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  1. You're welcome. Could I just request everyone keep track of how many posts per turn it is in your battles, so it's organized more or less? Entrance posts do not count as a single turn, but the following posts do. IE: 1/5, 2/5, 3/5 etc.
  2. Disregard that As I deleted my last OOC. Which btw you guys are doing a great job. I like how you write @VulcanTheDrunken
  3. "The smell of rotten-eggs is putrid, standing from here. We must be getting, close. The great Kuraokami has graced us with a Storm. We shall use it to our Advantage! The hanyo Bushi's hyperosmia stretched nearly three times, the distance it took to get to the Camp. The only factor against the enhanced Canine smell was the scent of Petrichor that was produced from the rain hitting, once dry soil. Even amidst the earthy oily scent released from the ground, the Wolf would still find a trace left from the perpetual linger of sulfur a little over the mile range, possibly to open grounds. The ground grew soft and soggy beneath his sandaled feet. While the silk from his Yukata already began chaffing away, his coal-black shoulder-length hair was also soaked without the wide brim of his Kasa straw-hat or parasol. Kinking and twirling itself into the girlish curls of femininity, he so much resented. The Shugyosha would keep half-lidded, pupiless orbs fixated towards the Heavens as if delving for Tatsu, the Shinto Dragon deity of Rain and Snow that could been responsible for such inclement weather conditions. As Dove stood behind claiming she were weaker than the two to rather stayed put there and let he and the one referred to as Athena search out and negotiate with the group, which wasn't in the Daiookami's Will to state his opinions about the lackadaisical Dove. In the name of and only for the Empire, he followed towards the camp site. Roughly a mile away sufficed to hear some form of conversation going on, but the cadence of rhythmic, beating Rain and Thunder hardly made things audible he doubt even Athena could decipher. The yokai warrior could not make out the sounds of who was what in the chatter, but they were nearing encampment! In the forms of life, a golden reminiscent of translucent flames, indicating to the Apex Predator those were in fact three embodiments or lifeforms at the campsite. He wouldn't let Athena in on what he knew just yet, but hopefully she didn't pick up on it. He would remain placid in duty and in the remainder of their march. A lazy palm over the tsuka on the left of his sash and proceeded with caution! Through the path that would hopefully lead to flank from the East. @Mag @TheCalmOne
  4. They would finally reach the Southern Border of Port City. Interpreting the whereabouts on Koji, the Momoku Guardian would observe the landscape even further as they continued down the path he walked. Inhuman Canine senses and natural adaptions of in all honesty, the spiritual warrior did not in fact possess actual human vision. He would be guided with other means of mastery adaptive survivability and something called Blindsense born with him in his inherited blindness. ~ Beauty was in Life, as much as it were there in Death. In order to maintain such balance, one had to understand it's differences. Beauty was in warfare, just as it was there during times of peace. Koji's perception was neither right, nor wrong. His word would be God. He could not fault the Dragon Emperor for what information he did not receive. The clatter of swords crossed vigorously in battle, the utter cries from those that gave lives in defending, once peacefully protected territories drifted across the battlefield in a moment of eerie silence. Falling to their deaths as their very Essence was stripped from them, the world around their horrid eyes, growing motionless and Black. A third of the enemies defense would soon be strewn across the land's surface in dead carcasses of the fallen brave men and women. Virtually, their military efforts stood no chance against the formidable Dark legion of Datzusoku. Wave after wave of what seemed endless bloodshed and annihilation. "Beauty never dies a natural death. It dies of blindness and errors and betrayals. It dies of illness and wounds. Is this what you call, true Beauty? It is my duty, to accompany you to these requests at all costs. Perhaps I see more than you in my Blindness, amidst all this Destruction Koji Heika. But, now I realize; you are truly a Monster bred from the Plane of Shadows. It brings me light to the darkness of many unanswered questions. It will seem as though I may, never be as strong as you with my half-human lifeforce, flowing through my veins. I am pleased, to some degree I have came to see your Happiness my lord, Heika." The likes of the Negative Energies was too overwhelming as much as the hanyo Bushi resisted the urge to surrender to the amounts of corruption, chaos and Sin. He would no longer restrain from releasing Beastial Energy from his Yokai. Suppression alone made the Daiookami crave more of the thrill from Battle. In a small demonstration of his Spirit, he gathered forces of Yoki in to his palm from in the atmosphere. A blend of violet miasma surrounded Demonic Energy in a reminiscent dark flame that would cast an illumination like a small horizon over the darkness. Datsuzuko History would etch way to its first ruthless and merciless MASSACRE. It was even after a year of them training and putting together a fearsome Dynasty, Hoga-Sha Kenshinobu still felt he had something more to prove, to contribute, to accomplish in the face of the Empire. "Shouldn't waste much time in small skirmishes, when we can Desolate the land. I no longer can hold back from the excitement of battle. " @Al Sa-her
  5. I made edits towards the character types in the first paragraphs of the topic I believe, but it was possible you may not have seen them. No Problem, bro. That would be splendid.
