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  1. Beautiful as Autumn

    Dusk called for a rather quiet visitation from Master Kenshi as he trampled over the leaves of fall in a scarlet high-collared robe, an intricate leather obsidian sash hoisted itself firmly over his slender form. Jet black tendrils of hair pulled gently to a half-finished ponytail while a pair of elongate side bangs cascaded his milk white cheeks. This man couldn't have possibly been Kenshi, but it was. The yokai half-demon would swear to never use that identity again. A singular cerulean eye was tucked away by a leather patch though it stood for a fashion, he didn't at all hindered nor in any injury because of it, no. It merely complimented his rank and authority as Zai, the 8th member of the Omagatoki. Sides, lord Heika seen it fit him good; a contrast to the original spirit, flesh and blood of the first Momoku. Despite the terms of conditions for Oo'xora, the Dynasty would be negotiable in their approach with this one. Zai was more than welcomed to accommodate him on the expedition. For a swordsman of his skill he was to keep an eye on things from the outside looking in, to be a shadow behind scenes. The mission was seen to be a rather pointless one. But one supposed there was no greater mission than securement of Heika's well-being and safety, even if the Onmitsu were summoned as the primary party. It was a pity how the two affiliations worked for the same cause, but ultimately did not see eye-to-eye. Zai sighed after being stationed in Oo'xora for nearly a month he was to report his findings of the people here, explore the city, establish a name for himself under the Koman of the Empire. In a test of power and ability against the people of Oo'xora he became known as the Tsujigiri. It was weeks he fought in search of the true warriors of the nation. The dynasty would thrive in this far land of Renovatio, it's population could be expended and put to use without touching the people of Jingoku. Yet Kenshi served a chaotic and tyrant of an Emperor there would be no difference in the sacrifice of numbers. Heika would soon govern these lands into a city-state province, the idea of gathering more troops and force numbers was a weary one. To think of all the Dynasty would conquer because of it, or how much more widespread they would become as an entire nation. Possibilities were endless. ~ He's more stronger than in our first encounter, young ryu has grown so much in so little. Could he really be the destined Heika to rule all lands under one nation? Until then, continue driving me with your aspirations. ~ "I suppose you can see the view of the World from above? As I hope we haven't been summoned for the same reasons, my intuition tells me otherwise. " The embodiment of a shadow above upon the establishment's rooftop would discern itself as Mina none the less the more she came into view. Steel-plated boots finally stopped clicking against the hard terrain as he looks up at the concubine and gently bows his head before continuing further towards the building. He regrets ever having qualms with her, but he doesn't forget his job doesn't require having much relations with the Emperor's women. The hanyou had to come to respect her for what she was. He simply acknowledged her as he made way into the establishment prior to his sensing of the Heika's presence, late and no doubt a cause of interruption. But, some days just happened to go so not as planned. @Twitterpated @Aleksei @Chappu
  2. Sword to Sword

