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  1. interest check

    @Al Sa-her Read into your's as well. Hopefully have one no later than tomorrow. I'm off Monday, court. So even, then.
  2. interest check

    Everybody is still waiting for me in my group. Smh. I should get around to one by the end of the day.
  3. The Warlock's mental-grasp would release its concentration after the daiookami's successful strike, burst the wraith in white-hot embers of flame. If not convinced by the hanyo's presence earlier, surely a brief show of physical prowess, was suffice to say this matchup wasn't one to easily bargain. Even the crowd set aside a moment to speculate if, the wraith was going to resurrect itself or did the blind Wolf perish the apparition actually for good? Even so, they would be able to enjoy the fact, at least they would get some their monies worth between both combatants. The lack-of-vision Kenshi could not necessarily see the gauntlet with his Blindsight, but the generation of heat waves couldn't hide any better than his inherited blindness. Battle was a game of Chess and not Checkers. Pivoting his feet counterclockwise in a 90' angle he drew back the fired arm, swapping positions with his demonic curled right in a backhand, midway the torso as he lowered his body. The joints in his hind would gather a grip of the earth beneath his sandals, propelling him at a slowed start he took off to a left angle in a headlong sprint - traveling away from his opponent, when he should have moved closer. Meanwhile, his left hand would produce a small Jade dart that, wasn't exactly noticeable in his closed fist. The forcefield would activate, yet Kenshinobu would cut his own path short with a change of plans and would now charge towards the five foot radius energy barrier. @Slank44 [Apologies on such a late reply, man. I'm really sorry.]
  4. From just a tiny speck upon the rim of new land once again, stepping onto foreign terrain some would speculate controversially, the incoming organism with a height of 5'11" was a mammal of man. Others would claim him as a spiritual guardian hand-picked, from the great Buddha himself. The rest of the world would think the very opposite of the legendary Swordslayer. Dressed in traditional Japanese garbs, a burgundy and gold haori that left an open visual of his ectomorphic chiseled build and a hakama to match. Astern his back printed in white Kanji, would translate: -"Hoga-Sha or Royal guard". The daiookami's half-lidded, prominent silver eyes became more evident further into the unfamiliar soil, that the Being was blind, lacking any physical definitive vision. His most critical flaw, happened to be the greatest feature on his person. Master Kenshi trekked dutifully in padded zori, beside lord Koji across the land and poised in the march of their storm. As far as the Datsozuko Empire concerned he was, the sole protector of both Emperor and his wife. Singlehandedly, he could slay over a dozen men. However, true strength required did not come from the physical standpoint, but from within one's Spirit. Koji would open the Plane of Shadows shortly after their arrival, the hanyo wouldn't see reason in drawing his blade, quite yet with a horde of demons that would cause sufficient destruction in what would be their first wave of Wrath. Besides, his only priorities were and still remained, protecting the Emperor at all costs. @Al Sa-her
  5. It doesn't matter if we play out in PMs or in forums. My character is actually involved in a rising dynasty at the moment we will be participating in an event here on Valucre. Actually, it may have started. We are going to be destroying two cities in this Genesaris event called Ragnarok. My main character is a blind hanyo ronin who will be actually, putting together a small group of his own swordsmen, soon. We could play in PM's and get a feel for each other there. And if you'd somehow like, he could invite her to the dynasty somehow and maybe even introduce her to the emperor and empress as things progress. It could be great!
  6. Ready for the emperor to order my character into destruction.
  7. Smh.
  8. Are you still open ?
  9. Too late?
  10. What exactly has happened since Lein's late arrival?
  11. I agree.
  12. @The Hummingbird Wonder if they'll be some more events like this in the future?
  13. "Truth is not what you want it to be; it is what it is, and you must bend to its power. Or live a lie." - Miyamoto Musashi

  14. Just about back in business, baby.

  15. - sighs -

    finally caught up on all my posts. Alas! The ship has finally ventured onwards.