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  1. AngryCacti

    Lyric Talk -- Literally 2.0

    So don't misunderstand me You put the light in my life You put the sparks to the flame I've got your heart in my sights Nobody knows it When I was down I was your clown Nobody knows it, nobody knows it But right from the start I gave you my heart I gave you my heart
  2. AngryCacti

    Old Wounds (Artifact)

    Cerin hummed and said, “Thank goodness for that.” She managed to keep her words amiable (it was the performance of the century) despite her mounting urge to slap the vampire. There was nothing to gain by antagonizing the strange pair. In fact, she had so many questions that she was bursting to ask that it would be criminal to throw away the opportunity to ask them. Instead, she said, “If you want to kill something, I can give you a few corpses to have some fun with. I’m not sure if you’d like the taste, but I’ve found they’re surprisingly quick.” It wouldn’t be a bad idea to keep the vampire entertained. “Just an offer, of course. For the future.” Hades brushed against her leg and she reached down and took the rope from his mouth once more. This time she made sure to wind it securely around her wrist. She absentmindedly reached down to rub behind the dog’s ears. He wasn’t alive, not like a true resurrection, but there was still some instinct left in the husk that made his tail wag of its own volition at the contact. She had been in the mountains for just a few days, but already she had heard enough stories about the labyrinth and the surrounding peaks to know what she was getting into. Cerin wondered if there would be any spirits still within the walls of the maze or if the three lords would have driven them all off. The wind was biting at her exposed face as she waited for their party to move so she wound her scarf around her her head once more while the map was handed off.
  3. AngryCacti

    Do you podcast?

    Well, If you’re looking for comedy, I’d check out anything by the McElroy brothers. Their podcast “mybrothermybrotherandme” is delightfully silly. They also have a very narrative d&d podcast called “The adventure zone.” If you’re looking for something with more discussion and in a typical podcast style, I suggest “Bunker Buddies.” The hosts are both apocalypse preppers and comedians. There’s a lot of discussion about new technology, surviving various apocalypses, and the hosts try and review apocalypse survival tools/products. And then, my all time favorite: Welcome to NightVale. If you’re looking for a serialized story with many short episodes, this is for you. If you like weird, surrealist storytelling, this is for you. If you like a diverse cast, this is for you. It has been described as “if Stephen King and Neil Gaiman made a game of Sims and left it running for 20 years” This article does a better job of pitching it than I do.
  4. AngryCacti

    General chat thread

    I wish you the best of luck, my dude. Hopefully the altitude won’t bother them too much and you can get everyone through the airport in one piece. I know flying with younguns can be challenging.
  5. AngryCacti

    Old Wounds (Artifact)

    "COME THIS WAY! WE'RE GETTING A SUPER COOL ARMBAND! COME WITH US!" Cerin flinched as the vampire screamed in her face. Even though she couldn’t see Mercury she could imagine well enough the certain Backpfeifengesicht that such a grating voice was indicative of. Before she could even respond, Mercury grabbed her arm and yanked her away. She lost her grip on Hades’ leash and stumbled forward, kicking up fresh powder.The dog trotted after them with the rope in his mouth. She heard the ghost muttering over the cliff’s winds as she was pulled away and hoped that the remains would be enough to satisfy him. She doubted the pair would suddenly attack her now but it would be prudent to leave now before the vampire wanted a taste of her eyeballs. On the other hand... Cerin had never met beings like this before. Sure, one was a violent murderess with the temperament of a sociopathic child on a sugar high while the other was something new altogether, but at least they were civil. She may never get a chance like this again. “Surely you don’t mean to look for a single armband in the middle of the labyrinth?” Her question came out as a squeak before she regained her balance and her composure. Once righted, she returned to the same guarded tone that yielded her a neutral response. “Consequences be damned and my participation aside, we would be here for weeks if you were lucky. I do hope you have a plan.”
  6. AngryCacti

    To y’all with characters with swords...

    To y’all with characters with swords, It’s generally a good idea to avoid entangling your blade with your opponent’s. Therefor, if you feel the need to parry, either stop moving forward or step back with the action. It’s hard to reposte someone with any force when they have your blade locked with theirs. Sincerely, Me
  7. AngryCacti

    Spinal Chills 2018

    I would like to join. I didn’t realize it was preferable for people to post here.
  8. AngryCacti

    General chat thread

    Can’t say for other people, but we always called it Quick Draw.
  9. AngryCacti

    Old Wounds (Artifact)

