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  1. Sounds like he is, he just didn't comment on what he did once he got there.
  2. Ruto o Torimasu | Taking Root - Laying the Foundation

    Adrian Valdovsk “Come and meet my mother.” They approached the house together, the girl skipping ahead, nimbly darting past blades of light shining through the canopy. Adrian was close behind her, his mind working over what he was getting himself into. The child was powerful, her creator would be even more so. Perhaps even a second of her generation, like Adrian’s own sire. Just two steps removed from the original of her strain of Vampirism, she would likely be stronger than himself as he was but a third generation, even despite his age. Walking willingly into her haven if she bore him ill-will could see him embrace his final death, not a thought he relished. However, he was alone here as he was in his own land. He had cut ties with his people when he slew the children of his master and almost killed his own sire nigh on four centuries ago. This was an opportunity for a fresh start, one that he couldn’t pass up. Who knew what Genesarian vampires could teach him? Or how powerful an ally a second-generation Vampire in this land would be? Curiosity killed many cats, it would likely one day kill a certain Vampire as well. For now, the steely rasp of a rusty bolt being drawn back from the gate drew him out of his own mind and back into the real world. A loathsome figure was sluggishly opening the gate, a familiar or zombie of some kind in ragged clothes that seemed to serve the Vampire of the manor. It grunted and with a herculean effort threw open the heavy iron structure to permit access to the little lady of the house and her guest, not that the fence would have been that effective a barrier for one with Adrian’s skills. Still, it would have been rude to simply mist through the walls, nor was it wise to reveal to potential foes what one was capable of. The creature bowed deeply and the girl darted past him, always on the move she was, twirling up to the heavy iron-bound doors of the manor. Upon closer observation, Adrian realised that the scorched timbers were a façade of sorts, though the upper floors of the house had likely suffered deeply and the roof was in pieces, the lower floor seemed relatively intact. It wasn’t quite as spectacular as it might once have been, but it was no ruin either. Another of the zombies opened the front door for the pair of them and they walked through the threshold. Adrian’s suspicions were immediately confirmed, as he beheld an opulent greeting hall that was surprisingly clean. Portraits adorned the walls and gothic furniture lined the sides of the room, with a staircase leading up to a bricked up second floor. Two doors flanked the central staircase, one of which was slowly opened by a figure unlike the shuffling forms outside. Adorned in a modest dress not unlike that of the American pilgrims, a lithe woman walked into the guest room with a smile on her pale face. She seemed at first glance like a middle-aged homeowner, perhaps in her early fifties, with the remnants of a great beauty in youth still apparent on her face. However, her neatly tied brown hair was flecked with grey, and wrinkles marked the corners of her eyes. Adrian felt it immediately, she was far, far, older than she seemed. “Good morning, Adrian.” She smiled at him, fangs displayed in an almost formal fashion, there was no hiding what any of them were anymore. She knew his name. “Welcome to my humble home, allow me to introduce myself. I am Imogen Delcraus, owner of this small patch of land and all which resides therein. It seems you have met my daughter, Cecilia, I hope she has not caused you trouble?” “No trouble should come Between two that are kindred, Do you not think so?” Despite herself, Ms Delcraus smiled at Adrian’s roundabout way of speaking without saying much at all, raising an arm to rest her hand on her daughter’s shoulder as she approached. Cecilia for her part looked a little put out that her Mother had ruined her little game and told Adrian her name, because once told, it could not be untold. Still, she was happy to see her Mother speaking with another Vampire, and ferociously interested in what would happen next. “I do think so, Adrian. It was for that reason that I asked my daughter to bring you here, for you see, I am very interested in why so many of my kindred toil on the outskirts of my forest home, overseeing man and dead alike as they hew oak and elm with axes?” “One cloaked in shadows, With the soul of a dragon, Builds his new empire.” “Another Emperor? How quaint, has this land not had quite enough of their kind? The Blooded Sauriel would not brook such competition, surely? Perhaps his arm is not as long as he believes.” Imogen tapped her pallid lips with a single graceful finger as she spoke. “But I forget my manners entirely, you must be quite lost, so far from your home, Adrian.” He shrugged. “Come with me, we will sit by the fire and I will tell you of a thing or two about this land. Perhaps we will become fine friends, hmm?” Perhaps.
