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  1. FirePenguinDiscoPanda

    The Patchwork Djinn

    statistics Epithet: "We all can be free from mortal attrition, all we have to do is listen. The one with a thousand laughs. The god of endless crafts. He with many eyes will look upon his acolyte, and bring me into his enraptured light. Madness is the gateway to being free...Agony of the flesh, it's the key" Moniker: The Wishing Well Visual Age: unknown Birth Place: unknown Race: Demon Alignment: Chaotic Evil Gender: Male Class: Warlock...? physiology Hair: None Eyes: White Height: 6'4 Weight: 113 Voice: Raspy,Manic,rythmic Build: Unknown Condition: Enlightened clothing • He adorns a patchwork cloak from head to toe. A hood of the same mismatched make obscuring his face entirely. The cloak being made of a multitude of dried patches lf skin from different creatures. His only visible features being a pair of greyed hands with burn marks resembling some form of branding skills • His abilities are as mysterious as he is. The only known aspects being tales of dismayed villages and homes being visited by a patchwork figure. Accounts claiming he could do strange feats of magic and even grant wishes. The villagers soon being found horrifically murdered ans disfigured ritualistically
  2. FirePenguinDiscoPanda

    OOC: A series of unfortunate effects

    Im still down! This is gonna be the turning point to his alignment change in the imperium. The mist being a life changing experience that is surprisingly positive.
  3. FirePenguinDiscoPanda

    Terrenus Fan Event "Legion of Doom"

    Marigold was a...er...terrible Candidate i didn't realize his morality would resurface in thrme face of regret. Im using someone far less forgiving~
  4. FirePenguinDiscoPanda

    Terrenus Fan Event "Legion of Doom"

    Who said i can't do both!
  5. FirePenguinDiscoPanda

    LoD II: Hail to the Kings, Baby

    Circumstance was an interesting concept, or was it coincidence? It was hard to truly believe anything happened in this world for a reason; sweltering, consuming madness infecting the sentient with genius. Or was it genius infecting the mad? It was hard to tell in this case as he had only been travelling where the winds of chaos blowed and thus all over the world she went; The sensation of violent and specific chaos pulling her toward the direction of a most interesting phenomenon! A message, in his head no less. The voices were a constant, but this one was new. Strong, willful...delicious. Was it madness that spurred Dredge to send a localized message that a passerby most curious attuned to? Or perhaps the genius of forethought in calling for assistance! He always contemplated such ideas, and accepted the most generous offer. "This one os intrigued. A most dangerous game; to follow a voice that isn't yours" his voice spilling out of his lips like spoiled milk from A hot glass. His cloak bustling around him as he followed the source. His talents proceeding him The battle beginning to roar within the cave easily heard to anyone clpse enough to the entrance. The cloaked figure staring at it's entry several feet away and immediately felt as though hid very being was squirming in excitement. This was it. The source. His form shifting toward the threshold of the cave where he was now in full view. A cloak of horrific patchwork consisting of tanned skin of different shades of red, grey, and even pink. A hood obscuring all but the twinkle of two brilliant white lights marking his iridescent pupils. The rest of his form covered in this unsettling cloak except for a pair of scarred, clawed, hands that continued to rub themselves in interest The message from earlier claiming they needed assistance in dealing with these green skinned vermin, or that was assumed as he saw the great deal of them...surprisingly calm? It was hard to tell as there was some sort of fire creature and a...giant pigeon? He couldn't help but laugh, a slow churn of vocal chords making a terrible parody of the otherwise jovial reaction.
  6. FirePenguinDiscoPanda

    Terrenus Fan Event "Legion of Doom"

    Sign me up! Sent you a discord thingie-ma-bobber! Im always looking to delve into a little chaos!
  7. FirePenguinDiscoPanda

    A Letter Most Curious

    It was a most extravagant display, and possessed a decadence unlike the humble hamlet just outside the door. Tiberius sighing begrudgingly before practically groaning his response as though it were inconvenient "Follow me then. The Master has been waiting to meet you" He said unenthusiastically Heathcliff following next to Dan and shaking his head "Forgive his attitude. I often wonder what Thraice was thinking with this one" he said with a scoff as he flexed his intricately gloved fingers. Tiberius only sighing in response as they began to climb the stairs. The railing polished wood with a gold trim that smelled like it was of the highest quality. It was unbelievable that this was in the middle of quite literally nowhere. Dan hearing the growing sound of music as they made it to the second floor. The music a violin. Someone playing a violin? It was a hauntingly beautiful melody that enrapturued one in a blissful melancholy. Heathcliff beaming as he too heard it "Ah wonderful he is in an excellent mood if Nocturne is his choice" He said "He plays many instruments, but the violin is his favorite" Tiberius leading the two farther down the hall where a pair of large intricately carved doors stood open. The music coming from within the room. The carvings along the doors depicting a golden dragon with wings stretched out wide with waves of gold encircling it. The butler giving a gentle knock on the open doors to announce their presence "Sire, Mr. Palmer has arrived" he announced. "Please come in, I am eager to see our guest of honor" The violin silenced and heathcliff beckoned him forward as they entered the office. Dan once again surrounded by sheer brilliance as the dragon depiction sprawled across the ceiling in gilded gold. Statues, busts, and priceless effigies lining the walls around them on small platinum obelisks. Dan finally seeing Mayor Thraice for the first time. A throne in place of any office desk. He was seated properly, setting his violin off to the side, several swings of his cane filling the silence as they searched eachother. The strangest thing about him...was that he was a child. Somewhere between the ages of eight and twelve. How was that possible? He was lavished in reds and golds; a myriad of jewels along his olive skinned neck and fingers. Scarlet bangs framing his face and an intense, searching gaze. His eyes like the purest gold Dan had ever seen, as though they were inhuman in their perfection. Dan feeling an urge to steal them they were so beautiful "Mayor Thraice. Allow me to introduce our newest arrival. Mr. Dan Palmer, this is our esteemed leader. Thraice Galdric The Fourth" Heathcliff said with a bow. "I understand it must have been a long journey; it will he worth the effort I assure. I have no doubt you have already tasted of the curiosities my Hyde has to offer yes?" https://pin.it/wy7g42k35cftoi
  8. FirePenguinDiscoPanda