    “Did I- Did I die?” “It appears so. I’m sorry for your loss.” “Oh.” Beside a large rock rested a young woman clad in every garment she could find to keep herself warm. The space went quiet again, though the she could still feel the presence of the new ghost. She let him- it sounded like a him- think in peace. Sometimes all a spirit needed was to realize it had died for it to move on. Unfortunately, as the seconds slipped by, his presence remained in her little glade and she knew he would not go quietly into the night. The woman painted a reassuring smile on her face. “What was your name?” She asked. “Thomas.” “My name is Cerin.” She climbed to her feet and brushed the snow off her shoulders. Hades wasn’t too far away, he never was, and as she extended her conciseness and brushed against the cold spark of false life in his soul the large, decaying dog erupted out of a nearby snowbank, shook himself, and trotted over, leaving a small canyon in the otherwise pristine snow. He waited obediently in front of her for Cerin to grab the rope around his neck. “Tell me what happened to you.” As Thomas led her across the slope of the mountain, he told her of a terrifying young woman that killed him and took his head. The story was jumbled and the details were shrouded by death, but he remained inconsolable over the loss of his head. The walk didn’t take long and Hades was able to navigate her quite well through the snowy enviroment. Before long they were waking parallel with the cliffs and it wasn’t long after that that Thomas pulled up short with a hiss. “That’s the bitch that took me head.” The ghost sounded stronger the closer they got to his body. Beings that possessed some necromantic magic would be more than aware of her incorporeal follower, but at this rate, even the average person may notice something supernatural hovering around the woman. Thomas let out a miserable sound. “Oh Lords, my poor head. She’s doing somethin’ awful to my poor head!” Cerin stopped when she was within hearing distance of the two and pulled down the scarf that had been warding her face from the cold to reveal a weathered mess of scars underneath. Thick, gnarled, white scars twisted around the dark and empty pits where her eyes once were. The rest of her face, while young, was weathered and freckled with chapped lips and a freshly healing scab across one cheek. She had an elvish look to her and indeed, as she tucked the loose end of her scarf away, pointed ears peaked out from underneath a rat’s nest of tangled black hair. From where she stood, she could almost taste the signature feeling of undeath that surrounded the two. Her apprehension was matched by a feeling of wonder that only grew as the ghost rushed them forward. She wasn’t aware of any undead in the parts sophisticated enough to take off a man’s head and these two felt different. And, if the ghosts‘ lamentations were any indication, vicious enough to destroy their prey, then her job would not be an easy one. A few words of their conversation drifted back to her and gave her some relief. At least they were intelligent. Hades sat and she held up her hands in a sign of peace and called out to the two strangers. “Hello there,” she said. “I think we could help each other. I’m looking for a head. If you folks have anything left of it, I would be very grateful”
  10. AngryCacti

    General chat thread

    Of course, humans don’t keep hundreds of sharks in their property, corral them into pens via loud noises and intimidation, and don’t have to worry about a shark stampede. So the obvious solution here is to release cows into the ocean and let them become an alpha predator.
  11. AngryCacti

    General chat thread

    I’ve actually heard really good things about that movie. Maybe this year will finally be the year to start appreciating some horror!
  12. AngryCacti

    General chat thread

    Im a horror wimp. I’ll watch some of the classic stuff or if it has a decent story to go along with it, but I don’t like jump scares. No sirree no ghosties for me.
  13. Thank you for the like! ❤️

    1. AngryCacti


       You’re very welcome 🙂 I love the work you’ve done on the bestiary.

  14. Are you interested in doing something with your necromancer? I've got a storyline that might be fun for you if you are 🙂

    1. AngryCacti


      I am extremely interested! What kind of story do you have cooking? I would love to write with you.

    2. Ataraxy


      Awesome! So, I've recently been cooking up an organization called the Cult of Power and we're looking for powerful characters that are seeking even more power (or weak characters that want power/ the strength to stand above those who have wronged them). Right now we're collecting artifacts and really putting the group together, but soon we're going to be embarking on a dangerous journey to Dead Peaks where I'm putting together a bunch of obstacles and twists for the cult to fight against and overcome. As a sneak peak, it involves deep Terrenus lore going back to the time of Zengi and hinges on the abundance of magic currently in the Wastelands 😄

      If you're interested, I can shoot you a PM with the discord group so we can show you the ropes and get you started as part of the team! 

      As a note, your character could either by a Paragon, or a non-Paragon follower. That doesn't mean much, but you'll see what I mean after reading the group lore! 

      If it's not really your cup of tea, I've got other stuff brewing in Ursa Madeum that might suit you 😄 But I hope you can join!

      Here's the cult lore

      And here's Lilith's character sheet if you wanna take a look at what character will be leading the group


    3. AngryCacti


      I read through your lore and I’m intrigued. It sounds right up my alley. I’ve seen your cult before but I always dismissed it because I didn’t know you had a genesaris chapter. I’m really impressed by the size of cult. It’s an in character move for my necromancer, though I’m still undecided on paragon vs non-paragon, and it sounds like it will open up a lot of rp opportunities.

      Count me in, please!

  15. AngryCacti

    To y’all with characters with swords...

    To y’all with characters with swords, It’s always better to have a plan of attack before you start fighting. A moment of analysis or the opportunity to watch your opponent fight can be invaluable. Fights move fast and there’s not a lot of time to think while one is blocking blades. Try to plan ahead for a better chance of success!