    "Be tranquil with the people snake.. You eyes may be scaled but I know you can see and understand.. Display such an attitude and perhaps you might actually get me to fight with you.." The moment was brief Goro would have only one chance to pin Kenshi down for good and he blew it! These were ways from the Monks and their teachings. As for the Swordslayer his mind was already made. There were no second options and ultimately, no going back on his words. This was his honor, his pride, the life of a Tsujigiri. Should Goro fall, that would make the third person to die by the Shugyosha's sword on planet Valucre. While he would waste time in his persuasive reasoning, he would find tension building from his spear as Kenshi latches his left hand in a grip from the scabbard close to the sharpened head of the spear without cutting himself. He would have most control over it as he shifts his own body weight and tilts to lean away from the enemy. Lashing out with almost phenomenal Human agility and power, he rages suppressed temper. Clenching, swinging the arm overhead counter-clockwise he shifts his hips to the right, the support of his elbow holds the spear in tact as he pulls his own body from it. The arm holding the spear becomes an extension of the force used and is redirected away to the far left side of Kenshi's body; out from targeting a vital organ perhaps. "Fool! Chance your life for this commoner?!" Goro would now have to decide on whether he would drop his grip on the spear or find himself fighting in a tug-of-war sort of battle soon. Yet, there was no time in between to react. Kenshinobu's sword arm still held out about ninety degrees to his right, (his opponent's left) it's bladed edge away from him. However, with his right foot to pivot at a forty-five degree angle the yukata masking its simple but efficient footwork he would make haste and attack, twisting his wrist so the sharpened edge was "inside" instead of "outside" his opponent. The scent of cherry blossom would waft the area in the proximity of their closeness. It was a whiff of certainty just how close Kenshi closed the gap and how close Goro was to his visit from the Shinigami. "Your life is just as underserving!" As he pulled the spear in the other direction the bottom of the hilt from his sword would jut the man directly in the center of the face. The shifting of his hip was the initiating act, following the pulling of spear his right arm would drive down hard with its fitted grip around the handle, hammering his forearm like striking a nail on the head. The brunt of the force should impact the nose for the most part it was the focal point in his targeted. A shallow cut across the mid-section may have finished the fight, however it took considerably less time to keep his forward momentum then have to draw the blade and cut. Goro would be pinned up as far his distance apart he was to use his spear at such a close range all the while, having to retrieve it from Kenshi's grip. The question what would Goro do exactly? Kenshi held his sword for a counterattack as he tilted it down and away with the hisaki cutting edge pointed from (to the right) instead of to (the left) Goro's position if he countered the jut from under the tsuba of the blade. [damn I just deleted a good half of the second paragraph x.x] @Chappu
  3. Ruto o Torimasu | Taking Root - Laying the Foundation

    @P.N.See @Chappu @Aleksei The walk to the main camp was not too much of a journey, yet it was hard to maintain order in the boisterous crowd without laying hands on these people. The half demon Wolf planted firmly against the ground halting from progressing any more onward questioning himself as a fang bit into his lower lip as his cream white face would grow mildy warm to the touch. Before snarling a fiery remark out of impulse to control the overwhelmingly ecstatic followers that would yet, get to see the expressions on his face. The Undead was less frightened none the less, but the humans could not restraint their fears once they saw the muzzle of his face shift with the large protrusion of uncanny incisors and the formation of his fur-white canine ears stage before them. The moment they got too out of control he took a deep breath and stared with his long protruding maw, from where his fang had punctured a trickle of blood went rolling that would come to a slow halt down at the chin. Kenshi would speak after he turned to face the people, his hand smearing away and cleaning his lower half of the face. "While you are here, you too owe my Heika the respect to hold yourselves highly to his standards. I, personally would rather dismember you all one by one. What do you suppose a blind spirit has to offer? Yet, you see though you may be an expendable. I'm sure the young Emperor can find you something better to do than, tail one that cannot tend such a large flock without first ... Suppressing them." He would speak calmly while his face slowly shifted to its regular form was no longer distorted by bestial features. Still, the people of this very area knew very little of the sensei guardian nor his intentions just yet if he had any. Nobody was stupid they knew a Daimyo or a man or great power and wealth when they seen em'. Kenshi was the hitlist killer, a secret society member of the Empire's Omagatoki. These people thought they were looking up at a brave warrior. Guess on two sides of battle there was always a hero and villain. Stroking a hand under his chin his mouth opened wide with jaws the size of a great white shark as he would so continue his complaint adjusting a sinister smirk. "You lot were supposed to be working on the completing the City, Heika isn't going to like that I found you dabbling around and not at your work stations." His cataract eyes lowered themselves towards the ground and his ears tingled in their human form, the muscles in his right nostril tilted while gently he lifted towards the smell of familiar territory a woman and another embracing a womb. While there was one other that was faintly distinguished and unrecognizable in total, the Wolf would discover three beings heading his way. He remembered one of the scents from the desert quest, the woman who tamed the flame elemental yes. What could the concubine woman want with him? The concubine whose name he could not strike correct in his head. His arms folded over in the intricacies of his golden and red chinese-esque robe and he bowed dutifully upon her arrival. Dusted and dirtied though his Kasa straw hat managed to prevent his face from debris he eyes the pregnant woman first and stares down at her belly. He could smell Koji's dragon blood deep within the womb of her fetus. This was another one of the Heika's concubine, yes.As for the one whom followed them had no beating heart, while this had been the first encounter with the likes the hanyo displayed if any little interest towards him and the least of it. "Has the young Emperor send you to oversee my doings? Or has tending to one another's care become dulled that you was in need of a little excersise? ..... Nevertheless, how may I assist you?"
  4. Ruto o Torimasu | Taking Root - Laying the Foundation

