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  1. Did you say ressurect? Well say no more! Salutations! It's fantastic to meet you! Amenities has recommended I should ask you for some help on something dead related. My character Reginald is the newest member of the dead and is currently taking over Cain's old tower and making it his very own sanctum sanctorum, a wizard tower he wants to use in study of artificing and spell crafting for the dead. If you're seeking some content to jump into first I would just adore the help of a previous architect! He is also working on harnessing the undead the plague the region for his own benefit and on the topic of reanimation you mentioned that could be huge development if we worked together to bring Phoebe back! The current thread if you're interested!
  2. Lessertown was on it’s way to become a much greater town fraught with business brought on by their latest expansion, and pulling in products and businesses to boost its economy; attracting a most curious investor by the name of Gavel Armitage. His charisma having its own wealth as he bought a plot of land at the edge of town and having the outer construction down in nearly the same timeframe as the original plans of expansion. The old man eager to see his new business venture realized. A collection of vagrants and orphans being offered to help in the construction process in return for pay, albeit meager. Gavel having a hands on approach approach to directing them as he pointed out every flaw he saw in their work and wholloped them good if they smarted off. The exterior beginning to come together as he had their most skilled hands putting together a sign and emblem, pulling it above the door’s oak frame- The only one ever knowing the truth on the matter being the mistress herself as Reginald brought forth an immaculate tea set for them to enjoy as construction was underway. His disguise this time around being an out of town upper crust intrigued by the font of wealth Lessertown is slowly becoming. The postmaster being a well fabricated illusion spell that allowed him to be seen working on his quaint postal service without Reginald having to actively disguise himself as the little man for his work to continue. Reginald watching his illusion with a wide, intrigued smile before shifting toward the mistress and laughing delightfully "Well as I said dearie! I was lost in my own sanctum, and had forgotten the key! I should have worn a disguise before I left but im as forgetful as always! What a chum drum day it is don't you think? Our plans coming together marvelously" he said, filling her tea cup as he sighed lackadaisically. "What have I missed? anything good? I haven't talked to our ginger honeypot just yet, but I am sure he isn't pleased with my accidental absence. It's been difficult...remembering...consistently..." His eyes looking on for thousands of yards as though they were trying to remember a distant memory @Zashiii
  3. Marigold hadn't expected to see Arashi return unconscience and beat, nor her sister the same with additional third degree burns. Moshra pleasantly surprised to see him so reactive and concerned. His disposition drastically changed after the events he had gone through. His concern for Arashi as real as any parent. His temperament cooling as he brought them into the secondary medical ward he had in the trip-sec. Rivana's treatments a priority as he immediately tended to her burns with the upmost care. The wolf giant watching from the corridor as she was much much too tall to enter. It was as though she too were his very own. A full cast being woven around her meticulously and carefully as a near day had passed them. A steady supply of sedatives being fed into her bloodstream to keep the pain as dulled as he could. Arashi's wounds mcuh easier to tend as he reset her jaw into place and repaired the two broken ribs she had. The rest tertiary bruises that would heal on their own. Marigold taking a momentary break; brewing coffee as Moshra sat atop the counter like a chair. His spoon swirling the edge of the cup as his eyes looked up toward the snoozing wolf giant. Her fist propping up her chin. She looked peaceful in her sleep, having asked her beforehand to leave Arashi's talk to him. "Oh my that is a curious story, and just who was this peacekeeper? Could it have been Mike Commager?" He asked curiously as he drank from his cup of coffee only a feet away. The doctor watching her confused facial expressions and beginning to get hints on just what had happened to Arashi, more so what had happened to her memory "I was told that you were quite insistent on finding Marigold yes?Well that would be me. A pleasure to meet you again Arashi" He said, curious on how far her memory loss went. "You are no prisoner mind you, but you must know that something is awry with your memory, and I do want to help so please don't try and do anything foolish" He said, snapping his fingers with a metallic click. Her restraints remaining on her wrists and ankles but allowed her to now move freely. She would find that her strength had become that of a mere human, and her abilities were suppressed.
