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  1. A full summary: [ACT II] For bitter sweetness of His selfishness three bouncers, two men and a server are coerced by the Supreme compulsion. Him of Krows acquaints himself and begins working on the foundation of La Ruche. Befouling the bar with a flask of his lifeblood, those whom consume beverages there are covertly ingesting the Nosferatu's blood. Intrigued by the mass of humans coexisting, the couple are driven into a state of nigh insatiable hunger and massacre nearly a third of the attendees that night. A minor summary: Choisel's are occupying the Purple Penguin nightclub controlling people in their influence over numbers, becoming the establishment's driving force. Other residents and regulars voluntarily join the revolt in vows of new existence. Consequences and Opportunities: Aid the MTPD in investigating the recent outbreak of vampire attacks. La Ruche' - it's origins in French meaning, "The Hive" Discover whom this threat may be to the city and near territories of the land. Join the one responsible and revolt against the city with uprising Nightbloods to occupy it's space. Use this opportunity for a character in search of difference, new existence, free of mortal restraint.
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