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  1. The room continued to fill with new bodies; their smells becoming unfortunately familiar to him as both his head and tail snapped toward the presence of Privo. A familiar smile splitting through his leathery features. There was much to be said about their relationship, but it was akin to keeping the dog from eating the cat. A premise that had improved under tenuous understanding. The Djinn listening to Privo affirm their reasoning and pretenses. There was wisdom in him being here Kru could only relent; his appearance a blight among even the muddiest of societies. He hadn't been...created for such things, and yet that was what drove him to to such pursuits of dialogue. There were were far more ways words could torture that the methods of flesh couldn't contend with. How secrets and truths could brutalize without bloodshed at all. Privo seeming to know this art quite well; perhaps that was the reason he had grown so interested in the goblin. The smell of Altre and his ilk continued to populate the court with indomitable auras of distinctive power. Ego was Terror's counter and Kru'Gorah knew that any action could cause a great deal of chaos. The demon resting on his haunches as he watched Lilith enter. A curious smile still upon his lips; Altre desired eyes of his very own upon the situation...She requested The Queen's time and made it all too clear that Altre had reasons of his own to be here. The Legion's interest must come before any of it's parts and as such Kru'Gorah had been the first to address Akako, giving A bow as she addressed him and Privo. "I will take heed with trust your grace; We are whom he could efface" Kru'Gorah spoke. The realms of hell having tales of their own from the many this blood king had damned. It was the riskiest part of this plan for sanctuary and it was a strange thing for a Djinn to worry. Her speech had been to her people, and it spoke with such foreign conviction. Where had he heard such conviction? His lord? His prophet? No This was different. He had met her kind before...A curse making it impossible to speak or think if it could not be done in rhyme. They had been spoken with such conviction that it was as though he had been compelled. An immediate and uproarious cheer swelling around them. Such solidarity for this kitsune with allies at either side. It wasn't terror at all...it was the absence of terror. Courage...something he couldn't understand. It all but drained him of his terror feast. It burned at his skin and ached his bones. It was the very principle he had been created; The absolute terror. He still had a job to do and raised a crooked finger after her speech had concluded "your words are that of a sun that I cannot escape, however the location of the meeting Is something I believe my prophet would reshape" He reached into the dwellings of his cloak, revealing a living zhenniao; unbeknownst to them it's poison had been extracted. "Your docks are the lifeblood of this region, and much like this zhen bird I believe they will make a memorable introduction to the sovereign of The Legion" Kru'Gorah releasing the bird into the air and quirking his head with interest "Not to insinuate that your mansion won't do; I think it's simply when it comes to the ocean Dredge prefers the view"
  2. Horror has to be mine since it's the genre I grew up most in and there's something exciting and skin crawling about writing a visceral scene involving a horrible monster or abhorrent environments.
  3. Her paranoia toward any potential subterfuge soon dissipated with close inspection; his chest rising and falling steadily and despite a few spasms in his legs and arms...it didn't appear he was waking up anytime soon. Men were hard to read in their infinite madness of pride and glory, but she found it almost eerie how easy it was to read the abundant fear that chiseled into his unconsciousness expression...as though sleep were to be more feared than anything material. Her hands still clutched the sides of head, feeling the thick tufts of mauve hair in-between her fingers. Her spell being cast and granting her wish of complete, unbridled entry into the window of The Doctor's mind. Oh? It appears we have a visitor!, by all means...come and see...look upon a masterpiece of mania! She who would try and shatter a man beyond repair...come and see~ She found herself amidst a raging storm, standing upon an endless sea of vicious tidal waves and insidious waterspouts. She found that all around her all she could see was this endless ocean that raged on with disaster and chaos rampaging the waters into torrential terrors. The sky overhead was caustic green and pilfered corrugated clouds that brought heavy downpour wherever their lackadaisical trajectory led them. She couldn't find any sun, moon, or even stars in the sky...only terrible green that seemed to mock the very color her eyes took on when she manipulated minds. Andromeda already knew that this was not how the spell usually worked, and if any attempts were made to break the spell...they simply didn't work. A light had shown through the constant downpour, and she found that as she moved...she stayed atop the waves as though she could on the very water. This light becoming brighter and soon revealing itself to be a lantern. A small row boat revealing itself behind this beacon that was mounted at the helm, drawing closer to her. It's course managing adjacent to where she was and revealed the very source of the mind she had entered. Marigold rowing against the raging waters. He looked more youthful and alive than the melancholic man she had met in the flesh. His eyes wild with fear and trepidation as he continued to row in potent desperation. It didn't seem that he even noticed her despite his boat sidling up to her. His gaze looking right through as though she weren't there. His lips were calling for help, anywhere...but a voice couldn't be heard over the storm overhead. Welcome to the tour! Now what to show you first?...hmm...OH~ How about the true source of his madness?? Women ignite the most delicious madness within a man you see~ She now stood within a bedroom; it was archaic, wooden and quaint. A small oil lantern providing the only source of light in an otherwise darkened space. A man hunched over next to the lantern, typing away on a typewriter with stacks of papers and work piled on his oak desk. It was Marigold, once again looking even younger than he did in that boat...looking just as frantic as she heard words tumble from his lips as he typed them out. She found that once again he didn't take notice of her and any investigation on her part would show that the bed wasn't unoccupied. A woman looking worse for wear as she was bedridden, medical equipment surrounding the other side of the bed that tethered her with hoses and wires. Andromeda managing to hear Marigold as she looked at the sickened woman. "Monday the twenty-sixth of March: The patient's passing seizures are becoming more pronounced by the day. The underlying cause seems to be a slow and progressive decay. If I don't find a cure I fear that my patient must surely fade away...But I swear I'll apply my science to the cause...brooking no defiance. I'll deliver her from this malady, She'll dance again.. I'll never forget when we first were courting, and she faced me, her eyes were gleaming In the moonlight...she spoke so sweetly..." The room suddenly shifted through time and the bedroom now possessed a layer of dust. Marigold's desk now askew as documents and books now cluttered the desk; each one being different medical documents and tomes of old healing treatments. The bags under his eyes showing that there hadn't been much rest between this time period and the one prior. His patient now had an oxygen mask and several more bedding materials that aimed to further any comfort. Marigold leaning back and looking toward the ceiling as he continued to type, speaking to himself once more as he dug his cracked nails into the desk wood. "Tuesday the seventeenth of May: A worrying symptom has reared its head this week. She's been bed-bound for a month, and now the patient is no longer able to speak. She tries to utter sounds But the grip of the illness is strong and the patient is weak...On the bed, in a cold sweat...Like a corpse, but she'll live yet; When I find the cure, I can surely promise. She'll laugh again as she did on our wedding day when we danced, and laughed the world away...even now I can hear her say..." The room once again blurred through time and she felt as though she had to get out of the way now as the space she had been frequenting was now occupied by large machinery that thrummed with power and possessed a multitude to screens and dials. The room had become even more unkempt now; the windows were filthy and the walls were becoming grayed of color. The woman in the bed looking even more thin and wispy with several needs and paddles strapped along her arms. Marigold still at his decaying desk with papers and books scattered across the floor, blood stains seen marking the keys on the typewriter as his raw fingers worked tirelessly. He had chin scruff and eyes as wide as dinner plates; a ghoulish expression as he worked undaunted. His eyes fluttering to a single picture that seemed to be the only thing he maintained aside from his patient and her bed "Sunday the twenty-third of June: The patient no longer responds to stimuli of any kind. She's now my only charge. I clothe her and feed her, and nightly I read by her side...for though she's paralyzed I know that inside there must still be a functioning mind...neatly laid on the bedsheet. I can