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  1. Marigold eventually relented, and ordered one of the only drink he enjoyed; A Daiquiri had an extraordinary capacity for thousands of different flavor avenues. It was a scientific quandary that brought him back to simpler days. Flashes of her smile always managing to break the maddening storm. His eyes drifting from the decedent drink to her as she started her curious game of words. Most weren't so forthcoming with their stories when they were as potentially tragic as hers was. What was she trying to accomplish he wondered; was it simply trust? to prove herself with Chronicles of upmost sorrow? Marigold digesting each one as he ran a finger across the edge of his glass. A myriad of emotions and thoughts stitching through his mind like a ephemeral quilt; blanketing his form. She had suffered greatly at the hands of her own race; that much he could tell...just as he. "The world is quite strange; strange enough for me to wonder where the correlating factors of your stories come from...I cannot fathom the misery and pain afforded to you. I shall not choose the story I believe is correct...for it is up to you to make that decision. Is that why you became a chronicler I wonder...to decide your own story perhaps? write out a destiny you've chosen for yourself and in doing so, unearth the many stories of others often buried under the malaise of time.." His eyes drifting from hers up toward the ceiling; thoughts parading his mind with different avenues. "The beginning is always necessary I suppose. Some believe it is where all our choices derive from...in some fashion or another" "Can you believe I know very little about my parents? A pair whom cultivated my very being, and the families they came from are nothing more than strangers to me. I was born and raised in Antigone Isles, just as they were. My father Artigan and my mother Cecilia were a strange pair. A brooding man with unknown conviction and a wide beyond her years matron to the less fortunate. They had managed to find a love amidst the social duress brought upon The Queen there. Magic was condemned and controlled there, last I had been anyways. It created a dissonance between those who were 'magickers' and those were not. My mother was one such magicker, while my father was a man of science. I was born in a world already so visibly split in two with each arm being tugged in an adjacent direction. Cecilia wanted nothing more than for me to be free of prejudice and thirsted for the freedom of her people...my father wanting to shape me into a proud scientist that would make The Queen proud and pull them into the graces of decadence" His facial expressions maintaining a melancholy stoicism with brief moments of silence as he quelled any emotions brought upon by these memories. His hands grazing the surface of the bar "We look back in time and no matter what emotion we may view these memories through...there will always be the desire to better it somehow...as if one moment with but a little course correction on our part could have reshaped our entire future, but then...is that how fragile our existences are? to be shattered with but a single change in our timeline? If you knew you could go back somehow and change something you did...or rather...didn't do...would you?"
  2. "I believe Falsehood stole from truth because it cannot understand A world of glass. The truth makes everything translucent...clear...everything becomes the same and stagnates" He spoke, remembering the long years he had spent in both corners. "Lying...deception...is a most human trait and the singular difference between those of thought and those of instinct...We lie to our own kind as we struggle against the worldly troubles, but we also lie because we are all searching for something...ever seeking...What do you think Falsehood was seeking?" He questioned, drinking from his water glass in idle thought; his eyes focused on the trailing condensation down the glass with a distance gaze, listening to her curiously. He could imagine a number of reasons why she was nervous, but ultimately he concluded that it was impartial to the situation at hand. "Please just call me...Marigold. My doctorates and degrees have only afforded my trouble, and right now...I'd rather just be a bar patron" He said with a chuckle "It is an opportunity for both of us; I am only a 42 year old man, yet felt as though lifetimes have passed me. All those I once held dear are either dead or in lands far away. I know I am not long for this world, and want a record of my life...so that my mistakes could lead others from the same cistern of madness" His voice possessing more gravitas now as he sighed and drank more from his glass, leaning back and meeting her gaze with his own; dull violet eyes shaded with remorse and contemplation meeting her own. "I'm kidding myself I know. I have been lied to my whole life and for all I know your here to bring to light my already tattered history, to damn The Ravenspires as many before you have...or this might simply be an excuse talk with someone...I've been sad I suppose, wanted to get out. If there's A proper way to start this, I shall simply follow your lead."
  3. The biggest stress i've seen (and experienced) is being paralyzed by choice so don't feel overwhelmed; The best place I recommend to get a feel for role play again and getting into the swing of things is The Tavern of Legends. An ever changing bar catering to new members! It's a great place to meet others and get involved in further madness ❤️ https://www.valucre.com/forum/239-tavern-of-legend/ Theres also a handy dandy guide around the site to get a feel on how stuff works around here (Spoilers; It's RAD) There is a ton of support around here too so use the instant chat at the home page to ask questions if your still confused on anything! Always refreshing to see new members and can't wait to see your work around the site!!?
  4. He wondered what such a large woman was thinking? His eyes doing their best to identify her facial cues, but immediately looked at his sandy toes or the ceiling the moment those vivid irises tried to meet with his; doing his best to not look obvious in his curiosity. "What do you think? These are all such strong friends now..." He muttered to himself; feeling a connection to the entity within him that hadn't existed before. Those bizarre moments within the void of realms expanding his perspective on how he saw The Stygian and he actually wanted to understand it better, just as he wanted to understand the dragoness better. His eyes drifting from the ceiling as he tried to listen for the voice he had heard in the lightless space. The sudden intensity of Nocturne's eyes breaking his concentration and causing him to focus on her nuances with a tilt of his head. He was still getting used to the language of the body others liked to employ without actual explaining what it was; that was indicating the direction of the door. It was only when she rose to her staggering height and marched toward that very direction...he could take the hint. He quickly stood up and meandered toward the front door, eyes cast upon the top of the stairs to see if blonde had risen yet. It seemed she was really tired, and it made him miss the times he had slept. How could one dream when sleep no longer served it's purpose? His estranged thoughts following him out the door as The Dragoness headed toward the beach; One of his new favorite locations. He was all too happy to follow. The sand shifting under him as he did his best to follow her strong gait. @The North Wind
  5. In a single day he had done more than his entire life experienced combined. The sheer volume of new experiences overwhelming him with both wonder and terror. What could be said for the realm he was now leaving? Where he once had family, and memories? He knew there wasn't anything left for him there, and it was the very reason he felt so content following these strange people. What they offered no mattered if his hands had been stained with blood...were better than the silent suffering of isolation. It all almost seemed like a dream as he had floated listlessly through the space in-between worlds, times, and space. An ethereal force answering questions he hadn't expected and even revealing to him the very manifestation that had been the source of his endless sicknesses. This strange phenomenon had separated him from the crew and soon all he could feel was darkness. The wet and sloshing darkness of the ocean deep. He couldn't believe such powerful means of travel were possible, yet here he was...in the depths of the ocean. His eyes blinking open blearily as a smooth and slimy bull shark slid across his cheek and vanished into the dark. Panic naturally stole his body as he fought for breath, soon remembering that he...didn't need to breath at all. A calm washing over him now as he simply admired the vastness of this new world. He couldn't believe so much water could exist in such a place. Strange colorful rocks dotting the sides of ridges and giving off gentle hues of pinks and oranges; A smile creeping on his face as a poked at a curious anemone and laughed breathlessly as it retreated cutely. He wondered where the others were and hoped that they were okay at least. Rays of sunlight beaming through the water now and he could see the lapping surface a dozen or so feet above him. Pathogen letting his lithe form drift aimlessly upwards; a strange happiness swelling through him. He remembered the answer the void had given him, and The Stygian revealing itself...he had learned so much and now felt confident in his one true desire. To experience everything he could. Blonde would make that happen, viera...the heat from his face at the mention of her name something he hadn't expected and caused him slight panic as he figured it was scarlet fever creeping it's way around again. The boy floating to the surface of the ocean and now exposed to the salty air where he saw a gorgeous sun overhead and the sounds of seagulls graced his ears for the first time. His form drifting toward and shore; waves washing him upon on the beach where he was once again struck with new sensations. Why was there so much sand everywhere? Pathogen sitting up and instead of taking stock of the estranged crew and destroyed ship...dug his hands deep and pulled heaps of sand into his hands. A bout of laughter rising from his lips, replacing the usual ichor that always spurted through his teeth. He couldn't believe it! A heavy chomp into the mound proved that it was in fact...not edible. Pathogen throwing it into the breeze and watching the thousands of brilliant glittering stars get lost among the wind. They had landed somewhere so beautiful! Viera caught his attention almost immediately as he now marched through the sands, making clear heavy stomps to feel the sand in between his toes. what Viera mistook as shaken she instead saw that he was vibrating with absolute wonder, beaming as he turned to her. She hadn't seen him in such a mood "I've never seen...a beach before! This is great! Of course! I want to thank Blonde for this experience" His feet continuing to mash into the sand as he marched up to the house where he saw all the other members start to congregate, laughing as though he were once again a joyous boy without a care in the world as he ran about the house, drinking everything in curiously. It was a whole new world! Blonde had already moved up the stairs with Jack, and from the way she looked...he figured if she needed to rest. Pathogen leaving her to a much needed nap and instead caught up in the curiosity of these metal men that were moving about and assisting in their recuperation. A few hardy pokes to their screen heads proved to not deter them any and so he continued to explore. Pathogen moving into the kitchen where he saw more of the group recovering...one of which being the large dragoness. His eyes wide in curiosity. He had seen her fly across the facility and command such power and attention, even tasted her flames upon his very skin. Pathogen feeling all the excitement catch up with him as he wheezed in the door frame and coughed into his fist a few times. He should calm down before he makes himself even more sick, but he hadn't ever seen a dragon before, especially one that could turn into a lady. The boy sitting against the kitchen wall and recovering from his bout of energy, watching the dragoness curiously.
