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  1. Huzzah!
  2. Oh shit i meant for each tendril My bad i must have forgotten!
  3. Posted! Huzzah for science! That is one of his most powerful abilities however just so no one thinks it is incredibly OP. It's max time limit is 84 seconds of alternating currents before it enters a 32 hour charge state
  4. Well wasn't this certainly an interesting predicament they had gotten themselves into; This sudden confrontation not excepted so soon into their adventure and yet....Marigold was anything but worried. This was the perfect opportunity to research the affects of the mist and the all the...dangers he has heard so much about in this place. His team seemed applicable to handle themselves during this encounter and it seemed that the tide of battle was weighing greatly in their favor...until the sudden sublimation of two of their teammates. Marigold snapping out of his stupor as he saw his beloved specimen turn into a sea of unsightly abominations. The scientist widening his eyes as he witnessed the seer in all his terrible glory. What most would see as a horror....Marigold' practically salivated at as his body thrummed with excitement. He was research material that could unlock the secrets of this place; Marigold should have been able to read such a signature underneath their veiled forms and yet....he had managed to subvert Marigold's tech This only interested him further. "The two of them may have survived the trap set for them, but they will never reach you in time to help." "You are alone. Give into your Fears now, or be Consumed." "Either way, the Maelstrom will claim you ALL." "Eventually." Marigold tasted the waves of progressive lust for research in all forms lapping at his brain in what most would consider utter madness; A grin splintering across his face possessing an almost unnatural enjoyment to it....not out of was simply a ghost of a smile caused by the utter interest he had in this creature. His attention was unfortunately wavered at the immediate danger of a large spider who deemed it necessary to emerge amidst the chaos. The scientist turning toward energy signature his glasses were picking up and seeing quite possibly the largest spider he had ever seen. The Demon rushed in without hesitation or any planning among the group. Marigold observing his attacks very closely and while they were quite direct and almost simple in nature....He certainly possessed a force of power. This attack didn't seem to have too much of an affect on this beast however as it only revealed innumerable beady eyes under said skin. Marigold rubbing his chin as it used this to it's advantage as he leaped directly into the air; spitting webs at them. Marigold was susceptible to hypnosis due to minefield of a brain...His eyes widening as he saw the tirade of yellow pupils....he didn't feel fear....but rather....A sense of beauty in such a thing. He never had to rely on others in his endeavors, but in this case....Faith had managed to block his view of the mesmerizing eyes. Marigold snapping out of his stupor once again as his metallic tendrils blocked most of the webbing while several strands struck his lab coat; this webbing the same Faith dodged. The affects were immediate The metal on the multiple arms immediate began to sizzle and corrode as the webbing chewed through it like it was nothing. Marigold swearing as it did the same to his lab coat, forcing him to remove it quickly; Now in a burgundy vest with a plum button up undershirt. Marigold still had four good tendrils left and an array of his gadgets in his vest...however technology alone wasn't going to win this....He had to get a little creative. "I never would have thought I would be thanking Faith of all things!" He called out in hysterical laughter at the double entendre before she landed and requested for the rest of her team to finish it off. "Very well! I shall give this a shot! Do be careful's webbing appears to be acidic" He warned before immediately running forward directly at Faith as he used his tendrils to jump up "Fire me toward it!" He said, feeling the gravity around him shift and flying toward the spider he went. Marigold laughing hysterically in his usual nature as A tendril grabbed one of it's legs and spun him around it before he was now on it's back. The tendril still holding on quite tightly to it's leg "Normal attacks will do nothing....this requires surface damage...something deep tissue...." Marigold muttered to himself as it ravaged the air in pain and anger; trying to free itself from the tendril before another one grappled it's other side....the third way ramming against it's head before this last working on wrapped around as much of it's waist as it could; nestling roughly into the eyes on it's stomach before marigold cracked his neck. He condemned magic in all it's forms and hated even more that he himself....was apart of their world....being a conduit he could amplify electricity and manipulate so long as it was on a conductive surface....and with a fusion generator on his back with 6(Now four) foot long metallic tendrils....doing such a thing was very possible. "Some say I am mad! Others say I am misguided....Perhaps I am both.... You will see that this is true, though you will also see that between the mad and the misguided, the line is as thin as a split hair that has been split again! What is madness, but to be simply mad?! HAHAHAHA" Marigold crying out in laughter as he shot his hands into the air. the sound of a loud thrum heard as electricity bolted through his Fusion Generator and erupted through the four tendrils; The arachnid connecting a current between the tendrils and unleashing a 60-hert alternating current of 330 volts of unending electricity coursing into it's flesh.