  3. Ruto o Torimasu | Taking Root - Laying the Foundation

    Adrian Valdovsk “Do not look so sad, Mr Poet, would you like to see something great?” “I will follow you, but first I would know your name, I, am Adrian.” “Do you always speak like that, Adrian?” The girl stifled a giggle and turned around, her pretty little dress fluttering in the light breeze. “Well, it would be rude not to tell you wouldn’t it? So I think I’ll tell you… later!” She turned around and poked her tongue out at him, an infantile expression that startled the Vampire, for he knew what she was. Nevertheless, he dismissed the fluttering of frustration that threatened to surface on his pallid face, in favour of a mute smile in return, showing the hint of the sharp fangs protruding from his upper gum. With a tittering of laughter, the girl suddenly ran from him. Not all that quickly it seemed to him, as he immediately sped after her at what was a leisurely stroll by his standards. To an outsider, they were like blurs, indistinct shapes cutting through the undergrowth with nary a sound of snapping twigs or brushing leaves. Two wild animals, each enjoying the thrill of the chase from their respective sides, their brains flooded with primal emotions. Adrian prided himself on his speed, even in comparison to other Vampires he was exceptionally fast, famed for once outrunning a pack of lycanthropes who tracked him to his forest home. The girl was not far from his match, but she fell short, perhaps forever stunted by her short legs. Still, what she lacked in raw speed she made up for and more some in agility, darting this way and that between the boughs of trees and occasionally jumping high up onto the lower branches to hop above the ground and avoid the obstruction of root and bush entirely. The elder Vampire was forced to employ skills he had perfected over many generations to keep her in sight, often having to resort to drawing every ounce of power from his muscles to power after the more nimble child. Still, frustrating as it might have been, he found himself enjoying the exercise. Then, just a few minutes after it began, the chase ended. A splash of light from the early morning sun cut through the branches above him and scorched his face, momentarily blinding him. He let out a pained grunt and slowed down, his shoulder crashing into a nearby tree and parting a fair chunk of bark from the trunk in the process. As his vision cleared and the singed flesh of his face began to reknit and renew itself, he saw the girl approaching him with a concerned expression. “Are you okay Adrian? Did the sun burn you?” Something about her words seemed off, almost as if she were mocking him. He suspected she was. “Though the light may burn, I say it troubles me naught, It’s but a feeling.” “You really do make everything into a poem don’t you? Come on silly man, the thing I want to show you is just up ahead!” She turned again, and he looked over her head. His eyes were a hawks. Through trunk and branch he perceived it, ruining what she obviously wished to be a surprise. Black scorched timbers surrounded by shuffling forms. The ruins of a manor house, sequestered in the forest and shaded by tall oaks, bordered by a dilapidated iron fence. “You said you wanted to know who embraced me, didn’t you Adrian?” She was looking right at him, aware that he saw what awaited them. “Then come and meet my mother.”
  4. Technically yes, but story-wise it'd be harder to introduce yourself. There's nothing stopping one of the others running into you when they start investigating though.