still hear her fading heart-beat; I'll keep her stable and continue my research. She'll smile again...and I must bring her back to me. In her eyes I can see the gleam, In my mind I can hear her pleading..." This time around it was hard not to hold back in aghast. The room had been completely turned upside down as books of all kinds, and papers lined the floors with reckless abandon. The desk was gone as an operating table had been moved in. Her bed being replaced with this sterile machine it was nearly impossible to recognize her at all with the amount of machinery that stapled across her form. The only unmarred part of her being her head, eyes closed with several oxygen tubes running from her mouth. Andromeda's eyes trailing blood hand prints that lacerated the walls, following them to a corner where she saw Marigold typing away on his typewriter. He looked...starved, and beyond unhealthy. His hands coated in dried blood as he typed shakily; his voice course as though he had been yelling and strained his vocal chords. "Tuesday the eighteenth of July: My latest apparatus is the only thing that's keeping her alive. I had to stop her heart; The mechanical replacement will ensure the other organs can survive...Her body is destroyed, but what nature has neglected the fruit of modern science shall provide...I've broken every code of practice...but for my love I'd shift the planet's axis...She'll return to me when she's been repaired. She'll live again! I swear I can see the gleam In her eyes amidst the new machines at night I can hear her whisper...AHHH" His words driving him to hurl his typewriter across the room, smashing to pieces against the adjacent wall as he began to cry, crumpling to the ground as he slammed his hands into the splintered wood. Andromeda now seeing one of the many truths of Marigold without secrecy. the unfortunate truth of a doctor attempting to save his wife from an incurable disease. The scene soon bleeding away as Marigold's cries of the name 'Lilly' became distant as she was once again standing upon the crashing waves of an endless ocean. Marigold continuing to call out breathlessly as he paddled his boat across the precarious waters. What's next on our tour? Any suggestions?~ It gets so much juicer after his broad is out of the picture lemme tell you HA~
  4. There was a whole nation in preparation for this event. The meeting of a nation at war with the war forged Legion Of Doom. There was an air of anticipation that indoctrinated everyone in attendance or watching from their broadcast. The eve of The Legion's arrival shown as Akako appeared before a podium; A presence all her own. Their security unabated in their capacity to maintain order. Their esteemed leader endowed with confidence and determination as the word soon arrived: The Legion had arrived, their emissary soon to arrive in moments. The whispers and murmuring silenced as the threshold revealed not an emissary, but an estranged tail. This tail possessed a wide tipped point and swayed through the air as it continued to flow through the room like a targeted snake; It's length managing to reach a central point before it's segmented inlay beginning to glow with virulent orange. A lacerated bout of laughter emanating from the door frame as They had finally arrived with waves of unease trickling through the space as though it were a freezing water keeping everyone and everything in it's place "It is with absolute pleasure that this one was graced with Dredge's presence that I now carry~ It is Kru'Gorah who greets you all as The Legion's Emissary" The source of the tail spoke; the tail then returning to the threshold where a presence now stood. A figure robed in a cloak of black with red sigils scrawled across the fabric. Two dog-legged leathery feet splayed with talons marched toward the center; his tail emanating from underneath his cloak and snaking about the spaces behind his hooded head. Kru'Gorah standing before Akako and all her advisers, with everyone in attendance and beyond now watching this creature remove his robes and address Akako directly in his unabated demonic presence, his tail spiraling around the edge of the surrounding crowds with tantalizing proximity as he gave a proper bow. The baubles dangling from his horns jingling eerily in response as a hiss of laughter spilled forth from his cracked lips; yellowed teeth like broken daggers as they shown themselves in a saccharine smile. The bones in his back cracking with viscerally audible detail as he once again rose to his full height, his gaze grazing from Akako to her subordinates, and even toward several of the bystanders watching in petrified silence. A few sniffs conjuring from his nostrils as though he were smelling each one his gaze fell upon...eventually returning his gaze back to Akako herself. "I speak upon my unholy patriarch's behalf when I say we are here to escape racial suffrage; It is humbling to know that I am not the only one here of demon lineage~" His eyes of pale yellow roaming from Akako to the one at her side, grinning with curiosity before his tail snapped back to hovering about his personal space "We come to find sanctuary for the many bodies under our banner you see; many bodies who would assist in the absolution of your nation...wouldn't you agree?" His voice coarse and leathery just as his skin appeared, but possessing an intellect and cunning that cultivated his words carefully. His tail raising above his head and unfurling a banner of The Legion as he lowered to his haunches, almost swaying with estranged mania "I believe there is much to gain if we can avail; it is freedom we all seek...whether that be from the clutches of The Datzusoku...or Raphael~"
  5. The angered Arashi stood up to look at Marigold with rage in her eyes. "Your stupid dog...prevented me from hurting you...begone insect!" The dragon fired a bolt of electric-fire at Marigold directly, not even caring about Raylon or anybody else. Marigold was in shock as she mocked the killing of companion he had only just repaired "Arashi please! you're not like Renji! You are A Ravenspire and we overcome our demons! Stop this!" Was this the power she wielded as a dragon? Had it finally become too much for her? Was this...his fault? His questions remaining unanswered as he was struck with a blast of joint crippling electricity and insidious flames. The doctor having a hole punched through his chest; the force doubling him over,causing his mechanical arm to cascade off the edge of the cliff and vanishing over the side. smoke and cinder billowing from the erupted cavity. Blood and viscera spattering across the debris and destruction. Mauve hair covering most of his face as it stuck to the crimson staining the pale of his features; Both Arashi, and Raylon seeing that Marigold laid motionless. Flames still licking around his form. A violet gaze meeting the sun's brilliant glamour...for the final time. He felt as though the universe was spinning on an axis he couldn't perceive. He could only remember seeing Arashi' form torn asunder by some horrifying transformation; Raylon a blur amidst shattered memories as he stepped in the way of a blast that would've have killed him. He felt it's power strike him regardless, and before he knew...everything was black. Was this death? The sensation of falling endlessly through a blackened universe barren of life. Why had she tried to kill him? What was that power she exuded? He felt so betrayed...after everything he had given to that child she was to be the implement of his destruction. Perhaps Laughing Stock truly did possess a great deal of power of this world. Where else could such madness manifest with such eagerness for destruction. His father lost his body and soul to the madness fabricated by that entity. It was hard to believe that creativity could be a branch of such a toxic force. Everything he had created was in some way credited to the madness and odd genius Marigold had pulled from the ether. Had he been affecting Arashi? She had seemed to be trying to divide their relationship for some reason, arguing with him more and quicker to frustrate. He had been far too lacking in the parenting department he supposed. He knew he could've been better. He likely had an eternity to think on it now. His listless form drifting off into endless...obsidian...ocean. Marigold' body had been still for several minutes...long enough for both the mistress and Raylon to perceive him as deceased, for all intents and purposes, he was. The blast hadn't enough strength to erupt through his back, yet it had been enough to rupture several internal organs. The doctor had been fighting in this dangerous landscape prior to this and had drained all his physical resources. There was a crackle of green energy in the air, beginning to coalesce around the still form of Dr. Ravenspire. An aura of putrid green madness erupting from his form and staggering winds that blow his lab coat and hair about before a gasp for air was heard. His chest laboring as Marigold tossed to his side and coughed harshly into the ground for several moments. The surge of energy fading as it seemed some unknown force had seen to it that Marigold' last remaining thread upon this mortal coil was revitalized. A small amount of blood spattering the ground as he fave a final cough before turning to the rest of the group; his face akin to a cutting board before laying back and groaning, sucking air through his teeth as he seemed to be stable for the time being. Marigold moving over to the pile of scrap and robotic dog parts as he scrounged for anything useful; his eyes never meeting Arashi' as he tried to stay focused on the task at