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  1. Fellow comrades and acquaintances, I’ve been sick almost 2 weeks straight with this Auto Immune of mine. I’m sorry guys that I just haven’t had enough concentration to write. I just couldn’t. 

    I’m nauseous, and constantly under pressure in my stomach; I dread this shit. I am sorry.

    1. susitsu


      I'm pretty familiar with what that shit does to people due to it afflicting a family member of mine growing up, and I just wanna say it's okay you're not posting. What you are dealing with is difficult. Have my well wishes, and good posting when you're ready.

  2. Etched in Stone

    Divide To Conquer

    That I cannot deny, I am super beatttt! Maybe it's the hour ahead or more because my lousy three hours of sleep. Who knows. I have already began my entrance post. Can you bare with me an extra day or so, please to get things rolling good. @Thotification
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    Divide To Conquer

    Of course, I have no quarrels with such. Probably begin it this weekend, see who else we can recruit. 🧐
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    Divide To Conquer

    Never heard of em’, yet sounds so interesting. I’m down for it.
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    Divide To Conquer

    There’s tons of these Vampires I should say in Talix in which, my guy is coming rather to politic should I say. Guess that means I still need an antagonist then, lol. I am Anthony by the way, it is a pleasure. @King @Thotification
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    Divide To Conquer

    Shouldn’t be a limit, prior to Hummingbird’s departure. Unless, you’re talking about a seperate quest for a specific sword. I know @King is board leader so things might have changed. But, for the better hopefully not.
  7. Etched in Stone

    Divide To Conquer

    I know I'm late, but ..... Looking for a small group of antagonists to basically be the main opposing force for my character and his Coven. Their goal is to acquire as many followers as possible of course, this is a repeatable quest and as mentioned by Hummingbird there is no need to canonize any Whispernight quests. A few from Choisel would be setting out to explore these lands, try to negotiate or form some type of alliance with the existing league and if that does not work, acquire things all lastly by force we can come to figure in a small skirmish or something. For those in need of a basic summary of what the place is/looks like: Talix-Egine A city run by gears, including a central gear that operated the entire city on a wheel of science and architecture seen nowhere else in Valucre. Home to more math and logic than magic, Talix-Engine’s near impenetrable headquarters that operated the entire city was overrun by doppelgangers and evil spirits. The city was in the end toppled. This ruin is one of the most dangerous, overrun with undead creatures that seek nothing but to destroy all that is left. Everyone who was gone here has died at the hands of violent geists. Led by a league of vampires wielding ancient, powerful swords capable of nullifying and reflecting magic spells, be the one to defeat the horde and free the city from the curse of Whispernight. I'm looking to start things as soon as possible. What do you guys think? Even if you just want to tag along for added story without being the opposition, that’s fine too.
  8. Etched in Stone

