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  1. Thy Self, Consumed.

    I would like to volunteer Malcom Ahriman for the job. This looks like a lot of fun. I'm definitely interested.
  2. General Chatter [18+] Violence always permitted!

    "When the grandma was asked whether life was worth living, she replied, "it depends on the liver."" -actual quote from a textbook.
  3. The Lost Dragon OOC

    Alright. Sounds good!
  4. Malcom Ahriman

    Follower of the old religion, Malcolm Ahriman seeks justice in a world where fate no longer holds sway over mortal lives. He acts as he believes to be the will of destiny. He caries with him a Doru spear that is engraved with runes and sigils of a forgotten language. Its name is Atropos. Though stoic and taciturn, he is swift to anger and swift to act. Malcom has no tolerance for those who get in his way of restoring order to the world. Name: Malcom Ahriman Physical Age: 43 Hight: 5'11 Weight: 170 Physique: Fit/strong Hair: Black with a grey streak Eyes: Darb brown, almost black Skin: Dark Alignment: Lawful neutral Description Malcom stands tall at 5'11. He has a strong, muscled physique. His skin is dark and scarred. His eyes are such a dark brown that they appear black. His hair is close cropped and marked with a stripe of grey that starts at the temple and curves towards the neck. His face is clean shaven and weathered. Though his physical age is in his early 40s, Malcom's age is very difficult to place visually. He has a timeless look to him that leaves people guessing. He wears black leather armor that's accented with silver. The dark green tunic that sits underneath is padded and embroidered with silver thread around the edges. His belt is inlaid with religious iconography. The bracers of his armor each have a small emerald set into them that act as a center to a swirling silver script that matches some of what is found on Atropos. His pants are black and loose fitting. They gather below the knee where polished, steel toe boots adorn his feet. Abilities Fated Passing: Destiny hangs in a delicate balance that, when disrupted, sends ripples through the dimensions. Malcolm may sense these ripples and if he choose, track them to the epicenter. Combat: He is proficient in hand to hand as well as wielding a spear for close to mid range combat. Atropos: Atropos is Malcolm's spear. It remains a singularity in a moving world. The spear has no destiny, no line of fate to guide it to its target. Touching it gives you a disconcerting feeling as you touch something that both does and doesn't exist. This spear will never break, dull, or become lost to those that wield it. If one is killed by Atropos, they too will feel the effects of the spear's enchantment. Destiny is removed from their soul, effectively trapping them in this plane of existence as ghosts that can be summoned from the spear at times of great need. Malcom is extremely proficient at wielding Atropos as a normal spear and has some control over its magical nature. (Mechanics) The spear functions as a normal weapon at close range. Up to 3 normal melee attacks can be preformed per turn. Up to 4 special attacks may be used per short rest. These special attacks deal extra damage and landing a killing blow with one of these recharges 1 spend attack. It may be thrown 1 time per turn. Once per turn, if thrown, it can be recalled back to the owner's hand, taking the place of another attack. The spear holds 100 charges. Every time an enemy is killed with the spear, a charge is filled. Once per day, the owner may choose to expend the charges to summon the spirits of his past enemies to fight alongside him. Once activated, all spirits will leave the spear and the process of collecting must begin again. At higher levels of experience, the owner can control the amount of spirits released. Each charge represents a specific spirit.
  5. The Lost Dragon

