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  1. femamerica13

    Back again

    Thanks, guys for the warm welcome. I have some role-plays that I am interested right now. I don't think I will make any more characters besides the dead cast to talk with Joy. Even though @supernal 's slavery rp sounds interesting.
  2. femamerica13

    More Important is the Journey

    Is there any posting order you would prefer?
  3. Nice to see your profile after a long time. Black belt training and school have been eating up since the summer. At least my joy for roleplaying with Joy hasn't died down.

  4. femamerica13

    Back again

    I am back after a long break, and I can't wait to start up again. I do miss the roleplaying, and given that I can never make it to table top sessions. Hopefully the summertime brings more roleplaying, and a expanding cast of dead for Joy to interact with, and maybe she'll learn that she is talking to the dead.
  5. femamerica13

    More Important is the Journey

    Here is the link : I should also make a folder for OCs of the dead she talks to. Most of them will be more stereotypical and use allusions in the ideas.
  6. femamerica13

    More Important is the Journey

    The character sheet should be in the signature. I have a copy of the sheet in Google docs as well.
  7. femamerica13

    More Important is the Journey

    I would like to join, and use Joy for the role play.
  8. femamerica13

    Looking to RP

    I also want to get back into causal roleplay. I want to use Joy for this rp.
  9. I am back, baby. And school started up again.

  10. femamerica13

    Bringing the Undead

    Joy, with a trusting heart, took his hand because she thought that she had no reason not to trust him and the fact that she was really hungry. She scrambled out of the bed and then looked down to see if she had some shoes. She saw her bare feet and started to wiggle her feet because she was happy for breakfast. She looked up at Alexander, waiting to make up her mind on what to say. Then, the blonde little girl asked, "Do I have to wear shoes at breakfast or not?" (Sorry, I had a lot of stuff due to helping my parents out and starting school again. Can't wait to get back again. @Hani)
  11. femamerica13

    Bringing the Undead

    Momentalary distracted by the offer of food, Joy aggressively nodded her head responded to the comment with, "Yes, I am really hungry. I didn't have a big dinner so I am even more hungry than usual." After waiting a bit, and realizing that Alexander didn't know who she was talking about with Paul, she added, "Well, Paul and his mom Livia are my imaginary friends. Their full names are Paul and Livia Artiedes, and they don't get along. He is always going on about his mom making him be Emperor and she calls him ungrateful."
  12. femamerica13

    Bringing the Undead

    Joy rubbed her eyes and mumbled out, "But I thought that was a dream." Joy was trying to calm down a bit but was looking around to look where her "imaginary" friends. She looked up and down the hall, and even turned around looking for them. Then she asked, "Do you know where Paul and his mother are?" She was referencing some of the dead that she talks the most about.
  13. femamerica13

    Bringing the Undead

    Joy looked up at Alexander, and asked innocently, "I am fine, just hungry after waking up. Who are you? you don't look like any of the monks that are usually here." with her eyes slowly coming to focus after a long night's sleep. She began to look around the manor house, and slowly realized that she wasn't at the Blackwall Abbey. She freaked out and started to blurt out, "Why I am here? This isn't the abbey."
  14. femamerica13

    Bringing the Undead

    The little blonde girl was still fast asleep as she was tucked into bed. She slept like a stone and had no dreams because of how worn out she was. After some hours passed and the sun peeked into the room where Joy was sleeping, she woke up and opened her eyes to see that she was in a strange room. Yawning, she got out of the bed and walked around the room to find the door. She opened the wooden door and then peered out to see what was up and where she was.