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  1. Ruto o Torimasu | Taking Root - Laying the Foundation

    Village Square held little attraction in it's earliest buildings but that hadn't halted Kenshi from keeping tabs on where Heika was traveling and by himself. He knew the Emperor to handle himself well enough on his own, but still as one of several Hoga-sha of the Empire he felt somewhat, his duty to escort his majesty. While the Ookami had been off doing some recruiting of his own he missed some important matters none the less, would he hear from Heika later on in the evening. His works were a task, many applicants met requirements of Datsuzoku but when challenged to a duel by the hanyo either failed miserably, or did not seem so eager to learn the ways of these new people. Kenshi maybe ran through about five, six applications in his tent outside the construction of Ruto. That was earlier here, somehow he would have found Heika's whereabouts from a worker who'd seen his departure. From his torso covered a chinese-esque robe of golden and red with white trims at the cuffs, upon his head wore a kasa or Japanese straw-hat that concealed his very blind whites behind the disguise of a clear faceless mask. His hair was different as well today, braided down to his back in a thick english-styled twist. The steel black handle of his kodachi rested peeking slightly over the shoulder harnessed to his chest by a shoulder strap. He was eating a bowl of Edamame or steamed beans when he approached Heika in his spirits, the rise of Datsuzoku no longer a mere fantasy. "Heika, good day my lord. Seems all is fairing well, yes?"
  2. Tsujigiri, Musha Shugyo - the Training in Warriorship/Duel!

    "What am I to learn from a thief, a cheat who disguises in the cowardice of shadows, he calls Stealth? You reek of the same plumage of Tengu strewn across Nishi temple by my the hands of warriors whom which many have died. Yet, you come with the audacity to talk about conditioning, you know nothing of. I may be blind, but I sense strife you bring here Crow." With his back against the grain facing the way of the temple steps he turned so that his aggressor could get a better look of just who he was talking to. Kenshi remained calm as spring waters even when he had seemingly lost the battle over Nishi and was forced to take a proposition he didn't even approve of. The Ookami hanyo's blind half-lidded gaze would not make a single spectacle of eye contact with the ninja, but reactive awareness and sentience of his hypersenses kept him at an a nearly all time consciousness he could "see" and "feel" the tengu without any direct means. His arms would be crossed, hands would tuck in the sleeves of his emblazed red yukata, he could have easily been disregarded as an "easy" target or even if half-demon male was a warrior at all without any evident weapon on his person. He was wise however, despite such his young countenance very persuasive in his speech. Yet even in that there would really be no just who this new threat was. Something he was willing to find out. "Just exactly what is your name Tengu? Are you following orders, or is this something you seek simply out of thrill?"
  3. ~So they all charge at once? These creatures have more brains than brawns, that I must say. As for the one oversized, just taunting my attacks? They have still yet to intrigue this, Daiookami...... Hmmm???! ~ . The Elementals proved to not only pose some intelligence, but also be swift creatures of Doom as they continued with their approach from all angles. The hanyo was aware of what was within the extensions of his heightened supernatural senses. The world revolving 360° around Kenshi at all times, this took years of extensive training to overcome, but as a half-bred hunter talents almost came to him natural despite fire having no odor. The battle was surely heating up for Kenshi, these Elementals held no fears for the unknown and did not hesitate their aggressions. Yes it was true that fire could defeat fire in itself or as the warrior possessed Sacred Flames, however, he did not feel the need to wipe them out as so. He willed they'd die by the gift of a hard earned battle, nothing less. He would lie and draw back the words on not needing his blade, but here went nothing! Virtually, he could pick and choose his prey one-by-one with flawless reaction speed. He would feel the sand out so to speak with the soles of his feet, being blind made him hypersensitive. These creatures did not honor what little freedom they had in their lives. He would "feel" them prior to impact of any sort, he could "hear" them up until they would close the gap. Meanwhile, the two titan-sized Elementals approached from corresponding corners one next to the other would be their mistake. The flames diminish from his hands the minute he drew another martial combat stance, from a stiff posture he loosened by spinning horizontally at the Elementals. Kenshi bounded 360° as the blue flames returned with a tornado kick, a technique designed against foe near to equal height considering his target was mammoth to his own human mass the mid-torso was target in this specific technique. He would take off, kick and land all with the same leg completing three full turns before he landed. Falling into the tower of flames they decimated into chunks and bits of ember before dissolving in the sand from where the came. Kenshi completed his final rotation landing somewhere out the way of battle, he conjures forth two balls of flame that produce in his hands. He'd lightly pivot to embrace the remaining oncoming Elementals, gathering together necessary life force he would thrust forth his palms as streams of white fire shoot down two other, leaving a total of three left to deal with. Things wouldn't end up so problematic after all.