  4. A delivery service that offers postage of any kind to be delivered across the world on safe, but swift horseback. It's store front being established in Lessertown, Alterion by It's whimsical but passionate Postmaster Gavel Armitage. An investor in the budding town seeking to create a rudimentary but reliable transport for mail and parcels. The modern era is evolving and information alongside it, there are still those who are too far from it's reach, too fearful of loss, or too resilient to change who just simply wish to leave their rural lives. They deserve a reliable system for delivery and transport that allowed them to maintain their crops, jobs, and livelihoods and that is what Humble Horseshoes seeks to provide. The Postmaster always in need of new recruits willing to travel long distances and do their part for the frontier that still endures. (PM me if you are interested in recruitment!) Postmaster Gavel Ranks: Postmaster First Class: Time Sensitive Material, Government Material, Emergency Mandates Express: Bills, Invoices, Personal Correspondence Priority Mail: Parcels, Packages, Letters, Merchandise. Periodical: Newsletters, Magazines, Catalog, Desk Work Postage Signature:
  5. Marigold vs Mainframe, A.I libertarian vs mecha-communist, robot vs robot, Fiber Optic vs DSl VERSUSSSSSSSSS
  6. There were few things a practitioner of magic needed more than A Wizard Tower. It quantified their pursuit of the arcana and encapsulated their desire of knowledge. It’s design, decoration, and interior were only means to further make this point fine and focal. It was where they could house their research material and hoard their artifacts while also becoming a beacon of attention and suspense among their peers. Reginald had existed in an era where these concepts were far more prevalent due to many wizards and mages being obstinate in their singular focuses. Such gilded and magnificent spires of immaculate beauty showed the power and status of its owners. It was one of the few isolated memories he had as a child...dreams of a tower of his very own. It was a new kind of whimsy for him to see this very dream now tangible as Cain himself offered a tower he once occupied. The catch being that he must find a way to deal with the undead that were dotting the landscape around the isolated obelisk. The corpses ceaselessly streaming from the borders of the once great Tia and Reginald caught a whiff of the genius Cain had been known for as he saw a potential resource in these poor undead creatures. Reginald stood at the peak of the decrepit and abandoned tower where he looked onto the dreary landscape dotted with shambling corpses. He would have to find a way to deter the scourge otherwise he’d be under constant annoyance by the bemoaning twits sucking in air through their gaunt and sagging cheeks. He outstretched a wormed hand and decided that he would need assistance from the wonderful little team that he had personally picked out. These footsoldiers consisted of magic users such as he, albeit a few centuries behind his mastery. He supposed he should give them some sort of a name. Had he already and just forgotten? The spell being cast and bringing forth three figures atop the decaying tower, rotted wood falling away from the sudden weight.. Reginald giving a few claps of praise when the spell worked without his lack of memory complicating it’s runic signature. A stroke of luck! “What can we do for you today, Sir? Baaah-” The first of the three spoke up. A meek bleat following her question before stifling it in her throat. Sybil Shamble-Shoes was an incredibly thin satyr with a thick short mane and two curled horns above either side of her ear. Her freckled face scrunching in confusion as she corrected her thick rimmed glasses to observe their current surroundings “Always gotta be the kiss ass eh sybil?” A brash elf snorted next to her, shorter than the satyr but making up for it with a tall mouth. His braided hair nearly reached the floor before he swept it around his neck like a scarf. Blowing a strand out of his pocked face. Kirk Hushmaw laughing as Sybil rambled out an explanation “Oh Kirk, donchyu give ol’ sybil a hard time” A heavyset Tiefling said, snipping at him with a smack on the shoulder. The most outwardly bizarre out of the trio as she had a tall beehive hairstyle that added nine inches to her overall height. Earrings dangling from both her ears as her caramel hair almost made it seem as though there was a real beehive atop her head. The southern belle giving a wave to their superior. “What a chummy surprise that the summon went off without a hitch! It is amazing how many runic sigils you can confuse!” He said with a lighthearted chuckle. It was impossible to tell if had been a veiled threat or not, but it was what made him difficult to parse. Reginald waving his hand over the cadaver littered landscapes. “What you are standing on is soon to be my very own Wizard Tower! The sweetsy little snag being that we are going to have to find a way to use the seemingly endless resource of corpses! If only I could remember the necromancy required...hmm” The eldritch wizard falling into deep thought before a stifled cough from sybil snapped him out of it “Well, Sir...if I remember correctly the sigils that you use for necromancy are primarily Vomica Majaira and Alterell Carceri, Baaaaah-” The satyr speaking up just loud enough for Reginald to hear. The worms that made up his body beginning to writhe as he threw up his hands, each one drawing out the sigils simultaneously “Youareabsolutelyrighttheproperformularequiresatwosour-” His voice becoming incoherent as it divulged into a language none of them spoke “Well he seems busy, nice one Sybs” “C’mon Kirk, leave em to it and lets get ta work on coming up with someone zonbies aint no fan of!” The two descending the rickety staircase in pursuit of a proper location to set up for this complication project that had been dropped into their laps. Sybil continuing to draw out sigils in her sketchbook where they were immediately torn out and orbiting around Reginald as the air vibrated from the vast amount of magic beginning manifest..
