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  1. Something Lurks in the Forest [IC]

    Their quest had finally come to an end. Their lives still intact with a great and terrible foe slain "All in all, a good day aye?" Ingvar asked with a bout of boastful laughter, eyeing the three of them with pride and even wonder. It was crazy to think that only recently was his superior trying to kill them to hide the terrible things he had done. Ingvar was glad to be rid of him "Ragelager was a meater, and im glad he's shoved off" The dwarf said, spitting at the ground. Gorgorron bowing before Nikki "You brought peace to a forest older than I. The honor is mine" He said humbly, giving her a mossy grin, turning toward Walker who seemed the air of youthful optimism. It was refreshing to say the least "Indeed. It is an experience only few get to experience. It your cross to bear. Wear it with tact, and pride." Gorgorron stepping forth, ahead of the three and before his newly indoctrinated followers "Hear me, you have all proved your worth many times over, and have been redeemed for your mistakes. You are now the guardians of this forest. I must return to my slumber so that I may properly imbue this forest with the energies it so desperately needs. It will be up to you to keep corruption from claiming these woods once more. you have all made me proud this day, and I embrace you with open arms" The dwarves listened to his speech with surprising admiration. Their segregation from Ragelager something they had all felt encroaching fast due to his ever growing corruption that spilled out into his work. This was their new life now, and they felt all the better about it with a leader like Gorgorron. "Don't ya worry boss man, we got you and this 'ere woods covered" Ingvar said, beating his fist against his chest in respect. The rest of the dwarves doing the same. Gorgorron outstretching his arms and bowing, and in time...they did the same. The orcs practically chattering with excitement. It had been ages since they had seen their god in the flesh, and there he was, saving them from corruption with the help of three powerful adventurers! Nikki feeling the strange divide between her beast eye and the rest of her form. It felt like a rift that hadn't existed there before. Ferris taking her hand after just barely climbing that hole before that strange sensation crawled up their conjoined hands. Both of them feeling their own form of unease at the same time. It wasn't anything that was necessarily concerning, but it just felt...odd. Off even. Perhaps it was just the trauma of nearly being crushed by an impossibly powerful creature. It was simply too small of a sensation for them to tell. Nikki feeling a weird smile creep upon her lips everytime her beastly gaze would look upon anything. The woman having to force herself to almost frown so that a near toothy grin didn't spread across her features at the sight of Ferris or walker. What was this strange sensation? Perhaps she just needed to rest. She had been nearly killed. Gorgorron giving them all a farewell before returning to the woods as Ingvar barked at the other dwarves to get a move on. Their construction efforts switching to create a sanctuary near the forest. A garrison where they could keep a watchful eye. The orcs following their god deep into the woods, vanishing in the trees it seemed like. The whole world now having a new meaning of freedom to them as Sunshine beamed down onto them.
  2. Automated Strife [Anima Imperium]

    Marigold had taken Rodan along with him to assist in the inspection of Arashi' capabilities. The night's activities keeping everyone busy, and restless....some more than others. Marigold dealing with most of the Abaddon members in his own curious way, and yet all it did was deepen the worry he had over his betrayal. It wasn't that he was guilty of doing such a thing to these entities. They were all just as bad, if not worse than he; having no sympathy for those who attempted to sway the world by making it worse. His worry not over himself either strangely enough. He didn't know quite why he wasn't afraid to die...perhaps it was simply because he had died when his wife did. The doctor nothing more than a husk without the one who had given life more meaning than just experimentation, madness, and projects that did nothing but produce more questions than answers. Deep within his facility. In the recesses of the office that was still in the process of being built, the only thing he could worry about was Gabriella. A powerful vampire she may be, but pregnancy was unfortunately a hindrance that couldn't simply be 'adrenaline fueled' away. Was it safer for the child if he kept her safe in the room? He had more control in his lab than he did out there...but the thought of leaving her to something like Agony was signing her up for a fate worse than death. Who knows what a creature wanted, property apparently from his conversation with the queen. Why? He couldn't imagine a primordial realtor or farmer that was for certain. The doctor wiping the sweat from his brow as he continued to reconfigure the power and alter it's shut down protocols. "Xerxes if you- oh...that's right" He muttered, remembering that he had relinquished Xerxes to Gabriella. It was the safer thing to do simply because he could keep her safe better than a human could. It was a long night without rest for Marigold as he planned, prepared, and made sure the facility was reconfigured to keep in, versus keep out...only time would tell if any of this makes a difference. He could just be making her suffering more agonizing. Who knows what this Roen or Raphael would do...Agony no less. "His name is Agony! It doesn't get more 'on the nose' than that now does it?" He asked to the air, so used to conversating with his silent sentinel. There were so many unknown variables to worry about that he could barely wrap his head around them. Arashi and Mallager were another avenue...he had told them to either cause as many distractions and split the Abaddon forces up as much as possible or simply...get of here while they could. Marigold giving Arashi a room right next to Gabriella that he left unlocked, giving her instructions to act as soon as she heard the sirens and the power shut off. He didn't know how much they could help considering Mallager was far more twisted than Marigold was, and Arashi was...well. Marigold felt a spirit so defiant deserved it's chance at freedom. He'd rather see her alive and well, out of her father's grasp than trying to involve herself in a fight that isn't her own. The doctor even returning her scarf. A smile appearing on his face at the thought "It is a strange feeling...doing some good for once" He said "I suppose worse case scenario in all of this is I become reunited with my love" He muttered, looking at a picture he had of her in thought. This was going to be a defining moment in his life for better or for worse. So long as Gabriella had a chance to live her life...that her child get's to breath in their first breath of fresh air. It was worth it.
  3. The Leather Bound Heart [Anime Imperium]