    Village Square seemed like the center-for-attention once Koji made leave and even then, Kenshi wondered if word had got back to him yet of the fight. By faith and chance, by the course of misjudgment, the slight rope of trust he gave to the people, the workers, the undead, the growing colony. It was a mistake that put him in the bitter end of the situation; literally such a blow to the nape Kenshi was a fool especially when he determined it, ultimately, he could have evaded the blindly hit. Shozo Qi'yan thought his one-punch technique to be the formidable one in his boast, demanding Kenshi to a duel. Yet, no matter how skilled the fighter, there was only one defeat he could remember like it was yesterday again, the Heika Koji back in the Majesty's personal dojo. Well, a draw to the exact. To these outcasts and black sheep, the Mutt was a wannabe ronin Gaijin, nobody of true power, despite the fact the people of Village Square knew nothing about his ties to Heika, his status of Sensei or even him being the Hoga-Sha guardian in Jingoku .... But, he ended up straightening Shozo out really good in the long-run it was a shame, he didn't get it over with and just kill him. "You're right, why would I pay such a pathetic fighter as yourself. Blind siding the visually impaired, you couldn't even manage to knock me down for good with this one-punch technique, huh? I'll give you a week to get yourself up to par with the Shihan of Rising Sun, or as I've heard them call me Gaijin wolf. Doesn't really matter, life for you depends on just how perfected you craft this one-punch. You bxxxx!" What got fast-forwarded, nobody seen the ass whooping Kenshinobu lined up for the Shozo Monk. It ended fairly quick in assertion with his serious tone of things, not only in front of the pathetic monk, but towards the people of Jingoku itself. The change of hearts among the people that ranged emotions of fear and envy was felt through the great canine senses. While, there was no definite military in Jingoku as of yet, Kenshi as well a few others were selected the responsibility. One day soon, they would witness the mold of this great city under its Heika as they'd come to discover the one Zai, who pushed to strive and succeed these visions by any means. Today would not be through human sacrifice, but a position held as Hoga-sha over the Empire. A mere demonstration towards those who wished to oppose the very means of what he's fighting for as of now. Standing one leg over the torso of the unconscious Shozo Qi'yan, he would share this moment with the people for all to see, invoking fear was a priority. "Any that wish to defy my Heika's fair decree of judgement, shall see twice the suffering of thy dear neighbor. As for you?!" The circled crowd watched as Kenshi stomped the heel of his foot in the face of the Monk finishing him with a blow to crush the area of the nose and lips. The hard thudding against the compact dirt as the head whiplashed and ricocheted loud enough, that any one who simply turned their eyes from the sight of the merciless Tono, would have known this was the end of the bout. Kenshi looked around with his cataract eyes at the reverberating applauses either bets were on him, or these people were out plain hypocrites that followed the old, "Can't beat em' join em" rule of thumb. While he forgot about passing the flyers out, but by now, the hanyo wouldn't have too. These people were already following him around like he was a hero, which would begin to give migraine with all the damned attention. Only one thing was sure, he was getting the hell out of there and quick! Casually, pacing back in the direction of the main camp he took with him over ten followers of the own Will; men and woman alike, both human and undead.
  5. Omagatoki | Recruiting

    And so, this becomes even more intriguing.
  6. Omagatoki | Recruiting

    Updated profile. You know I want "Zai". I see it's already reserved for meh'.
  7. Sword to Sword