  7. "A friend of Fye's is a friend of mine. You can call me Marigold, Mari is just fine too" He said returning the handshake. Anna noticing that his hands were quite cold despite the sunny disposition of the season. "I'm sure all you've heard has been quite embellished" He said, eyeing Fye who only exaggerated confusion with a shrug before Marigold turned hell and waved for them to follow. Fye taking Anna's hand in her own as they walked together before the doctor. The signs of disaster clear in the nearly destroyed laboratory around them. What happened to cause such devestation? Marigold leading them through a walkway in between two buildings that both were in a terrible state of disrepair. "As you can see, I have much work to do in returning this place to it's previous glory...not that there was much glory in it to begin with" He said with a melancholic chuckle. The only uninjured structure being the steel fixture at the center where all his main operations were held. It was fortunate that it was unharmed. The doors sliding open with a slow creak, Marigold giving one of the doors a solid kick before it opened completely. The interior white lit and chilled as a vast atrium opened up before her with a multitude of androids moving about on pneumatic feet and treads alike as they worked on repairs. Fye running up and patting one on the head and tried to explain what an 'armpit fart' was as she demonstrated with unprecedented accuracy. "It seems she is even more energized than ever, it must be because she ran into you on her journey" He said with a chuckle, rubbing his chin in thought. A small table being set up as his robots brewed tea and pushed Anna's chair in when she sat down. "Fye insists on have tea parties more often, and I don't want to be a poor host so by all means." "Ooo oooo does that mean you'll wear the bonnet again?!" "I told you that was only for your birthday...I can only maintain so much embarrassment!"
  8. Heathcliff beamed with excitement as he was offered a sketchbook, taking it in earnest as he immediately started to pour over it. Books one of his favorite research materials! "Ah so then there is a wide variety of danger in just a small span of yards! Fables are quite difficult to parse Ma'am!" He explained eagerly "One to one you say? That is just the kind of odds I want grate my scales against!" He bellowed enthusiastically, practically shaking with excitement. "I will be at the gate in fifteen!" watching as she departed with an enamored gaze "So! Hinoka! I can't wait to see those strange moves you use on me in proper action! That blasted coat of yours is quite the pain!" This was exactly what he sought for! Danger that would mold battle experience into his very core. He had trained tireless with his stances and masters their movements, and it was time to taste true adversity and sharpen his combat prowess! His tail beginning to sway and wag with earnest spirit as he continued to read the sketchbook as one would read their favorite comic.
  9. The frigid aura around Moshra fell away as she approached the splintered tree with the unconscious dragoness as it's center. Moshra softening her expression as she ran a single finger through Arashi's hair. "It's time to go home" lifting Arashi gently and motioning for the villagers to bring Rivana. They both needed to get medical treatment as soon as possible. "Marigold has allowed us to rebuild our lives under his banner, I will go on ahead with these two, and you will wait for Fye to arrive with the last of our village and head toward The Imperium." Rivana and Arashi draped over either of his shoulders as she crouched low once more; her leg muscles swelling in size for a few moments before she leaped into the air and soared deep into the woods. Marigold had only been a distant observer in the conflict that had just occured, watching Arashi vitals suddenly plummet into near critical levels before leveling out. The doctor pacing in front of the last functional entrance to the imperium he had; putting the reconstruction on hold until this matter with arashi was resolved. His motion trackers picking a blip hurtling at them and Marigold recognized the massive form of Moshra as she landed several feet away in a small updraft of dust and debris. "I was keeping track of her vitals and they dropp-" His worry being cut off as he saw Arashi draped over his shoulder. Moshra sliding her into Marigold's metallic arms "Is she alright?!-she's still breathing...mmm...mmm....A concussion?" He questioned as he quickly looked her over as they made their way inside the facility. "What the hell were you thinking? Is that Rivana?! Those have to be at least second degree burns, if not third" He said looking her over aswell before they were both laid out on cots proper. An IV, heart monitor, and what remaining medical equipment he had left surrounded the two now as Marigold overlooked their injuries with a fine tooth comb. "Did you have to be so brutal Moshra? This is quite-" "Rivana had already fallen when I arrived, and what Arashi got was a worthy punishment" Marigold going into silet contemplation as he slowly, but surely treated Rivana's burns and put her into a full body cast. The process slow and meticulous as a sedative was fed to her in healthy proportions. Night falling over the facility before he had finally finished his treatments with the wolf. Arashi' injuries much easier to handle as they were only a few broken bones and a concussion. The same injuries she would always get when jumping into fights carelessly. What had caused her to attack her own sister, and mother? Moshra having no answers either and so the estranged doctor sat with his head leaned back and gazing up at the ceiling as several days passed. Arashi eventually rousing from her sleep and finding that she was secured to the cot with restraints rendered her powerless for the time being.
