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  1. InFAMOUS RP - The choice is yours

    I mean capturing them
  2. InFAMOUS RP - The choice is yours

    It seems weird that the DUP stil want conduits. Eeeeh. Am I okay to turn her in or what? She doesn't wanna die lol.
  3. InFAMOUS RP - The choice is yours

    Oooh daaamn. Considering my character has no interest in doing anything bad.
  4. Fluttercup flew over to sit on Annabelle's shoulder, landing on it. He seemwd to have a blue scarf on and he seemed to be the size of a normal human hand. Outside, Arashi was hiding in a tree with a bow, watching the guards go and do their patrols. They were no way she could get in without alerting them, so the only way was to take them out was through a bow and arrow. Pulling back the string after placing an armor piercing arrow on it, she shot it at one of the guard's heads, hoping it'd kill them in one hit. @Fennis Ursai
  5. InFAMOUS - Zero Year

    Using her usefound powers, Arashi created a wall of electric-fire around her, the bullets melting on contact. Arashi just sighed, looking over to Hearse. "...You have some explaining to do. Why the hell am I conduit?! I never asked for any of this!" She grunted, remembering she still held Connor on her back. "I suggest you get your friend patched up before he gets into a very bad critical condition. This isn't the time to be fighting right now is it? I'm not interested in beating up the DUP or being some sort of bioterrorist. You told me to do something and I didn't expect to be a goddamn conduit! I want to help your organization. I hate other bioterrorists anyways, my parents were killed by them. They risked their life to protect the city." Araahi sighed again for a second before shutting off the wall of electric fire. "Now for the love of god, is any of you here a medic or are you just going to let your comrade die? Conduit or not, I wouldn't let anybody die on my watch. I have no interest in killing someone that's doing their job, the real question here is, are you going to kill the conduit that possibly saved your friend's life?" Arashi had no interest in hurting anybody here, she didn't want these powers. Her job was to help others and protect the city.
  6. Shadows, Reunited

    The dragon had attempted to hide her fear long enough from them before she started to break down from the wounds she was getting from the demons that had Mathias had released. Arashi screamed in pain as she was hurt, the obvious fear in her eyes as she fell over onto the ground. The weakened dragon hybrid attempted to get up, not having enough strength or even feeling like doing so, the fear had taken over her mind. "I will kill you..." The dragon growled.
  7. Problems with site

    Delete the cache?
  8. Problems with site

    Oh didnt know Sorry carlos
  9. Problems with site

    Try using remember me Shouldnt log u out?
  10. Rivers of Blood OOC

    Oops. My bad. LMAO.
  11. Lmao. @Jotnotes I think i have most of them bar the dragon skin for sym and the new reaper one. The two i want the most
  12. Problems with site

    @supernal @desolate