  6. Of course. I wouldn't see why not. I looked at your Pro, but definitely didn't notice that part. My apologies. @Robbie Rotten
  7. @Robbie Rotten with all do respect, your character's a Mage. I specifically asked for none of the likes smh. I don't see that she even uses a Sword?
  8. Everyone who has made a profile, please submit it here. That way, I can copy paste them to a separate topic. Thanks. @Robbie Rotten @Al Sa-her@kyuri@VulcanTheDrunken@ezkiel777@Misty
  9. I guess everyone post in that thread. Just underline the battle as Sin of _ vs. Sin of _ or however you want, just make sure it's organized. In the process, we should acquire some pages. Thank you, all. @Robbie Rotten @Al Sa-her@kyuri@VulcanTheDrunken@ezkiel777@Misty
  10. Neither of the spars/duels have to commence at the same time just so you know. Havent necessarily decided it to be in either the Coliseum at separate conveniences for everyone, or just in the actual thread/topic itself. So take your time as I try to catch up to my other writing lol. @Al Sa-her, @kyuri, @ezkiel777, @Misty, @VulcanTheDrunken, @Robbie Rotten
  11. Let me be more specific, magic is not allowed within the duel itself. However, as apart of the Feudal Fantasy roleplay, after the scene of the duels, it is encouraged, but I even go in explaining that any general Wizards, Sorcerers, etc. (though I will say a subclass is acceptable, to a minimal) are not made for this Storyline. Rogue's, Hunters, Warriors as long as its primary weapon is a Sword. You get the picture? We are more like a Bleach, Inuyasha or Yu-Yu Hakusho than any other Anime out there, but still with its own original blend and twist. Those are just some great examples to list!
  12. Take care brother, man. Keep your head up. Things will get better. @Warlock
  13. For those of you who's character sheets I have yet to receive and for those that are making final edits, I need them submitted as soon as possible. That way, I can post them all in a separate topic. Thank you!
