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  1. "It is out of respect for you my lord, I allow her tongue to continue rolling." The Hanyo glanced forth a dissatisfied grin towards whom he referred and would continue for as long he served him, Heika Chijono. This lowly call girl had em' already wrapped in the pooty'. Despite her position in the empire as concubine she was but a whore in the half-demon's blindsight a coming and passing wind, a memory of something that was never good; to be swept under the rug. To know his place? He smirked at that remark, easily brushed over with a shrug of the shoulders. He knew the formalities, he came from serving once a powerful daimyo. Notes were taken over a hundred years ago and if by in which she meant orders? Ha! Not unless they were directed like they were by Heika himself. The humanly looking Ookami wasn't too far behind the group as by now, picking paces up wasn't a bad option considering the lord mounted his horse again. Kenshi set aside his personal disputes for now, he'd keep eyes wide and steady on both women the cat lady had something up her sleeves, maybe? Who was this master she referred to? Did she know Kenshi was there on the behalf on Heika? "I will not raise my blade to some concubine. Then again, what use is a whore without her tongue?" The swordsman remarked his words along with his gaze was piercing. But in spite of his harshness and brash delivery his words were in fact true. Craft of witchery came from a scroll the Hanyo's blindsight would perceive as dark magic. It fluttered into the sands he felt underneath his bare toes the light vibrations that began to shift under he concubine. Bracing himself by his Yukata he looked to his own hand compiling with the white ember from his spirit, only wondering if to take this opportune time to strike her now or not. He stood back until the energies eased and she was erect and near the lord. However, for now continued to channel the energies into his hand.
  2. Kenshi knew nothing of the dragonic tongue it insulted his intelligence a bit. He had to agree with snake woman on her words yet ultimately, guessed it came down to people and their preferences. He did little to pay mind focused elsewhere for some odd reason, he turned to glance back in the direction of his dark steed. He stuck his right hand out palm open and flipped upwards with a sigh, barely five minutes in and they were already disagreeing and not seeing eye to eye. Therapeutic rays from the sun produced in the apex of the hand gently vibrating, a quick and efficient way to take his mind off the fact that he was desert bound with two that just seemed to be wrapped all over Koji. He was cleared from being jealous. "It's bad enough I've taken this journey with you women, so please. Or I'd have to personally, apprehend you both with or without Heika to approve." The Daiookami wasn't complaining in the heat because it wasn't really hot, just yet. But the Emperor's Hoga-Sha guardian would not tolerate any back and forth either not while everyone was just getting together and so hopefully his authority calmed the girls and he wouldn't have to repeat himself. Allowing them to proceed ahead he didn't care too much to hear what they had to say next any way. This journey is going to pick up soon and things may get real cloudy, but there was no telling still. The shifting sands grazed across the land of mountainous desert. The dark haired swordsman reached a hand into his Yukata pulling free a brIght Fuji red apple as he would just hold it for now with his left while still producing waves of heat in his right. He'd allow them ground to take lead, far too interested in the white ember that would light in hand. He would keep his awareness on the surrounding desert, however. @Slank44@Al Sa-her@Chappu
  3. Tsujigiri, Musha Shugyo - the Training in Warriorship/Duel!

    These warriors were drained, but yet continued in their battle instincts. Outnumbered, but did not falter. The air filled with desperation, yet as Kenshi released the spirit orb at the swooping Tengu a sense of triumph and relief ran onto him. He would see weakness under their feathers that these strange shinobi, could be defeated. Falling from the sky of Crows the enemy burst into a spectacular flaming white aura. It's defeated caw rang in the vicinity of the others and plummeted hard to the ground, just meters from the base and where Kenshi had been crouched underneath the tree. Death filled the Canine's nostrils with the crisp scent fully cooked, burnt and fried. Sad to say, this Wolf was vegan or at least he thought to consider in a diet consisting mostly of Fruits and veggies. However, the Daiookami now had even a better trail against these cunning foe. He would make haste the favor of battle in his hand, he would first attempt to acquire some information from his fallen enemy, what was left, if there was any thing that survived the flame. As Kenshi would have closed in on the body a second and third offender arrived on scene materializing from wisps made from the nature of wind, they would emerge in full form the matter of moments. The first to approach was slightly taller at the shoulders and had a gold beak, painted red feathers upon the length of his wings and an ornate bloodred gemstone hanging from a collar around it's neck that had to be the one in charge of this attack on the Seven, if not definitely their leader. He stood in an obsidian robe, he was an elder and did not appear as a threat for now. The second was fashioned just as the others were in traditional ninja gear covering its beak only revealing its binocular like eyes and the top of it's black feathery skull. That one had to be in charge of guarding this Elite. Kenshi paused midway his step, erected himself fully while the second Tengu examined the corpse. ---- "You've killed him, no?" "I did." ----- "What is your name, Ronin?" "Kouman Momoku. Kenshi, the White Hanyo" ----- "You do know that these lands are Forbidden, no?" "I am aware." ------ "So, you don't follow the orders then?" "Not unless their my own." ------ "I see. It is your kind of half-demons we despise, that disrupt Nishi Forest and the spirits that dwell here. I must ask you to leave. You've already been warned, this is my only warning." "Well you could save it then, because we're not going any where." ----- "You may killed one of my most trained men, but you have no idea for what lies here in Nishi. The deadliest of phantoms, yokai, and likes, but I see arrogance and pride clouds your judgement, even Kouman? With that said you have three days to make your leave. Tengu, order our men to withdraw we will make our departure until next time, half-demon." Whether his words were of concern or not this did little to bother the Daiookami. The Yokai Realm was filled with the mightiest of demons and there was always someone stronger than the next, even in this New World which he spent nearly half his life Kenshi had come to gripes of this. The Elite's concerns in a way made him want to experience these so called horrors on his own and with the six other swordsmen alongside him. Clearly the two Tengu would not be able to persuade him and were soon on their way. A Kai Yaku trumpeter with a small conch shell watching from the outskirts of the skirmish signaled a brief, melodic note to withdraw from the battle. At the sound of the war shell the Tengu would have slowly backed away and made their retreats back into Nishi. Luckily, before any sides were seriously injured in which for Kenshi and the other six, it was good none of them had fallen out quite yet. Soon before any body realized it, Nishi had grown quiet and the rest of the crew could now be tended on. He dusted his summer robe and went searching for Gaulder and Malik in their exceptional first match up bout. With a flash Kenshi was up and headed to do a count on the crew. @Al Sa-her @Robbie Rotten @ezkiel777 @kyuri @VulcanTheDrunken @Mr. Who
  4. Recruiting Seven Deadly Sins!!! OOC

