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  1. An obscured park was hidden by barely lit, flickering lights that hung the street poles which was odd how this area seemed to be the only unlit section of the next few blocks, even. With the newly purchased fedora on his head, Leinhart finger tipped the hat to cover his mysterious eyes from any onlookers. “Ohh, how I love you so much girl.” If only he knew how much their love would cost. In hot blooded romance a couple sat on a bench kissing and groping each other down, so filled in enamor they wouldn’t notice the encroaching Choisel and his Matriarch. While his instant predatory response was to leap through the night on their bodies and rake down his claws across their flesh until they were completely eviscerated, in this moment he paused to admire the Amour between the humans and their last moments of fleeting life. To their lack of self acknowledgement for surroundings they had no clue that they were being stalked by murderers of the night. Leinhart faced Tatia with slight satisfaction about his grin, his slithered tongue edged toward the crevice of the mouth exposing an uncanny fang in devilish intent. The Elder Vampire licked the air slowly in a breath of desperation, his icy blue gaze narrowed in from the brim of the fedora on their male, then onto the woman in fixation observing as the couple pursued in their late night engagement. Without needing to consume the life forces of their blood he tasted it's richness from afar, cringing for more in impulsive desire. In the blink of an eye in the next progressing step the Pureblood vanished from physical sight, hand in hand with his sister-counterpart as he traveled into the surrounding night. Between this living realm and the Underworld, a veil of darkness consumed Leinhart and Tatia from the street corner. The veil while it was an otherwordly curtain, a dividing point for the seen and unseen, the known and unknown, or the time bound and timeless, it was also a gateway to the Nether realm of which imprisoned souls roamed. Many in which would tremble hearing the name of Choisel and their Pureblood lineage, the realm he resurrected the Countess from. “Well, well, well....” Flashing into existence not even a full second later from the Veil Tatia still clenched the embrace of his right hand, the twins would remerge at the bench now side by side of the couple that were trading kisses. In a panic of unimaginable fear and terror Leinhart’s voice shattered their moment of private intimacy. From the tops of their lungs they'd scream and cry for a savior, sprouting from there seats mounted on top of the other to find out heroes didn't exist, or atleast tonight they was no calling to answer in the darkest hour. For the Devil and his Demoness was now amongst them and their final moments. @Eternity
  2. “ALL HAIL SOKE, ALL HAIL SOKE!" A flock of Tsubame metallic blue feathered swallows cut through the air in silhouettes of the blue skies. Their wings beat the air as if it took no effort at all, each movement precisely on time as it should be. Their figures stood prominent in the bright blue above with only small pockets of clouds to hide them and their scarlet faces. The dojo roared intensely throughout the audience. It would be as if Mother earth heard their augmented rumbles as trees brushed and swayed in rhythm of uplifting projections. The magnificent crash of solemn reverberation struck a single decrescendo from a giant, bossed bronze gong alongside the people of the stands as the drummers called a nearing recess. In this instant, a group of servants from opposing ends of the stands began handing the audience Sakes and Teas, encouraging them that now had been the time to lift their bowls and eat. Other dishes handed out were tasteful Mochi rice cakes and chestnuts to fill their bellies and whatnot, or simply provide a ten, fifteen grace from the music and martial demonstrations. This allowed people to get up from their seats and look around more closely the dojo, souvenirs, from things of wares, to a few upclose interviews with the Soke himself? In turn, it gave the students a chance to take to come back refreshed, rejuvenated. Or take parts in acquainting oneself amongst their new Class or whatnot even that, had already been occurring. Recruits would progress to the next segment in their Examinations, should that be stated. Reeds that grazed in the nudging wind did not do so on it's own will. But, when an artist paints the scenery as so, a greater award comes together in the beauty of said price. Kenshi only saw what his Blindsense afforded as he watched the unfolding events from the stone dais of his throne. Hands pressed firmly against the silk whites of his robe as he sat erect and forward