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  1. Tana broke ranks and went to retrieve her knife. It was half sunken in mud and the tip of the blade had a small chip in it. She shook off most of the gunk, wiped the rest off on her pants, and slid the knife back into its sheath with a dull rasp of metal on metal. Her head whipped up when a child's voice echoed through her head. She glared daggers at the Jen but left the matter verbally alone. If she was poking around in people's heads then she would most likely know Tana's opinions on the subject. The thing in the shadows growled again. It was odd; Tana could hear it, she could see what it was doing to the surrounding marsh but she couldn't actually see it. Why couldn't she see it? Whatever the reason was, she wasn't about to let the others find out so she stood her ground and faced the same way everyone else was. She scanned the shadows for any semblance of a solid form while the others yelled about magic and attacking. It was going on for a while so she interjected with an out of place soft and low tone, "I don't care much of how you hit it, only that you do." If no one seriously attacked soon, she would leave and go find the bauble herself. After all, it would be easy. There would be nobody left alive to stop her after whatever they were facing killed them all.
  2. I hope u aren't flying United, Metty.
  3. She let the man slip away after Khari's words and a quick assessment of him. He seemed mostly harmless and besides, if he wasn't, he wouldn't be for very long with the way Lucy was looking at him. How wonderful. Just one more member to add to the volatile mixture of people swirling around in the mud of the marsh. She shortened her estimate there would be one less part member after 24 hours to 12 hours. "My apologies." She said as an afterthought. She didn't mean it. She felt she had been perfectly justified in taking action. The fact was the tension had been building up for a while now. They could all see it. They all knew what would happen when someone snapped. Tana caught herself sinking deeper into the mentality of paranoid calculations, evaluating everyone, seeing alliances rise and fall. It had been a while since she had to think that way and it was exhilarating as it was toxic. The group's attention was split between the newcomer and the impending fight. Whatever it was, it was close. She ignored Shanya's very pointed look and kept her knife out. To fight or flee, that was the question. Tana would rather fight the fight now rather than later at even more of a disadvantage. However, if the group decided to turn coward and run, unlikely as it was, she would not the last to go. A low, rumbling growl assaulted the group. She had no idea what it was and from the sounds of it, neither did anyone else. Tana was no stranger to magic. She herself had witness on many occasions the finer arts of it. But the primal magic that lurks in the shadows and corners of the world was not to be tampered with. She carried no magic herself and if the beast proved to be otherworldly then she would have to, unfortunately, rely on the help of her companions, something she would not bet her life on. Tana wasn't above seeking a bit of danger, but if she were the type to bet, she would not bet on the odds of receiving actual help from the party. The disturbances in the trees had gotten so close to a point where she no longer felt comfortable standing still. "Well then," she simply said and threw a knife towards the shadow. Her arm came up overhead, holding the knife by the blade. In a motion, honed by years of practice she let the knife fly, keeping her arm in line, her weight forward, in near perfect throwing posture. Tana well knew the effects of drugs on the body. After all, she had tried most of them. She exaggerated the effects of the drugs sometimes, especially when she wanted to appear harmless. A little extra wobble to her step, a glazed over look in her eyes, and a dopey smile and matching attitude ensured that nobody took her as seriously as they should. They would dismiss her right up until they had a knife in their back. However, that didn't mean that they didn't effect her. As she threw a knife in the direction of the creature, the world swayed and spun and the hilt of the knife thunked harmlessly, and disappointingly, against a tree trunk. It would still be a few more hours until the effects completely wore off. She would most likely be next to useless in anything involving long range attacks until then. Instead, she simply drew a new knife and readied herself in a low, grounded stance. It was not a proud moment for her and so therefore she said nothing.
  4. Hey! You like dragons? Cool! Welcome to valucre, Lear. It's a great place. And yes, there are dragons.
  5. Okay, but like what if we were all dolphins... or hedgehogs... I could be a hedgehog... or a hedgehog dolphin.... ..... a hedghin
  6. Ladies and gentlemen it has now been 28 0 days since the last rattlesnake encounter. i fucking hate the desert sometimes.
