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  1. AngryCacti

    To y’all with characters with swords...

    Okay, it’s got nothing to do with swords... BUT it’s really interesting! Below is an article and video describing what it is like to fight in one of those poofy dresses. I didn’t think it was possible... but you’ll have to read for yourself. https://www.tor.com/2017/12/08/how-to-fight-in-a-victorian-dress/
  2. AngryCacti

    Whimsical Wonderful Wandering Wares

    Mostly He let the silence cradle her word, feeling the long pause envelope the two of them and suspend a simple sound in layers of weight. He wasn’t sure what she meant by it. He wasn’t sure why it was important. Again, her explanation arrived welcome. He listened without interruption and waited while she put the box back on its shelf. Perhaps he should have helped, but he suspected it would not be received well. The tone of her voice made it difficult to deduce the meaning behind her comment on his choice of hag stone. It was a good stone- not great- but good and reliable. He hummed. It was neither good nor bad, simply an acknowledgement of her statement. He was interested to see what she would try to charge him for it. He looked back at his list. “I still need... fireweed, dogwood sap, three salamander lenses if you have them, and ashwaghanda root- or rennet.” He raised an eyebrow at her method of notation, but declined to comment. “Already got reishi...” he mumbled to himself, thinking. “That should be it.” He folded up the list and put it away. “Unless you’ve got dogbane for less than a copper.” Tea was an unexpected offer. “I...” Ainsworth trailed off. The cold had been banished from the shop some time ago and the mage was comfortable in the warmth of the magic lanterns. However, he couldn’t help but sneak a wary glance back at the owl. Had it moved? No, it was just his imagination, but the way its eyes seemed to follow him across the room did nothing to settle his unease. He tore his gaze back to the clerk and gave a thin laugh. “I guess I am,” he said. “A cup of tea would be nice, thank you.” He smiled and stuck his hand out. “Ainsworth. It’s nice to meet you. You run a good business.
  3. AngryCacti

    CoP OOC Chat

    Haha thanks 😁😆 ain’t no tentacle shenanigans happening here
  4. AngryCacti

    General chat thread

    You’ll have to ask the parrot about that
  5. AngryCacti

    General chat thread

    Shize, your fortune is... A Parrot will G I V E you a Ticket to a 1985 screening of STAR WARS.
  6. AngryCacti

    General chat thread

    @Sentient my sympathy for your plight. In your future... I see... A long sleep followed by a bright awakening. Your tenacity will lead to macaroons.
  7. AngryCacti

    General chat thread

    I am lowkey dying so I popped a couple benadryls, chugged three cups of coffee, and haven’t sleapt in about a day. I can seee through Time! come little children and I will tell you your future...! Rin, I see... cardboard in your future.
  8. AngryCacti

    Mr Stark I don't feel so good [Relic Quest]

    Cerin wasn’t prepared for the feeling of her magic being sucked away. Her perception of the world slowly narrowed until she was limited to only her most basic senses. Sound, touch, smell. The greater senses that her necromancy afforded her- dead location, spiritual guidance, her dog- were stripped away. Hades whined again by her feet, a low pitiful sound, and she reached down to scratch behind a protruding vertebrae on the undead dog. I’ll come back for you. She sent the dog to lie behind a tree close by where they opened the initial portal. She felt her command received and knew he had reached the tree before she severed the connection. She would need to conserve the remaining scraps of her power. Nothing left to do but continue forward. The situation didn’t seem to dim the ambitions of the commander; The mission would continue, albeit under a time constraint. Cerin drew a knife from a pouch at her side. It was a simple affair, short and plainly forged of common metal, but it was sharp. She felt Mercury’s hand at her arm. “If I run into a tree, I’m never giving you a snack again.” She warned. The energy of the soul stone flickered on the edge of Cerin’s radar as they retreated from the encounter, following Lilith. The young necromancer felt a vine wrap around her leg. Cerin didn’t hesitate to slice through the tendril. It snapped free with a sickening squelch. The next one came snapping towards her arm and met a similarly punctured fate. She had heard too many raunchy tales of a dryadic encounter to put up with this shit.
  9. AngryCacti

    General chat thread

    Saaame. Consider my interest piqued. I’m putting in a vote for oldie in disguise but who knows. Sorry Rin, it’s too late. You’ve already been watched
  10. AngryCacti