hand. He had to figure out a replacement for the mechanical arm that had been blasted off the cliff. How many times had he put this dog back together? He certainly couldn't do it without tools...especially when he had been reduced to indistinguishable scrap. He remembered inflicting harm upon others, using his science and heartbreak to roll misery onto families and their lives. He wouldn't be surprised if he had sewn the seeds of revenge within later generations, and yet...Xerxes had been through it all. He had been programmed and designed to keep Lilly safe...He was to be an anniversary gift. He hadn't ever expected such a creation to experience human loyalty...or inhuman betrayal. His world was once again on it's axis, and he began to wonder if hadn't always been drawn to chaos. Perhaps Laughing Stock wasn't a burden passed from his father, but rather A destiny he simply tried to run from. Marigold watching The Mistress take the cube. He wanted to yell something at her, to try and get her to cease...but it had already happened too quick. She saw to the test's success herself, and there was a bittersweet understanding that her sacrifice wasn't for nothing. The rift closing as quickly and abruptly as it had appeared; Marigold eyes following the cube's descent to the ground and beginning to laugh with absolute relief. "I knew that it would work! We just need to continue this process until they are all closed! Ha...hahaaaha!" The doctor containing a bout of mania behind a thinly veiled cough as he focused on Raylon, flecks of green now swirling amidst his violet eyes as they looked upon The King with a reserved expression; attempting to keep his composure despite the successful test. "That is very wise, armed with these cubes, they should be able to close the rest of them now that we know they work. I'd recommend not doing it in the way that woman did...I didn't even get her name" He said with a sigh. "I always loathed my father for the coldness he showed me and mine; he would always tell me that distrust was the only defense against betrayal...and I tried to show Arashi differently..." He said, closing his eyes in sorrow. "But it appears it was I who was the fool for trusting an insolent child...She is dangerous I'm afraid. She had been captured by a menace named Dredge, and it seems he had some sort of effect on her...It would be far too dangerous for her to return to Hyde and endanger her mother with such a corrupting power. I...I...leave her in your hands. There is nothing further I can do to help her. I am no psychologist nor father figure...she needs help from someone far more capable than I. Make sure she isn't a danger to her or herself...that is all I ask" He said, wiping a few tears from his eyes. He hoped one day betrayal would weed it's way out of his family, perhaps then The Ravenspire name can truly be something to be revered...not feared. Marigold turning toward the cliff, looking out into A city that had suffered so much in such a little time. This was the world in all it's unexplained terror. Rifts ripping through a town, and slaughtering it's denizens with aberrational terrors, vampire kings and demons causing hordes to rip an unassuming town to pieces, he had seen A monster of black armor battle Moshra and expand into a terror the likes of which he hadn't seen...he had seen the terrible state Arashi had been in and only hated himself for giving her the tools to cause her own destruction. A hungry and subsequently unsatisfied mind was a dangerous thing to wield in tandem. Marigold picking up ruptured remains of Xerxes' head, and sat down at the cliff's edge. His eyes looking out toward the remnants of the town, both it's buildings and it's people. It seemed that no matter how much destruction and madness this world could be plagued in. Any nation and it's people would endure to see the light once again, just as he was doing, just as Raylon, and just as every living soul with an incredulous will...they endured. "If you don't mind Raylon...I'd like to rest here for a bit...The view is stunning" There was only such much a singular man could lose. He had only been on a journey to see his late wife to her final rest when a series of unfortunate circumstances had befallen the poor town of Ceyana. Why he decided to go and help was beyond him, yet here he was...amidst disaster among aliens from another dimension...tattered...limp...and exhausted. He looked more like a desperate bum than he did a man of science. His glasses were nowhere to be found and while he had managed to get most of his wounds bandaged up and even a changed of clothes...it was hard to recover from dying this soon if at all. Everything had calmed down as best as they could, and it seemed that Ceyana was all but gone. His sallow expression looking toward the strange technology that they now stood on...how many bones were underneath this city?...how many lives had been lost? He used to feel nothing but apathy towards fruitless disasters and foolish causes, but this one...he had seen so many scared faces...helped defend as many as he could, yet...he could not find them anywhere. How could he not full such...resentment towards these strangers who so ignorantly murdered millions? There was no precedent in such thinking as they too were just as terrified...being pulled from their world and crashing into one so foreign. He only felt sorrow for both sides...for the circumstances...for Raylon. A man who seemed an idol in intellect, yet now so burdened by the bloodshed his arrival had brought. It was an odd sight seeing a gangling, one armed clutching a robotic head, but normalcy had left Marigold long ago. Conversations, gossip, and idle chatter following a crowd that began to gather; it sounded as though Gabriella would show alongside Raylon. He could only guess they were trying to get a hold of the situation and address some of the painstakingly obvious changes Orisia would now face with a new nation within it's borders. He only imagined The Black Queen's sorrow, another who had suffered greatly and now an entire civilization of hers...gone. He meandered into the crowd, holding onto the last companion he had, hoping to see Heron, Luz, or even Raylon. He hadn't a chance to meet up with any of them afterwards. His efforts did little in the end, but he still hoped they were in better straits. The crowd that now surrounded him beginning to prickle the anxiety of being around so many people at once. Perhaps he didn't belong here...an outlier...a stranger. I can't believe you died boyo! If I would've known you'd die so quick I wouldn't have relied on the auto save! HAH. Isn't it marvelous? So much death and destruction around us but these ilk are worried about the dear old queenie being a vampire? It goes to show you that madness will always exist, no matter who takes it's mantle! I mean her hubby nearly cut your head off and here you are waiting to see her like a prepubescent prom date! You are a fine catch Mari my boy; you got betrayed, killed, and lost a dog all in the same day! Maybe it's time to throw in the towel and tell me i'm right huh? Laughing Stock never made any sense, and day he did was the day Marigold knew was his end. The malignance rambling through his mind finding no purchase in irritating the doctor as he could only sigh and rub his thumb along the cold cranium of Xerxes. He felt such tectonic shifts in his very soul that it felt as though he were going to split in two. there was no rational thought that could allow this travesty to occur was there? For madness, or chaos, or otherwise? there couldn't be. Such loss of life...it was...unnecessary. The screams he had heard and chaos he had seen first hand proved that apathy no longer had a place in his heart. He looked toward the sky, a solitary tear streaking down his face...he had done such irrevocable wrong in life, but still standing amidst survivors on both sides now as they looked toward their rulers for guidance...for the people of Ceyana. He only felt sorrow. "Wherever your soul exists my love...know that your people endure"
  6. He had heard tales from his father about this place, and the disasters that transpired. He could practically smell the decay as they neared the bloated corpse of a once grand city. Aegis looking at the crumbling peaks of buildings and tumultuous overgrowth that has exhumed the natural order through the streets with trees and roots alike. There was a sadness knowing such destruction likely cost many lives...but it was hard to ignore the rebirth that flourished around them. Nature taking it's place once more. Aegis lifting up a finger to greet a single monarch that took rest upon his index for a solitary moment before briskly flying away. "I imagine if you have brought me along that this must have something to do with our burgeoning forces; If i'm overseeing The Warfare Branch than I seek to do so to the best of my abilities. The Rishagi had their own Shinobi in times that required espionage, but we were tacticians and swordsman above all else" He explained "Whatever means I can impart onto the clan I will, but that still begs the question of the importance in our journey here Sensei" He knew a battlefield and it's tools well, but fell short when it came to secrecy and espionage. If Eiji knew Aegis skills as he said he did than there was vital reasoning for him to come along. The shift in the air almost palpable as they reached the city limits; the air here didn't feel right to him and so he ingrained his senses to their surroundings. His eyes becoming lower to the ground as he took on a defensive stance. His right hand resting on the handle of his katana with preparation.
