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  1. May I point out that I've only seen the show maybe three times. The only comparison we share is our name, that and I believe they were sword wielders as well. The Seven Sins were something I've heard and referred to a long time ago. Couldn't sit and watch the whole thing, but there was some pretty intense moments.
  2. My bad for not posting sooner, guys. I've been stumped. Work, and daily life. I'll have a post before the week ends. Hopefully two. Don't want you guys losing interest. Hopefully things will pick up soon.
  3. Everything moving so slow x.x

  4. Valucre's mild powers are accepted. But hence the word mild lol.
  5. Specified even more on the magics. Generally all we be allowed, but again, we are swordsmen. Keep that in mind.
  6. Still waiting on a couple of you to post. @kyuri @Al Sa-her @ezkiel777 @Robbie Rotten
  7. Could we not post here, please? Hide them. Thank you fellas. Hope you like what I started.
  8. Kenshi rather stood quiet than reply to Thayln in understanding her preference not every action needed a reaction necessarily. Roughly twenty or so minutes had pass, the day was still young. Giving Bousyoku the benefit of the doubt she'd arrive was appropriate Kouman wait a few more minutes, than to take matters into his own hands right away. Thinned lips pursed to a light smirk his pupiless gaze had spot something, or someone. A keen sense of his surroundings would focus in on the land that was about the fighting grounds. Leaves rustled without any winds to pass the Hanyo could hear them crush under what he thought sounded as approaching footsteps. Out held a finger for silence, more than one thing what ever it was would be surrounding the area and the temple .... Then came eerie silence to close it all. What a perfect time for an ambush. The sins were tired somewhat, hitting them while their spirits seemed low was brilliant. Some thing was watching them, but even as he surveyed the temple there would be no trace of what it was out there and observing. He would let up after ingesting a whiff from his nose and to no avail discover nothing, either they were really stealthy in masking themselves or they fled because soon after the weight on his shoulders lifted away. Poor judgment. A barrage of shuriken would sail down from the trees from all angles he wouldn't have time to open his mouth and get any words out before they came raining and precisely! For as much manpower there had to be at least double the amount of shuriken coming from The worst part things seemed to all of sudden take place in surprise. This was a carefully planned hit. "We are under attack! Watch out!" The blind hanyo reached for his blade on his sash to remember he did not secure it to his person this afternoon. His only defense was kicking from his feet and leaping to some cover behind a rather large tree he escaped a fleet of shuriken lodging right into the base stacked one, by one on top the other. A force of warriors larger than his own numbers came hopping from the great heights of trees. These were Tengu ninja bearing red masks to hide their crow like faces and features. These winged beings had blades readied in their grips and were master of the arts known as Wind Manipulation. Highly skilled creatures. A ball of white fire encased his hands from his spirit he conjured forth the sacred flame. This would be an ambush of fifteen Tengu in groups of three attacking each of the Sins. Rolling out from the trunk with a thrust he fired a small flame dead center at a Tengu closing in on him after trailing his whereabouts. In the coming moments they all would be surrounded and killed if they were unable to defeat the powerful shadow Tengu. These warriors would now be faced with a real life or death situation. This wasn't a duel. These Tengu wanted each and every Sin dead. They would be after Kenshi, however. @kyuri @Robbie Rotten @Al Sa-her @VulcanTheDrunken @ezkiel777 15/15 Tengu in total