    Chateau De Choisel | ENTER AT RISK

    - BACK IN THE BLOODY MARY - Regulars resumed in their activites of whatnot selling magic, trading black marketed goods, all of which may been considered illegal on the continent Terrenus. In the Pureblood's Realm of the Underworld, there was no such laws to restrict trafficking and or other crimes. The power of any desire was allocated to the individuals that forfeited their Blood to the Ruling Choisel coven in eternal servitude. A vast majority of residents were appealed and drawn to the Word and Rumors of a rising Vampire Patriarch. Many shunned, were outcast and banished from Terrenus while a great population already resided. These locals however, none were infected with the Elixir, yet all came in seek of promised asylum with the Pureblood in his name. The Sanctum hung with scarlet red tapestries along the cast stone ceiling, lanterns and candles alike adorned end tables scattered about. The waft and heavy scent of irons could never been easy to stomach for a Human, however the fleshy beings dancing and whining to the rhythms of their own melody, swaying with the motions of the flames that lit the scenery were not from the living source, that the intense filth of fluids were most favorable to these Vampires. The establishment dug a few hundred meters beneath the residency of the Coven it's interior quite simple, an antique oak stairwell at the far left corner of the room. Leading up the Administrations office and two unoccupied dormitories down the hall. Three individual stages or platforms laid out in the center of the spacious floor to be used in the entertainment of guests. These raised platforms each housed a retractable curtain, a plus double-wide bed, and a plethora of kits from bondages, handcuffs, whips organized against it's back shelving. Workers and volunteers of Choisel about twelve in total male and female were required to dress semi-nude, tops or not were optional yet while on the public floor bottoms were a must and mandatory because the Dark lord simply Willed it. However, revealing more erotic flesh in sessions behind the cubicles often got the attention of clients to pay more generously during their Bloodletting experiences, not that any currency was a received method of payment. It was more the torture and pleasures of drinking the Blood. Leinhart had yet to witness the Den as he had the Dungeon Chambers. This was not surprising, however. Business was generating, the Elixir had yet to begin mass producing until it's trial and error period deemed 100% effective, scientifically proven as so. Quin still tested subjects occasionally, one or two survived that were forced to confinement of the Dungeon for further evaluation. Leinhart proceeded towards the back of the Den, His primordial golden eyes scaling the vicinity of the place and it's surroundings fond of it's simplistic designs appearing to adhere and accommodate the Dark lord's demands. A vampress half naked in a sheet of satin red approached to entertain Him, revealing a partial of her upper femininity or cleavage in her strut with hair of fiery red she twirled within a single finger. Her tainted innocence highly contrasted the gentle shade of light blues in her eyes, the vampress was a professional enchanter not only by trade yet her trait of possessing mysterious allure, also benefitted her the power of seduction. The entire staff were Enchanters to be accurate. "My lord, shall I accommodate you to your Quarters?" She said in confidence as if knowing that's exactly what he had needed, wanted, or would not deny. Yet as she closed the distance of Him and wrapped herself into His clench of a cold body, he quickly dismissed her brushing away the arms that reached forth in his proceeds to the office above. Xartia and Tatia were to arrive soon, the Pureblood strode his way towards the staircase telepathically reassuring the vampress she had done nothing wrong to him. Within the grasp of his right hand in a grandiloquent lilac and obsidian hue, a swirling pool of Nether manifested from a dimension elsewhere to reveal a black leather briefcase in it's clearing possessing samples of the Elixir. His natural cast of a shadow appearing to expand three-folds the further he climbed the stairs. Slowly, disappearing into the background of the hall to the office. @Twitterpated@Eternity@DarkHorse
  9. Etched in Stone