  10. "You'll need more than just strength to kill me my child" Her voice as frigid as the air around her. Moshra slamming a fist to her armor as Arashi took her own off. The obsidian steel chest piece dropping to the floor as Moshra stripped down to only her pants and wrappings that covered her breasts. Her arms and stomach scarred from hundreds of battles in her lifetime. Moshra taking a boxing stance as her fists covered either side of her jaw. A frigid air mirroring around Arashi as she switched elements and attacked her with her own element. Arashi' attack catching her in the side and causing frostbite to cripple her thight. "There's my girl! Remembering the lessons I taught you? No?...I'll teach them to you again!" Her speed staggering for her size, but nowhere near the speed of Rivana. Her strength however...Moshra throwing a controlled haymaker that swept across Arashi's entire form like a frostbitten train. The dragoness being flung off her feet and sent a hundred yards into a tree and smashing into it so hard the leaves exploded off the limbs themselves.
  11. "Oh right! Names! My name is Heathcliff! Pupil of Master Thraice!" Heathcliff sitting squarely on the bench provided as Hinoka gave his introduction. The dragonborn focusing on Addison's explanation of their mission and lightly gasping as the map was revealed. He could hardly contain his excitement at the venture. His finger hovering over the depiction of the spires as hummed in thought. A hundred meters could indeed be treacherous from the many travel brochures he has read about Yh'mi. Heathcliff curiously watching as Masuda hung from seemingly nothing and acted as though it were as natural as breathing "That is absolutely astounding sire! Such agility is what I aspire to someday!" He explained as tankards were brought to the table, a dismissive hand being waved as politely as he could "I will just take water thank you!" "Excuse me Ma'am? What can we expect to encounter around this area? Preparation is the key to success!" The reptillian continuing to review the map and make small notes in a dinky handbook he carried with him everywhere, nudging Hinoka, curious as to his input on their mission.
  12. Moshra's continued to march forward as Arashi panicked with her fight or flight. Something was wrong with her aura, her scent. Why was she attacking her sister and her villagers? She was an endearing mother who loved all her children, but did not hold back when it came to correcting their mistakes. The flames causing an eruption of steam billow from the frigid aura. Moshra's movements momentarily slowed as Arashi attempted to run away. The dragoness getting a few feet into her run before she heard the bellowing voice behind her "What did I teeth you foolish girl, never face away from your opponent!" Arashi feeling the ground shake as Moshra started to run; her legs like solid tree trunks in both size and stature as she leaped into the air once again, crashing her weight down onto arashi and causing another crater to erupt around them; the cold air surrounding her as her supposed mother stood atop her as her foot shoved her deeper into the crater "You must face me for your answers, my daughter"
  13. Rivana was on her back, smoke still billowing off her burnt fur as her eyes continued to glare daggers at Arashi. The thought of losing to her twerp sister was infuriating, but the thought of her twerp sister becoming a murderous bandit made her even angrier. She only had herself to blame for honing her legs and refusing additional equipment. It was the very reason she despised guns and tech, they made fights to easy. "How do you not know your own sister? what...the...hell" She strained as Arashi once again made her demands "Marigold is...the guy who...brought you to us. He's like your dad...and ours." Her crack at family causing her jerk up with a flare of pain that only increased her rage as she grabbed the gun. This time pointing it at her nose as she locked eyes with her kin "Family is everything, and if you think otherwise then your'e just going to have to KILL ME" feeling in that moment that she actually might die at the hands of her younger sister? why...couldn't she remember...how much Rivana loved her. Tears beginning to spill down her burnt cheeks as she closed her eyes. An eruption of smoke and debris caused both Arashi and Rivana to buffer from the sheer force as Moshra landed ten feet away from them. A sizable crater indented into the earth where she landed. her form seen rising from the smoke as the 14 foot tall behemoth known as Moshra arrived. Arashi hearing Rivan weakly call out "Momma..." Before she passed out from the intensity of the burns. The ground beginning to shake as Moshra marched forward. An aura of frost so intense as she moved toward Arashi that the dragoness could immediately see her own breath. Rivana was hotheaded and easily angered, and failed to see what Moshra immediately took in. "You seek answers do you? ARASHI. Come, fight me and get your answers broken into your bones" Her voice causing the blizzard surrounding her to grow more intense as she waved a mighty hand and the villagers immediately scooped up Rivana and started to fall back. It was the first time in quite awhile that Arashi felt a chill of fear creep up her spine.