  14. Nanatsu no Taizai's, Philosophical Objective "There is no clamorous roar from Thunder, without a vicious strike of Lightning. No pouring Rains, without a foundation of burdensome Clouds. Without Evil, there is no rivalry of Goodness. Yet, there is a thin equator that divides these, two opposing forces. In the Gray area we stand to maintain, such Order and Balance. Live by the Code, Die by the Sword." Nanatsu no Taizai Code "Be ruthless, be Merciless. Look death in the face and show no Fear, not even to thy Buddha. Embrace it, for you have gave the Mind, Body and Spirit a Honorable death." ----------- - This will be our first act, the setting takes place in the middle of a lush Forest at just about Noon. The story takes place almost 25 years before the Rise of the Datzusoku Empire. Six out of the Seven have been recruited. In order to prove that they will serve without question; in a test of strength and talent, each will be put against one another in a short melee, spar (4-5 post-limit at least, one post-per-day, 3 duels in-total). Those who do not wish to comply will be forced to death or even worse, Seppuku. Everyone could still use their character's Innate abilities, seeing as they're physical traits of the individual's Race. I can't do nothing about that, just don't go overboard. We are still mild powers here as by site rules. * Remember everybody, that this is Fuedal Fantasy-themed and I can't stress the concept in any simpler terms. Various types of Magic is allowed for the actual Roleplay itself, but this isn't a place for Wizards, Mages, Spellcasters, Warlocks etc. You get the idea. We are Swordsmen/Swordstresses from a variety of races/backgrounds with the acception, any type of Sword is allowed. I don't want to read about more magic and spells being cast, than your character using Melee because I'm going to tell you, your in the wrong place for that type of styling or setting. I don't want to come off as rude or seem to embarrass any one because I'm not that type of guy x.x This is a reason we're in the Alternative-section and honestly, I wanted to keep this idea to myself before actually, submitting it to the public. You're not that good at roleplay-based fighting, or never tried to explain using a Sword in words? Good, that's fine. We all eventually get better with practice. I want this to be a learning experience for everyone, but more importantly, I want to make sure we're all having fun playing Our parts as well. We're a team and I'm not the best of writers myself. We could all learn :) --------- "We are not sworn under Blood and Oath as Brothers and Sisters, for even Ichizoku (family) stab each other with disloyal Hearts. We are Seven; for you chosen are now Nanatsu no Taizai of this, New World. I give you my life in exchange, for your Blades in battle." The former Shugyosha held a proud wide-grin from under the large brim of his Straw-hat or Kasa. Breathtaking, stoical White orbs reflected a stiff and hardened gaze from the Apex predator, staring at the gathered Warriors. He would observe those that stood before him in his poised demeanor; their characters, to body language, from ulterior motives, to the way they perceived the Blind Hanyo in retrospect. His Canine senses slightly, flaring a nostril, sniffing for the faintest signs of weakness, timidness, or even deeper than that to the core of their very Essence and hearts. These were supposed to be Seven Deadly Sins, a sacred Force not to be reckon with. He would step first the foot on his right, slowly, dragging his sandaled Zori with him and his almost 6", solid 200lb frame across the compact ground from in the forest in to the center most-section of the group. The flourishing aroma of Sakura on his person, permeating the air with an almost girlie sweetish scent. His hands crossed over and were tucked warm-fully in the intricacies of his Crimson Silk Yukata. His faithful and ancient Tenbatsu, had not been secured to the Senpai's white sash or Obi on this occasion. Think twice, if one thought he couldn't summon it at Will. Any Sin amongst the band that could source out energies, or pick up the amounts of Yoki generating from the Daiookami would also realize the translucent White flame topping over and encasing him in what was known as, the formidable Spirit Aura. "First, prove yourself to me your allegiance and discipline. I have arranged for each of you to contest one other's skills and strength in a duel. Despite the spreading rumors of my undenying favoritism, each of your names were in fact, paired and scribed before our meeting today." The youthful, near Two-hundred year old Yokai-Bushi halts in the middle of a suitable piece of land that appears roughly 20x20 feet long, just an even rectangular surface of ground, wide-enough to commence only one duel at a time. He pulls out a roll of parchment from the sleeve of his elegant Robe with a paled and feminine left. Though he is visibly Blind, fascinating enough, he seems to read the scroll pridefully in the following. "We must be solid in foundation, if we wish to hold any significance in this New World. Wrath is first, to commence against Greed. Then, it's Lust and Envy. Last, we have Gluttony and Sloth. Remember. Live by the Code, Die by the Sword." It is then, he retreats from the Arena as a spectator to allow the first Combatants to step in to the rectangle and introduce themselves. He rerolled the scroll in hand and slipped it back into the very confinements of his Summer robe to pull a bright red Fuji apple. Falling to the sitting Lotus, he snaps his fangs into it's crunchy crispness as the nectar rolls down his throat with taste he could never forget, back home in the Yokai Realm. How strange it was that a Wolf indulged in the fruits of Mother Nature. "Commence!" The Legendary Swordslayer exclaimed as he spat away the skin from the Apple in his maw. @Al Sa-her @Misty @kyuri @ezkiel777 @Robbie Rotten @VulcanTheDrunken