  4. Fast Times at Rookhelm (A Blairville Civil War Thread)

    These were problems, this Safeguard Act could have avoided if he stayed in Choisel Manor. Going back to a place that left nearly half the city out to warrant his arrest and bounty of one Billion gold would not be worth the risk even for a so-called immortal. All this yearning for new beginnings, expanding his lineage and dominating unknown regions was not a necessity for Master Leinhart. Simply, he wanted all these things. An ageless man had ageless time to conquer these ambitions. Practicing magic in secrecy under the radar was no different than he, disguising vampirism to preserve peace. If to live a life of lies and deceit was how things must go to achieve such, Leinhart was in with welcomed arms and no questions asked. No risk no reward and if the world hadn't already known Lord Choisel was a master of disguise and illusions. This task would not be difficult at all. Even after he ignored Serren she just couldn't let up, must of been the beauty in his imperfect creation she was astound with. He brushed her words of simply by his lack of smile, one that would serve his annoyance of her well. The more she'd continue to nag, the more susceptible she will end up making herself to his undeniable Will. His lackadaisical spirit that seemed so charismatic in her eyes would begin feeding from the energies that drived her persistence towards him, should she start feeling ..... Drained and exerted over her own excitements. The waitress had made it to his end of the booth by the time Xartia finished the last of his statement. Straightening his posture as he folded his hands in lap he replied in a creamed tone that also displayed his uncanny incisors. "Your finest Bloodwine would be all, ma'lady." The bone white Necromancer would injest the woman fully with his golden gaze, he would even push to go beyond a limited power to envision her scantily within the illusion of his many twisted conceptions. The maid's luscious ebony locks fell to her shoulders and her virgin almond eyes were pure almost as breathtaking as Elaine sweet and petite in figure. She would remind him of Artemis and in that split moment, the world around him would slow as she stood by him. Her scent reminded him of Apricot tingled his nostrils with endearing familiarity of a dark and not so friendly in reminder past life.. His blase demeanor remained firm, casually he dismisses the maid with a tender hand she walks off to complete the few orders. Leinhart turned back to face the smart seeded mouth Serren, a work of her own art becoming somewhat allured in his curiousness. "It that keeps you at bay, is it possible to be both a gentleman and monster?" With a half lidded gaze he gave a quizzical smirk at this one, should she began to feel less lively and spirited by now.
  5. Red. Flaming red bodies. Red is a threatening color in nature. Standing stiff legged and tall the back fur or hackles bristle slightly, tails vertical and curled while dominance is displayed. The guardpost of the Alpha and his subordinate are attacked. The wolves snarl incisors defensively, two flame bolts conjure effortlessly in the hands of the charging Elementals. At range the bolts would dispatch, sand packed paws pounce quickly from the projectiled flames. The other wolf hounds were intervened by reinforced Elementals unsuccessful in the construct of their guard posts. Against magical entities, normal likes of lupines had little prowess their furs ignite the instant they contact the power of fire. Defeated howls, yelps weep across the soils of sand. Picked off one by one Daiookami Kenshi hears the cries, he ignores entangled in a problematic scenario soon himself. From the sand encompass the hanyo mere feet away maybe five-ten, the living flames manifest and evolve to those bodies of fire. Approximately seven barreled in the yokai's vicinity. Translucent auras conceal their spirits, but it is the energy from their aura achieved, he can percieve through blindsight their whereabouts. Cursing himself mentally not sheathing a blade on this quest, summoning one took the excitement away from battle. In the absence of matter hand in hand went mind and spirit, combined these attributes fused compounds to manipulate forces of internal energies. Have no fear when the Flame Hanyo was near! As a follower of these some of these methods, the blind warrior tensed hands to a fist and in a brilliant indigo light reminiscent flames of life-force gathered to outline what were flame-blue fists. "Show me what it takes to defeat a Daiookami." Which ever Elemental approached close quarters first would catch the wrath from his impatience, the heat of moment would be on him. They enclose him, left for dead with only one way out. Shifting 120' degrees the balls on his bare feet turn clockwise to the right, he takes a small spin around stretching an ear to ear grin on thinned lips. A penetrating shriek emitted from one of the fire spirits, the lucky nine foot Elemental would sprint headlong with a curled arm high above the shoulder. Daiookami Kenshi pinpointed the battle cry in silent observance of this. The flame spirit launches forth the arm hidden in it's creation a medium