  14. Reginald had existed for such an extended amount of time, beyond any mortal years, that he no longer even remembered just how old he was. Memories sometimes blurring with dreams and causing him to forget his spells at crucial times. He couldn’t recall how long he had been locked up in Last Chance. His sense of memory was to be considered when the cost of his transference into an aberrational being was brought about. How reliable were magically held together memories? A moving picture show with slides missing presented a glossed over account, but when tried to scrutinize the details...all they were met with was static. The fickle behavior of his memory coexisting with powerful and potentially devastating spell casting creating the medly of chaos and charm Reginald had come. It was unfortunate that during an excursion into his Sanctum Sanctorum, his memory lapsed on the exact methodology of returning. He had just started to get used to the sun and moon again before he was once again locked in a timeless place. The stars that acted as his sky were effervescent and primordial in nature. They brought about such creativity in his fractured mind, yet they did not help him keep track of the circadian rhythm. It already felt as though another eon had passed and once again he had missed it. The ever shifting shelves that were full of the tomes and books he had acquired through the years. A miasma of mundane and forbidden knowledge that he could pick from. None of them triggered useful memories. The stimulus of sense recollection lost to him, causing memories to only come as a passing whimsy. His hidden realm was fragmented and lost as he was in this moment. He didn’t want to forgot the friends he had just made. Riforte a delight in his life he hadn’t expected, Cain a figure of power he quite admired, shikai a wonderful fellow to chat with, and Lilium...a muse with a talent for the piano. He hardly felt much anger in these long spans of darkness, yet the thought of losing them to time sparked such a potent frustration that it caused the stars above to quake. His form righting itself as he raised a hand. A spike of clarity taking over as he called forth not a book. But the very book shelves themselves. The iridescent runes carved into their mahogany make beginning to glow and causing the shelves to connect around his form. A shuddering click happening with each subsequent case that found its place. A rotating cylinder of words a thousand surrounding the wizard as he recalled how to finally return. The cylinder acting as a gateway as it lit up with phantasmal purple arcana; consuming the wizard in a blind light before winking him out of existence. Bentley for all his quirks and pitfalls, possessed a very grounded perspective that most in his position wasn’t allowed. He still felt such things as fear. Given the uneasy nature of ‘Linda’. He even had the memory capacity to properly understand the difference between past and present. That grounded capacity being exhumed by the sudden well of mana that opened up before the plot of land he had only moments ago gestured over. A being appearing at it’s center before the manifestation winked out as fast as it came, leaving A wizard who immediately exclaimed with outstretched worm like appendages. “HAHA by the ghosts of jhma’dihahd I’m free!” The accent and formality of his voice not matching the grotesque humanoid standing before him dressed in immaculate robes. The bizarre creature seeming to recognize his associate as he gave her a most invigorated wave. “What luck that I manage to appear among friends!” Bentley watching as the faceless head of dull purple worms looked in direction. A set of quirky spectacles sitting where his eyes would be acting as a focal point for others. He immediately yelped in panic and threw up his hands. He had just remembered that he wasn’t to be seen in public due to his escape from Last Chance. His hand beginning to create an arcane sigil in the air as attempted to cast modify memory. The spell being cast, and Bentley immediately felt the rushing of liquid down his form as the metals, and plastics on his person liquefied and started to pour down his person into a glittering pool around his feet. Reginald scratching his head as he looked to the sky in confusion and muttered “I could have sworn that was the right sigil...hmm…forgive the confusion and the literal liquidation of assets on your person!” he said with another apologetic bow
