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  1. The Master's return was a dreaded one, Martis had yet to be convicted by Council since the affair involving the Doctor. The first hand account of Alistair sipping into her limp body as he'd walk into the clinic doors. Flash backs haunted the vivid memory oh, how much more fxxx ups could the Dhampir afford? That night he saw her lifeless and overdosed! To keep her in condition, in wellbeing and health as she was prior the Count's sojourn. Meant make sure she was alive and still continuing the countless works for the Master. That was his troth to the Kronos before he rode off into the illuminated moonlight through the heavy gates of the Chateau into the Glen on nightmare chariot. Assigned to Keeping her safe as a Butler of personal, yet he guilted himself for failing horribly at doing the one job he was tasked. Come to find out, Ms. Nash was still human then, but only a short while longer. Perhaps she, the Doctor felt a similar feeling of disbandment from the Dhampir and Alistair was all she could find comfort in? And then, there was no telling of what occured to her distant prison lover. He'd beat himself to a pulp to the point mentally, his hunger for blood, his humanity and every inch of what comprised the blue-eyed Moon child faced the brink of breaking. Reverting to monstrous natures were much easier than resisting them. Martis's undenying infatuation for the wondrous Ms. Nash led him to suffer from great manic depressions as the days carried forth. Even though he couldn't save her from the horrid Black Lung as did Alistair. Ultimately, it caused the Istrefi to break the preponderance commandment of all. Quin was no longer free of Will, she too, sold herself to a Devil of lesser equal at that. All the while, Istrefi the favorable played his role well as the true savior, a hero only claiming to suck poison from her blood removing the narcotic and nothing more. When he actually sired the Doctor and severed the bond between her and Leinhart. Cursing himself for the mishap it's been nearly a week since his fleeing from the Chateau and when he did return, his cares for his self or others went disregarded and began to loathe the Coven even more so for allowing it. He had turned to feeding on live prey once again, from anything to rats passerbys in the Glen as he'd stalk the shadows and invoke his true vampiric ways. Blood-hungered and raged he'd retaliate soon enough.
  2. Long before the ship wrecked Leinhart had settled his quarter after briefly, acquainting with the other four from the crew. While all he had visibly on person was the leather briefcase carrying a pair of the same attire he was wearing today for the following day. The dapper Nosferatu could store irreplaceable and substantial items or artifacts of priceless value in a small pocket dimension, thus this method of transport required him to pack with him very little things even on his journeys to far places. By raising a single arm in the air and thrusting it down the the room itself rippled, then warped with distorting white light that followed the moment the arm waved once over. In the wake of the opening, a rather elongate and ageless carved wooden coffin lie against the room floor that harnessed an ancient energy of arborration from it's peculiar intricacy. Engraved on it's lid was a vampire bat and behind it a moon. 5,000 years seemed an impossible lifetime for a human, the condition the coffin remained in over such a great distance of age spoke for itself. Beyond normal comprehension and ordinary composite. Ancient texts ridden along the side ribs and ends of the trim foretelling a time before man, a curse, and a new world order. Of course this was all folklore and believed to only been myths. Running the obsidian nails on his fingers over the rim of the coffin's lid as the Master took to kneel he slid the heavy frame ajar ingesting it's stench of flowing lifeforce from his blessed victims, some of which he'd fed on while occupied in the casket. It reminded the dark lord of a time long from here, far from the troubles of this here day and age of man and their technological efforts. Where the world once seemed to fall under one sun, one moon, and a single Monarch. He'd slip himself into the toe end of the oak wood coffin, slowly sliding himself a leg after the other then, dipping the rest of his body into the head end, shutting the lid closed tight with his loose hand. He was off for a slumber until the ship had landed to be undisturbed by the waves, the tumbling and crashing of the Peregrine, nor the whereabouts of the rest of the crew once he awoke ... There was no telling how long he'd been asleep throughout the wreak. But only when the disturbance occur did he awake. A member from the resistance had been lucky to come across the floating unscathed coffin washed up by the coastline, he alerted the others and attempted to pry the lid from the box. To no avail another traveler walking with some type of metal crow-bar approached in which he latched to the sealed lid and with all the might he could afford, pried the son-of-a-stick 1/3rds open before unleashing a horde of Great Black wasps unto the frontier of what was assumed to finally be the Antigone Isles. While most of their bodies been protected by robes and shawls, it didn't guard them when the swarm shrouded at once from hundreds of angles, stinging these Natives not only, but infecting them with vampiric disease to decay and die instead of turn. Magic did not work as this was cleared specifically by Xartia, these wasps were in fact tangible once-living beings comparative to vampire in their current state. Hundreds of them were released into the air, attacking the island's resistance within the radius of the coffin and any whom continued to approach. While it was wise to assume Xartia had already been taken hostage by the time the coffin had washed up to the shore, the rest of the Antigone natives were looking out for extra stranglers and just so happened to come across the wrong box. The scent of fresh turning blood surfaced the area around Leinhart, that despite it's horrid dying state it was concentrated enough to alert and wake the Choisel vampire from his rough two hour or so nap. A firm pale hand slowly removed the rest of the wooden lid as the frenchman's visage of rich goldenrod eyes exposed from the casket, peaking out his ashen black tresses and fair feminely features from his angular face. The aromas of blood and death fascinated the primordial 's very senses, yet as he gazed further in bewilderment across the bright beachy shore to his surroundings, did he realize he was no longer on the Peregrine ship with the crew and Xartia. But, somewhere that seemed a very far ways from their destination. "Oh my. What has happened to everyone and where am I?" @Twitterpated