    We're probably going to time skip into another scene, then jump back into the Initation segment again later. I pretty much don't intend on letting this all go to waste. I put much thought to these ideas. And research lol
  5. Recruiting Seven Deadly Sins!!! OOC

    I've been here and there. Haven't posted. The lack of drive and my upmost busiest time of the year has come as I'm getting ready for the welcoming of my new baby next month. That and along with the idea that someday soon, or even in the near future we are all going to get bored and tired of the Seven. Eventually. So I'm not going to just write ANYTHING no more, I want this to last as long as it can. I don't want any of my hard work dying in vain. Those of you who've been wondering. I hope Valucre itself has been keeping you all active for the time. @Al Sa-her @Robbie Rotten @kyuri @ezkiel777 @Mr. Who @VulcanTheDrunken
  6. Recruiting Seven Deadly Sins!!! OOC

    May I point out that I've only seen the show maybe three times. The only comparison we share is our name, that and I believe they were sword wielders as well. The Seven Sins were something I've heard and referred to a long time ago. Couldn't sit and watch the whole thing, but there was some pretty intense moments.
  7. Recruiting Seven Deadly Sins!!! OOC

    My bad for not posting sooner, guys. I've been stumped. Work, and daily life. I'll have a post before the week ends. Hopefully two. Don't want you guys losing interest. Hopefully things will pick up soon.
  8. Recruiting Seven Deadly Sins!!! OOC

    Valucre's mild powers are accepted. But hence the word mild lol.
  9. Recruiting Seven Deadly Sins!!! OOC

    Specified even more on the magics. Generally all we be allowed, but again, we are swordsmen. Keep that in mind.
  10. Recruiting Seven Deadly Sins!!! OOC

    Still waiting on a couple of you to post. @kyuri @Al Sa-her @ezkiel777 @Robbie Rotten
  11. Nanatsu no Taizai, Seven Deadly Sins -under construction-

    Could we not post here, please? Hide them. Thank you fellas. Hope you like what I started.
  12. Tsujigiri, Musha Shugyo - the Training in Warriorship/Duel!

    Kenshi rather stood quiet than reply to Thayln in understanding her preference not every action needed a reaction necessarily. Roughly twenty or so minutes had pass, the day was still young. Giving Bousyoku the benefit of the doubt she'd arrive was appropriate Kouman wait a few more minutes, than to take matters into his own hands right away. Thinned lips pursed to a light smirk his pupiless gaze had spot something, or someone. A keen sense of his surroundings would focus in on the land that was about the fighting grounds. Leaves rustled without any winds to pass the Hanyo could hear them crush under what he thought sounded as approaching footsteps. Out held a finger for silence, more than one thing what ever it was would be surrounding the area and the temple .... Then came eerie silence to close it all. What a perfect time for an ambush. The sins were tired somewhat, hitting them while their spirits seemed low was brilliant. Some thing was watching them, but even as he surveyed the temple there would be no trace of what it was out there and observing. He would let up after ingesting a whiff from his nose and to no avail discover nothing, either they were really stealthy in masking themselves or they fled because soon after the weight on his shoulders lifted away. Poor judgment. A barrage of shuriken would sail down from the trees from all angles he wouldn't have time to open his mouth and get any words out before they came raining and precisely! For as much manpower there had to be at least double the amount of shuriken coming from The worst part things seemed to all of sudden take place in surprise. This was a carefully planned hit. "We are under attack! Watch out!" The blind hanyo reached for his blade on his sash to remember he did not secure it to his person this afternoon. His only defense was kicking from his feet and leaping to some cover behind a rather large tree he escaped a fleet of shuriken lodging right into the base stacked one, by one on top the other. A force of warriors larger than his own numbers came hopping from the great heights of trees. These were Tengu ninja bearing red masks to hide their crow like faces and features. These winged beings had blades readied in their grips and were master of the arts known as Wind Manipulation. Highly skilled creatures. A ball of white fire encased his hands from his spirit he conjured forth the sacred flame. This would be an ambush of fifteen Tengu in groups of three attacking each of the Sins. Rolling out from the trunk with a thrust he fired a small flame dead center at a Tengu closing in on him after trailing his whereabouts. In the coming moments they all would be surrounded and killed if they were unable to defeat the powerful shadow Tengu. These warriors would now be faced with a real life or death situation. This wasn't a duel. These Tengu wanted each and every Sin dead. They would be after Kenshi, however. @kyuri @Robbie Rotten @Al Sa-her @VulcanTheDrunken @ezkiel777 15/15 Tengu in total
  13. Recruiting Seven Deadly Sins!!! OOC

    Might take you up on that offer if you're not busy with other things.
  14. Recruiting Seven Deadly Sins!!! OOC

    Malik's ego is up there after that battle against Gaulder. I can only imagine. Yet Kenshi could always die that out and kill his vibe lol. Jk