in his gaze afforded under Amaterasu's bright red sun. The beauty of being blind, except unhindered by vision to view the world of what it was. It's truths, it's cosmic energies, were more appreciable to the Soke he was convinced throughout his hundreds years of living. There was no far greater beauty to life and death as their was to joy or sadness he would display through his imperfect eyes. The love and hate of man, the goodness and evil of their moral, the whites and blacks of truth versus deception. To his pupiless iridescent whites the life force of sentiments was sufficient to his own witness of the ceremony, in odd speculation. Each individual spiritual embodiment carried with them an ambience the Soke did judge, and observe nearly three, four hundred persons of the audience and ceremony. Even then, his hanyo canine smell was also an alternative when faced with limited sight. In slight elation a light applause would emit from the palm of the Sokes's hands. Staring in contempt for the majority of his Moon students with the exception from those that would later require more formal, one-on-one training; today marked the Nation's first Tsukimi Ceremony in support of the Heika and the People of Jigoku. "I am delighted by your efforts in attending since Hanami, Lord Koji. Lady Koharu, how is she there in the stands above? We've grown into an indomitable Nation from our arrival on Genesaris. The Dojo has established itself as the foundation for our warriors in Jigoku. Grateful are your blessings." While Kenshi was unfortunately absent for the Hanami Festival, he was pleased to know especially the Emperor returned safely. The Soke had hardly recognized the Shogun ever since her election, but even she too was just as an asset to the Nation as he. Together they shared a common interest of the Empire promoting growth and sustaining their power within the New Union Frontier and all of Genesaris. With Ozu’s acquisition and rank of Hogo-Sha over Kaori and the longevity of peace throughout the Country, the Imperial General concentrated on the Dojo and his students. Rising from the raised platform he respectfully bows to the lord and offers his gratitude for the ceremony. As he did not direct his Blindsight towards the Heika or his lovely baby girl, just yet Kenshi did turn an slightly craned gaze at the young Gin - from a single whiff from his nose the Hanyo could trace him in his smell distinctly through the crowd. When his application reached the Soke’s notice preparations were made to for certain needs of the boy and if there were a few adjustments, or accommodations specific for his duration of the stay were followed. This was also true for the other foreign students of afar territories. The Nara clanner was expected to been just as prosperous in the Arts as Mikazuki, Akira, Ozu and the others as equally as they were obnoxious. The blind wolf's gaze had yet to remove itself from the distance of the Moons down in the center of the grounds, but his attention reared back slowly for the response of the Heika reaching a playful finger, tickling the small ankle of Kaori as she watched them from above.
  3. The thread will probably be closing soon, next few posts rather. Maybe a little more dialogue, but I think that would wrap up the recruiting. I’d have one for Kenshi later, seeing as their hasn’t been much replies within a week. @Armada @Hani @Twitterpated @Aleksei @vielle
  4. "I haven't forgotten our Nuptial of Vitality, Surioara. Cenușa în cenușă, din praful pe care ni l-am manifestat." While he spoke in a more selective dialect of Romanian which he was also well-versed in, it was true His words of their origins. From what seemed a small quote was actually no falsity to their kind, their existence. They'd arise until the last civilization of mankind and all creatures of the universe were exterminated. Tatia's resurrection comprised of this, His soul, and Pureblood vitality. They had all the time in the World to do what thy pleased these next few days and while only an hour or so passed, it seemed Cyberpunk City was now just waking up. Rather the residents were nocturnal or so it appeared, the couple strolled into the tenebrous street matrimonially hand-in-hand. "Te iubesc atât de mult încât mi-am rupt cele nouă coaste pentru a-ți da creația. " Tis' was also another confession so-to-speak of His. In order for the carnate His life transfer required the sacrifice of nine souls and nine of His ribs to been plunged by the hands in Pureblood. It was in that right she became a representation of not Leinhart, but Him of the Crows, Kronos of the Thirsty an entity that was the father to his supernatural eternity yet also, an imbodient and in flesh of the Choisel Patriarch. Almost every apartment building