    The first tavern yielded nothing but strange looks. Most establishments of the sort were empty this time of morning. The barkeep listened to them for a short time, promptly responded that he wanted nothing to do with this and kicked the two out. A couple patrons snickered from the corner at their leaving. The second bar they went to brought only mildly better results. An old drunkard in the corner insisted, despite the barmaid's protests, that he knew exactly where this dragon was and for twenty gold he would take them there. He took the twenty gold, bought another drink and passed out on the table. The barmaid kindly handed the money back and apologized. No one else knew anything. They left empty handed yet again. The next two stops were equally as fruitless. If someone did know something about the dragon, it was only through legend or rhyme. The one thing they did gain, however, was the dislike of the bartenders. It was only on the fifth stop, a small bar on a street corner, The Flying Sow, that they found what they were looking for. The door swung upon into another sparsely populated room. A couple loners sat at the bar or in the corners, nursing a drink. The main crowd of the room was a small crew who were playing cards at a table in the center. They looked and smelled fresh off their ship but their energy was undaunted. There were eight of them in total. It seemed they were gambling with their wages from the last voyage. The sleep deprived looking bartender on duty said the same as the last four. As did the two patrons at the bar. Just then one of the sailors shouted at the table. "Bloody Hell, Darius! Shut your fat gob 'bout that fucking dragon for once in your life." Another responded, presumably Darius. "Well it ain't my fucking fault this time innit? They brought it up first." A finger was flung in Arsus' direction as the conversation heated up. The card game continued as if nothing was happening. An ace was thrown down and two sailors groaned and threw down their hands in loss. The sailor, Darius, was still standing and beckoned the two over to the table. Ainsworth followed a few steps behind Arsus. The two sailors were still arguing and any one of them looked big enough to pull his arm off with their bare hands. To his surprise, he recognized the card game. "Right, you two," Darius began. "Mate, shut up and play-" The dealer interjected. "Alright I'll play your bloody cards, Jack!" He threw in a few coins, took a card and leaned in to the two travelers. He seemed to relish telling the story to fresh ears and as he talked he pulled down his sleeve to reveal a long jagged scar. "I hears you're looking for a dragon. As it just so happens, I've seen this mythical beast firsthand. One of its minions gave me this here scar. Me arm ain't ever been the same since that draconic bitch nearly killed me-" "Aw quit your whining, it was a scratch." "You didn't see what I did, Sig," he snapped back at the laughing man beside him. "We've never seen so many Nagas in one place. The bleedin' worms were decked out in armor. Golden Armor. They were fearsome buggers. I was lucky to escape with me life!" The round ended with a disappointed groan as who seemed to be the reigning champion raked in a pile of coins. The bartender reluctantly brought over another round of drinks while the cards were shuffled again. One of the drunk patrons from the bar staggered outside, evidently put off their drink. Darius slid cards over to the two of them as the hand was dealt. "You play?" Ainsworth started to protest. He wasn't looking forward to the prospect of loosing all his money to some drunk sailors in a bar. But by the time he got words out, the round had already started. He sighed and looked at his cards. Nothing special but nothing bad. Darius continued. Forget relish, this man thrived on telling stories. "They were all guarding this statue, mind you. You got a funny feeling lookin' at it, if you know what I mean. Fucking odd. But I bet you anything that they were paying tribute to some massive dragon queen. Bet it'd eat their scaly arses and their hellspawn if they didn't. And that's when they attacked. It was only a miracle of god I survived." Ainsworth was limited to smiling and nodding at this point in the conversation. He didn't want to look away for fear of being rude. The hand was coming to their side of the table though, so he quickly turned to Arsus to try to gauge the other's reaction. The information sounded promising to him. And if it was truth then things were looking up.
  6. The Lost Dragon OOC

  7. Please help me by making my life miserable

    Hello, my name is Mack and I'm auditioning for the role of "Arch Nemesis." *clears throat and laughs maniacally* Was that good? But seriously, this looks like a lot of fun. I don't have an arch villain character at the moment but that means we can make one specifically to oppose yours at every turn. Even though I don't have as much experience as some other people, I know my way around the forums and I would be happy to pass on knowledge. I hope you consider me for filling the position of Nemisis. Plus, I can do terrific evil laughs. My agent eagerly awaits your callback.
  8. Hey...

    Hey, fellow lurker! Welcome to valucre. I hope you have fun and get to jump into all sorts of things here. The Tavern of Legend is a great place to start if you don't want to jump into the watercooler. Also, it's fairly simple to edit on mobile. Hit the pencil button on the top of ur profile and it should let you edit everything. Feel free to send me a pm if you have any questions. Welcome to Valucre!
  9. General Chatter [18+] Violence always permitted!

    The answer... to life... the universe... and everything.
  10. General Chatter [18+] Violence always permitted!

    1.) no, because deodorant does produce that effect. That would be antiperspirant. 2.) Yes. That is common knowledge. 3.) Yes. Don't ask why. 4.) It was cramped and smelled of cheese. 5.) It was jealous of its stripes caused by oxidation. 6.) 42 7.) Yes. Because they are butrowing creatures, the gnomes would retreat to their dens or "gnome holes" to shelter the weather. They will resurface in abundance later to eat the worms that have risen to the surface. 8.) 42 12.) You would look dashingly eccentric in every way. 17.) I was lovingly crafting a handwritten letter to my dear love Delilah who lives far away in New Cork City where she dreams of being an actress on the big Cork. I sealed the letter with a kiss and tied it to the leg of my feral aunt Belinda to carry it across the country to my soulmate. 18,) neither, it is a way of life. 21.) The answer is 42 but no one truly knows what the question was because the greatest computer in the universe was blown up five minutes before it could finish calculating. 22.) .... six... duh. 23.(..... no. 24.) I answer for the glory of my true love Delilah for whom I line always. Belinda has returned with a letter marked with the blood of Belinda's casserole. It reads, "Oh god help me this woman is eating my face in going to die someone call nine one aaaaaagh." Oh my dear sweet Delilah, I treasure the memory of your plump elbows and wrinkled smile. I long to see your cross eyes once more. 'Till we meet again Delilah, adieu.
  11. Hi, I couldn't come up with a clever title

    Hi! Welcome to valucre! Everyone is super nice here. And all characters are welcome. Seriously, there's probably a place for anyone in the world of valucre. Congrats, you have now entered the nerd zone. 😁
  12. General Chatter [18+] Violence always permitted!

    That pun was good qualitea. Let me give it a chai.
  13. The Company For The Transportation Of Valuable Goods

    Operations:(tba when quests are taken) — Ongoing: — Completed: — Abandoned: