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  1. Hikage slows as she watches Anessa root through the bag, listening quietly. Hikage doesn’t feel the fatigue and suffering Rhazagur does. She desperately wants to keep trudging through the endless sand dunes and see the spires of Stormward on the horizon. All it is to her is one foot in front of the other, over and over and over. But the human condition is fragile, and the beastman’s deep pants are evidence. Dragging the others at her pace would kill them. Anessa’s question dissipates Hikage’s musings, and she turns to answer wholeheartedly, “Your concern is admirable and appreciated, Anessa. Rest assured that I do not need any recuperation right now.” “Having said that however,” Hikage continued, “In hindsight, it was foolish and reckless of us to depart so quickly. Rhazagur is already falling to the heat. We must stop for now and treat his exhaustion.”
  2. I have an intense essay due tomorrow so I won't be posting today. Expect a post on either the 20th or the 21st.
  3. its @LoganDub's turn
  4. Grike was aghast. Now was not the time for small talk, not with all the chaos surrounding them. Although, ironically, it is only the desperateness of the situation that lets him choke out a short, frantic response. “Y-yes. A-a-and the others t-too. H-help the others. F-f-fight the darkness.” It is all he can manage to stutter out as his voice grates in his throat. @Metty Seeing the man with the eyepatch rush over to one of the women with the masks, Grike races over to the one in the colorful shorts. He scrambles onto the counter she’s standing on to get level with her face, where the mask clings to her like a parasite. Preferably, he would have time to figure out how to remove the mask without hurting her, but with every passing second her coughs and laughs worsen. So, he hopes for the best, grabs the mask with his left hand, and pulls. @Ayumi Light. Mizzy can work with light. A great number of spells produce light as a side effect. Mizzy stops only for a second to shroud herself in a shimmering, smoldering shield. The golden glow hovering just above her armor is about as bright as a torch and will hopefully protect her from whatever else the darkness has to throw at her. The floor of the tavern heats up at the voice’s words. The shield protects Mizzy from being burned, but she can still feel the warmth through it and she has the sneaking suspicion it’s only going to get hotter. Mizzy quickly scans the room for stairs leading up and as soon as she sees some she points at them and shouts, “EVERYBODY UP THE STAIRS! DON’T STEP ON THE FLOOR!” After her warning, she starts grabbing nearby tables and chairs and places them in a rough trail from the entrance to stairs as quickly as she can for as long as her shield can protect her.
  5. Usually the prospect of dangerous monsters would send shivers down the spines of normal people, but to Mizzy and Grike it is almost a relief. Tracking and hunting is their specialty. And after that business in Dougton, they could also add ‘defeating powerful entities with a ragtag group of adventurers’ to their resumes as well. Some of the others have already voiced more specific inquiries about their assignment and Mizzy sees no reason to repeat them. There is a more glaring issue at stake. Jack’s complete obliviousness to magic. Regardless of where he came from, everyone in Valurce is affected by magic in some way. Their world is arcane and to survive you have to know at least a little about it. Like how to read Loci maps so the artifact you bought actually works when you need it. Or how to fuel magic with physical components so it doesn’t leech off your health. Or see through a conman’s illusions. Or operate magitech machinery. Or any number of other uses. Grike catches the contemplative look on her face and taps her shoulder. When she turns, he signs with small movements, “What are you thinking?” Still keeping an ear out on the conversation, she drops her voice and whispers, “Jack needs a crash course in magic and it doesn’t take a genius to figure out we’re the magical ones here. Mind offering help? I mean, after all, Genesaris is home to the magistorms. Can’t get much more magical then that.” Grike follows up with quick signs. “Of course, just arrange a session later.” Mizzy nods and returns her undivided attention back to the meeting. Better chime in with something. “We are more than willing to fight on your behalf, goddess. But I have some concerns. Exactly what type of creatures will we be killing? Magical? Mundane but powerful? Forgive my hesitations, but the last time we took a job with such a vague description, we ended up facing something extremely nasty and evil with no warning or preparation,” Mizzy asks as tactfully as she can. Questioning a goddess, even for the sake of clarification, can have dire consequences, so it’s best to be polite.
  6. Actually turns out I won't have it tonight. I had homework and I spent too much time on a different post. I'll definitely be up tomorrow though. Goodnight.