  3. The bafflement, confusion, concluded a brief torturing. There wasn't a harmonious response from the location of the Keeper's whereabouts this time, just the swaying and shifting of the anomalous world vexed in pitch black surrounding them. That not even the night creatures and scavengers of the Dark Forest were aware of the slight tremors cracking at the earth in a ten foot radius of the women beneath their feet. Sprinting from the umbra below four pairs of condensed materia tendrils formed, 3ft long and about 29 inches thick, two of them latching to their victims ankles while the other two concentrated on apprehending the arms, condemning them in place with their steel-esque constructs next. Now, questions arisen and that the tables in fact, did seem to turn in favor for the half-blood Cervantes Dhampir nearly slain from the presumptuous Orc. That even in the unnatural darkness the duo remained staunch and spirited, shameful he couldn't enjoy the thrill of entertaining their cat and mouse or scurrying rat theory. That, they were to be alive and reunited as the Conquistador guaranteed to the lost one Luna. From no more than five feet apart from both ladies the embodiment returned in it's curtain of absolute black, a siphon of menacing energy harnessed from the Nosferatu Choisel lord. As his form gracefully returned to visage so did the natural cold pink pigmentation of his flesh and the animation of his golden shoulder-length tresses of shirly curls. One hand sat cocked by the elbow hanging onto his right hip, while the other fiddled with a few strands from his chin inquisitively. Cold blue eyes glared unto Natasha the bashing one first, before winking at her delightfully with his left orb and turning on heels to fixate his scowl onto the talented Witch Alexandria opening his maw to another show of his words. At this time, the tentacles further constricted the women adding an extra twenty pounds of pressure to their ensnarement. It took about only five more pounds to break a single bone. "You've now become the prey should I boast that to you? Attack a man outright for spectating the Forest do you? Tsk, tsk. Shame on the both of you. Why I am Martis from the Choisel Coven in the Glen, answering to a beacon for aid when I was met by the spectral of a witch named Luna. She told me that there were others searching her out, that's when I ran into you's I suppose. But, now that I have your attention .... Do me well. Why should I let you lot return to your sister, when the Master could utilize both for his collection?"
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  5. "Could you fetch us some lively drinks, as well young kind sir?" Extending an exaggerated emphasis on the word lively in his bit of an Frenchman's old English accent, Leinhart compelled the bouncer via psionic energies infiltrating that of the incompetent mind to serve their first drinks being seated no more than five or so minutes. Obviously his intended usage for the words lively, and drinks weren't misinterpreted a smudge - Tatia made herself clear she was thirsty since the night before. James the college lad hung himself to suicide from the rafters of the beaus apartment building to persevere what remained of his humanity, the Vampire on the other hand was capable of controlling fleshly desires a perk one could call it since the Psionic could feast without necessarily puncturing fangs into his sufferers. Something his beloved incarnate sister hadn't yet been taught how. Scanning the premises around the balcony from the booth betwixt the lovely vixens, a lanky violet arm sleeve stretched out with it's index pointing down at the dance floor before the first of victims this evening had been selected. The age-old ash-haired, creamy fleshed man picked off whomever was vulnerable, intoxicated for the now - which seemed like he'd be doing the place a favor handling a few knuckleheads or supposed tough-guys for himself and Tatia to drain and influence. Instead, humanesque crystalline eyes found themselves snatched away locking eyes with a fruitful, male couple. His talented fingers pointed directly at them aiming sighting the inquisitive and inclined that felt drawn to his vampiric appeal from above. While it was just as effective to send Yulie and his undeniably striking Lady Choisel downstairs to lure whomever they captivated with their glamour and grace, it was no task to invite those up to their VIP who were willing and seeking such attention. Nodding his head to the request the bouncer was soon off to retrieve their human entrees while the trio sat around and further acquianted themselves amongst their company. Leinhart turned to his left facing Yulie with a gentle smirk, their puppet would prove herself useful while it had also been unusual of her to not greet the bartenders and staff as she had done during her prior visits. She appeared completely casual flipping through her cellphone, checking her social media accounts and whatnot without the slightest clue of what exactly was to unfold next. "While your boyfriend was rather misunfortunate to not make it this far, you on the other hand might be Choisel worthy. What do you think, Tatia?" @Eternity
  6. Aleksei actually was supposed to play the role of the God, hence I haven't posted and been waiting for her. Unless, somebody is wiling to slide in for her abscess?