  5. Ruto o Torimasu | Taking Root - Laying the Foundation

    Adrian Valdovsk “A child… forever, Features so soft one forgets, She has fang and claw.” Softly his words danced across the leaves and breathed life into the quiet of the forest. Dawn’s early light glimmered above, washing the ground with a pale blue glow that was oddly beautiful; the woods had always stirred his dead heart. He could be so close to it, the light of day and the life therein, in no other way could he stray so close to that which would burn him to ash like so many others. Others of his kind who could not stand the fading memories of the sun’s warmth walked out of the shadows and embraced their end, giving all to experience sunlight one last time. But Adrian was not ready to give it up, his unlife still brought him satisfaction, and he could watch the sunrise from the shadows beneath the forest canopy. It wasn’t the same, but it was near enough to it to keep him sane. So no surprise that he had abandoned his tiresome vigil over the zombies cutting down that which he held dearest and delved into the woods as dawn fast approached. Escaping the ever whirring sounds of progress and development was as much his goal as fleeing the sun, and finally even his predatory ears could only pick up the smallest of sounds echoing from the great work camp of the Shadow Emperor. However, no sooner had he escaped that which interested him little then the sounds of something which interested him greatly reached his ears. Singing, a lilting voice, high pitched and charming in a way though the voice was not skilled. A young girl, singing in an empty forest close to a camp of unholy creatures, how could it not pique his curiosity? However, as he approached, words escaped his pallid lips unbidden, the instinct of his condition alerting him to what he spied. It had the guise of a child, a young girl with golden hair and pale features dressed like a little noble lady. But it was old, not as old as himself, but old enough that it should have passed from this world some time ago, let alone passed into adolescence. With his haiku, he announced himself, and betrayed the nature of the beast before him. The child turned her head as if listening, soft blue eyes widening as a pleasant smile danced across her face. She let out a happy little giggle and fluttered her dress, brushing her arms to her side as she skipped over to the strange man, her bare feet making not a sound as they passed over crinkling brown leaves, indeed she seemed to glide like some forest creature. “You’re funny.” She said, smiling at the darkly clad man before her. She was likely reminded of times in the past when this scene had occurred, speaking with a predator dressed like a hunter in the woods, carrying a bow and speaking with a lost little girl. In the past, the hunter had not realised who the prey had been, for once, it was the girl who was unsure. “Who embraced you child, And made it so you never, Lived life as you should?” “What a silly question Mr Poet, how should I live life?” Adrian frowned. He wasn’t sure himself anymore.
  6. The Solaris Inquisition

    “So, you are an Outsider then.” Aethan’s hands bunched up into fists, and if James looked very carefully, he might have seen the scattering of dust and pebbles that seemed to slip out of the long sleeves of the priest’s robe. It seemed to sink into the man’s hands and knuckles forming a hard-outer shell, a tell-tale sign of Geomancy or ‘Gaianism’ as it was known in this land. However, just as it looked like Aethan was gearing up to fight, he seemed to suddenly relax entirely. “Well then, for you, James, an oath is unnecessary. You were never under Gaia’s protection. Should you find yourself against us, you will quickly learn the significance of that to your chagrin. But enough posturing, I can see that you are of a choleric temperament, we may have need of a man such as you before this is done. Come and find us at the Boxed Tiger around midday, do not allow yourself to be followed, we will speak more plainly there. Perhaps you will find it more to your liking when we are able to do away with the necessaries of subterfuge.” -------- The Boxed Tiger, Solaris Inquisition HQ, Predator’s Keep If the Merry Tyme was quiet, the Boxed Tiger was dead. Unsurprising, considering it mostly offered room and board and every room had been bought up by the Sons in preparation for their Inquisitor’s visit. The downstairs area consisted of a small bar-room, a dining room, a kitchen, and the proprietor’s living quarters. The upstairs were a series of small single bed rooms with a trunk for personal belongings and a nightstand, naught else. It was in the bar-room or common-room that the two groups were to meet, the visitors from outside of Predator’s Keep, and those who made this place their home or otherwise saw fit to join the inquisition locally. Aethan sat in the corner, humming lightly as he fiddled with the optics of a strange looking rifle, while shrewd little Tobias greeted the newcomers at the door. “Come in, grab a drink if you want one and introduce yourselves, we’ll pick up the tab. We eat in ten minutes, after that, we talk, about Zine, and about monsters. Better we eat before we chat eh? Else we might lose our appetites.”