  9. Might take you up on that offer if you're not busy with other things.
  10. Malik's ego is up there after that battle against Gaulder. I can only imagine. Yet Kenshi could always die that out and kill his vibe lol. Jk
  11. Misty is out. She will no longer be apart of Nanatsu. So we will move on and there will be an open slot for somebody else. I may have Kenshi test out Thayln seeing as she has nobody to duel. Any questions feel free to ask. Shit been moving slow, I know. Just started working again. Internet up, for now. Hope everyone is still up for this. @kyuri @Al Sa-her @Robbie Rotten @VulcanTheDrunken @ezkiel777
  12. Blood continued spilling, shedding, and spreading first three KIA's would double making six, than six becoming twelve. The pungent scent of splattered blood and flesh filled the Daiookami's nostrils with a deep delight in the horrors of this bloodshed. Headcount on the ship would reduce drastically and soon, should no form of defense pose strong enough against the half wolf yokai. His heart pounded with adrenaline more than ever almost like a Vampire for bloodlust. Despite the great interest in the Fuji Red Apple he was still a Predator and a natural in eating meat who wouldn't resist the temptations from lifeblood. It was like a sugar rush for children and their candies. With the lord searching for Mother if he hadn't yet found her even still he did not pay any mind to waters that would be fluctuating in the sea encompass, the Hanyo was finally fully engaged in the massacre of the people. Those whom bravely tried to resist the man were backing off by now Kenshi could feel their spirits die out. It was evident this man was not completely human and by now, hopefully the aggressors realized he was deadlier than the corruption and chaos in the city itself. Strange how there was always heroes on both sides of Battle. In the midst of it all a blind bullet bursted through his haori as it slowly pooled together and swelled into the burgundy of his robe. The first shot let off was the one to alert him with a bang, popping right in the shoulder mid swing a slash that would have knocked a group clear overboard into the waters he would be halted from slaying more innocents. Burnt ammunition filled the sea air as the second and third shot followed almost in perfect synchronization with the first. With his demon fangs he released an grotesque vicious snarl, retracting his injured arm seemingly pleased by their ability to inflict harm upon him. With little to no expended energy regathering the sudden broken concentration, his pupiless whites locked on the targets perceived location and he charged the deck bracing himself for what the people of Port thought was suicide in the direction of the soaring ammunition. In a test of his Will the two front fingers on his free hand snapped forth like an Eagle grappling its prey, his near blinding speed had to match that of the bullets in order to intercept them and it would be. He tackled the second fired round with his thumb and index finger stopping it dead in trajectory, then with the whole hand he consumed the third round in an enclosed fist. Still en route as he closed the distance the remaining firepower plummeted into his torso dead-on and direct, yet still enraged and boiling by the damage caused by his limb he did not seem to feel a thing. Not yet at least. On his last step nearly ten or so feet from the riflemen this was it! Pushing from the toes he leapt in the air with just enough agility and force his body became almost a blur as he lifted about from the deck floor flicking the two bullets into a pair of the riflemen closest him. He would come down raking talons from his left hand to tear into another head-on from top to bottom now in the pit of the riflemen all too excited he wouldn't even sense Mother and her own pets aboard the ship.
  13. If there was one thing for sure and two for certain the Wastelands of Terrenus transversed over nearly a year ago with the Emperor of Datzusoku and his Empress Kimi, were nothing to brag about in comparison to the gold steaming Valhatien Desert. Kenshi would only imagine as he dismounted from his own steed and touched down with pale bare feet into the burning sands, his incredible tolerance and adaptation as a Yokai favoring over the element of Fire actually was beneficial here. Unhindered by such extremities he wore with him today a light silk loosely crimson red haori fabricated exclusively for the Daiookami. In white Kanji lettering astern his back etched the translation, "Flame Hanyo". Hence his abilities to control and manifest such element. Tied around him fastened tight in the kuma-musubi or square knot method was a red obi or sash indicating, the official Japanese Martial rank as Master. Of course the Empire hadn't viewed him as such quite yet, but those it pertained knew said status well and that it was no force to reckon with. Either way this voyage was not an expedition of Battle or Bloodshed. Such fighting talents were implemented only if needed. The hanyo would actually accompany Koji on a quest to find Dragon Bone, as his lord referred to it. Little would be known as how to discover them, but with Koji being a descendant of them at least from his Mother, he knew he wouldn't have to break his nose to find these skeletons. He gazed intriguingly into the distance with a pupiless vision reaching almost over a quarter of a mile in radius and though he could not see the true world for what it was, he percieved the new desert land as a Hell on earth. "Seems you don't need much help long as I'm alive and still breathing. Yet, you bring with us an Outsider, no? A snake woman. I take it you trust her reason for coming, Heika?" @slank44 @al sa-her
