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  1. If Possible Future conflicts and future fights will be SO much easier to coordinate if we have a 'battle map' like this one <3 I totally vote for using this throughout the thread if possible! Granted it seems like it takes some work but I figure we are going to mix it up enough what with all the effects and different characters (And some of my own brand of mania thrown in~) It'll keep us all coordinated ^w^
  2. Gotcha makes sense, So it is basically her reading other's actions through their eyes and mindset? That's really interesting. The only reason I haven't done the bond is solely because I didn't want Nieve to be assaulted with all his...... ................................................................................................................... .................................................................................................................................................................... 'Genius'
  3. On a more serious note I really don't think Nieve would want to bond with Marigold
  4. Because you have been villain number for too long It is time for madness to reign supreme! But Poor Nieve though. I like her Angel birb <3
  5. @Robbie Rotten Serves you right too >_> Welcome to the wibbly wobbly world of having long legs and terrible sense of balance <3 Enjoy fighting the floor~ Theflooralwayswins
  6. Fixed all the mistakes! Sorry it was Alexa I was talking about, not Nieve X3 I mistook her shouting Nieve' name
  7. Sorry guys, still tryin to remember character names! It wasn't nieve that screamed. That was my bad! Ill also reword the fire potion aspect! I rolled a 94 so Marigold isn't affected by anything but questioning his disposition is always wise! Hope I didn't ruin too much hah I feel bad I caused such a fuss </3 I will work on keeping details accurate, its been so long since ive been in such a refreshingly long rp so I want to make sure everything is perfect!
  8. "I captured several to study their poisons...surprisingly it took quite a long time to develop an immunity to their bites" He said cracking his neck as the memory of being catatonic in his office chair made him laugh hysterically for a moment or two; answering the question over Chitten bites. "Just because you have the ability...does not mean you should use without caution" Marigold spoke with failing volume as she had already done exactly that. It wasn't much concern for him. He was never a group project individual mostly because he was the only one ever doing the project back in his school days....but he could trust these were lazy children allowing a genius to do all the work. They were all professionals in their own right and that made all the research material here far more....important to his work. Marigold hearing the mind intruder bark out about being surrounded as soon as his glasses suddenly lit up with inhuman signatures that immediately surrounded them "I suppose I need to re-calibrate my sensor array" he mumbled with an arc of his eyebrow as though this were some minor infraction. Fights immediately broke out without a second thought; Marigold watching everything breakdown behind calculating eyes as Wesleigh fought and managed to save Nieve however sacrificing his physical stability in the process. The Doctor' eyes following the savage grace of Alitta as she protected the poor choice of mate . the fire potions she possessed would likely ignite the mist and cause their desired effects to strengthen; Marigold whisking the fogged air and tasting it for himself. It was too dense and had a very strong couldn't just be condensed air, it had to be a gas....Fire does effect gas. Marigold filing away that this was now classified as a gas and not a mist as he watched the multi limbed goddess begin to wreak havoc. One of the signatures suddenly rose above the others higher and higher until he realized it was A chitten being thrown in his immediate direction; A sudden clap of his hands causing him to grin as A scalpel found it's way to his right hand....where he proceeded to catch it before impact and use it's force and direction to smash it into a directed course straight into the ground. The force crushing what little life it had left. "How disappointing that I can't take you home" He said leaning forward as he did a field analysis, running his hands over it's surface and examining it within great detail before the sudden scream from Alexa broke his concentration forcing him to look up and see what it was.....It was the flying woman...Nieve. Marigold squinting his eyes as he caught the two entities running at her with the intent to kill. "Sometimes in a world such as ours We need heroes to defend us from evil Other times.... We need monsters Marigold felt the hairs on the back of his neck stand on end as his pupils shrunk to Pinheads. A click of his tongue causing him to outstretch his hands as metallic tendrils shot from his coat sleeves and lanced through the battlefield before making a 90 degree turn directly into the ground. Marigold taking a step back before he released the elastic dampeners and like a manic rocket; flying passed the metallic tethers that detached themselves as they followed their master who was moving quickly toward Nieve. The first Chitten fighting against the force of her weapon while the other tried to crawl around it before one of the tethers of Marigold' struck it's shell and pierced it like hot butter. the little abomination screeching in pain as the other Chitten was suddenly grabbed by quickly passing.....Marigold....who was laughing maniacally as he flew passed her. The tether that skewered the unfortunate creature suddenly being jerked behind him and drug through the battlefield. The Doctor slowing down as he kicked out his feet and landed with a streak of dust as he skid to a stop. Marigold held the creature he had taken from Nieve by it's ever dying form....His scalpel drove deep into a weakpoint he found from the one that flew at him earlier. The other had died on it's treacherous flight with Ravenspire He dropped them both in piles of their own blood and lifeless remains as he assessed the rest of the situation. His tethers ripping from the back of his lab coat as they lashed at the ground around him "Let us see the effectiveness of dismemberment and dissection shall we?" He asked as he now stood against one of the last Queen's that had tried to attack them He felt the creeping sensation of a voice trying to break into his mind. The Queen marching forth as she invaded his mind 'You will be....