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  1. Etched in Stone

    House of Choisel, BEWARE OOC

    Yeah I apologize for not interacting w him much. You don’t have to post this round if you don’t want. @HollowCipher
  2. Etched in Stone

    First Steps to War [OOC]

    What are you guys up to now? Thought the Dragon was already captured?
  3. Etched in Stone

    House of Choisel, BEWARE OOC

    Considering the order I posted, I didn't think you would so hastily bro. No worries xd Kick-ass post @Chappu For the rest of us we're still making it into Timber Creek I believe, since it were the Skeletal Reapers that would have technically alarmed the Hydra at Ponkapoag River. So, we should all have atleast one post ahead of us before we engage this Hydra. Unless, you all wish to start now. Either way, we're on our way to canonization baby 8D @HumanBean03 @Twitterpated @HollowCipher @Moonbay @brokendolleyes
  4. Etched in Stone

    House of Choisel, BEWARE OOC

    Become one of his close companions so to speak.
  5. Etched in Stone

    House of Choisel, BEWARE OOC

    11 more posts to be canonized in factions guys and I posted! Lets go!
  6. Etched in Stone

    Down With the Sickness (faction thread)

    "The Moon paints an image of my favorite hue. Strong, elegant ... A dazzling Beauty. No other than House of Vandom. I'm happy. Yet, you fail to understand me Collector. Elixirul Vietti has began to Purge this world known to natives here as Valucre. The Fate of Man will find it's way succumbing to both the Pure and Blooded blessings of Choisel in the name of ... Kronos the Thirsty." If it weren't obvious that the open field and grassy landscape shifted to a more heavily wooded area, someone was blind. Skeletal Reapers and their abilities to manipulate the forces of unworldly Soul Energy made clearing the heavily brushed region ofTimber Creek no task at all. Not all Fifty partook in clearing the Creek only five lined up in formation slightly ahead, boned hands gripped upon the snaths of their readied scythes, simultaneously, Soul Energy aroused together in a crimson aura at the Tool’s toe all the way to the end of the heel. In a single sweeping swath the violent Soul Energy released into a raw crescent shape, the supernatural effulgence was a display of great intensity unlike no other as it cut through nearly hundreds of trees about an acre long. The five crescent discs ejecting shrills echoing a mile or so while the crowded terrain no longer pose as an obstruction for the intruding Dark Legion. The chaos didn’t stop there. The Skeletal Reapers pressed onwards into the desolation of Timber Creek for the cavern of Snake’s Way. Via Telepathy the word from their checkpoint was received. “You are aware Collector, that curiosity did kill the Puss’? Your interests. Seems they are most peaked by my works and accolades. Despite our polar differences, perhaps you should learn more from Choisel House and Blood yourself into one of my contacts? There’s not many that can persuade a Grim, but I’m sure you can find something worth wild in return.” Leinhart continued in his stroll the fact she was employed as a Grim and he saw some potential out of possibly recruiting her, he’d return to his normal expressionless state after delivering her a soft wink from his golden ocular. There was more that met the eyes of the Pureblood Choisel Lord, that was for sure. His Twelve Hundred year reign told a story deep beyond the grave stare in his eyes. Marching onward through wastelands of Timber Creek until they finally reached Ponkapoag River. It was fair enough to say, they were indeed getting close to Snake’s Way. The Skeletal Reapers has already reached the destination. The Dark Legion stood massive, but most of its larger units moved at a slower pace. Alistair had appear at the Patriarch’s side not much longer than it took them to cross into region. Ponkagpoag River now lie directly ahead of them, waterways and smaller streams break off into separate segments. Golden oculars stared off in the direction of the Istrefi with a slight concern about him. All be fair, it probably sounded more logical if the Legion could hit the Hydra where it was weak before any Choisel members slid in for the final blow. They were undead, but how effective would they be against the Hydra? In his search of where everyone currently stood at the moment, his eyes wandered for Mary and Ari them having kept silent for some time now. Hopefully, they were still onboard and hadn’t ventured off through the Creek elsewhere. ”I’m not exactly sure, son of Istrefi. Weaken it first with the supply of my Legion. We are not here to kill it, but try and tame it for Arianna. I promised this a Gift for her.” @HumanBean03 @brokendolleyes @Twitterpated @HollowCipher @Moonbay
  7. Etched in Stone