in the neighborhood of a sixty foot range now had their lights on and the vicinity was lit in an alluring neon glow. The freaks come out at night, right? A baby's cry echoed from an open window of a random apartment slightly to the West of the storefront. Random voices break the pleasant silence of the street, a few drunk partiers hanging out in the city nightlights toasted for the eve. Scanning the vicinity close to their traveling distance Leinhart held his sister's hand firmly, like they were bound to be separated for an eternity to come; starving for entertainment, a rush for some Blood, a feast for the night one would speculate. The talons that were His fingers puncture through the flesh of her hand in His excitement, knowing his first kill of the night was soon near to transpire. "Tu ești sângele meu, sufletul meu și undeath Tatia mea. A trecut mult prea mult timp, că am cutreierat o eternitate fără tine. În seara asta, voi face totul până la tine." @Eternity
  5. A face of pain even in rejoice over the Graduation hid well in it's rights beyond false contempt. Yet, he had to remain in formation as Shushou of his Class only just a bit longer. Gin still refused to let up - his lack of discipline, he was clumsy, he was definitely overrated. By now the ogre's mask muttered under his breath again, realizing he was ignored the second time and carried his joys to someone across to Akira of the Hiwatori in annoyance. Ozu was making way towards the little voice of Kaori in the boxseats. The Emperor's personal favor of him was to keep a safe eye on her, protect her, that in a time he was unable to be there to prevent harm to her; Ozu would be there in their defense as her Hogo-Sha. The girl could remember being around the Moromichi maybe on the count of her ten fingers, though the time they've spent seemed like nearly 24hrs on a consistent. She'd never forget his features even from afar; the jagged dark brown hair and bang covering his scarred right eye. Overlooking the entire Tsukimi from the edge of the balcony she sat. "My little sister, it's you is it?" Shimai was what he referred her to, which was weird considering his secret crush on her mother. Waving an gentle hand of hello in a graceful deep bow he went acknowledging the Emperor amongst several other Officials especially, Shogun Yanaihara. However, soon exiting towards the ground and further towards the People to engage did he lift Kaori onto his shoulders so playfully. How ironic did the young wolf envision himself almost in the shadows of their images. Father and Daughter, dejavu nearly; except the adolescent boy replicated the existence of it being "real" in memories that never existed between he and the bastard Yoshihide. The only feelings he could remember were hate and resentment for the man that abandoned him, his mother, their village - they would have never shared such an experience as that. Envious maybe, that he never truly had a father. "Stay in formation Akira, the Emperor is amongst us remember?" While admiring her for kindness towards Gin would have seemed next, he instead went further in his proclamation as Shushou over the New Moons. The Niwatori Clan while he knew very little of them, he would learn more of them through Akira as time went forward, that she could excel alongside the rest of his Class long as she put forth the work of course. Speaking for himself, Ozu was still in fact wet behind the ears for an Okami yokai perhaps, but he believed in the Arts and dedicated himself solely into his days of nothing but strict Katas, exercise, and small casual spars. The people of the Nation believed in Rising Sun, significantly, Kenshi Momoku their Soke … They honored him like a hero, his morals, any thing he said; it didn't matter because he had power over the people, influence and they felt highly esteemed of his accomplishments. As every one was reforming into their designated columns or ranks within their class from the corner of his single almond eye, his female rival approached scowling down his spirit the tiny hairs on his body begin to stand - knowing that his cousin was unpredictable and vengeful towards him. He remembered, their last pair-up against each other since his slight victory over her, there wasn't a day he hadn't seen her take a break from Martial training. Since then, he’s always been weary of her being around she'd sucker punch him out of nowhere. He was never afraid to give her that Round Two if she willed a second knot to her head. Thankfully, veneering past in her flashy looks and the presence of a tough chick's persona, he remained strong and poised fixated on the Soke and his declaration as if Mikazuki hadn't passed him at all. Great?! @Twitterpated @Hani @vielle @The Rabbit Emperor @Armada @Aleksei
