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  1. The Anima Imperium

    There was a great deal of unknowns when it came to Marigold. It was simply too hard to read a man who lived in his head. He had recovered from whatever shock had been triggered previously. His features intrigued; his eyes insatiable as they watched the curious phenomenon her body seemed to exude. His always on the move as they took in everything they saw with acute detail. Xerxes seeming rather content with chewing on the chew toy and bounding about. A rare instance of Xerxes being a dog rather than a machine. Marigold placing his hands behind his back gingerly as it seemed Nines was choosing her words very carefully. It was quite interesting to watch despite having now facial features to work off of due to the coverage. She was truly a rare specimen indeed. One that he didn't feel exasperated talking to like he did with most others he interacted with. "Revolution is a resource you see. Business it's veins if you will. There is business in all things and all things in business, even science. I certainly can't fund my work on ingenuity alone...This Rodan sounds intriguing to say the least. Agony...sounds like an unstable variable, and I'd rather make those myself" He said with a rare smile, a chuckle even. Marigold absorbing everything she said the moment she said it. It was a good thing she was cunning, and careful with her words. Words were something the doctor remembered the best. "I am not so arrogant to assume emotion or sentiment is weakness. I share in it's complications as we all do. You are smart my dear, wise beyond your years. It's the nature of the business we deal in. Its easier to find enemies than it is allies. It is the very reason why i don't join groups or associate with others, but there is strength in numbers. It sounds like this group will keep me on my toes, but rest assured the allies I do make i don't make a habit of betraying them. Its detrimental to my work to have some looming threat over my shoulder. If aiding you with my research and making you more effecient keeps you an asset rather a thorn in my side...then by all means" He said Marigold had experimented, toyed with, and even tortured people in the past, but he considered them wastes of flesh. Drug addicts and low lifes. Someone that is capable of winning a modicum of his favor is spared from such attempts. He hated complications, and enemies were the most complicated. "Well it sounds like this group has quite a plethora of problems. I can't imagine someone like you plans to remain long term. It sounds like this Ker does not possess the necessary faculties to deal with the world we live in it seems." He said with a sigh " I do loathe wasted potential" Marigold continued to listen to her as the silver poles that were in each corner of the plot of land suddenly hummed "Ah. They appeared to be charged" He muttered before turning to her once more "How interesting...use them for my own goals and get out before jt all burns to the ground. I appreciate your support in that regard. I don't make promises, but there is always room for improvement, and for you I can make this possible." He said pushing up his glasses with his index finger. His eyes glinting and squinting ever so slightly in curiosity as she claimed him a mind capable of real change. "I'd like to think so. This world of magic and monsters is so chaotic that men like me find it difficult to even attempt to change it, but it's quite simple so long as you stay alive long enough for name to be remembered" he said with a snort of derision. "Or at least false ideology seems to be the winning theme for successful societies" Marigold quirked an eyebrow as he too found himself ranting a bit. He was never one for conversation, but it seemed today was a bit of an exception. He followed her "Those sort of contacts are quite invaluable. I would love nothing more than to make good use of them. I do have a personal vault of resources back in Antigone, but that's a journey that will take time so I'd rather finish setting up my lab before expeditions can be made" He said with a roll of his hand idly "Lab equipment and industrial machinery however...will he very necessary. Well if you trust them then i will keep my guard up" He said with a ghost of a smile. A hint of humor lacing his voice as he followed beside her. The antimicrobial emulsifier was something he would have to ask her about later however. Marigold rubbed his chin as she warned him of the potential of alcohol. He could count on one hand the number of drinks hes had, and they weren't all together either so he could certainly say he has never really been inebriated...nor would it take much to do so with his rather slim constitution. "I'll be mindful although alcohol is of little interest of me. I do plan on trying that generous bottle you brought, perhaps with you. What do they call it? A toast? Yes i believe so, not the cooked bread i mean" He said making sure his meaning was understood. The doctor rubbing his hands together in excitement as she saw an actual grin spreading across his face...it was unnerving to say the least. "Oh the future is looking quite bright my dear."
  2. Something Lurks in the Forest [IC]