  15. Rivana's anger and confusion was as severe and molten as the sudden flames that erupted around Arashi. She had been so consumed with anger and frustration that she forgot that Arashi was indeed and natural counter to her. Fire something she didn't have an especially strong resistance. The purple flames scorching her chest armor and igniting underneath his chin. Her screams causing her double back in pain as her armor was turned to slag. "You are...trying to kill me? What...the hell..." She wheezed as the heat choked at her throat. "Fine...if that's what you want...we'll settle who's better once and for all" She growled. Her footwork sending her forward as her scorched body could barely hand on. A elongated claw stabbing through the crack in her helmet and aiming for an eye. Rivana feeling her vision blur as the heat sucked the moisture out her. The moment her attack ended she collapsed into a heap of smoking fur and slagged armor
  16. Rivana could see that her kicks weren't having an effect. That damned armor was tough. The surge of electricity causing her to lose her footing as she stumbled back. It was in that moment that Arashi took advantage and took the cat girl hostage. The wolf shaking off the shock as she saw what her opponent was doing and it pissed her off even more. She shot to the left to try and make a sideways spiral kick to disarm her, but Arashi' voice broke the air and stopped her in her tracks. Wait...It was...Arashi? Her eyes training on Arashi with more scrutiny and seeing the draconic appendage hanging from her lower back...remembering the time as kids she used to step on it to piss her younger sister off. Rivana was thrown for a loop and felt sick to her stomach as she saw her own sister hold someone hostage. "What the hell...Arashi?...what...what the fuck are you doing? What THE SHIT ARE DOING" She screamed "Have you lost your god damned mind? These are OUR PEOPLE, and your pointing a gun at them? threatening to kill them?" Her voice cracking with heartbreak; She knew Arashi was a hothead...but this...had that bastard Dredge finally got to her? "If you want your answers you fucking TRAITOR than your going to have to kill me first" She bellowed "Point that gun at me you fucking coward, face ME, but not them" A howl ripping from her throat and blaring into the sky; one of sadness, despair, anger, and forlorn sisterhood. The howl causing the clouds overhead to darken as thunder rumbled through the air. A flash of lighting striking upon Rivana before she vanished in a blur of movement. Arashi's gun being crushed in a furred fist that wasn't there before. A pair of dangerous looking eyes facing her now as Rivana was forced to use her Howler's moon. Her fur static charged and spikey as she brought her heel down on Arashi helmet now with double the previous force. A surge of lighting flaring from the attack and attempting to fry the systems in her armor.
  17. The encampment was several miles from the forest where Marigold had his Laboratory. Moshra had asked them to remain here due to the potential danger of the forest. She needed to talk to Marigold on her own and try and convince. They didn't have anywhere else to go and she didn't think four hundred strangers surrounding his lab would entice him to consider so they were all camped out across several small hills where their fires crackles and their songs were played as they continued to wait on their Guard Captain. Rivana being left in charge of the rest of the guards while her mom and superior went into the woods. She hated this waiting crap! They should just go in there and make him listen! The sniff of something familiar causing her to perk up from the mutton she was chewing on. Her eyes seeking the anomaly. The cat girl immediately raising her hands in fright as a gun was pointed at her by an armored bandit "M-Marigold? That's why we're here-" "HEY SHIT BAG" The sound of a strangely familiar shout heard before Arashi saw a heavy furred foot slam into her visor as Rivana kick-flipped off her helmet and landed in between her and the cat girl. Arashi never seeing a wolf giant before, and while Rivana was still smaller than her mother. She still stood nearly nine feet. Her coat blackened with streaks of white and blue that ran from her toes up to her face in mismatched lines. Her armor navy blue with blackened trim; the symbol of hyde emblazoned on her chest. A dragon head with fists clutching farming tools surrounding it. Her eyes a potent Persian blue, and angrier than rabid dogs. "Point that little gun at me, wont do shit you fuck" Her mouth unfiltered and frothed with anger. Her impatience giving her no time to properly analyze just who this was and o she charged again. Crackles of lightning following in her wake as she sprinted at Arashi. A series of kicks being flung at her with unexpected speed as Rivana swung her legs like axes.