  6. The rain was noisy and loud tonight. It's pattering drizzle a requiem for one's soul. The revitalizing constitution rainfall could provide was one Marigold loved to ponder. His eyes often drifting toward skies, looking through the clouds, through the dark sky and into the stars. It felt so freeing...to know just how infinite the universe was. What magic lay beyond? What species? New realms and new discoveries. He wanted to be a pioneer. His eyes ever glued to the night sky. The trip from The Imperium a much needed one in what he felt were the years of his curtain call. The apprehension and power this eldritch entity of utter madness held over him had all but drained him; scraping at his psyche and reducing him to an isolated doctor of ill repute...like all those years ago. He had changed so much and suffered such revelations that rain had burned away...yet still he cried out in the howling caverns of mania...alone. All he could do now was reminisce in the rainfall on his way to meet the reporter who would finally make manifest all his sins; so that when this madness finally does consume him. He could weep for those lost in the treachery of his broken heart. The hotel was not his first choice, but it served as an adequate place to meet and frankly...he missed the jovial sensation of people mingling and simply living. He felt estranged from his own humanity for so long he could barely the stomach the thought of any interaction...but perhaps it would do him some good. The hotel soon upon him and with a single pull from an interior chord in his coat; the rainwater that's stained his coat and slacks immediate began to sublimate and burn off of him as he entered. The looks and stares he garnered were of no surprise as he had been one the most recent 'additions' to the interests of the public due to his Laboratory; The Anima Imperium. The Soul Surgeon, The Destroyer of Knoles, Savior of The Black Queen He could hear these titles uttered in secret as he passed tables and tight knit circles of gossip. If only they knew how wrong they were, he hadn't saved Gabriella. That wretched filth Roen and Raphael did it and dared claimed it just. They were why the world was so imbalanced and crumbling...the cacophony of laughter he felt creeping along the edges of his psyche forcing him to placate such emotionally charged thoughts and instead focus on the meeting of this woman...Andromeda. Her name being the only information he had been able to gather as it seemed she was as cloaked in mystique as he. A younger him would have been far more paranoid of meeting one so interwoven in shadow, but now it simply didn't matter. Andromeda spotting her target almost out of surprise as he sat to her left, running a hand through his damp mauve hair as he looked at her with a myriad of intentions. For all he knew...this would be the last soul he would ever talk to...again. His eyes drifting toward the bar and ordering only a water "Marigolds and Andromeda are not often seen together in gardens as it were...A shrubbery dotted with lively flowers, and an isolated copper daisy...an unusual pairing" He mused with a bittersweet smile "So then...why now of all times do they cross paths?...two clandestine flora; of different perspectives, yet drink from the same sun"
  7. He didn't know why he had been so surprised to receive such an answer, yet to hear the voice peruse through his very being made him question everything he ever thought about his understanding in the grand scheme of the universe. His listless form contemplating the whole of the universe as it seemed to speak directly to him in those momentary fragments of ephemeral time. What did he see the stygian as? They were but blips in the vastness of infinity, yet still it mattered to him what this alien being dwelling inside of him wanted...what it desired from this relationship. He saw it as...saw it as...The boy gripping at his chest,and pounding at it's core as he called it out. Pathogen yelling into the nothingness...yelling for this source of such putrescent disease to reveal itself. Why didn't he just ask it directly... His body began to shake and shudder as tendrils of putrid green unfurled from his agape maw; his eyes widening as he felt the entity...leave his body momentarily...as though this fold in the void of space gave it independence outside his physical form. The malignant creature wresting itself from Pathogen and revealing it cloaked in a terrible miasma of sickness that acted as a very cloak. Thousands of multicolored tendrils swirling and slithering around the hem of it's cloak as it's shaded hood look toward Pathogen. The boy seeing for the first time what had been dwelling within him...an alien...an eldritch horror...something truthfully and wholeheartedly...alive. Each tendril glowing with a different aura of the thousands of diseases it had cultivated and swirled around him like aberrational fingers encircling his otherworldly frame Linked...through time...through space...through flesh we...are bound... This space somehow gave The Stygian capacity to reveal it's physical form and actually speak...Pathogen in absolute shock as he saw what had changed his entire existence. He could hardly believe what he was seeing and now he wondered too...what did he see it as?...A monster?...evil?...Was he afraid or in awe of the visage before him? He wanted to speak further, to say anything at all, but The Stygian retook it's place within Pathogen as fast as it had emerged. The moment passing him by and soon he would be thrown into a new dimension...a new life...possessing far more understanding than he ever had before.