  7. The breeze that culminated along his toes felt nice as they flew through the sky; his eyes drifting from one blurred landscape to another as they made their way toward their target. This sith must of been a serious matter for everyone to act so serious in what had practically become a vacation to him. Anything was preferable to the isolation he had left behind, even full scale wars. He only wished he had trained instead of goof off in the sand; sighing as they were nearing their mark. It seemed his quiet contemplation was coming to an end, standing up and stretching out his limbs as Blonde yelled instructions out to everyone. A battle upon them. Streaks of laser fire soon lighting the skiff up and surprising Pathogen with an unexpected light show. Were those dangerous? A hand outstretched to attempt to touch one of these light sources before one of them fired through his hand; peeking through the smoking hole in his hand curiously. Well they weren't just for show it seemed. "Well let's try that new thing then..." He muttered; The Stygian cultivating more than just sicknesses within the boy He didn't like the concept of hurting others for no reason; his misery was one that shouldn't be taken out on others...but from what he had seen already. There were many who gladly hurt others without a second thought, and did so with no opposition. He didn't understand the motives Blonde had, but he was beginning to understand what he was capable of...so why not use it to help? Tendrils of glowing putrescence unfurling from his back and writhing with a caustic aura. The troops underneath now closing in with continued gunfire; how did he control these things again? The boy tapping his lip curiously as he consulted the entity within. Command them...and they will follow... The boy looked down at the aspiring battlefield they were flying over and aimed a fist at a group of heavy troopers setting up a turret nest against the incoming skiffs. His eyes twinkling with interest before smiling and closing his fist. The tendrils firing forth like estranged torpedoes; crashing into the nest with explosions of rubble and hurried screams as Pathogen's new abilities smashed to pieces several squads below "You sometimes forget that they are made like paper...easily...torn apart..."
  8. "I have come across such anomalous, unbelievable obstacles Miss Andromeda. I've been threatened by vampires, demons-Did you know I foolishly attempted to join this ridiculous crime syndicate called The Abaddon? Nines...Agony...Rodan...I agreed to allow them sanctuary in my laboratory when I first moved to Terrenus. I hadn't expected them to bring...well I realized that despite my perilous mistakes I am still living...that night proving to me why I hated being a man. Pride, Obsession, Love, and Tenacity when imprinted on the male psyche creates such magnificent madness. It isn't why I think im going to die; it's how am I still alive?" His words became jumbled in a momentary knot of emotion; The weight of his experiences continued to sink him further into the couch before she once again offered some refreshments. Marigold smiling and breathing through his nose with resignment "I can't really turn down something cold to drink; If it's poison at least it'll give me some much needed sleep" He said with a saccharine laugh. He sat up with a sway, rubbing his eyes and setting his glasses on the coffee table; a small red blip flashing just underneath the right lens. "I shouldn't remind anyone of a parental figure, but I appreciate the comparison. We hold onto our histories as though they would be lost the moment we speak them. A greed to live forever in whatever way we can...a human trait? or one that spans across all sentient races? I suppose for me it is...to bring those whose lives I've shattered some modicum of peace. It may ultimately end up being folly, but it is the final sepulchral bell that I must ring. Thank you" a warmth touching his lips as he took the offered cup and drank from it sparingly. Marigold relaxing back into the couch once more "My wife always was frustrated with the way that I spoke circles, thinking, articulating, and analyzing without answering the questions I knew only needed a direct answer. It is come to my attention miss Andromeda...that I am...sick...It is something I mistakenly did to myself and I suspect it will...claim me soon. I'm certainly...glad I could spend my...final daus....with...someone kind..." His words drifting off as he shook his head for a moment, eyes becoming dilated and confused before he slumped over onto the couch once more; magically out cold. The silence almost stifling as she was now left the sleeping form of Dr, Ravenspire. She could see that his body even in rest was restless as his body shivered and squirmed; eyes in constant movement underneath his eyelids.
  9. Nocturna had gone back to the cabin where the others continued to relax, prepare, and plan for something unknown on the horizon. Pathogen meanwhile continued to sink farther into the warmth of the sand; He hadn't expected the dragoness to exhume such philosophies from his sickened soul, but he wasn't going to deny the adventures that could be had with her, with blonde. An interesting group that possessed a dragon lady he was all too interested in following now that he was a 'ride'; whatever that implied. The sounds of blonde' voice and dozens of gathering people causing him to sit up in curiosity. The skiff something new in the sky he must've missed in his lackadaisical state. Were they heading out so soon? Well he didn't want to get left behind so he quickly stood from the sand he had buried himself in, a trail scattering behind him as he eventually made it to the gathering. It was the first time he had seen her face...he hadn't expected her to look human, with children even. Is that what children do?...bring out such violent tendencies? She was an interesting woman indeed. While he was in no mortal danger, she still had given him new experiences that were worthy of fighting for. He probably shouldn't have wasted this potential training time in the sand, but he didn't have very lofty priorities either. When her strange speech about attacking lizard people was over, he stood in mild confusion as to what was going on. His eyes looking back toward the beach, knowing it might be some time before he sees another. Everyone had equipment and jobs they were attending to, many of them starting to board the skiff hovering overhead and since he didn't have any gear. He climbed in after Nocturna, coughing up a lung after crawling onto the floor of the ship, groaning momentarily before sitting up and leaning against the side with his feet dangling off the edge. He wondered exactly what was in this Lagran city, and why The Sith cared then again he hadn't been told anything so why should he care. His focus drifting from the mission toward the sand stuck in his toes , kicking them along the side to try and amend this problem as they made there way to A new city. "Hopefully I can make another friend this time"
  10. The symphony of music Reginald had conjured up continued to play in A myriad of beautiful tones as he continued to work with lively motivation. The amount of magic he was cultivating visible in the air around Riforte and Vanadey as he poured all the mana he had within himself into The Obelisk. It's structure made of marbled stone with sigils etched along it's surface, several smaller pillars erecting a foot around the main Obelisk itself. These were to represent the schools of magic that would be used. The wizard humming alongside the marvelous tune as he worked tirelessly on his project. He pulled two bottles from the dimensional space dwelling in the center of his head out through the worms that acted as a head. He had the essences of transmogrification and celestial magic; he pondered the possibility that these essences no longer existed and they could be the last of their kind...it didn't matter! He wanted to prove himself among his newfound peers and all the reputation he had were long since gone. He was willing to put everything he had into this project, and thus uncorked the bottles and spilled their ephemeral contents onto two of the pillars around the obelisk. A respective glow emanated from both of them before beams of raw magicka fired from the pillars and into the central hub. Reginald evaporating the bottles into sparkling dust before clapping his hands together "Oh this is all going millhouse! Now we just require a few more essences of certain elements and then we will be ready to 'fire it up' as it were!" He called gleefully, floating next to Vanadey and laughing happily "Oh my dearest, could you produce some of that wondrous faerie magic and add it a pillar of your choosing? I would appreciate it greatly" The wizard then going to Riforte and twirling around her once before landing "I do believe in my time of research into your ailment I know rituals that could potentially cure such an ailment, despite it's debilitating nature, but while I continue to belabor it's intricacies do you perhaps have any spells at your disposal? Casting anything will on the pillars will break it down to it's base school and add it to the roster! Cain offered a few of his own schools aswell and I will quickly go and harvest those, be right back!" The mage giving a momentary bow before stepping back into a portal that ripped itself into reality behind him. Both vanishing into sparkles of arcana. The well of magic surrounding the obelisk still manifesting itself like a small storm around the construct; continuing to build itself in its master's absence. The dark Reginald had thrust himself into was one he had felt A familiar bond with. How long had he been incarcerated at Last Chance? Those bindings had been so tight that they left him in darkness for what felt like several eternities over. The amount of memories he tried to salvage over that time became harder and harder, and it was difficult to discern reality. He felt the worms that composed his corporeal form seize up. He hadn't been in complete darkness like this since Last Chance. He knew why now...he had seen so much wonder in the short time he had been free; It was a different era he had stepped into entirely, everyone and everything he had ever known...gone. The light gave him hope and made him feel hopeful, and no matter the form he adorned. He felt human underneath the sun. The dark...had stolen that from him. He rubbed his shoulders as chill rolled across his form. Cain's shadow was down here, and he could feel it. The mage quirking a finger to rouse some of Cain's puppets with gentle repose "Forgive my intrusion, but I possess Cain's blessing. I only need the essence, a trifle really. I will be most gentle" He said to the puppets, breathing life into them regardless of the extent of their autonomy. They felt alive to him, at least. A glow beginning to permeate the darkness as the essences of the elements they housed enraptured his outstretched fingers. "Never shall I be cast into such eternal darkness again...not when the sky now shines so much brighter"
