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  1. "It's what I want to believe what matters yes...but it is unfair to you. You would've faced this all with me if you could have wouldn't you?" He asked with a shake of his head "It is easy to believe what you are doing is for their benefit but it is simply selfishness. I should've been there for you, but I am here now. The danger I had faced is gone now and I want you to see what your money has gone to" He said, running his hand across the surface of the table; a holographic display lighting up and creating screens that Marigold began to interface with. Several terabytes of information flooding the screen as he continued to work through it's code and find what he was looking for. One of his fingers revealing an elongated needle of sorts that plugged directly into the console. A few moments passing before he removed it and nodded with a few mutters. An schematic of the heart they had discussed prior being shown "The design that was agreed upon. Every detail of this project new to me and making it risky. in my time away I have done a great deal of study on anatomical hearts and heart surgery itself. I've even performed four of my own with success. I was thrown into the fray of a disaster in Ceyana as a combat medic and grained a great deal of experience. I haven't forgotten you or your heart condition in the slightest." One of his creations marched into the meeting room; a stout bot with stubby legs and long three pronged arms that held a metallic chest with tubes of fluid connected on either side. Marigold beaming once more with delight as he immediately set the chest down and input the security code before leaning down for a retina scan. the lid popping open and revealing a housing for what appeared to be an unfinished synthetic heart. Thousands of wires, small tubes, and synthetic veins hanging loosely on it's unfinished side. A slow pump revealing that it was still partially beating. "Forgive the exaggeration in my letter but I wanted you here to see the progress that I have made...and admittedly I just wanted you here regardless" he said with a ligh chuckle "It will still take more time for me to completely finish the heart, but I have the complete left and right ventricle finished. It is too precise for any machine to just fabricate so it has to be completely done by hand" He said, giving Rain as long as he'd life with it before he eventually closed the chest. It was proof at least that it was being constructed. Marigold hadn't just taken the money and ran "The other reason I wanted you to come here is because the risks need to be discussed in person." He said with a nervous sigh "We very well could get a famed heart surgeon to implant it for us, but the issue is that a synthetic heart of this magnitude isn't easily come by and I fear without my physical experience with the heart itself...mistakes would be made. That being said I want to lay out everything for this surgery so that when I do finish the heart there isn't any confusion. I have a better chance at a successful surgery with a heart of my own design than I believe any other would, but should you prefer a more professional set of hands I understand and that is where we will take it, furthermore in either scenario. You have always been a truly beautiful man no matter what may transpire, but your body may not be in a strong enough condition right now to even survive surgery. I believe we need to figure out a method to help strengthen your body." Marigold drinking more from his coffee as he allowed Rain to digest all this information. He hoped not to sound too clinical or vice versa, but this surgery wasn't just an idea any longer. It was becoming a reality and with it came risks all the same.