  6. Finish off with where I left off in my posts for you guys, hopefully today.

  7. ' Leinhart's was at the register a pair of brilliant goldenrod eyes examining the old 50's human scrap by time Tatia came to realize there was nothing she already didn't have yet in finer fabrics. An expanse collection of the finest lines from Italian, French, Persian designers throughout the centuries all in the Chateau's quarter of Her Bourdoire. Should the victim begin to feel less in control and more detached from his own mind and spirit, the Elder's indomitable hypnosis would intrude into the portholes of his subconscious. The fool clenching his pistol beneath the register would untense his grip of the firearm unaware of doing so. The anxieties of being robbed by the couple were no longer a worrisome and all he could do was obey. The invocation of fear not only influenced the Tailor's behaviors to bend in favor, but to sentiments as He did so without paying consequence. "And bags these up, my kind man." Placing said item upon the counter along a red scarf he unraveled from the mannequin's neck, instead the polyester fabric was tossed over his own neck were it remained for the duration of their store-stop. Truth be told he had begin to feel the need to saturate His self, the old hag was not one that was on the intended meal list for right now. As far as the footage surveilling the activity within this crime-infested slum, it was immediately to be seized or destroyed, or both. The hat now bagged and handed to the Count in which he took with a hand of honor the small VHS tape was also at this time, removed from the television box and giveth to the Countess Tatia in a cassete dated for all of today's footage, customers and whatnot. Leinhart shifted his gaze from the fleeting human pitied in his unworthy, diseased, and aged vitality, so did his brilliant goldenrod eyes revert to their Vampiric icy blues tainted by evils far greater than the existences known to man retrospectively. "Let us find you something more endearing then, shall we?" He delighted another kiss bestowing upon the soft flesh of just gently on her forehead, he was adored by His words to Her always reinsured by her Older twin. Yet he feared for his eternity to continue to pass, they were from the same Blood and Soul she one day would overthrown His Coven against her own. That one day she may in fact become, his greatest adversary in fate. In unison they would step as their hands regathered naturally, own their own like separate halves to the one whole. To where they were to be off to next was uncertain, however back into the darkness filled streets would they remerge - maybe a meal, public outing somewhere, or still float about the city nightlights in rejoice and attract their stalks as they came? It was dreadfully unknowing for the residents of Martial Town. @Eternity
  8. Every minute detail, a graze from the wind shifting the sway of reeds, to the route of travel the Man-Eater used to escape from the surrounding soot and smoke to scatter. The reeds danced in flames emitting crackles of death, terror, and destruction. The fire itself was contagious like a virus soon encompassing a radius of one hundred feet and spreading! It was evident in the account of this, the smell of burning flesh did not accompany the grassy tendrils crisping; nor did any suffering whelp break the noise of the field burning alive. Yoshihide snarled at the thought of such realities in distaste for the Swordslayer without openly admitting to the his adversary's fighting ability and ultimately, his unwavering will - which he was still all trying to comprehend up to this point whom exactly this being was. The Yokai Realm had many tales to tell of this Rasetsu - however, witnessing firsthand live action had even the Shihan sharp as the cutting edge of a Katana. It would all be taken into visual consideration. Shiroyasha endured a motionless stance drawing yoki from the already existing fires about the area, his spread fingers down to the cuffs on his wrists engulfed in the spiritual essences of flame. They weren't literally, on fire but they were concentrated outlining the entire limb of his hand. Small trickles of sweat from the yokai's face was evidence, this swordsman was no ordinary foe. "You will burn in spirit today, Man-Eater." At the time he extended his arms forth in near palm-thrust motions. instead of planting himself firmly in the earth and supporting grounds with the application of his own weight, Shiroyasha took to a backwards jog as so his legs would appear, his feet lifted from the grassy surface skillfully enough striding steps in reverse whilst performing the Arts. A producing metallic flash of light as the Rasetsu fouind itself drawing his final bladed weapon would also discover being blasted with a wave of yoki flame not only intended to incinerate the physical being of a body, but to inflict the spirit and soul altogether and as one. It was in the knick of time maybe, but strategy was the overwhelm in the long-haul. While this blast of unnatural flame continuously did not cease itself, Yoshihide in retrospect never ended his retrograded direction. @Twitterpated
