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  1. Etched in Stone

    Atarashi Kiba (Jigoku no Toshi)

    It wasn’t so strange, that on a Doyôbi Saturday eve School of the Rising Sun was quiet, empty without student or Sensei. Though most of the Dojo’s architectural design was focused to appeal as one of Jingoku’s main infrastructures, it still held some influences of early Shugendo beliefs. Kakejiku scrolls hung posted on the dojo walls depicting tales from many different lifetimes of Senjo no Ookami, his pilgrim beginnings, to his trainings of late under Yamabushi monks. The young shinobi girl had just enter through the Martial Dojo floor itself, various weapons displayed acquired from numerous amounts of Asian influences organized along the walls and shelves alike to a set of eyes, went untouched and were just for show. A full-plated Armour set rested as a mannequin in the far centre of the room polished in a thick coat of obsidian dragon scales, a brown seal or Kamon representing the Kokuryu no Kibo embroidered upon the cuirass or torso of the armor. A pair of Blades, one the Odachi and a Wakazashi mounted above on a wall behind the Samurai Armour in a pair of crimson red scabbard or saya. Another painting as the Kunoichi found herself within the spread area of the dojo floors was more captivating than any of the others she passed by. It was the artwork of Seven Wolves by their features alone, were all from seperate packs. Yet, on this particular parchment were a Pack of Seven Ookami warriors symbolizing the many different backgrounds and nations it took the found such an Empire under a brotherhood of Swordslayers came to be known as the Wolves of Jigoku. The works of Japanese Shuji or calligraphy and a graceful stroke from an inkstick brush upon mulberry paper held the attention of Master Kenshi upon a Tatami mat seated in the posture of seiza. Like in Martial Arts, a Calligrapher has only one chance to create with the brush. Mistakes cannot be corrected and even a lack of confidence, shows up in the work. One’s mind must be cleared to let the letters flow from thought. Just after the Kunoichi had appear such flow and concentration was disrupted when the wax candles bestowed on the counter above him lighting the quarter wavered and flicked out of oxygen, dimming the room into blackness from the night outdoors. These religious wax candles had given off the presence of the uninvited guess as they could also ward off unwanted spirits. The voice and unfamiliar command as the rice paper door slid ajar, the lady stared unto him through the night in his silken pale white robe, a match fitting his blank white eyes. Legends were true. This was the Blind Yokai Swordslayer she was standing in the presence of. Noting she did not enter he turned his blind vision to the kunoichi’s from his seated posture. “Thank you, tell him I am coming.”
  2. Etched in Stone

    House of Choisel, BEWARE OOC

    Glad to see I've knocked out a few posts these past couple days. Now, it's about keeping the momentum. We really don't have a posting order for the Chateau, but it's nothing to set one up. ----- Not exactly sure, I think it has always been my turn for Factions, I'm not too solid on knowing who was next for Tia.
  3. Etched in Stone

    Chateau De Choisel | ENTER AT RISK

    ~ "My name is Lady Cariella Hightower," she said. "And I am a simple Reaper assigned to watch over the Choisel house and collect any wayward souls. I managed to find my way thanks to Dr. Quin." While lady Cariella did possess some form of nobility rather, or mannerisms and etiquette towards the Master Choisel his Dead body untensed as he leaned over exposing his pearl fangs in a flourish and light gesture of a smile. Outstretched both his hands from their prior resting positions as they placed to form a series of short applause. The awe and amazement from his eyes reverted to their lackadaisical, half-lidded marbles of ancient unknown origins. Him had pardon himself without acknowledgement from Cariella. "If that's the case, welcome to Chateau De Choisel. Just don't stray off too far by your lonesome, for even these Castle Wall's have eyes to watch when I'm not looking. Yet, enjoy ma'lady Cariella." Words flowed from his mouth almost carefree in tone, yet it was typical of Leinhart's character to be so … Unenthused in monotone emphasis. The shift of sudden footsteps emerging from the crowd even in a Hall filled with people; trailing off from the corners of his glimmering eyes, his attention caught the tail-end of Quin's Kimono reflecting from the dimly lit area. Might of even been the only one to have seen her exit and while he was waiting for the others response on their upcoming journey to so-to-speak, he couldn't up and leave to chase after her to find out what was happening or why she so abruptly left just like so. Sending Martis or Okbar off to figure things out was more appropriate for this matter. His right hand opened for Tatia to come to his side with his shifted attention now back on the woman in the Blood Red gown. The next words that came from Cariella Hightower told him she too, felt something up with Quin. For the Pureblood who did not panic when he could no longer hear her heart beating and whom promised to keep her safe in his words, he held himself almost too composed in this scenario. "Okbar, Martis. Go with Cariella, check on Ms. Nash. Please, make haste."
  4. Etched in Stone

