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  1. He loathed the space where his conscience traveled when the power would shut off; A negative space where ley lines traced on without end. It was the facility's A.I storage; deep within the heart of the facility. A virtual storage plane made for the very machination he tried to perfect. His mortal sensibilities felt betrayed existing within a space devoid of life. An endless tapestry where an artificial mind could build schematics and project layouts in real time. It was now dim and lifeless. A white light illuminated the dulled grid lines and spread the warmth of light throughout the storage device like puritan fire as Michael stood across from his colorless form. Michael a well of light that poured fourth his heart verily. Was this just A glitch in the storage unit? artificing memories of Mike only moments ago? The light continued to spread through the ley line network until it felt as though the light were consuming him; Michael reached out and the light swayed with his movements as though they were reflecting from his very soul. His hand grabbing Marigold, and it felt tangible. It would take some time and grooming to become a viable power source, but a spark was all that needed. Michael's own power jump starting the scientist and the facility he had become tethered to. Lights blinking on one after another as both holographic screens and terminals alike winked back on one after another. Robots, machine droids, and camera drones resumed their duties and it even managed to give the hyde villagers some power to work with, used to living without power. The reactor was in shambles with an immense crater that exposed it's deep cavernous location beneath the facility itself. The vacuous space that once harnessed the maddening energy of Laughing Stock now flickered with a white light. Marigold eyes lighting up once more and blinking back the distressed man who had left them only moments ago. Michael's words were indeed the first thing he heard as he took time to come out of his sleep state. His words were like scripture, yet he did not read them from a book. They weren't scripted like the halfwit preachers he'd often see pilfering weak willed souls. Something had changed within him, whether it was the new source of power, or a new source of faith he couldn't be sure. Who was this man who brought forth faith where there was none and a sense of purpose when it mattered not? A purpose brewing...something human that a machine pure knew not. He wanted to know what faith would bring. He knew science couldn't explain such vast concepts. They couldn't explain what he had felt in that sleep state. The light he felt now, coursing through him. Marigold meeting Michael's own gaze, and there was so much he wanted to say, so much he wanted to convey. With me by your side, at your back, you will create machines and entirely new concepts that bring joy to generations to come. "Bring...Joy" Was all Marigold repeated as Michael spoke to the others directly. Droids were a titter around the command center as they took plates and tidied up the dining area afterwards. Their sources of power all glowing a faint white instead of their original blue. Marigold listening to what Michael told them curiously. He had been betrayed much in his life, but that was before he had felt faith for the first time. A drink of requiem. Marigold pulling up diagnostic screens distractedly as he absorbed everything Michael had told them. The worth they must earn for themselves. The Acoloyte and Shethid soon after excusing themselves as they ventured off on their own affairs. Michael addressing marigold directly again, marigold looking up from his readings and nodding eagerly "Aside from the villagers and their work, the facility itself is in utter disrepair since the explosion and it is quite the uphill battle" He said as they strolled back outside after dinner. The sunset bathing the plains with tree split rays of orange light. The hundred or so villagers dotting the plains with houses and foundations ranging from just started to nearly finished. A great shadow casting from the mighty wolf guard captain as she used a nearby tree as a bark covered recliner. A pair of humanoids, wolf and feline alike were training just underneath her watchful eye as many called it a night and huddled around bonfires where they celebrated a good start to a long journey. A faint song heard as one of grey skinned tiefling among one of the bonfires started to drift a melody into the air that soon many of the woman joined in on with instruments and additions voices. A tradition among their people. Moshra in a strange change of pace from her barbaric intensity, sang too. A harsh baratone from a robust figure. They were a strange and musical people that Marigold wanted to understand more...but he felt a strange connection to the music...the words. “Now, Marigold-I believe I have found a power source that will adequately let you travel away from here. Have you ever heard of calquartz?" "I'm afraid the knowledge of that particular element escapes me!" Marigold eyes fixated upon the crystals and it was as though that mysterious Hyde song emanated from it. His fingers probing the stone without thought before his eyes sparked in surprise "It's cold! I can feel it? I can feel it? How is that possible?" He chattered, rubbing his fingertips together curiously before pinching his cheek and actually wincing, laughing in surprise before pinching himself again.
  2. The villagers listened to Michael' instructions over the horses, The hydelings a proud people that had a history of uprooting when the lands became too hostile. Ex-Bandits, warriors, beggars, and bilge rats all coming together under the banner their mayor had made long ago, lost and hated races finding new purpose putting their roots down around the mysterious lab. Moshra giving the horses a healthy dose of motivation as she took charge of finishing up the day's watch and chores. Her eyes never leaving the strangers until they vanished deeper into The Imperium. The sun beginning to dip behind the tree line casting elongated shadows of sturdy trees and baleful bushes. A multitude of torches being lit and placed in sconces at the front of each growing settlement; lighting up the perimeter of the darkened lab, the central building having only emergency lights to light it's exterior. The reactor had been his primary source of power for The Imperium, and with it gone he couldn't power the entire facility alone. Tripsec the only building he managed to reroute power for and actually ran pretty smoothly for the time being. The fluorescent lights overhead their dinner flickering momentarily before they continued their low thrum. The time Michael had used to go hunting, A momentary power outage had occurred that caused Marigold himself to freeze in place. A few moments passing before the lights once again flicked on, and so did Marigold. He waved off any questions and simply wanted this dinner Michael was making to go off without a hitch. The food soon being finished and being unable to smell how good it was only proved to Marigold just what he had sacrificed. He had always taken for granted the necessity of meals. His father hadn't ever cared and his mother had died too young so the concept of meals were simply sustenance that was required to survive. He sat at the table graciously, appreciating the effort regardless of if he was able to partake. Marigold watching everyone curiously as they ate, seated at his own side of the table. He had refused any food or drink since he didn't want it to dry out and simply go to waste. The illumination of Gaia' light rolling through his finger joints and illuminating the empty table space as Michael finally spoke after their initial feast was over. Something to toast to? Indeed that this was an unexpected turn of events. He should be surprised, yet such emotions dulled against the cold of metal. The doctor not wanting to be rude and so he raised an empty glass and clattered it against Mike's own. Marigold felt disingenuous as The Peacekeeper spoke of good biddings; as if any god could offer such an ephemeral concept. His bitterness left to himself as he listened. Michael beginning to explain his reasoning for coming here, and gathering their attention in unison. It was strange to hear of his plan, knowing it somehow had to do with Marigold. It both baffled and afeared the A.I. He had been in service of only one god before and had watched as his entire life had been carved out from under him. He couldn't deny that immediately serving another wouldn't prove much better. The light's flickering once more as Marigold's nerves were getting to him. Marigold unable to meet Michael's gaze and only continued to stare at the table frantically. His vices? When the question of their impurities and crimes was brought up. Antigone, his home, was nothing but misery. He had aired out his story once and for all to a woman he thought he could trust, but she had boiled his entire tale into a compendium of all the horrendous actions he had taken. He knew now that the Mad God had influence over him even then, but he had been in control and did such things that never allowed him peace of mind again. His mechanical face betraying a lip quiver as the other two answered. He didn't know their names and yet still they answered without restraint. He was never one of hedonism due to his workaholic mentality, but the apostate' answer brought their gazes together for only a moment. Marigold understanding much of what he was saying. He had made it all out to be for 'humanity' and 'science' but it was just his demons following in his father's footsteps. He had once thought it was just how the world worked, but he knew that to be a lie when Lilly graced his life. He couldn't handle the loss and rolled his pain across those as haunted as he. How could that be forgiven? "I helped The Black Queen give birth to her child only a few floors below from where we're sitting...it was the beginning of this entire disaster. I had some of the most powerful beings I had seen surrounding me, and in my foolish desire for sudden change...I had made enemies out of all of them, except the one in my arms. It was a beautiful baby boy, inhuman and powerful. I had forgotten the carmine emperor was there...lost in the momentary bliss of unmarred innocence. Raphael's sword at my throat had terrified me indeed...but I was happy knowing such purity, even in a fragment of time, had graced me...It was the same day Laughing Stock took advantage of the chaos and though I survived I often wondered...how many pure, unadulterated souls did I deny a father? A mother? A sister or a brother? How many children in Antigone are wondering, hopelessly where that missing piece of them is? How could I be worthy when I have created generations of tragedy that will never heal? What god could ever forgive what I have done?" The sudden stress peaking as the power shorted out and caused Marigold, alongside the lights, to suddenly switch off. His face frozen in the crestfallen torture of a broken man, cast into a metal body.