-' Images in terrible detail corroded the mental link she had with Marigold as she bore witness to everything he wanted to do to her. It was jarring...even for something of a lesser intelligence "Brilliant isn't? You can tap into my brain all you want to, but you will never have it's you not see the more useful ways you could be used? So many possibilities...." He said as he began to move forward. The Queen hissing as she charged forth 'DIE' His tethers overwhelmed her as they split into two each. a dozen soon turning into 30 as they wrapped around every appendage they could and finished with wrapping around her throat, leaving her completely immobile as he lifted off the ground slightly as she tried to assault his mind with psychic rage but only received terrible grins and barks of laughter "Let the testing begin shall we? Pain impotence #01" He spoke as one of the tethers holding a leg began to apply pressure as it attempted to pull away from her as it was still wrapped around her leg. The creature beginning to screech in pain before the sickening squelch of flesh was heard. The leg falling to the ground as that tether now savagely embedded itself in her back; More chattering screeches heard as he continued his experiment. Marigold removing leg after leg, slower and slower each time. He wore her down to three legs before raising her where her stomach was exposed as he outstretched the rest of her arms to keep her taught. "Usually Autopsy are for post death" He said with a bark of laughter as he bore through her stomach with scalpel in hand and caused a rush of blood and viscera to waterfall to the ground as he quite literally....entered her. The insect writhing in utter agony as he toyed with organs and tested out what would happen if A or B were removed. Marigold finally leaving her body completely covered in her gore before snapping his fingers and ripping off the final three legs to the already near death Queen before she was finally set free from her agony as her head was pulled off with great force before her body fell with a loud thud "Test Complete" He said as one of the tethers pulled blood from her body and stored for later research.
  9. Well shoot me a PM with some of those Ideas 0w0 I would love to get Marigold some more character development! and potentially make a new colleague!
  10. Posting as we speak <3 And if you ever feel like doing something with marigold @Deviant Just let me know!
  11. "You must of meant much to him in the short time you knew him. He always appreciated those who listened to his crazy stories and long winded question because he felt that meant he mattered enough to listen to" He said as he sat up and followed Fain to the cabin "I am Omrik. Didn't know any of this equated much to be visited by a Locke. If you can help find Abbot and bring peace to all this...It should be me thanking you" He said "You'll have to go in alone however....It's bad luck for the rest of the crew to go in there...the sanctuary of a dead captain" He said grimly as he stepped back and let Fain go inside on his own. It wasn't just the darkness that felt was the sound. It felt like he stepped into a different plane of existence; It wasn't that it was silent, but it felt disconnected. The water rolling from the beach and receding down back into the ocean being muffled through the wood of the cabin feeling as though he were in a snow globe of the world, and yet...not. The lantern roared to life a little more powerful then Fain had intended, but with a shift of the knob it calmed into a reliable light source. In the light of the lantern...everything felt different. It felt like a lost and found paradise where Abbot would take things he had found and bring them here. A Sanctuary of everything Abbot found interesting and loved. There were at least a dozen or so pirate maps that he had created and even some he went on himself to make his own adventure. Fain illuminating a small barrel with a sheet over it that acted as a table. It had a picture of him, his dad, and his mom in it together with unlit candles on either side; likely where he would feel the safest when it became night. A makeshift cubby/tent just behind this barrel table and had pictures of all the adventures he dad told him about and it was also where he put the most interesting things he had found. It was all a lot to take in for Fain as emotionally strong as he even see everything the boy he was looking for cared about. The worst thing about it was that there was nothing that yelled out to him 'clue'. It all felt like just a place Abbot stayed and spend a lot of summer days around. It wasn't until Fain moved his lantern in such a way that accidentally knocked over an unseen box that toppled against the wall and tore some of the pictures down. a couple of them floating through the air and landing gracefully on the floor. One of them hung lopsidedly on the corner of a tackle box; What Fain saw couldn't have been a coincidence. It was a crude picture of the ocean with a strange lanky character that had cartoonishly long legs and arms with a mess of scribbled hair and a grin that was very plainly drawn out with only a small caption underneath it 'How can he talk with such sharp teeth?' Was this who Fain thought it was?....