    The Shell of Great Sins

    A firm grip of Martis’s right hand latched around Damien’s left shoulder from nowhere to remind the kid of the eyes behind Leinhart’s head were always watching. The half Spaniard Blondie stepped away for but a few seconds or maybe, time already was going too fast for the day and nobody kept track? At almost 5’11 the semi-fit male towered above the seated Vandom and his once passionate ice blue eyes now boiled to a molten Crimson red; the Dhampir was steaming hot! Not from Beauty, either. Any whom knew the Cervantes butler, also was aware that he wouldn’t harm even a ladybug. Unlike the others he held some type of connection still with the Human half of his Blood. Let alone, from enough hearsay the two Houses respectively would form some sort of alliance soon. His hand tensed to release slowly from the spot on the boy’s shoulder and with a light gesture from his butter white face, not only did Martis flash a wide polished smile in exposing fangs; but his swollen red gaze seemed to settle along with his calming process. Even as Keeper his mental state here and there seemed to flunctuate. His case of identity crisis was something self-diagnosed. “You know, I haven’t been around too long to dictate character. I’m sure it’s a lot like the way you act now. You’re lucky, to be Blessed in Pureblood. Yet, I have more free reign in shackles than you ever would a royal. Be who you are to be, a Pureblood Vandom yes?” Nothing was said out to be more than what it is and gently, Martis backed himself away once the vampiric-crow like woman approached the table as a hostess. ~ Leinhart couldn’t bare to embrace the thrust of emotions coming from Quin, he turned towards her once again as he settled in his rather lowly to the ground chair - must he complain to himself a King sat upon a Throne! There was no startling to break the madness into those that could feel the growing sense of Him’s absolute Will commence as a small shift in the room’s overall social, mental, emotional well-being. It was like a drug had been administered via air throughout the entire proximity of the Dark lord affecting those with little alarm to ever seeing, or feeling. Nether encompassing his quietly undisturbed form in his chair, a quarter percent of the crowd at Jidoor had the same supernatural essence flowing through their Undead bodies. The Patriarch held himself accountable for all behaviors within Jidoor, the eyes would be every where except for on Him. At least, his targets would only be those of Vampyric nature for the time being. He watched somewhat attentively as the supernatural woman of strange and naked features approached the bunch of the Coven. He held hands crossed over the other and listened his beloved Countess spoken well on their behalf and he wasn’t impressed. She was his sister by Blood and soon a wife by the same manner. Yet, he was still the Count of Choisel and gave the Undead hostess at least some decency in addressing him as he went brushing down his pea coat. ”As ma’lady Tatia has said, I am the Patriarch of Vampires. Devil of all doers, the Kronos. It is a pleasgure to be served by the finest, yet what I request is an individual. Perhaps, you may know of this Demon named Benny?”
  5. I sware I copy/paste my things so they DON'T get deleted and some way, some how, still end up getting deleted. Was on my way to finishing up my Tia post, guys. Sorry.

    I'll get back to it in a bit before I'm toasty drunk and ripped with my lungs. xD 

    Seriously though! 

  6. Etched in Stone

    Chateau De Choisel | ENTER AT RISK

    Leinhart sat upon the raised dais of his throne to much of someone's concern he hadn't moved even an inch yet, a leg crossed over the other his right hand rolling around three Energy Stones in the apex of palm. Their creations sprouted from the everlasting Nether flowing throughout not only the Chateau, but the Glen itself, into a punitive form of his own manipulation. These small orb like marbles when pressed upon the surface of flesh were almost like meditating rocks, or for those with a bad case of ADHD. Kenric had exited the establishment long before the Five had arrive and not so much went mentioning of their gathering. Slouched in his great oak wood of a Throne his tone of carefree nonchalant began to roll from his slithering tongue. His glorious glowing Goldenrods maintaining a full-awareness of the Five now present before him. "I didn't expect a grand audience, but now that we have gathered." It was cleaning and preparation time for all workers and servants alike, mopping, dusting, polishing. It had take atleast ten people to finish the job in an appropriate time. Despite the now crowded Great Hall, the maids and servicemen went proceeding in their cleansing without certain notice doing their jobs until the task was finished to move on to what was next on the agenda. To clear his throat as if any saliva been present in the Dead man, he allowed those to settle in first before continuing. The entire Coven was present at a time he only summoned forth Dr. Nash to join him. Would just have to spare their meeting for a later date? The mustered Energy Stones continued fiddling in hand until he shut the palm closed for good, in which the mysteriously magic possessing orbs absorbed into his being and empowerment to be stored for later soothing relaxation. "While it has been nice to finally, acquire a piece from the Pie I must say. There is still much that must be done here as a Coven. Not too far Northern West I've been informed, lies the City of Tia overturned by a population from more of these Vampyre. I've heard those magic possessing items have been stashed there under the security of a diety who calls himself Benny, the Benefactor. As I could care less for this Demon, it's his amulets and the notion that we can too, flourish the City with our own population while gaining his services in favor of Choisel. The Elixir of Life, a cure-all remedy founded by our own rich Blood will become a necessity for addicts, the diseased. and the hopeless. Once it has became a big enough demand, we shall move our Enterprise to Tia. Give or take, we will set out for Copper City in a few days time." At the feint trace of the Outsider, Leinhart quickly slammed his attention to the woman with the braided knot and lace with the Blood Red gown. His stare was something he had not yet given any at the Chateau, yet. A bit of awe and amazement at the same time. But, this was his House and in the Chateau Leinhart was God. The feeling of raw power emitting from this particular figure of a woman under concealing effort, was almost matchmaking against the Dark Lord himself and even Tatia his Countess. The fact he knew not the woman's name, nor why she had came and with whom sparked only a small fraction of fear in his Dead body. He quenched his curiosity from straying any further when he parted his lips to speak one final time. "Any questions? Standing before me now, you, lady in Blood Red .... What is your name? How have you made it through my Labyrinth without losing direction? Who invited you to my Chateau?"
  7. Etched in Stone

