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  1. "Keep an ear to your phone, we have work coming up," Cockeye said before closing the passenger door and pulling out of the alley.
  2. "Not yet," he said as he put his cigarette in the car's ashtray. After a few moments, he started again, "You know, Julius, if you had the guts to come close enough to feel the breath and look into the eyes of the people you kill, you'd know how little such a small instant of pain before something so eternal as death means, and how much it can mean to give some intimate connection to someone so desolate and so close to the end. You have no right to judge me for that."
  3. "Eli had a gun," he retorted, "And it didn't kill her as instantly as the blade did."
  4. "I ended her misery," he replied steadily, "I tried to make her forget her pain, then drove a knife through her heart."
  5. "A real shame...", he said quietly, "Such a lovely lady."
  6. "Good," he responded as he handed over the box. There was a moment of silence, then Cockeye opened a cigarette case and took one. He only smoked cigarettes in times of stress, Julius had noticed; Cockeye was a cigar man. He lit up, and took a draw, then let the smoke from his nose as he watched a car go by on the street outside the alley. "We've really fucked up, you know that?"
  7. "Yeah," he said, relieved, "But get rid of the switchblade, that isn't valuable. The gun is worth keeping, we have a few jobs coming up."
  8. "When they come looking, they're gonna come looking for me," he replied, "That mess could have easily been a one-man deal, and I'm the only wise guy with his name attached to it."
  9. Cockeye led the way down the street, until turning into an alley, where Cockeye's old brown 1940 Ford Coupe sat with photogenic vapors rising from the manhole it was parked over; Columbia Falls' steam system made this commonplace. They got in, and closed the doors. "I hit Allen Morris at five o'clock this morning, the owner of the diner we hit last night," he said with a sigh, "I can call in a favor or two and have some business records altered, as well as have some of the evidence go missing, but I'm still going to get a bit of heat for this." He reached back into the small back seat of the two-door car, and brought the familiar box that held the gun to his lap, "My sedan is in the shop, being repainted and being given a new plate. I can pay off the transport department to have my plate numbers stricken and re-done. I'm covering our tracks as best I can, but what's in this box can unravel everything. I need you to hold on to it."
  10. Cockeye looked upon Julius with a blank, if rather grim, gaze. He looked pale, and had dark circles under his eyes. This was very uncommon for a man so well known for being chummy and charismatic. His clothes matched the mood, with a buttoned-up black overcoat and a black snap-brim hat turned down to shadow his face. "Let's take a walk," he said flatly.
  11. A knock came on the front door of the flower shop. It was loud, and could be heard from upstairs.
  12. When the four arrived at Cockeye's home, the three guests scattered to their own vehicles quickly, taking their bowling equipment. Before Eli could leave, however, Cockeye gave him a firm pat on the shoulder, and a remark that would be etched into his mind for many a night. "See you 'round, killer!" *** When the long night finally subsided and the sun rose in the east, morning radio reports of a shooting in the outskirts of town hardly fazed most city-folk. They were more interested in how bad the weather was going to get or whether a shoe shine job was worth a whole nickel. January 11th, 2314 was another day to live, learn, cry, or die; another day, for another set of blues to blow away. The little hand hit the 'IX' around the time the snow began to settle again.
  13. Cockeye calmed after awhile, and remained silent for the rest of the ride home, slipping back into his trance.
  14. Cockeye couldn't help but laugh at the irony of the situation. What had he done? He'd given a last kiss to a dying woman, and relieved her misery. And Khari, a cold-blooded killer, was judging him? What a laugh. And he did, hysterically.
  15. Cockeye simply stared out the side window, licking his bloody lips.