  3. He had grown up with cynical views of gods, their religious power, and the supernatural sway they held over most of humanity. His father telling him of the countless horrors that exist despite these supposed lords over their domain having the power to end such suffering with but a snap of their fingers. The use of magic, just the carrot on a stick the 'magickers' use to fill us with false arrogance and hope. It had been hammered in his head so thoroughly as a child that he had been terrified the first time he saw magic. It was strange, and defied every law of nature his father had schooled him on. He wondered how different things would have turned out if he had seen what could it could have actually done. If he hadn't seen the extremes of absolute power in vile, diabolical hands first he might of had more of a chance to lead a normal life. If his father had seen his family as the broken mess it was...leaving him an empty estate with only his mother's grave to keep him company. His old man choosing The Mad God and losing himself forever to that madness. He hadn't felt such a loneliness in his home, such a terrible chaoseum that had been the tipping point into his unfortunate future. The present all too familiar now as he was once again left in that similar state; taken of his lab, his body, and family. Moshra and the villagers of Hyde were the closest he had...but the lack of sensory stimulation toward their presence only made him shrink into that pitiful boy crying over a solitary grave. The concept of redemption was a concept never afforded to him, and even with his perspectives drastically shifted...he felt as though any of his deeds were a drop in a bottomless bucket. A sorrow he felt all too comfortable in, wondering if gods were just as clueless as they were. Marigold's coat being crumpled under a great stress as Mike confronted him with mere inches between them. He was caught off guard, and Moshra could already been seen bristling at the contact. Marigold still raising a hand for her to stand down. Whatever happened. Marigold would accept it as fate. “You are not lost, Doctor. I’m not here to unplug you.” Words were the most valuable commodity any man, woman, or child had as they had the capacity to shift wars, change minds, and rally hearts. His mother writing many letters and showing him all the ways words could be expressed. 'Never take for granted encouragement Mari, it is how we show love, gratitude, and respect...cherish them' He wondered if she somehow knew how far her lessons would carry. Surprise framing his features now as Mike; other hand gripped his shoulder and anchoring him. If this were a trap or some sort of ruse, Marigold was indeed vulnerable. Their eyes now locked with eachother; Marigold's a lost void searing from the sheer light Mike brought into his life as though he were a prophet. The frayed edges of his psyche were nourished by the warmth his aura brought and it was the closest to feeling alive he had experienced since the event took place. Marigold being let go now as he made his way around back, no intentions to resist whatever he had planned. He had felt the sting of betrayal many times...but this felt different. It was as though he were believing in something unseen; A faith he hadn't expected. Marigold feeling something akin to a blush ignite across his face as sensitive chords were suddenly being gripped by Mike's firm hands. The sudden magic immediately detected in his systems, and strangely accepting of it's nature almost immediately. The doctor already beginning to feel an immediate change as the spaces between his joint plates started to emit a white glow. His features becoming more profound as his irises started emit the same light. Marigold looking over himself curiously as he started to run diagnostics and figure out what Mike had just done. The rush of cool air feeling as though he were rising into the sky; the sun cresting his features...and it was as though he could feel the rays upon his skin once more. The doctor then feeling Mike's own technology merging with his own as his A.I ran diagnostics of his own condition. The A.I unit itself being located somehwere within the imperium; projecting his influence onto a facsimile that looked just as he did before his physical form was lost. His memories seeming to be intact for the most part but his psyche was critical due to suddenly becoming artificial overnight, combining poorly with his melancholic mindset. "Here to save...me?" He felt as though he didn't deserve saving. There was no amount of good he could do that would take back the pain and suffering he had caused. Mike was a pillar here and many of thousands looked upon him for guidance and leadership. He was wasting his much needed time trying to save a dysfunctional fool caught in his own metal cage. The light that now coursed through him felt as though it was lifting his head from the mote he continually drowned his psyche in. Marigold's scattered thoughts being focused now as Mike asked for a place to take refuge. The doctor taking note of the other two followers, curious if they too were souls Mike had done the same for. Marigold doing his best to look presentable once more as he gave a nod "A camp won't be necessary. The Imperium' command center is still intact and unscathed. There is adequate lodgings, the villagers will take care of your horses" He said, still wrestling with the implications that were at foot. What reason could Gaia give him? Her wandering eye never falling upon his life up until this moment. It was all quite confusing, but he supposed Mike would be a wealth of information soon enough. Moshra watching as Marigold lead the three through the various construction sites of the up and coming Hyde village. The imperium would act as it's center, once it was rebuild that is. Their trip being relatively short as they weaved into the facility itself where most of the rubble and debris had been cleaned up as droids and automatons continued the reconstruction. The imperiuk being a complex consisting of four buildings, a comms tower, and a command station at it's center. Every other building aside from the command center had been nearly reduced to rubble with only a few walls and tertiary mainframes still intact on a few as though they were walking through skeletons of once living machine beasts. Their wayward journey through the bloated corpse of The Imperium took them to what he called TripSec. The command center of The Imperium, and the only building physically intact. The doors sliding open with a slow creak, Marigold giving one of the doors a solid kick before it opened completely. The interior white lit and chilled as a vast atrium opened up before her with a multitude of androids moving about on pneumatic feet and treads alike as they worked on repairs.
  4. Reginald was far too eager to feel bored. He had been incarcerated for too long and he hadn't craved such life in what felt like his entire existence. A constant hollow desire for something he had sacrificed so long ago. It was his drive to experience it all, and Humble Horseshoes would indeed become a venture that taught him about the proper business model. His current disguise being a flamboyant foreign investor. His innocent questions over their products and expansion goals true in their underlying goal of understanding the basics of business. It was alot for an archaic wizard to suddenly master and he knew it would take some doing and even more questions. He spent the entirety of the day learning what he could from every suit and tie that neared Bentley. The Postmaster having his own autonomy and seeing that Humble Horseshoes was being built without any direct contact from Reginald at all. It was quite the effective day! He was getting ready to bust through the door leading to the porch where Linda was lounging, but instead of sunshine and his friend...he was somewhere else...somewhere...familiar. An office; Three walls of glasslike oak, and the fourth wall spilling out through the stream of a waterfall onto a grassy valley bisected by a river, the ceiling a gentle tone of tan light that illuminated the room dimly. Cain's desk was the same as his walls. Behind it was a lit-up rectangular recess into the wall with glass shelves donning thick crystal beakers full of alcohol and various other potions. In the corner away from the fourth wall, was a three-step set of risers. A choir of teenage boys and girls wearing black robes hummed a haunting, subdued tune. Reginald craning his head curiously as his superior sat at his desk as though it were Reginald himself who had marched in here and interrupted work. A strange feeling indeed. Every soul bound worm that clung to his form reeled and shivered at the presence of another eldritch entity, it's make just as outlandish as a worm that walks. It were as though he had just risen out of the soaking soil from where his mortal shell had rotted and been reborn. That night of shrieking terror and howling rain as he was plunged into world between life and death. It was visceral and it was like Cain himself provided fragments of memory he had lost for eons. A contract already laid out on the table with all formalities in place and understanding clear as Reginald straightened out his oval glasses and read it over at least three times, mumbling a few curious mentions before giving Cain a nod. Reginald writing out his side of the contract with only a singular desire. A Wizard Tower where he may work and produce all his Dead projects. He wanted complete autonomy and in return for the promotion; he would create a network of delivery and information that would act as a Dead pipeline. He was once again standing on the porch of the hotel him and Linda were staying at. Linda finding him just suddenly materialized within a blink of an eye. Reginald feeling the tense posture he held the whole time he was in the office slacken as he collapsed into a chair next to The Mistress. His diguise once again an average onlooker as he took a cup of tea in earnest "Good news! Our ginger associate pulled me into his office suddenly, instead of getting fired, I was promoted! What a pleasant surprise!" He said, waving his hands excitedly as he tried to explain the feeling to Linda.