    Storyteller initiative - I need a storyteller

    Fine. Now in PM, when you contacted me Tuesday you gave me until this Friday. Correct? We just spoke about this, no? Which posts do you mean by this weekend? Things will continue where they left off before the end of tomorrow. @supernal
  8. Etched in Stone

    Storyteller initiative - I need a storyteller

    Straight off of Strength, without any questions I'd approve and say Yes. @Chappu Now since I already had some type of bite with Grub' when I first laid the post, it wouldn't be fair to quickly oblige you the opportunity without seeking him/her out prior; my Brother man. @Grubbistch How active would you be in responding to the posts as the Hydra? Only cause' I've really been behind at the same time, haven't been wanting to play the scene out as myself. Feels less authentic that way, you know?
  9. Etched in Stone

    Storyteller initiative - I need a storyteller

    Any takers ?
  10. Etched in Stone

    First Steps to War [OOC]

    Yeah. I figured you guys were if not damn near complete with the quest. Smh. I do apologize.
  11. Etched in Stone

    First Steps to War [OOC]

    Sorry I’ve been away, as yesterday I attended a Funeral. Today’s the burial. However, my only questions would be: How do our guys meet? Where? When? I’ll probably be tagging along my Swordslayer, Kenshi Momoku that has nearly an warpack of Five-hundred Wolves. Not to mention he serves as Shihan or Head Instructor of a Dojo in the training and military development of Warriors with the Datsuzoku Empire. Depending on what he was obtains himself here; maybe a piece of the Exalta Crystal, this journey to Kaurelia (might of mispelled) could also influence the Empire some in your favors.
  12. Etched in Stone

    Storyteller initiative - I need a storyteller

    Number of Posts: 5-7 (Give or Take) Participants: Started with Six, give or take if not about 4-5 of us are still playing Location Ponkapoag River (Wilds of Terrenus) the Genre: Adventure Provide exact details of what you need: Fairly simple. Specifically for somebody to play the role of a Hydra with Seven heads. Haven’t really decided on too much else besides reference image and powers/abilities. Toxic venom, Self repairation, Venomous blood. It’s for my Vampire Coven, we’re supposed to be out on a rumored quest. All to obtain and capture the Hydra there which resides in a cave at the bank of the River. Will this be playing the role of one character, playing multiple NPCs, generating an event, handling a fight, etc.?: An NPC, the monster we will be battling. Is there a posting order? Yes, for Hydra we would make one. If so, what is skip time?: Give or take, three days How soon do you need this service? Is this a rush request, or something someone can join you in a week or two?: As soon as possible, please. In just a round or two or more posts, we’d be in contact with the Hydra. If you can, contact me 😃
  13. Etched in Stone

    Chateau De Choisel | ENTER AT RISK

    “Him is very pleased with your contributions and here. For lack of word he wishes, to make up for his actions the other morning and seems your audience in the Great Hall? He asked you dress in a Red gown for the occasion.” Martis wasted very little in his haste and finished lightly ending with a slight bow, the Dhampir remained rather amused briefly until silence eared the senses. The motion of things what seemed all too sudden to have mustered awkwardness. Overextending his stay when it came to conversation the Butler could flap his gums for hours and due to his undead nature will not tire one bit. His icy blues were tranquil, less fiery and passionate as Lein’s yet still held a dark and mysterious countenance upon his undeniable features. In between the doorway he stood focused on the Human reminding him of his Mother, almost nearly as beautiful. Master’s orders he would have to obey them; she was to remain off limits. “If you need anything, I’m sure you know where everything is at. But, an escort or two won’t hurt once awhile? @DarkHorse