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  1. Alken turned in horror as Samuel pulled away from her. Her momentum carried her forward a few more feet, her boots skidding on slick mud as she scrambled to stop, to run, to act. Through the gap in the trees, the eye loomed in the sky above them. “Are you crazy?” She yelled above the roar of the storm. She reached for Samuel again as he raised his arms to the sky. The lightning met Samuel with the power of an unstoppable force against an unmovable object. A blinding flash of light ripped through the forest and the noise of the explosion drowned out everything else. The heat and force threw Alken flat on her back and knocked the air from her chest. As she lay breathless, there was a haze of dancing dots in her vision that didn’t clear with blinking and a high pitched ringing in her ears. The air was thick with smoke and rain. It was acrid in her mouth when she coughed air back into her lungs a moment later. She rose unsteadily. Half her face was metallic- an instinctual attempt to shield herself. She took a few faltering steps forward. “Samuel?” She called, voice hoarse. The smoke obscured her vision. Not again. “Kid?” A low terror settled into her gut. Not again. “Samuel!”
  2. Your hobbies are so cool! Cute things are 100% a hobby 😄 You are automatically awesome for handstitching everything! That takes so much patience, I’m impressed.
  3. I like to draw! I also used to like making/designing costumes, but it got expensive and I’ve lost a lot of motivation to upkeep my hobbies over the last year.
  4. Alken flinched violently as the lightning stuck nearby, her skin instinctively dropping back to its normal flesh tone. A thousand curses ran through her mind as she turned to better hear what Samuel was saying. The combination of rain, wind, and thunder made it almost impossible to hear him. Samuel stoped and Alken pulled short with a confused look. Her eyes followed his outstretched arm up to the clouds. Her blood ran cold. ”Shit! Come on, kid!” Alken grabbed Samuel’s wrist. A shot of adrenaline spurred her forwards, dragging Samuel behind if he was still paralyzed. “Move!” She ran, ducking and weaving between the trees. The ground was slick beneath the tread of her boots and she could only pray that the rough terrain would not be the end of them today. Branches whipped at her skin and left red welts on her arms and face as she headed further into the forest. The stormbringer would have a harder time spotting them under the thick canopy, she hoped. It would have to come after them on the ground, she hoped, the trees would limit its mobility, she hoped. All they had was hope. Alken had never met another test subject who was unlucky enough to end up as prey to the stormbringer’s hunt. This wasn’t a test; it was slaughter. Lightning struck the tree in front of them, exploding a thousand shards of wood through the air. Alken veered left, nearly slipping on the shallow stream of water that was flowing downhill. Behind them, another loud crash drowned out the roll of thunder.
  5. We ain’t cooking anything near as fancy as you, but we’ve got lots of potatoes in the oven!
  6. Tama was surprised Khada took up her offer. She eyed the kobold warily. Was this some sort of trap? Was his plan to lure her into some other building where an ambush of kobolds was just waiting to take her head off? Tana shrugged and tossed aside a folder of farming records she found in a promising looking crate. “Sure,” She said. “But I get to pick the building.” Minutes later, Tana strode out the front door, stepping over the bodies of the unfortunate gangsters. Her hood was up and the rain beat down against the brim. The storm had only worsened in the time they were inside and the sharp wind whipped water droplets through the air with the force of projectiles. The water was ankle deep and rising on the cobbled streets. “Keep up.” Was all she said before she set off into the storm, keeping close to the buildings for cover. When the cracked, whitewashed exterior of fancy-looking central building came into view down the street, the water was halfway up Tana’s shins, forcing her to wade through the street-turned-river. From this distance, it was hard to tell if the building perfectly matched the description given to her, but it was close. A low peal of thunder tumbled through the streets. Lightning flashed and the wind picked up with a sudden ferocity. Within seconds, the water in the street drained away to nothing. Tana staggered against the sudden lack of resistance and turned. At the end of the street where they came from, illuminated by a white hot flash of lightning, a wall of water hung motionless in the air for a fraction of an instant. A waterfall’s worth of water swirled as one giant mass. Then, as suddenly as it formed, the wall broke and a towering wave swept through the street, leaving destruction in its wake. Tana tensed, a curse of alarm on her lips. The flood was upon her before she could take a second step.
  7. Rolling for specific effect
  8. Rolling for Bi’le’ah chaos table
  9. “Alright.” The sky was darkening rapidly as they searched for a cave. When Samuel finally admitted defeat, the wind was whipping through the forest, carrying a cloud of dirt and leaves across the underbrush. The low rumble of thunder rolled and echoed between the trees. Alken looked at Samuel. “Do we even have much of a choice anymore?” She asked. “Storm’s coming on quick. If we can’t find shelter we’re in for a bumpy ride. Let’s keep moving and deal with the storm as it comes. If it’s just rain, we can manage it.” She shouldered her makeshift club and threw another wary glance at the sky. Storms again... those bastards had a real sick sense of humor putting her in this test. “And if it’s not just rain...” she added, “well, I’d rather not stand here and let it catch us. Lets go.” Alken turned her back to the wind and began walking. From a distance, the growing sound of falling rain made itself known.
  10. Wow, you really hopped on the bandwagon.
  11. I begin to form a sputtering protest. I didn’t want to be eaten! I catch Sophie’s look and pause to meet her eyes. This new information about “Love” and “uselessness” and “Fate” and “Apathy” made no sense. Of course, nothing made sense, yet I kept looking for some sense of normality to cling to. I didn’t put too much thought into how Sophie got here. Maybe I should have, but if my choice of companions was between whatever Sophie and Katana were supposed to be or a talking, predatory deer, I would choose my current companions in heartbeat. I shake my head slightly as Fate and the deer give their final answer. “Let’s go back to the courtyard world,” I say softly. “There’s got to be something we missed.” I leave the tree, anxious to put space between me and the deer’s sharp teeth.
  12. To any who might check here because I owe you a reply: I’m gonna get all my responses cranked out over this weekend. [Yada yada school stuff, busy this time of year, work, early final on Friday.] Thanks for the patience 👍

  13. I like my colors! In dark mode, everything kinda just blends together for me : )
  14. I recently had to go over to the dark theme for reasons... how do y’all live like this??
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