    "You don't mind if we borrow these seats, do you?" While there were no stools left available in the shop the swordsman found himself a man who had no problems giving up his seat. As if Kenshi really meant "borrow" his means of obtaining was forceful, clenching the customer by the left side of his neck at the front edge of the trapezius muscle. His words were rather sarcastic and the answer well, to him he a true answer wouldn't suffice, he was bound to leave an impression on these people as long as he was stationed, either way. Who would really attempt to aggravate a swordsman and his subordinate? One had to be imbecile to wage their own lives against the steel blade of a Katana. The fellow held onto dear life as the ruffian's grip would grow stronger, wincing as the woman beside him, his wife, cried out for a help of terror. The Chinese pressure point Tsien-tsing induced a sharp, unbearable pain between the shoulder blade and arm; the muscles of the man's neck would have grown stiff, while his arm appeared without motor functions. The Yamabushi were over extensive in their training of Kenshi, he had to feel what the pain felt like in order to understand and use one's body against itself. Towards any onlooker, these were ordinary thugs from the Golden Dragon city just trying to roughen and make impressions on the innocent however, this was far from that. These people were all too kind to each other, too loving, too filled with the joys of happiness. Kenshi wouldn't like it as much as he did during the times of swordsmen and their services were no longer needed and the era of great peace stood abroad one entire nation. This left men to forget the ways of swordsmanship essentially, they became weak in mind, body and spirit forced to take on other occupations such as the artisan that fell helpless under the Tsujigiri. "Men unable to protect themselves or close ones are worthless and should not deserve to live!" Kenshi was no tall man at his average height yet a deep, relentless anger and hatred for the pitied fired a fuel, sparking the flames of madness that dwelled deep within his own disdain for human alike. Beating the defenseless man to a pulp was too humiliating and a call for seppuku in times of depression. No, what little honor left that was instilled in the artisan's wife was in need of preservation, someway, nor would it be justification for her own suffering. Before the man could produce an answer not a second later, he was stripped from his place on the stool and taken from his conversation with his lover. There wouldn't be a need for explanation, not here in Oo'xora anyway, not that he expected Shinsengumi to come barging through the noren curtains of the shop for his arrest. This was simply done out of an act of power and demonstration just because he was a Tsujigiri, wandering ronin, simply enough because he willed it and nobody was left to stop him. The artisan had been shoved out into the open road after his own surrender, Kenshi recognized his weakness as defeat and disgrace this was lowest to humility. He could no longer hear the begs of forgiveness, he was merciless and spared no pity. In a single quarter-inch of his draw thumb against tsuba the flash of metallic would meet scabbard at the point of release, the artisan kneeled himself to spare life yet Kenshi would already be leaping and cutting into his head a clean horizontal slash. A river of blood splattered the roadway, life flashing before his eyes as the world around him grew cold and still, dead the moment the blade tore the head from the neck. The woman, rushing to an already dead man's side perhaps to try and rectify his spirit with prayer so it may rest, peacefully. She tore a piece of kimono and wrapped the head up for proper burial. The ronin disregarded her concerns and any one else's for that matter. The snow white yukata stained with specks of blood, he moved to retrieve the seat he desperately sought out, as if nothing ever happened in the first place despite the cries, and commotion going on outside the ramen shop. It would seem this man could not help killing. "Konichiwa. I'll take your noodle soup with pork broth and boiled egg. Please, whatever this man gets is on me. Arigatou." @Chappu
  8. Sword to Sword

    So his Senpai taught philosophy well? Kenshi saw Goro clear as day so no, he wasn't blind in this lifetime. Perhaps the glare from his cerulean orbs reflected such when refracting against the sun, or of what little peaked as the day stood cloudy so-called usual weather in Oo'xora. Conversing was really pointless seeing as the Tsuijiri had his mind set; he would challenge Goro to one of those Death Battles soon enough. Yet he guessed this was no harm and going to grab some grub seemed only logical the taller man would still be unexpected of him. Shit, before warring armies commenced battle even leaders would come together and celebrate one final feast to go out on the battlefield clear of conscious. "As you find I have many requests that seek fulfillment. Seems you've intrigued me enough to such a duel, however, may you also know a warrior is no good on an empty stomach. Seeing as this may be one of our last meals once we commence, how about we go find something good to eat first?" The anchor had land pretty much still overlooking the waters out east, by now passengers were exiting from the plank onto the dock and into the Golden Dragon city. The snowy white yukata fluttered with grace, his long onyx mane would stroke gently in a passing wind. Without much left to be said assuming he'd be followed by Goro after docking, the Shugyosha's eyes followed the crowd as he placed a foot to the deck his body shifted towards the forefront of the steamboat. Reaching into the extremities of his yukata, Kenshi pulled out a bright red Fuji apple and took a gaping crunch into the crispy fruit. Bursting with nectar he stepped right foot first holding the fruit with his left seeming to forget about Goro for now; he headed in the direction of the descended plank the world before him was visionary, anew and beautiful. He wondered just how much work the city was of need, this could be the beginning of something momentous for the ex-samurai, literally not a guard in sight, but yet so many warriors free to do as they pleased in such a wondrous world far far from his own. A few yards ahead there was a small ramen stand with enough customers, business had to be good over there.
  9. Ruto o Torimasu | Taking Root - Laying the Foundation