  2. Marigold stopped and looked at the letter as it was presented, already feeling guilt gnaw at his bones. Oh dear, he had gone about this all the wrong way hadn't he? A letter was far too impersonal for Rain. He should've gone to him in person. He chided himself on his methods. His hands digging through his hair, a familiar tick Rain always saw him doing when he ran into a dead end on a project "I understand you must have so many questions. I should've let you know in some way what was happening but I didn't know how far his reach was at the time and and- Well Can we...discuss it inside? I'm not all for outdoors right now" He muttered, approaching the deteriorated grid walls. The doctor raising his arm, moving back his sleeve and revealing a device attached to his arm; holographic images and data pulled up as he traced his finger across one of the panels. The grid wall shimmering for a moment before fizzling out, and dissipating. He led him through and immediately turned the grid back on before leading them through the facility. It was quite impressive for such a short time, and while Marigold was the designer, and thought process of this project. It was strange to see such a place in th middle of nowhere with only a village a few miles away; Many of their laborers did a great service in it's construction. It would have taken much longer without their assistance; That wasn't something Marigold would forget so easily. He didn't have much stock in friends, but allies and assets were something that could be invaluable in the right moment. The doctor no exception. Granted Rain someone he didn't feel he had to keep up walls around....although perhaps too much time had passed "The facility is divided up into five structures altogether. Four directly associating with the cardinal directions. North Wing, East Wing, South Wing, and West Wing while the fifth is sthe Central Research Center or simply Tripsec." He said as he continued to walk forth. The grass they had once traversed being replaced with a metal mesh grating that clicked with noise everytime their shoes hit the surface. The area around them no longer an all encompassing forest; It was a facility of magitech. Each of the 'cardinal structures' being placed on each side of the facility with them standing right next to the north wing. A large, but simplistically made structure with what appeared to be only one large shutter door entrance. Catwalks, pipes, and strange machinery connected themselves from building to building creating a spider web of tech and machinery Marigold led him through the labyrinthine maze of buildings and progress before they arrived at the structure in the epicenter of The Imperium. "I know it's a bit of shock since we've last met...but it's something I've wanted to show you since I started it's construction. Welcome to the Anima Imperium" He said with the first smile he had seen as Marigold looked up at his pride and joy. His eyes glinting with a genuine pride. and with this Rain it would only get stronger. Marigold standing at a circular pad with four small pillars at each corner of the pad. Each one suddenly glowing blue and scanning him with the same grid design the walls had. The scan completing with the doors to the command center immediately sliding open as he led them through a cylindrical room that possessed a multitude of screens decorating the walls, surrounding a holographic display of the world that Marigold has mapped out and added to his registry. It looked to be bits and pieces at most in it's current state. Doorways, and staircases leading to different sections of the building. Marigold eventually leading him to A guest room that housed several chairs with a smooth glass table adorned with curious lights and various refreshments waiting to be used. Marigold sitting down and pouring himself a strong cup of coffee as he tried to mitigate the bugs under his eyes with a thumb before flicking his grayed hair out of his face "I'm sorry Rain. So much happened and...none of it should be used as an excuse...I...Survived. I'm here in the flesh and that is a surprise in itself. I worked on your heart through it all and I'm just glad your still...here" He leaned back and held his face in his hands as he attempted try and explain his situation. A man who minced his words, something else familiar.
  3. There was an order to the way such formalities went in Cradle, and Rain had grown accustomed to the fleeting conversations due to most everyone being far too busy for small talk. Fye didn't quite understand these customs; Valenstein having his work cut out for him. She practically leaped off the ground as she was so politely complimented, giggling all the same as Rain tried to step away and allow them to continue on. The witch instead sidled up next to him and beamed "Ya think so? huh? Huh? Do ya? I've been learning alot! Have you lived here long? I'm new to such a huuuuge place! Oh Oh! Guess how many fingers I have??" "Fye..." "Eight fingers and two thumbs!" She chimed, holding up two thumbs and giggling all the same. She was a ball of endless and Valenstein pulled the reigns a bit as he rest a hand on her unkempt mop of hair "She always loves her jokes, but regardless we shouldn't keep this man from his business. It'd be bad manners. Enjoy the rest of your day" Valenstein said, moving passed Rain ahead of Fye. The girl perking up at her master's words and immediately shaking Rain's hand wildly "It was nice to meetchya mystery man! Byeeeee!" One could only hope they would meet again; a strange pair but interesting in their own right. It was then off to The Transport Hub where it took him to a sizable hamlet known as knolls. This would be the closest he could gia via transportation. The rest of way requiring him to hoof it on foot as it seemed this lab was deeper in the woods. A path leading out of Knolls