    Chateau de Choisel: The Labyrinth That Is Her Mind

    Him, Kronos of the Thirsty as the realm of the Underworld recollected his unforgiving, relentless rulings. He cognitively counted his ten porcelain fingers in the different approaches to this One situation. Affording Alistair free will to escort the trespasser down in the Dungeon to feed the malnourished Lost Ones and their insatiable hunger was one notion. Eradicating the daring fool of a man to Oblivion, quashing what very existence he held dearly if the Pureblood could bend him within his Nether Veil - now that, seemed most rational at first. Though it was anticipated by the Coven, the Istrefi knew more than any others in the Room the Dark lord and his impulsive behaviors; was no wonder to why Cariella hadn't expected his arrival. He could not dispense attention towards her, but it was after his moment of a reality check, curving any extra acclimating suspense that he returned a reassuring gesture and comment. His tongue slowly glided over the glossed pale lips sheened in provided saliva, the scent of the fresh virgin blood from Ira appealed to his every sense and without touching him physically even from the distance, he could taste him. The irony of such, Leinhart forfeited his vampiric traditions of blood-drinking or rather carnivorous ingestion as the Vampire referred it. Standing with pocketed hands in the slacks from his pants, his golden orbs slowly rotated to and fro between the couple. In this moment Him began to tune out all-else, two-live beating hearts in front of him there was, painting a display that even beyond the mask of clothes, skin, and bone marrow to cover. He saw clearly the internal outlining organs and their coursing veins. More specifically, beneath the cage of chest cavity itself, lie their pulsating vibrant, Red encasements of life. "In due time, fair lady Grim. He is the long, lost lover of our dear Doctor and though I've seen the hurt he caused; she forgives his actions. However …." The interruption caused by Ira had abrupted his onward flow of words and explanations of whatnot. However, without seeking further requital than what was pre-meditated prior to asking Quin her opinion, he refrained himself longer. It was true that in the commencement of babbling Ira had, all attention as he demanded it in his prior interjections. Yet, nothing was far worse than giving an entire fleeting life story to a Vampire, exceedingly not in the face of one's demise nor out of consideration of life immortal or not. Long, overstayed conversations just happened to be one of those, horrible pet P's for the Dark lord that could not escape a sigh for his disinterested lack of care. As he glanced his eyes back at Quin he found her taking the gulp from her flask. Beneath the skin she was trembling, so much that it reminded Him of his vow over her. It was no doubt she began, feeling less the emotional side from her Human capacities from whatever it was she swallowed down. Thinking it over in his head, even the irony of her being a Doctor or Healer while also an addict in her own accord. Leinhart scrutinized her moreover because of this; it was rather, disdainful. Oh how, popping the eyes from her sockets and replacing them anew could been a desperate fixer upper to exposing her the truth. "Is that, so?" The glossy feathered carrion had reported to the Dungeon Keepers the incidence and to seek out the Clinic as commanded by the Patriarch. A pair of heavy-armored Vampires in fitted helmets approached the doors, awaiting further duties at the entrance they stood with swords sheathed at waists. It manifested seemingly out from no where again, a swirling pool of Nether in a grandiloquent lilac and obsidian hue, the sight unlike any other returned the carrion with Scarlet eyes upon the shoulder. Full attention was if not, on her entirely by now. The representation of a Crow in careful speculation of her. Son of Istrefi had unveiled himself as depicted and with little regard in his next actions, Quin remaining safe and unharmed was all that deemed to be an understanding or agreement between them. Simply, he had played his role as a Choisel Guardian of the Coven. The adopted son, rather. Yet he was if not, always correct in his judgements - something, Leinhart mixed in his angers and impulses. "As well as what I've been looking for in the Otto experimentation you say, no? Time is what is most precious to me, Doctor, in which you should know as well it cannot be returned. It can however, be wasted." Weeks had pass and there was little improvements from Otto rather, the cost after his production was on it's way at matching the price it would have been to repair and remodel damages caused. Not literally, of course. But, close. She went explaining herself about the Elixir, but quite frankly this was not such a good time to redeem herself for him. Leinhart knew because she was Human, that Ira was what truly mattered to her, and how her escape or rather a good diversion was as mentioned. A short round of applause was given, removing his hands from their slacks. Doctor Quin Nash - she was truly one of a kind. He produced a tight grip over the four vials and a similar gesture of his reward to her was afforded. That was when Him averted towards Alistair, shifting on heels to begin in the other direction which in turn, signaled the Dungeon Keepers to advance and further apprehend the Intruder. "It is no bother, see Quin to her quarters securely. She is to remain for Seventy-two hours, after exposure of the Elixir circulated Ira entirely. Two out of Five victims? Let's not forsake ourselves with something invaluable. Escort him to the Dungeon." @DarkHorse@Greenmntman@Twitterpated@HumanBean03
  10. Etched in Stone