    What was a man to do? A man who had destroyed, created, lived, and lost all within such a short span of life even for a human such as he. He was presented with a scenario where was there was no thing to do. Marigold feeling as though that listless road he had been stumbling down with no direction was now at a dead end with only two options. Save the queen and risk death and worse or leave her to her fate and live with that weight on his mind for the rest of his life. It was a decision that when faced with her desperation, and beauty, and absolute desire to do nothing more than to secure the life of her child...than there was only one option wasn't there? Stop it Her words had certainly shut him up, his gaze watching her with light concern as she made her way over to him with some difficult, and even knelt down "Queen you don-" he tried, but shuddered to a stop as her hand went under his coat and touched the skin of his shoulder. His back going rigid as she had been the first to ever touch his bare skin in four years. It was almost new to him, uncomfortable even yet he stayed where he was. Gabriella feeling a scar upon where she touched, sutures also felt criss-crossed along this mark still unseen...but most certainly felt. The doctor in a malaise of silence as she continued to speak. “You have a son, Dr. Marigold, a wonderful little boy who thinks he has lost his mother and does not know he ever had a father. I cannot begin to understand why Lilly kept his birth from you, perhaps she didn’t want to burden you and your important work, or perhaps the opportunity never presented itself…” This was still a subject that he could hardly wrap his head around; Lilly never telling him about a child, was it genetically his? Why had she kept such a thing hidden? It was true he did enjoy his work a great deal, and the thought of children often would make him nervous...but what husband didn't think of being a dad at times? Having something flesh and blood that enraptured the passions between two loving people? Tears beginning to threaten his vision once more, lowering his head. He loathed himself for being such a weak creature...so emotionally unstable. "Perhaps we weren't as close as I once thought...Who knows? perhaps she deep down knew that I couldn't be trusted with such information?" He asked quietly into the air. Bitter and harsh. Had she cheated, and kept the child in secret? Such thoughts only put him in worse straits... Don’t be so hopeless This time he did look up again, his eyes meeting her endless pools of sheer gold. The way her hair framed around her full face perfectly. Her gown while degraded in material quality, still fit her form as though it were made from her dreams. Skin of marble carved from the gods themselves...she was more than Queen. She was a strong woman who in the face of sheer danger, and hopeless conclusion, told not herself...but an unstable doctor that may or may not try to help save her to cling to hope. "It is strange is it not...the way the fates work...gods...creatures of such power that they themselves create rules they don't even have to follow...It's why I chose to try and carve my own path with logic and understanding. What right do they have to dictate my life? What right do they have to judge us and claim our lives on their whimsy? I often blamed them for her death...this world of magic and monsters, gods and devils...I hated being human because at the end of the day...all we can do is watch as our betters council our future. I hate them...Agony, Rodan, Lunara...their prisoners...I hate them all...too powerful for their own good...gods who can shift their futures with power that shouldn't exist at all" He said with mounting anger, pain, and frustration. "Why does power corrupt do you think? They say humans are most susceptible to it's allure, yet all I see is inhuman entities with these abilities...I am a dying breed and it...scares me...terrifies me that no one will remember lilly but me....and her son...that no one will remember who I am and what I tried to do because in the scope of fate's sway I am but an atom. Roen and Rapheal...I imagine they too are these weavers of their own fate, gifted with abilities they do not deserve" Perhaps this wasn't about saving a queen and her child afterall. This wasn't about redeeming himself in his wife's eyes, failing her by letting her die...no. This was about proving that these creatures could not just do as they desired. That in the end, even if he did die. A human managed to impede their progress. "That is very helpful. I know at least who to expect if they do decide to come and rescue you, but from the inflection of your voice I assume that isn't necessarily a good thing is it?" He asked, rising to his feet and shaking off the emotions warring within him. "Why that malicious thing wants orisian resources concerns me; I am glad you refused because I am getting you out of here. That's final" He said, having enough time to think about this decision and coming up with simple reasoning. "I have grieved long enough haven't I? I have spent four years wasting away with her memory. It's time I did something with it, and what better than to save the one she believed in?" He asked, grinning for the first time awhile. It was alive, fervent even. "Courage isn't the absence of fear I suppose" He added, running a hand through his messy hair, his smile fading into a serious expression "I am going to do my best to plan as much of this as I can but there is no guarantee any of this will work" He said, putting his hands together in thought. Silence consuming them for nearly five minutes as he went through potential ways of doing this. "Alright..I am going to program Xerxes to guide you out of her and keep you moving to somewhere safe, when I shut the power off. Your door and the exit from the sub lab will be the only open doors on the premises. Xerxes will guide you, and I want you to run do you understand me?...I want you to head east...alright? I know your pregnancy is reaching it's end but there is no other option. you need to head for tazarek...away from here and in a city where you can hide our. It's a terrible plan, but it's our best chance." He said, Marigold whistling and xerxes entered the room with the door closing behind him. "Command: Override: Aegis Protocol. You are to guide her to these coordinates and protect her at any cost understood Xerxes? She is your master now. Protect her with everything you have" He said sternly. The canine immediately moving over to her side and standing vigilant "Do be careful will you? as best as you can...he is durable against most common threats, but he has his limits. He is...important to me" He said almost nervously. Xerxes was his first project. Six years old with a heap of junk that he turned into the only friend he ever had. "And on that note, I want you to take these" He said, pulling from his coat a metallic cylinder a few inches long, and only a half inch long "If you are in fear of your life...flip open the top, and press the button" He said, giving her a few vials of blood to keep her well fed. "I don't know how any of this is going to go...but either way...A monster can't cry can they? That's why they became a monster...so they wouldn't have to cry anymore" He said, seeming to rub his chest as he said those words. "I digress however, I need to prepare and you need to save your strength...good luck" He said awkwardly. He wasn't a good conversationalist when emotions were involved. The doctor quickly leaving the room without giving her a chance to respond to much. The night likely long and arduous for both of them as they were both left to think, and plan.
  4. CHAOS