  7. Ruto o Torimasu | Taking Root - Laying the Foundation

    Adrian Valdovsk How was it that even with his five hundredth year of un-life fast approaching he was still learning of the many unfortunate side effects attached to his particular brand of immortality? Surely if he could go back and if he were given a choice at all, the small print would have put him off the entire notion entirely. Why become a Vampire? He lived half a life, and one shrouded in perpetual darkness at that. There was pleasure at times, but the price was such terrible dreams and an intolerable hunger. Now his very freedom was threatened once more, a freedom he had killed to obtain so long ago, and it was because he was a damned Vampire. He had no interest in this world in the slightest, yet he had been dragged through and entangled under the dominion of a self-proclaimed Emperor whose power enslaved others of his kind. Transported in a coffin in the hold of some form of sea-craft, he had awoken in yet another unfamiliar land known as Genesaris. In short order, he found himself forced to watch over mindless zombies as they toiled, clearing trees and bushes from the edge of a forest and transporting the timbers to a growing stockpile where humans cut and sawed all day and night. God, he hated those sounds. Idlily, his mind wandered, droning out the moans of the undead workers and the whir of mechanised tools. No one knew him here, he was simply one of an albeit quite small population of intelligent Undead. He could be whoever or whatever he wanted to be, perhaps even rise high in this Emperor’s new kingdom. Or, he could remain a nobody and slink away when the pretender was stomped into the mud by whatever powers were abound in this world. The trick would be ascertaining which eventuality was to unfold before committing to one ploy or the other, but how to find out? But what was he before? He was Adrian Valdovsk, an assassin and a killer for hire. Cliché, that he knew, but when he had first been turned there weren’t all that many jobs available to a man who could only go out at night. Besides, he had to feed on people anyway, so it was purely economical to kill those he fed upon and get paid for it in the process. Better that then let them live a painful existence as a familiar, bound to him but uncared for, desperate for his blood until their bodies withered and they either recovered or died, horribly. Adrian was rather good at justifying himself and his deplorable actions, he had been doing it for nigh on five centuries now. Yet here he was, another Vampire among many, with archaic weapons and seemingly little power. If not for his irritating habit of speaking in riddles he might have been entirely forgettable. Not that he wasn’t striking, standing at six feet dead with pale features that accentuated an unnatural beauty and dark hair he brushed back from his brow with graceful hands, he was certainly attractive. Yet, people knew the score here. Vampires were seductive parasites, and many of them were transformed by their curse into versions of themselves that ascended human aesthetic. Another attractive Vampire was nothing new, and when you knew what you were looking at, it was easy to see past the glossy exterior into the dead eyes, to see the fangs dripping with blood and smell the faintest aroma of decay. So even his looks were of no great asset to him in this place regarding standing out. Really, if he had come here for work, it would have been perfect. No one would have paid attention to him, even as they looked over their shoulder to see the man who had plunged a poisoned knife into their back, they would think to themselves, who the hell is he?
  8. Taking Root

    Hmm, seems like Adrian would fit in with the other undead, if a little unwillingly. I'd like to join with him if possible.