  7. The Momichi lad was a special case. He'd been training on his own for weeks leaving his older cousin Mikazuki and other elite students with the task of educating the freshman, taking on local body guard jobs for the clan, roughing up badassess and receiving a few of his own bruises down the road all for the greater cause of he enjoyed the thrill of a good tail whooping. Being sixteen and already having been in twice the amount of scuffles his age, Ozu's record was looking pretty damned for a young pup. He stood at Mika's flank with a gentle grin about his sweet boyish countenance, hands tucked in his pant pockets weird to see how much she'd mature since the ceremony. Always so determined to be better, to exceed the expectations of being the only child and daughter in her lineage. Not only did he and her adorn themselves in their fancy Akatsukizukiyo robes, but all fifty members present were expected to wear them honorarily. As for the other sixty that were New Moons, they dressed in traditional white robes to symbol births and beginnings as students of Hinode. Sheep is what seniors referred to them as. One thing had changed about Ozu however, his confidence was not only expressed in his body language. He held his shoulders out and his spine erect while the Soke spoke to them, his single-almond eye taking in the presence of their Grand Master before him. Coming a long way stealing chicken from neighboring yards as a kid, it was true he was not the same child twelve years ago on the road to redemption. "We don't rise to the level of our expectations, but fall to the level of our training. You've taught us that." Following behind Mika he bowed from his straightened posture lowering and bending his form. Unlike his older cousin, his arms kept at the sides with the hands opened. The three months it took one to develop their unique auras was a just a window to gauge upon. Awakening the aura was all that had been asked which many would only strive to do just that and fall short to their own of training. Seeing that was the Soke's only request, there would be more focus on actually conjuring an aura then developing them in their training. However, Ozu's response in sync of Mika's words told something different, atleast towards himself. @Twitterpated@Hani
  8. The half-blood knew odds of defeating the war-orc and her master given current standings was slim hardly, equipped for battle against a Banshee as truthful were Luna's words. Martis could only brace him self a few minutes between them tracking him down. Not that he was guilty dodging heat or trouble in the first place, but he fled and got away for the moment clear his head before outright, retaliating. Thirty meters wasn't much a broad distance in evading unwanted troubles, assessing the huntress and her Commandant with what little was witnessed whilst they tracked his path into unscathed forestry and cluttering bushes. The notion of these two being Hunters proved to conflict natures ultimately, thwarting his assistance for the Witch coven leader Luna and her quest to find her sisters for the time. Casting the mind to recollect the fiery blaze that ignited after just entering the Dark Forest, it struck him there and then he kneeled to the ground and the vampiric's blood-filled eyes reverted to human semblances of cold crystalline. The sorceress he'd recall only a brief moment of her attempt to peacefully exchange words and a flagged raised hand, before the huntress launched herself to clean the Dhampir and behead him. Death lurked around the corner and for a living being he didn't abhor it in the slightest, branding a freakishly terrifying ear-to-ear grin in the direction of the approached through the brush. The luminance of his golden tresses also shaded to a dull with the rest of his physical being tapping into his dark-manipulating abilities Martis placed both palms flat to the dirt's surface. Chunks of encompassing darkness began to pool beneath his form, coiling over his hands and lower body, licking about his proximity in ghastly tendrils as the Conquistador was soon engulfed and submerged by these unnatural shadows. If Cervantes had intentions on taking a stab at throwing down with the two of them, there and now he had to think faster than he could run. Certainly he'd been discovered in his physical representation, but once the shadow embodied and he was an entire otherworldly mass, everything else the faintest of traces, his scent, even his location …. It was as if it didn't exist, and if he was never hiding in the overgrown shrub from the jump, merging with the Dark Forest itself. The question now was, where'd he go? If the duo ventured out for him, they'd find themselves just a few seconds shy of catching him. Footprints would mislead them astray. Traveling the veil between the Underworld and the Living submerging in the shadowy night a voice similar to that of Martis's echoing the huntresses mind came popping out from behind the duo trailing in the whispers of breeze. "Such trivial things hold little value. Not unless, we're both searching for the same clue. I'm here on the behalf of a witch named Luna. My name and such is rather irrelevant."