  5. "What can I say? Pitter patter and all that! I don't waste time when it comes to seeing this beloved tower shine even brighter than before!" He said, waving his wormed hand to articulate the amount of transmogrification and enchantment he has put into the interior, animating and bringing to life most of the inanimate kick knacks and decor Reginald had. A strange endeavor, yet it had it's own purposes as they all transmitted to Reginald directly; allowing him to see everything that went down within the tower without fail. "That I did! They are just too static without a little hootspa! Anything is more cute when you make it move!" He chimed as the ottomon pranced around his chair and he excitedly clapped his hands while it spun in place trying to get it's own tassel tail. He was easily distracted when it came to his own creations, but the serious presence her gaze infused into the air reminded him to perk up for the senior operative. Reginald leaning forward as she spoke of her intentions, his tea cup being left floating in the air next to his head as he steepled his fingers in engrossing curiosity. "A very close approaching need for them you say? Well they are meant as a natural deterrent, but giving my defensive spells a little punch up wouldn't hurt either! Please, by all means, take as many as you need! My requirements are a dozen or so at most right now, for experimentation purposes! Tia will eventually bring me more anyhow" He said, looking up from their conversation, up to the second floor where he projected his voice "Sybil, please go to the roof and pick out with your discerning eye the most interesting looking undead you can find out there!" "Resources would be just dandy! I have projects for our beloved members I need to begin soon! The Dead has given me much work to do, but with this tower, I will be able to snap crackle and pop the most fandangled baubles for our wondrous fantastic fam damily" He jeered excitedly, another member making a surprise entrance and caused Reggie to stand up eagerly. The ottoman dog immediately prancing toward Shikai and both the dog and Reginald skipped around him, welcoming him to The Tower "Shikai, it is fantastic to see you my friend!" Reginald cheered, raising his cup of tea, and causing the cup itself and it's contents to duplicate in his other hand. He then offered it to Shikai as the door closed behind him with a delightful ring of several bells. The undead strangely at home in a room of growing Dead as Reginald brought Shikai over to the collection of scrumptious soft seats and delightfully glowing doilies. "Operative Phoebe, I'd like to introduce you to Operative Shikai! Pheebs and Shikky sound much better!" He said with gallivanting laugh, nosing the cake curiously, though he had no nose to speak of. "He is one of the projects I was speaking of! He wants heavy set armor that can summon to his person. Quite a task I'd say but-" His attention turning from Phoebe to Shikai, throwing his hands up with jittery excitement "Your armor is coming along fabulously! The runes have been etched and I am currently installing them. We will just need to run a few tests and then you'll have an ace up your sleeve with just a summon." He explained, running across the interior to a small cubby where music notes floated off sheet music and ruminated for several moments before vanishing and reappearing. The wizard pulling out a phonograph with the tube in the shape of a giant parrot, it's beak opening and in a bizarre twist of reality...started playing music as clear as though you were there in person. "What an occasion! This is a gift from some deity I came across centuries ago! It plays music from worlds beyond!" He said, seeming to recognize the bizarre melody and swing his arms wildly as he dance. The dance seeming to be random at first before his leg swings and arm flails started to come together in a estranged and inhuman rhythm. The worms themselves seeming to sway to the beat and add an offset to every move he made and made the entire spectacle far more wild. Sybil, his assistant, made her way down and saw that her master was doing his celebration dance. "That means he is really excited with having company, baaah" The sheep girl spoke up, bleating quietly as she watched him with a smile.
  6. It had been nearly two weeks since the fallout from The Mad God where he had lost nearly everything, and yet still maintained some tether to this world despite his incredible mortal loss. He had acclimated to his artificial existence better with each day...but the cravings of simple life were frustrating him to no end. The senses he had relied on his whole life no longer of use to an A.I. He would dream of what it would be like to feel the cool metal walls again, or feel the breeze against his skin. There was much he had taken for granted that basic humanity afforded, yet still he somehow felt human. The conscience that was tethered to his hardware still alive and well. He still had much work to do, and the crisis of lost senses was something he'd have to deal with in shifts. The Imperium in a terrible condition as the reactor' eruption destroyed many of the buildings that made up The Imperium itself with only The Command Center at the center remaining intact (and mostly) undamaged. The deal he had made with the deposed citizens of Hyde allowing them to rebuild there town on the perimeter of the laboratory, but so too much they put their rebuilding efforts into his own lab. A great deal of manual labor being shared between both Hydeling and Robot alike. The town's folk comprised of humanoids from the roguish tieflings to Wolf Giants which were rarely seen outside of Shawnee; All pitching in on this rebuilding project and creating a rhythm and tune Mike felt resembled Aspyn's very own efforts. The crystals had left to do their job, and though there was no response for Mike himself. The largest of wolf giants, nearly fifteen feet tall, marched toward them with caution and curiosity. Her blackened armor trimmed with frost runes mirroring her shawnee tribal upbringing. Her fur salt and peppered with white spirals that framed either side of her face. Her eyes a hallow frost blue as they looked over the troupe with crossed arms. "Strong you lot are, cautious that makes me. What is your business here?" She questioned, despite her broken speech she still managed quite well. Mike's answer falling short as his crystals wasted no time in their pursuit, a singular man walking behind them. The gargatuan wolf woman turning to see Marigold and immediately growing infuriated "You can't be out this far Baradeshi! You aren't well enou-" She tried to argue "I may never be well enough for this I'm afraid, but...Michael Commager is not a man you ignore" He replied with ease. Her frustrated gaze turning back onto the visitors before giving a snort and marched off, back to keeping watch. "Forgive Moshra, she is quite protective over me it seems" He said, giving a bow to the three before him. Mike realizing just how little he knew about the situation here as it seemed he was...artificial. Marigold had always look gaunt and haunted by unseen visions, but today he was dressed in a simple button down shirt with a harness wrapped around him. A large power chord attached to his shoulders that led all the way back to the imperium itself. His features looking uncanny, yet there were shifts in joints and mouth creases that revealed a robotic nature. He had expected The Terran Military to come for what he'd done...and he was thankful they had brought a friend to end it. "I must first start off what I am to consider my arrest with a thank you. Thank You, for allowing me the chance to see the fruits of my labor put to uses beyond my own selfishness and madness. Last Chance was the success we were hoping...but it imparted a kindness that I will carry forever" He said. His eyes, no matter the machinery, revealed an endless mote of sadness and regret. It felt as those isolated moments of good fortune were a drop in a bucket without a bottom. A melancholic smile gracing his lips and almost making him look beautiful in his grief. "Now you must be here for what Andromeda has undoubtedly revealed to the world. The evil I had committed can never be washed away no matter the amount of lives I saved. Ceyena gave me hope...but...Andromeda's betrayal only proves that I only have myself to blame. I'm afraid an arrest won't work as...I'm no longer a living being anymore. I managed to trick a deity vying for my body, and all it cost was well...that very body. I thought I was free, but with you here...I supposed freedom is but a myth. I am an incomplete A.I as my plan was a hasty one at best so I am unable to travel far out of the facility...hence the power source connected to me as we speak." Marigold looking toward the sky as all his emotions brimmed to the surface. An impossible tear streaking down his metallic face as a breeze he couldn't feel raced through his hair "I would rather you pull my plug than some damnable god. Don't let my monstrous deeds ruin the hard work of these great people here. I hope you can still find it in your heart to allow them to live in peace...it's the least I could do...Perhaps I'll once again...see her..."