  9. Melon's Head

    Adrian Valdovsk - The Haiku Vampire Identity Matrix Name: Adrian Valdovsk Gender: Male Race: Vampire Class: Assassin Faction: Unaffiliated Tier: 4 Appearing age: Twenties Appearance: Adrian has a handsome appearance, perhaps accentuated to unrealistic standards by the Vampiric curse which stripped some of the more rugged aspects of his complexion. His body is lithe but evidently strong and muscular, his neck is marked with two faint scars made by fangs. He tends to wear his hair short to medium length, it's colour is as black as the night. Like most Vampires of Caucasian descent his skin has an unnatural paleness. Build type: Athletic Height: 6ft 0” Weight: 83kg Hair colour: Black Hair style: Mid length Supernatural powers As a vampire, Adrian is expected to surpass the limits of an ordinary human by a sizable degree. As it stands, his abilities are as followed. His strength is roughly twice that which can be attained by a peak human male, giving him power in his muscles way beyond what someone of his build should reach. This physical strength presents itself not only in blows, but also in running and jumping. His jump height is about twenty feet vertical and thirty feet horizontal, which can reach thirty feet vertical with a running start by forty feet across. However, it is his speed which marks him out as unique, and gives him such a fearsome reputation. Even most vampires struggle to keep up with him blow for blow, and at a straight sprint he can outrun the average Lycan. Statistically, he can move at about four times the speed of a peak human male, giving him a sprinting speed of about 120mph. His reflexes are obviously far superior to a human to compensate for such speeds, and as such he can react at four times peak human reaction speed. His endurance and stamina have both made sizable improvements, although these are both highly dependent upon feeding. When recently fed, he can regenerate from wounds and keep running for hours on end, throw multitudes of blows and become incredibly difficult to kill. Two or three days without feeding however can reduce him to near human capabilities, a most distasteful state of events. This also accounts for his immortality, or rather, his immunity to ageing. His senses are enhanced by his predatory blood, his eye sight almost four times as acute as a peak human beings, with almost perfect night vision. His hearing is as sensitive as a hounds, and his sense of smell is almost ten times as acute as an ordinary humans, especially for blood. His sense of touch is actually somewhat dimmed, at about half what can normally be felt by a human, this acts as a mild pain killer allowing him to ignore the majority of injuries for some time. With the exception of bright lights dazzling him, other sensory overloads are relatively ineffective due to his limited capacity to feel pain. His fangs and claws are usually concealed, but can be released at any time. Both are incredibly durable, the claws especially, and razor sharp, allowing him to cut through flesh with ease and even rend iron or bronze armour unarmed. His bite can drain the blood, but in three days’ time it also makes the afflicted a familiar, the introduction of Adrian’s own blood quickens this process to minutes if they drink, but also makes them a full vampire in three days instead. While they undergo the process they are incredibly susceptible to seduce. His body is very resistant to frost, poisons and diseases due to his vampiric blood and general undead-ness. Supernatural Weaknesses However, the flip side of this is an extreme weakness to fire. In direct sunlight his skin burns and his powers are reduced by half, three quarters after five minutes. His eyes are also very sensitive to bright lights. Wood or silver piercing his heart kills him, although it has to be relatively significant, a single splinter could be pulled out and his muscle would heal. Decapitation also works. Learned Skills Advanced acrobatics and climbing. Thief skills such as lock picking, pickpocketing and stealthy movement. Almost all forms of weapon skills (In his timeline, nothing past 1960’s would have any familiarity in his hands) have been at least perfected to adept levels. Although he favours short swords, pistols and rifles have also been invented in his life time, and he is an above average marksman. He was actually an able hunter before turning, and his profession has only given him more time to perfect his skill with the bow. Adrian seems like a fairly adept martial artist, though his exact style is unknown it seems to be a mix of Judo and a striking art like Kick Boxing. Learning of certain poisons and effects, obviously he had had enough time to become above averagely knowledgeable. Fairly wide knowledge of the mythological and supernatural world, due to lengthy experience with all forms of monsters and an above average knowledge of their strengths and weaknesses due to extensive reading. Magic Adrian has two types of magical abilities, those that are connected to his Vampiric nature and the specific strain of Vampirism to which he belongs, and magical skills he has learned. They are marked accordingly. Supernatural 