    Kenshi remained in Village Square not that he had any thing better to do, this was a good place for him to start the recruitment of Datsuzoku. Of course a lot of preparations went unfinished though there was enough space and people already living off means of the Empire, who were there really not contributing to any thing. These people had come from nearby regions, from many different descents. Parchment flyers were to be posted throughout the developing city, stating the following: "Rise to the ranks of the Datsuzoku Empire, recruiting skilled and talented fighters! Volunteers will be compensated greatly." One by one the hanyo began by handing these parchment papers out to every one he would see fit. Koji was right in his sense, things was going too smoothly and Kenshi was starting to feel as if he didn't necessarily have an important role with the dynasty. Not, yet. He carried himself throughout the whole entire city on foot, engaging with the people on a communicative level first trying to understand them and their motives. While their forces were just a few for now, he intended on that number to double, triple, then repeat itself over and over until numbers were in the thousands. If they were surprise attacked by chance, there was no telling how many would make it out alive. "Compensated greatly? Just how much you think my skills are worth?" Mentioned one fellow a tall and bald man whose beard had been braided down to his stomach, he wore a pair of obsidian rosary around his neck and had on tanned robes of a monk. His name was Shozo Qi'yan of Chinese descent, a traveler in search of duty. Kenshi was handing out a flyer to another potential candidate when he was questioned by this. "That depends on how good you truly are. For the most part, compensation will be the same for everyone. Unless, you are a ranking official of course." Which was true. They were all equally treated, therefore, every one earned the same wage. Suddenly, the conversation went from discussing wages and recruitments, to how competent the ronin was with his blade and the accuracy of the tales. It was almost as if Shozo was challenging his authority. Normally, such assumptions would have been left unanswered, however, Kenshi felt a deep sense of power coming from this one that spoke so freely with his words, yet knew very little of the slayer that was standing before him. "So you're the Swordslayer, huh? I can read Kanji a mile away. I've heard your stories against the Tengu of the Nishi Region, that and how you defeated the Suicide King with just a single draw of yeour Katana. I wonder just how accurate are these tales about you, or was it hyped so I could come and see for myself?" "I have nothing to prove for a common man, it may suit you better if you believed the hype. I on the other hand, can only offer you job placement and security. As a monk, you understand yes?" The blind hanyo half-turned to face Shozo with just his neck, the monk would underestimate the ronin clearly because he was sightless and despite even the tales of his warriorship, it was still all too good to be true. How could a blind man be so talented? Surely, Shozo was desperate to see for his self. "If you wish to participate fill out this form and I shall see it through to the Emperor. All of you, for I have to continue with these postings before evening falls." Taking his leave, he would have turned and pivoted as if headed back for camp when a sucker-punch knocked him right in the back of the head. Who else would it been so stupid? No other than Shozo Qi'yan. Kenshi hit the dirt, but his hands caught much of the impact from the fall. Blind didn't necessarily mean incompetent, either. What Shozo would have failed to realize was the hanyo wasn't a full human and these tales infact about the blind swordsman ex Tsugijiri were no fable stories.
  10. Tsujigiri, Musha Shugyo - the Training in Warriorship/Duel!