  7. “I’m certain you meant well, but keep your flattery to yourself. Where I come from it is seen as what you would call “sucking up” and I doubt you wish to lower yourself to that cowardly strategy,” Hikage states. “And my blades are not for sparring, nor is yours made for leaning,” she notes, nodding at his sword as it was stuck in the ground. Is this how foreigners treat their weapons? With such disrespect? Although, between this and Jerek’s opening statement, it is possible that he was simply not raised properly. Out of the side of her mask, she sees Rhazagur removing his clothing. For a horrified second she thinks he’s stripping lewdly before realizing that it is his way of preparing for the trek, as he would overheat otherwise. But it would be better to die of heatstroke than to expose so much of oneself to others, especially when there are woman present. Foreigners truly have no modesty. Watching him stalk off, she makes one last remark to Jerek. “There is the answer to your question. We are leaving now.” With that, she follows Rhazagur and Anessa into the blazing desert.
  8. Hey guys, guess who's back with no laptop problems! :D I'll have something posted by midnight PST to celebrate.
  9. Guess who's back with no laptop problems! :D I'll have something posted by midnight PST to celebrate.
  10. Hey guys, my laptop is out of commission and I'm not sure when it's going to be fixed. So just skip me for this round for the time being. I'll be sure to notify you when I can start actively posting again.
  11. Hey guys, my laptop is out of commission and I'm not sure when it's going to be fixed. So just skip me for this round for the time being. I'll be sure to notify you when I can start actively posting again.
  12. Hey guys, my laptop is out of commission and I'm not sure when it's going to be fixed. So just skip me for this round for the time being. I'll be sure to notify you when I can start actively posting again.
  13. I actually have some twins of my own I'd like to give a try. I'm still hammering them out so I don't have any character profiles, but their names are Alcor and Mizar Kokab.
  14. “...” Mizzy stared up at the inn. “Well, it certainly looks like there’s a dark force in there.” The sight of an inn is usually a welcome sight to Mizzy and Grike. But there was something… off about it. It looked structurally intact, well maintained, even clearly frequented. But there was no one she could see inside, turning a site of respite into an uncomfortable liminal space. Grike gave no response to her joke, choosing instead to carefully scrutinize the inn. His eyes clicking softly as they shifted to his tracking vision. “Hm? Grike? Do your special eyes see something?” she questioned. If something is truly amiss inside, he would know. “Yes, or rather, what they do not see. I can’t look inside at all; there is only blackness. It is like someone has thrown a dark shroud over the premises.” he simply stated, “But I can hear faint voices, we were not the only ones to receive that advert.” “That’s a little concerning, but at least there’s other people to figure it out. And probably our employer too. Let’s go.” And with that she starts towards the building, Grike behind her. This is one of the more usual jobs they’ve ever taken, but Mizzy is confident that they’ll make it out the other end without incident. Even though magic is involved, they also have magic. Fight fire with fire and all that. As soon as she opened the door she realized just how much she misjudged the gravity of the situation. Shadows morphed beyond their places on the wall and darkness pressed against the boundaries of what little light there was. There was a group of people, but Mizzy didn’t have time to register much about them before twisted masks burst from the darkness towards the group. Operating entirely on instinct, she runs the rest of the way into the building, drawing her sword on the way, and smashes her sword into the side of the mask headed at a frantic, cloaked man, sending it off course. Right behind her, Grike scrambles into the inn as well, drawing his longsword to assist in the threat they don’t understand. That can come later, but now there’s no time to talk.
  15. Hikage was incensed at the newcomer’s words. Peasant!? How dare he! Who does this man think he is, referring to an esteemed samurai with such blatant disrespect? The beast has better manners than him and he can barely speak properly. She had no opportunity to face him and defend her honor before Rhazagur spoke and asked his question. She would deal the insolence later. Right now she must remain cordial with other, more polite, people. Turning to Rhazagur, “This land is unfamiliar to me as well; however, I can lend my skills as a samurai.” Do foreigners even know what a samurai is? “That is to say, like a knight. A skilled swordswoman,” she added. Then to Anessa, “But worry not, I will not turn my blades towards you unless you draw yours first.” With that reassurance, she turns to face the unnamed arrival and coldly asks, “You did not introduce yourself. Who might you be?”