sized fireball is also projected whilst distancing to close fighting quarters. Torquing his body almost instantly to the left, the incept of his right palm would draw itself horizontally in a way the inner bend of the elbow sits parallel to the chin. Only if one was aware would they see the pivot from his feet. Now with extreme prejudice the incept of the palm swung outwardly in the form of a martial chop once again, horizontally like cutting top to bottom not up and down where halves were made - this attack went from left-to right. Good enough timing the cross chop split right into the core of the flame dissecting it further, with its center destroyed, the fireball erupted into useless heat that would evaporate thin in the humid air. A large clawed overhand would aim to rake him from the face down. By slightly hopping backwards he frees himself some distance between the fire elemental, springing from the floor he would rise his hands in guard whilst forces from Chi boosted physical ability. Right leg straightened in an upward arc, the heel would descend like the blade of an axe down onto the top most section of the nine foot Elemental. The force alone is shattering, even with little preparation. Pressure busted pipes, enough of it took down everything in wake. The spawn's fire manipulation was not matched for the martial prowess of Kenshi nor his abilities to manifest and absorb flames from different substances. The region of the spawn's head would extinguish like a gale wind putting out a fireside. Falling to both feet lightly to regather his whereabouts he concentrates, sounds of the approached began coming from all angles now. On top of that the Elemental's head he just knocked off and had reformed another. . Meanwhile, Heika and Mina seemed to be caught against their own oppositions as well.
  6. Recruiting, New squad of Seven Deadly Sins!!! OOC

    I mean until we carry onto a new scene and this one is summarized, I don't see why we shouldn't use the old? You could have him simply just there as a spectator to the event, a passerby, the main event has finished. Or was diverted. But like wise I don't know what, wait for my post I guess? I'm still eager to see who wants to continue or do I have to create all new Seven and ideas.
  7. Recruiting, New squad of Seven Deadly Sins!!! OOC

    With that being said things will be picking back up on here. Kenshi is currently on the search for everyone who attend the ceremony. The Tengu withdrew on propositions we left Nishi Forest in threee days time. Those who do not post i will assume are dead and or have fled in cowardice. When it's time to summarize this thread will be summarized. @Hurttoto @ezkiel777 @VulcanTheDrunken @kyuri @Todoroki @Al Sa-her
  8. The pains from the furious backhand would be felt more the day after, the shaming embarrassment of his name and honor was something that took instant effect hopefully he could redeem the same day. A pound of flesh? Clearly beating him to a pulp seemed better suited, Heika's decision was a bit harsh and over the top for his ranking official. There wasn't many diffferences to put aside with Mina as long as Koji was Emperor she wasn't going any where no time soon. With no telling how long that would take to happen the only thing he sucked up was the fast too furious backhand and the fact she apart of the Empire whether he respected it or not. At a slow pace he pushed from his kneel to a firm rise, Koji wouldn't give his order much after. With the aid of some family predators what better perimeter could there have been? Keen senses by scent alone could track and tell if any wolves were in the territory and just about how far off they were. Kenshi inhaled with his great snout a regularly human looking nose, yet when he injested the whiff of dry air his sense of smell would detect a pack nearly a half mile away. He never encountered canis in this new land today would break the record with history, he was pleased and a light smirk reflected that. A loud signaling howl would raise the not so distant pack's awareness to his call. In response to his cry the pack leader, a hundred fifty sixty pound reminiscent gray wolf lean and rangy like coyotes but with the brownish, black, and tan mixture of fur like that of the German Sheppards; the tail was bushier, legs were longer, skull was broader. The alpha wolf would comply and from the direction the pack was headed they would shift on paws and travel towards the call of Kenshi's howl instead now. A pack of six rounded up encircling the blind Ookami hunters and gatherers, natural survivalists of the terrain. These were not the biggest, ferocious creatures in thr desert but Koji would recieve if not the most protection and security with these guard wolves. Koji and Mina continued the hunt for more dragonblood while he secured perimeters the group of six would divide into three different units; one would guard twenty five yards to the East, the other twenty fifty yards from the South, the last to guard from the North which would only leave to their West an open area of no surveillance to any possible outward threats. "I don't want to see anything within a foot of our perimeter without me no knowing what it is."