    General chat thread

    I am fully invested at this point. This kind of stuff is right up my alley. Honestly the level of effort put into it is impressive.
  11. AngryCacti

    Mr Stark I don't feel so good [Relic Quest]

    When the portal opened, Cerin lagged behind the initial push, leaving the designated paragons to breach the unknown first before following them through and emerging into a battle. Already, the marsh air was filled with the clamor of conflict. Hades barked in alarm. A motion by her side and Mercury tore into the swamp beast that had reared up in front of them. Cerin swore in surprise and threw her arms up in defense. In response, the ground heaved and a spot beneath the vines turned foul with the stench of rotting swamp debris that clawed its way to the surface. It clutched the base of the creature and held it still for another attack before it pulled lifeless vines and organic material into the mound. She recognized this as the same ability that she had summoned in panic on the quest for Mori. However, this time it came quickly and instinctively. She was enjoying her new power. Cerin planted herself in the mud and focused, drawing the control out of instinct and into conscious thought. The mass shifted as she wrapped her mind around the energy. It suddenly split off in diverging directions, shooting along the ground wherever Cerin could perceive combat. It would grab at the feet and bases of enemies, slowing and constricting their movements, while leaving allies relatively untouched. Where it touched dead matter, the mass absorbed the organic bits. Something roared not far away and Mercury was yelling about something coming. Hades changed from a bark to a low whine. All of a sudden, the control slipped from Cerin and the mass collapsed back into the ground. Try as she might, she couldn’t take hold of it again. The cult’s power seemed to have left her. Fear grabbed hold of the necromancer. “What the hell is happening?” She yelled over the commotion.
  12. AngryCacti

    [Silver Harbor] Iron Queen

    Tana listened impassively to Avarice’s speech, moving only to tip her hand in a casual salute when he referred to their agreement. The four goals he presented were a good foundation for a plan. Silence the guns, destroy the backup, retrieve the log book, and sink the ship. She appreciated the simplicity. Personally, she would have rather slit the throats of the crew while they were sleeping, but this approach worked too. She could tell he was being less than transparent with the group. It was subtle, but there was something in the way a few details never lined up or in the way he spoke that tipped her off. Tana didn’t care. In a meeting like this, it was expected that some truth would get left out. Besides, she herself had not been truthful with him. She made no reaction at the mention of smugglers except for a slow, lazy blink. This was not the first she had heard this information nor was it the first time she had heard of the Iron Queen. Any smuggler wishing to operate through the port did business with the Iron Queen’s captain at some time in their career. And thus the reason behind Tana’s involvement. It does not pay well to compete with the leading trust in the smuggling business. Tana’s boss had made her position on working beneath the Iron Queen crystal clear. The thief had paid little attention to the lecture- something about a “power vacuum“ and “good riddance”- so much of the politics fell on apathetic ears. She took what she needed to know to complete the job and moved on. Now, seeing the objectives of the group laid bare, Tana took interest at the mention of the log book. There was scant detail, but her employers had been emphatic about Tana’s retrieval and/or destruction of certain documents kept aboard the ship. The log book sounded like a good place to start. Of course, she would give the book to Avarice. Most of the book. Out of the corner of her eye, the thief caught a glimpse of the wine woman smiling at her. She had introduced herself a Tara. It was a tragically common name to fit the woman’s tragically common face. Her interest in Tana’s entrance had not gone unnoticed. While a glance and smile from a girl usually meant good things for Tana, the smug, knowing undertones of this grin caused her to rethink her earlier assessment of the alcoholic. Dangerous? Yes. Wise enough to keep to herself? Apparently not. She turned her head to meet Tara’s glance with eyes that remained sharp and cold. Tana didn’t much care if Tara knew too much, but if she was foolish enough to think that it would be funny or advantageous to use said knowledge to interfere with Tana’s goals... There would be problems. Problems that could be easily resolved with a sharp enough knife. The glance lasted only a fraction of a second before Tana schooled her countenance into a playful smirk and blew a silent kiss to Tara. The rest of the speech passed without incident. The dhampir took care of the Red Venom problem and Tana waited for Miss Pirate Mysterioso to finish stating the obvious. Tana slouched in her chair, running a finger along the grain line of the back. These people weren’t idiots. She might even deign to call some of them intelligent. “I have no objection to any plan so far,” she started in her usual drawl. “Now if- Tara, was it?- can actually stand on the claims she served us, then by all means, let her take out the defenses alone. However,” She paused and swept a glance across the meeting, “Two heads are better than one, especially pretty little heads like ours. We take out the cannons in twice the time and get an extra person on board in case anything drastic happens.” It was a courtesy suggestion. Agreed or not, Tana would be on board that ship. She preferred not to have to fight two parties. “If there’s someone else who’s good at not being seen, a third person would be beneficial as well.” She glanced at the other woman in the room. “If not, we’ll need a diversion at some point.”
  13. AngryCacti