  12. "You must not have known him well if you have to ask that" He said with a bittersweet smirk "When it came to was all about his father....and the ocean" He said "There was nothing more he liked; Had that same glint in his eye Maris had...a love for adventure...almost a lust if anything. What awaits that big blue gem out there" He said looking at Fain as he stood parallel to him "I was Maris' navigator in his old privateer days....I loved that man like he was my brother....his family too" He said looking at the pendent in Fain's hand, then to his arm "That's his pendent....Where did you get that?" He asked "Did Abbot give it to you? It wasn't with Maris' stuff after he...." The man sighing "That is the symbol ol' Maris crew 'The StormClaws'....We all made it a symbol of freedom and exploration. He must of given it to Abbot" He said shaking his head "If your looking for answers....I couldn't tell you much. When Maris became a family man...he left his old life behind so I don't know where Abbot could of gone or even who took him....if it was that crazy runnin around or someone after the family, however Abbot did often go into the shack Maris had abandoned when he moved into the city...used it as his own little world when he came down here....maybe there is something there that could help ya" He said pointing passed the docks where the ocean touched the land. An aged shack stood at it's cusp with the same symbol painted on it that rested in Fain's hand...perhaps Abbot left something behind that could aid in Fain's search. It was a long shot, but it had to be worth a try. It's entrance wasn't much, just wooden door with a small broken window and a signpost 'PIRATES ONLY!' It looked as though it was painted on by a child...likely Abbot's doing. Fain could have breathed on the door and it would of easily swung open. The boy never knowing how to properly keep it closed. It's interior a cluttered mess of everything you could possibly find around a collection of everything lost and found O On the surface Fain would find nothing really of value; broken crates, barrels, fishnets, 'borrowed' crystals and items that must of fell from a mineral ship and found it's way on shore. Only the light from outside filtering into the small house so Fain would have to light something if he wanted to see if there were any further clues.
  13. He was a thin man who seemed to have skipped one too many meals; his hair cut in a choppy wave of a mohawk while his tanktop and pants practically screamed that he must have been a privateer at some point. He rose his head and turned toward where he thought he had heard a voice and saw a pale with eyes of powerful conflict. Fain seeing the rough and sea salt corroded face of the man. One of his eyes was cloudy while the other was a sea foam green "Huh?...what...what do you want?" He asked, his voice hoarse from years of yelling against a shattering sea. The rest of those who were mourning beginning to dissipate around the dock as they left the vigil with a single burning candle now. In only a few minutes it was only Fain and the haggard man left "If you've come to pay your's the time to do it" He said looking toward Maris and Abbot' pictures "If it's not...what do you want?" He asked. The man didn't seem to stray away from the strange young man that wanted his attention, but that didn't stop him from starting to move toward the Docks and sat down as he watched the waves surge and roll. the water kissing at his heels "If your here for information....I know probably as much as you do...It just happened this morning...Why....was it bad enough that monster killed the greatest man I knew....slaughtered his beautiful wife.....but now....they took him...Abbot" He said holding one hand to his face "I'm sorry...I don't mean ta lose myself. It's just hard to imagine why anyone would ever do this" he said "What can I help you with?"
  14. Oh of course! He isn't one to take money for his work, but rather research material of any kind so long as it is worth his while! @Deviant
  15. Well he only just appeared! Marigold will gladly take a sample from him <3 @Deviant Marigold is definitely going to put them to good use! A shadow ninja would hold an innumerable amount of valuable resources of A biological engineer~ @GravidMystic Well he worked to perfect his engineering and construction; Gadget making and such so he could properly control the biological 'specimens' he created ^W^