  9. Fast Times at Rookhelm (A Blairville Civil War Thread)

    "Silly Serren you see, the eye isn't important at all. Perhaps nobody has been able to dwell deep enough. The fact that it has come from the likes of you, makes it even more precious." The Necromancer's plans was to use the eyeball against her having an upperhand on a unnatural he had never witnessed. He would have too much pride to tell her hise self. Xartia had always meantioned a Lich King but he wasn't there to be a part of such alliances. Completely conscious of that Choisel was fascinated least by the extraction, he did give a soft round of applause or two for her works. Despite such a mid twenties countenance he was a virtually ageless as well though his blessing were of differ, he was sure that Miss Glacial would be aware of just exactly who and what he was just as he would her. He sat there and crossed one leg over the other examining them all at his end of the tablebooth even Xartia, who would have naturally eased himself to the conversation that ceased any further quarrels with his own statement at least for Lein. The fact the Elven would try to pull life force from those around her it would have very little effect on the Bloodlord who existed in the realms of times indefinite because of his lack of life, he had no living energy flow through him only a soul. And like Serren who he'd soon rule out to be a some type of Lich, there would be only one ultimate way to kill him of course Xartia may been aware as he has gotten close, many many times in previous batttles but still was unable to complete the task. The lack of pigmented magician took the eyeball in hand and pocketed it above the left breast on his collared button-up. He turned his head to face Arthur who had reached his hand out in greeting Leinhart. The victorian male smirked at the sword calloused hand and only bowed his hand returning the greeting. He would have properly addressed the kind man later in the affair he was far too enthused by Serren. There would been no qualms for the most part he seemed adequate and contempt with simplicity, the mage was wise and intelligent all in his own mental observations. One thing was sure, the two leading this group had definitely been Arthur and Xartia. Rookhelm was far enough from Choisel Manor to be called a possible home, but the illegal use of Magic was imbecile. Already they were breaking this so called Act if things wanted to get technical. "How interesting."
  10. It wasn't that Heika's movements were too fast to see coming or predict enough to successfully dodge, atleast not take so much of the brunt impact from the blow. Their Dojo bout was a reminder of how equally matched these two faced another and whether or not the Daiookami could detect the faint transfer of weight eleviate Heika's location; or the brute speed of force from which he projected in his near instant disappearance, dodging or proving himself capable would have done no justice in this situation. There was lesson to be taught in the eyes of the Shogun even if the Hanyo's loyalty had not yet fully lie with Daoda. Maybe not formally. Kenshi was disciplined enough that he had morals, he could follow a code of conduct yet still it was his pride that mostly got him into trouble. However that was nearly a hundred years ago, but as the saying went can't teach an old dog new tricks right?. Obviously and though unintentionally, he found some error in his remark that touched a weak spot for the lord Koji. Or something along those lines. One thing was sure, the momentary silence after Momoku spoke his mind was broken by a whooshing wind at such a low frequency things was nearly impossible to decipher. To convey his obedience all he would do is brace himself from what may been coming. "Hmppphhh!!!" What could have been felt as a train wreck across the side of the jaw was pounds of pressure from the draconic arm that almost caused the body to topple, yet despite how furious the backhand assumed Kenshi was left found taking almost no damage, still standing and with only about a full inch of his face knocked in the other direction. Dribbles of blood knocked from his maw dried in the scorching sands beneath his billowing scarlet summer robe. There was not a need to retaliate though Koji may anticipate. It seemed like a total act of honor and valor to simply do nothing and take such a blow in the face that contested his pride and also arised questions as to what his beliefs were, where he stood as a man. There was great disappointment in his reaction to lower his head the bangs on the forefront of his face hung over to hide the shame of tears that would soon fall from his white eyes. Concentration had been broken, he clenched his fist tight and fell to knees beneath Heika in the name of his own honor. This wouldn't change how he felt about the lowly concubine neither the lady feline, but it reminded him of his own position in Daoda and to choose words wisely. Kneeled over submissivel with the veil of bangs to hide the forgiveness on his countenance, his hands gripped into the sand as he was convicted for his actions. "If I have caused such a disturbance to you, do as you must Heika. That will not break my spirit."
