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  1. mosweisman is my skype name.
  2. Im still here. just haven't had a reason to post.
  3. all yall are trump in disguise
  4. name: Nym Sefter Side: house rhodos no units Position: lost in the retreat
  5. Ok sorry, was just confused.
  6. Im walking not running, and how is it menacing.
  7. How would you know which side im on in the first place ?
  8. Also yes your characters help would be greatly appreciated.
  9. think so. hope so. (do you have a character sheet)
  10. yup. though Nym kinda wants to ruin the armory.
  11. yesterday i went to the Western wall and down the tunnels. i was like... So THATS what a fort looks like (#memory_refresher)
  12. whats that? almost 12 pm here and im clearly addicted to Val.
  13. Great, now all Nym has to do is find the armory hes starting to wonder if its too impolite to break into someones home and demand information with a knife to their throat but on the other side it would reveal his presence. (there IS a reason he wants to find the armory its part of a ambition of his) anyway i gotta go sleep i hope to post tomorrow. Gnight all y'all.
  14. open

    "I guess i kinda did didnt I" Nym pulls over a chair and sits down. "Well its really simple, as i was walking into the tavern i saw someone i didn't want seeing me so i crept away to get a drink without being noticed. he'd just gone when i heard... psst whats your name ? he whispers at Lloyd." "Uh... this guy, threatening Arthur so i had to intervene" Nym says this ridiculous story with a straight face. "So anyway, who are you?" He asks with a light tone.