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  1. Confession Thread

  2. Fallout: The Union

    And so, it ends for now. We had a great time on this site, but myself and some of the others here have founded a forum of our own. We've moved there.
  3. Fallout: The Union

    Doug nodded, and the two simply watched the game. Eventually, Doug walked off to retire to his indoor tent at the commune building; they could speak on what their next move was from there.
  4. Fallout: The Union

    "It seems that you and I walk an analogous path," Douglas replied slowly, "If such is the case, it may be frugal to collaborate; share the journey. I will aid you to find what you seek, and thereby we will find what I seek."
  5. Fallout: The Union

    "By all means, I am assured in my capacity to fathom confidential information," Doug said reassuringly. He waited for Ahote to take down some scores, then inquired further, "What are your duties here? What assignment behests you to plod about the ignoble rows of this city? Are you looking for something?"
  6. Fallout: The Union

    "Indeed," he responded warmly, "At any rate, your... embryonic purpose here does petition my curiosity. After all, a journey is oft held as frivolous without a destination. If you recall where it is you are going, you will concomitantly conspire methods to direct your arrival."
  7. Fallout: The Union

    "Speaking of causes you set out with, do give attention to the game," Doug said with a smile.
  8. Fallout: The Union

    "Ditto, to you, this inquiry can be applied," he stated.
  9. Fallout: The Union

    "I've studied, yes, in many places," he replied plainly, "The University of Shady Sands granted my first degree in 2292, when I was sixteen. Since then, I've used my credentials from there to enroll in other... lyceums. I've studied under Brotherhood scribes, learned Caesar's analects firsthand, underwent Frumentarii training under Vulpes Inculta, taught at Calvit University in Gladel, and even made the grade at the Institute... However, I'm mostly self-taught. I can only handle so many of other's thoughts and innovations before I begin to cultivate aspirations to confer assessments of my own."
  10. Fallout: The Union

    "Not a bad player, either," he said as he rubbed his hands together, "He studies philosophy, you know. He indulges my company, which I enjoy, for I am also interested in his subjects; political science, psyche... Although I outmatch his knowledge on the majority of topics, even on subjects I'm deficiently versed in, because I can read German and French and he cannot."
  11. Fallout: The Union

    "He's very repetitive," he responded simply, "Not a particularly innovative thinker, though principally astute in handling elemental affairs."
  12. Fallout: The Union

    "Did he say that tree was mad?", he asked, pointing to the crooked cottonwood tree.
  13. Fallout: The Union

    Douglas waited for Ahote to arrive, smiling, then tossed him the scoring papers on a clipboard. "I rather like Quest," he began with a momentary point to the man in question, "Without a doubt, the most intelligent man in the commune. Well-educated, well-read, traveled, et cetera...", he turned to Ahote in a deliberate, inquisitive character, "Isn't that what he said?"
  14. Fallout: The Union

    Quest was silent for a moment, then smiled. He turned to the baseball field and watched the batter, "Put your back into it!", he called as he ran off towards the field. In the distance stood the familiar Douglas Marcotti in his signature black overcoat and messy hair. He seemed to be facing Ahote; hands in his pockets, and the left side of the fabric below his buttons and vent caught wind and fluttered like a sail.
  15. Fallout: The Union

    "In the end, man, the only difference between us and the rest of the world is that we ain't afraid to show it," Quest replied, "But most everybody stays within the bounds of some ordinary... balance. But some are a little farther off than others." He pointed off to the distance, to a tree. It was a simple pine, well shaped and healthy, "You see that tree over there? That's normal," he turned to the tree he'd been looking at; a cottonwood tree, it was rather misshapen and far less common in those parts. "And that one over there... That's... Mad."