    They all felt the overwhelming presence of The Dire King, yet they still remained determined if not fearful of their chances. Fear was what kept most in such situations alive afterall. It was Gorgorron who made the first move against him as the guardian of the forest raised his fist "Now! Attack!" He barked out, causing the grass beneath him to ripple as suddenly four forest wardens leaped out from the darkness and attacked the wolves simultaneously. Gorgorron setting up an ambush in preparation for Ragnar's escape. Ten more dryads erupting from the ground around the towering beast and spread bramble vines throughout his body to try and hold him as they all attacked him at once. "He is the reason this forest is sick, and dying. I used my own essence to lock him away hundreds of years ago...Help me end this scourge! I was not powerful enough to protect my people all those years ago, but with you three here now..." He gripped his ivy covered fist and gritted his teeth. A flow of beautiful green magic weaving around him az he flung himself forward...directly at Ragnar. There was a heavy impact of magic as Gorgorron had actually shot his hands upward. Their length extending farther like thick vines as they crashed into Ragnar. The battlefield now utter chaos. The dire wolves were still holding there own against these wardens as tbey savagly thrashed, bit, and tore through the thick armor of these hulking forest golems. Nikki immediately catching that their now swollen red eyes were viable weak spots aswell as the fiery tendrils that grew from their backs. The immediate attack from Gorgorron had left Ragnar surprised, but what should have been a terribly effect blight, while it worked, left the monstrosity only grinning as his eyes burned like two suns. His chest now bare of fur, and withered. "A good first blow...now it's my turn" With the simplest of ease he shoom from the bramble and flung the insignificant creatures off his form, glaring fervently at the horned guardian. He lurched forward; the muscles in his legs rippling as he pounced forward, through Gorgorron' arms, and smashed his ten inch wide fist into the guardian of the forest. This attack resounding with a sickening crack and a wave of force...His body being flung directly at the group. Ragnar howling once again as it seemed his blow was far more effective. The howl rousing several more wolves from the still pulsating tree. Gorgorron crashed right next to Ferris, smashing into a tree and showering the group in splintered and glittering green blood. Ragnar immediately bounding for them; within an instant he was on Ferris. A hand with inch long claws swinging like a great axe to his left as another came from his right. Ferris face to face with the king, and it was difficult to maintain composure against pure power. Foam forming along the edges of his lils as he bared down onto what he considered the most challenging out of the three "I can smell the beast within you...BRING IT OUT" He bellowed, going for another two powerful slashes.
  3. OOC: A series of unfortunate effects

    Your going to make Marigold the real threat here depending on what i roll rubs hands together
  4. OOC: A series of unfortunate effects

    Huzzah! So excited to be integrated into this again, want some character development for the doc, and the mist is really good for that~
  5. Something Lurks in the Forest [OOC]

    Let me know if this is too difficult for everyone. I took a look over each of your characters and found them together to be quite powerful so i decided to give them a real challenge that will lead into a bountiful arc, but i am not aiming to stress anyone out with a heavy situation such as the dire king. So just let me know so i can make sure everyone is comfortable <3 Hopefully your all enjoying my continuation of the story!
  6. Something Lurks in the Forest [IC]