  9. The Soke escorted the Full Moon class to the exterior floors of the Dojo, his Blindsense as clear as the Day he strolled casually forth with hands folded in the deep sleeves of his lavender summer robe. It seemed as if the entire nation was present this day, that he could not only feel the presence from the citizens and crowd anticipating his arrival, but he did also to some extent with his Shin Shin Shingan, he'd view the events of the ceremony as the unfolded. With his escort, a pack of artic white wolves slowly led the way to the training grounds. These dire Cobran Wolves symbolically became Wolves of Jigoku once they were domesticated by the Okami clan. On the outlining perimeter of the grounds, a total of two-hundred lupis canine were present one behind the other formed two separate columns of these wolves. By now, those being elected from the Dojo and attending the ceremony was present numbers close to thousands. As Master Kenshi took in all with his iridescent white eyes scanning about the School, rightfully he had felt at ease, a face of contempt expressed itself in his countenance. Oh how honored he felt to have put this together singlehandedly. Approximately two years ago, he served the Datsuzoku Empire and the Heika as a Shoga-ha guardian. Now, he was the Headmaster of Hinode no Gakko, the School of the Rising Sun. Wooden sandals would halt themselves from progressing further once Kenshinobu reached the center of the grounds and at that time the taiko drummers finally stopped beating at their instruments. With hands still folded in their respective sleeves he'd announce aloud to the World in the headset over his ears. "No animal is as frightening as the Wolf that can hide where a single reed is present. Today marks the day, that from hereon in the entire World will witness our might as Wolves of Jigoku. Not only, but our brotherhood and sisterhood under the father clan Datsuzoku. My people, I give you the most powerful warriors the land of this World has to offer in blessing as the Daiokami of the Okami clan. What has only began as seven of us, I have transcended numbers into the thousands in the influences of many that has stood against the Imperial Nation. My great Emperor, this is mostly out of dedication for you." The Soke did not look his way, but he perceived the Emperor's whereabouts through his Blindsense in which he directed his respected words; the Emperor sat along the with the Shogun Koharu and the other clan leaders in box stands above. "You have given me light in the darkness of my past, a chance to restore my honor by your side. I was a lone Wolf without direction, a Tsujigiri in search of my own death. In building this School I found redemption." The Momoku moved around facing different angles of the stadium and stands as he spoke towards the People of Jigoku, though he was speaking to the Heika directly it was evident that he desired the entire Nation to hear such commemorating words. When a set of lurid fireworks exploded into the air they created the images of the symbolic Seven members that originated from the Okami clan in molds of the face of wolves. All were of different color, from different packs, yet they demonstrated their unison together and under one Nation of followers. At this time servants of the Imperial Nation began handing out bowls of Sekihan to the people in the crowds and audience, however not for their own consumptions. No. This was considered ritual. Whenever wolf cubs were born villagers would leave these bowls of red rice as offering as the wolf was regarded highly not only as protectors of rice fields, but for the people. This was meant to honor Kenshi and all the followers beneath him, native and non. Kenshi bowed respectively long and deep as the commencement of the ceremony was to begin with another set of slow strokes from the taiko drummers began to ring and hum. Heading for the large dais back towards the Doors of dojo overlooking the entire area he gave a gentle pat to the shoulder on Raion’s, a bright and talented student also a Terrenus native whom sacrificed his life and family to attend the school. Out of all his disciples, he had to be most anticipant him and his studies while at Hinode. Surprisingly, the Shogun had made it from Union City to support this day. As she was often tied up in her own affairs, he was more than honored to feel her presence about the vicinity of the Heika. Each class with approximately a hundred students had broken off into three separate segments Ozu led the New Moons, Mizakuzi in the front lines of her Half Moons, and a filler from Okami for the Team Captain of the Full Moons. While these weren’t all that attended the Dojo these were those whom were being recognized in Tsukimi. Still as he searched intently for Akira of the Niwatori clan he didn’t not feel her in his proximity, nor amongst those of the Dojo. Perhaps she was late? They