helping mitigate the stress of simply pushing through the underbrush. The wilds of Terranus were a truly beautiful sight to behold. The birthplace of magitech still so very capable of producing awe inspiring forests that dotted it's landscape like natural blessings from Gaia herself. It was a several hour trip through the woods to where The Imperium was. the trees themselves sparse enough to walk through. The trees beginning to get more dense the deeper he traveled in; the grass reaching his ankles and the canopy nearly blocking out the sun's rays; Rain feeling the airharder to pull into his lungs through such humidity but after some difficulty. Rain saw through a break in the treeline that opened up into a spacious grove, and that's where he saw it. The Anima Imperium It was a half mile away from the treeline, constructed right in the middle of this grove. It was a unique sight to see such a construction of technology deep within the woods. Their eyes falling upon the facility's walls which were a crackling blue energy constructed into the shape of a grid; each side connected by tall columns of metal and crackling energy. It all gave it a very living feeling. They couldn't see what laid behind these grid walls, aside from large antenna tower at the east side of the facility. A large slowly rotating radar dish at it's peak, giving off a pulse of blue light every several seconds. Rain's exposure to such a place being dwarfed by the man himself as he immediately saw the good doctor pass through the grid walls and meet him halfway. The doctor having security capable of detecting most signatures with the security cameras that dotted the treeline around the grove. Marigold was adorned in a grey blue lab coat that covered him from from collar bone to ankles, gray boots mounted firmly on his feet. The only skin Rain could see were his face and his hands, and it was pale, almost malnourished; He possessed steely mauve hair that messily fell to his shoulders, bangs nearly covering the two blue orbs of his eyes that looked at Rain with nervous excitement. square cut glasses being pushed up back into place by his forefinger before giving a pensive greeting "It's been awhile...i'ts...good to see you again Rain" He said, knowing there was so much more to be said. Marigold giving him and nervous hug as he simply drank in Rain's presence. All their time together flooding back in such a short time. The doctor then beckoning him to follow "We have alot to catch up about, and I believe I am closer than ever now to finishing our project" He said, grabbing Rain by his hand and leading him across the grasslands. "I've...made some changes in the technology department and it's taken some time to get used to them but I hope it doesn't unnerve you." Rain feeling Marigold's prostethics for the first time in awhile, and it was almost surprising as they looked nearly real. A coldness of metal and synthetic material betraying the faux skin however. "You are still as handsome as ever I see"
  4. Gold dust was at a loss for words for the first time in awhile as she watched Rain try and follow Constantine out; words falling on deaf ears as he nearly brushed through the door. Had what Constantine said affected him this much? he hadn't seen Rain so rattled in a long time. Her frustrations from this development derived from Constantine once again trying to extract her from their relationship. She loved rain dearly, but it would be difficult to even consider the notion of entering Constantine's mansion. She watched the whole external struggle Rain went through before returning to her and telling him he too had other places to be. "You never disappoint me sweet; I worry about you every day..." She wanted to say so much more, and Rain could see apprehension cross her concerned features. When Constantine left it was like Rain had no reason to stay...why would he? All he did was chase the shadow of his big brother no matter how much they quarreled. She wished she could get him to fight just as hard for her attention. It was pathetic. She could almost cry, almost. "Well whatever you decide Rain, take care of yourself. Eat more and I will visit you anywhere so long as you don't have to travel too far" She relented. A smile perking her glossy lips. She had to be there for him; she was selfish more than a little bit...but for him she always to be better. Gold adding to Rain's tip with a bit more than usual due to the outbursts and drama they usually generated. Gold hugging him again, a little tighter, resting her chin on his head as she knelt down to meet his eyes "Thinking of you, everyday" A phrase she came up when they were kids so Rain knew that no matter the troubles at least there was a single person in the world thinking of his behalf. A ring from her phone interrupting the moment as she immediately looked to see who it was and paled "It's Calypso, I've got to go; Please be safe alright?" Rain was left to his own devices once more as the prospect of seeing Marigold lightened some of the gravitas his sibling reunions usually brought. The Address listed a unique piece of tech that linked to Rain's own phone and pinpointed exactly where to go. Marigold was always one to overthink things. His trip through the third ring aiming him toward the transport hub which was the fastest way to get where he was going, and certainly the easiest on his frame. A sudden blast of spiraling purple and orange magic blocking his path several feet ahead where several bystanders gasped in surprise or gawked. Rain seeing A man who looked like he came straight from the magistrate's circle; Lavished in purple shaded robes with cerulean locks of fine hair as barked at some inhuman species laughing on the floor. He hadn't seen them very often, especially in Cradle but they were a breed of Beastfolk centralized around feline genes. This one appearing