  8. "Ah hell yes! I'm going to add his skull to my collection. Well I don't know what weird shit you got going on Ohgdenn, but glad to help. Im going to go set up this dragon hunt. Gotta clear it Calypso" Iscariate laughed heartily and gave the two of them a debilitating, but momentary hug, rubbing Ohgdenn's head gingerly before swinging around to the chattering crowd of patrons and held up the map "Alright ya fucks, who wants to help me hunt a dragon? Turn some boys into men...or turn men into ash." Iscariate laughing even harder as they immediately thinned out and dispersed. There were few who would be willing to take on such a task, and even fewer who enjoyed the concept as much as Iscariate did. A small smile appearing on the boy; He wondered if such drive was attainable or if it was far beyond his grasp. Ohgdenn held up the five scales Iscariate had given him and showed them to Chinafel; the badgerfolk seeing that with closure examination; Obsidian was simply the colored. The scales themselves were made of a strong dragonborn keratin infused with a vampiric aura of resilience. "I do believe that these will be sufficient in our interests" Ohgdenn muttered curiously before waving at Iscariate and departing from The Snakebite. The smell of blood beginning to make his queasy as he held a hand to his mouth and wiped sweat from his brow "Right, well let's go meet another potential source of worthy materials then." He said, leading Chinafel back up the stairs and into the club where the same performer had maintained the stage, but the music was far more energized and catering to a different demographic all together. Ouroboros casting a wide net on the concept of entertainment and diverse a single bar could be. The same man now rip roaring the mic with loud vocals and powerful guitar reverberations Ohgdenn moved through the crowds of patrons and toward the bar where the decedent bartender was attending to several arcane infused drinks. The space above the bar permeated with heavy streams of arcane that this bartender used to add to the various drinks he had been making. Ohgdenn always wondering how such a thing worked; He had always been on the technological side of things. Magic was new to him. "Why hello there Oggy~" Spoke the bedazzling man, dressed in vibrant robes of purple and blue; sporting cerulean hair that framed his elven features. His eyes a potent violet that bounced between both Ohgdenn and Chinafel. A smile glowing upon his well glossy lips
  9. Much had transpired in the day that he had met Blonde and her party of weirdos; Viera one in particular that graced his withered lips with a rare smile. The year prior being nothing but a miasma of chaos and dismay. The Stygian crashing into his life with such force he barely even remembered what his life was life before. His family were farmers, barely getting by harvesting rock-fruit. It was hardly anything substantial, yet they had treated him like a god send. He couldn't even remember his name...what had it been? He was abhorrent with memory as of late. His parents naming him something at least and showing him a life of humble civility with rare affectation. Their tribe enduring harsh climates of stark winds and perforating blizzards, and all he could remember was how cold it was all the time; the temperature claiming the hearts of the tribesman and turning them just as frigid. Years going by and all he did was help dig up rock-fruit, and wished of a world that wasn't frozen and dull. He now wondered if the universe somehow granted his wish with a terrible twist of humorous cruelty. That particular night produced a storm of catastrophic proportions; Tents, crops, and water-sources being thrashed by frozen fury. He remembered that his parents looking for him as he had been tending to the horses. Their voices drowned out by thick raging snow. He realized the severity of the storm far too late as he started to make his way back their homestead. His vision obfuscated by the torrential winds and within an instant...he had been lost in a sea of white. He couldn't perceive what it was at that very moment; An asteroid had broke the world's atmosphere...hurtling and breaking up in fiery husks. One of these husks streaking through the torrential storm-front before crashing into A frantically desperate boy looking for home. Everything after that had become far more terrifying, and far more...exciting than whatever haze his life had been before. He didn't know why he chose to remember it in such an optimistic fashion. Everything had been stripped from him and replaced with every insufferable disease this planet produced...It was a very rough transitional period and it took him to this point; an entire year...to realize that this spawn...this disease...was sentient. He could hardly believe that there was something living inside of him. He could practically feel it squirm in the dead of night...when everything was still. His nomadic lifestyle sending him from location to location, place to place; excommunicated due to the aberrational transformation his body suffered. Sigil being another that would soon try and kill him or throw him out before Blonde changed everything. He had been saved from what felt like a foreboding melancholy, tasting in both bloodshed and mercy before being whisked away to another reality, another world...another life. It was what existed between these two realms that gave him such time to ruminate on the complexity of his situation. All the strange new friends he had made and the woman he had grown strangely fond of becoming merged into a celestial belt that blurred the line of existence and ephemeral thought. He looked onto the void, and felt it look back...as if goading him to speak...to say anything in this all consuming dark. was it foolish to seek answered where questions had been rarely asked in the first place? It was even more foolish to believe that nothing existed here at all he supposed. Pathogen not one to believe in gods for what cruel matriarch or patriarch would curse him with such an alien affliction, but he almost felt compelled to ask.. "Can I...trust The Stygian?...is it...my enemy?..." @Dredge
  10. "It would seem you have more in common with him than I do; I was born under rather...difference circumstances" He muttered,wincing as he watched Iscariate German Suplex another opponent into the ground. The crowd swelling in cheers as Iscariate bellowed with laughter; immediately helping up the half orc and giving him several heavy pats on the back. "Always protect your chest and keep your elbows tight! Grabs are exhausting to break out of" He said, landing a small sack into the other's hand, pointing his finger to the crowd "I pay out when even if you lose because there is no lesson more powerful than a physical one, and I don't mind paying to teach em" He barked, fumes firing from his nostrils as he made his challenge clear. Ohgdenn hadn't met such a physical force in his life and it both filled him with courage, and hollowed him with cowardice. Perhaps it was the genuine care he saw in the big oaf's eyes when those red orbs shot toward him...It was terrifying to him to see a creature smile so gleefully at him. The mountain of a dracodon waving towards them, and marching up to their side of the ring. "What's up kid,! Haven't seen ya around my hood" He said, leaning on one of the chains with a creak. "Uh well me and my associate Chinafel here are working on a very special project together, and it requires materials of a strong substance in both quality and nature" "Well you came to the right place if your looking for strong substance" He bellowed in laughter "It is why I sought you out di-directly" Ohgdenn chattered, fidgeting his hands as he locked his gaze on anything other than the red glow of his Iscariate's eyes. "You see u..uh Mr. Chinafel here is manifesting a construct for me that will help on my expeditions. It requires a varied material cost that depends on my own initiative; I believe that y-your scales could prove to make a strong b-base for this project, and Chinafel has offered in return the location of a dragon nest that you could seek further uh...g-glory in o-or my associate here is willing to fight although he desires to know if magic is allowed beforehand" The boy trying to explain their situation as best as he could, but his nerves were leaving him a jumbled mess "Im gonna be honest with ya kid, I didn't understand what the hell you said...but your looking to use some of my scales for your nerd project yea?" He asked rubbing his chin curiously "Anything for you bud; I don't mind kicking some dragon ass or going to to toe with this guy." He said, beating his chest a few times, and peeling off a few heavy scales from his left pectoral, dropping in Ohgdenn's hand "Careful, me being a vampire and all makes my scales stronger than they ever were pre fangitude" He said, baring a fanged grin as he looked over Chinafel, expecting either fight a dragon or this old timer in return. Ohgdenn nervous about the prospect of two fighting...wondering what else the wisened badger could do.
  11. Aegis listened to So' uproarious claims, demanding that their reputations were all a danger in some way or another; Arrogance and pride believed to be his driving force for such worry. Shi believing that it was to be used as an asset...A weapon when none was afforded. Aegis absorbing these claims as he watched them both yell, and converse at him in distinctive manners. While Arrogance and pride had long since left his bones in a far younger time in his life, they were both still verily right. It was foolish to presume the men and woman couldn't handle the demons of others, let alone their own. It was why they were all here...why he was here. So that perhaps together. They stood a chance of rising above their own conscience. Eiji bringing his own council to the matter and silencing any further arguements that may occur, Rishagi having no words to combat with regardless. The ronin stroking his patchy beard in contemplation as he listened to what Eiji's words. If he believed that they could rise above their reputation, and slay any demons of their past that dare show themselves to the life. The samurai standing from his seat in the corner and put a fist to his heart before bowing greatly before Eiji "Your words are wise, Forgive me making such brash assumptions. I did not intend to create such a provocation. It was wrong of me to assume that we are not all being chased by the shadows of our past in some regard. My scars should be no more important. You are right" He said, looking at So fiercely. "I have a great deal to prove to you, and everyone here if we are to be a clan" his eyes flicking toward their leader "I accept your offer and wish to lend my skills, I pledge my Tengoku and Tenshi to Shokan for the chance to return honor to The Rishagi name" He said; he had made up his decision long before entering this building. A ronin a hard blemish to cover up in any society. Aegis moving toward the table and pouring a cup of sake before offering to So with both hands. His expression stern against So' own, "A great man once told me that we must change with the winds, and the ever moving earth beneath our feet...as the leaves change...so too...do we"
