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  1. Villains! (OOC)

    I'm celebrating a friend's birthday so I'll be just a little bit on replying!
  2. Villains! (OOC)

    @Alex Kimchi You sir Are interesting However it is not wise to assume laughing stocks archetype ~ He won't appreciate it too much @BeeTheNarwhal Thank you ~ he certainly triess! He could however he could get stuck like that lol
  3. Villains! (OOC)

    @Alex Kimchi You sir Are interesting However it is not wise to assume laughing stocks archetype ~ He won't appreciate it too much
  4. Villains! (OOC)

    I enjoy yours too! Im flattered <3 I was always worried the crazy was 'too much' .3. but I feel I change up the recipe enough ^_^
  5. Villains! (OOC)

    Crazy is about 40 percent of my repertoire <3 Can't wait for you to see more!
  6. Villains! (OOC)

    NOOOOOoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Only a few >-> What can I say? Crazy is my specialty <3
  7. Villains! (OOC)

    For clarification Laughing Stock isn't on the ground <3 He used the momentum from his spin to launch into the air and is currently raining wrecking ball hell from the sky! You would have to throw the grenade into the air to hit him <3
  8. Villains!

    "Oh it appears your views over your older brother are stronger than I thought...generally the jekyll and hyde archetype is easily frightened by the aspect of their power hurting others~" Yaun said as his neck cracked in several places causing his head to swivel unnaturally "I guess I am not good at playing the boring lone wolves. Oh my parents are dead and my brother is a monster. I'm practically there to clean up his messes boohoo~ HAHAHAHA" Laughing stock starting to rave with laughter as his form fell away with splitting cracks to reveal the mad creature within before as if on cue the the neon sign smashed in front of him; betwixt him and his prey before Isiah dropped before him. Laughing Stock bowed graciously with a grin of unfettered glee "Oh well if it isn't my favorite eye in the sky~ I see you couldn't keep away from me <3 They never can~" He spoke in a sultry voice; hearts blooming in his gaze before a titter of laughter bubbled up "I do appreciate you coming all this way to visit little old me; I am sure you have a pool to go back to lest the drugs give you trouble hmm? I have a little snake to release from the zoo" The mad man said as he lurched a hand passed Isiah and like it was made of paper...tore his hand through the neon sign as he wedge to the other side where Ran was still standing "Don't worry about him little garden snake; my boyfriend is completely harmless unless you are hiding a bottle of advil HAHAHA" Without any further babbling he put the tip of his colorful boot on the inside of his thigh and started to spin in a very Ballerina twirl before the density around him became lighter and his spinning grew faster and faster "NoW cOmE HeRe AnD sHoW mE wHaT's InSiDe PaNdOrA's BoX!" His howls sound distorted through the deadly tornado he had turn into as he shot head first directly at Ran. If he couldn't trick The Basilisk then he would just have to force him out. If his terrible tornado of power was dodged by Ran then it would strike against the door that Yaun was watching from and bend it inward violently as the mad man had little care for property damage I can leave that to good old Ursula~ His attacks hard to predict simply because he came up with them on the fly as he shot into the air; his hands shooting out to hold his head as the rest of his body started to sputter and slow down like forcibly gripping the rotor of an airplane. The familiar sound of his laughter heard over head; His legs fusing together as they appeared to turn into a spring loaded wrecking ball. Laughing Stock firing this into the alleyway and causing it to smash into the side of the restaurant as he swung it around and aimed for Ran.... He was powerful indeed, but his madness was consuming and he had never wanted to unleash something this bad I don't know if I can stop AND I DONT WANT TO His arms beginning to spin around as he once again created a tornado; the heavy sphere of destruction smashing through the Alley as he chanted Ran's name as though he were on stage "you can stop me; all you gotta do is pop the cork! HAHAHAHAAAAA"
  9. Villains! (OOC)

    Huzzah! the proverbial fecal matter has hit the fan <3 Stock is a hard man to say no to~
  10. Villains!