    - [To each it's own, right? Wrong.] - While it may have seemed brave and heroic to intervene in matters that might been cause for awareness, it wouldn't been the brightest of ideas to do so when dealing with Kenshi. It didn't have to do with loyalty, clearly Malik had established that during his bout against Gaulder. Kenshi was raised in the Old, at one point in time he followed the Bushido. Now when a comrade has fallen, go for it, do all in power to revive him see that he gets to go home. Dealing with the Wolf one had to remember he was extremely prideful, but he was an honorable Shugyosha. Ganging on a single enemy did not hold any honor, it was for the feared and weak. Before the commencement of said battle, this was between two people only: Shin and Kenshi. Adding himself to the equation Malik not only put himself back in danger, in essence, it meant Kenshi now had to protect not just one person, but two. Yet, will he? Kenshi growled forth flashing his great fangs at Malik, spitting at him from the core his rage and frustration. Meanwhile, ears discerned the sounds of throwing knives and their trajectories fired by Malik too late to turn back once the battle begun. "You fool, you're going to get us both killed! This is no ordinary, Tengu ninja!" Soon, the Tengu's smoke closed in from all sides. ~Poison? Impossible.~ The ricocheting metal knives reverberated their location and even when there really seemed like no other option, the Tsugijiri had better luck in the air high-off grounds until he figured what exactly was in the smoke's properties. Almost instantly, with a radius of three feet, internal raw power is released in an intangible elixir field of Ki, the very physic energy flowing through Kenshi's half-human blood. The physical representation of his body's latent energy would surround him, he would dispel first the tainted smoke around him with his aura and any little that would hover over Malik, long as he stood within a three foot radius or that distance apart shoulder-to-shoulder. This wouldn't be to save him however, hopefully, by now he would use this to act wisely and while he still had a chance. That was the opening act. Once the Tengu had landed, Kenshi propelled himself forth in a zig-zagged formation with just his normal speed. With hands spread out in front thumb and index finger touching, he quickly formed the Mudra Zai or Seal of the Sun as he'd shout the mantra incantation. "So be it. It seems you each have made your choice." "Glory to Divine Perfection!" A golden, luminous light streamed forth from the triangular mold of his index and thumb fingers. Suddenly, the golden illustrious light emerged breaths before the Tengu's face in a small detonation of six foot long life-force spikes that not only pierced through their targets, but exploded into even more tinier, minute shards of Ki. Meaning, the first detonation was more of a diversion for what followed. Even from a distance of eleven feet away (six feet at first, then he jumps and lands five feet further) this was still considerably close for an explosion. If Shin was lodged by even one of these spikes, it would trigger another explosion caused by a chain of reactions though the smaller these shards became, the less volatile they were. Meanwhile, Malik was no longer considered "safe" the moment Kenshi charged Shin down, Shin on the other hand still had to worry about the encroaching Tsugijiri. @Al Sa-her @ezkiel777
  11. Sword to Sword

    [Onboard with a Killer] Man to Man, or as this chapter of his life was titled Sword to Sword on the real and flip side of things, Kenshi was known of late as a Tsugijiri as committed by crimes. Rumors mention a wandering Swordsman killing passerbys. Says locals in nearby insignificant cities, he only challenges the toughest warriors in death battles, some which occurred as recently as the past weekend. "Be honored you're graced with height, for it's the reason I encroached on you rather than the other wannabe Samurai. Undoubtedly, you do possess the way of a Warrior. You see, this is my Musha Shugyo, battling various opponents from different regions with my hands and blade. To no avail of the unworthy, I remain unbeaten. All these weapons you holster makes me wonder, are you skilled enough opponent Goro Fujita?" From his words shed no emotion, only drive and intent as the Shugyosha closed the gap, wafting over the waters in the steamboat. A gentle breeze would blow from his person in his encroach, one that stimulated the senses with the scent of Cherry Blossoms. He slid to pull his back against the railway, looking at much of nothing directly ahead of him, weapon hand still loosely upon it's tsuba. He remained stable with just his bare feet, having to ground and plant himself better than any pair of tengu would on a moving boat. In comparisons to Goro, Kenshi was at a slight height disadvantage and weighing in at no more than one hundred fourty-five pounds no doubt, his frame was smaller too. ~ Even in my obvious disadvantages, would he be able to win? ~ Thinned lips raised to a small grin, he narrowed his cerulean orbs with a small furrow of his delicate brows, almost knowing Goro would not resist challenge this scheme of things would seem-too-good. Conversation would break out between two samurai, Kenshi could only make out few words as he eavesdropped, though it went along the lines of finding the Tsugijiri and whatnot of how they would kill him and collect the bounty on him. The irony of the tale was only if they knew, the ronin in the snowy white yukata was the one they were talking about and he was standing literally, a few feet from their location. @Chappu
  12. Sword to Sword