would just start without her, surely she hadn’t Eason for her tardiness. Column after column, each hosting their own individual special talents, but first they'd perform katas in unison from high kicks - a simple extension of the kicking leg and the forward movement and push off the other foot in one motion. Leg sweeps which required the usage and unison of being able to remain balance while also using the legs to target the incepts of the feet. Straight punches, and palm strikes started as beginner courses for the New Moons, they'd shadowbox momentarily breaking off with sparring partners to continue the show. Students disciplined in the arts of ninjutsu manipulated their element of choice in their displays, utilizing fire, water, earth, even wind as an accessory to their fighting styles. Traditional ways remained as influential foundations at Hinode no Gakko and starting points for the less advanced. "I have served this country diligently with my heart, soul, and sword and for that; I give the People the Wolves of Jigoku!" @Twitterpated @ShogiJesus @Hani @vielle @The Rabbit Emperor
  10. Ozu held composure even though settling the dispute with the Nara kid now and then, was something that seemed to be most appropriate for the Shushou of the New Moons. It might have been true, he was privileged, fortunate, and because of that maybe a little too overconfident in his Arts. Yet, just because he was the son of the Shihan did not mean everything given, had not been earned. Ironic that his classmates viewed him as the showboat, to himself, he just worked a lot harder - his techniques, his tenacity, his warrior's spirit having none no other than killing intent, who'd blame him for exhibiting angers and rage more than passion, or love for the Martial Way. No matter the amount of hatred he held in his heart for the Old man of a father he had, the principles stuck with him subconsciously throughout the years of developing. Be strong, be merciless, be ruthless..... The crowd focused in on the Half Moons making their ways onto the training grounds, leading them his older female cousin Mikazuki bearing the bandage over the nose as she treaded selflessly and with honor. Despite their last close call match, he knew because of them being relatives, possessing nearly the same exact martial comprehensions and whatnot - she was, one of his greatest rivals within the School. Truth be told, the Moromichi had more enemies or rivals rather than he had comrades, but that bothered him very little. He had a reputation to live up to as 1st Division Akatsukizukiyo that required him to endure a careless persona. Yet his ultimate goal was never to be the greatest Hinode no Gakko student, but to excel his teachings his biggest adversary was in fact, his own father. A single almond eye scowered at the boy and his challenging comment, gesturing a pointed index finger in his direction letting it be know he heard his words clear. However, the class Captain had disciplines to disregard the scum of a vagabond whom had no formal teachings from the jump. "You would know right, out of all of us?" After all, Gin was attending to learn the Hinode no Gakko style like the rest of his classmates and rank spoke more than just a statement. Obviously the young fellow had some type of jealously about him. Still, Ozu endured the urge of opening him a can of some good whooping and instead, stared up at the box office of clan leaders, the Emperor and the Shogun. Best he contained himself before the ceremony became something, more like a personal feud. Undoubtedly, believed he'd get in any trouble because of it. No, he knew well, the Heika was aware of all within Tsukimi with his Mugen-Me and this was a ceremony for the fittest. @ShogiJesus @Twitterpated @Hani @The Rabbit Emperor @vielle
  11. "Please enlighten me, darling." Even if there were citizens on the curbside walking, conversing, or just in the streets he didn't bother to glance in their direction. No, far too entertained with his Countess and her virgin innocence as this now was solely their time and only their time. Leinhart couldn't recall last seeing her so delighted to be out and about from their Choisel estate away from the norms that existed for vampires of their nature. Fortunately for Him she was not fastidious as his prior wanderlust wife traveling the atlas, indulging in the finer things he provided admiring Tatia for her complete polar oppositeness. Staring into her icy eyes he branded yet, another gentle smile. A small storefront captured his gaze in their passing, on the face of it's windows had a man dressed in a suit and tie alongside a woman in an elegant rose red blouse obviously this was an unisex clothing store. Surprisingly, even though it was past dark the place was still open. They stopped abruptly glancing through the windows of the tailor - out of very little belongings he brought, he forgot to grab his favorite wash black felt fedora. Oddly enough, this place of business appeared to be the only one with it's lights on despite a motel on