    Oh this was better than cock fighting in a whip cream factory; It seemed Ran felt uncomfortable with her touch that it almost caused her to crack a cheshire grin which would have been very out of character. Her gaze following him as he scribbled onto a paper. He was mute....was it by choice? Laughing Stock couldn't imagine not talking! I'm Ran. I'll bring you the tea shortly. "Very well Ran; Thank you very much!" She said smiling; her eyes following him as he quickly left to the kitchen Ran Ursula' grin widening slightly as she started to dig into her meal. Ran is it? This is the little snake that has interested a great deal of super powers in this big old cesspool of ours, but it is going to be ME WHO POPS THE CORK. The woman looking toward the door that separated Ran and Yaun from her gaze; Her nose wiggling as it's smell receptors changed composition to something more sensitive. A few small sniffs revealing Ran and Yaun's scents just behind the door for sometime before her target' scent left out the backdoor. This was perfect Yaun replaced his brother as her waiter and brought her the tea she had requested "Thank you so much kind man" She said "I do love getting away from all the hullabaloo and enjoy that city at it's core" She said as she sipped her tea "It's hard being who you are in the world...many put you on a pedestal and you start losing touch with them...family....sisters...mothers...brothers....It's all so chaotic sometimes and once you are in a seat of power that can help others they expect nothing else...that when you simply want to travel to a cute little shoppe such as this one...they damn you as the Laughing Stock of the world~" She quickly rose again as she downed the last of her tea "I must be going; I am quite late for a meeting" She said leaving a 30 dollar tip before brushing his cheek with the back of her hand "You must always see the world as it could be...." She said before moving toward the wrong door and toward the kitchen door; her hand brushing against it before she blushed profusely as she hadn't noticed due to looking at her phone "Oh dear...The door is this way. so sorry" She said before leaving out the front quickly, closing the door firmly It had been several minutes into Ran's break; The alleyway leading from the establishment actually well kept up and docile; even having several chairs for employees taking a break. Ran having some peace and quiet after the strangeness that woman had caused him. Was the Basalisk right in being suspicious of her or was it simply trying to manipulate the poor boy further? Ran hearing the sound of clicking sounds as he heard the familiar sound of heels....It was Ursula "Ran? Strange seeing you here! I was just leaving" She said waving to a couple passing by before moving deeper into the alleyway "We didn't have a chance to finish our conversation" She said her voice transitioning into the deranged creature underneath as her form melted away and revealed Laughing Stock...his hand pulling the alleyway and causing it to crash against the restaurants...leaving them isolated from the street "Let's see what you have hiding under Pandora's Box Ran; I have been searching for you for a long time~" He said; his eyes burning a terrible gold as he...turned to Yaun' form, voice and all "I mean unless you want Laughing stock to kill me...." He said as he started to...bleed; Laughing Stock altering his own density in very thin wounds that cause blood to rush down his body and face; Yaun looking as though he had been in a terrible accident "Help me Ran....p-please...." Yaun would find that getting out was harder than he had originally thought; the door to the kitchen feeling....much heavier; It practically wouldn't budge and even customers were complaining that there was something wrong with the front door. It too wouldn't budge....
  11. Villains!

    It was wrong for Aiden to assume that Ursula was simply out for monetary gain; she was a wealthy woman who had a great deal of sway over the views many people in this city had over the heroes so was it stretching it too far that she was selfishly doing so just to line her pockets and keep a lifestyle many (Including Aiden) desired? The boys had their own reason to doubt her for it was suspicious for a woman of her stature to came to a mediocre establishment, and yet...she was genuine. Her warm smile, her eyes that sparkled like the finest wine, the way she spoke delicately and kindly, and even making jokes....in the face of her genuine nature these allegations were simply that......This was why Laughing Stock was the best at what he did, and why he fit into this role seamlessly. A shapeshifter can easily take the form of someone else, and pretend to be them; some studying for years and becoming quite good at their impersonations...but to mold a woman of your own design, and create a personality that tailors to her perfectly? He was the perfect meld between mad and cunning...granted he was still bark raving mad when he wasn't putting on this persona. "Were all mad here, im mad, you're mad" "How do you know I'm mad?" Said Alice "You must be" Said the Cheshire Cat "Or you wouldn't have come here~" Oh if only they knew~ His ravings being kept behind that kind smile of hers as she caught sight of both Yaun and Ran; She could see them squirming under their skin at the sight of her and what it might mean. Her eyes seeming none to keep on keeping with theirs to keep up the ruse that she was simply visiting, resting a single arm on the table as she rested her chin on the back of her hand and looked onward with what looked like eased nostalgia of memories long passed. Ran pleasantly surprising her as her eyes flicked toward the young boy who quickly put her food on the table. A medium rare steak with a side of asparagus. Gods I hate asparagus; they working with the narwhals to try and destroy my way of life! TO HELL WITH YOU GREEN DEVILS She simply smiled and graciously thanked Ran....before her gently hand grasped one of his shoulders quickly before pulling back "Oh I am so sorry; I didn't mean to touch you. I just wanted to order A cup of tea if you have any; I would absolutely love some chai" She said charmingly "I don't believe I caught your name sir; your service was far quicker than most..ritzy establishments" She said with a chuckle; her eyes gleaming as they tried to find his; seemingly simply interested in knowing her waiter. Laughing Stock knew if he could gaze into the child' eyes....he could have direct access to talking with the Basalisk....and it appeared the serpent knew this. Isiah had mentally caught his attention as the connection to the mad man was broken when he had left that strange connection pool he was always in....hmm I wonder where he is off to~ seems like there is more activity in the city around here then I thought....if everything goes to plan than this is going to go swimmingly~ would you look at that! PUNS. HAH take that Isiah! I can make jokes about grumpy old you too HAHAHA
  12. Villains! (OOC)

    Posting as we speak!
  13. Villains! (OOC)

    He doesn't want the beast for himself <3 You misunderstand~ He wants to set him loose on the city....perhaps even attack Miss Bellsworth herself? What would that say about the villains? How low could they possibly go? Sending a boy with a monster inside him to assassinate the voice of the heroes who is simply enjoying lunch ;~;
  14. Villains! (OOC)

    Oh this is all becoming quite entertaining~ I am excited to see how this all plays out; I am sure there is going to be a larger story but currently Laughing Stock is on a quest to release the beast as it were <3
  15. Villains! (OOC)

    @BeeTheNarwhal If there is anything that is confusing to you about Laughing Stock's character or disguise let me know <3 This is going to be an interesting interaction indeed <3