    Chateau De Choisel | ENTER AT RISK

    ."I certainly will." Martis had known no better not that a poisonous spider could kill him, it was just out of a lack of etiquette that made him carelessly hoist the dead arachnid up by one of it's broken limbs. Probably, around the time those shots were fired off Doctor Nash missed if every shot and decided to crush it beneath her foot; of course, only judging by how the eight-legged insect looked in it's current conditions. Nearly smooshed to death. "I am just a Guardian, a Butler for service. I don't make the rules, you know?" His voice just slightly peaking to afford himself a bit of sarcasm. Cervantes was a good guy, as long as he maintained Order of his half human qualities. Undead, so almost just as Dead as the spider's carcass now lying flat in the palm of his right hand. Yet, even though his heart never persisted with beat as the Blood in his veins, never coursed with vitality nor pulsate. In a very far corner of complexity within his Supernatural, one couldn't convince him otherwise that even to this day he completely was an animal, a demon bid to the sacrifices of Evil, a Vampire. "You're Blessed with the power of free Will even under Choisel House, I have sold my soul to a Devil. But, you are more than what meets the eye and further intelligent than the average profile, so you obey. Little do you know, that you are much stronger than any Vampire under Master Leinhart; Doctor Nash." While he was still standing in the doorway with his other arm stretched out holding the opposite side of the frame for the door, he was enthused once the true formation from the talking tabby brought itself to light in words. Martis though he faced his own indentity crisis's here and there, along with the plenty of times he fought his own demons he accepted whom he became and understood well, that infact he was a Dhampir. There was yet still, a day to mark in his infinite Calendar when he lashed out and lost all sanity like, the Dhampir he was created to become. Coming to the reality of his immortal being, Cariella the once-cat emerged into a remarkable Red gown. No wonder the her eerie color of a Black tabby, Martis went from holding the carcass of the arachnid in an open palm ccto shutting the hand closed and now curtseying a half bow to the woman. Dazzled momentarily, she was a Supernatural just like he. And as intelligent as he presented himself, he never saw this breathtaking manifestation come. Her English braid and curls cascaded down her back with the length from her lace, Martis could not help but stare into the black pools of her eyes almost the same face he had given Doctor Nash at his arrival. "Suppose we should all head out, then? And no, I do doubt that." Almost head-over heels at the fact he would now be escorting two lovely women to the destination of His lord, he was quite lost for words just a second and even forgot just exactly was their next move.
  8. Etched in Stone

    The factions are coming OOC

    It’s been two weeks, but it’s been one week since you tagged me in this thread. I mean, I’m well aware bro. I’m still making posts and still have yet to finish the rest. You wasn’t going to get a chase. Yet, I know you call the shots. That’s what you want to do, alright. I’ve got a lot going and can barely keep up with what all I’m handling. For the most part I’m free on the weekends. I didn’t forget about the thread. I put massive amount of lore behind it. It’s just life, man. Yeah, we gotta’ salvage it somehow cause that plot will still take place. Matter fact, you locking the thread disables me from posting there further smh.
  9. Etched in Stone