    The lad wouldn't have been the only swordsman aboard if he looked around him, in fact the entirety of crew was carrying blades or weapons of some sort dressed not as fishermen, but warriors. There was one however, that stood out like a sore thumb quiet and reserved at the rear of the small fisher's boat; a cascading mane of jet black hair fell down his spine, eyeing all with crystalline blues that boarded in his snow white Yukata and sash bare in feet. Momoku Kenshinobu, the White Lotus did not come from this World either and it was clear by how he dressed, he was a foreigner a man from the far lands of the East. Once the boat set from the docks and they were finally moving from his seated meditation of zazen, Kenshi unfolded his legs and hands and pushed himself to stand erect to a full height of 5'11. To the world that did know him he was a Swordslayer for hire, legend told of the warrior that beheaded the tyrannical Suicide King with only a single draw of his Katana . The claimed trophy head still hung in his quarters and even after some years, the people never forgot who he was or his god-like talents. As he eyed the passengers one-by-one he ran a palm over the ivory tsuba of his Katana sheathed in the obi where it tucked on the side of his left hip. The Iiajutsu swordsman looked over every one carefully, he could have easily been mistaken for a guardsmen the way he was so ... tense. The air was fresh with the crispiness of the clear stream waters, the sounds of a flowing river couldn't have been more pleasing to the senses. The day was still very much young and if not Noon by now, Kenshi been travelling a good hour or so prior to making their first stop. Crystalline blues took their gaze towards the grey clouds hanging above and he cursed himself mentally for not bringing his straw hat, that's when he would first make note of the lad in with the kasa and spear in hand. He made little observations of him and his question was, why did he have so many weapons on his person? Thinned pinkish lips grinned at the sight of the teen, clearly he was fond of both the spear and sword but in his age it was still too early to have mastered the two. With no telling of how much more travel was in need to reach the Golden Dragon city, the swordsman approached the boy with a slow stride until he was face-to-face. Milk white flesh would reveal his youth of twenty-three years of age. His lips would part open and he would speak. "You carry yourself many weapons, how come? What does a boy of your age know about combat? I am Kenshi Momoku, the White Lotus. What is your name, child?"
  13. Tsujigiri, Musha Shugyo - the Training in Warriorship/Duel!

    ""After the Onin Wars proved bloodshed and sacrifice wast enough to gain the Gods favor, much of the area went under the control of the Tadokuro Regime. You see, my name is Kenshi Senjo Momoku. These lands are forbidden to those not affiliated Tengu, you're clearly beyond jurisdiction. They say that birds of the same feathers, flock together no? Then, why has this one lost it's sense of direction? I do not fear what comes with these promises, I'm here for the claims of this Temple and will not be thwarted by the likes of a Messenger Bird." Either Shin would take the shit or leave it where it been sitting. By controlling the Temple he'd have access to the portal and virtually free reign to roam to the Yokai realm as he pleased, he could control the flow of traffic through and from the portal even assemble an army under his control in secrecy to the rest of the world. This soil was for keeps and just as his men those who were lost fought, he'd do the same as a bushi it was only right. Live by the code, die by the code. He lived the life of battle, no doubt did Shin as well. He arrived with fourteen swordsmen only to have been spared four scattered amongst the chaos. Kenshi didn't back down as he was further questioned. . The slightest change of heartbeat would also be detected, yet the Tengu remained firm almost battle-ready. He would begin to exploit weaknesses though he was blind, even the faintest signs of fear or timidness could be felt though the Daiookami was certain his aggressor was skillful in masking emotion. Kenshi wasn't the best swordsmen just of yet, but he was still quite skilled as a natural warrior. Surely the enemy was underestimating him. Still, they seemed so different, but yet so alike. What reasons did the Tengu want these lands for himself? What ever reasons the Tengu remained mysterious only made Kenshi wonder just what he was unable to miss in his blindsight that Shin could see? Taking over Nishi was a mere stepping stone towards the rest of his goals. "So, if it is Nishi that you and your clansmen are after you must first, defeat me Shin Sojobo." He said that with pride behind his words and would truly mean every bit of what was being said. Even in his drained state and lack of energy he seemed little bothered by the notion he may just lose against the Tengu, in his current shape. In almost all honesty, Kenshi may even seemed suicidal, but he was confident.The yokai had been in disadvantaged fights enough that he knew his capabilities, but this Tengu felt different than the others and any thing he fought before. @Al Sa-her
  14. Sabaku no Kuesuto | To Explore The Burning Sands of Genesaris