  11. Aegis lowered the glass back onto the table as Sho vanished; he didn't know if what he had said was simply bluster or held greater weight, but he knew that for this to work. He would have to overcome the sins of the past. Aegis listening to Shi' lack of faith in the integrity of this group of unknowns. There was potential truth in those words , trust a scarce commodity that they all had to invest in together for this clan to create a solid foundation. "I am Aegis Rishagi, it is freeing to finally say my name among clan members" He said, giving a bow before Shi and Saki, turning to Eiji with a newfound flame "I seek no leadership; only to honor my family by using the blades they had bestowed upon me." He had to do something with the time he had left, and the long roads of hunting lowly bounties never rose up to the expectations A father bestowed upon his son. A grandmaster upon his pupil. "I would be honored to pass on the knowledge of my clan, so that then their history lives on in The Shokan." He sat down once more, quieting as their Grandmaster now awaited the answer from Shi. A curious one who seemed to utilize the aspects of a shinobi, granted he didn't seem to do so with traditional means. His skills were in understanding a battlefield, and wielding the blades holstered at his hip. There was wisdom to his words; perhaps his time on the road had degraded his silhouetted skills. His eyes turning from shi to Saki...another mystery with a strange connection to the man that had brought them all together. He only hoped he had a chance to get to know them; He was eager to begin his new life in The Shokan Clan. "Where is our new home to be then? Are we resurrecting this tea house or have you a place yet to show us?" He asked after silence had fallen over the room once again. He hadn't had a rooted home in some time and was eager to finally have a place to grow, build, and defend. It felt refreshing to have something tangible to fight for again. The fire within changing as time did with all.
  12. She found that he breathlessly laughed at her statement, laughing almost too long before coming to his senses, wiping a tear from his eye. "If only someone had told me that one ten years sooner..." He said, A momentary glint of green reflecting off one of his irises faintly, a trick of the light perhaps? "You are far too kind to hear such macabre; Forgive my selfishness. Suffering is too easy a comfort to wallow in i'm afraid." He said, cleaning his glasses with a cloth silently as she continued to speak "I imagine most stories possess such torrential waves, all of ours a sea of experiences.." Finishing his task and returning his glasses back to their perch "It seems you were quite prepared for this, it would be nice to be away from home" Marigold sliding off the stool, and giving his back and few sidles before following her toward the room. Voices beginning to spill forth into his psyche and ignite his paranoia. Oh oh! Maybe she's an assassin sent by Gabi, or Arashi, or or, that wannabe robin of yours! There are lots of people who want you dead! I mean I already brought you back once didn't I? Isn't that how it's always been Mary my dear? Your parents betrayed you for their own freedom, Daddy tried to put me in a bottle and ended up being put into his own aaaaand who did you turn to? That's right, ME! In some form or another, it has always been meeeeeee. Your not mad if the whole world's gone insane! HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Where once Marigold back lashed any attempts at Laughing Stock's games, now was just exhaustion. "Im so tired" It didn't take them long to reach the appropriate suite; A moderately posh room waiting within where Marigold laid claimed to the couch where he had decided to lay down, sighing as he silently endured a mental bingo game the mad god had decided to play in his head. Why the need for 'monster trucks' was far beyond him, and it only made grow more tired. "I think i'll skip on the drinking if that's alright. I want to hold onto my faculties as long as I can, but I digress. Where were we? Oh right" He remembered slouching further as he looked toward the ceiling, watching a ceiling fan spin overhead. Things finally becoming peaceful again "I mentioned the desire to change past...It was a month or so before my fifth birthday. My home was small, but quaint and while my father was taxing...mother had provided a counter balance of providence and nurturing. I don't know if I was too young to understand, or my mother to brave of her own dexterity...Magickers were despised at best and adorned collars so that they could be identified. A dog...had intrigued me and I foolishly followed it into a neighborhood...They brutalized her...because I...My own ignorance caused her to come to my rescue against ill willed men passing by. Everything sublimated into creeping terror after such a tragedy. I still wonder if that petrified boy, watching helplessly from a dumpster...cost the sanity of my father too...It was that moment of time where my father died and Dr. Ravenspire rose. A terrible legacy of pain I continued. No matter what I am to become, I seek the absolution of all the families my accursed surname has destroyed and if they hear this impromptu testimony...perhaps they can take comfort in the fact that I will likely be dead soon" The weight of his word causing him to sink into the couch further, feeling as though he could fall asleep and never wake up again. The memories possessing a weight all their own
  13. There once was an age where grand magical items permeated the lands and it's denizens with great power that defended, destroyed, and cultivated countless lives. These once aligned with every willful warrior who sought them out and bestowed upon them, while not always outspoken in their power, they possessed a personality all their own. In the present day; they are few and far between...not enjoyed for their utility, but cruelly used for their sheer power. It is time for a change, back to days where our weapons and tools were banded together, not simply used. Welcome to A New Age of Arcanum! "Salutations! I am most pleased that you have arrived!. I am Reginald Baldric Thaydren Omeya Von Lockheed The Third! This is what has been wonderfully coined as my Magus Opus! It is an obelisk designed to fabricate enchantments for the use to all those who seek to embolden themselves! I am becoming quite the busy bee as it were and limit my roster of enchantment requests to three slots! I am a practitioner in all schools of magic and will gladly lend such trinkets to those who use them to forge their own destinies and in return, a legacy for that very item. How can this humble Arch-Magus help you today?" This is a system that will be used by me to essentially offer a new way to provide named items of power to those of Valucre that will coincide with the artifact system already in place! This is essentially my character Reginald desiring to bring forth an age he had once been apart of where all grand warriors, priests, wizards, and defenders possessed an item as precious to them as family. An Item of power that came with it's own name (and in some cases a personality to boot). This will be available to any and all on the site (A 'fast pass' given to the dead member for Cain' direct assistance in setting him free). The rules are as much for me as for you so that these can be distributed freely and not shift favor too much that would cause any injustice for the whole. I want to breathe my fun ideas of enchantment forging into the life of your hands: 1: Keep all enchants a single effect of your choosing that limits to either one utility, one offensive capability, or one defensive capability with respective details that cover at least a single paragraph 2:This is not a place to RP full threads between our characters, this acts as an in character way for you to speak with Reginald through any means that are at your discretion for the sake of brevity (he has a great deal of communication spells that can work both ways for instance) 3: This will act as a platform for your request that will then qualify you for a thread of one page minimum of Reginald and your respective character(s). There we will make sure every inch of this item is to your liking and commit as a canonized item that can be viewed and stolen(at owner's discretion of course). 1: @Thotification 2: @vielle 3: @danzilla3
  14. Marigold eventually relented, and ordered one of the only drink he enjoyed; A Daiquiri had an extraordinary capacity for thousands of different flavor avenues. It was a scientific quandary that brought him back to simpler days. Flashes of her smile always managing to break the maddening storm. His eyes drifting from the decedent drink to her as she started her curious game of words. Most weren't so forthcoming with their stories when they were as potentially tragic as hers was. What was she trying to accomplish he wondered; was it simply trust? to prove herself with Chronicles of upmost sorrow? Marigold digesting each one as he ran a finger across the edge of his glass. A myriad of emotions and thoughts stitching through his mind like a ephemeral quilt; blanketing his form. She had suffered greatly at the hands of her own race; that much he could tell...just as he. "The world is quite strange; strange enough for me to wonder where the correlating factors of your stories come from...I cannot fathom the misery and pain afforded to you. I shall not choose the story I believe is correct...for it is up to you to make that decision. Is that why you became a chronicler I wonder...to decide your own story perhaps? write out a destiny you've chosen for yourself and in doing so, unearth the many stories of others often buried under the malaise of time.." His eyes drifting from hers up toward the ceiling; thoughts parading his mind with different avenues. "The beginning is always necessary I suppose. Some believe it is where all our choices derive from...in some fashion or another" "Can you believe I know very little about my parents? A pair whom cultivated my very being, and the families they came from are nothing more than strangers to me. I was born and raised in Antigone Isles, just as they were. My father Artigan and my mother Cecilia were a strange pair. A brooding man with unknown conviction and a wide beyond her years matron to the less fortunate. They had managed to find a love amidst the social duress brought upon The Queen there. Magic was condemned and controlled there, last I had been anyways. It created a dissonance between those who were 'magickers' and those were not. My mother was one such magicker, while my father was a man of science. I was born in a world already so visibly split in two with each arm being tugged in an adjacent direction. Cecilia wanted nothing more than for me to be free of prejudice and thirsted for the freedom of her people...my father wanting to shape me into a proud scientist that would make The Queen proud and pull them into the graces of decadence" His facial expressions maintaining a melancholy stoicism with brief moments of silence as he quelled any emotions brought upon by these memories. His hands grazing the surface of the bar "We look back in time and no matter what emotion we may view these memories through...there will always be the desire to better it somehow...as if one moment with but a little course correction on our part could have reshaped our entire future, but then...is that how fragile our existences are? to be shattered with but a single change in our timeline? If you knew you could go back somehow and change something you did...or rather...didn't do...would you?"