    They each prepared for the battle ahead of them, preparing with both might and thought. Nikki using her beastly gaze to see this festering tree. Its pulsating bark beating like a arythmic heart. She could see that these cracks were beginning to split. Every wolf that poured from the roots seeming to split the wood along the pulsating cracks. She could very well see large amounts of movement...large movement. Walker making them far more exceptional It grew steadily from the trunk and rose, causing the cracks and the bark to heave and ho. It was like the tree itself was giving birth to something. The girl feeling a very prickling chill curl along her spine as she glimpsed amidst the orange glow in the thickening cracks...a voracious orange eye. Walker giving them all an appropriate boost to their capabilities. They were going to need if this overture had anything to say about the actual play. What was strange was that when he used these spells and arcane gifts he worked so hard to master...he noticed that tufts and whisps of his Arcanum would pull itself toward the tree. It seemed he was a good distance away that his spells weren't affected, but there was a sense of unease if he were to continue closer. Did this entity feed on such things? His thoughts were suddenly torn asunder as once again a roar of immeasurable power ripped through the night. The air itself heating up and nearly burning at their flesh. The source coming from the tree. The group being practically petrified by the quaking force of this rippling blast of feral power. It was enough to actually cause Ferris to feel the claws of the beast inside try and force his forward...toward his new master. The howl causing all the dire wolves to cease their attacks and remain motionless as they looked toward the tree. Silence consuming the land for several moments before Gorgorron stepped back a few feet next to Ferris. His eyes burning with feat over his forest and what this meant for the world if he escaped this forest. The howl was proceeded by an eruption of wood and sound as the canopy of the tree exploded outwards as something vanished high into the night sky. Nikki using her eye to see that it was a living creature. It was whatever she saw within the tree. The moment of silence ending abruptly as it crashed into the ground with thunderous waves of force, the dust taking several almost a minute to settle before they all saw him. Lord Ragnar, The Dire King. He stood almost fifteen feet tall as he looked at the group. He was only 10 feet away and yet his presence could be felt quite fiercely. It was nothing but feral instinct and rage. His face was scarred and battered from decades of war, ears chewed up and burn scarred. His eyes blazing orange and felt like two points of pure heat that were difficult to look directly at. His black furred body but a tapestry of war and fury. The scars and wounds themselves seeming to act as his title incarnate. His arms, chest, and legs bulging with pure muscle as he rolled his neck and they could hear the heavy bones pop with force before he looked at them with a snarl. His teeth like broken scimitars as they grated against eachother. He breathed in the night air and spit at the ground as his fur raised and spiked like quills "Gorgorron...I will finish what I started...send all the insects you like...but this time...THE HUNT WILL BE MINE" He roared with fury as he slammed his fists into the ground, causing it to shift and give way. The three having to dodge out of the earthquake before he howled once more. His chest bulging like a hogshead barrel. The howl powerful and even more intense. The twelve dire wolves that survived around him beginning to howl in return. Their bodies shifting as ropes of flame laced around them. Their muscles bulging and growing as their bodies rose to ten to eleven feet now. The dryads being torn apart immediately as they were overpowered. Ragnar continued to howl with all his might. The hunt was on.
  7. Something Lurks in the Forest [OOC]

    You are completely fine! I am actually doing it right now! Have today off and i wanted to make sure i was relaxed and ready to go since this is going to be a big post. Not to mention i have officially made this the beginning of an arc you three are going to be apart of that is going to be a blast
  8. OOC: A series of unfortunate effects

    Now...you say madness roll but unfortunately...Marigold has this from the loss of his wife and overall disposition. I chose to do something different for him since he was coming back (more accurately me) so i had the previous affect on him the last time i replied (which was change personality and thats what made him chipper and exuberant since his memories went back A week before his wife grew ill) His memories would all crash back violently and i rolled for the mist effect again to see what he would get this time and he got...berserk for 3 rounds...so his wife is fresh and his mind and his mental state is more unstable than usual currently as he is currently blaming everything around h for her death. Hes just...blowing off a little steam... He will be fine in a minute...or two...
  9. Something Lurks in the Forest [OOC]

    Roger that! I am just making sure everyone posts and is prepared since the next post things are going to get... real ah i didn't realize everyone posted already my bad! Ill post after work
  10. OoC I: The Abbadon Triumvirate

    Im new to this Concept aswell and im beyond excited to really stretch my legs with the good doctor. His style something im at my best at Excited to see what ya bring
  11. Something Lurks in the Forest [OOC]

    No rush at all! Im patient and it gives me time to overlook your characters and come up with really...engaging situations~
  12. OoC I: The Abbadon Triumvirate

    Exactly, and this also grants those members of the triumvirate the Avenue to gain gadgets, prototype weapons, and upgrades that can personally increase your characters capabilities and give some character progression in the process
  13. OoC I: The Abbadon Triumvirate

    Speakin of quests. The Imperium when the triumvirate is stationed there wil be a quest board of sorts. Marigold needing materials and creature parts and all that so it is a goid set up for sure to those who are interested
  14. OoC I: The Abbadon Triumvirate

    Really? I really love those kind of effects on characters. They really suck you into the narrative simply because its disturbing in some form. Marigold is on a lesser level, but i always make a note of the underlying unpredictability, the sudden switches in his head, the simple way he talks to you like your already dead. Its the mental route of such characteristics, meanwhile my serial killer is physically atrocious with a scarecrow esque figure sutures along his body and facr, feathered spikey hair- Oh whoops i guess im rambling again! Sorry this sorta thing is why i love roleplay in the first place; how visceral your descriptions can be of everything.
  15. OOC: A series of unfortunate effects

    So sorry! Was playing Marigold the way the affects would do to him! Hes cold and calculating on the surface but deep down hes love sick and broken, mourning the love of his life. The mist made him think she was still alive then made him remember how he died then made him furious about it lol. Its a pretty intense situation