  12. Everything had gone terribly wrong in Reginald's book, granted he knew what trouble such artifacts could manifest, but why did spell fluctuations also have to impede an already difficult situation? The mage having to physically sprint through the halls as two shambling corpses howled on his heels. Three more bursting through an adjacent doorway and causing the spell he was casting to fizzle out as one of their malicious claw swings tore through his robes, and sent worm corpses spilling behind him. He was a fool for taking this mission so brazenly; he wanted to prove himself this bad and his only true reasoning was to prove himself? It was a new age and he felt so terribly old...outdated. His thoughts being absconded as the sounds of shouts and screams that weren't his own resounded from a room up ahead. He was an even bigger fool for desiring to see anyone alive amidst the grip of this terror, yet still he had to try. Reginald suffering a great deal of memory loss due to his extended incarceration and a great deal of his spell knowledge was lost with it. He had hoped such things would just come to him in times of strife, but he was still limited. The mage once again pulling arcana from the air and coalescing around his hands mid sprint. The walls around him split as a mana infused lightning bolt erupted from his extending hands, running them across either wall, and leaving electrified destruction in his wake. Three of the now five abominations chasing him being perforated with tendrils of angry lighting. Reggie managing to breach the threshold of the room in question and swinging his hands into a crushing clap of his hands that caused the doorway to explode forth spears of splinters that skewered his remaining assailants; leaving them twitching and disemboweled. The source of the screaming being a woman in what appeared to be a bureau. A large brute of dead flesh lashing out at the wardrobe with reckless abandon. There wasn't much time here and he could still hear more quaking through the manor. A beam of lively purple magic slinging from the wizard's finger like that of a skilled yo-yo user; piercing the beast before he viciously reeled back and caused the beam to corrugate. The insidious intruder being yankd backwards directly into Reginald. Curses, he hadn't thought that far The creature colliding with Reginald and causing both of them to collapse onto the ground "Oh you betwattling rantallion!" He barked as the monster flailed against the sudden pained disturbance. The bureau opening up enough to reveal a vivid blue iris peering from the darkness, stark with fear. She was didn't know if it was better to run while there was a chance, or remaining still. Whoever had distracted it was still somehow putting up a fight. A spout of flame erupting around the two and causing her attacker to scream in searing rage as it kicked and flailed to try and stay the flames. "Unhand me at once you sniveling gimp" He snapped as the flames soon conflagrated and reduced his foe to ash. She was absolutely shocked to see him standing once more. and even more surprised to see that his whole body was covered in worms. Reginald shaking his head to try and reconstitute himself after such a belaboring situation, only just becoming aware of the woman now standing halfway out of her hiding place, paralyzed as she looked at an un-hooded Reggie. The dissonance of being saved by something ironically just as terrifying something Reginald failed to plan out and with a flick of his wrist, cast silence around them just as she instinctively attempted to scream...finding that no sound came afterwards. There instead came the gentle tones of a voice that was not her own floating in her conscience. A sudden shock to the system as he realized it was the very creature that stood in front of her, his abundant hand gestures certainly matching the voice. Are you Cherideth perhaps? Yes?...who...what...are you? How do you know my name? Wonderful! Forgive my spell casting, but I don't wish my presence to make a choice you'd regret! My name Is Reginald Baldrick Omeya Thaydrenn Lockheed III!! I am with a group in search of something very special! We are sort of treasure hunters you see and we know tht your brother allowed a man named Ezekiel to stay with him for a short time. We are in search of this man and would like to know where it is that he may have went, but for now it is fair to say that we are short in time. I know not the status of my friends and time is of the essence! You certainly don't have to trust me, but we are surrounded by formidable creatures that several rather talented fighters are having trouble with so it is best to remain together. Buddy systems save lives as they say. I can assure you that I will do my upmost to keep you safe. Reginald snapping and allowing the silences spell to break around them as Reginald immediately beckoned for her to follow; her eyes trailing him for a moment as she tried to decide whether this was a wise choice or not, but she supposed that in this moment she didn't have much of a choice at all. This creature was her best shot at getting out of here alive. The two heading back out the same way they came in, having to remove the corpses suspended in the door frame and minding the vicious spikes that still dared to try and gore any who pass. Reginald' telepathy maintaining to keep her alerted to any unseen dangers and keeping them as silent as they could. They managed to weave through the corridors and hallways of the estate before they reached the main atrium; another brute and two more abominations flanking the grotesque beast were now directly ahead of them. A head on fight was too risky if he wanted to keep his promise to Cherideth. Reginald could only hope Cain and the others were close enough; He didn't have much time. Reginald manifesting a culmination of his arcane power centered in his hands. The light from his spells glowing through the shattered windows visible from outside the manor now as he told her to stand back. Shikai, Cain, and Esben embroiled in their intensive combat with The beast would see the sky shone as bright as dawn; and eruption of light and power. The roof of the manor being erupted outwards as streaks of colorful lights spiraled high into the air and ignited the sky with boisterous fireworks. They were as vivacious and lively as the mage who cast them.
  13. He always wondered why slaves accepted their fate; They seemed so desperate when an outside force comes and offers rescue...where was that drive? He didn't know how much humanity remained within his putresceInt body, but whatever had survived such a horrific transmogrification wanted to see these lost souls to safety. It was quite refreshing to bring such hope to others. Pathogen assisting several more stragglers before Viera spoke with a voice that cut through the miasma of his mind; nodding his head with resolute understanding. He certainly didn't want to disintegrate the only way for the prisoners to find safety. He wanted to say something, but as his brain connected to his lips she had already trekked off to save more. He couldn't remember the last time the word hope had ever come to mind, yet it was like she had swept the grime of a mirror and he could once again see his reflection..A tether to the past. A quaking roar ripped through the air that perforated his body and tore him from any prior thoughts he had; The power in decibels causing him to upend and cast black ichor across the ground. It was unfortunate that it was bowel wrenching and suffered for several moments as he shuffled forward through a visceral pile of dispatched guards. His head blaring in pain from the decibels before the dragoness subsequently diminished her form and entered the ship. Everyone was preparing to leave. His eyes bleary as they searched for any further survivors that he could assist. One of the men who had been guarding this premises before they had come and brought ruination. He looked among the rubble and scoped for any other prying eyes before creeping closer and observing him as fire continued to perforate the perimeter. It looked as though he had been flung from an erupting tower and breaking his leg with a bad fall. Pathogen approaching him as he was lot and mystified in waves of pain and confusion, looking at Pathogen with sudden fear before desperation. "We were just...following...orders..." He groaned, coughing and seizing at his leg in pain. "Well no one...is giving orders now..." He said looking amidst the destruction his newfound friends has caused "If you're here to kill me...just...do it" He seethed weakly Was he going to kill him? He had stained his hands already for the protection of one of his friends, but this... The boy reached out a putrescent hand and flicked the injured man's helmet, causing the headgear and everything he adorned to disintegrate as The Stygian stripped him of all inorganic material. The man now embarrassed on top of being in pain as he was left naked before the boy offered him a hand "You are A survivor now, and something new lies upon the horizon...friend" He said meekly as Pathogen shouldered his weight and the two made their way back to the ship; offering him the rope. The excommunicated guard looking like nothing more than a surviving slave as he ascended to the ship. "Okay so you helped me...kill someone...but can you...help me more?" He asked The Stygian, something he hadn't ever considered. Perhaps that while it was some sort of extraterrestrial...it wasn't without sentience. His body immediately responding as lurched forward and cried out as something began to burst from his back...A pair of virulent, vein laced wings of leathery green skin erupted from his shoulders blades. They were only five feet or so in wingspan, but he couldn't believe it as he spun around a few times trying to get a good look at them before hearing calls from the ship and knew that he had to get back otherwise he would get left behind. He didn't know how to use them at all, but with a leap into the air and a few clumsy wing beats, he made it onto the airship safely. He couldn't believe that worked and it just made him wonder what The Stygian was even capable of.