  7. Moshra was just pleased to see all her children finally together again, granted Rivana was still sleeping off her injuries but at least she was safe. Fye breaking from the hug as Moshra quirked an eyebrow. The cat girl the youngest in both mind and spirit as she practically squealed when Arashi came in. Fye just about to tackle her before Arashi warned her, giggle snorting and giving Arashi' nose a poke "Oh your being dramatic Sis! It was only like...200 hundred times" She said, hugging her from the back and resting her head on Arashi' shoulder as she watched what the dragoness was doing. Moshra content with eating a few handfuls of apples, core and all. Marigold had finished the schematics of the new and improved power armor, rubbing his palms together excitedly as he managed to scrape off a usable amount of DNA from Storm' own blood that had shed onto the armor itself. The neutralizing cuffs being upgraded so that they can properly detain her without worry of power spikes. If Renji was planning anything further against Marigold than he would have to outfit these upgraded power armors to Arashi, Moshra, and Rivana as fast as he could. He didn't have the defenses left to face any more intruders. Marigold holding his hands to either side as they started to quake with energy as his newfound technomncy took over and started to whirl the power armor parts into the proper schematics as he started on three new suits. It was the first project he had done since being free from Laughing Stock's grip and it felt all too wonderful to feel in control of his thoughts again
  8. Reginald was overjoyed that at least his firework display and welcome were received well. Phoebe feeling the psionic presence that surrounded him was archaic, and came from eons passed. His arcana possessing as unique a source as the being himself. Everything he did with flair and overwhelming fonts of ostentatious presence. The wizard doing his best to keep her smile fresh in his fragmented memory. He needed to practice his human emotions better and smiles were the most difficult. Her responses snapping him out of his stupor and bringing him to the immediate present, taking note of the success of the fireworks "that is A cully idea!" He replied "So formal! I've never been called an operative before! We're all a family in The Dead aren't we? Please call me Reggie" He returned in kind, waving his hand and opening the obsidian barrier to allow them entry "But of course! The corpses here will be of use to me soon, but for now I'd rather them just keep unwanted guests away" The two entering the safety of the blackened barrier where the tower was now in full view. It's age being slowly manipulated and transformed as a prismatic sheen started to cover it's exterior in a glowing bright purple. One of Reginald's assistants waiting at the threshold of the door with two cups of piping hot tea. She was a husky tiefling dressed in a vibrant green sun dress with a blue apron. Her snowy white hair dressed up in A Beehive that was nearly two feet in height and swayed everytime she moved her head. "Glad to see yer already gettin guests! Nice tah meetchya! Names Mabel" She greeted, offering the tea as they entered the tower. Reginald taking his and immediately drinking from it with no mouth at all. The interior of the tower in a transitional phase from dark and decrepit to guady and beautiful as an animated ottoman ran up to he with a strange dog like presence as it barked and started to shake it's cushioned head before running off. Mabel climbing the staircase as Reginald lead Phoebe over to a table with two chairs on either side. The table itself glowing and tittering with accurate constellations of the night sky. the chair's themselves made of hazy dreamscape that felt excellent to sit on. "My history is far too long for me to remember all of it's engaging details, but it is a life well lived indeed! So what can me and mine do for you here? You spoke of help and I am curious to see what that entails! Please do tell"
  9. The tower's defenses were still being slowly grown in proportions as the storm was a slow acting spread that would soon cover a five radius around the tower and prevent most curious onlookers due to the caustic rain and hordes of ravenous undead. His shield needing time to grow into it's proper strength, and it even appeared that his intimidation tactics were for naught. Reginald never needed to try and be intimidating simply because the common man would look upon a worm that walks and already believe they have seen the face of death. Those who have faced eldritch horror and grown stronger were not swayed by his looks and threats alone. She was quite something indeed. He was eager to learn more as he watched from the tower's peak. Her gaze reaching where his own would have been if he had eyes, but still he felt her intensity and it only made him more eager "Phoebe Marshall." She was something of a Dead celebrity, being the first architect and pioneering many of the operations that the organization now ran smoothly; her hands the one that brought this tower it's first life. The first not expecting to hear a loud, and shrill scream as Reginald lost his ever loving mind at the prospect of the one and only Phoebe coming here of all places. A snap of his wormy fingers sending a plethora of arcane fireworks cascading into the air and erupting in a mesmerizing blend of colors, some not even existing on this plane of existence! from the attempts at necromancy intimidation, a sudden was eruption of excitement and starstruck glamour was not expected. Reginald teleporting in a vibrant flash of color and materializing a few feet before his esteemed guest, and bowing graciously. Phoebe never seeing anything of his ilk; A worm that walks being a mass of purple, undulating worms in the shape of a humanoid. A multicolored gaudy robe draped over him with small rounded glasses sitting on his featureless face to provide a focal point for others to focus on due to his aberrant design, rising from his bow and projecting a voice that seemed to emanate around his head as he had no mouth. "Forgive my hastened defenses! If I had know it to be you I would have most certainly done a better job at welcoming you, First. Please accept my sincerest apologies and welcoming to my soon to be magnificent wizard tower! I am Reginald Thaydrenn Amwei Nejim Lockhead The Fourth! It is going to be quite the shindig, or was it hootenanny, hoedown?...hmm" His memories failing him now as they drifted to words thousands of years old that simple meant party.
  10. Marigold splayed out his fingers and caused the power armor to separate in thousands of different pieces as he pulled up a holographic blank sheet and started to work on the schematics of this empowered armor he had made in a different universe. It was all a great deal to parse, but he had also faced a deity of incongruent insanity so his threshold for such bizarre concepts was much higher than it had been. The swirling mass of parts being picked at and identified in an slow obsessive titter he couldn't deny himself. There was much he could do with armor that absorbed kinetic energy and had advanced hacking tech. Marigold tapping his ear as he also continued to listen in on the cameras that overlooked the holding cell as Arashi and her counter part started to have quite the heated conversation. A great deal of answers being discovered, but even more questions soon following. It appears that his counterpart had been killed by the peacekeeper he currently had good reputation with. It was fascinating hearing how vastly different worlds can be given any small change to their timeline. He thought back to Ceyena and how those worlds came crashing togther in a far more miserable and catastrophic fashion. An alert coming from the front entrance, and Marigold for a moment felt a spike of anxiety as he wondered just who could be coming for him now. His eyes scanning the camera feed quickly before a sigh of relief escaped his pneumatic form. A cat girl in overalls flicking the camera as her nose was pushed up against it. It was just Fye. It appears she has finished bringing all the villagers here. This was going to be quite the project indeed. An entire town being built around his imperium. An operation that would give them refuge after their home was lost, and give him hard workers that will help with repairs and finally keep his lab from being torn apart every other day. Fye running into the facility excitedly as she told the villagers to wait outside. Moshra making a double decker sandwich as her daughter burst into the kitchen. The two hugging tightly as Moshra was glad to see her excited and story filled daughter.