to be of the calico race. The transport hub on the other side of these two strange individuals so he didn't have much of a choice on where to go. The feline leaping to her feet as she dusted the smoke and magic debris off her overalls. Her laughter almost infectious as it seemed she enjoyed the way the other figure was getting frustrated. She was nearly six foot and covered completely in calico fur. oranges, grays, blacks, and browns sprawled across her fur like a haphazard paint job. She was rocking on the balls of her feet in excitement as she was being scolded by the robed man. Rain now close enough where he could see that this one was quite handsome in his own right with light elven features speckled in radiance; his eyes a vibrant and lively magenta as he eventually sighed "I asked for a demonstration after we returned. You are impossible Fye" He said, a smile curling along his lip as he shook his head. The femme feline adorned in splotchy brown overalls with absolutely no shoes on to speak of. It was a bizarre sight overall combined with the sudden waving she did to anyone who passed them by. "Greetings must be curt and profession here, just because you refuse to wear what I ask doesn't mean you can just act any way you wish dear student of mine." He said crossing his arms. Her tall ears perking curiously and immediately looking toward Rain with eyes of brilliant orange; the slits widening like dinner plates as she tried to put her master's words to practice. "Hail and well met!" She called, trying to be professional as she hid a grin behind her hands at her own feeble attempts; her tail swaying excitedly as she bolted to the frail man while nearly toppling over several others as she did so. The energetic girl springing in place before hearing a prominent cough behind her and straightened out and attempted a bow "My name is Fyedahlia, but I go by Fye! Nice ta meetch'ya!" Her greeting falling a bit short in it's formality, but steps were steps for a reason afterall. "Please forgive her, she comes from a...small town and I've decided to try and sculpt both her magic and unruly behavior to the best of my ability. I am Valenstein. It's a pleasure" He said with a formal bow that came from years of working in The Magistrate's circle. Fye quickly taking out a notepad and writing down notes, but that quickly turned into goofy scribbles she started to snort and laugh at. An interesting pair to run into indeed.
  5. Rain had always been a constant between Gold and Constantine, loving him in their own imperfect ways. they also both knew his quirks and nuances quite well giving how they only had eachother in their younger years. Constantine knew them them adamantly while gold still felt as though Rain had kept an arm's length from her. Gold Dust glancing at Constantine with a sense of worry as he stammered over his strange explanation. There was something eating at him enough that he could hardly form a proper explanation. Gold Dust lowering her head to his; trying to make his time easier. Constantine leaning back and crossing his arms as he kept his gaze upon his squirming brother. His sister's face becoming shaded with concern as he spoke of limited time and his sickness. He had always been more frail and sickly then them and she always believed it was their upbringing that stunted his overall constitution. Constantine knew there must be some underlying sickness that caused him to lose weight and give him his dizzy spells, but the implications were starting to dawn on him. Gold Dust looking at Constantine with a silent crestfallen gaze as Rain apologized for simply want to spend time with them. That one realization nearly broke her heart in two. Was she being short sighted? How many times had they visited on Rain's behalf only to drive eachother crazy for the most of it? Constantine was silent for several moments after Rain had spoke his peace. His eyes moving from his lowered head to his shaky legs; He could feel Ursula boring into his skull with her gaze. What did this remind him of?...years long back, when all he did was work and come home to a miserable home where he studied tireless...but there was more. Moments where they would crowd around their shared bed and talk tales...Ursula making up ghost stories to spook her younger brother. Rain always their muse. A small creak groaning from Constantine's chair as he leaned forward and stretched out his hand. A light grip moving rain's chin so that their eyes met. It looked to be as though he were searching for something dwelling within those melancholy pools. "Your condition is worsening isn't it? You can't travel because it makes you too weary, am I correct? This simply won't do. I won't allow your death to make tabloids out of the Primrose reputation i've worked so hard on. You are coming to live with me so that travel will no longer affect your health. I will make all the necessary arrangements" He said, releasing Rain and standing up with a readjustment of his collar "Wait Wait-WHAT? Are you out of your mind-" "Now if you'll excuse me, I have an appointment to catch" He interrupted, eyeing Urusla down as she nearly put a hole through the table. Constantine moving passed her without another as she followed him out ranting and raving at his coat tails. Urusula eventually stomping back into the cafe as Constantine vanished down the street, leaving money on the table to pay for his drink. Gold Dust grumbling before looking over Rain "I can't believe he would just suggest something like that, and then leave. He is unbearable" She groaned. It was certainly a strange request; Constantine in his lack of kindness had never offered to take Rain in and instead simply directed him on how to get a place of his own. Rain was hardpressed to mind an answer as she barked at a gawking couple. Another family get together, another disaster it seemed.