  18. His master had told him much of the world, but Heathcliff could never expect the level of danger existed at every corner. Fracture possessing amazing technology and dangerous wilderness while Genesaris boasted vast citizenship that created it's own dangerous sub markets. The tour of the world already one many would die trying to take due to it's treacherous nature. Arkadia had been by far his favorite location to explore and even found some wealth in the pugilism bouts there. None had warned him more about a place than this Yh'mi; a soulless land where even the air itself was a danger. It was impossible not to be interested in such a danger. Master Thraice telling him that experience was to now be his true mentor, and to venture out and find danger wherever it hid. He couldn't think of a place more dangerous the more he learned about the treacherous lands. It was that desire that led him into this very bar, an invitation he couldn't pass up! Heathcliff marching through the threshold and immediately taking off his sandals and leaving them by the door. It seemed the only patrons here were the others that were apart of this journey. Addison and Masuda watching as a Lithe dragonborn moved in their direction. the only clothes he wore seemed to be a pair of scaled greaves with his scaly chest exposed. A single armband adorned with a dragon head surrounded by fists wielding farming tools the only other discernible clothing that could be seen asde from dirty handwraps. His eyes widening as he saw that one of the patrons was indeed crouched on the roof as though it were his natural position. The newcomer standing before Addison and immediately bowing with his head cracking against the wood of the floor "Thank you for requesting my assistance! I will do my best!"
  19. "A date? What a GREAT idea! Momma's stubborn, but even she couldn't refuse a date!" She chimed excitedly as they traveled deeper into the wood. Any threats that may crop up were quickly dispatched by the many capable villagers traveling behind them. "Your cookies definitely bring out the love in everyone so it'll be a cinch with you there!" She complimented as she hip bumped Anna with a giggle snort. Fye pointing out different flowers and strange looking rabbits with large horns that watched them from a distance. Fye trying to catch one for a moment but lost him in a thick bushel of berries, instead taking a handful of them and started to pop them into her mouth. "OooOOooo robbers? Bet they thought you were just some hopeless girl but little did they know they faced the COOKIE GODDESS!" She exclaimed with excitement, waving the flag as she did so. "Momma's pretty strong, but she is always making us train so I'll be super buff and get all the ladies in no time!" She joked with a wave of her hand "They aren't magical like I am either! A witchy Witch you see, spooky ooky eee" Her fingers lighting up and creating small ethereal pumpkins to prove her point. "But a buff witch would be even cooler!!" She added "Oh Oh? Mr. Marigold?? He lives in the middle of the forest alone for the most part which is sad. There's a cute lil town close by but I don't think they like him too much. He won't be alone for much longer! My town, Hyde is moving causing it's too dangerous and Mr. Marigold is letting us make his lab the new Hyde! Hooray! Mari is the only science man I know, my friends are super cool farmers and warriors too!" Their travels soon breaking through the treeline The two girls seeing the tail end of a steady stream of transport hauling materials toward their destination. A near mile circumference of forest being re-purposed for the use of the Imperium, leaving a grove with the half destroyed facility at it's center. A half mile of field between the treeline and imperium. There wasn't a great deal to look at in it's current state as the grid walls weren't activated and the buildings were being reconstructed. Containers, and equipment with large blue tarps over them being allocated next to the construction site. A sizable stockpile seen. This wasn't a small project by any standards. There weren't any walls aside from the pylons that marked the corners, making finding an entrance difficult. One of her escorts pointing out the individual that matched their description. A man in a lab coat crouched over a pile of scrap and strange electronic parts visible close to where the stockpile was, working on one of the pylons. He was a ghost of himself as his eyes were guant and without the spark of creative insanity they used to possess. Something almost...artificial about how he moved as he gave them a wave "Hiiii Mr. Marigold!" She called, throwing the flag again and running up and jumping into a tackle hug. The doctor surprised before patting her head "Ah yes, Moshra said she'd be sending one of her daughters to escort the villagers. It's wonderful to see you Fye" He said, his voice dull static and haggard as he looked toward Anna "Mari! This is Anna! A friend of mine I found on the road! She had the best cookies ever and they will make you smile!!"