  14. "Hmmmp!" The sword did exactly what it was intended, chopping into the hanyo's relatively human shoulder cleaning, easily into the fleshy pale skin as it penetrated the dense exposure of calcified bone where the Haramaki couldn't protect. Despite all toughness the Daiookami possessed, even the physically limitless and harsh training he had undergone throughout his longevity, this particular bodily injury burned through him like fire! A big and furious one. Yet not once in his life was he so relieved and in glee that finally, he was struck by his opponent for the world to witness again the untouchable that he was no God in fact. Wincing his brows Kenshi clenched his teeth at the pain that would swell in and around his neck with a slight devious grimace upon his lips, the shoulder blade would be gushing with crimson fluid lifeforce that would pool around the impaled sword. Pain, what was pain? Pain was Weakness leaving the body. Though he felt the pain and he could not ignore it he was a Warrior seasoned in Battle. One cut wasn't enough to keep him from fighting, not as long as he still had his limbs to press on and retaliate. There was no doubt his opponent might have gained the advantage here. As his demonic arm twitched falling limp to his side almost immobile, he would take that final step forward with the blade still lodged that despite such a powerful near critical blow he would have proceeded as nothing happened, only to look over the severity of his wound after the fight has finished. If this was a Life or Death situation the Wolf would have gladly gave his last breath for this attack, but it wasn't which meant this battle was still up for takes and on either side. In the form of another Quickdraw the left fist almost instantly burst itself in the bright white flame as shown earlier. Abusing the sacred fire ability with extreme prejudice he cocked the fist back even further, releasing it now with almost the amount of power and force to send the Warlock through the roof! Figuratively speaking, should his garment catch aflame he would have to find a way to extinguish the inexstinguishable spirit flame. The warlock had not yet been able to retreat and if he had, then that meant he must of released his grasp on the sword to evade the uppercut to the solar plexus region. Kenshi was burning with fury on the inside to the point, he almost forgot the sword was still attached to him. "Yohhhh!" @Slank44
  15. "Consort, you call it? You manipulate lesser beings against Will. I call that Enslavement. Yet I am only a half-percentage of Yokai, still, I cannot stand them. Nor the likes of you!!" It was in his countless years of training that molded him to be one of a perfect warrior. Standing nude in deep-snow or sitting beneath ice-cold waterfalls was extreme conditioning and training. Many hard earned ass-whoopings had come before any chance of victories for the boy at that time. Unlike the Warlock this was his way of living, battling with the elements, living as though he was expected to die any minute of his lifetime. As a former Samurai ex-ronin he lived solely to train and trained solely to kill. Born into a life of slavery to live and fight for the Tadokuro Empire at the time. The war that changed his thoughts forever on coexisting peacefully with Humans was the Onin Wars almost fifty years ago. That was all he knew since the childhood age of Eight. War. For at that time it was kill or be killed, literally. For Kenshi there wasn't much he would remember before that, the rest of his life prior was a blur. Kenshi tract out his demon arm to the full extension of his 72" reach adjusting the anatomy, blue veins would bulge from the back of his hand to the forearm his fingernails morphing into the sharper-than-knife claws. Barreling at Tarin who seemed just fine with keeping, up as he would end up at the Warlocks left side or his own right, he would throw the fist in the form of an uppercut punch close enough that his opponent would have to move himself from the punch to draw and attack with his sword. Of course this was only a diversion. The hanyo Bushi moved with his demonic right for the follow-up but first, the man had to react to the blow coming for the lower abdomen with enough pressure more than just wind would be knocked from him. The solar plexus was more than sensitive to twenty five pounds of force. Should this leave Tarin open for the coming. @Slank44