    MOBS tournament lounge

    There was a calm silence that fell over Zobuuriis as he listened to Tor'Gal. His reasons as honorable as they come. The dragonborn looking down into his stein for seconds that dragged on into minutes. A thousand yard stare that had no destination. It was difficult to ascertain his thought process; his scales maw closed in a fixated expression, a slight overbite seen as he shifted his jaw. The gargatuan finally moving with a quick knockback of his drink. His eyes meeting the half orcs as he rested the empty mug on the bar. "Gold worth nothing to me, Castle no home" He said slowly, voice rumbling like a low thunder. "You do good with this, help your people. If I win. It's yours" He said, ordering another drink and contuing his wittling. The figure slowly becoming recognizable as a small female...a child?
  9. FirePenguinDiscoPanda

    MOBS tournament lounge

    The dragonborn was wittling of all things; a small knife with an oaken hilt carving away at a small figurine. It was a strange sight to see such a behemoth working on something so small, with care. His dull irises that burned like dying embers. He was surprised to hear a voice he recognized; let alone the one of his opponent. It took an exceptional character to swallow his pride and congratulate in such a manner. "A good fight" he affirmed in that cavernous tone. "Paladins fight for our future. You fight for mine" His words simplistic, and methodical. Language wasn't his strong suit. He had gone nearly his whole life without knowing any common tongues. Slaves needed only their strength and obedience. "Honor in that" Zobuuriis taking a drink from his heavyset stein and sighed "Monster no more, want to be...craftsman" he said, waggling the knife idly "But lost something...need to get it back...being monster will help. You...orc? Half human. Strong" he said with a small grin before it vanished. Zobuuriis shaking his mighty head "no, dont want name shouted. Glory long behind me. Humans never accept, but i have" He said. He didn't hate their kind or the mirror species who felt the same. He knew red dragons were the worst of the chromatic lineage and he knew he couldn't escape that. "Why are you here? Seek glory? Acceptance?" He asked; a hint of curiosity on his tongue as he finished off his stein and quickly replaced it with another; setting the figurine and the knife down on the table as he gave Tor'Gal his full attention. "Today we fought, maybe tomorrow we friends" he said with a wide grin. Teeth large and jagged from lack of care, but genuine all the same.
  10. FirePenguinDiscoPanda

    MOBS tournament lobby v2

    Right, right! Just mark that as him feeling like its real. He doesn't understand complex magic and technology too well hah.
  11. FirePenguinDiscoPanda

    MOBS tournament lobby v2

    Hope my lounge post was alright!
  12. FirePenguinDiscoPanda

    MOBS tournament lounge

    Victory was a strange sensation he hadn't been accustomed to in a very long time. Granted, there was still much of the tournament to be had; He still felt the glory and honor of managing to come out on top against a paladin no less. His hulking form straining through the doorway as the nearly eight foot dragonborn entered the lounging area for tournament. The sword damage across his body still burning with residual holy magic. That damned paladin gave it his all, that was for sure. Zobuuriis making his way up the small flight of stairs and seeking solace in relaxing at his own table for the time being; not aiming to be distant, but also not wanting to be the center of attention his red scales always forced upon him. His form requiring three unfortunate seats to accomadate his weight. He was not accustomed to such a pleasant environment and it was a welcome change. Elendaron was a rough place to call home when you were considered a scaled demon. Terranus felt more accomadating at the very least. All it did was bring her tiny visage into the forefront. He couldn't enjoy himself for long, he wouldn't allow himself. Not until he found the answers he was looking for. Answers that may be at the end of this tournament. "Hope" His rumbling voice muttered. Another strange sensation
  13. FirePenguinDiscoPanda

    MOBS tournament lobby v2

  14. FirePenguinDiscoPanda

    [OOC] Night of Terror - Knoles

    Im worried for the town Louise is being surrounded!
  15. FirePenguinDiscoPanda

    [OOC] Night of Terror - Knoles

    Oh right! I misread that you couldn't move through them so yea, right next to the blighters! Stay away from my mayor 😤