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    They look very similar...

  2. Metty

    Terrenus AMA 2.0

    Do nuclear power plants exist in Terrenus?
  3. I can basically put Arashi in there to help out. I hope she'd get paid well tho or she aint gonna risk it.
  4. CPU: AMD Radeon 5 GPU: Geforce 1060 6GB FPS: Really good. RAM: 32GB HDD: Two 4TB Drives OS: Windows 10 PSU: 650W Cost to build: I don't know. Spent upgrading it over years.
  5. Metty

    our endless days

    "Right now? Are you sure that's okay? I mean it still is a bit early...are you sure your siblings would be okay with this?" Stormbreaker asked. Going to smile at Aspen. It was a bit early for this, was it not? I mean she had to lecture Ana later on about school and well...teach the beeflies some basic things. Unless Stormy was up to the challenge of teaching them. "Stormy, do you think you can teach the beeflies for me today? You know the usual books to teach them right? They gotta have their education, you know " "Yes, mother, I won't let you down on that." Stormy said, as he was petted on the head by Stormbreaker.
  6. Metty

    General chat thread

    I'm up to the latest ep in sub. There's a second season confirmed already. Really excited for it
  7. Metty

    General chat thread

    Honestly, I can relate to the main character of trusting somebody a little too much. I personally have that issue and is probably why I enjoy it more than I should. Plus the depth it gives to characters. The haters can hate the show all they want, they aren't important even. I love how the show so far is literally everyone hating the MC because of a false rumor that got around. That shows how fast rumors spread and how easily they are believed.
  8. Metty

    General chat thread

    I actually enjoy the Shield Hero. One of my favs.
  9. Metty

    our endless days

    Stormbreaker sighs as she puts her hand behind her head as she thinks about how to answer that question in particular. "I want to learn mostly about how to cook. That's something I've always wanted to do....maybe learn to make some things that way. I don't know." Stormbreaker's eyes lit up as she noticed a very pretty flower in the gardens, that looked like a pansy. "These look very pretty." Stormy on the other hand, seemed to be quite at home on Aspen's shoulder. Looking very proud of himself and puffing out his lemon fur.
  10. Metty

    Oh boy...

    I'd love to be involved in your science stuff again. We never finished that.
  11. I thought it said clams....am I reading things
  12. Arashi went to pick up Nikki and beginning to fly off to a safe space. This wasn't the time to sit and chat it seems and Arashi wasn't gonna just let anybody else due today, at least. She placed Nikki on her back and began flying till well she reached a safe place, which wasn't affected. After about ten minutes or so, she placed Nikki down.
  13. Just don't let the cat eat them. And don't buy a lily or a few of those. Those are extremely toxic. Buy cat safe flowers.
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