  14. "Forgive my complication of words; The staff of this bar I mean. They are all varied and seem to possess unique properties that perhaps I could add to this project of ours. I am not an expert in biology...just yet, but I believe Iscariate's scales are more than just armor. Being of the dragonborn race I believe it is something organic that grows as natural armor." Ohgdenn explained, rattling his head with his palm a few times as he caused an unfortunate misunderstanding of words. The boy finishing his coffee as he muttered a few things under his breath and scribbled some details on the chalkboard. "I fear my theories sometimes outpace the practical use that follows so it can be hard to tell what is worthy of extrapolation. Wood could be quite useful then, but I would like to ponder my options and see what is available to me. I don't know him too well as...well...he frightens me, but what I can tell is that he doesn't desire anything materialistic" He rambled, eyeing the potential trade options Chi had shown "His desires are far baser...He runs this establishment's crucible if you will. A place where he is free to fight contenders for 'bragging rights' and the like. I suppose we will have to figure out some solution on our way to meet him" Ohgdenn said, mindset on acquiring the materials from the bar's employees. He didn't have the necessary funds to purchase potentially exotic ingredients so this was his only viable option. "Well then I have made my decision so lets go before I panic and change my mind" He said with a raised finger, sucking in a few breaths to try and quell an already rising anxiety. The Pair exiting the room once and returning upstairs to the boisterous club where the music had changed to something far more upbeat and energetic as a crowd encompassed the stage where they saw A red haired man adorning gaudy attire and singing with a intoxicating cadence. It seemed there was no end to entertainment here. "That would be Artemis..A rare male siren as it were" He explained. watching curiously as both men and women basked in his performance. The boy continuing passed the stage, and entering a side door that possessed the ouroboros insignia on it's lacquered wood; it's design having black scales instead of green and had the words "Snake Bite" at it's center. A descending staircase taking them once again somewhere deeper underground, only this time after thirty feet or so the staircase ended and opened up into a large Colosseum where a dozen or so patrons sat around on wooden bleachers and watched as the obsidian scaled dragonborn duked it out with what appeared to be a hobgoblin. The music from earlier drowned out as Cheers immediately surrounded them as Iscariate sent a skyward uppercut into his foe's chin and sent him smashing into the ring limits just before Ohgdenn and Chi. The poor bastard out cold. Iscariate stood within the half a mile wide dirt circle; ropes of chain separating the ring from the spectators. Chinafel could see him clearly now that they weren't cramped in a hallway. He was a massive Obsidian scales covering his body, tipped with shades of reds and oranges. His eyes matching with fiery oranges and reds burning along his irises like molten rock as he looked among the crowd with a fervor for battle the two on-lookers could practically taste. Ohgdenn beginning to visibly shudder. Iscariate proudly flexing and showing his full seven or so feet of height; adorned with a wolf mask that was dangling around his neck and a sleeveless chain-mail acting as his only form of tunic; each link shimmering with an aura of some unknown enchantment. His legs covered in grayed leggings that possessed battle scarred greaves; boots in no better condition. The most noticeable Accouterments was A gauntlet that covered his right arm from shoulder to hand; snakes, wolves, and war memorabilia emblazoned upon it's wrought Iron make. Iscariate looking among the crowd with a salacious grin, fangs protruding proudly. The crowds far more fervent, some of them equipped in cheap armors, chitins, and seeming eager for the event tonight. "Who wants their ass kicked first?"
  15. "The Time of dragons has come, and with it A new age of fire. Those who do not serve the scales shall become the ash from which their glory shall rise. A phoenix that will bathe all in their merciless retribution" In the outer regions of Kalopsia existed a Quarry owned by The Farad-Abdi Family who garnered their wealth from many high caste elite in the grand kingdom, seeking the extraordinary and Avant-Garde qualities from the brilliant gems and priceless materials that were otherwise unheard of. A specific gemstone known as the Xilagua only existed within Kalopsia' own region and was prized for it's bedazzling sheen of technicolor brilliance; The manual labor required to harvest such jewels needed a great deal of effort and thus they invested in slave labor, seeking those born of the scale for their capacity to work underground and innate ability to resist heat exposure ; buying all these 'beasts of burden' they could find and expediting their mining far above their projected numbers. It had become an enterprise that Girai Farad-Abdi built with the blood, sweat and tears of The Dragonborn race. Tetra-Sutra-Gaul was born in the slave quarters their slaver's called 'The Scale Burrow'. A proverbial slum that was carved out in an adjacent rock-face from the quarries where they toiled tirelessly. His parents, Kleo-Rasum and Jerik-Sha, working in the quarry for a few years before they had started to become close to one another and wanted to try and start their own family amidst the throes of subjugation. His birth bringing a light to their overcast existence and giving The Scale Burrow a brighter outlook. The offspring made to do the transportation using mine carts and trolleys that ferried the Xilagua and other minerals out of the deeper shafts within; Gaul having a rough upbringing of pushing heavy carts to and fro and having to learn quick and adapt to the exasperating days of labor. His parents doing their best to care for him amidst the stress of capricious slaver's. Girai's wife and heiress to the Farad-Abdi Quarry wanted to give the dragonborn better conditions and fought against the slavery they used for profit...but with his children and even a spiteful sister unmoving in their desires to work the scales as much as they could survive kept Girai and his wife from ever seeing eye to eye. The Hatchling soon growing into a spindly, but proud dragonborn that strived to work as hard as his father did. Gaul witnessing whippings and starvation, watching the elderly too old to work simply give out from exhaustion and die as the carts they were pushing crushed them on their descent back into the mine. It was hard for him to ignore the atrocities that were befallen his people and so he wanted to give them hope, preaching and gallivanting about a bright future, the strain of the carts and the darkness of the mines lifting as he held sermons everyday that coincided with work. His aura of endurance and optimism seeing to the fiery hearts of many of his kin; desiring to work harder in hopes of one day earning their freedom. A longsighted goal, but one they could work to achieve. A group of fool-hearty dragonborn took it upon themselves to try and take Gaul's message to heart and attempted to escape; A riot breaking out soon after and claiming the lives of twelve slaves and Girai' own son. The head of The Family being pushed to show some sort of example to reinstate the order that this 'Gaul' has destabilized. The family taking Gaul's own parents to be executed to keep the rise of rebellion quelled. Gaul tried to make peace with his master's but Girai had become undone with the death of his son and made Gaul watch as his parent's were slain for the mistakes of their son. Everything falling to pieces as Gaul witnessed the wickedness of man. It was the strangeness of fate that decided the day of which Gaul's life would be burned to ash so too would the whole of the world it seemed...or to Gaul that is what it looked to be. The Fiery wrath of a dragon supreme consuming the lands in fiery death; blanketing the lands in sheets of conflagration. Her wingspan blotting the very sun as she created her own upon Kalopsia. Gaul knelt in irons before the fresh corpses of his parents before seeing A gargantuan shadow through the decedent windows of Girai' manor. A pillar of fire erupting from this shadow and lighting up the quarry in a sweltering blaze he could feel from his own knelt position. The executioner, the guards, and even Girai himself were absolutely taken aback by the sight of the inferno illuminating their shocked faces. Alarms immediately resounding as Girai barked orders and tried to rally some sense amidst what appeared to be a full blown attack. Attack implied that a defense existed when in reality it was already too late. Gaul taking this opportunity to escape through a shattering window and see the cause of such destruction. He couldn't believe his eyes as he witnessed A remarkable sight. His dragonborn kin speaking of legends and rumors that there existed a race of Dragon, untainted by the other species' genetics; Some believing that they themselves were the true gods that had existed eons ago leaving their children as a reminder of their greatness. Gaul couldn't believe he was looking upon the epitome of his race as she flew across The Quarry and bathed in the purest fire. He was surprised to find that as he rose from prostrating before such a holy sight; the very gaze of this dragoness was upon him as she landed with a cacophonous thud atop The Quarry. She was ancient, inevitable, and absolutely gorgeous. It was as though she were looking directly into his draconic soul...before a spout of fire unhinged from her magnificent jaws and torched the manor behind Gaul. A back-light of scorching flame causing tears to streak down his scaled cheeks. the flames consuming him and the entirety of the quarry until it was nothing but ash. Tetra-Sutra-Gaul rising from the ashes of the homestead once owned by the late Farad-Abdi. He had survived the incorruptible fire due to his heritage and now he rose from the ashes...born anew. He consecrated the ash upon his scales and vowed to return The Dragons to their rightful deification. they would speak fire that the world would bow to, and he would be their.. Ash Keeper
