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  1. Whose Line? Weekly RP Challenge!

    If it was my turn to post anything I would 100% do this!
  2. Would your characters be friends with you?

    All of the Ainsworth siblings except for Lu are yes. Everyone in Hamlin's company would either be uninterested or try to mug me. Tana would kick my ass... so, no.
  3. Feeling staring/a presence constantly

    I mean, if you're not crazy... can I take this as proof that ghosts exist? Or maybe vampires... do you know someone who has a tendency to shapeshift into small insects that can be on a wall?
  4. Intro

    Well it's a good thing you like fantasy, 'cause you're in for a lot of that! Hi, Ira, I'm Mack. Welcome to valucre! Drop me a message if you want to rp sometime. You'll have fun here. Everyone is really nice and open.
  5. In my defense, I think it works with either one.
  6. Hello! It's nice to see a new face. Welcome to valucre!

  7. DOLPHINS TEAR THE HEAD OFF FISH AND JACK OFF IN THE DECAPITATED BODIES WTF!!?? How did I not know this until now? Holy shit! I knew those ocean sausages were evil!
  8. Wanders into Town

    Hey, welcome back! We haven't met so hi, I'm Mack. Nice to meet you! The water cooler has new things and quests are always available if you want to get involved with that.
  9. The Lost Dragon OOC

    No worries, just sending a reminder. I feel you on that school aspect tho 😪 Have fun
  10. The Lost Dragon OOC

    @J. A. Horton poke. We're almost 2/3rds through!
  11. Stabby Mcstabface the happy stoner would very much appreciate some more drugs.
  12. There's a "Pot Club" billboard along my commute route. I carpool. Long story short, nobody wants to ride with me anymore because apparently screeching "POT CLUB!" very loudly whenever I see it is not appropriate behavior...
  13. Lyric Talk -- Literally

    I thought I saw the devilThis morningLooking in the mirror, drop of rum on my tongueWith the warningTo help me see myself clearerI never meant to start a fireI never meant to make you bleedI'll be a better man today