'magic' is rarely effected by abilities that specifically counter magical abilities, unless those countermeasures are specifically divine in origin. (Supernatural) Mist - Adrian can turn into mist and burst forward from his original position at about brisk walking speed. His maximum distance is fifteen feet, and the effort of doing this is considerable. The first time takes very little away, but the second time he would lose about half of his stamina, the third time he would hardly be able to fight past human standards. (Supernatural) Shadow Cloak - The vampiric assassin is also capable of making himself blend into the shadows, when used in a dimly lit house or at night in the open world, he can become invisible. Detect life spells obviously don’t work on him in this state, but he’s also found that without some preparation an average dispel or detection spell won’t locate him either. This ability can be used for a maximum of an hour cumulative on and off in a day. It seems to be the mark of midnight which allows him to regain his hour of use. (Learned) Muffle – A fairly simple spell that makes all Adrian's actions silent, including footsteps and any sound his armour may naturally make when moving. It may be used with one other power active, such as Shadow Cloak, but automatically de-activates upon use of a third ability. (Learned) Silence - Prevents an opponent from talking or casting spells, it is launched as a green hex which flies as fast as an arrow. The time it lasts is usually very brief, only five or ten seconds depending on an opponent’s mental constitution. (Supernatural) Poison – Adrian can poison his blood, allowing him to apply it to his blades and arrows. When poisoned, if it enters someone’s blood stream it causes rapid delirium and fever. A normal human would collapse after a few minutes, and began to turn into a familiar. Undead are relatively unaffected by this attack, but other vampires are somewhat susceptible. (Supernatural) Seduce – Basic vampire ability, coerces someone to do as the vampire wishes, usually works on mortals at close ranges, can be resisted by PC’s. Equipment Life Taker – An obsidian dagger about 9 inches in length, the edge seems smooth but it is actually incredibly sharp. It’s also been enchanted so the actual blade is about equivalent to an 8 on the Mohs hardness scale. It looks like a fairly standard straight blade, the hilt and blade are both black. Any wound dealt by the blade has been strangely slow to heal despite the cleanness of the cut itself, and can continue bleeding for up to an hour. The hilt is made of the same metal as Death Bringer’s blade, and is therefore incredibly durable. Death Bringer – A Viking sword about 30 inches in length, made of a dark metal so infused with magic it has no common name. The blade itself is unnaturally sharp and durable, capable of cutting clean through a chain-mail vest with Adrian’s impressive strength behind it multiple times with no damage to the weapon itself. Hunt – A bow usually only brought on missions. It’s a re-curved bow, made of a black wood. The arrows are obsidian tipped, and therefore incredibly sharp. The bow itself is unnaturally silent, and about 90cm in length. It can fire about 300 meters accurately. The wood from which the tree was made, while similar to yew in regards to its functionality, is significantly harder and more resistant to damage than any ordinary wood. It can reliably block a sword slash with only superficial scarring. The draw weight of the weapon is around the mark of 125 pounds. Armour: A full set of lightweight and trimmed down black leather armour, with a black hood. The armour is moderately enchanted to provide the protection of heavy leather armour or padded armour such as a gambeson. It could very well stop an arrow or slow down a bullet, but it would not be as effective against a thrust from a blade or spear. It has turned the cut of a blade sufficiently to save him from severe harm in the past. History and personality My name is Adrian Valdovsk, I was born in 1503 and I come from a land of endless forests and eternal darkness. The sun shines here so very rarely, now that is but a blessing. For the light burns me, it weakens me, it drives me insane. It does this because I am a vampire. This is my curse, so many fools see it as a blessing, and they wish to be like wolves amongst cattle. They see my race as hunters, as something beautiful. This is not true; I do not feel… myself. I will never feel right again. Not always was I this creature before you, not always did I loathe every moment of my existence. I am selfish, selfish of my own life, and of the life I used to have. Would I let myself die? Let myself starve to end this miserable existence? No. My mistake was to enter the village, to boast of my own prowess in the hunt, my riches and my success. It did not matter to them that I lied, only that I lived. They took that away from me, I fawned at their feet for decades, slavering for morsels. When I grew strong, I took my revenge as I took their blood. I ripped open their throats, I burned them alive. I killed the undead, I killed my own kind and I’ve never heard the end of it. After