  6. It was strange; It wasn't that they didn't hear their brother's attempts to quell their spats, much like most families, their sibling rivalry was deep seated and stubborn. Constantine controlling the situation time after time as he sat back and orchestrated Gold Dust' self destruction. It was as though he could see her jealousy so clearly and exploited it without question. The eldest brother holding a seat of power over his siblings that impeded any progress for this family to become whole. Gold Dust not without her flaws as she tried so hard to race for her brothers status that she trampled over things she wouldn't otherwise if it wasn't for this enraging man before her. The pop idol being glamorized across the magitech screens within the cafe only adding to her frustration as she was knocked a few rungs even lower. It was as though her brother knew all about this and constructed such well placed lines that it nearly caused Constantine to consider a restraining order. That would be the final nail in the coffin, and unbeknownst to them that coffin could belong to the wallflower fighting against two burning blazes. "Rain at least gives me compliments when he sees me; Your down a spinster's path with that attitude" She snapped back "Oh im sure your clients give you all the compliments you need, I do not intend to water my success with those vying for my money and influence...it implies they could reach my status and while that's easily achieved in your case. It's quite the opposite for me." He quipped; An autograph being quickly signed by a starstruck customer as if on cue, looking at her with a gaze that could pierce the stars as he clicked the pen and returned it to the bashful girl. Gold Dust glaring daggers at her and causing her to shamble away in a running stumble as their brother tried to get their attention back with a diversion that used dozens of times. Gold Dust actually seemed surprised by Rain's 'outburst' as he usually kept quiet during their arguments. She knew there was something off with him, looking back at Constantine who continued to sip his tea with little interest Rain receded into his head as he tried to come up with a backup plan; Gold Dust ignoring his diversion alltogether as she nudged her head toward Rain with fierce expectance, a painted nail pointed toward her shaking limbs. Constantine quirked a brow and looked at Rain with a decisive gaze. He knew already what she was implying and there was something different about Rain today. Gold pointing at him while nodding toward Rain once more. She hated that she knew Constantine if he showed a little compassion, could get rain to open up so easily. She hated that she was so jealous, and she hated that she was willing to use their close relationship...but she wanted to know what the hell was going on, and no amount of bickering would change her mind this time. "Our visits to this coffee shop are often simply informal reunions...it is not like you to use a word like important if it wasn't truly so. Speak up. What's this about. I won't take anything less than the truth; you are a terrible liar" he said, his gaze unyielding Gold Dust wanted so badly to be apart of Rain's life more, but Constantine made it so difficult that it seems she came to these visits more to yell at Constantine then to actually spend time with him. She was struggling so dearly keeping her performance as professional and stunning as possible. She felt lack of sleep eating at her bones as she attempted lyrics constantly through the nights. How did she do it?