the other side of the street, and a grocery store. "Would you like to look around my dear?" The front doors to the establishment went ajar with the alarm of a bell hanging above to signal whenever customers walked in and out. Still hand-in-hand with her his artic gaze glanced over the display of mannequins scattered about the quaint tailor. While he was searching for something in particular, he gave chance at the wares the store owner had to offer. After finding his selection removing a large brimmed black felt hat from the shelf it rested, Leinhart waited patiently for Tatia to do her shopping only if she dear so pleased. There was an older fellow behind the register unsure of exactly what the couple were doing at a time of night such as this, but like any old regular customer of the male's he stood and watched from afar from a small television monitor that undoubtedly programmed itself as the store's surveillance, a hand beneath the counter held on the grip of his ordinary 9 millimeter pistol. The fear brewing from the man was evident and though the Choisel pureblood smelled his anticipation he had been worried the least, placing the fedora onto his head full of ash black hair and walked towards the register once his beloved counterpart had found something she liked, or simply wished not to purchase any thing. Yet, who said they were buying anything? They were there to look around weren't they? @Eternity
  12. Cariella was almost persuasive in her effort, but drained from the situation having been fasting the last month almost everything proved itself to be intolerable. He was if not the exact same as Quin when she went needing a fix, except unlike her, he had starved himself from the vitality of living beings several times over in his Thousand years of undeath. Lucky for Him, Alistair handled her words accordingly as he had done and he was right, punishing her too seemed logical. As Quin began to speak after being apprehended by the Telekinesis, her attempt to inject those vials went thwarted. Yet, soon after she came to her own realizations of what she had done she appeared to settle and calm her behaviors, so that finally, the Pureblood took a moment to listen on her relations with Ira the inconsiderate. How could she have been so connected to him and why was he so worthy? The thought of the man and his self-seeking greed did not deserve one as Doctor Nash. She may have settled for less, but he didn't judge even as he collected what she said to him. The Kronos held His tongue as much as he possibly could, but even as he supernaturally reimaged the series of events, His goldenrod orbs endured their disbelief and nothing else was to be done because of it. Watching her get escorted with a little bit more respect for her service than Ira, Alistair did his duty regardless of task; ultimately, even if the Doctor knew he wouldn't lay a hand of injury to her against Leinhart's word, nor Choisel's disciplines. She was still the Doctor Nash, after all. A fist balled together the fingers from His right hand the moment he wouldn't hear their footsteps any longer, though at this point what would anybody really do to stop Him? His attention went shifting clockwise and so did his body like dancing on the heels from His toes. Insidiously, his maw stretched agape exceeding beyond normal limits, about his proximity he would release an air-rendering shrill of shattering frequency throughout the Clinic. The entire place rumbled, quivered, and soon, things went tumbling, crashing, and bursting every where. To an extent of damages lab equipment, tables, plants, experimentation works, binders were propelled and strewn over the facility while others were torn a gazillion pieces, beyond repair. If only he felt better after all of this. No. Before he turned towards the door in half-contempt, an expressionless countenance about him as the reformation of his jaw took place crackling and popping into original shape and form. He almost forgot the vials on the counter as well, but soon, he was already tiptoeing his way over seemingly hovering across the floor. All this time wasted, for nothing. Him and Tatia were expected to already have left the Glen to a city known as Martial Town. He was late! And at the moment, he couldn't! Beyond the doorway, he went disappearing within the mysticism of the Chateau and was no longer plain in sight to see. Instead, he went to inform his Countess of their departure that would have to leave before dawn. A butler would ready their Chariot. @DarkHorse @Twitterpated @Greenmntman @HumanBean03 @Eternity
  13. Haven’t been around, been out of town - that rhymed! 😉

    Seriously guys, I hope the crew get these walls sanded and painted so that we get tomorrow off! That way, I can get back in my groooooveeeee baby! 

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  14. I didn’t mention it, but all the students for the ceremony will have to be clad in red robes haori, kimono, etc Hope that’s not being difficult.
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