  15. "I believe Falsehood stole from truth because it cannot understand A world of glass. The truth makes everything translucent...clear...everything becomes the same and stagnates" He spoke, remembering the long years he had spent in both corners. "Lying...deception...is a most human trait and the singular difference between those of thought and those of instinct...We lie to our own kind as we struggle against the worldly troubles, but we also lie because we are all searching for something...ever seeking...What do you think Falsehood was seeking?" He questioned, drinking from his water glass in idle thought; his eyes focused on the trailing condensation down the glass with a distance gaze, listening to her curiously. He could imagine a number of reasons why she was nervous, but ultimately he concluded that it was impartial to the situation at hand. "Please just call me...Marigold. My doctorates and degrees have only afforded my trouble, and right now...I'd rather just be a bar patron" He said with a chuckle "It is an opportunity for both of us; I am only a 42 year old man, yet felt as though lifetimes have passed me. All those I once held dear are either dead or in lands far away. I know I am not long for this world, and want a record of my life...so that my mistakes could lead others from the same cistern of madness" His voice possessing more gravitas now as he sighed and drank more from his glass, leaning back and meeting her gaze with his own; dull violet eyes shaded with remorse and contemplation meeting her own. "I'm kidding myself I know. I have been lied to my whole life and for all I know your here to bring to light my already tattered history, to damn The Ravenspires as many before you have...or this might simply be an excuse talk with someone...I've been sad I suppose, wanted to get out. If there's A proper way to start this, I shall simply follow your lead."
  16. The biggest stress i've seen (and experienced) is being paralyzed by choice so don't feel overwhelmed; The best place I recommend to get a feel for role play again and getting into the swing of things is The Tavern of Legends. An ever changing bar catering to new members! It's a great place to meet others and get involved in further madness ❤️ https://www.valucre.com/forum/239-tavern-of-legend/ Theres also a handy dandy guide around the site to get a feel on how stuff works around here (Spoilers; It's RAD) There is a ton of support around here too so use the instant chat at the home page to ask questions if your still confused on anything! Always refreshing to see new members and can't wait to see your work around the site!!?
  17. He wondered what such a large woman was thinking? His eyes doing their best to identify her facial cues, but immediately looked at his sandy toes or the ceiling the moment those vivid irises tried to meet with his; doing his best to not look obvious in his curiosity. "What do you think? These are all such strong friends now..." He muttered to himself; feeling a connection to the entity within him that hadn't existed before. Those bizarre moments within the void of realms expanding his perspective on how he saw The Stygian and he actually wanted to understand it better, just as he wanted to understand the dragoness better. His eyes drifting from the ceiling as he tried to listen for the voice he had heard in the lightless space. The sudden intensity of Nocturne's eyes breaking his concentration and causing him to focus on her nuances with a tilt of his head. He was still getting used to the language of the body others liked to employ without actual explaining what it was; that was indicating the direction of the door. It was only when she rose to her staggering height and marched toward that very direction...he could take the hint. He quickly stood up and meandered toward the front door, eyes cast upon the top of the stairs to see if blonde had risen yet. It seemed she was really tired, and it made him miss the times he had slept. How could one dream when sleep no longer served it's purpose? His estranged thoughts following him out the door as The Dragoness headed toward the beach; One of his new favorite locations. He was all too happy to follow. The sand shifting under him as he did his best to follow her strong gait. @The North Wind
  18. In a single day he had done more than his entire life experienced combined. The sheer volume of new experiences overwhelming him with both wonder and terror. What could be said for the realm he was now leaving? Where he once had family, and memories? He knew there wasn't anything left for him there, and it was the very reason he felt so content following these strange people. What they offered no mattered if his hands had been stained with blood...were better than the silent suffering of isolation. It all almost seemed like a dream as he had floated listlessly through the space in-between worlds, times, and space. An ethereal force answering questions he hadn't expected and even revealing to him the very manifestation that had been the source of his endless sicknesses. This strange phenomenon had separated him from the crew and soon all he could feel was darkness. The wet and sloshing darkness of the ocean deep. He couldn't believe such powerful means of travel were possible, yet here he was...in the depths of the ocean. His eyes blinking open blearily as a smooth and slimy bull shark slid across his cheek and vanished into the dark. Panic naturally stole his body as he fought for breath, soon remembering that he...didn't need to breath at all. A calm washing over him now as he simply admired the vastness of this new world. He couldn't believe so much water could exist in such a place. Strange colorful rocks dotting the sides of ridges and giving off gentle hues of pinks and oranges; A smile creeping on his face as a poked at a curious anemone and laughed breathlessly as it retreated cutely. He wondered where the others were and hoped that they were okay at least. Rays of sunlight beaming through the water now and he could see the lapping surface a dozen or so feet above him. Pathogen letting his lithe form drift aimlessly upwards; a strange happiness swelling through him. He remembered the answer the void had given him, and The Stygian revealing itself...he had learned so much and now felt confident in his one true desire. To experience everything he could. Blonde would make that happen, viera...the heat from his face at the mention of her name something he hadn't expected and caused him slight panic as he figured it was scarlet fever creeping it's way around again. The boy floating to the surface of the ocean and now exposed to the salty air where he saw a gorgeous sun overhead and the sounds of seagulls graced his ears for the first time. His form drifting toward and shore; waves washing him upon on the beach where he was once again struck with new sensations. Why was there so much sand everywhere? Pathogen sitting up and instead of taking stock of the estranged crew and destroyed ship...dug his hands deep and pulled heaps of sand into his hands. A bout of laughter rising from his lips, replacing the usual ichor that always spurted through his teeth. He couldn't believe it! A heavy chomp into the mound proved that it was in fact...not edible. Pathogen throwing it into the breeze and watching the thousands of brilliant glittering stars get lost among the wind. They had landed somewhere so beautiful! Viera caught his attention almost immediately as he now marched through the sands, making clear heavy stomps to feel the sand in between his toes. what Viera mistook as shaken she instead saw that he was vibrating with absolute wonder, beaming as he turned to her. She hadn't seen him in such a mood "I've never seen...a beach before! This is great! Of course! I want to thank Blonde for this experience" His feet continuing to mash into the sand as he marched up to the house where he saw all the other members start to congregate, laughing as though he were once again a joyous boy without a care in the world as he ran about the house, drinking everything in curiously. It was a whole new world! Blonde had already moved up the stairs with Jack, and from the way she looked...he figured if she needed to rest. Pathogen leaving her to a much needed nap and instead caught up in the curiosity of these metal men that were moving about and assisting in their recuperation. A few hardy pokes to their screen heads proved to not deter them any and so he continued to explore. Pathogen moving into the kitchen where he saw more of the group recovering...one of which being the large dragoness. His eyes wide in curiosity. He had seen her fly across the facility and command such power and attention, even tasted her flames upon his very skin. Pathogen feeling all the excitement catch up with him as he wheezed in the door frame and coughed into his fist a few times. He should calm down before he makes himself even more sick, but he hadn't ever seen a dragon before, especially one that could turn into a lady. The boy sitting against the kitchen wall and recovering from his bout of energy, watching the dragoness curiously.
