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  1. Anything scary? That’s a hard question. I relate to you because my brain goes blank too whenever I try to think of specific stories. I can remember moments of pure terror and dread, but I can’t tell you exactly what I saw. Of course, that might just be my anxious brain being quirky. HOWEVER, I do have some stories. (Mostly just drunk people being stupid and the odd freaky passerby.) Here’s a weird one. When I was a kid, I used to live right next to the desert. There was our house, our backyard, and then a 40-50 ft drop into a wash. Now, if you’ve ever lived by a wash before, you’d know that it’s a bit like an wildlife highway. We’d get a lot of strange animals, but I stg the weirdest ones there were the javelinas. One day, wee bitty me and my mom were out walking the dogs and we came across a pack of 5 or 6 javelinas. They had babies with them (which usually makes them super aggressive), but they seemed just as surprised as we were. We start backing out of there until we notice the eyes. They were watching from the bushes. There were more than I could count. It was like we had walked into a javelina ambush. But for the weirdest fucking reason, even tho our dogs were going crazy, even tho they had babies, even tho we were on their turf, they didn’t do anything. They just watched us. My mom didn’t break eye contact with them as she handed me the dog’s leashes and told me to get home as fast as I could. I turned tail and ran back- fell a few times- while dragging our poor dogs with me. The whole time I feel like I’m being watched. 10 minutes later my mom comes sauntering home, cool as a cucumber, and tells us not worry and that everything has been taken care of. I never did see any more javelinas hanging around that spot. Idk it’s not exactly an exciting story, but it’s one that has a couple of missing pieces that I still think about. That memory has always felt weird. “Supernatural” stories, though... I personally don’t have too many scary ones. There were the “coyotes” that sounded a bit too human. There was the one house where the back door wouldn’t stay locked and the basement ceiling creaked weirdly at night. Hiking through the desert at 3am and realizing that that thing wasn’t a bird and walking a little faster. The abandoned swing set at the end of the wash where the ground was always wet even in the middle of summer. The Deer. There’s a lot of weird and unsettling things if you know where to look, but nothing super scary. Don’t mess with the things and they won’t mess with you.
  2. Oh jeez. What did we tell yall about selling your souls to malicious AI?? Y’all need to sit right down and think about what you’re doing! Hold tight a minute, I’ll come pick you up.
  3. Why is the alien and the evil AI trying to take over fracture through a “democratic” election?? Are all you Fracture people doing okay? Blink twice if you’re in distress.
  4. Well, all of the character sheets live in the User Lore section, so you can always use the search function to find them. Different people have different ways of keeping their sheets together. You can keep a central post with all of the links, keep links in a banner or on your profile, or save your character sheets off-site. It’s all up to personal preference and what you find easiest.
  5. One precarious climb down to the central deck, a very confused crewman, and several explosions later, Cerin disembarked from the airship fleet and set foot on Nede. Her ship was part of the second wave of disembarking vessels. Paragons of various generations filed between land and ship, carrying weapons and supplies. She had hardly gotten her bearings before shit hit the fan. A voice over a speaker, calling for the commander. Weaponry and explosions. The sounds of airships leaping into the sky once more, engines burning the air behind them. Enormous amounts of necromantic energy. In an instant, the area was filled with the chaos of war. The young necromancer could already feel the casualties as the ground shook. With a wave of her hand, her attention split and connected to three new bodies. The new undead abandoned their resting places of ship’s guns and impact craters to join their new master. Under her command, their bones shifted and rearranged themselves in gruesome configurations until the circumstances of their deaths no longer impacted their movement. They were each armed with various levels of technology and armament. One was even a second generation paragon, though it hadn’t saved him from a large piece of shrapnel through the brain. They would be adequate tools. Their awareness splintered into Cerin’s own, giving her a greater sense of the battlefield. It didn’t take Cerin long to join up with the rest of the paragons. For now, it seemed they were to continue their campaign into the lands of Nede.
  6. Sorry for the wait! My brain is being a tad uncooperative as of late. I’ll try to get something short wrangled out tonight. Thanks for the reminder!
  7. Thanks for the ping, but unfortunately I don’t think I’ll be participating in this, sorry! I’m at my thread limit rn (and struggling to keep up with the ones I AM in lol). Besides, in character, Cerin leans a little too neutral to participate in potential world-ending shenanigans. Unless she’s forced, she’s more likely to lay low while paragons are being targeted. Good luck!
  8. “Thank you.” I take the compass from Sophie. It feels strange to have it back in my hands. I jump at the church bells. However, despite the creepy procession, it didn’t seem like there was any danger. I stayed with Sophie as the uselessness pass us. I pick up the packet of angel meat once they are gone. “Wish me luck. I’ll see you soon. Stay safe.” With that, I enter the cathedral.
  9. Hm. Your cacti needs angry eyebrows. It looks too pleased. 

    1. AngryCacti


      You know, that is an excellent point. I shall remedy that at once!

    2. AngryCacti


      The deed has been done.

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  10. No worries, friend! You have escaped my wrath... for now 😁
  11. May I request to be skipped this round? I’ll be back to regular timely posting in the next round!
  12. AngryCacti

    Easy meals

    May I recommend my technically-a-taco recipe? Brown some ground meat of your choice and mix with spice. (Either from a packet or a combination of Chili power, garlic powder, paprika, cumin, salt, pepper, and some onion if u wanna get fancy) Get some shredded cheese + salsa. Guacamole is optional, but I’ve got a killer recipe for it that I stole from a local restaurant: chopped red onion diced tomato jalepeños (as much as you want) cilantro (not too much) lime juice salt + pepper Avacados (slice each half into chunks while IN the peel thingy then scoop out in order to get chunky guac. A good ratio of avocado to other stuff is important) pomegranate seeds (trust me. Add last so they don’t get everything soggy.) the whole thing takes maybe 30 mins and it’s a good meal
  13. This is the semi-obligatory statement of “sorry that I haven’t responded to anyone in a while, but I plan to get responses out soon!” If anyone checks here, thank you for your patience! 

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