    Chateau De Choisel | ENTER AT RISK

    "If it weren't for that Bastard Istrefi and Maryanne, I could have had her but no, Alistair's this and that. I'm suppose to be her Keeper, not him! And that stupid Project Baby she has is always in my way! Perhaps ……" Cervantes packed the last of his belongings into a small briefcase, he was getting together his things - what little he possessed as most of it went unneeded. He stood by the edge of the Bed snapping fingers, clicking his teeth, fiddling with his hands panicking, but from what that could possibly been? … Truth be told the Dhampir was losing it, the saying resumed as his true colors began to surface. Martis been working, while his time had been maybe only two months amongst them, he remained at a daily consistency as Quin's Butler and assistant. Not only, his infatuation of her grew more creepily, but her trust of him and the vow of Master Kronos's left the halfblood at bay. In so many ways, from her inquisitiveness, to her freckled complexion and silver eyes, she reminded him of his Human Mother…. Unusual to say a Dhampir could admit to their envy of Humans? Not at all. But, he began to wonder what things could've been if he Sired her as his own, and in what ways her knowledge could benefit, then. Ideas didn't sound too logical of course, considering the ultimatums to any whom messed with her, yet it was clear that in this point of time, the half-blooded one was becoming very rebellious and lacking in his cares for Choisel rule or authority. Though, Leinhart sentenced him as so and he was confined to her as under the Command of the Patriarch, he was still a half-Cervantes vampire and did not hold the same restrictions as the Choisel coven. Shutting tight the briefcase he set it onto an oakwood desk beside him flat down, supernatural senses tingled in him like a calling for his summon at once; a cold eerie breeze of wind passing over the shoulder. The longer he focused there, standing on the cold cobbled floor he'd come to fruition the voice actually calling him, was indeed, a voice after all - that he wasn't just really, freaking out. From a glance over the shoulder, his icy eyes laid themselves on the dhampress approaching in her casual suit of blacks and whites. Despite being a maid of service working the Choisel House nearly a century, she was no more unique than the other unswerving devotees that served the Dark Lord. Her name held little importance, but it was obvious she did not come to sit and chat, not even over a glass of Bloodwine. In a voice of what emotions should been said, she stated in little cares for the favorable human doctor: "It is possible, your pet Doctor may be having another one of those trips. I doubt she is truly down in the lab being murdered as we speak. Your job as her Butler, though right?" Martis remained fixated ahead, his icy blues did not blink and he resumed with cleaning out the room, before opening his mouth to speak. Thinned lips parted to reveal words that flowed unhesitant in thought, or beliefs. However, by the time he attempted to do so she was gone, like, she was never there in the first place and that precognitive dwelling, heaving upon him like a guilty conscious that required immediate attention, too washed over him. From a similar briefcase that stored limited medical supplies, Cervantes walked to the armoire and pulled it from a shelf saving the supplies for last to pack. This just so happened to be it's first needed usage containing various vials, all for different occasions. Gently, he shut the armoire door and with his left hand gripped the neck of the briefcase in his exit of the dormitory. What had got her this time, he might never found out. In no time wasted, the doors to the Clinic hastily swung open. Martis was for once shocked to see the disarray and distraught about her face. By his second forward advance, the Supernatural appeared at her side from behind, she wouldn't know just who exactly he was until she glanced, if she was aware, if she was conscious. He placed the briefcase upon the nearest surface and attended to her, calling her name before attempting to embrace her hand with his own, even shook her in his minor attempts to free the restraints. Recalling similar behaviors back in Tia at the La Belle Peeches he realized this was something good. In such an invulnerable time such as now the playing field could either had went left or right. Leinhart had nothing to present him, only the immortality in which he was already granted. His pack leader was killed off by Leinhart during the Arisen and now, he held someone's life at stake who was much more valuable than the entire Coven to the Master. Even in his careless endeavors to wake her, a sinister grin was forming itself wide across Martis's maw. "Lady Quin!? …. Quin!!? … Doctor Nash!?!" @DarkHorse
  11. Etched in Stone

    Sokui no Rei (Jigoku no Toshi)

    The New Moon student stepped wooden geta into the night relieved his training was finally over for the day. The boy had very distinct white eyes pure and almost divine that despite his young age, told a story of pain, struggle, and ambition. That even his own inherited blindness meant nothing, how he could finally begin anew, feel accepted and possibly even receive blessings from his unrelenting father to honor the Moromichi family. Not much after the Empress’s introduction did Ozu arrive, almost two-hundred circles later. His tired feet drug themselves through the Red District, no way he was going to miss out on the Festival, while the entire city seemed to be present in support of the Nation’s new Empress and the reveal of their appointed Shogun. His ocean blue Yukata swayed with his every inch of 5’3, upon its backside embroidered the Kamon insignia of Jigoku Wolves - a black and white lupis canis (one representing day, the other night en two different forces) conjoined by separate swirls. Equating balance, that one could not simply flow without the other. These two Wolves represented the ways of the Rising Sun and it’s fundamental teachings. Ozu was dumbfound by the wave of silence that struck the people as the new Empress spoke. The intensity in her voice and her confidence made him feel comforted though he knew her not from a hole in a wall, nor any of the women concubines of that matter. Whether she was actually capable of fulfilling the needs of the Dynasty as Empress, none of that mattered to him or the Country. Her words were like gold, affecting all in her richness, her confidence etched in stone. They would believe and stand by her side without question. As the Heika went on with his proceedings Ozu further tuned himself in, all the while his canine senses focused on locating Master Kenshinobu. It wasn’t until Lord Chijono called forth his name in efforts of praising and commending the Imperial Army’s General that, and the great roars and applause coming from the people of the Nation that Ozu was able to locate and trace his Master. His stern look softened, brows relaxed as they were no longer narrowed with focus. Not to mention, the scent of Cherry Blossom began to fill the air reminding him of no other than Akuja which, meant he was definitely close by. Iridescent whites scanned the skyline, he found a peculiar woman at the company of his lord and the watch of three domestic wolves. Treading forth, he bowed respectfully to the duo dipping his form much lower for Akuja than the woman counterpart. “Master Kenshinobu, I have finished my days work.”
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    The Official Aleksei Fan Club