  16. Ohgdenn couldn't agree more; Iscariate was a rather brutish figure but he was as transparent as they came. Calypso a kaleidoscope that shifted and bent in ways that made her unpredictable, and worrisome for the boy's psyche. They all had a bizarre affinity in common that Chinafel caught onto pretty quick; they seemed to care greatly for Ohgdenn. He jumped from his bed and immediately carted a small chalkboard in-between them as the elder explained the process in further detail, writing everything said with pinpoint accuracy. The young ward looking at Chi with eager interest whilst his hand continued to scrawl across the board unabated. "So A premium material in this case is quantified by it's natural properties and not the synthetic value we place on them such as silk as you say. I can only imagine that I must either procure these myself or buy them at likely staggering prices" He rambled, thinking of all the possible materials that could conjure an array of possibilities. His eyes growing to the size of dinner plates as Chi revealed a sheet of materials. His eyes absorbing the list with an unforeseen acuity as his hand immediately copied the list onto the board for further reference to the materials that were used. This was one was most certainly complex, and likely took extensive effort. "So they must directly correlate to a certain function of the summon itself, whether it be for strengthening the summon itself or adding additional properties" he rambled once more, teasing the edges of his glasses with an index finger. He loved complicated formulas There was a knock on the door, interrupting the conversation in it's interim. Ohgdenn apologizing and quickly answering the door; One of Calypso hostess' greeting him with a tray of drinks and food appropriate for both parties. The succubus giving him a giggle and pat upon his head before waving them farewell. His ears set ablaze and creeping a radiant blush across his face, such proclivities always leaving him an awkward mess as he rested the tray on a table next to Chi. A platter of cheeses, alcoholic beverages and a steeped cup of coffee that Ohgdenn took. It was one of his favorite drinks. "Forgive the interruption...please continue" He said, taking a drink from a violet mug enraptured with the depiction of a snake. "I believe I do understand...A great many trades come together to make such a summon work from the natural ingredients of herbalism to the hardened ironwork of Blacksmithing...I have to make what I use count and integrate it with the very summon itself. A perk in all this is that I plan on adding necessary gear when I am able to reacquire my tools so I don't believe I will need as much additional capabilities..." He muttered, drumming his fingers against the mug as he thought for a moment...then two....several moments blurring into nearly ten minutes of ranting as he scoured the chalkboard in contemplation "I think I know how to acquire the materials that will be able to fabricate what I need...I'd much rather scour a dangerous dungeon, but I've little choice if I am to ever hope to travel passed the city limits...Iscariate is a marvel of muscle and I wonder just exactly what one of his obsidian scales would add to this build-a-buddy project...The staff in this bar possess unique properties and I wonder if all the suitable materials we need might already be within reach" He theorized, looking toward Chinafel "Is that even a remotely sound idea? It's hard to tell these days..."
  17. Perestroika had always wondered where her powers had derived from. She had awoken in a forest of darkness, amidst twisted trees and withering weeds. She remembered feeling...hot. A slick film of sweat covering her form. A dull burning lacing the odd depictions tattooed upon her flesh. A pull that stirred within. She sat up with a start. Her vision bleary and blurred as she scoped her vicinity. She couldn't even remember how she got there, where she was, or even really who she was. It was as though she had woke up for the first time. She had thought for the longest time that she had been brought into existence by a mere whimsy she couldn't fathom. Her powers only segregating her further from any potential normalcy as any civilization she drew toward possessed any number of clerics or priests could practically smell her 'necrotic' soul and caused her no end of strife. She didn't even know what a Necromancer was until she saw firsthand the abhorrent powers she now wielded. The forests would become her home, and where she learned about the circle of life...she had seen animals rip and tear at each-other, protect one another, and even show understanding with territorial respect. Her eyes witnessing hunters, and barbarians alike marching through the forests with reckless abandon, and leaving destruction and dismay in their ignorant wake with further attempts to contact outsiders ending in attacks and long nights of hiding. Adventurers and bounty hunters coming to find this 'witch of the woods'. She didn't have a choice but to create life from death; It was then she had decided to make monsters of her own, using the fallen animals of the woods to protect her...It all had gone wrong the moment she had reawakened, the moment she had found dredge, the moment she had nearly died fighting a war she had no heart in. The Invictus Nova was not the sort of transportation she ever through she would be riding upon, but here she was fighting air sickness and dismayed gazes alike. Her affiliation with Tenkai and The Order saw her safe passage, but that did not stop the judgement of even the most resolute soldiers. How could they not? The necromantic forces that were damning their cities and scouring their lands was the same force sitting only ten feet away from them, fiddling with a communicator in frustrated confusion. Technology was most certainly not her strong suit, but she had much to prove and regardless of the contempt of the allies surrounding her. She wouldn't back down from the only chance she had; yelling in surprise as the communicator created an image of her newfound mentor. His words piercing the distance and making her immediately stand attention. It was true that she hadn't seen such a display of power; her eyes flicking outward toward the practical sea of undead flesh that threatened to consume everything. It disturbed her at a level unfortunately none here could understand. Was this the power of the necromancer? to sway a sea of the undead as though they were an sea that none would survive, dragging all those who would fight into the deep and amalgamating them into an undying war engine? Is this the power she was capable of? It was as though she were looking upon a master of the very powers that drove her from all civility. It terrified, and called to her all at the same time. "Understood Boss, I von't let you down. If I am in ze air like zis I believe I can do...somsink at least. I uh...haven't tried anysink like zis" She said, running fingers through her dreadlocks as she fought against her own fears and doubts, tenkai's words giving her a much needed edge "All I have ever vanted...vas someone to have faith in me" She said with determination. The communication ending and her mission being made clear. Perestroika immediately giving the other soldiers a wave as she leaped out of the cruiser into the open air over Nu Martyr. A shape bursting from the clouds high above and swooping under her cascading form. It was a gracious gift Tenkai had allowed, one of her precious dracolich' from Last Chance now being used to assist in this harrowing war. She guided her pet just over the walls of Nu Martyr and stood atop the drake's head, sticking each foot within a safe recess of bone; looking upon the forces of undead that plagued their defense. She didn't know if she was ready for this...but she had to give it a shot anyways She removed her vest and tossed it to the wind, Her tank-top allowing her tattooed arms the freedom they need as their glow soon streaked across her skin. She had a clear view of what seemed like an endless ocean of them. She had to swallow her panic and continue with what she knew. She didn't have any powerful incantations or ancient words to speak. It felt as though it were just an added muscle she had to stretch and pull. Vibrant green miasma soon poured forth from her tattoos and coalesced around her as she poured all she had into manifesting the dark gift. She had to limit herself at first, and only push her limits if she needed to. If it were a muscle, then it too...threatened to break if it was pushed too hard. The wisps of necrotic magic spearheading into the masses below. These tendrils of molted green assaulting the undead hordes below, attempting to wrest a kilometer of undead from their throes of servitude. Their forms becoming immobilized and unstable as lilith' own domination over the undead fought against Perestroika's own instrusive forces. Her body now rigid atop the dragon as she focused on maintaining control, let alone widening it's perimeter.
