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  1. My hope for this venture plummets each second Katana takes to draw his sword. Why would anyone carry a blade on their back, anyways? It seemed very impractical. I let Sophie do most of the talking as we approach the dome. The smell of dirt and foliage hits me in the entrance of the dome. I start walking down the stone path and look for anything out of place. Despite knowing that it was a fugitive gesture, I keep the hairpin in my hand, just in case.
  2. “Christ, we’re multiplying.” I started as Sophie pulled a pin from the stranger’s hair and waved it in my face. Well, she wanted weapons. I take the long pin gingerly, unsure of how I would even use it should the need arise. “Thanks,” I say. My attention to the conversation lessons as I notice the growling and the flickers of movement moving throughout the trees. I take a step forward, putting myself at Sophie’s side and closer to the tree line while she grills the new Jack. I was beginning to see a pattern in this hellscape- Poke your nose into one place for too long and it’s liable to get cut off. Only, in this situation, it wouldn’t just be a nose that gets mauled if we didn’t hurry. I put a hand on Sophie’s arm. I could tell she was getting nervous. We both were. “Listen,” I direct my words at Jack- Kantana- whoever he was, “thank you for the warning, but either help us or give her your sword. The magic compass of doom is pointing at the dome, and that’s where we need to go.”
  3. I snort at her comments, imagining a scenario where she threw psychedelic, baby-shaped, smoke bombs at people. After a second, I glance down at compass in her hand. I’m amazed to see the needle standing still. “I guess we’re going on a hike.” I start down the trail towards the dome:
  4. Seeing that the only path led to the dome and that there was nothing of interest in the garden’s decor, I turned around and walked back to Sophie. There’s some sort of activity in the pond and I quicken my stride. “Careful,” I warn, but the orb is already open. It seemed like everything we found only led to more questions.
  5. Pizza rolls? I’m in! You have my axe.
  6. *banging pots and pans together* Alright, y’all, come on now! You heard the boss! Wake up!
  7. “Woah.” I walk inside the new dimension and marvel at our surroundings. “No kidding,” I respond. Sophie was busy looking in the pond, so I take a better look around the garden. I stay clear of the figures- better safe than sorry, though I was grateful for the apparent respite- and wander a little ways down the paths. I look to see if any of the sculptures or decorations matched with anything I saw earlier today.
  8. “Damn.” I whistle slowly in admiration. The room was a different type of disconcerting, but a least there wasn’t anything trying to kill us. “Some party. I feel underdressed.” Carefully moving around the deactivated robot people, I try to open the door.
  9. Tana caught the blur of motion in her peripheral as Khada rushed behind the three-armed mutant. She faltered in her charge as the kobold swung on top of the mutant by way of a few cleverly placed daggers. The mutant reared and swung his arm back, trying to swat the the thief away. If there were time, Tana would have whistled. The little guy had guts, she’d give him that. Tana took the chance and hurled a dagger at the mutant. The blade had barely left her fingertips before she came whirling forward, vaulting over a crate in a flash of steel and and fury. The dagger struck the mutant in the lower chest. Like Khada’s knives, it was too shallow to do any real damage, but it opened the door for the roundhouse kick Tana threw at his chin. The mutant dodged. Tana’s momentum carried her around, a fresh knife already in her left hand. She slashed a red line across his chest. A flip of the handle and her grip was reversed. She lunged and drove the knife into the mutant’s stomach. The mutant cursed something in his language and brought a meaty fist down to crush her. Tana faded away, too tired to counter. Her usual dance was turning into something messier. Her movents were brutal and held a stark contrast to the efficient style she fought with earlier. Adrenaline pushed her limbs past their usual limitations and rage burned away the cold strategy in the pit of her chest. She knew the feeling well- it was the same caged ferocity that she fell back upon time and time again when all the fancy techniques didn’t fix the situation immediately. Sure, the bosses had tried to train it out of her. Hamlin called it “barbaric” and the weapons master, Quintia, called it “sloppy,” but it was the reason they hired her in the first place. She hit hard, hit fast, and didn’t stay down. She had no respect for those who learned to fight from a book. Khada seemed a decent sort. While she hadn’t gotten a good look at his fight, she saw the incapacitated gangsters as she hopped away from another swing of a meaty fist. It was sloppy to leave them alive... but they had bigger problems. The three-armed mutant swung at her again. Tana narrowly sidestepped the blow. “Do something while you’re up there, dammit!” She yelled at Khada. She had two knives left out of her seven. If she could get another opening, they could finish this. She couldn’t care less if he got pummeled, but she would loose her only (tentative) ally should the situation arise.
  10. A magic sword that grows when the user gets excited ; )
  11. “RP-... nevermind.” My head was starting to hurt. I stop examining the statue with the candle to answer. “What would you even do with a club? If we’re wishing for something more helpful, I’d ask for a tank. Or a map.” I shake my head vehemently. “No, nope, definitely not.” I cross my arms and shoot a wary glance back at the shop. “We know what’s going on in the cathedral. I don’t want to know what going on in the butchers. That place is bad news. Also, I’d be careful of any meat you find around here.” I put the items back with the statues. It would be hard to carry all of them and we could come back later if we found something. “The clock tower sounds like a good plan. It can’t be worse than anything else here...”
  12. “Yeah.” I lift the cup from the woman’s hands and look inside, the smell hitting instantly. Did we ever get hungry in this place? I look at the liquid. “This would probably be a bad idea to drink, right?” I say half to myself. I move over to inspect the woman with the candle. “You think they’re important?” I look back at Sophie and gesture and the group of statutes. “All of this? You were inside the cathedral, right? Did you see anything that looked suspiciously like a star shaped keyhole?”
  13. I stop my examination of the pocket watch to look apprehensively over my shoulder at the fountain, Sophie’s question fresh in my mind. “God, I hope not,” I said. “Four o’clock, same as the clock tower.” I respond. I consider pocketing the watch, remember the comment about Dracula, and put the watch back in the boy’s hands. “What’s the lantern like?” I motion to her statue as I move on to the next figure. “Is there anything in it?” I investigate the statue of the woman with the cup.
  14. I nod. “Sounds like a good idea,” I said. “I didn’t look too hard the first time I was there.” I look down at the needle, but it was already spinning again. A magic compass sounded about as likely as anything else in this place. “Maybe? It paused when we were in the fake lands and pointed back there,“ I gesture in the direction of the cathedral, “but if it’s “magic,” then it’s doing a crap job. I ain’t going back in that building.” In the familiar courtyard again, I crossed to inspect the statue of the boy with the watch. I remove the pocket watch and check the time.
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