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  1. Lost all notes that were saved in my old phone btw bookmarks and all smh

    1. ImNoHero


      That's why you save stuff on sites. You'll get it all back eventually. 

  2. interest check

    I got a posy I owe somebody bro. And yes, before I post again I will have to make a reply to you guy xd @ImNoHero @Aleksei I will start rhyming if the timing right. Honestly it's whatever my mind decides to write. Lol ready to get this show on the road. Currently going toe-to-toe with Koji though. Xd
  3. Your rhyming skills, bromato, that's how.

    1. Etched In Stone

      Etched In Stone

      Lol. I actually write lyrics and do music. But that wasn't anything to commend me on lol. Thank you. I assume you got some skills yourself huh? 

  4. interest check

    How so early? Lol
  5. interest check

    Absolutely, toothy.
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    Who's next to post?
  7. interest check

    Getting back to this Empire, I'm hoping Koji will allow my character to train those incapable of a fighting will and build the militia. My guy is going to be the top dog so beware and don't piss em' off.
  8. interest check

    I'm bright and early with things this morning.
  9. interest check

    Aye could we hold some form of etiquette in our public convo's xd I gotchu' bro lmao. I deff' write one up before my next post in Daoda.
  10. Finally, after almost a month's time of traveling by sea the ship anchored off the shore on a remote island. The air was moist and not as dry as the wastelands for sure. The ronin felt in his duty to follow the young emperor from the boat onto the new and unknown beach. Surveying the area with his Blindsense, he could gain some insight on it's whereabouts to better familiarize himself in case of an ambush. Cold, experienced silvers for eyes would trace over the different life forms the shoreline had to offer in a visually, white fire. The slayer could not make out all the detail, but as a spiritual warrior, he was able to distinguish life and death or inanimate objects through these given energies. All that was living concealed in this blind, white fire whereas objects that did not emit energy immersed entirely in black within the White Swordsman's sight. Plain, padded zori stepped down the ship's deck with an untraditional left-handed grip on his Katana's tsuka or handle. The sword itself strapped near his right hip, in a polished cherry blossom scabbard as the red robed Ookami hanyo would appear beside the young emperor, gazing out into the forestry together. His gut would receive the same eerie, crampy feeling of his sixth sense overwhelming him with sudden nervousness ... Despite the sudden triumph of landing after a near month, something just didn't feel right .... Maybe a nearby enemy would approach from that direction? Or some sense of great energy beckoned them to transverse further. Whatever it was along with the fear of not knowing, kept the swordslayer on toes and his Blindsense keen. Turning with the young emperor as they faced the ship and all aboard, he studied the individuals closely, sniffing out some strengths and weaknesses with just his nose. Judging by their spirits they were tough and proven courageous and brave on this voyage to the new land. Most of them probably never trained as warriors or were experienced in combat and that bothered Kenshi for fact alone, as a whole unit or force their were weak and no where ready for any ambushes or unexpected assaults the island may had coming for them. For all he knew, the lands could have already been inhabited and occupied by indigenous people or even worse, primitive monsters. He turned to Koji who would be in charge of commanding this new empire with a slightly concerned look on his paled yellow face and careless huff under his mint cold breath. These people were not his concern, but if the emperor deemed it necessary for all sake, he trained them properly then, so be it. He made a lowly mention so the others wouldn't find offense in his words. "You have a great vision for your future indeed, with enough followers that do believe in your cause. However if you ask me, there is a lack of military strength in your force. Allow me to train these people properly in fighting that way, there isn't too many lives I have to defend for the sake of this growing dynasty, young emperor."
  11. interest check

    All is in tact still.
  12. I have to recreate Leinhart character sheet for Val. If you ask me he's to OPed ATM. Just dumb things down a bit he's a different bloodline of course for the sake of gaming.
  13. Once the QuickDraw no longer was active, the yoki properties immersed in the Katana eventually waned. It's plum ghastly aura would vanish also reducing efficiency, returning from it's searing, demonic edge again, to its dulled display as it decreased physical potency. The fiery gout of white-hot flames engulfs exactly one forth of the blade from it's base (which you mean as the tip?), before the blindsense becomes aware and conscious of the fact that his sword was struck. The rough heating felt on the handle which, actually came before the liquifying odor of metal, played a major role in detecting too. Better yet Kenshi knew now exactly what he was dealing with against him in this so called spar. There was no reason in doubt why Koji smelled relatively close to a reptile. ~This will prove my battle prowess, shall I come out as victor against a dragon.~ From the heels in his zori he presses his hundred seventy-six pound frame against the floor, releasing his left hand from the Katana's tsuka. A back left foot would lead first with enough force to crush the polished wood under a single imprint, yet as he lifts the foot the floor reveals itself to be undamaged. Kenshi springs himself airborne and away from the intense flames. At an angle approximately, twelve feet high he puts a good distance between them, clever enough to not suffer from the dragon's flame. He obscured his left hand inside the confines of his scarlet red Yukata, whilst the clawed right remained curled in a defense with the back of it's palm and set of sharp claws facing Koji. He glided through the air without sound his body appeared to move like the wind and rather with it than against though they were indoors, he erupted a small gust after projecting towards the ceiling. Proper footing ensured a safe land as he hit the ground softly, his robe gently flutters down to flatten it's silk. The pale left hand is pulled from cover however, whatever he is holding remains hidden. He stands quietly and idly breathing, crystal silver eyes glitter over his shadowy body. Despite underestimating this new foe, the swordslayer remained calm as still waters. Kenshi stiffened his chin and snapped it once to the left, then to the right in loosening the tightness of joints in his neck that was start to spasm, least felt so. Bowing his head just enough a small portion of respect was given forth to Koji as introductions would follow. "Your name and social status, means nothing to me nor my loyalty to Tadokuro. I am Momoku Kenshi. A slayer in yearn of good battle. And you are, dragon born?"
  14. One sword can be ten thousand swords, long as the fundamental principles of swordsmanship are understood. Two techniques would employ to no avail or so be criticized as failures. However, Kenshi's mental fortitude remained solid and unmatched, his warrior's spirit would fuel him in all efforts until the ability was no longer active. That intangible feeling of coming danger remained lingering, yet the yoki infused Katana proceeded, whizzing through the air towards it's oppresor with it's slash. A rapid boost in Koji's attributes would change the tide of battle, or not? The instant Hyperosmia or the numerous sweat glands in the hanyo's nose detected change in Koji's attack, there was really little Kenshi could do maneuver wise at this point, even more barely get out it's way. Blindsense would watch the man's hand curl into it's fist, but a white fire would mask over any details there on. Subsequently, the blow connected and in it's vague disguise, Kenshi would be thrown out of his stance and balance getting knocked three steps back and becoming slightly, agitated. The stationed right hand resting upon the empty saya would erect itself forth and spread a clawed hand wide. One could hear the tense muscles crack and snap as the Ookami's neck twisted and his face was knocked aside. Being only half demon, he could endure more than six hundred pounds of physical blunt force alone, the Warrior's Spirit ability temporarily increased his endurance and overall capabilities from where he lacked and what was needed atleast by double, awakening Kenshi both spiritually and mentally, but it was the fact he did not have enougb time to react that really caused him to slip. The bladed edge of the Katana would tilt downwards and sort of wooble in his hand as if to let loose, but grip on it's tsuka remained sturdy and firm. Instead of regaining footing first, he would drop his body almost touching to the floor and fall with Koji's attack to leave himself with his elbows almost leveled to his bent knees. Whilst quickdraw in effect the Katana would wave from his left to right in a sweeping arc and bend the wrist. It's bladed edge pointing down the calves to cleave them off with searing yoki enhancing the cut and a burning effect to better improve efficiency. His right clawed hand prepared for any counters in the meantime, his Blindsense would continue to alert him of any more incoming dangers. @imnohero
  15. interest check

    Smh makes sense. I wasn't aware.