  11. Silas hadn't remembered this experience before and suffice it to say, it made him uneasy. The roads were roads for a reason right? Why did they need to fly? It might of been because of sheer vertical nature Cradle boasted. He hardly understood the tech that was behind it and just enjoyed the experience overall, even if a fall from this height made him a little nervous. Silas sucking in a silent breath as he calmed his nerves. He had quit drinking after Howlrick's treatment and felt that edge creeping along his vision before the sick feeling in his stomach subsided as they eventually made it to their destination. The rain coming down harder than it had before, and making his joints hurt as the cold chill clung to his clothes. It was a good thing his metal plates had been treated against rust otherwise he'd be back to his rickety self in no time. Silas wondering how she handled her metal bits in the rain, figuring she had some high tech windshield wipers or something. Her expression surprising him momentarily as they stopped just shy of their destination. "Thank ye kindly, but ahm no stranger tah weird looks Ma'am. Ah don't take offense ta it anymore." He didn't know what to expect from a registration office, but he didn't expect a hole in the wall seemingly underneath the monolithic buildings that scoured the streets. the interior spic and span and he was thankful for the warmth that drove out the frigid air, taking off his hat and giving it a few smacks against his leg before clipping it to his pistol belt. Momma always teaching him to take his hat off indoors. Wirejaw watching as Tabitha took the lead, calling the man behind the counter by name. Her warning hadn't revealed just how skittish he was as he threw a book across the office in fear and ducked behind the counter. It reminded him of the grocery girl in his hometown, took her weeks to acclimate to his grizzled visage. Silas a man of few words and let Tabitha do the talking as she explained his situation before leaving them alone to attend a call. One of the locks maybe? "Mighty fine ta meechya Mr. Mayfield. Ahm Silas" He greeted, returning the handshake with a firm one of his own. His face was intimidating to most to look at directly, but he took a seat where he could with a groan as he ran a hand through his thick salt and pepper hair. "Ah only just got here and already feel snake rattled, ah friendly face helps. Ah dont mind answerin questions...keep ehm simple like if ye don't mind. Ah ain't so good with the science talk" He warned ahead of time, doing his best to answer the questions that followed, having to scratch his head a few times as he tried to explain that his left eye used to brown but was now just a fake eye and not knowing if that could be an eye color. William likely never meeting someone as homegrown and out of the loop as Mr. Coleman. The sections that were already updated by Fain saving them suffering and managing to complete the questions without too many hiccups. "Tabitha said sumthin 'bout that earlier, an ahdentifer huh" he grumbled, mulling over the possibilities and realizing that he wasn't quite so creative when it came to jewelry, rings, or any clothing of the like. He knew he'd end up losing his C.A.R.D if it was just a hunk of junk in his pocket. When it came to fain, he had to be prepared to get into plenty of scuffles if it came down to it. The cowboy laughing for a moment before coughing into his fist "Never been called interestin before. Ah don't take offense, it's mighty kind. Thank ye. Ah thought it over as much as ah can, and I think if ya stick it right here. Ah won't ever forget it" He said, pointing at his right jaw screw as he lifted his metal jaw to show William "Is that sumthin ye can do?" He asked
  12. The environment blurred by in such a mesmerizing way that it was hard for him to look away from the window. The contrast from being a dirt poor drifter spending weeks at time making trips on horseback to paid train trips to the most advanced city he's ever seen were staggering to him. It was one of the reasons he wanted to go...to see beyond the keyhole of his understanding. There existed so much more beyond the dusty trails and hard farm work he was accustomed to. He was simple, and as honest as any man could be...but curiosity was something he couldn't deny any longer. The trip itself however becoming anxious and mildly frustrating as he paced the halls and distracted himself with the train's commodities. A nap tiding him over until the spattering of rain against his window roused him before he fell into a deeper sleep. The dazzling lights seen up ahead, and the sudden rush of adrenaline and nerves told him that they had arrived. It had been nearly three years since he had been here, and still it felt like the first time. The voice over the intercom making him realize that Fain had indeed made sure Silas' trip was as comfortable as possible. His large frame squished into a full cart making for an awkward and miserable trip for the archaic cowboy. The lack of eyes on him helping him relax as he took in the air and the sights with both anxiety and excitement. It was like the world had denied him it's fullness for so long up until now. It amazed him that his parents hadn't ever traveled out of their town too far let alone out to a marvel like this. His focus now on the nearest exit; his limp far better than it was the last time he was here, but still prevalent as he pressed on. A voice repeating his name causing him to stop, the source being a lithe figure he hadn't noticed before. A woman, but way more than that even. He took off his hat respectively and reached out for a proper handshake "Nice ta meetch'ya Tabitha, Names Silas, but chew alreadeh know that" He said; the creaks from his movements and jaw still existing, but far less noticeable than they were. He was glad that someone met him so they could explain his C.A.R.D to him better, forgetting the explanation made to him last time he was here. Silas following her as he picked up his whethered suitcase "So Ah gotta keep it close then, sumthin that ah won't forget or lose" He said, continuing to listen to her explanation. This thing he needed seemingly very important to life here in Cradle. It would be easier if it was on something he never forgets rather than this weird little doohickey he has to carry around, scratching his head as they arrived at the car awaiting them, confused on why it didn't have any wheels. Was it like that limo that took him to the train? His suitcase being dropped into the back, and feeling the difference in class immediately as the carseat hugged his back. It was even better than his favorite sittin chair back home! A grumbling chuckle leaking through his metal jaw as he relaxed once again. Enjoying all of this while he could. The shift in perspective answering the limo question, realizing this car floates too. "Ah missed this place"
  13. Ouroboros had existed in Blairville for only a year, and yet it gained quite a reputation for it's business practices; Marketing as a source of every sinful distraction one could ask for and headed by an Illustrious succubus known as Calypso. Calypso and Gilandriel both owning Ouroboros and seeing to it's many functions, but the demoness was far more starstruck than her reclusive partner and gladly became the face of the company. The bar itself possessing a wide array of drinks and mixes from all over the world, and even having it's own curious flair.The double door entrance manned by a bodyguard lead into a strobing hall of blues and purples opened up into a vast open space where patrons sat at various tables, and even danced to the music that emanated from seemingly everywhere. A stage visible nearly twenty ahead with dozens of patrons eagerly awaiting for the next performance to start, whatever was going on was soon to start. A bar having the most patrons crowding around it to the farthest right, A well dressed bartender weaving magic through the air and infusing the alcohol with luminescent lights before giving them to thirsting patrons. An orange tinged drink being presented to an awestruck woman . his gold skin making his magenta gaze more prominent through the locks of periwinkle hair. The sound of sudden cheers catching attention as many started to crowd around the stage placed directly in the center of the main floor; The entire bar now focusing their attention around a woman in a jeweled dress. Her hair long and sparkling gold, and matched her eyes as the room filled with the music of her voice as she started a performance without introduction. Her voice being backed by an unseen melody of electronica that vibrated the air and had many already jumping and down in place as her falsetto skyrocketed into a nonearly thirte the music seemed to twirl around as the note held and was carried off into the melody itself as she continued to sing once more. This club taking it's music quite seriously and making it a performance and something