  7. There was a level of tension that came with being around Constantine whether it was do to his position in society or the way he eyes seemed to look down upon everyone he came in contact with. The tension he provided Rain was of it's own caliber that didn't fall into either category. It wasn't that he looked down upon Rain, but rather the exact opposite. He sought too much from the sickly man and that often led to expectations Rain could never hope to meet. Constantine was a difficult man to please in every standard and Rain often dealt with that firsthand. The man had been so caught in his nervous cacophony of thought that the gasps and awes didn't catch his attention in time before the form of an Immaculate Constantine seated himself next to Rain, being pushed up to the table proper by one of the wait staff. His eyes overlooking Rain with but a quirk of his brow. The many fan's of Constantine's profession knew of his brother through taken photos, and even by the law Rain practiced. It always seemed a curious duo to any onlookers "For such an apparent emergency, you showed up in quite the leisurely attire" He said with a potent gaze before it swiveled to the menu that was set down; An espresso being brought to him that he then immediately sipped before continuing "Well it seems Ursula is late as usual, but I suppose it's to be expected from her by this point" He said, clicking his tongue as he sipped from his cup Several moments passed them by, beginning to wax in their states of tension before Gold Dust entered the cafe; a little flustered but stunning in a sun dress of glittering gem dust. Her hair a river of molten gold that wove into a similar braid as Rain's. Something she had picked up from him quite young. Her makeup perfect with shades of oranges and gold touching both her eyeliner and her lipstick as she moved toward their table and gave Rain a gentle hug; her bedazzling smile turning to a curt glare as she eyed his shoulders "You haven't been eating enough have you!" She scolded before sitting down across from Constantine. Her eyes flicking to him with a squinted glare; a tight smirk touching her lips "It seems you have eaten enough for the both of you so I wouldn't worry about his weight alone" the first crack of the whip being drawn as was custom among this trio. Gold Dust' eye twitching as that tight smile fell from her lips like bricks from a dilapidated wall "It is nice to see you too Constantine, but this is about Rain" She said, doing her best to keep her temper in check. "What is this about? If It's about mother and father I helped them all I could this month-" "You are validating Rain's obedience to them Ursula" Constantine snapped, not pleased with hearing that she has been giving them handouts aswell. Her manicured nails digging into the table "I have asked you not to call me that, that's not my name" She began to seethe as they glared at one another
  8. Rain's siblings had always been difficult; even when they were younger Constantine and Ursula (Later changing her name to Gold Dust) had constant spats and their arguments were legendary. Their parents hardpressed to ever find the courage to get between such potent contempt. It had grown in the years that had passed, and though they now live thousand of miles away from one another they still find ways to cause trouble for the other. Rain the only constant in their lives that they both appreciated in their unique ways. Rain often having to visit them separately which could often leave him weaker given the amount of travel time. That was the very reason that Gold Dust agreed wholeheartedly to Rain's suggestion of meeting in Cradle. Constantine unsurprisingly fought against it; Rain's implicating the importance and managed to get a forlorn yes. The date was set; they would gather at the Creams-Crop Cafe in Cradle' third ring district. Rain was left with half a day to prepare for the trip. His voice easily giving away his frayed nerves to Gold Dust who stayed on the line longer than Constantine's curt hang up. "You know you must take better care of yourself; Are you eating enough? If I have seen you lost a single pound- Well anyways I can't wait to see you Little Brother" Her voice crackling to silence as she closed the phone quickly; She couldn't help but be worried. He was the best of them and deserved to know it, even if she could dote on him too much. A sly smirk glinting underneath the lights of her vanity mirror. She had finished her set for the day; Sevra and Artemis could handle the stage while she was gone. Gold Dust marching out of her room and into Calypso' office. "I'll be off ma'am, heading out to visit family. You better make sure they don't screw up" She said with a snide expression A sultry laugh piercing through the smoke of the hookah upon her mistress' desk. Calyspo amidst a haze of aromas and incense; her head cocked back as the more unnatural one of the pair seemed to...groom Calyspso in some strange fashion. She had grown used to these bizarre behaviors and she