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  1. I am sorry, but it is closed now. We only had room for 5.
  2. Cool, we were planning for 5 people at most. I will try to post my character info soon.
  3. @PandaHat and I are wondering if anyone would like do this quest in Weland: Class B: Clerics who have resurrected a long-dead hero discover she's not what they thought. We are planning on having it be more lighthearted and comedic than serious. I will be playing a goofy character and PandaHat will play a more serious one. Please reply if you want to join.
  4. Welcome aboard to this wonderful roleplaying site.

    1. SweetCyanide


      ..Ah. Thanks.

    2. femamerica13


      No problem.

    3. femamerica13


      Just wanted to be nice and get you involved as soon as possible

  5. I am back after almost half of a year of not coming on. I am happy to come back to roleplaying in small groups here.

  6. Einilda, after she saw Frank calling to her, moved her way through the crowd of all the new faces to get to him. The amount of new people at the high school surprised and overwhelmed her, so she was especially careful to make sure she did not run into anyone on accident, so she could avoid talking to strangers as much as physically possible. Eini, trying to pay attention, so she knows when the entrance ceremony will start because she does not want to get on the wrong side of the teachers on the first day of class. In her classes that she enjoys because she was quiet and did not make a fuss, teachers enjoyed having her because she did not disturb the class, on accident or on purpose, like most of her classmates did. Waiting for a couple of seconds to see if she would have the time to whisper a bit to her friend Frank, she took out her schedule. Opening up the sheet of paper that she took out of her pocket, so she can tell Frank her schedule, took some time. It was in one of her many pockets, which meant that even though she just had it out, it took a few seconds to find it again. Eini whispered to Frank, "I have Language Arts, Math 2, Chemistry 1, The Beginnings of Terrenus, Shop, and Physical Education. The classes that I am looking forwards the most are Chem and Shop. Language Arts and PE sound like a waste of time, I thought I would not have to take those classes again. Who is your homeroom teacher and what are your classes?"
  7. Welcome back and hope you stay for a long time.
  8. Finally put a profile pic. It's me during Halloween 2015

  9. My character was an OC. It was for Santa Clara Valley.
  10. I was introduced to role-playing in the summer of 2014 when I joined a Hetalia chat room and I thought I had to submit a character to be apart of it. It took a long time to make sure that the character was perfect because it was my first time and I had a lot of trouble understanding the different sections. I didn't really roleplay much there, and I stopped coming to that chatroom last year. I really got into it after I joined a server that a friend was on in Discord, and I thought it was really fun. I came here because I wanted to role-play with more people and more often. I also usually don't like to write much, so roleplaying is my fun writing practice. And it is a break from the math and science of my major in college.
  11. I meant dying then coming back to life the next day, and no one remembering.
  12. What, like Kenny from South Park?
  13. Well, after knowing my other grades for also most a week, I still don't know my Calculus 2 grade. That is not fun because my parents saw my grades, and one A would have been nice. Now I hoping for my grades to be entered in by next week, so I can not retake Calculus 2 and take Calculus 3 starting in February. 

  14. Thanks, and I am thinking about doing one for the Taurus female, because my birthday is in May.
  15. Cool idea. I will love to roleplay if you just give me time to think up on a character for it, because I don't have a character yet.