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  1. I feel you, man. My fallout game is starting to look like Thomas the tank engine repopulated the earth with Godzilla...
  2. Tell me, good fellow, do you by any chance know what a Jedi's favorite desert is? I belive it is an Obi wan Cannoli.
  3. I just went to the renaissance festival this weekend and had a blast! Seriously the best part of my year.
  4. Whats the hardest part about throwing a party in space? You have to PLANET! ... I'll just go.
  5. I would like to confess that I ate an entire packet of pretzel crisps for my lunch today. I have many regrets.
  6. Plants and A.I.s Anaya, a biochemist from the mainland, arrives in Outpost grey and takes two assignments: collecting plant samples and taking a new A.I. out for a test run. She treks to the base of the Okimon bluffs and collects a sample of Zeta, a glowing fungus who's spores retain their luminescence even after they've left the fungus. After that she skirted the edge of the Shididark basin, looking for Fugkoff grass. Along the way, she kept seeing small groups of dark grey birds that shared traits of both owls and crows. Anaya also found a snail species she dubbed "spark snails" for their ability to produce an electric shock when touched. Finally, she collected the requested samples of Fugkoff grass and made her way back to the outpost. She delivered the plant samples to the research lab and returned MIIA to the tech division. She then received a message from the mainland, alerting her that she should take the next boat off Biazo. Quest opportunities: -Find and identify the species of birds that live at the edge of the Shididark basin. -Collect data and transport a sparksnail back to the outpost to be studied. -Find more plants!
  7. Tana Wall: is small, quick and deadly. However, she is a human and primarily fights melee. A skilled user of a ranged weapon or magic could take her down. Hamlin Tompton: (a current WIP) is a practiced mage. Long range is her specialty. She is slow and wears no armor so your best bet is to get in close and use a large amount of force. Gyvyn Ainsworth: is the squishiest little human coward you will ever meet. 9 out of 10 times, he will run at the sight of danger. Basically, anything could take him down. Don't fight him. You will definitely win.
  8. The secret language of the emojis, much like Latin, has been lost to time. Only a few remember the ancient ways of our past.
  9. And ladies and gentlemen, March is here at last! You know what that means! RRRRRATTLESNAKES!!! Give it up for the reptilian menace, the bane of small dogs, the desert noodle! I've seen two by my home today and I'm not pleased.
  10. AAAGHHHHHH!! It's a wild newbie! Everyone run in terror! Hi. Welcome to valucre.
  11. "Before you criticize a man, walk a mile in his shoes. That way, when you do criticize him, you'll be a mile away and have his shoes." -Steve Martin
  12. Hey. Torturing characters, ooc chatter, new ideas??! Are you sure you aren't my secret soulmate? I'm totally down for this. I don't think I have any characters that would fit the roles you're talking about but I'd be happy to make some.
  13. it all depends on the body. It's elementary my dear Watson.
  14. Or bodies... Captain America that shit.