  11. Fast Times at Rookhelm (A Blairville Civil War Thread)

    A "Go to the bar and entertain these people as you will try to have fun. Stay out of way from this matter, as I will be watching over you." Via telepathy the words of her lord relayed with extreme clearness and clarity she was undead no parts or organs should have been alive nor fuctional and obedient as she. Then again, these were far extraordinary than simple parasites or leeches. It was the powers and abilities of Vampyres that made things so reanimated not a soul in the establishment detected the presence of such, seemingly he would conceal himself and Elainne in the likes of the disfortunate humans masking his Vampyre until. Discovered. Great cannibilistic senses picked up the whiff from the familiar like a passing wind, narrowed nostrils would flare upon ingesting new found body odors. He would soon come to find that one of them were the Xartia Pendragon. Down the isle towards the both he would stroll further his body encased by what seemed a curtain of darkness which in fact was his absolute power and will over the underworld. The other an elven undead made the dark magician almost hiss in such a distate despite being brought back to life hygiene was a definite in his book, to a very alluring beast she was hideous and opposites did not attract in this case. Perhaps her level of competence was just too unwilling. Ghouls of the underworld were the lowest of lows. He'd command her to an extensive wash up if it was up to him. Yet this was not a time or place to judge a book by its cover. "Anything for you, my lord." Long as his lifeblood coursed through Elainne she was inescapably his and forever more to his bidding. As she answered him the same manner her tainted sweetness rolling from her tongue the striking presence of the Vampress had already caught the eyes of two men at the bar drinking. The young virgin waltzed her way towards the counter her barefeet barely touching the floor at a height of 5'3 she stood considerably shorter than her lord and seemed likely less violent and aggressive with her sweet innocence. However', looks were deceiving in this case she was far dangerous than the laid back aristocrat. She sat between the two men so they would fight over her in her schemes of bedding them both, then stealing them of their souls for her lord or feasting upon their lifeblood to satisfy her hunger. Elainne had the will to turn anything literally into ashes and dust with jusy a single touch. She groped both men under the chins and held their faces tight before kissing each of them on their lips in her crimson stick. Her kiss was taint a spell a curse that would begin to run course upon contact. What the men would not know was slowly, they would become less of their own free will and puppets for her personal play. "You've got quite the company with you today, Pendragon. This woman has been staring since I've walked in. I can remove your eyes for if you wish, lady elf?" It was a serious joke. If the undead woman knew any of his powers he wouldn't have to lay a single finger on her. Through his commands as a Vampyre lord he could force her against her own will. As he sat opposite end of her swinging along his own chair in his staredown of her his goldenrod eyes would shift colors to their bloodred hue as he pulled from his powers of the Vampyre. He would attempt to free her eyes from him with his own mind and will should she feel the pressures and pains of her head being nearly squeezed together via telekinesis. The mind was a difficult component to understand yet as Vampyre there was virtually no limits on his cognition the dark magician should have atleast penetrated her mind's ports if she was staring his way. Little would she know it was inviting him into her domain. If she stared too hard much after the illusions ot him literally ripping her eye's from the sockets would become almost tangible and reality in her own perception. Of course this all boiled down to if she resisted his intrusions, or if she had some type of tolerance against psychic energies. Still even then he would embrace a satisfied smirk across thinned lips as if he was just eyeing the elven and her absurdly nude looks, returning his unbroken gaze that would resume their normals goldenrod color back to the Pendragon who over the years, changed as well as grew more stronger. "May I first thank you for inviting me, lord Xartia. Blairville has quite the sights to see here, different from what I have grown use too." [No quotes. Sorry. Newborn baby at home, it's tough.]
  12. Recruiting, New squad of Seven Deadly Sins!!! OOC

    Currently debating on how I'm going to reopen, but I may have everyone that no longer considered roleplaying from the last scene end up dying off some nice and easy way. I'm not sure who'll be coming back and who's not as I may even intend on being the Sin of Gluttony this time around for my Ookami hanyo. By the end of today early tomorrow everyone should have an update and hopefully we can begin by least Sunday night. I have a newborn baby with me at home and things could get a little slow right now. Thanks.