I left the village, the blood on my hands and face wiped clean, I wandered for a while. I realised I could experience some of the things I loved as a mortal. More exciting were the things which I found even more vivid, more engaging and more enticing as a vampire. These things were sinful though, but in my depression I wallowed in such depraved acts. What care had I for my morality? For my soul, for the afterlife, there was only one place for me. Indeed, I decided better to enjoy my unnatural life for as long as I could, for I feared what would come when it ended. Even as I write this though, my thoughts have changed, now I tire of eternal life. The people… they no longer concern themselves with such aged spirituality, and I know in my heart what comes after death. Eternal slumber, and I’ve grown so weary. Written by Adrian Valdovsk, 1923 Valdovsk’ Memoirs I never thought I'd write again, indeed looking back I realise I was quite the melodramatic fool once, though an honest one. I have experienced hard-ship, certainly, but also pleasure beyond that which I can describe and certainly more than a damned soul like mine deserved. Many I have faced in pursuit of my own greed or to stave off hunger or boredom, some even made some small impact upon me. I have decided to record the names of these here, so that I do not forget to value what life I have, which I have prolonged through the suffering and pain of these others. Perhaps my most interesting combat, I once was commissioned to wage a private war against an organisation that styled themselves as peacekeepers or police. They were naive, but interesting. I lured their forces in with some small episode of chaos, poisoning a water-source and driving nearby inhabitants mad. When the forces arrived, I encountered an interesting woman who adopted strange mutations throughout our contest, though I bested her with my knife and forced her to flee. I still remember the taste of her blood on my knife, exquisite. The so-called Chief also made an appearance that night, he fell swiftly to my sword. I regret not pursuing the woman. It seems to have been my fate to run across the swords of my beloved's people often in my unlife. I have never visited her homeland, though I had heard much about it she never told me of the favoured swords of their so called 'Samurai'. Yet later I saw many, and one such occasion had me face a man with two of the 'Katana' swords. They were fearsome weapons, their owner skilled in their use. Perhaps our conflict will one day be renewed, and concluded. Finally, I faced a most interesting creature masked as a man in the catacombs. He was one not of this world, and though I defeated him promptly he dealt me a vicious wound that even my Vampiric nature struggled to heal. He too utilized the Katana, an interesting coincidence, though one I still assume was only that, a coincidence. I suspect there will be many more confrontations ahead of me and some behind me I have neglected to mention, but for now, I tire of writing. Valdovsk Memoirs, revisited. Author, Adrian Valdovsk - Quirks/Simplified personality matrix: Adrian seems to be a sadistic and cold creature, taking life without remorse and almost always out for his own gain. He falls into the Neutral evil alignment. He’s also very methodical, but considering his profession is more than capable of adapting to changing events. However, upon further reflection Adrian seems to be a melancholy soul, overly dramatic and fantastical, filled with self-doubt and loathing and prone to fits of depression alongside periods of intense enjoyment. His character is not a simple one. He has a strange love of the natural world which has remained with him since his days as a human. His home is in a cave in a forest. He also, strangely, seems to favour talking in miscellaneous Haiku. He only deviates from this strange self-imposed rule when the situation strongly demands it.
  10. The Solaris Inquisition

    Aethan’s frown deepened, until it threatened to encompass his entire face. “So, you abandoned your post? I hope you had a good reason to leave this place, and were so far away that the messages you must surely have received took some time to reach you, or I would say you had shirked your duties here, man.” The idea of someone of obvious import and commitment to the Keep simply wandering to far off climes and taking many months to return when trouble brewed was disconcerting to the priest. It suggested a flighty nature, not necessarily one he wanted alongside. “The Oath is not to me, sir, it is to Gaia who watches over to us. No truly faithful would break such an oath, unless you have some reason to doubt the sanctity of our Lord?” Aethan’s suspicions were aroused, a Terran would understand the implications of breaking an oath to work alongside Gaia’s chosen, here, in the land of his chosen people. They were not mere words, they were a promise made before the eyes of a Divine. “Make your decision, James, I will not think less of you should you refuse. Provided you do not then stand in our way.” Aethan’s eyes grew steely, and for a moment, James would have to wonder exactly what a warrior-priest of Gaia might be capable of.