  5. Phew XD Good thing lol
  6. I rolled a five ._. Is there anything that has changed in the dice system yet or is it still too early in the thread?
  7. Wonderful! Going to roll the dice and begin! This is going to be so much fun~
  8. Going to post if there are no objections!
  9. You still can if your able! I am finishing up a chapter real quick! <3
  10. Valenstein was slightly thrown off by his sudden comment as Richard quite easily pierced through Valenstein' intentions.....It was true. He did want to show how much he cared about Fain by being there in his time of need. Fain needed him. He wouldn't have called him otherwise. "I don't understand....Knights are quite barbaric...." He said lightly in a very weak defense. Valenstein feeling a cold chill grip him as Richard began to speak more....If Richard made more than a sentence toward your direction it was almost never good. Valenstein almost preferred his usual stares and nods; his condescending "Fine" or his orders....but this almost gave Valenstein heart palpitations. "Of course your Majesty...I work only for you" he confirmed "My visits are only to keep him....yes...I know your time is very important" he said obediently as he nodded. Valenstein' eyes looking at his in surprise as he granted him permission before stating how close he was to be a target of suspicion. Valenstein bowing graciously "Thank you my liege. I will make my way immediately. I do not want you ever to be suspicious of my actions. My....feelings for your brother will never in any way interrupt my duties to you Magistrate" He said before immediately leaving as he was dismissed. Valenstein immediately snapped his fingers and materialized into The Arcanum It was a massive room of unimaginable beauty as large orbs of magic were suspended from the ceiling and created a glow that covered the entirety of the vast Arcanum. Candles ignited underneath the innumerable shelves filled to the brim with arcane texts and tomes from all across the world as Valenstein mounted the stairs toward the center of the room. Here housed a great deal of Valenstein' own spellworks and machinations of raw arcane magic. A spell weaving workshop as it were. Magic spinning around his fingers as plucked several ingredients from around the shelves and placed them on the gilded table. "If I finish this incantation a different way....I can instead send myself directly to any I desire so long as I have a piece of them" Valenstein said as he twirled two fingers around a white lock of hair "I should only ever use this for emergencies....and since Fain may be trying to fight a vampire psychopath......I would equate this urgent" He said before standing on a runic tablet beneath his feet and beginning to recite the incantation with new glyphs.....this would take time however; It would be faster than trying to look for him on his own...but it would still take energy to do. He only hoped he wouldn't be too late.... "Perhaps" Wirejaw responded as he lumbered next to Fain; He knew what he was after....he just didn't know if it was even a man anymore....what could take children and slaughter innocent people? It couldn't just be a man....Silas catching the glint of the Compass as it was offered to him. The larger man taking it and opening it as he tried to get his bearings; He always hated forests....they were so confusing and would often leave him turned around. "Well then ya have better sense then ah do in these darn woods" He said, always making sure he never cursed in front of young ones and while he saw the age and determination in Fain....he still felt like a young soul. Wirejaw looking at him as Fain started to speak up. The rusted man quite for some time as he looked forward again. His grim expression hardly ever changing before he solemnly nodded "Sounds like 'im.....Ya...ahm looking fer someone who took....somethin....from me" He said "It must be this Wicket....there can't be two kidnappin killers out here so...yea ah think were looking fer the same guy" He said as he saw Wirejaw' hand hold his chest before coughing heavily; dark fluid leaking from his metallic jaw before breathing inbetween his cough. Silas catching his breath before following Fain again "It might be best fer us ta camp fer the night. Won't get anywhere in tha dark" He said, not admitting that he in fact needed to rest; Fighting always caused his blood to rush and that wasn't good for him. "If ya wanna go ahead ah can't stop ya, but there is more than one dire tiger out here" He said "It's not safe alone"
  11. Okiedoke! I will be posting right away! Although I feel bad Maverick is being skipped ;_;
  12. Curse my lack of timing! Ahh well it's all good! I do just about anything so long as it's engaging and ever developing, but you don't have to take your focus off of this just for me! I am pretty patient <3
  13. Am I still apart of this soiree? or am I one too many? .3.
  14. If I am too much very well! I completely understand I can still be a interesting(Andslightlyjealous) Observer <3
  15. The meme lord is one board? Well hell this just became a dysfunctional group of adventurers didn't it? .....who to use..... Did I already say yet or have I yet to say? Im a little scatterbrained at times so I don't really know I have plenty to choose from~