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  1. I am back, baby. And school started up again.

  2. Bringing the Undead

    Joy, with a trusting heart, took his hand because she thought that she had no reason not to trust him and the fact that she was really hungry. She scrambled out of the bed and then looked down to see if she had some shoes. She saw her bare feet and started to wiggle her feet because she was happy for breakfast. She looked up at Alexander, waiting to make up her mind on what to say. Then, the blonde little girl asked, "Do I have to wear shoes at breakfast or not?" (Sorry, I had a lot of stuff due to helping my parents out and starting school again. Can't wait to get back again. @Hani)
  3. Bringing the Undead

    Momentalary distracted by the offer of food, Joy aggressively nodded her head responded to the comment with, "Yes, I am really hungry. I didn't have a big dinner so I am even more hungry than usual." After waiting a bit, and realizing that Alexander didn't know who she was talking about with Paul, she added, "Well, Paul and his mom Livia are my imaginary friends. Their full names are Paul and Livia Artiedes, and they don't get along. He is always going on about his mom making him be Emperor and she calls him ungrateful."
  4. Bringing the Undead

    Joy rubbed her eyes and mumbled out, "But I thought that was a dream." Joy was trying to calm down a bit but was looking around to look where her "imaginary" friends. She looked up and down the hall, and even turned around looking for them. Then she asked, "Do you know where Paul and his mother are?" She was referencing some of the dead that she talks the most about.
  5. Bringing the Undead

    Joy looked up at Alexander, and asked innocently, "I am fine, just hungry after waking up. Who are you? you don't look like any of the monks that are usually here." with her eyes slowly coming to focus after a long night's sleep. She began to look around the manor house, and slowly realized that she wasn't at the Blackwall Abbey. She freaked out and started to blurt out, "Why I am here? This isn't the abbey."
  6. Bringing the Undead

    The little blonde girl was still fast asleep as she was tucked into bed. She slept like a stone and had no dreams because of how worn out she was. After some hours passed and the sun peeked into the room where Joy was sleeping, she woke up and opened her eyes to see that she was in a strange room. Yawning, she got out of the bed and walked around the room to find the door. She opened the wooden door and then peered out to see what was up and where she was.
  7. Bringing the Undead

    Joy let out a small gasp of surprise when the vampire picked her up, but the warmth of his jacket and the fact that she was tried and no alarm bells were ringing in her head made the young girl fall asleep. She nodded her head as she went under, to signal that she understood what Alexander was talking about. She was sleeping so heavily that when the vampire ran to take her to his home, she didn't know he had supernatural speed.
  8. Bringing the Undead

    Joy took the man's hand and sleepily asked "Why are we going to your house? Did the monks send you here?" The green eyed girl shuffled behind Alexander, letting him guide her through the Abbey towards his house. The dark halls were barely illuminated by the candles on the wall of the stone passage from Joy's room to the courtyard outside. Joy yawned and shivered a bit because her nightgown was a bit light for the weather outside. The monks were all sound asleep because of the rigorous training they were putting themselves through because of the upcoming festival of the start of the harvest. The monks and nuns stopped their record keeping and experiments for a fortnight to help get ready for the party and to help the farmers out.
  9. Bringing the Undead

    Joy, not realizing that she was trying to be woken up by a strange man, tossed and turned in her bed. She murmured, something like give me five more minutes. She twisted around to get into a more comfortable position to sleep for a bit longer. But that motion woke up the young blonde up, and then propping herself up to see what was up, rubbed her eyes and gave a huge yawn. She looked at the vampire and looked at him in wonder for a moment, and gave him a confused look that was why do I have to go with you, it's nighttime. Yawning, she slid down out of bed because her brain was on autopilot. She put on her shoes and sleepily asked, "Who are you and where are we going?"
  10. Bringing the Undead

    Joy yawned and walked to her bed. The room was pitch black, with the candles blown out from her finishing her homework.The little girl put it off to the last minute because she just wants to play and talk with her imaginary friends. The reason that the blonde didn't have many friends was that she lived with the monks and nuns, who weren't big on having fun. Sometimes all they would just want to walk around praying and then hit themselves with wooden planks. Joy climbed up on to her tick mattress and the sheets back and then thought, "Wow. Today's lessons were hard. The monks were very hard about learning history and clues about people. I don't even know why we have to learn about that sort of stuff. I am not going to be a historian." Joy fell down onto the mattress and tucked herself in. As she was counting sheep and going to the land of dreams, she didn't notice the creak of her bedroom door as the man opened it.
  11. Bringing the Undead

    (Here is the thread @Hani)
  12. What is a structure your charater can call home?

    I made up an abbey for Joy for home base. I based it on Redwall Abbey.
  13. A Day in the Life at the Blackwell Abbey

    After Christina stopped talking, Joy quickly replied, "I was talking to my imaginary friends: Paul Atreides and his mother Livia. Paul was actually helping me find the book for my report on Emperor Muad'Dib (another name for Paul) from history class." Joy pointed to the two specters, forgetting that most people couldn't see them, not because they were imaginary but because they were dead. The dead responded by rolling their eyes at another point in time where Joy was too oblivious to understand the truth. That is one of the beautiful things about being human is the ability to make up stuff that doesn't make sense in their worldview. After hearing George's response and how aliases weren't needed and falling for it hook, line and sinker, the young teenage girl reached to shake George's hand and said, "What brings you to this lovely abbey?" Then, after hearing the gum demon spit out and try to use magic to get away, Joy turned to the noise and looked to see what was going on.
  14. Looking for Partners

    Sure, I am up for some one on one with Joy. Any preferences?