    Indeed. She’s incredible.
  13. Etched in Stone

    Chateau De Choisel | ENTER AT RISK

    What alluded the Mind to false projections or warped realities were hardly, representations of any factual occurrences. The feature had been a spell amplified by the effects of the Glen, conjured by Master Kronos as an illusion ward in threat and emergency for the escape tunnels, dungeon, and the sanctum as all three relied on the such ways as transport. While the Coven knew the descending spiraling stairwell, ultimately led unprohibited walkers down a path of no return or rather a never-ending cycle and means of travel. It was ineffective against Choisel and it's welcomed guests and servants. From his Chambers upstairs Leinhart floated in existence through his Nether. A thin etch mark rippled into the atmosphere of the Bloody Mary. From the unfolding display, the rift unveiled itself into a curtain of unworldly darkness that molded into the embodiment of the Patriarch. Beneath the wears of a peacoat, luxurious velvet button-up and a pair of complimentary slacks transpired his fleshly being. Scarlet cowhide loafers welcomed themselves further into the first-half of the Sanctum consisting of a tavern for the local individuals of the Region. Primordial goldenrod eyes glared at approaching undead men, greeting him since his arrival at the Chateau with gifts of offerings, for once today his blood curdling grin spread an inch further as he cracked a glimpse of his serrated teeth in slight regard. To many in the area Leinhart was their Supreme Ruler and though he fancied very little on what the World or any Soul for the matter viewed him as, the undead community glorified his Vampiric ruling and followed his every command as Patriarch. By now Tatia and Xartia should been making their way unless she ventured off in a detour of no good, elsewhere with the Cambion. In that case, he awaited their arrival. Without engaging in much converse, he proceeded towards the back of the tavern slowly headed for the heavy double doors to the Dungeon and Sanctum. Behind them, lie a sanctuary desirable only for the wicked and feasting as well, as the most guarded place of the Castle.
  14. I’ve got some posts coming out to those owed today. Until then, keep the parties rolling. It’s Saturday lol.

  15. Etched in Stone

    Chateau de Choisel: The Labyrinth That Is Her Mind

    Leinhart predicted well, the outcome on this Bloody Eve. Son of Istrefi received the telepathic report almost immediately arriving on scene of the Clinic. The bastard child withheld the status as Choisel Guardian. In turn, that gave him the Power and Will to assert any threats to the Coven, or the Choisel Patriarch himself as he felt necessary. From the fragments of Blood suckers, a heavy fog like darkness hung over the doorway to the facility. None from inside would see, not unless they were by the windows of course, but they would feel His presence, circulating the proximity in seething anxiety. Primordial golden oculars peered from the veil, it’s origins of Power beyond the comprehension of fleeting mortal men. A dark material limb extended to grasp ahold and ajar the door ahead, yet whilst reaching for the knob in his sublimated form the Supernatural then instantly reanimated. Beneath the wears of a luxurious velvet button-up and a pair of complimentary slacks, transpired his fleshly being. Scarlet cowhide loafers welcomed themselves into the opening door as Leinhart slowly stepped his way in. “I’ve been expecting you, Ira.” The Vampire lord stood considerably taller than the others at full height of Six foot Five inches, the shadows crawling beneath him even seemed to afford a few more centimeters. The Count’s legs did not appear completely grounded, reflecting the impression he hovered and lethargically over to the trio. He called out as if he’s known Ira personally, yet perhaps at this instant the thief began assuming that maybe Quin made some mentions of him before? Neither was the case. His goldenrod eyes found themselves pouring into Quin first who appeared most frantic, scrutinizing her every motion, telepathically flipping through the many pages of her human mind in search of any deceit, in which he already knew she could not fabricate against his Will. Then, his eyes averted onto the armoured trespasser holding the Sword alongside of her. Imbecile for unknowing. A bloodcurdling grin formed itself across his thinned lips at how pleasant his unclaimed Blood could been. Just what exactly, he had planned for this man’s crimes? Trespassing, obstructing private property, breaking an entering - though these crimes may have seem to pertained to unfavorable humans, Ira was still guilty as charged. The Doctor felt deeply in affection with him, Leinhart had been aware of this, however, would be hardly taken into account during judgment. Coming to a full halt midway to the couple, maybe barely even just half way into the Clinic, he commented on Quin without any further explanation, in little acknowledgment of the accused and a flash from his uncanny fanged teeth: “You do know him, yes? In that case, you will charge this man accordingly, Doctor.”