  18. What had he done? He hadn't ever taken a life even in his miasma of sickness, witnessing the full scope of his ailment only moments ago. He had grown accustomed to his sickness in a melancholic acceptance, and it had taken some truly daunting conflicts with unforgiving villagers...but this...Perhaps this was yet another way The Stygian infected him. It had finally buried into his soul and brought him to contract a disease of the soul....A Murderer. The concept nearly causing him to throw up again, but the presence of Viera blinded all further notions as she pulled him from crime scene...the boy quick to apprehend a lone pair of dog tags. It wasn't a matter of how their lives led to being protection for slave traders, it only mattered that they lived. Blonde had given them further instruction to save the disenfranchised who had been imprisoned here, and it was the least they could do after setting fire to the complex. A fire that raged upon them from above in hellish retribution for the sins the lot had committed. Viera doing her upmost best to ensure his safety, but the flames had proven to consuming and he had been caught as they ramped off the last step. A blaze clinging to his skin white fire and exposing white meat and bone, entire ribs being revealed to the air as is lungs were put on display. It was either to her horror of relief that the flames extinguished; tendrils perforating through his exposed bones as a dull putrescent green could be seen within him. The Stygian itself. "I told you...don't worry...I'm...okay" He croaked; his skin beginning to regrow and fabricate across charred bone and convulsing muscle. It wasn't long until he had been made whole once again, only that he had lost the tunic Viera had salvaged for him. The boy gasping for air as he recovered from the stressful experience. "Of course I'll stay, there's nowhere else...I'd rather be" He said with a ghostly smile. He wasn't good with people as most couldn't dare near such a diseased looking cretin, but all they saw were saviors of unique qualities...but saviors nonetheless. "I'd listen to her, fires a hard element to run through...unless you are really fast" He said, turning to look at the razed courtyard.
  19. "Uh no..I'm...n-not here for-" He spoke with a flush of red slowly sweeping across his features at Chinafel' inquiry. Calypso holding a finger to her lips as she locked eyes with him for a moment before giving intoxicating smile "One of my employees happen to find him sleeping underneath A storm drain and brought him in" She said, giving his head and gentle rub. Ohgdenn trying to form words, but was ultimately paralyzed when around Calypso. His form naturally wobbly without the goddess before them frying his pre pubescent psyche. "I'd like to call him a regular, but he is anything, but...regular" She spoke, her lips hanging on every word as though it were a tantalizing morsel one couldn't get enough of. "She-uh...lets me stay in my own room here...and I've been....p-providing technical support where I can" He chattered, attempting to fan his courage. "I assume that's where you and this gentle-badger are heading off to? Carry on then my dear; I'll fetch you later~ Sevra has been bemoaning over the lighting in her studio" She said with a saccharine, passing them by with a farewell and a caress of Ohgdenn' cheek, vanishing up the staircase that led to her office. The boy tapering a sigh as she departed "I don't...partake in any of the activities here...I just...go to my room." He said, beckoning Chi to follow him as they moved across the main atrium and down a reverberating hallway until they reached a set of small spiral steps, before they entered a subterranean hall. "Aw hell, Ohgdenn my man! Glad ta see ya. Don''t have time to chat cause I got a fight to win! You always get the best seat if you ever came!" Came a raucous Dragonborn, his voice as boisterous as he was staggering in height and size, having to squeeze by the two as he passed them; obsidian scales almost showing a perfect reflection of Chi as he lumbered through. His dull red eyes flicking toward the badger before grinning at the both of them and climbing the staircase "Iscariste makes me anxious, but...he's nice" They finally reached a simple door that creaked with a light push open "She was far too kind to do up a storage room for me, and due to my lack of consistent funds. It is the best option I have" He explained as they entered his room "Sorry for the complications getting here, I hadn't realized the exact process I was signing myself up for" He said with a nervous laugh, offering a small comfortable chair for Chi to sit in as he sought comfort on his bed. "So if these ingredients are relatively...premium then the outcome of the summon will be far stronger?" He asked curiously "Do these materials have to relate in any particular way or can they come from a variety of sources?"
  20. Aegis had opted many times to keep his back against the wall when faced with strangers who posed any threat; It was how A Ronin lived. His eyes roaming from the larger than life figure to A new arrival entering; His eyes matching his own in their distrusting nature toward new faces. Rishagi standing only to give a proper bow in return as shi greets them, sitting back down with as it seemed there were still more to arrive. In the case of Aegis, Shi was right to judge his capacity for subtlety and stealth. He was not one to become shadow or hide in the absent fears of one's peripheral...if confrontation was had, shadows only promoted lies and deceit. The very reasons he had been stripped of his honor. Aegis standing once again and giving a formal bow as A gorgeous woman entered, mysterious in the illustrious smoke of he pipe as her gaze swept across him like a scythe harvesting grain. Rishagi resting once more in his cornered chair as Eiji gave his answer to The Ronin. They were admirable for if there was anything lost in the potential of Aegis, Eiji would know that due to the terrible losses of the Rishagi clan following Aegis' banishment. He had been one of the last to master his family's Iado, and become a true Iaidokan. The Ronin taking the offering of Sake with a nod and resting it on his lap, withholding from drinking until he saw the man himself take a drink, listening to Eiji begin his explanation. He must be someone of high esteem to get such permission from the emperor, especially if it supersedes the exile of the last remaining Rishagi. He didn't care about such things, and it seemed that skill was his only prerequisite and while he knew his own limitation. The others in the room must possess their own skills that piqued Eiji' interest. The man himself on hands and knees as he asked them to join in building this clan, and seeing it through. It was a gregarious request. Aegis eventually drinking from his cup as he mulled the proposition over. It was important as it would shape his foreseeable future. "There is much promise in your words, but I only worry of the danger my reputation will bring a clan just emerging. I respect that you must be an influential figure, but I could not allow the kingdoms of Genesaris themselves to look upon your clan in dishonor solely for allowing the likes of A Ronin to enlist." He said as he knocked back his glass. He could only hope that even divulging such information to the other potential members here that he hadn't just made additional enemies.
  21. Ohgdenn was surprised to see that he only took half of the gems offered, he had grown accustomed to most only assisting in return for such monetary gain. It was quite refreshing to say the least. The boy excited at the prospect of such freedom in choice "That is most intriguing! I imagine the materials brought to you directly effect the culmination of the summon?" He questioned, mumbling a few afterthoughts as he quickly brought out a notepad and scribbled a few interests down. Ohgdenn digging around in a few pouches as he ascertained Chinafel' question. He didn't want to reveal that everything on his person at this time was every material possession he had, and instead laughed nervously "I have some materials I believe will meet a few of the requirements, but for the rest I suppose I'll need some help in that regard" He said; already knowing where such help would come from...as loathsome as it was. "Quite right, then follow me if you please! There is a...bar in town that will assist in our needs." He said, cleaning his glasses out of anxiety. Their trip taking them to the outer reaches of the city and delving into far more...seedier neighborhoods. "Ouroboros is a safe have for the transient and travelling, while I don't much like the music, It is the only place I have to stay currently. If I am to ever grow beyond the helpless twelve year old I am...I'm going to need your services" He mumbled, shivering as they passed a few figures eyeing them over. The pair reaching a outlandish purple building, encapsulated by a slithering violet snake that wrapped around the corners and gave it an eerie, but almost cute theme. The door's a vivid seafoam green with A doorman relaxing back in a chair. The man fully dressed in a duster and obscuring his full face with a wide brimmed cowboy hat. A silvery jaw marking some sort of mechanical reconstruction as he raise his head and eyed the two. "Salutations, Wirejaw. I am just here for my room. The one...C...Calypso allowed me to stay in..." Ohgdenn chattered, obviously unnerved by Wirejaw's intensity. The bouncer eyeing the two of them with silvery eyes before giving a grunt tumbled from his pneumatic jaw "Go on in then, just make sure you and yer friend don't cause no trouble. She may bend the rules for ya, but that still don't mean you can do what ya like" He warned before nodding toward the door and returning to his faux nap. The boy giving a respectful nod before taking Chinafel inside. Ouroboros had existed in Blairville for only a year, and yet it gained quite a reputation for it's business practices; Marketing as a source of every sinful entertainment one could ask for and being headed by an Illustrious woman known as Calypso. Calypso and Gilandriel both owning Ouroboros and seeing to it's many functions, but Calypso was far more starstruck than her reclusive partner and gladly became the face of the company. The bar itself possessing a wide array of drinks and mixes from all over the world, and even having it's own curious flair. The two entering into a large open space where patrons sat at various tables, and even danced to the music that blared from seemingly everywhere. Ohgdenn giving Chinafel an extra pair of earplugs as he was prone to wear while traveling to his room. A stage visible ten feet ahead with currently no show on display. A bar having the most patrons crowding around it to their farthest right, both watching A well dressed man weaving magic through the air and infusing glass before him; an orange tinged drink being presented to an awestruck woman . his gold skin making his magenta gaze more prominent through the locks of periwinkle hair. The sound of sudden cheers catching her attention as many started to crowd around the stage placed directly in the center of the main floor; the bar hugging the far right corner. both of them seeing the crowd growing around a woman in a jeweled dress. Her hair long and sparkling gold, and matched her eyes as the room filled with the music of her voice as she started a performance. "She is an absolute treat isn't she? My daughter has learned quite well~" An abrupt voice spoke behind them, a once unoccupied seat to their left now possessing A most evocative woman with eyes of sultry hot pink. A lackadaisical smile touching her perfect lips. Ohgdenn feeling a crackling against her skin as though this woman possessed an intoxicating aura, he hated how Calypso made him feel. She possessed snake earrings that looped through her elven ears a few times before the sapphire eyed heads perched at the pointed tips. Her hair an ocean of silver and gold locks that flowed down her exposed back and hung off the stool. her dress enrapturing her physique in a tightly woven pendulum of anticipation that dared to come lose and expose them to a wave of emotions they hadn't expected to combat today. Ohgdenn practically melting in her presence before managed to choke out words "Salutations...Calypso..."