    The Shell of Great Sins

    Jidoor was quite spontaneous with it’s diverse crowd. To Leinhart’s stagger the Hall accommodated not only Vampires, but human alike. Walking into the grand lobby a duo of security were standing by the door. Leinhart was warned of these guys in Mythril plated armor carrying rifles, no other than the military Elites in Tia known as Problem Solvers. There had to been at least an entire unit there, night was falling and soon that meant the streets would be flooded with Vampyre from all of Tia. Martis was first to enter and address these men suited in armor with a kind gesture and bow paying very little mind to their equipments and whatnot; well familiar with the Problem Solvers and their street-sweeping task force. Leinhart remained behind the Dhampir as he was escorted further into the establishment however, the Kronos wanted to delve his mind first into the knowledge and wisdom of these special forces. Strange enough, they possessed their own lowly resistance to his slight mental intrusion and only gazed him up and down once in silence. They could already tell if by their experience or what, the Coven were a group of their own Vampires. Pushing any further could have gotten the unwanted. “Martis, I wonder. Perhaps these merchants can tell us where to find Benny and this Peeches la Belle?” Seemed tonight they were expecting some local entertainer in town by the way flyers posted on the walls throughout the place to read Tian’s “Jonothon Oaxaki”. In spite of an upper class and noble population there, Choisel had no issues blending in with the rest of Tia. Wealthy merchants lie ahead with fancies much appropriate for the Coven, the Patriarch had seen enough fools gold and finding this Benny the Benefactor slowly was becoming a dragging moment of time he could never receive again. Casually, the dark lord flicked a finger in the direction he was headed next; a group of six chairs in the center was a round wooden table, a dinning area upon first glance. As he took a seat and the rest of the Coven arrived he took the time to take in his surroundings further, the population of humans outweighed the Vampyre 3:1. Yet, for now, they coexisted peacefully. ”I need you to behave yourself, Vandom. Or I will see that you regret it later.” @Eternity @DarkHorse @HollowCipher @Twitterpated
  10. Etched in Stone

    Chateau De Choisel | ENTER AT RISK

    The kitty hadn't broke it's gaze yet on Martis, who now flashed himself a set of uncanny pearl fangs as if contemplating feasting on the feline right this second. Still, flashing his own teeth meant he probably end up startling the Doctor Nash so kind, so innocent, and reminiscent from past his mind could recall only so far back on his Mother. An index and thumb from the pale white digits on his right hand stretched under the chin and sat there as if, pondering on the matter she did not possess the gown color of Master's expectation. Never the less, all he could do is his job. Martis sighed with a light smile drawing his thinned lips to a smirk and tucked his fangs as he stood in almost awe from this woman. ~"In all honestly, you'd be doing me a favor. Keep what sanity I have to remain. A kimono you say? Splendid, haven't seen those in centuries. It is traditional enough for the accommodation." Martis clasped his hands together gleefully almost, until he fixated himself to his business appropriations and courteously bowed right after. All the while, the Dhampir stayed at the doorway until he would be dismissed. Rather, he was so enthused by her character and the fact she was unfearful of him. Well, least at the moment. He would depart from here to check on the rest of the residents, unless she still had some words to share. Standing, talking was a lot less dull than constant walks around the Chateau in lonesome. ~"Twelve Midnight. You can bring your furry companion, if you'd like. I apologize for keeping you longer than expected. Please, enjoy." @DarkHorse @HumanBean03 zz
  11. Etched in Stone

    Discovering Characters

    Sounds like she would been considered one of the Seven Pureblood Families. They were all sired by choice except for his sister whom actually is the Countess. Leinhart would probably let her lol, he understands the urge. I’m excited. She may even give him a run for his own money lol in terms of strength. Perhaps, Alistair and her meet enough to become friends. I’m open for a lot. If you ever need a place, you can also join us at the Chateau. @Vanderbrie
  12. Etched in Stone

    Discovering Characters

    She sounds really dope. @Vanderbrie Lein is undead of course. He’s about 1200 years old and looks midtwenties. Nah, he wouldn’t sire her any way, sounds like she’s too strong on her own he wouldn’t have a reason. But, they could be great allies hands down.
  13. Etched in Stone

    Discovering Characters

    Starting off with just what you’re looking for and who/what your character is, as my friend @Twitterpated already made some mentions should I say I only possess two characters. Any way, Leinhart Choisel is my Pureblood vampire who’s been establishing him some reputation here on Valucre these last few months. He’s more chaotic neutral than completely evil. Currently, his Castle is featured as a hub in the Haunted Glen of Terrenus. Along with his newly obtained establishment, he has become the Patriarch of Vampires over the Glen and amongst his sired coven. He’s even began distributing and selling an advertised Elixir of Life created with the aid from his privately employed Doctor. She is human I must say 😉 And of course, I can keep talking about what is currently going lol. @Vanderbrie I’m down for Alistair meeting her and bringing her back with him to the Castle when/if the time comes. Her meeting with the Patriarch could bring even greater achievements to the table for everyone 😃
  14. Etched in Stone

    Dice Rolling Thread

    Skeletal Reaper #3
  15. Etched in Stone

    Dice Rolling Thread

    Skeletal Reaper #2