  11. The Solaris Inquisition

    Tobias ran a finger down the side of his face in disappointment as Akiris finished his little speech. He was incredibly long-winded, and somehow… disjointed. Here he stood in a tavern that was far from secure, completely ignoring the intricacies required for a discussion of the like the priests were having with him. He offered up his opinions wholesale without having any of the facts, he presumed too much. He had spirit, of course, but it was clear he was not tested in the arts of subterfuge, and that was what this mission called for above all else. At the very least, he seemed to understand some of the problems that the Sons of Solaris were faced with, an unknown enemy that could not necessarily be dealt with through force alone… yet he lectured two priests who came on what was shaping up to be an intelligence gathering mission on the dangers of utilising overwhelming force. It was possible the man was just not that intelligent, or perhaps inexperienced, but Tobias was left seriously considering if he could use him. There were only two marks in his favour, ultimately. One, he had information on Safeguard and disgruntled Mages, both of which the Sons had little to nothing on. Two, he had made the oath, of sorts, and so if he could be taught discretion then at the very least he would not betray the order on purpose. “You are perhaps unfamiliar with our Order, so your ignorance can be forgiven, and I will ignore your condescending remarks for the time being because I think you can offer at least some small service to us. If your heart is truly set on the defence of your fellow man, then join us at the Boxed Tiger Inn at midday, the appropriate place for further discussion. As you are so acutely aware of the danger I trust you will not be followed.” Tobias had balled his hand in front of his face as if stifling a yawn during this conclusion, before pulling his hand away and leaving Akiris with his cynical grin. --- Meanwhile, Aethan stood before James and frowned. “You did not make the oath. I do not doubt you, friend, but if you would see justice done and peace returned to this keep, why then have you sat complacent for so long? We are here because what needed to be done had not been done, no other reason. I think the time in which you could have proved you had no need for us has long since passed. I make the offer one last time; will you work alongside us or not? If you cannot make this promise, we are done here.”
  12. You can still join through the tavern introduction in Predator's Keep, but you'll have to do some backreading on events there to sell being a resident.
  13. The Solaris Inquisition

    Tobias’ shrewd face lit up a cynical grin, the first to arrive was an odd man to say the least. Dressed in a white cloak marked with an insignia he almost looked the part of a priest, except that he saw fit to wear a large fish-bowl on his head. Still, the Sons could not afford to be too fussy in acquiring local help, even if they were a little strange. “Do you always ask questions before introducing yourself?” Tobias grinned at the irony of his own statement, and then settled into his ordinary smirk. “If the rumours are true, you should well know for what we reason we come to this Keep, but no matter, I am Tobias, this fellow to my side is Aethan, and we are Sons of Solaris. You would not question the purpose of the Church, I assume? The question is if you are of use to us. Are you willing to work to garner favour, and more importantly, to protect your fellow man?” If it was not evident, he was testing Akiris, a man prone to frustration and arrogance would be of little use, so Tobias needled him by dodging his question. ----- The Sons were at the point of concluding business with Akiris, though if those conclusions were to lead him to the Boxed Tiger, or back onto the street none-the-wiser, were uncertain. The tavern was quiet, so visitors stood out more than usual and one such as James was hard to miss. He strode forward and introduced himself, and the large priest rose from his seat to meet him with an outstretched hand. “James, hmm? The name’s Aethan, behind me is Tobias.” Aethan stood almost a foot taller than James himself, but he did not use his height to impose or intimidate, as he could have. Rather it just seemed a simple characteristic of his personality, earnest and stoic where Tobias was cynical. They made a strange pair, but a working one none-the-less. “We represent the Sons of Solaris, I assume you received the missive and are worried about events in Predator’s Keep? This is good, your care does you credit. But, are you willing to work alongside us, representatives of the Church, to see justice is done and peace is returned to this Keep?” ----- It was a strange thing, that the Priests seemed to be looking only for a promise to help from its applicants, but once again, breaking an oath in the eyes of a God could hold more risks than it seemed.
  14. It's not the big a deal, rumours tend to get out one way or another. I just want to make sure everyone is aware that there are two different locations in play at the moment.