  22. There was a wash of anxiety that paled across his features; A wooden golem would certainly help but it wouldn't afford him the level of protection he preferred. A boar more promising, but lacking the same protection potential. Ohgdenn muttering to himself as he tried to find an viable solution. He didn't know how to use a sword and certainly didn't want to try. The disparity hanging over the boy fading for a moment as he perked up "You can do that? Would these be feasible? A summoned construct of my own making and protocols is exactly what I have been searching for. I lost the means to create any technological variant so your are the closest I've found that has such capabilities. Tell me what is required and I will gladly pay" He said, fidgeting in place as he removed several well cut diamonds from his cloak and set them on the canvas before Chi "I hope trade will suffice; I assure that these are real and will afford any material cost" Ohgdenn wiping his glasses with a handkerchief, his hands shambling as he talked to Chinafel. He wasn't used to using so many words at once. The boy pulling out several rolls of blue schematic paper that he then rolled out, whilst extending a pointer, he revealed some rather detailed drawings of what appeared to be a 'efficiently designed companion'. "I know not the capacity of your work, but I have found that no matter the source of it's construction; these measurements and weight variants will surely create one I can carry up to 400 pounds upon while giving it full mobility to fend off attackers" The passion he had for such a potential asset bringing the first smile the boy had dawned. "
  23. Pathogen hated the vertigo that started to rise through his stomach and blur his vision; he didn't know if it was the flying craft he was in or the two woman having an awfully tense stand off. Pathogen leaning against his seat and sliding against the wall. This was all new, and bizarre. He liked it, and it gave him some modicum of purpose besides challenge the eyes of any who looked upon his diseased form. It was fair that the crew kept their fair distance from him and he was just happy to listen to the resolution between the powers that be. Blonde announcing their plan for something he honestly hadn't been paying attention to as much as he should have. He had just been interested in the woman who had been so kind to him, but he tuned into the overall conversation as they neared their objective. It seemed there were alot of folks on this ship who enjoyed the prospect of killing; Slavery was pretty unfair so at least they deserved it. He didn't exactly have any prayers that any god would answer, but the vertigo had gone away so he felt pretty ready. Chaos erupting like a cork from a champagne bottle as Blonde struck fatal first blow to the forces of the complex below them, several others deciding to join the fray and leaping from the ship in different fashions. A dragon even decided to show up, he had never seen a dragon before so that was certainly A plus. He was in awe of everything he was witnessing from his viewpoint. Viera' voice bringing him to attention as she spoke "I've never been in a fight...but Okay, ill follow your lead" He wheezed; She was like an angel as she graced him with a rather delightful fall, landing rather easily on his feet directly on the roof of the watchtower, the guards focusing on him foolishly as Viera took such advantage. Pathogen once again in awe as he watched the goddess cure their infallible disease of avarice and greed with glinting blades. He didn't exactly know how he felt about killing...there was the defending oneself claim that he could understand, but in this instance...regardless of how unfair slavery was. They were the aggressors. He had been beat in plenty of streets, alleys, and bars for the sickness that claimed him, but he hadn't ever felt the need to fight back. It was one's nature to fight against death at all costs in all it's forms, but he didn't suffer from such a fear. The Stygian made sure of that. Viera suddenly being overtaken by a rather large variant of the guards here. Something stabbing into his core that he couldn't recognize. An emotion he wasn't familiar with. He immediately tried to pull at one of the man's arms "Please...let...let her go" He croaked, a heavy elbow slamming into his face and shoving him back a few feet. What was he going to do? There wasn't much time. He was going to kill her. He had to do something. He had...he had to stop him He had to kill him Pathogen taking the scythe from his belt and jumping onto the brute's back, causing him to focus on the pest on his back rather than Viera; Several uncoordinated swings of his scythe slashing against his opponent with reckless abandon. The sudden physical exertion causing his stomach to broil and heave; black ichor spraying onto the guard. His armor and protective gear beginning to disintegrate as The boy felt...anger. She had given him such kindness in a small amount of time; An angel like that didn't deserve to be brutalized. His clammy hands now gripping on both sides of the brutes head. He didn't often feel The Stygian move, but when he did...he knew it was something special. A tendril of putrid green firing from Pathogen' mouth and smothering the guard's head. Shouts of anger and frustration soon turning to screams of muffled terror before being silenced by the complete disintegration of his being. Pathogen falling to his knees and coughing; the tendril slithering back into his mouth and vanishing. "I'm so sorry...I ju...I didn't want him to hurt you..." He strained. His body pulsing with putrescence amidst the massacre surrounding them.
  24. The sun was high and it's rays cast down upon the whole of creation; gracing the lands with a day of beautiful respite. Aegis reaching JIgoku without too much trouble, with the small correspondence he had received on the road, making it to the city where many went about their daily business; Few taking stock of the man passing through town. He found it preferable to remain unnoticed. The light of day exposing a Ronin to his failures no matter how he may try and obfuscate it's irrefutable rays. It took some time and a few directions before he found the tea house in question. It didn't look like much, but he figured this was a project still being nurtured. His eyes following a gargantuan figure entering the same location. It seemed more had been recruited than just he. Aegis taking a moment to himself and gripping a small pendent that hung from his katana' handle. Was this the right move? He had lost all sense of direction for quite some time, and traveled with the winds these days. He lowered himself to the ground, resting on his knees and lacing his fingers around the jade pendent. "Sky above me...earth below me...fire within me..." These are more than words my son, they are The Rishagi Way. They are how we remain vigilant against the tides of change. The skies represents the change time has on all things, while Earth is the ground we were born upon and use to keep us upright...but the fire that comes from within...that fire can either rage against the winds of change or extinguish in the face of immovable earth...but if we change with the winds and remain strong on our feet. That fire will burn it's brightest. That fire is our hearts, our hopes, our dreams...our duty. Do you understand? Your duty is to safeguard the heart of this clan, while mine is...well getting you to school before your mother upends us both! Aegis opening his eyes and looking toward the sun, quickly standing up after his minor meditation. Change was in itself a force of nature that he wasn't going to let pass him by; not this time. The Ronin entering the tea house and removing his hat out of respect. The two men already inside seeing a weathered human enter. His hair pulled back in a loose ponytail and looking at them with A seafoam gaze, trailing along the edges of the room with a distrusting gait as he sat down in an available seat that kept them in view with his back against the wall "A Ronin is not sought after for even demeaning mockery So why does this Shokan have such an interest in one" His voice fluid and firm, to the point. He could feel an opportunity here, but that didn't dissuade the necessity for answers. The Shattered Swordsman was barely a local legend to those who have witnessed Aegis fight. This was a capable gatherer of information.
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