wondered if it was a good thing to get used to...Calypso. The Succubus rolling her head to one side as she looked upon Gold Dust finally with an almost drunken smile "Ill make sure everyone behaves; You are absolutely adorable when your serious~ Go on then, have your fun." She said waving her off as Gilandriel coiled around her form, beading Gold with slitted pupils "Open yourssself to the truth he ssshall presssent; There isss more to greed than jussst money" Gilandriel' words were cryptic as they always were, but she would take them into account as much as she could and bid them farewell as she closed the door. Sevra leaned back in a chair next the office door, snoring pretty heavily. Gold couldn't believe such a slob of a woman could exist. She waved goodbye to the rest of the staff as she now made her way to see the best thing she had in her life aside from her aspiring career. It was all such a complication in his overall schedule. Constantine could hardly make room for all these sudden interruptions. It was bad enough A well paying client had been detained and silenced by The Cradle Authority and that irritating preschool progeny, but now he had to push back two photo shoots because his family couldn't handle anything without his adult supervision. He had nearly worn out the enamel on his font pen he had been rubbing it against his thumb so vehemently, rising from his gilded desk and snapping his fingers; A maid and a butler respectively seeing to it that his sparkling double breasted suit was immaculate and without a single wrinkle. "I will traveling to Cradle for the day; Make sure everything is spotless for my return" He said, smoothing out the cuffs on either wrist before he clicked across the lavished office. The doors being opened for him as he marched through the grandiose hall. Everything built here was with his own funds; Money he had earned through blood, sweat, and tears...granted the blood hadn't been his own but such inconsequential lives mattered little in his pursuit of wealth beyond measure. Why Rain bothered to try and impart his hard earned wealth onto those who just smoke it into their lungs and inject it into their bodies; Their parents no less. Those bottom feeders were the consolidated loathing he had for people with no ambition. The men and women under his employ had more ambition. They strove to keep this manor premier at all times. He arrived in the reliquary where his hired mage stood by. Constantine was pristine and ready for this important business although he couldn't help but wonder what had Rain under such duress. He was always nervous when it came to him and Ursula together. He had some other business in Cradle regardless so it wouldn't hurt his schedule by any means and so the mage did as he was instructed and Constantine was away to Cradle in no time at all. The Creams-Crop Cafe was A Quaint little establishment off the east end of The Third Ring; contemporary tea shoppe perfect for such an occasion. It was more low class than Constantine would have liked but it certainly wouldn't be the death of him. There were gasps of a recognition and awe as Constantine Primrose made an appearance at an everyday cafe. One of the top models across Terrenus that had his face across news outlets and magazines. His face of nonchalant contempt one many simply couldn't get enough of. He requested a table for three as the flabbergasted staff bumbled to get their work done properly with such a customer; allowing them to push his chair up and wait upon his sister and brother as it usually went. He was always on time as it was his job to be. Rain was far more adept at Constantine's time constraints then Ursula is. The decedent man ordering an espresso as he waited "Let's hope this is worth my time" @Swansong
  9. There was nothing more Kru'Gorah enjoyed more in his work than to show his lord the extent of his will. This lackadaisical frivolities these new accommodation brought was nothing more than a farce to him; He was a creature who could never understand the values of comfort and solidarity. Displays of power were the main currency in his day to day; There was no greater ruler than terror itself. He was quaking with such terror this newfound force emanated; He already felt worthy to attempt such assassination. "I will admit there is no honor in the taking of innocent lives; It is only when my terror takes hold of the truly nihilist does my true being thrive!" His cloaked voice called from it's hooded depths; His tail having already phased through his form in folly, it withdrew and instead guided alongside his flank. The scream and sheer force whipped up Kru'Gorah' cloak into a wild frenzy as he outstretched his arms and rejoiced at such an opportunity to show his master that the old ways will always prove to be the most effective method. Kru'Gorah' sudden bouts of laughter being smothered away as Corren's reaper form assailed him like a freezing night. The force of his absorption and power was astonishing on a surface level, but why