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  1. Literally me trying to write
  2. I read a really bad book once where that was the twist at the end. It ended up as an awkward scene where the token female is making out with her (resurrected) love interest who is inhabiting the body of a hot evil henchman after the love interest turned evil, tried to kill everyone as a large pile of slime, died, and then was brought back to life after his backup soul-in-a-mask was put on an unconscious baddie with no memory of the last couple days.
  3. I am talking to a stranger on the internet. Technology is amazing.
  4. I swear, either every thread I'm in updates all at one time or there's two weeks of nothingness between responses. There is no in between.
  5. All I've done is eat desert and watch Netflix for the entire day.
  6. Normally, they stay in the shape of the pan so it looks like a cake made out of sixty of these all stacked up like bricks.
  7. Ask and ye shall receive. It's wnot the most elegant looking pile. It looked nice, I swear, up until my hand slipped getting into onto the plate. Honestly, it's not gonna be around much longer anyways We've already ate seven or eight pieces. Back off, the bourbon's mine. Get yer own.
  8. It's like suspect said. It's a sticky sweet bread that's covered in a brown sugar/cinnamon with raisins and pecans. It's like a cinnamon roll had a baby with a donut hole. It's delicious.
  9. Oh, my friend, you have not lived until you have tried monkey bread. This is the recipe I use. My secret ingredient is to soak the raisins in bourbon for about 2 hours.
  10. Made monkey bread today... there is the literal embodiment of temptation and sin sitting in the kitchen right now.
  11. "Of course- wait!" As Arsus strode ahead through the crowd, Ainsworth was left floundering behind. He started to push after him, trying to keep up. He drew up beside Arsus and opened his mouth to protest when the reality of what had been said hit him like a slap to the forehead. Of course he would be hated for going around with a normal person in this town. "I'm sorry," he mumbled and slowed his pace, giving a distance of about twenty meters between them. It was the necessary price to pay to get service. It felt dirty. Ainsworth followed Arsus across the square. It was a quicker walk than he expected and soon he was stood at the base of a two story, building that loomed over the street, reminiscent of a well fed vulture. It was made of dark brick, tastefully decorated with a vibrant sign, with clean class windows that held products stacked upon shelves for display. It looked like a general goods store. The door was rough oak, the eaves, clay. He saw Arsus sit down on a bench outside. "Aren't you coming in?" He asked, despite already knowing the answer. Arsus didn't move. He steeled himself then raised a hand in a small wave towards the other before pushing open the door and stepping into the cool, shaded interior of Ms. Mayberry's shop. A bell rung somewhere as he stepped inside and the door closed behind him with a pleasant latch. He could hear the humming of something in the background and the general shuffle and noise of a few other patrons moving around the store. The floor creaked under his feet and rows of shelves stood in his way. The air was heavy and warm and weighed on his shoulders like a metaphorical blanket. Of course, this might have also been because he was still wearing his coat. A bag of jerky, a flint and tinder, and a pencil were tucked under his arm as Ainsworth grazed the merchandise. He stopped in front of a display of hats for a moment and contemplated the cost of a couple chips compared to something that would keep the sunburn off. He decided to keep his money. Most of the food would be up front at the counter, possibly guarded by a dragoness of a shopkeeper, so he made his way up front. Outside the window, the morning shadows were shrinking and he could see Arsus sat on a bench. Seeing him sparked a flicker of pity in Ainsworth. "What can I help you with today?" A stern looking woman was at the front counter, sitting behind a brilliantly shining call bell, a lock box, and several jars of miscellaneous snake oil products. Her voice was clipped and polite, with an overwhelming air of professionalism. She was older, not ancient, but the lines of her face were deepening and the discoloration around her temples and cheeks was more prominent that it was perhaps 20 years ago. Some people gain laugh lines as they age. She did not. Frown lines would be the appropriate term. Her hair was once brown, now mostly a ghost grey and white. Her prune-like lips were pursed and her eyes were sunken. This woman wore a pink blouse, tucked at the waist, with a purple skirt that disappeared below the counter. This was Ms. Mayberry. "I was told you sell dry rations?" Asked Ainsworth. "I do." She didn't move. Her face remained in the stonily polite neutral that it had been for the last several minutes. "Stranger, I do not think I have seen you here before." He could feel her eyes raking over him and he suppressed a shudder. This town was strange. He thought he knew strange, but this town brought it to a whole new level. How did these businesses stay in operation while being this hostile? "I'm passing through," he supplied and placed his items on the counter. She picked up the items, scanned them over, then jotted down numbers on a paper pad next to her. "100 chips." "I'm sorry?" "My apologies. I did not realize you were hard of hearing. One hundred chips." "That can't be right..." he trailed off. Never mind, he knew exactly what was happening. "No, look, I have magic. See?" He snapped his fingers, lighting the same spark as he did earlier, letting it waver for a few seconds before blowing it out. "I'm sorry, I don't think I heard your price." Despite her unchanging countenance, the woman picked up the items again, appearing to look them over. "I am... sorry, sir. Forgive me, there must have been a mistake in my accounting." Her face was still sour but she erased a few numbers on her pad, not breaking eye contact. "50 chips." He opened his mouth to protest again, but stopped. The fact that he was benefiting from this made him feel dirty, cowardly. Unfortunately, that's exactly what he was and who was he to complain. The best thing would simply to be to take the deal and leave. There was no point in making things harder for himself. After all, he was still doing a lot better than Arsus. "Alright," he got out and fished the money out of a wallet in a pocket. "Thank you. Is there anything else you are looking to buy?" Her fingernails tapped on the wood counter. Her sunken eyes held hellfire behind them. "A pound of dry food rations." He said. He looked around as she turned to pull things off the shelves behind her. Outside the window, across the street, Arsus was still sitting on his bench and the flicker of pity started gnawing at Ainsworth again. He couldn't help it. He knew he shouldn't. Everybody had it rough, one young man wasn't special. This didn't stop him from turning back to the counter, though, and saying, "Actually, can you make it two pounds? And a canteen or waterskin. Whichever you have." "Seventy chips." He didn't argue, knowing what the answer would be, paid, and left. The door swung open into the street and Ainsworth stepped out into the sun. It was just past noon and the shadows were behind to emerge. He crossed to the bench, holding his armful of supplies. He stopped in front of Arsus and handed over half of the food and the canteen. "There was a sale," he lied. "Buy one get one free. I figured you might need these if you're still planning on traveling." He didn't know why he lied. Maybe it was for Arsus' benefit, making it seem like he wasn't being offered charity. He swung his pack off his back and sat down on the bench next to the outcast. He began stuffing his new supplies inside, tossing out the occasional old ration. He wanted to get everything packed so he could be on the road again, and out of the town, as soon as possible. "Listen, I'm heading north." He said finally. "I know we don't know each other very well, but if you're going my way, then perhaps we could go together for a bit? Two heads are better then one, after all. The next town should only be a day or two from here on foot and I hear there's an airship port there. What do you say?" He awkwardly fastened his bag closed and stood up, swinging it back onto his back and waited for a reply. He didn't get his hopes up though. It was a slim chance that Arsus would accept.
  12. Too tired to write... Too awake to sleep... solutuon? youtube. Just hours of YouTube. Just hours... there's no end. My watch history has probably put me on a government watch list, I'm knee deep in dancing cats, and I'm contemplating the universe and my existence in it. Look out world.
  13. ooc

    Do you want to do ms mayberries or shall I do it all in one post?