  9. A heaving supernatural force from the myriad variety of creatures hovered over the city's skies hanging there with it an eerie presence that chilled over one's spine, yet for the Centuries-old, carmine filled eyed vampire that discerned the disturbance a quarter mile away Leinhart contorted his pale angular face in mild discontent not knowing fully whom this great company had been. Tatia, much after the plentiful source of prana acquired in Martial Town amplified her own supernatural capabilities and prowess nearly two-fold of her undead being. She'd too been capable of detecting the airship of 5,000 passengers as well if she hadn't concomitantly, further the pure Vampire found it strange there was just one single undead creature abroad the rest of the lot. Parading in to a civilization on a massive rotating gear filled shops and markets of forbidden wares, concoctions, etc were the noble vampyres from Talix in lead still compelled against the desires of free will. As he done to those dismissively in Martial Town, these guards bore no resistance to his crushing will. The Master and his betrothed sanguine wife walked in between the groups inseparable by the bonds their hands made conjoined. Observing from the rear were the five robed ascendants in tactical v-formations through the bustling street should they were to be surrounded by the immeasurable vampyre forces of Talix, their only objective were to protect the Queen, the Master's younger sibling to their own dead lives. Yet, understood the likelihood of the guards luring them some place else was nonsensical. "You were much joyous, than...... Absorbing the reds of victims from Martial, has it satiated your thirst yet?” The pallid dark-haired man no longer dedicated his attentive psych to the hundreds of feet ahead or the enthralling arrival of the airship, but towards his Soeur. A delicately inviting tone as he remarked flicking eyes onto the magical metal ring on his thinned free left hand. There was two, exactly one on his middle as well both of which acquired from the Demon the Benefactor during his first acquisition into the continent of Terrenus just a year ago. The two bands bore dark energy, an aura of shadow surrounded in a hoop around the finger. Why it may been not the good time for minute pledges or vows, he desires she gave him the truth in her response of her overall well-being. Though the Vampire has yet to even witness the shadow-possessing ability the ring granted users, he’d inform her later attempting to compensate without announcing himself this moment. He knew she’d blame him even after a year on this Continent for killing her, separating her from her family, the very thing she seemed to truly be passionate about the most - the living world, her once human life. Even whilst at the cost of saving her. Yet instead of stopping to remove the ring from his finger he continued his staggered march waiting to be heard and listening to to her speak. @Eternity
  10. Let me catch up to some owed posts guys, the rest of the week. 

  11. Current DJ VIBE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vSFmDxn-cK8 As had any other public setting that served alcohol there was a small security check upon entry. Three bald, burly men with beady brown eyes in black shirts that had bold SECURITY lettering embroidered upon their fabrics in dark cargo pants and complimenting boots and 38. semi-automatic handguns in their holsters, patting down those whom entered before they actually set-foot onto the nightclub's floors. Each held radios and microphones attached to their earbuds though there wasn't other signs of security officers in the immediate area, there wouldn't be any telling how efficient they'd have responders on the scene when things got sticky and over the edge. The women almost instantly in their scanty skirts and supernatural glamour became hot walking food for the guard's eyes, their wildest dreams and naughtiest desires. Dogs were to be dogs in the exposure of their true selves. Clearly their man if they were down like that was in front of them, or if this case happened to be a brother inviting his sister out with his date for the evening, even so, these guys didn't seem the least bit of intimidated by the lithe Leinhart escorting the girls their way. Their facial expressions lacked the respect a man should have for another, this was more like a three-against one stare, an try me the wrong way and I'll show you glare. "Could you afford me and these lavish ladies a lounge in the VIP, my good man? Of course, you understand our urge for privacy." As the men moved individually to search and frisk the trio they'd felt halted in their tracks upon meeting eyes with the carmine swirling oculars that were the pallid man's own. Tatia had seen this tactic several times thus far and should have suspected none the less from Him. At the point of eye-contact the mind of the individual first to lead himself towards the group was to find himself compelled by Leinhart's vampiric compulsion; standing and staring enchantingly, obeying the words of the Master that became his mind as they were absorbed. Round, beady eyes remained glued on the utterly white and pleasant One in momentary beguile. The compulsion rid him of his current thoughts and actions as he found himself obligated to yield to the dark prowess of the pure vampire. A human's will was always breakable, and most penetrable. The first bald headed guard raised an open hand and before the others got around to