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  1. i like starbucks alot

    1. Ayumi


      ok hi my favorite person

  2. I am not cute T^T. I still post pictures of cutieflies though!
  3. Ily. *walks off* I missed you flirting with me. >.>
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    I saw you looking at my profile. >.>


  5. Hi, welcome to Val :D I'm Metty. Roleplaying is pretty much writing a story with someone, you write a bit of a story, the person replies back, etc. I'll be willing to roleplay with you if you want at some point. I'm a bit of a newbie myself, I'm better at writing character profiles than roleplaying itself.
  6. The draconian was indeed impatient, breaking down the door and throwing it aside with a great amount of force. She didn't care about damages, she just wanted this over done and over with. Regardless of the cost. They would probably turn their attention to the muscular, lean Draconian with a mostly human appearance standing at the height of six foot two, crimson red markings on arms, a crimson red draconian tail with black stripes on it and multicolored eyes. It was noted alongside that, she had scars, most notably from fighting all over her body. Arashi had light brown hair reaching down to her shoulders, slightly messy at the back and the top of her head, she gave no damns. Arashi had a scar on her left cheek and a crimson red V-shaped draconian marking over the bridge of her nose. The one that took the doors off the hinges and threw it to the side was known as Arashi. The young Draconian, known to be aged about eighteen physically, looking over at the receptionist. "Hey, you, you in charge of this experiment things? You surely know who I am right? Let's get done and over with already..." The young draconian was extremely impatient, she was too inexperienced of the world, too arrogant. Arashi just seemed to have a pair of camo cargo pants on, a gray hoodie and a pair of black and blue sneakers. A voice came from behind where Arashi was standing. "Arashi, you moron! You broke the goddamned door again!" A young aged main, about in his late twenties came rushes in, wearing what seems to be a red flannel shirt, a pair of blue cargo pants and white sneakers. He seems to be out of breath. He seems to blonde hair and a slight start of a beard, like he had just shaved. "You left me and my partner out there while you ran off looking for the place then you broke the door again!? How many times must I tell you not to?!" Arashi sighed, crossing her arms, looking over at the man. "I'm sorry...?" She seemed to be more annoyed than anything else, not impressed by this sudden appearance of her friend. "Sorry won't cut this time! We're already out of cash by that destructive habits of yours! Your sister won't be happy at you!" Arashi turned away as the young man began to stand up walking over to the receiptionist. "Arashi, you better say sorry this time or I will tell Ashenfire on you." "Don't you dare--" "I will do it." "Can we forget it? We got to the place, didn't we?" "You have a point. This time, but this is the last straw for now, Arashi." "Tch, tch. Fine, whatever, Jay."
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  10. I'd like to rp with Vash? If that's his name.
  11. Thank you! I don't have windows 10 cause it isn't good for what I do. Aka Gaming. >.>