  19. The rain was noisy and loud tonight. It's pattering drizzle a requiem for one's soul. The revitalizing constitution rainfall could provide was one Marigold loved to ponder. His eyes often drifting toward skies, looking through the clouds, through the dark sky and into the stars. It felt so freeing...to know just how infinite the universe was. What magic lay beyond? What species? New realms and new discoveries. He wanted to be a pioneer. His eyes ever glued to the night sky. The trip from The Imperium a much needed one in what he felt were the years of his curtain call. The apprehension and power this eldritch entity of utter madness held over him had all but drained him; scraping at his psyche and reducing him to an isolated doctor of ill repute...like all those years ago. He had changed so much and suffered such revelations that rain had burned away...yet still he cried out in the howling caverns of mania...alone. All he could do now was reminisce in the rainfall on his way to meet the reporter who would finally make manifest all his sins; so that when this madness finally does consume him. He could weep for those lost in the treachery of his broken heart. The hotel was not his first choice, but it served as an adequate place to meet and frankly...he missed the jovial sensation of people mingling and simply living. He felt estranged from his own humanity for so long he could barely the stomach the thought of any interaction...but perhaps it would do him some good. The hotel soon upon him and with a single pull from an interior chord in his coat; the rainwater that's stained his coat and slacks immediate began to sublimate and burn off of him as he entered. The looks and stares he garnered were of no surprise as he had been one the most recent 'additions' to the interests of the public due to his Laboratory; The Anima Imperium. The Soul Surgeon, The Destroyer of Knoles, Savior of The Black Queen He could hear these titles uttered in secret as he passed tables and tight knit circles of gossip. If only they knew how wrong they were, he hadn't saved Gabriella. That wretched filth Roen and Raphael did it and dared claimed it just. They were why the world was so imbalanced and crumbling...the cacophony of laughter he felt creeping along the edges of his psyche forcing him to placate such emotionally charged thoughts and instead focus on the meeting of this woman...Andromeda. Her name being the only information he had been able to gather as it seemed she was as cloaked in mystique as he. A younger him would have been far more paranoid of meeting one so interwoven in shadow, but now it simply didn't matter. Andromeda spotting her target almost out of surprise as he sat to her left, running a hand through his damp mauve hair as he looked at her with a myriad of intentions. For all he knew...this would be the last soul he would ever talk to...again. His eyes drifting toward the bar and ordering only a water "Marigolds and Andromeda are not often seen together in gardens as it were...A shrubbery dotted with lively flowers, and an isolated copper daisy...an unusual pairing" He mused with a bittersweet smile "So then...why now of all times do they cross paths?...two clandestine flora; of different perspectives, yet drink from the same sun"
  20. He didn't know why he had been so surprised to receive such an answer, yet to hear the voice peruse through his very being made him question everything he ever thought about his understanding in the grand scheme of the universe. His listless form contemplating the whole of the universe as it seemed to speak directly to him in those momentary fragments of ephemeral time. What did he see the stygian as? They were but blips in the vastness of infinity, yet still it mattered to him what this alien being dwelling inside of him wanted...what it desired from this relationship. He saw it as...saw it as...The boy gripping at his chest,and pounding at it's core as he called it out. Pathogen yelling into the nothingness...yelling for this source of such putrescent disease to reveal itself. Why didn't he just ask it directly... His body began to shake and shudder as tendrils of putrid green unfurled from his agape maw; his eyes widening as he felt the entity...leave his body momentarily...as though this fold in the void of space gave it independence outside his physical form. The malignant creature wresting itself from Pathogen and revealing it cloaked in a terrible miasma of sickness that acted as a very cloak. Thousands of multicolored tendrils swirling and slithering around the hem of it's cloak as it's shaded hood look toward Pathogen. The boy seeing for the first time what had been dwelling within him...an alien...an eldritch horror...something truthfully and wholeheartedly...alive. Each tendril glowing with a different aura of the thousands of diseases it had cultivated and swirled around him like aberrational fingers encircling his otherworldly frame Linked...through time...through space...through flesh we...are bound... This space somehow gave The Stygian capacity to reveal it's physical form and actually speak...Pathogen in absolute shock as he saw what had changed his entire existence. He could hardly believe what he was seeing and now he wondered too...what did he see it as?...A monster?...evil?...Was he afraid or in awe of the visage before him? He wanted to speak further, to say anything at all, but The Stygian retook it's place within Pathogen as fast as it had emerged. The moment passing him by and soon he would be thrown into a new dimension...a new life...possessing far more understanding than he ever had before.