    Ill try my hand at C.O! Well his 'specialty' is crowd control, using his chemical warfrare to win by attrition, however you want to classify that.
  5. A Letter Most Curious

    The crystalline mist that shrouded Dan continued to swirl lazily around him. The familiar velvet tones of Heathcliff praising his accuracy "Quite astute of you Mr. Palmer. The most important aspect a marksman can have is omniscient perception at all times, yet only gods could hold such a power" He spoke words that snapped like a whip. The frozen daggers that had landed at Dan's feet glowing for only a second before erupting in plums of freezing cold air that burned to the touch and even was painful to breath in. Six more daggers flying directly at him this time; Music beginning to fill the surrounding area. It was a beautiful piece of classical music...a melchonoly mix of piano and violin that created a bohemian sadness that touched one's very soul. Daggers continually being fanned at him in every direction. The sound of humming and scraping noises dancing around the music as it played. Heathcliff constantly moving around Dan, hidden within the frigid fog. "Hungarian Dance. By Johannes Brahms...ah...A true masterpiece in it's own right is it not? Do you hear the crescendo into action? Into chaos, and might? It's pace easing into gentle tones before picking up again?" His voice asked, beginning to become more distorted as it seemed he was moving faster and faster around Dan. The 'boy' only able to catch mere glimpses of his alabaster form "Pay attention...to my attacks" Spears four inches long firing from the fog in different direactions around him with such speed and accuracy that two spears thrown from opposite directions would *clash* together and either shower into sprinkles of shatters ice or rebound and fly off into the air. The marksman simply proving a point with a little demonstration. "Focus on the music,feel it's impulse, focus on my attacks, predict their direction, let the cold in, withstand it's pain. It is not up to us as marksman to never miss...it is up to us to always be ahead of our opponents. That is the key. Figure out where my next attack is coming from and deflect it" His voice lashed out as eight spears coming from all cardinal directions aimed to skewer him. It may have been a bit of a harsh lesson to start out with. But it was necessary.
  6. CHAOS