  7. Tana followed the group with few words. The party had grown to a size beyond what she was comfortable with. The wizard had said it would be a six day journey. Tana bet that someone would be dead by the second day. Beyond saying her name and a few words of introduction, she kept quiet. Her smoke curled freely through the now clear circle of air. To any statements aimed at her, she merely nodded her head in acknowledgement. It didn't take them long to get out of town. She didn't think it would. They moved quickly, each in their own way, and before long the city limits faded away. Tana brought up the rear. She couldn't be sure, but she had a feeling at the base of her neck that they were being watched. Occasionally she caught a glimpse of something moving between the shadows. She sucked thoughtfully on her pipe for a moment, turned backwards, pondering what to do before untimely deciding not to say anything. If it was hostile, better that she was the only one aware of it. The marsh rose up out of the ground in the vaguely marshy way that marshes do. The ground softened with rain. Tana soon lost the feeling like anyone was following them. She watched with some amusement as Lucy was forced to cut a trail through the marsh, forcing a neutral face on herself. She journeyed with a band of cutthroats and thieves to make a living and yet, the members of her current party would be enough to give them nightmares. Well, some of them at least. As the buzz from the drugs began to subside, she began to truly appreciate the delicacy of the situation and a small chuckle occasionally escaped her lips, mouth curved into a wry smile, breaking her usually emotionless facade. The fates that brought them together must have been high themselves while making the decision. Amusement to mask the malice, it was an interesting solution. A smile to hide the fangs. Tana caught herself sinking into the ponderous mood that often afflicted her where she thought far too much of simple things. It itched at her. Why this group? Why this prize? Why did something about this expedition seem fundamentally strange? Why was it that only she seemed to understand this? Nothing happened for no reason. And there must be a damn good reason why Tana was wading through murk and muck, following a group of killers into dangerous territory, high on drugs and the thrill of it, looking only for some danger and a bit of coin. She wasn't sure if she was supposed to love her life at this point or to hate it. When the mud got deeper, Tana had first tried to take to the trees. It worked for a while. By using the branches, sliding between trunks, and staying off the ground, she was able to avoid the marsh for a little bit. However, the trees grew slippery with the rainfall and the foliage grew increasingly dense and Tana found herself unable to reasonably navigate through the plant life. She eventually acquiesced to walk on the ground with the rest of the part after ten minutes rather than risk falling. She was now just as miserable and damp as the rest of the part. Before long, she bundled up her cloak and tucked it in her pack. It was only going to slow her down. She could feel the rising tensions of the rest of the group as they traversed the marsh. Too many of the same type of people crammed together acted similarly to a land mine. There were a few that she would have to watch out for if they lost their temper. The child thief and Shanya did not seem like the type to loose themselves easily, she couldn't be sure about the others. Tana kept a very close eye on her knives. They were finely made and well loved. It would be a shame if someone lost a hand trying to take them from her. She wondered if the others guarded their weapons as carefully. Who knows what could happen? Tana ran her fingers over the hilt of a knife strapped to her side. Her pipe had long since stopped smoking, the damp making it impossible to light. It was currently tucked in a grubby pocket. Crash. Something large, perhaps a tree, fell in the distance. Tana froze, seeing Lucy, eyes also open, scanning their surroundings. One. Two. It was getting closer. She crouched and listened. At the third thud, a herald of some unknown entity, she drew a knife from the sheath on her leg and backed up off the path. She melted back into the thick marsh scenery, partly with skill and partly with the help of the mud and dirt that covered her, and waited. A moment passed. A man tripped through the trees and landed in the circle. Two seconds later, he had a knife at his throat. "Well met, stranger." She said quickly in a soft tone that seemed opposing to the situation. Her eyes flicked between the new person and the group and her knife pressed subtly closer to his throat, not cutting the skin, but a hairbreadth away from drawing blood. "I would not move if I were you."
  8. Tana spent the night sharpening her knives so keen that they drew blood at the slightest touch. It was therapeutic to hear the rasping of the wet stone glide over the blade as small clouds of smoke encircled her head like a halo of drugs. It also gave her a great sense of satisfaction to slip her knives into their sheaves, wander downstairs, and watch people from atop the inn banister. When the inn keeper questioned what she was doing, she smiled sweetly, slipped him a few chips, and told him, "Use your imagination." The next day was dreadfully cliche. Rain sheeted down from the low hanging sky and bounced off the heads of anyone trying to navigate the wet streets. A faint glow briefly warmed the underside of Tana's face before an exhaled cloud of smoke made a dreary assent to the clouds above. Her shoes splashed through puddles lining the street and water dripped in a steady stream from the brim of her hood. Sunken eyes peered out from under the cloak, watching the faces of everyone they passed. The wizard in the tavern had not told her she was to be sharing the quest with a steadily increasing party but yet, as the previous night went on, she observed more and more prospective treasure hunters approach the employer. She was able to keep tabs on three of the many, all women, all dangerous. It amused her; they reminded Tana of herself in a strange way. Two stood on a street corner, conversing. One was slim and beautiful, the other was small and wiry. Tana walked silently up to the pair and settled beside Lucy. "Well met, companions." She said quietly and with as little intrusion as possible. She did not offer her hand nor did she come closer than a polite speaking distance. She shook a few errant drops of rain from her pipe and blew out another puff of smoke while observing her new companions. The parallels between all three were staggering. It promised to be an eventful week.
  9. Well, I know I'm getting exited for this! I'll be using my character Tana Wall. Can't wait to see what you're cooking up.
  10. Hey! Welcome. I promise we don't bite (much). It's a good thing you like fantasy and adventure because this place is full of it. You can check out the Getting Started FAQ to get going. Welcome to valucre!
  11. So... What angers a cactus? 

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  12. Okay, but that was like a full page ago. I'm a changed person now.
  13. Hey, this looks like a lot of fun! Is there an open spot? Because I'd love to sign up.
  14. You're all nerds! NERDS!