  21. "Ah hell yes! I'm going to add his skull to my collection. Well I don't know what weird shit you got going on Ohgdenn, but glad to help. Im going to go set up this dragon hunt. Gotta clear it Calypso" Iscariate laughed heartily and gave the two of them a debilitating, but momentary hug, rubbing Ohgdenn's head gingerly before swinging around to the chattering crowd of patrons and held up the map "Alright ya fucks, who wants to help me hunt a dragon? Turn some boys into men...or turn men into ash." Iscariate laughing even harder as they immediately thinned out and dispersed. There were few who would be willing to take on such a task, and even fewer who enjoyed the concept as much as Iscariate did. A small smile appearing on the boy; He wondered if such drive was attainable or if it was far beyond his grasp. Ohgdenn held up the five scales Iscariate had given him and showed them to Chinafel; the badgerfolk seeing that with closure examination; Obsidian was simply the colored. The scales themselves were made of a strong dragonborn keratin infused with a vampiric aura of resilience. "I do believe that these will be sufficient in our interests" Ohgdenn muttered curiously before waving at Iscariate and departing from The Snakebite. The smell of blood beginning to make his queasy as he held a hand to his mouth and wiped sweat from his brow "Right, well let's go meet another potential source of worthy materials then." He said, leading Chinafel back up the stairs and into the club where the same performer had maintained the stage, but the music was far more energized and catering to a different demographic all together. Ouroboros casting a wide net on the concept of entertainment and diverse a single bar could be. The same man now rip roaring the mic with loud vocals and powerful guitar reverberations Ohgdenn moved through the crowds of patrons and toward the bar where the decedent bartender was attending to several arcane infused drinks. The space above the bar permeated with heavy streams of arcane that this bartender used to add to the various drinks he had been making. Ohgdenn always wondering how such a thing worked; He had always been on the technological side of things. Magic was new to him. "Why hello there Oggy~" Spoke the bedazzling man, dressed in vibrant robes of purple and blue; sporting cerulean hair that framed his elven features. His eyes a potent violet that bounced between both Ohgdenn and Chinafel. A smile glowing upon his well glossy lips
  22. Much had transpired in the day that he had met Blonde and her party of weirdos; Viera one in particular that graced his withered lips with a rare smile. The year prior being nothing but a miasma of chaos and dismay. The Stygian crashing into his life with such force he barely even remembered what his life was life before. His family were farmers, barely getting by harvesting rock-fruit. It was hardly anything substantial, yet they had treated him like a god send. He couldn't even remember his name...what had it been? He was abhorrent with memory as of late. His parents naming him something at least and showing him a life of humble civility with rare affectation. Their tribe enduring harsh climates of stark winds and perforating blizzards, and all he could remember was how cold it was all the time; the temperature claiming the hearts of the tribesman and turning them just as frigid. Years going by and all he did was help dig up rock-fruit, and wished of a world that wasn't frozen and dull. He now wondered if the universe somehow granted his wish with a terrible twist of humorous cruelty. That particular night produced a storm of catastrophic proportions; Tents, crops, and water-sources being thrashed by frozen fury. He remembered that his parents looking for him as he had been tending to the horses. Their voices drowned out by thick raging snow. He realized the severity of the storm far too late as he started to make his way back their homestead. His vision obfuscated by the torrential winds and within an instant...he had been lost in a sea of white. He couldn't perceive what it was at that very moment; An asteroid had broke the world's atmosphere...hurtling and breaking up in fiery husks. One of these husks streaking through the torrential storm-front before crashing into A frantically desperate boy looking for home. Everything after that had become far more terrifying, and far more...exciting than whatever haze his life had been before. He didn't know why he chose to remember it in such an optimistic fashion. Everything had been stripped from him and replaced with every insufferable disease this planet produced...It was a very rough transitional period and it took him to this point; an entire year...to realize that this spawn...this disease...was sentient. He could hardly believe that there was something living inside of him. He could practically feel it squirm in the dead of night...when everything was still. His nomadic lifestyle sending him from location to location, place to place; excommunicated due to the aberrational transformation his body suffered. Sigil being another that would soon try and kill him or throw him out before Blonde changed everything. He had been saved from what felt like a foreboding melancholy, tasting in both bloodshed and mercy before being whisked away to another reality, another world...another life. It was what existed between these two realms that gave him such time to ruminate on the complexity of his situation. All the strange new friends he had made and the woman he had grown strangely fond of becoming merged into a celestial belt that blurred the line of existence and ephemeral thought. He looked onto the void, and felt it look back...as if goading him to speak...to say anything in this all consuming dark. was it foolish to seek answered where questions had been rarely asked in the first place? It was even more foolish to believe that nothing existed here at all he supposed. Pathogen not one to believe in gods for what cruel matriarch or patriarch would curse him with such an alien affliction, but he almost felt compelled to ask.. "Can I...trust The Stygian?...is it...my enemy?..." @Dredge
  23. "It would seem you have more in common with him than I do; I was born under rather...difference circumstances" He muttered,wincing as he watched Iscariate German Suplex another opponent into the ground. The crowd swelling in cheers as Iscariate bellowed with laughter; immediately helping up the half orc and giving him several heavy pats on the back. "Always protect your chest and keep your elbows tight! Grabs are exhausting to break out of" He said, landing a small sack into the other's hand, pointing his finger to the crowd "I pay out when even if you lose because there is no lesson more powerful than a physical one, and I don't mind paying to teach em" He barked, fumes firing from his nostrils as he made his challenge clear. Ohgdenn hadn't met such a physical force in his life and it both filled him with courage, and hollowed him with cowardice. Perhaps it was the genuine care he saw in the big oaf's eyes when those red orbs shot toward him...It was terrifying to him to see a creature smile so gleefully at him. The mountain of a dracodon waving towards them, and marching up to their side of the ring. "What's up kid,! Haven't seen ya around my hood" He said, leaning on one of the chains with a creak. "Uh well me and my associate Chinafel here are working on a very special project together, and it requires materials of a strong substance in both quality and nature" "Well you came to the right place if your looking for strong substance" He bellowed in laughter "It is why I sought you out di-directly" Ohgdenn chattered, fidgeting his hands as he locked his gaze on anything other than the red glow of his Iscariate's eyes. "You see u..uh Mr. Chinafel here is manifesting a construct for me that will help on my expeditions. It requires a varied material cost that depends on my own initiative; I believe that y-your scales could prove to make a strong b-base for this project, and Chinafel has offered in return the location of a dragon nest that you could seek further uh...g-glory in o-or my associate here is willing to fight although he desires to know if magic is allowed beforehand" The boy trying to explain their situation as best as he could, but his nerves were leaving him a jumbled mess "Im gonna be honest with ya kid, I didn't understand what the hell you said...but your looking to use some of my scales for your nerd project yea?" He asked rubbing his chin curiously "Anything for you bud; I don't mind kicking some dragon ass or going to to toe with this guy." He said, beating his chest a few times, and peeling off a few heavy scales from his left pectoral, dropping in Ohgdenn's hand "Careful, me being a vampire and all makes my scales stronger than they ever were pre fangitude" He said, baring a fanged grin as he looked over Chinafel, expecting either fight a dragon or this old timer in return. Ohgdenn nervous about the prospect of two fighting...wondering what else the wisened badger could do.
  24. Aegis listened to So' uproarious claims, demanding that their reputations were all a danger in some way or another; Arrogance and pride believed to be his driving force for such worry. Shi believing that it was to be used as an asset...A weapon when none was afforded. Aegis absorbing these claims as he watched them both yell, and converse at him in distinctive manners. While Arrogance and pride had long since left his bones in a far younger time in his life, they were both still verily right. It was foolish to presume the men and woman couldn't handle the demons of others, let alone their own. It was why they were all here...why he was here. So that perhaps together. They stood a chance of rising above their own conscience. Eiji bringing his own council to the matter and silencing any further arguements that may occur, Rishagi having no words to combat with regardless. The ronin stroking his patchy beard in contemplation as he listened to what Eiji's words. If he believed that they could rise above their reputation, and slay any demons of their past that dare show themselves to the life. The samurai standing from his seat in the corner and put a fist to his heart before bowing greatly before Eiji "Your words are wise, Forgive me making such brash assumptions. I did not intend to create such a provocation. It was wrong of me to assume that we are not all being chased by the shadows of our past in some regard. My scars should be no more important. You are right" He said, looking at So fiercely. "I have a great deal to prove to you, and everyone here if we are to be a clan" his eyes flicking toward their leader "I accept your offer and wish to lend my skills, I pledge my Tengoku and Tenshi to Shokan for the chance to return honor to The Rishagi name" He said; he had made up his decision long before entering this building. A ronin a hard blemish to cover up in any society. Aegis moving toward the table and pouring a cup of sake before offering to So with both hands. His expression stern against So' own, "A great man once told me that we must change with the winds, and the ever moving earth beneath our feet...as the leaves change...so too...do we"
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