one can thoroughly enjoy dancing to. Tears beginning to christen her face in an unexpected drive of emotion as the music continued to boom throughout the bar. Calypso herself watching from a distant stool, A most evocative woman with eyes of sultry hot pink. A lackadaisical smile touching her perfect lips. the air around her crackling against skin as though this woman possessed an intoxicating aura. She possessed snake earrings that looped through her elven ears a few times before the sapphire eyed heads perched at the pointed tips. Her hair an ocean of silver and gold locks that flowed down her exposed back and hung off the stool. her dress enrapturing her physique in a tightly woven pendulum of anticipation that dared to come lose and expose them to a wave of emotions they hadn't expected to combat today Calypso intrigued to see the new performances her stars were putting on tonight. They were indeed giving their best as tonight was the night she had a meeting with Ina over a potential music interest. It seemed a band was being started and they wanted to use her stage to reveal it. She was all too happy to add more performances and if it increased her reputation all the better. Gold Dust's performance ending with a gallivant of cheers as she curtsied and blew out a few kisses to the front row before vanishing behind the curtain. The succubus finding this performer to be her greatest asset, and certainly made her the hottest underneath her collar. The atmosphere seemed to change once more; The man on stage seeming to be more than a stage act. He breathed the very life into the stage itself as he moved from the high energy he had been belting out to something more close to home as he took hold of the mic and announced that he would be playing something near and dear to his heart; A song from his hometown. Sevra groaning from her position guarding the office and slumped into her chair; the lack of bass these songs lacked did not vibe with the DJ, but even she couldn't deny the awe his performances always emanated. ]The music becoming high in energy, but possessing an alluring tune that many still grooved to as the musician took the stage once more and filled the bar with his dulcet tones. The lyrics could almost be felt internally as his voice drew forth a glamour that showed the reason why he was Calypso' Main Act. An incubus who infused all his power into the skills of a bard, twisting the archaic class on it's head. Any gender hard pressed to conceal the adoration that was being pulled from them as he rocked the house the best way he knew how. @Shatter @-Lilium-
  14. "So it seems she is after you personally, Renji sent me a text moments after she entered the facility. I want to know exactly how they are connected" He said, rubbing his chin as a plethora of ideas came to mind. Moshra watching Stormbreaker through the bars with a crestfallen expression "The way she fought...she is war scarred...like me" Arashi never seeing her mom like this as she was a proud mother who was strong on her kids so they could handle anything, but at the same time...how can any mother handle fighting their kids? No matter what timeline they come from. Moshra wincing from her wounds and rising once more, turning to her daughter and giving a warm smile "It is like seeing into the future...and it makes me proud of you" She said, leaning her head down and nuzzling Arashi's head "I will rest my wounds while you figure out what is best" She said, leaving Marigold and Arashi to figure out what to do about their prisoner. "Very well, I am eager to see just how this armor works, inside and out" he said excitedly "Can I leave her to you? The cuffs are not as effective on her as they are on you because I don't have any samples of her DNA so I wouldn't recommend opening her cell. Figure out what she wants and see if you can't talk some reason into her. You did it with me afterall" He said, placing a hand to where his heart used to be, but in an ethereal way...still is. Marigold using his technomancy to make the suit of armor walk on it's own behind him as he made his way to his research and development floors. The repairs would have to come, but for now he was going to ignore that headache.
  15. The Imperium was once the diseased dream of a mad man; where he could build counter measures for humanity to once again take their planet from the clutches of irrefutable disaster at the hands of powerful manifestations of Magic, chaoseum, and supernatural whimsy. He had been an arrogant human who despised such unchecked authority and yet was himself unchecked...until he had made such a nearsighted alliance with Nines and A group of the very entities The Imperium was meant to fight. The Black Queen a trusted friend of his late wife’s and the turning point of his life as he found himself doing things he hadn;t done before. A man trying to fool Agony and his lickspiddle lackeys. Roen and Raphael the source of his demented reasoning and facing the vampire tyrant’s blade enlightened him in a way he hadn’t experienced before.He had delivered the baby of a vampire queen, bringing forth life into a world he no longer had a handle on. Humanity had no chance against these monsters as they let loose a horde of undead manifestations upon the near town of Knolls. His dream had become a nightmare and the tormented screams of those innocent villagers still haunted him, yet all he could think about was the momentary bliss of holding that child in his hands. It had cut through the madness his soul clung too and called forth the humanity that still dwell within. He had changed that day He had lost all momentum after the events settled and his barely completed lab was left with numerous holes and wounds suffered from combat. His faithful animatronic canine being destroyed as well and leaving him isolated but not alone. A pair of uninvited guests had infiltrated the facility whilst it was being raided by Roen and Raphael, and unleashed a curse that had clung to Marigold’s family for two generations. The Mad God, Laughing Stock, being released and clinging to the scientist like a spiritual parasite. His plans had become insular now as he simply tried to rebuild his facility and deal with the chattering madness that ate at his patience and psyche. He no longer knew the purpose for his facility. The intruders all had proven that no man can compare to pure power. He felt defeated and lost, and Laughing Stock fed on this with a rapid growth of influence. He hadn’t expected a request for help during the battle of Last Chance. A man by the name of Michael Commager saw worth in his droids and machines and asked if they could be put to use in protecting the prison from a band of villains attacking it. He didn’t know how to take this request and so he sent A set of his prototype Locust Droids, and though their success rate was not what he had hoped. They were quite efficient. It was the first time he had ever helped a group of people beyond himself. Laughing Stock tearing at his psyche as it fought for control of his body. It had been the first time he had seen his work...help others. Ceyena a similar vein of selflessness that he hadn’t expected, simply because he was travelling to a different destination all together and had been sucked into the chaos that had occured with an entire civilization toppling onto another. He had never saved anyone physically before and having survivors counting on him and Xerxes was a foreign feeling. He had even died for several moments before the deity plaguing his mind brought him back out of whimsy, and necessity. Marigold and Raylon, alongside many others managed to close the rifts and mitigate the already vast amounts of damage and misery. He stayed for the aftermath, watching as The Black Queen and Raylon came together to bring hope to both of their kingdoms who were now forced to share their space. He felt the countless lives underneath his feet and once again he felt changed. He hadn’t felt so human and it was crushing to know that he had sacrificed so many years to selfishness when there was much that he could do for his fellow man. His trip back to the imperium feeling so distant in his memory now. Marigold had tricked Laughing Stock the night they finally clashed for his body once and for all. The eruption of his reactor giving him the chance to free himself once and for all, sacrificing his body to cast Laughing Stock into an incomplete vessel. His facility had once again been left in ruins, and though he was now an incomplete A.I plugged into his failing facility. He still felt alive somehow. His conscience is still brimming with fire and drive. A humanity that still persisted in an artificial shell. He was once again back to trying to rebuild a nearly destroyed imperium and understanding his own newfound existence. He knew no longer the purpose The Imperium. A carcass now that housed A ghost in the machine of his own making, sitting in the ruins of a dream he no longer knew.
