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  1. AngryCacti

    Things you've learned from video games

    I learned to hoard stuff. There’s no telling when the next store/checkpoint will be and there’s no telling how many enemies you’ll have to go through to get there.
  2. AngryCacti

    Describe your character in one sentence

    Tana: She protecc and she also attac, but most importan... she will not hesitate to stab a man.
  3. AngryCacti

    General chat thread

    To y’all with characters with swords: People get more freaked out when you feint in their peripheral that if you feint where they can easily see. Similarly, if your character has a one-handed sword, the ability to quickly change the line of attack out of their opponent’s line of sight could be the difference between a win or loss this has been your fencing fun fact of the day.
  4. AngryCacti

    General chat thread

    Oh... you meant the animal...
  5. AngryCacti

    General chat thread

    What do you call a fake noodle? An Impasta.
  6. AngryCacti

    General chat thread

    Anyone want to hear a joke?
  7. AngryCacti

    General chat thread

    Ouch! I hope it’s not too serious. My sympathies, friend. would this be a bad time to say that I hope you’ll BEE okay?
  8. AngryCacti

    General chat thread

    Here’s a fun rp tip for y’all with characters with swords... Most people, unless highly trained (*or really stupid), will stop running headlong in to a fight (even if it’s just for a second) when a sharp opject is pointed at their face. On a similar note, if one does not stop or knock away the blade well enough, they will get stabbed and it will hurt. Wear armor kids. sincerely, A very sore fencer.
  9. AngryCacti

    Ruin has come to Ashville

    And just like that, it was over. In an instant, the magic holding the Creature in place lifted and it’s body resolved in a spectacular display of gore. The spearman on top of its form was thrown and though he was able to slow his fall somewhat, Malcom hit the ground hard. Atropos went down with the Beast, still lodged in its head. The building power broke when Malcom lost contact. It was just a spear now, dirty, covered in markings, and slightly out of place if you looked at it for too long. Malcom felt some of the madness retract its hold on his mind as he watched the Creature thrash in its final death throes. He didn’t feel much of anything. Raegar sat nearby and he gave a questioning look at the other man’s tone. As soon as the Creature was still, he stood and walked stiffly over to where his spear had fallen. He pulled it out with a few tugs, shook off most of the gore, and slid it into its sheath on his back. His muscles were sore and the knowledge of his failures today brought a sense of shame. He wasn’t as young as he used to be. Perhaps it was time to retire and begin training an apprentice. The world would need someone new, someone fresh, to combat this new type of imbalance. He glanced over at the large draconian creature that had come to their aid. He had his suspicions, but he merely nodded, unwilling to provoke another fight. “Thank you. It was... unconventional, but effective.”
  10. AngryCacti

    Ruin has come to Ashville

    @Jotnotes it’s been an absolute pleasure to be in this thread. Your ideas brought a story to life in such a vivid and wonderful way. Thank you all so much for allowing me to write and improve with all of you talented writers. Honestly, the highlight of the thread for me (as small a part as it was) was when you let us split up and Malcom encountered Raegar in the graveyard behind the church. I don’t know exactly why, but it was such a fun scene to write. The tone, the drama, the fight, the on edge feeling where no one really knew what was going to happen, it all made an encounter that made my day every time you posted. Most amusing? It’s a tie between Aygis getting her tail cut and Jet trying to explain the need to dance. I don’t know if there were any true low point of the thread for me. Sometimes some moments of monotony stretched on for too long, but never to the point where the thread stalled. Of course, none of these ever became an issue. My only regret was not starting this thread with a fleshed out character. Here’s to getting hyped for Monday!
  11. AngryCacti

    [GENERAL] Solo RP - What for?

