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  1. I've been messing around with HeroForge for d&d related purposes, but it could also be a pretty nice resource for character art/concepts!
  2. I believe it’s @Venus Sprite‘s turn, but I know we weren’t sticking to a super strict turn order. And I’m good with either keeping the thread or making a new one- whatever’s easier for people!
  3. Sorry, did I accidentally kill the rp? 😂😂
  4. Aight here we go! (In vague order of fantasy to modern.) Let’s hope at least one thing hits your desired aesthetic! An Irish Party In Third Class Kingdom Dance — Tangled Drink Up, There’s More! — The Witcher 3 Teir Abhaile Riu — Celtic Women My Lindsey Stirling Pick The Arena Get Lucky — Flash Mob Jazz Anything from Postmodern Jukebox Bang - AJR Roaring 20s — p!atd I wish I had more but I’m blanking tonight. @Veloci-Rapture stole all my first-pick songs! Lol
  5. "Mnph?" Ainsworth looked up with a mouth full of food as Torie posed a question to the group and Dew grabbed his attention. He wasn't prepared and spent the time it took him to finish chewing to think about his response. "Back to Vdara, you mean?" He scrunched up his face as his face as he did the math in his head. The city was out of his path of travel, but at the rate the weather was changing, he doubted he could make it down to Kethlerin before the roads got snowed over. Snowy roads weren't the worst to travel by, but they were more likely to cause damages to the horse and supplies. Plus, he wasn't carrying enough cold-weather equipment. His gear could keep off the chill, but it wouldn't stand up to a snowstorm. "I don't know... I guess I could," he conceded. "It would be nice to sleep in a bed for a little while and I can technically sell Tug and the rest of my cargo anywhere. Would you be offended if I thought it over tonight and gave you my answer in the morning?' The magician's eyes widened as Kriegstad presented Dew and himself with a fresh deer pelt for warmth. He shot a look of poorly disguised panic at Dew as the dryad foisted the pelt to him. It was a look that said 'Come back! Don't leave this to me, please!' Ainsworth forced a smile on to his face. "Thank you, uh, very much for your... generosity," he said quickly, "but between blankets and a tent, I am very, um, toasty. So as you can see here, I am also not bothered by the cold and therefore Torie, you are welcome to take it." He nodded unconvincingly. Once he was done eating, Ainsworth scraped his plate into the fire and left the circle for a few minutes to pitch his tent and finish the any tasks left to do before the day was over. The "tent" was a waterproof canvas hung on a light a-frame. It was more to keep the snow off than to provide warmth. He set it up far enough away from the fire that it was out of the space of the others, but close enough that some of the light still made its way over. It was a shame. He had hoped to have a few more nights underneath the stars. Once everything was set, he returned to the fire with one of the blankets from his bedroll slung over his shoulder. "I'll be up for a little while," He said. "Let me know if I'm bothering any of you or if you want me to take a shift. Though, from the sound of it, Dew has that covered." He grabbed his cup and enjoyed the warmth of the campfire. The cold night air was starting to nip at his skin. He watched as a few more snowflakes drifted down and shivered. "Hopefully that snow will be light... I guess we'll see what the morning brings."
  6. I am no Shize, but I find that you can get fairly specific moods with different types of LoFi. For example- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DsZAFD5Y0sM If you’re looking for songs, here are my suggestions! (Most “melancholy” songs I know are either my personal brand of music or for writing different characters, so the vibe might not be exactly what you’re looking for, sorry!) Any of this get close to your intended vibe?
  7. @ReachForStars Would you like to post next or shall I?
  8. In my experience, overcooked starts out as a fun, wholesome, team-building experience, then quickly devolves into pure chaos where two people are trying to knock eachother off the edge, one person is setting everything on fire, and the last is spinning around in circles with the fire extinguisher. that might just be my fam tho...
  9. That sounds good to me 🙂
  10. Local magician regrets bad life choices When did Hot Topic sell knives?? Creepy loner joins too many cults “Laws” are really more like guidelines I have revoked your paladin license
  11. It looks good to me! (From my non-participant perspective). There’s some good opportunities there for me to start using the Feathers more. It’s been an absolute pleasure to read along with this thread!
  12. I very recently had the pleasure of watching The Midnight Gospel. It is a weird show (and I mean WEIRD), but there’s something oddly captivating about it. You end up listening to people having philosophical conversations about life and spirituality and death and love in very non-judging ways, all set to a background of awesomely weird animation. Sometimes the story distracts from the interview and vice versa, but overall it’s not a deterrent. A couple of the interviews really stuck with me. I sobbed like a baby during the last episode. I highly recommend if you like that kind of stuff. 10/10
  13. I’m down for either quests or a dinnertime encounter. I guess it depends on how long we want out characters to be traveling together. Quests could give a nice variety.
  14. The best answer to this is from a thread I did a couple of years ago where we destroyed Asheville. It was a group effort (and by that, I mean that my character definitely did not solve the main problem) to figure out why things were weird in the city and to save it from meeting the same fate as other forgotten cities. We solved the problem by destroying an eldritch horror living beneath a church. Turns out that was the wrong problem to solve and Asheville was destroyed epically, our characters lost memories of the events, my paladin character got severed from his religion, and everyone technically became “fateless.” On the bright side, we all got some cool weapon buffs!
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