patting the ladies down and going on with what was thought to be party, they were stopped immediately. Nodding his head comprehensively did the main guard step himself aside to allow the three their entry into the Penguin, one of the others accommodated them to a private balcony view just up the side stairs to their left bending around the bar area. Two violet loveseats connected to a booth and table overlooking the first-story of patrons drinking, joking, dancing little were they aware of the chaos soon to divulge. Neon lights reflected from their disco balls in the ceilings, projecting the spectrums to cast flashes sync with the Cyberpunk music in their private sections. Tatia's grip on her brother's hand jittered with excitement, ultimately was he glad to have not let her down again. The dapper gentleman held a hand out for the two ladies to seat themselves, before he squeezed himself in-between and began the festivities. "Not even in a millennia, have I seen such an establishment vibrantly colorful. It is quite the sight this place don't you think, ma'lady?" @Eternity
  12. I’d be willing to give a shot again though I was planning on staying away. Would hate to be the reason rosters needed a complete change up. My activity has picked up. Got a lot running, but yes wouldn’t learning something new in the third round. Three times the charm, anyway. @Fierach
  13. A wide derisive grin stretched from his one side of the angular maw to the other scorning the demon for his exposure, he went all out in his expectancy of doing so. From a comforted posture against the softness of the cabin couch his feet placed to the ground and he straightened erect. Knowing Xartia found solace in what he failed to truly kept the vampire from sprawling onto him then, and sucking his body dry to a prune. Or even better, siring the man then he'd understand true loyalty and obedience. To've assume the Dark One soul-heartedly kneeled upon a lower pedestal than the Cambion in blood was preposterous even after these many years. However, he hadn't been entirely misleading. His resin encased rose meant a millennium of knowledge to it's drinker and sealed a portion of his vampiric lifeforce into several phylacteries one of which went entrusted to the hands of the Pendragon. The two brothering each other through ... What was it now a decade? The rose provided Xartia with an advantage against the Pureblood if he'd only known how to properly utilize his sources, but there had to be reason he'd notion the Count conspire against him. A series of applause came to follow striking itself rhythmically, one-two-three producing the gentle thump that resonated the space of the room. While mislead no one the Magician had a way to play with words brazenly, deserving full merit from an audience. Desiring to settle an score when the man left him little room to speak was foolish. No further secrets held behind that unnaturally affected grin returning his lack of affection abroad compelling his sudden rage to a very dark place he'd shut off from his sentiment. The sea air wafted his nose despite possessing an undead nature he still was quite effected by the tingling similarly as related to an allergy. Xartia produced a wildly shout and that's when it struck him, that he had failed to realize the highspeed trajectory of the dragon soaring itself down to the ship's deck. Having been literally froze in response to imagine just what the cause of such creature could be possibly heading in their direction, or proving at the moment he cared less and was confident in his own survival to handle the situation as seen fit. Something great submerged itself into the depths of the water beneath and caused the ship to rock unsteadily against collisional waves. By the time the thuds hit the deck and a crash landing was made evident Leinhart hadn't moved an inch and instead, remained fixed at the surroundings accompanying his sight with an index finger from his right in his mouth he sat motionless gnawing at a claw. If somebody found a way to end his undead misery he welcomed them and did nothing. Once the sudden interrupting audibleness became at ease and the others of the company showed face concerned with weapon clenched alarmed and cautioned, the lithe woman entering through the cabin doors illustrated their hypothesis's were incorrect. Oddly than ever, she went looking directly at the Daywalker tired and shivering cold from her travels to the ship. However it was certain that she had not been frightened by his presence before her. As she shoved him the letter he looked upon it's fine addressing when it instantly struck him she was searching instead for the Cambion warlord. Looking up to find her face and address the mistake, sighing he noted she was already walking out the door. "Just when my hopes were high. How could they've mistaken us? You're far hideous, than I. It's for you." A flick of the wrist as he cocked his hand slightly tilting it was all the envelope needed to find it's trajectory soaring towards the other side of the cabin for Xartia and into his lap if he couldn't catch. The Nosferatu gripped to return his hands over the arcs of the armrest, almost awaiting to hear the news behind the letter intruding with his goldenrod eyes from afar. All the while curious to know what exactly landed in the sea certain that Arthur was headed to find out and inform the lot of his discovery. @Twitterpated@Artificer@Malintzin@Voldemort
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