    Recruiting: Raid on the Iron Queen

    Yep. It’s gonna be posted later today. There was a lot of stuff to react to. Thank u for the reminder tho. So much for getting this post out in a timely manner 😅
  14. AngryCacti

    Mr Stark I don't feel so good [Relic Quest]

    Power surged through the necromancer’s body. Her blood became molten electricity that raced through her veins in tempo with the wild drumming of her heart. It was unlike anything she had felt before. Energy coursed through her, slipping into the marrow of her being. It coated her bones in a foreign influence and swirled through her head, threatening to rise and swallow her mind in the tide. It wormed its way into her soul and when Cerin was on the brink of wavering, of crying out, of breaking free and abandoning this venture, it unlocked something and the tide receded as her own power bloomed. It was over as soon as it started and Lilith released Cerin’s hand. The younger necromancer swayed in place, head spinning. She was light yet heavy, weak and yet more powerful than she had ever been. The back of her neck felt raw and burnt and she gingerly reached up to feel beneath her tangled mess of hair. To her surprise, her fingers traced a crescent moon of raised scar-like skin, small enough to fit beneath her palm, that sat at the nape of her neck. Still marveling, the new paragon coaxed her skeletal dog to its feet and wrapped the leash around her hand. There would be time to explore her new power later. The conversation had moved to the topic of departure and it seemed the general group, which grew larger by the minute, was ready to go.
  15. AngryCacti

    Whimsical Wonderful Wandering Wares

    “Ginseng?” Ainsworth asked as he stripped off his gloves and tucked them into a pocket as the room warmed. He nodded in recognition. “I never would’ve been guessed. Makes sense though. Thank you.” He followed her to the shelf and waited for the witch to retrieve the wares, fingers absentmindedly playing with a loose thread. The owl perched overhead caught his attention. Its predatory eyes, combined with the general feeling of being watched from unsuspecting corners of the shop, sent a shiver of uneasy paranoia down his spine. It contrasted with the feeling of wonderment the rest of the shop brought. While an adversion to eye contact rarely caused any trouble, the feeling of being watched by eyes where there should be none preyed upon his nerves. He was glad for the distraction when the witch brought the box down. Ainsworth pushed up his sleeves and began shifting through the chest of hag stones with a practiced motion, picking through the stones as if he had done it many times before. He looked fast out of consideration for the witch and the heavy box in her arms. Some of the excess jittery energy seemed to drain from the mage as he focused on the task, his fingers suited to spending their energy on feeling for faults in the stones. Most he pushed to the side. For a few, he took them out and held them to the light, turning and examining each face and facet, before dropping them gently back in. He examined one of a trigonal disposition with a single opening a little bigger than the pad of his thumb and large splotch of quartz coloration along one side for some time; he turned it over in his hands and held the hole to his eye to peer through, mimicking the witch’s earlier action; Though, he took care not to look at her through the hole. Beyond simple courtesy, based on his experience in the shop so far and a hunch, it may be best to let some things remain unseen. The shopkeep asked a question in her monotone way of speech while the exchange happened. Not expecting the query, Ainsworth started in surprise and fumbled the hag stone in his hands, loosing the rhythm of his analysis. “I- well, it’s mostly for me,” he said. “The hag stone is for me anyway. There’s a few things I’m looking for that are going to get used and maybe sold if I’m lucky. They’ll get used, that’s for sure.” He gave a small smile and pushed back a strand of escaped hair from his face in a habitual tick. “Oh- and I’ll buy this one,” he said, and held up the triangular stone, apparently satisfied in its appearance. “If I could ask a question,” he said after a moment, “how did you get so many natural witch stones? None of them looked drilled.”