did The Djinn feel as though he was holding back for some reason? How curious indeed. An assassin would try and finish such obstacles as swiftly as one could...perhaps he was some blundering recruit instead? His cloak was summarily torn asunder as he was encompassed in this all consuming haze. Negative energy was a dangerous force that laid claim to many mortal lives, and even his resistances couldn't withstand this for long. His smoldering claws beginning weave circles into the air "It is said that words themselves hold a font of power! Let us see what you do against the Prism of Agrail Dour!" The sigils sparked to life and caused a shift in the air around them as the orcs, goblins, and lizardfolk alike started to feel the unease The Djinn's influence brought; wisps of orange plumage floating from their forms as they watched the emissary battle with unholy conviction. The terror being extracted and manifesting A jagged prism around the two combatants. His hands pressing together now as the prism started to shrink and collapse; His cackling becoming manic now as he felt the terror of all those within a hundred feet amplify his spell. The prism would soon crush the both of them as it continued to condense around them
  10. Everything was beginning to change, while the bloodshed and terror still existed within the hearts of all the Legion's members and it's denizens...they were beginning to experience a change. Kru'Gorah had been with the dark lord since nearly the beginning of the legion's existence and though he was still an enigma to many within the organization...he was experiencing changes of his own. He had been created for the purpose of spreading torment, but it was more then that. Greedy, lustful men who victimized those who could not fight back...these were the amoeba he had been designed to terrorize. A monster for the dark to fear...These dealings with Akako and his position as emissary had opened his eyes to a great many things that had been so foreign to him. they were becoming more than just an organization...it felt familial and strange now. Hell was no home, and he felt more at home in the icy depths of these mountains then he ever did in the burning hells. How could he ever be an heir to Dredge's throne when he felt such unfamiliar anxiety amidst those who were now...family He continued to keep his distance from the festivities and overall reverie as he skulked the heights of the amphitheater as a constant vigil overneath his Lord. His senses resolute in their efforts to keep him safe in these lands of unknown threats. Akako was a force to be reckoned with if the aura he felt was even a fraction of what she could, the demon at her side another wary contender. He knew his kind well as he was often seen wearing a patchwork cloak of numerous demonic hunters seeking to tan his 'traitorous' hide. He didn't trust them no matter how well she smiled, newcomers such as the one his eyes were currently fixed upon only solidified the unease. A spy as easily as a new recruit. It seemed as though he was solely focused on Dredge and didn't notice the presence of Kru'gorah's form amidst unnatural shadow. “And what if someone attempted to assassinate you?” "You wouldn’t even see it coming. The sun is in your eyes. The music drowns out any form of silent communication that your men might happen to catch. I’m this close to you now" “What are you going to do about it?” The hiss of the dagger leaving it's sheathe made on a slight disturbance in the air, but the aura of intent Kru'Gorah kept over Dredge whenever he was at his side allowed the demon a margin of foresight when the intent to harm Dredge was felt within his area of influence. The dagger managing only a single rotation on his finger before a tail as fast as any well fletched arrow sweeped his legs and slammed him to the floor with merciless strength. A glow beginning to splinter through the chitin plates of the tail itself, revealing it's source as Kru'Gorah immediately swung his fist to the floor. His tail seeming to respond as it hummed with brimming ferocity. "There is nothing more Lord Dredge needs to do; He has already appointed me with the task of handling vermin...like you" His voice coarse and purposeful; every word chosen carefuly as white pin points watched him through the shade of a patchwork cloak. His obscured and revealing only that he was dog legged with harrowing talons and a matching menagerie of claws that glinted against the light of his tail. The demon leaping from his perch and landing between the would be assassin and his own master. "You must respect the danger you have put yourself in; I am Kru'Gorah, Defender of the Throne...The Legions very own Djinn" He lowered himself to a feral position with his hands digging into the ground as his tail hovered over his head seemingly readying for a counterattack "I will bathe in your blood if you do not submit; You face the vessel of terror...So...What are you going to do about it?"
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