    "Enough. You've dulled me with your inabilities." Kenshi would no longer be stationery waiting for the trio's advancement, time was ticking with each passing moment Koji would have seemed to mount as so did Mina. The hanyo spared the flame beasts enough time, more than he had to offer an enemy and though he wouldn't exhibit signs of enjoyment, he was impressed by the fact he remained unscathed and unharmed. To finish things as quick as they began he would project himself forth in a straight shot for the group, latching bare hands around the exposed would of been neck areas of the two closest. With the might of over fifty men, his demonic yoki he grips and constricts their necks, sucking from them their flame essences until they became literally bodies of soot and ash to decompose back in the sand. "You've failed to indulge this, Daiookami." The yokai hoga-sha guardian would be intercepted blindsidedly by a torrential wave of Hellfire, the blast would wash over him from the unexpected rear to cover him entirely. One would hear the crackling, crisping, and burning of the flame, but as it cleared it became evident that Kenshi survived and did not suffer even a scratch. While his Emblazed Red yukata a gift from the great Yamabushi was a sacred and fireproof garment, Hellfire proved to be ineffective against such. In his retaliation against the cowardly Elemental, Kenshi snapped back with his right clawed hand, a violent diagonal swipe that would have been intended for the mid torso. The bluish glow of his dark yoki encases the fingertips up to his inch long nails in the wake of his strike, he would project raw energy through the enemy as he encroached. A dying last shriek was enough to calm the storm looking to brew it was possible, that the Gods had caused enough stirrup for the trespassers they would relieve them the rest of the journey worthy to travel the terrains of the Velhatien. Unlike the group, the daiookami did not discover him any bloodstones as Mina or Koji perhaps, but as he looked to scent their whereabouts he didn't appear discouraged if anything, exhausted from the battles. Then again he remembered his duty in which he did fulfill, protecting Heika and his concubine so there was some success for the warrior. He fully erected himself and brushed away the bangs of obsidian hair from his blind whites with a sword-calloused hand. Once within vicinity of the group he mounted his dire war wolf, a steed sized canine in fur all black and gold hunter eyes. This would have to be the first time he'd travel these means a horse would have been better suited considering he was a samurai and wasn't nomadic, but thankful enough he would catch up to the group as they would ride out into deeper sands. "To where we venture now, Heika?"
  15. Ruto o Torimasu | Taking Root - Laying the Foundation

    Village Square held little attraction in it's earliest buildings but that hadn't halted Kenshi from keeping tabs on where Heika was traveling and by himself. He knew the Emperor to handle himself well enough on his own, but still as one of several Hoga-sha of the Empire he felt somewhat, his duty to escort his majesty. While the Ookami had been off doing some recruiting of his own he missed some important matters none the less, would he hear from Heika later on in the evening. His works were a task, many applicants met requirements of Datsuzoku but when challenged to a duel by the hanyo either failed miserably, or did not seem so eager to learn the ways of these new people. Kenshi maybe ran through about five, six applications in his tent outside the construction of Ruto. That was earlier here, somehow he would have found Heika's whereabouts from a worker who'd seen his departure. From his torso covered a chinese-esque robe of golden and red with white trims at the cuffs, upon his head wore a kasa or Japanese straw-hat that concealed his very blind whites behind the disguise of a clear faceless mask. His hair was different as well today, braided down to his back in a thick english-styled twist. The steel black handle of his kodachi rested peeking slightly over the shoulder harnessed to his chest by a shoulder strap. He was eating a bowl of Edamame or steamed beans when he approached Heika in his spirits, the rise of Datsuzoku no longer a mere fantasy. "Heika, good day my lord. Seems all is fairing well, yes?"