    In my experience, solo RPs are usually used for short quests, usually canon, in which the poster has a definite idea of what they want and doesn’t want/can’t get other people to help. I’ve also seen it where the reward of the quest/the glory of canonization was important enough to the poster that they didn’t want to risk another person messing it up. I’ve also seen it applied in non-canon settings as a way to develop a character and tell their story. It gives the character some written history that the writer can refer to but also allows the RPer to write a character that doesn’t currently fit with anyone else’s story. So heck yeah they’re allowed on this site! (Correct me if I’m wrong, anyone. I don’t think there are OFFICIAL ofical rules regarding this but I could be mistaken.)
  12. AngryCacti

    Ruin has come to Ashville

    Just got it up! (That was great timing!) Thanks for being so patient, guys. We wrapped our show yesterday so it’s back to normal schedule for me. Let’s crush this finale 😀
  13. AngryCacti

    Ruin has come to Ashville

    The shrieks of the Kin shook the air as fire rained from above. Malcom was no longer sure what was right and what had been lost to chaos. It was easier to not think. Over and over again, he stabbed into the flesh of the Thing. Over and over again, he ripped out Atropos with little more to show for his effort than a gradually growing pool of ichor. The ground was slick under his feet but his footwork was certain. Raegar was nearby. The guard was attacking the best he could. Malcom had lost sight of Archmaic around the bulk of the Creature. Over and over again, he struck at the pulsating mass of madness in front of him, forgoing all custom of elegance in favor of raw power behind his attacks. It wouldn’t be enough, though. Then, from his right, came a rush of movement. As Malcom spun away from the motion, he saw their new ally drive a giant blade into the side of the Creature. The new aggressor resembled the kobold but was inherently different in its size and coloration. Snakes of fire constricted and burned the Kin that rushed to the aid of the Creature. Further flames licked the sides of the Creature and spurted out from preexisting cavities in It’s hide near the wound. The Kin were still coming in droves, though, and the fire was barely holding them off as it was. He couldn’t not fight both. Malcom withdrew a couple of paces and threw his spear as high as he could on the Creature. It stuck, quivering, in the flesh around three-quarters of the way up It’s body. He sprinted towards the Creature and used his momentum to plant his foot on the hide and boost himself further up. It was hard enough to look at the Creature, but touching it was harder. His skin crawled and burned- though it was hard to tell whether this was due to It’s supernatural aura or the fire of Obsidian- and each time he reached for a handhold it was a gamble of whether or not the shifting abscess or antenna was really there. His hand closed around the shaft of Atropos. The wood stayed strong under his weight and he pulled himself up the rest of the way, using the spear as leverage. Malcom was able to pull the spear out by hooking his feet around something at the top and reaching down. As long as the Creature’s movements were bound, he was able to regain his footing at the top of It’s form. Below him, the battle raged on. He gave a shout and drove the spear through the top of the Creature, using his fully body weight to push it down until it stuck something hard. It jarred his arms and threw his balance. This time, as much as he pulled, the barbed spearhead worked against him and remained stuck. It slid out a few inches before locking in to the Thing and refused to budge any further. Malcom gritted his teeth. Their time was dwindling. As his fingers traced the intricate sigils that were carved into the shaft of the spear, he began to chant in a language that would be unrecognizable to the average citizen of the modern world. It had been a long time since he had last used Atropos this way but he had not forgotten the words. There was no glowing, no sparks, nor anything befitting a magical weapon. There was simply a shift in the the air, barely noticeable in the current atmosphere. Now, when he ran his hand over the engraved letters, they formed groups, each a name that wrapped around the pole in a loose spiral. They were spread apart and far from covering the surface as they had before. The surface around the spear began to vibrate with the effects. It would take precious time to unleash the stored power in Atropos. Malcom prayed that it would be enough.
  14. AngryCacti

    General chat thread

    Thoughts: Black Hands: Apt Drugs: Fit Time: Agreeing
  15. AngryCacti

    Ruin has come to Ashville

    Actually, I’m really sorry @Jotnotes but can you skip my turn? Literally all the things are happening this week and I won’t have much time to write. I don’t want to hold up the story. 😅