  20. Marigold knew that it no longer brought stimulus to his artificial form, but still he rubbed his temples, a sort of stress relief that stilled his mind now surrounded by whirring machinery and short circuiting mainframes. He was deep in the guts of his facility working on what seemed like an endless list of disrepair. Laughing Stock was gone, but still his chaos lingered as his facility was in shambles. If only the facility multitude of damages were his only concern now Moshra, an old friend of his, had arrived with dire news. The town of Hyde having to evacuate due to some terror that had taken over and now they needed a new location to rebuild their homes and Moshra had asked him if they could do it here...at the imperium. Marigold had been burned and betrayed by many and though his past dubiousness gave him no excuse to play the victim in these games of trickery and deceit...he still felt hurt. None more than his adopted daughter Arashi. Who only recently started to show up on his radar again. It seemed Raylon had cut her loose and he could only hope that above it all...she was safe. Perhaps it was her alone that decided how this would play out...between a mad scientist and deposed guard captain. Moshra waited for his answer with a nervous air that didn’t match her otherwise fearless outlook.The wolf giant knowing how marred this man was and her heart ached seeing the hard work he had put into his home brought to near ruins. She could only hope that he still had trust in Moshra if no one else. “Very well...Hyde can relocate to the perimeter around The Imperium, but they must first assist in the rebuilding of my laboratory and in return I will provide them with housing and further help from there. You can return to Mayor Thraice with news and when everyone arrives here. He and I will have a discussion about our futures together.” He said with a haggard sigh. Moshra leaning in with a momentary softened gaze as she kissed the side of his head “Thank you Baredeshi...We will pick eachother up from the dust...like we used to” “Wouldn’t that be nice...Moshra...I also managed to pick up Arashi’ location. Her movement patterns have altered and there is a strange signal coming from something called the VCF...We can’t be whole without her. I...can’t. Could you track her down on your way back?” Marigold giving her a small radar to help track their accosted child “Of Course Baredeshi...My children mean the world to me...and my mate” She said with a wide grin before lumbering out of the facility. Moshra stretched out in the open air before crouching and sucking in a giant sized breath. Her leg muscles rippling as she launched herself into the air, vanishing above the clouds as she sought after Arashi. Marigold blinking as he tried to understand what she implied.
  21. Heathcliff had been scraped off the slums of decrepit streets and molded into a worthy heir to the chromatic dragon stance. Thraice choosing only a single pupil to impart his self made style and saw great potential in Heathcliff. It was a potential he wanted to live up to His experience in combat solely from training alone, using the fighting pit to gain experience in real combat... finding more of it in this opponent than he'd expected. The crane kick cracking his his head against the floor and causing his vision to black out. He had lost The dark elf's cheers being drown out by the cheers of patrons as Himoka ended Heathcliff' streak of four.
  22. "Oh are you sure?" She asked in a defeated tone as she revealed one of her toad nails, a small green scaled wall nail with the head of a frog. It's eyes blinking a few times before he stuck it's tongue out. Fye giving him a few kisses before putting him back in her bag "I'll show you the rest later!" She offered before jumping up and down in cheers "Yippee! Your gonna love it! He has a huuge lab and it's so cool. My mom totally likes him and he totally likes her but they so don't see it, and oh my golly gee is this going to be the best road trip or what?" She asked before picking up her rally flag and announcing to the rest of the villagers that they were heading out. The town soon being left behind as they traveled into the vibrant woods of thickened roots and multicolored flora and fauna; the line of forty or so humanoids marching behind them as Fye led them through the iridescent grove as Fye gabbed Anna's ear off "So how have you been? bored? excited? Scared? have you fought anybody? I bet your soooo strong!" She cheered, boasting her own arms in an attempted flex "My mom and older sister are stronger, but Ill get there!" She chanted as she waved the flag with wild abandon.
  23. It was impossible for Heathcliff not to feel the rush of true competition; feeling the platinum gaze of his master upon his form filled him with unimaginable determination. His opponent's speed and reaction time a difficult beast as he narrowly dodged the acid punches as they scoured the wod of the pit behind Hinoka. Heathcliff attempted to move in closer, but felt that damnable cloak cling to his footwork and cause him to go off balance. Hinoka wasting no time to take the advantage. Heathcliff having to jam a fist into the ground to keep him upright, but his stance had broken and he was vulnerable in the moment; His tail sweeping the ground around him to try and interrupt his opponent's opportunity. His other fist seeking to dole out any sort of damage it could as he swung forward as he fell.
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