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  1. Artifact Hunting in Genesaris!

    if you don't mind bringing a newbie along I'm interested in this. Seems like a fun way to explore the world.
  2. Tavern of Legend: Season 2

    Locke smiled slightly as he lay on the floor. He was in a place where he wasn't a pariah. If he could make it out of this situation alive and free he could have a future here. The thought filled him with warmth regardless of his present circumstances. So now he had to make sure he survived and he was willing to do anything to ensure it. He wasn't strong and had very little experience fighting. So he was going to count on the strength of others and hope the price wasn't too high. He ignored Esmeralda's threats and spoke to the entity "I have offended her standard of justice with my means for survival" he tried to mimic the creatures word choice to the best of his ability "I have in no way hurt her personally. I seek assistance so I may maintain my freedom, and offer you my service in return"
  3. Tavern of Legend: Season 2

    Locke felt the tightening of the rope on his wrist and didn't fight it. He'd been tied up a lot when he was younger and knew that if needed the shadows would untie the knot. Plus he was at a disadvantage here and knew it. He had little hope verse someone who manipulated light. Even with his position and the pain that still throbbed through him. He had two much bigger thoughts running through his mind. One was that Esmeralda had openely used magic with no fear of reprisal. The other was the entity that had entered during the scuffle. Locke had no idea what world he had ended up in but he was now keenly aware that in running from home he had gotten much further then he had ever dreamed. That thought empowered him and quelled his anxiety for the moment. He focused back on the woman restraining him "I have stolen nothing from you Esmeralda" then his eyes drifted to the being that had entered. He was revolted by it but... maybe that's how my family felt looking at me... he steeled himself then spoke to it/her "I'm not much, but whatever help I can give I will" he looked back up at Esmeralda "if you help me first" @Silhouette @Porcelain_Puppetress
  4. Tavern of Legend: Season 2

    "Quite Thief" His brain barely had time to process the words before the world exploded Into brilliant green light. He let out a small tight gasp before collapsing to the floor shaking. Locke's wore his cloak for two reasons. One was to hide his magic, it took the form of shadows around his body and he was still learning to disperse and control them. The other was to protect himself. Bright light, especially sunlight, burnt through the shadows and it was a extremely unpleasant sensation. Fortunatly for Locke his cloak shielded most of his body from the blinding flash of light but it burst through all the openings in the fabric; causing searing lines of pain down his body. A few seconds passed before he regained his thoughts and stopped his shaking. "Please no more" he called out from the floor knowing he needed atleast a few more seconds before trying to stand. @Silhouette
  5. First Impressions

    Well I spent my first couple of weeks just stalking the boards and reading articles. Not on a regular basis sense the holidays where keeping me busy but I enjoy everything I've found here so far. I have more time now that my family won't be around again tell next year and am really enjoying getting my feet in the water of RP again. This site has impressed me not only with the interesting, massive and well organized lore for the world but also on a more nuts and bolts level. The forum is well organized and easy to navigate, the admins and mods step in when needed but allow the community to self regulate first, and most importantly to me personally the rule set for the world is very loose and open to a extremely wide range of characters but still prevents "god-mode" Then there is the community here. It's awesome, most people seem friendly and helpful. I've even had a member reach out to me with links to useful information and helpful advice on the world and the character I'm working on. Plus the idea behind the ToL is ingenious and is helping me get back into the rythom without having to commit to a character. Anyway the overall impression has been extremely positive and I plan on staying with this community a good long while.
  6. Tavern of Legend: Season 2

    Locke's survival instinct kicked in as the blade left the sheath. She's quick... I hope I'm faster he threw himself to the side off of the barstool as the sword came towards him. He twisted in the air so his back would strike the ground first as he hit the floor. He rolled through the impact to come up into a kneel facing her. The movement was quick but not gracefully by any means; he would be sore tomorrow. His eyes snapped up to her only to see a blinding light shining from her sword. Magic... memories of his early life snapped quickly through his mind and instead of running he stayed kneeling watching her sword closely. "Magic... is allowed here?" The question would probably seem odd to her but it was genuine. @Silhouette
  7. Tavern of Legend: Season 2

    Locke was at a loss for how to continue. She had stared at him for a long time like she was assessing him. Is she wary?...disdainful? He wasn't sure but had the sense he was failing at a normal interaction. He was in the middle of suppressing a sigh of self pity when she asked the question. Now he was on the spot and didn't have a good answer ready... sense I left that place all I've done is steal. I guess I'm good at it but... He chuckles nervously "Well I guess you could say I'm a thief" his eyes dart down to her sword warily and back up to her face. Beneath the cloak his muscles tighten as he prepares to throw himself back; out of the blades reach. @Silhouette
  8. Tavern of Legend: Season 2

    For a moment Locke was distraught over her comment she thinks I'm trying to manipulate her. It won't be long before I have to run again... but then it clicked into place, the smirk on her face, her playful tone; She was being friendly, joking with him. There's a first time for everything I guess. He conjured up his best attempt at a joking tone "you figured me out already, now I'm just embarrassed" he winked at her and turned back facing the bar and grabbed his glass "and feel free to get a round..." he glanced back over smiling genuinely for the first time since entering the tavern "I'll just buy the one after that" @Silhouette
  9. Tavern of Legend: Season 2

    Locke matched the firmness of her shake but as soon as she released her grip he pulled his arm safely back into his cloak. He tried to make the motion seem natural but his anxiety showed through in how quick he moved. His smile widened when she gestured to the bar "you make a good point, a drink sounds nice" he paused trying to decide which was more normal. Letting her go first or taking the lead and walking first. After a second of internal deliberation he walked up to bar attempting to look as confident as possible. He caught the bartenders eye and set money on the counter "I'll have whatever your favorite drink is, and whatever Esmeralda" he motioned towards her from under the cloak "would like" @Silhouette
  10. Tavern of Legend: Season 2

    A second passed after asking his questions when the door opened again. The man stiffened as his eyes snapped over to the newcomer. After a moment he relaxed again realizing there was no threat. when she said hello he smiled and pulled his hood off. "Most people don't greet the man in the hood first" he stretched his hand out towards her through the opening in the front of the cloak revealing just his arm "my name is Locke" if anyone had been paying particularly close attention as he moved they would have noticed that the shadows from his cloak seemed to stick to him for a moment before catching back up with the fabric.
  11. Hello everyone

    Thank you, for the warm welcome everyone. I think I will make a character along those lines so I can explore and and learn while they do.
  12. Tavern of Legend: Season 2

    The door of the tavern opens slowly and a man dressed in a old and worn light brown cloak steps inside. It covers almost his entire body just his fingertips and boots poke out from within. He turns and carefully closes the door behind him making sure it shuts quietly. he turns back around to face the tavern proper. His face is hidden almost unnaturally by the shadows from his hood but his yellow-green eyes shine forth from the darkness. his eyes dance around the room and it's patrons and finally settle on the large man standing next to him near the door "you the bouncer here?" His eyes move slowly over to the dead bodies "lots of dead" his young nearly feminine voice shows little inflection as he speaks.
  13. Hello everyone

    Hello everyone, I used to be involved in written RPs a lot but it's been a couple of years sense the last one I played in. Got the craving to get back into it and spent sometime browsing the net for a good fit and found this place. Spent sometime skimming through the lore. I still have a lot left but I'm looking forward to learning more about this world. For right now though I really just want to jump in. So hello everyone, looking forward to writing with you.