  16. Marigold ran a shaky hand through his hair as he watched Stormbreaker finally collapse as the sedatives took affect, A smirk quirking at his lips as Arashi spoke of proofing his facility against her "Well as of late I haven't had the opportunity" He said with A haggard sigh. The shield in Moshra's hands vanishing in a wink of yellow light as the fight had ended, her focus turning to Rivana and making sure that nothing had happened to her. A kiss on her forehead being planted before Moshra moved over to Stormbreaker and picked her up with both arms, armor and all. Marigold switching the facility off of lockdown. He was glad nobody had died. Marigold using the intercom and telling Moshra to bring her down to their level and lock her in one of the holding cells. Marigold taking the cuffs off of Arashi and giving her all her abilities back "I can trust you not break anything yes?" He asked with a smile as he gave her a kiss on the cheek "We make a good team don't we?" he asked with a chuckle before he lead Arashi to where Stormbreaker was being held now. Xerxes returning to his kennel, Moshra dropping her on the cell floor as Marigold entered the room and tinkered with the armor; attempting to get it open. The doctor using his technomancy and waving his hand; the armor opening and Marigold taking the knocked out Stormbreak and putting the Arashi proof cuffs on her before taking the armor out of the cell and leaving Stormbreaker in there. Marigold looking at Arashi with a hand on her shoulder "What do you think we should do with her? This is quite the conundrum. When she tried to speak to Moshra, she said she was after you...and if that is the case I will terminate her without question" he said "But I will leave the decision up to you"
  17. Marigold had taken screenshots of a dozen or so angles of Stormbreaker's fight and had them scattered around him in holographic stills; learning every detail he could about this armor. It was indeed familiar and resembled the original armor he had made for arashi in the past...but this was far more advanced then he had achieved in that project. How was that possible?! "From my analysis...She has maximized it's damage absorption...which is going to make Moshra her own worst enemy" He said, swearing to himself as he thought of a dozen or so plans that could work. "That means that we are going to have to detain her without causing her damage, and sedate her as many times until she has no choice but to pass out." he surmised, sending this information out to the two who were fighting against Stormbreaker...or rather, trying to. Moshra' shield absorbed some of the overwhelming punch, but Xerxes was blown back from the incredible eruption. The floors blowing out from underneath them and sending them down six more floors before landing into the medical ward where an unconscious and wrapped up Rivana was resting in a medical cot only a few feet from where they all crashed. Moshra immediately kicking Stormbreaker into a wall and jumping back so that she was in-between her and Rivana. Her shield raised protectively. If looks could kill than the one she was giving Stormbreaker would have killed her a dozen times over as her daughter's life was now in jeopardy. Xerxes immediately wrapping around Stormbreaker and trying jabbing more sedatives into the gap in her armor without doing any damage to her. Arashi seeing Marigold become increasingly nervous as he watched how close the fight was now to Rivana. Marigold considering all of Moshra's children to be his own as well and loved them like any father could.
  18. The storm above Reginald's gran tower continued to grow as his spell continued on beyond his direction control and allowed to progress into a vast cloud of bubbling darkness and caustic rain that hissed as it touched the ground. Those inside the bubble safe from it's tumultuous conditions. Reginald pleased to see Linda Linda, and would have been offended by the awkwardness in an eon past, but he hardly recognized her furrowed eyebrows as anything of the sort, eagerly cheering with raised fists as the cargo was unloaded off the ship and onto the roof of the tower. The other two climbing the crumbling staircase back to the top to see what the commotion was. Sybil having them archive and run inventory on everything that was brought in. The rarity of some of these items catching them off guard as they started to take the crates down deeper into the clocktower. "Are you perhaps staying for a spot of tea? Or do your ventures ever beckon? I have some wonderfully dastardly plans brewing, starting with my beloved wizard tower!" Outstretching his arms and causing the floor underneath them to quake as he started to transmute the material they were standing on into a prismatic purple. The entirety of the obelisk soon becoming this prismatic purple sheen. A gaudy sight indeed which only matched the bizarre nature of it's new owner. The wizard himself seeming to pick up on a strange aura nearing them as his head snapped toward the direction Phoebe was coming from and quirked his head. "It appears we have another guest coming our way Madame" he spoke abruptly "This will be a chance to test how well I can deter adventurers and the fool hearty!" Phoebe cruising through the hordes of undead with relative ease; her vision coming across a vast blackened bubble shield that wrapped around tower. A protective barrier that seemed eons old in it's arcane formulae, forcing her to stop her journey just shy of the destination. The purple miasma coursing through the blackened barrier manifesting into a terrifying visage of a skeleton writhing in pulsating worms, a wormed finger pointing at Phoebe as the image stood near twenty feet tall against the obsidian field. "Who dareth defile the lair of the Worm That Walks! What scruples have you come to forfeit trespasser?" The voice vibrating through the shambling corpses around her as it attempted to gauge her reasoning. Reginald laughing from within the barrier as watched his image boast and intimidate, enjoying the show he was putting on as Sybil brought him and Linda a piping hot cup of Calcau Tea. A rejuvenating blend that made one feel whole and completed, at least in those momentary sips. The wizard focused on this new guest of his; her aura reminding him of Riforte in some strange similarity. He wanted to see for himself, but in these lands he couldn't afford to be friendly with everyone that made their way here. @Noko @Zashiii
  19. The punch was indeed potent and sent the hulking wolf stumbling back as blood spattered across the walls. Her foot slamming into the ground and keeping her from completely falling over; spitting out a few teeth as she gave a bloody grin to her foe. Her eyes glowing a terrible blue as she almost looked...excited. Battle as natural to her kind as breathing. Moshra raising her arm and howling once more; A massive tower shield as tall as she was materializing in brilliant blue aura as Xerxes' repairs and upgrades were completed and he stood whole once more with all the damage she had inflicted on his healed. Xerxes and Moshra a duo that was quite possibly her most challenging fight yet. This moshra younger than her own and still possessed an innate desire for warfare and combat. "You come for my daughter and then use trickery? No intention you say? if you dare call yourself a daughter of mine then you know it will take more than that weak little arm of yours to kill me" She challenged, beating her heavy fist on her shield and causing it to glow a frigid blue. Arashi' armor beginning to freeze as snow started to fall in the room they were fighting in. "An EMP is an excellent idea, but im afraid that would take out Xerxes and the power keeping facility on. I won't be able to provide support at that point im afraid" he said with a sigh. Hmm...A gap you say? That is a much more applicable idea! Perhaps a combination of the two! Very well then" raising his hands as she saw for the first time him use his technomancy. Electricity beginning to cling to his form as snapped his fingers as bits of metal and machinery started to fly around the room and being put together in some unseen design. His eyes frantic as they seem to be designing a blueprint in his mind. The machine being completed in mere seconds before he threw his hand up and caused it to fly up to the floors above. An intercome message being delivered once again "Create an opening in her armor and sedate her! Use Serum 21978B" Xerxes smashing his tail through the floor and taking Marigold's device, attaching it to his tail and fired it at Stormbreaker. A targeted EMP launcher that struck Stormbreaker's armor, short circuiting her systems. Marigold being an asset was made Stormbreaker's job difficult. Moshra charging forward and shield bashing Storm with a severe amount of force, attempting to create a gap in her armor.
  20. The fields during this time of year were gold and shining with corn blooming like the dickens to the east, while the west fields were owned by waves of wheat. Silas would often watch the sunrise and reflect off the surface of the fields like a glimmering ocean; All he saw in those momentary fragments of bliss was everything he was missing. An adventure that called out to him every sunrise. The first year felt like a true retirement from the life of action he had taken on for nearly two decades, Momma and Pop were overjoyed that he could finally stay home and help them with the field work, and help he did. Retirement still no time to get fat and lazy as he fed the chickens, patrolled the fields, and hauled hay for the horses day in and day out. The years afterwards however...only made him realize that the dream he had fought for had changed right out from under him. There was so much more than just this farm, these fields, and his folks...he could save folks, and he honestly loved doing it. All he could think of was that boy; a curse of danger plagued Fain and there would be sleepless nights where he wondered if he was still okay. It ate him him no matter what he did now. the sickness reaching a tipping point during field work on his second year back. Momma watching as her son, lifting hay back to the barn, teetered off like a stack of bricks and collapsed. The truth of his metal poisoning being revealed to his folks finally after he finally was forced to quite being stubborn in lieu of his life. A messenger being sent to the nearest doctor they could find, managing instead to find an archaeologist well versed in medicine. Howlrick the nail in his retirement coffin. It took another month or two before Howl managed to scrub off the rust on his metal plates and detoxify him. Silas feeling ten years younger after the strange man practically saved his life, and in return allowed the archaeologist to stay with them while he was here researching a dig site not too far from their homestead. It was all a sign to the cowboy, that his retirement was still far in his future. Silas showing the scrawny, but eager howl how to do the chores and yard work he did. The air that day different, and he felt as though the spirit of the west were calling him out to fight once more. The letter a shock in of itself simply because bills were the only mail they ever got. A breeze blowing across his farmer's tan and through his thick hair as he read the letter,and everything had finally clicked into place. He shook the envelope out onto his palm and eyed the C.A.R.D curiosuly, vaguely remembering having to use one of these before in that big shining city, pocketing the cash Fain had provided. He had already told Howlrick that if he was gone to tell Momma that'd his retirement would have to wait. He feared he wouldn't leave if he saw her cry so it was for the best, pressing the wax seal three times and feeling excitement surge through him for the first time in two years. A limo arriving in no time at all, and Silas could hardly believe that it was floating off the ground. Magitech something he could hardly wrap his mind around, and it never ceased to amaze him as looked back to the farmhouse one last time before getting into the back. His ride a smooth one, with only a few awkward exchanges as he attempted to pay his driver for his service. A few stubborn attempts being turned down before he leaned back and grumbled. He hadn't even reached the city yet and already he remembered how confusing it was. The limo arriving at the train station, and with one last payment attempt he jumped on the train. A few wary looks bringing him back to the familiar tension he had with fancy folks, finally arriving to his own cabin where a few more attempts at payment and tipping were refused before he was left alone, kicking up his boots as he watched the scenery blur by through the window. He was on his way again, to the big city.