    I would love to be apart of this! Villains are my life blood. It doesn't matter to me what position he is. C.O or lieutenant wpuld be interesting considering his history with military advancement
  7. OoC I: The Abbadon Triumvirate

    Is there still a posting order? Is roen going after malice now? Should i post?
  8. OoC I: The Abbadon Triumvirate

    Oh this is getting good I can barely stand this anticipation. Marigold is quite literally surrounded by the most powerful creatures he has ever encountered!
  9. Roles open in Nvengaria in the Noble houses.

    I will gladly go arch mage! The concept is broad enough where I can think of a great deal to do with that position!
  10. T1e Beta Testing in-progress

    Yea I thought I was doing good, until a +9 attack hit XD and no matter what hp heath was at, that was it!
  11. T1e Beta Testing in-progress

    Oh good! Well that's match set! I only wish I put up more of a fight and made it more interesting. Sorry if it ended so quickly. I may have used the wrong character for this. I need to stop using humans I guess XD
  12. T1e Beta Test V 1.0 G2

    Heathcliff had no time to react, no time to run, to swear, to pray to an impotent god or even to think. There was nothing but flames, roars of being carnage...and white. It was a white that blurred his visions and marred his mind with searing agony. Heathcliff nowhere in sight as the blast had cascaded his rather lithe form through the air and into a distant wall where he was now slumped against, unmoving. Every inch of skin filleted from the flames. was he even alive? The white hot blur consuming his mind with such a barrage that he wondered if this wasn't an attack, more a gateway straight to the afterlife. A world he was so unprepared for. His consciousness taking him back to Hyde...a town he considered a home, where he served the mayor loyally and was surrounded by quirky and strange towns people that he missed dearly. Had he made a mistake? He was just a human so driven to overcome his mortal limitations that he was willing to fight for, yet...it took the power of a fire god to leave him a smoldering husk. It was a foolish dream really, and all he could do through the burns that gave him no relief, was smirk...before his head fell limp. Krieger achieving victory.
  13. T1e Beta Testing in-progress

    I hope not! I still plan on using Heathcliff ;_;
  14. T1e Beta Testing in-progress

    Well not dead, just knocked out. Right? Or are these fights to the death?
  15. The Anima Imperium

    "I am sure I can assist with at least aiding in transportation" Marigold offered with a dismissive wave of his hand as he pushed up his glasses. It was an interesting prospect for the mayor herself to show up and greet him. Had he been causing that much trouble? He honestly thought with everything going on in the world he would be able to construct the imperium unhindered, yet here she was. Marigold digesting her words as there was a good deal to think about "Well I don't have much of a choice do I? It will do no good for my reputation here if rumors continue to circulate." He said with a hint of irritation. That condescending part of him condemning those fools who would look upon a scientist and be to afraid in their inferior brainpower to ever have the courage to see passed their peasant lives. Marigold a man of many angles, and rumors brought out a particularly jagged corner of his spirit. The doctor keeping this all internalized however "That sounds like an excellent idea. It would do everyone good to ease their suspicions. I aim to be amicable to my neighbors" He said with a light chuckle, finding amusement in such words. "Xerxes, stay here and defend this perimeter." The doctor ordered, and the mechanical canine immediately took point began to prowl the perimeter "Xerxes has a habit of making others weary, but I suppose that is a bit purposeful isn't it? A human in a world of magic and monsters is born at a disadvantage. Lead the way if you would Madam" He said, curling his arms behind his back, awaiting to follow Hedia toward her hamlet.