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  1. I don't personally care, but I did give a heads up to @Alex Kimchi
  2. Great posts, and your characters will have a shock when they meet Joy. I'll try to have her sheet and the dead npcs posted soon. And Paul and Livia are a mixture of Dune and I, Claudius
  3. Joy went down the steps to the abbey's library and started looking for the history section. Her person that she was looking up was an old Emperor, known for being ineffective and a terrible ruler. Starting at the old empires' part, she looked for the name Paul Atreides. She had some trouble finding books on him, and she became frustrated and a little bit gleeful because it meant less work for her. The long, tall bookshelves gave off a vibe of dampness and spookiness and two specters showed up behind her. As Joy was looking for the correct books, she began to mumble somewhat loudly, "Where are the books on Paul Atreides?" Hearing that the middle-aged man sighed and looked guilty because of something he did and he doesn't want a teenage girl to know about, especially one as innocently oblivious as Joy. The other spirit gave him a dirty look like a mother is finally done with her lazy kid. That spirit was wearing a purple toga, trying to give off an aura of a normal, conservative mother of the Classical Age. Under that image, there was a snakelike presence to the mother of the middle-aged man. The matron specter reprimanded her son, "Now Paul, if only you listened to me more." Paul, who was also the Paul Atreides that Joy was looking for, gave his mother (Livia) the stink eye because she pushed him to be Emperor. Livia wanted power for herself, so she controlled the background and was the power behind the throne for her husband and stepfather of Paul. She wanted Paul to be in power because she will still be the power behind the throne. Paul resisted because he wanted to study history and he knew that she at least damaged his younger sister, causing her to be a still born, as well killing his brother, who was the person who understood him and selflessly cared about him. Paul snapped back at his mother, "So that you can have more power? The Jihad that you started and had me as the figurehead worked out so well." Not noticing that her "imaginary friends" were talking like they were living during the time of her report, Joy picked out the books on Paul Atreides. Noticing that, Paul drifted over and said, "Hey Joy, do you want help picking out books?" Joy turned around, and replied, "Oh, Paul. I didn't see you here. I am doing a report on Paul Atreides. For some reason, you both share a name." Joy walks over to a table and she notices the janitor but doesn't take much of an interest because she wants to get working on her project. Livia and Paul followed her, and when Paul got there he took out the books that were about the jihad and his explorative fun times. He wanted her to focus on the side he was the proudest of was the fact he was amazing at history. The only reason he became Emperor was because of his mother. Paul then suggested, "These are the books that are the best and another good idea is to look up Livia." The reason why he wanted to get his mother's history shown was to discredit her. Livia puffed up her chest because she was getting the credit that she thought she deserved. She wasn't ashamed of what she did, even though she caused the deaths of Alia and Germanicus because she thought it was necessary. Joy nodded her at the suggestion and collected the books for the report.
  4. Great posts, and your characters will have a shock when they meet Joy. I'll try to have her sheet and the dead npcs posted soon.
  5. Here is the thread, and I am making a dead cast as well if everyone is fine with it.
  6. After a long day of being in classes hosted by the brothers and sisters of the Blackwell Abbey, Joy went into her small cell to work on her homework. The reason why she had her own room in the monastery is that many of the people who come to work and learn do live outside in the grasslands outside of the abbey. She lives in the abbey because the abbot took her in because she had some "special" gift. The young teenage novice wasn't quite sure what it was, but the brothers and sisters were always on her case about her imaginary friends. The only thing that made her wonder about her imaginary friends is that some of them have names in the history textbooks. As Joy opened the door to her cell, she threw her book bag on the bed. She crossed over to her desk and slumped down, too tired and lazy to want to work on her project for history. It is supposed to be a famous person in history, and she was given the name of one of her imaginary friends for some reason. Not two seconds later, a middle-aged with black hair, coal eyes, and pale skin woman spirit came into being right next to Joy. She tapped her feet for a bit and then started to talk and glared at Joy, "Joy, if I told you once, I have told a thousand times. Get working on your history project?" The tiger mother-like woman spirit put her hands on her hips as she waited for the teenager's response. Joy sighed as she turned away from the person on her case to work on the pushed back to the last minute history project, sighed and mumbled out, "But this history figure couldn't exist, because he talks to me all the time and no one else can see him." Joy's head turned to the other side, to avoid the gaze of the mother of a teenager-like spirit. The spirit sighed, rolled her eyes, and thought "We aren't imaginary, Joy. We are dead. You are just so oblivious to the world you haven't noticed. The spirit sighed and replied, "Oh really? Why don't you go and check the library to see if you can find any information on him? If he doesn't exist I promise to not get on your case for not working on your homework or projects for the next month." Joy weighed her options and decided that it in her best interests to go and start on the research for her history project and then before she left, she responded to her quasi-mother "Bye I am going off to see if he actually existed." As Joy closed the door, the spirit sighed and became incorporeal.
  7. One of the things that I didn't expect when making a character that can talk to the dead that I would also need to create a regular cast of the dead. 

  8. And do we want to share our characters beforehand? I will also have to make some of the standard dead cast.
  9. And the order for the rp is who signed up first. Any objections to that?
  10. Still open for a group unless anyone rather does a 1 on 1.
  11. Sure. Also, want me to send you her sheet?
  12. I wanted to flesh out my character, Joy Paine, and especially work with her accidentally using her powers to talk to the dead and not recognizing that she is. Joy is a 14 year old human girl who lives at an abbey near the city of We land; her personality traits are pretty cheerful and oblivious. I was wonding if anyone was up for some comedical, light hearted slice of life rps. A partner or group is fine
  13. The young teenage girl walked along the outskirts of the Northern Quarter of Weland. She had been traveling for some time from the monastery that she lived in for most of her life, with a few of the monks as chaperones because she had wandered off many times in the boundaries of the monastery. The snow covered streets gave her directions to go to Okumara's Grace, where the monks told her about the mission she was supposed to help out with. The monks told Joy that she was there to talk to the dead and see if something went wrong in the afterlife or if something was missing, which she wasn't sure what they were talking about. The only thing that made sense to her was the friends that she talked to, but it seemed like the monks couldn't see them at all and some of the had the same exact names as people in her textbooks. The blonde-haired and green-eyed teenager walked to the first station for the trolley, and then picked up a map. She looked for the quickest route to Okumara's Grace, but she got easily distracted when she started hearing some voices. She looked up to find out where the voices were, before realizing that she had to stick with the station in case the trolley came by. The voice called to her again, and she finally saw what it was coming from. The voice was coming from a person that didn't look like they were fully in the world, and looked at a bit crazed. Not fully realizing that going towards the person was the best idea for staying safe (Stranger Danger was sadly not an idea that stuck with Joy for a long time), she moved up. "Hey, how are you doing today?" cheerfully blurted out Joy, waving her hand at the spirit. @PandaHat @B2BBear@CaptainCausal @Alex Kimichi