  21. "Currently working on that, upgrading Xerxes, motivating Moshra" Was all Marigold could mutter as a dozen screens were around him, being an A.I allowed him full control over the facility no matter where he was in it. "We will see who has the superior pawn...Renji..." he hissed as the walls began to hum with energy and shoot it up to the higher floors. His head dented from the consecutive punches, causing circuitry to spark and his severing two of his six arms. They were indeed powerful, and slammed him into the wall with a spark of broken wires. The walls suddenly beginning to glow with a bright blue energy as engineering tools burst forth from the walls and consumed Xerxes in a swarm of repairs. Two more droids running into the room, each only basic defense droids with stun batons that shrugged off her armor without any damage. Stormbreaker hearing the wolf giant a floor above begin to move and shake the halls as she recovered from the explosion. A voice calling to her over the inctercom "Moshra!? Can you hear me? She is getting close to Rivana's medical wing! She'll die!" Stormbreaker hearing that same wolf giant suddenly roar and cause the walls to shake as much as her explosions caused beforehand. Moshra jumping down to Stormbreaker's floor and filled with a desire to protect her child. Her howl causing the air to freeze and bring everything into sub zero temperatures.
  22. "Well why in the hell would she be after you or me? I'm afraid I wasn't as into the multiverse theory as my colleagues were" he said, shaking his head as he was still confused by the prospect of another arashi coming here to destroy and kill. It certainly seemed to be her goal as the room shook from the explosion a hundred floors upward. Marigold knowing that his lab was going to be in even worse repair when this was all settled. He felt as though he should do something more than just sit and watch, handing Arashi the screen so she could watch as he started to pour through computer terminals and come up with a plan. He was worried Moshra's brute force tactics wouldn't be enough. The explosions caused Xerxes and Moshra to recoil and slam into either wall before Stormbreaker once again fell down another floor and slammed onto solid steel once again. Xerxes reacting faster than Moshra as she groaned and pulled herself up. The robot leaping down onto the floor below and slashing his blades into her armor once again. His counter hack beginning to corrupt her systems and lock her out as his other blades tried to dismember her arms and legs.
  23. "You know this intruder then? Stormbreaker...hmm" Marigold squinting as he studied the armor closely with curiosity. "Another you? What is Renji trying to achieve then?" He asked, trying to understand what was this was all about, but knew that there were still missing pieces. "We are going to capture her and find out exactly what is going on" He said, her hand in his own calming his decisions as he flicked his finger up and brought up another window that showed the camera feed from the kitchen. Moshra no longer sleeping atop the counter. "It seems your mother was woken up...and moshra can get quite violent without her sleep" He said with a smirk, touching his ear and activating a headset built into his head. "Xerxes, Moshra. I want you both to capture her. Try to bring her in one piece if you can. We have much to discuss with this intruder" Stormbreaker hearing the sound of his voice over the intercom as he spoke to his allies. Xerxes immediately withdrawing his claws as she slammed him into the solid steel of the wall and send sparks flying. The blades on his six arms switching to the same cuffs Marigold used to disable Arashi's abilities, attempting to restrain her as his tail swept under her feet and tripped her heavy frame. A massive hand ripping through the floor of the corridor and pulling both Xerxes and Stormbreaker down a level lower. Stormbreaker seeing a massive wolf giant looming over her now as she stomped on her chest and caused a blast of ice to erupt and crush the alternate arashi in her own armor. Xerxes moving around the massive foot and attempting to cuff her hands with his arms. "Should have sent someone stronger" Moshra bellowed
  24. Marigold felt such potent hatred toward the man that killed his daughter, and dared to claim her as his own. He could hardly stand it as this dangerous man was once again trying to take everything he had achieved and worked hard for. Arashi's words causing his expression to soften. If he didn't end Renji then he would just keep cropping up like a mold and continue to infect and destroy everything, now trying to take the only blood family he had left. her hand slipping into his own and causing his eyes to widen as he looked at her...she called him...dad? A father? A patriarch? His mind whirring before he rubbed his temples out of habit "I suppose I let my emotions get the better of me...It is a possibility of course, but I dont believe in coincidences" He said, flicking his finger upward and bringing up a camera feed they both could see. Someone in full power armor fighting with Xerxes "A solider it seems like" He muttered "But why?.." The barrier of ice tearing through the metal floor and nearly reaching the ceiling as Xerxes immediately split into two different sides, each side now running across the walls to close the distance. The ice costing him his immediate assault as both sides of him came at her with different attacks. Hacking Xerxes requiring more time than she currently as two sword swings sliced into the back of her armor as he started to hack her right back. Xerxes a much smarter module than he was before. The systems on her visor flashing in error and warning as she found that his blades were able to hack into machinery they stabbed through.
  25. The sight of his daughter wracked with such grief and confusion causing a pain to course through his chest. He no longer had a heart, yet still it ached for her. The doctor sighing as she tried to understand everything at once, understanding that it would indeed take time to come to terms with all this. A small smile touching his lips "For better or for worse, yes, I am your real father. It appears someone tampered with your memories...that could explain you don't-" His voice cutting off as his eyes narrowed and looked away into a different direction as if he was detecting something through the walls of his command center. He didn't have a short list of enemies, and though any number of them could come at him for any reason...there was only one man who was interested in Arashi in such a precarious time in her life. A snap of his fingers immediately being translated into a command that coursed through the facility as the lights switched red and everything was immediately locked down. Xerxes being awakened for the first time since Ceyena and already knowing the orders being sent to him by his artificial master. A message blipping on his comms device and revealing a set of words that truly proved how human he was as Arashi saw his face twist into such terrible anger she had never seen from him "Renji is trying to kidnap you again...he's come to kill me for sure...to finish the job...I WILL KILL HIM IF IT'S THE LAST THING I DO" He cried out, squeezing his comms device so hard it's screen shattered. His rage being funneled into Xerxes as he was a dog no longer but a seven foot defense machine designed to cull any intruders who enters The Imperium. The corridor stormbreaker started to move down closed off behind her with a solid steel wall thicker than the doors to the entrance, her eyes catching The Imperium's prime defense beginning to charge toward her. Three blades extending from elongated arms on either side of his body as the walls of the facility sealed. A tomb of her own making as Xerxes came at her with a force she hadn't seen from a robot before. His eyes a furious red as they channeled all the rage Marigold was feeling for Renji.
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