not only to help The Legion' cause, but to baptize himself into this new family for good. He truly believed that Dredge was to be the prophet of this era. Hell had become A dull place where killing brought only business or pleasure. They didn't fear death when it was only a minor nuisance that would be remedied in only a few agonizing months of recovery. It was all too hot there...Too hot to care for anything or anyone, too hot to fear...to had to feel...true terror. He had believed that the world of the humans was much of the same; these creatures possessed a terror the likes of which he had never tasted, but their world was corrupt all on it's own. They cheated eachother, killed eachother, robbed eachother...they were as self destructive to themselves as they were to the rest of the world. He didn't find enjoyment in being an observer to the demons that already twisted their lives into debt riddled hells sputtering about households and businesses like misery diseased cockroaches. He needn't do a thing really and it seemed as though hell had finally runeth over. He, however, had found an interest in the sins that they coursed themselves with. He could indulge them. The Djinn possessing the incredulous ability to grant wishes. He could give a man millions of gold pieces, but unfortunately he would either suffocate or be crushed by the sheer weight of such an amount. It was hard to question such lofy deals when you were but a commoner seeking to survive. Desperation drew them into his trap easier than he had expected. Kru'Gorah hadn't fed on such regret and horror, and it was a miasma of joy and purpose. They were here to be fed on. Their corruption was a tool for those who could manipulate it! How could he have been so blind? They were a gift from the chaos eternal. A true a mighty god that knows only the endless infinite. He roamed the lands to continue on his now reverently holy mission. He would spread the sickness of despair and terror so that chaos may grow and bloom. It was impossible for him to believe that another predator to these masses would ever surface as he did...but he had found Dredge. A prophet holier than he...one he would instead embolden all he can. He live vicariously through his newfound god. It was the first time his world had ever gone Cold. That was what it was now...all around them, suffocating the lands and it's creatures. It was thankful that the orcs weren't affected, they seemed far to eager for bloodshed to be stopped by any sort of weather conditions. Kru'Gorah had been planning in their hibernation, preparing new toys and breaking new ground for The Legion' reputation. He was eager to put them into action. ”Kill them all.” He heard the call of his master, and stood at his staggering seven and half feet. His patchwork cloak having a few recent human additions and A particularly fearsome Gain boy, and even had the fur of dogs, cats and horses sewn into it's hood. He had prepared for the chill of the air, and it made his senses more capable to sniff out...prey. A tail of of immense length snaking through the air akin to that of some sort of demonic scorpion. "Oh Lord, I shall heed your call with fervent delight, The snow shall melt in the heat of prominent bloodshed~" He said, drawing blood in prayer; scrawling a symbol across his hidden face. The two horns spiraling from his hood beginning to emanate a polluted smoke. His canine jointed legs stalking forth into an eager sprint. the sudden thorns erupting forth and attempting to block there way only, stabbing his hands into the rising thorns and raising up with it's height, puling himself up and over and seeming to be empowered by the very wounds he had inflicted upon himself His tail swirling like an insidious whip; eyes of luminous orange meeting potent green as he looked upon A'aria. Her message unfortunately being heard by the demonic entity "You truly believe you will find safety if you run? Do you not realize that fast prey is half the fun" He dribbled from shadowed lips...a forked tail being seen licking the air as he tasted the fear in the air. His tail firing into the freezing water, and submerging into the depths below. A cackle broiling from his throat as he lurched forward, brandishing two sets of bone flaying claws that he aimed to rip her to shreds. An eruption of splinters felt underneath her as his tail spearing upward from the docks and attempting to skewer her. Kru'Gorah putting him in a very personal position "Your putrid magic comes from dirt and from within, but how will it fair with the champion of sin?~" He snarled, eager to taste her blood. @Knighto
  15. Djinn&Juice

    Forging allies (Private)

    Marigold drummed his fingers against his chin as he absorbed the information he was gathering from the two of them; Arashi being short tempered as usual and eventually leaving the room to go clean up her mess "Make sure you bring the debris to the compactor Arashi! It is still a useful resource!" He called out to her before taking stock of the Khaki and Break. "The pleasantries aren't necessary. I can't allow someone, machine or man, to die at my proverbial front porch" He said with "Break is just fine; I am Dr. Ravenspire now how did you manage to end up here might I ask? I picked up some temporal interference before you and your friend suddenly appeared with the interference vanishing as quickly as it came! Do not fret. Your repairs are mostly finished with. It shouldn't take more than a few hours to finish up the rest. You were heavily damaged" He said, continuing to work on Break as they talked "You are fortunate for the loyalty of your friend here; Khaki has been with you since I found the both of you. Is she the one that made you? or the machinery at least? I haven't seen designs like this...who or what does your designation belong to?" He asked, possessing an underlying paranoia. His power core could power The Imperium for eternity and their was such a festering desire to rip it out of him as they spoke. Marigold quelled such foolish desires; this was still a sentient being possessing an alarmingly amicable behavior cortex for the given situation. Marigold turning him so that he could face the two of them; the stasis only a low anti gravity for heavier research, and possessed no threat to him as he shifted in the weightless space. The sounds of commotion heard down the hallway as Xerxes, his mechanical canine, barreled through the hallway...a giggling woman of fur and excitement chasing after him. "Come here! I am going to put you in the cuuuutest dress!" She said with unfettered laughter. Marigold relaxing from the moment of stress before sighing and grinning "Forgive me. She wanted to visit her big sister today, and is apparently distracted with terrorizing my dog. I trust you understand we both have people and values to protect so let us keep being friendly hmm? I care not for what you do or what you align to so I will refrain from any further questioning if it makes you more comfortable." He said He knew Fye had truly come to help cheer him up to, he couldn't figure out why they possessed such an interest in the anti social doctor...but he couldn't deny it's effectiveness. Marigold giving a wide grin and patting Break on the shoulder "I know not where you came for or where you travel, but I recommend the avoidance of temporal magic or any form of impossible spell. Magic leads to misery, and you are far too advanced for such archaic parlor tricks"