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Voting has reset for the month of August. Valucre is in the top 10 but we aim for the top 3 for maximum visibility when people land on the home page of the topsite. If you want to help new members discover Valucre, vote for us daily.

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      Vote for Valucre [August]   05/16/2017

      Voting for the month of August is open on TopRPSites! Vote for Valucre daily and help new members searching for a place to roleplay discover the same joys you have in Valucre. You can vote daily, so make voting for Valucre a habit. Discussion thread
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      Poachers and spammers   08/18/2017

      Please report anyone that tries to use Valucre to get you to go to another RP site.  Since Valucre started getting popular people have tried to piggyback on Valucre's success. Once, the admin of another site made a fake account and spammed 50 members at a time in mass PMs, trash-talking Valucre and linking to their own. Another time, the admin of a different RP site just pretended to be me by name to convince people I had made that site too. There are more examples than it's worth getting into. The point is to remind our members that anyone linking to other RP sites is infringing on Valucre's Code of Conduct.


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  1. The wanderer in the wilds

    Arashi followed Makiel behind, curious on what he was going to say next to her. She was at a loss for words on what to say to him.
  2. The wanderer in the wilds

    Arashi nodded. "Change that for another ounce of gold and it's a deal." She looked over at the older man who was dressed up like a dragon. She thought this would work. She was bad at haggling. Her imtimidating glare should be enough to intimidate him into giving her more money.
  3. The wanderer in the wilds

    "Probably quite a bit...everything over here is measured in pieces of metal I think...so that's about probably platinum...if your lucky. If we're lucky we'll get rhodium for this thing. That gives alot of money." Arashi said as she explained.
  4. The wanderer in the wilds

    "Not that I know of...there isn't anything." The dragon struggled to look for answers as she looked at the shopkeeper.
  5. Christ. Thats brutal. Part of the reason why I don't drive. I'd be more of a danger to people on the road than myself. My conceration span is so bad.
  6. The wanderer in the wilds

    "We aren't giving it to you till we decide on a price. Are we clear?" The dragon hybrid sighed, looking over at the shopkeeper.
  7. The wanderer in the wilds

    Arashi looked over at Makiel then back at the man. "Let me explain what he means...this ring is a hierloom that has been passed down generations. We need it sold because of spite out of our own blood. How much will you give us for it?" Arashi seemed confused that Makiel knew draconic lanuage, as Arashi barely ever spoke in it.
  8. The wanderer in the wilds

    Arashi looked over at the male owner who was standing behind the counter in the shop. She looked over at him, glancing over at Makiel, sort of telling him to come over with what he was needing to sell. "Hello sir, I wish to sell something to you, can we make a deal on this?" The musuclar brown haired dragon hybrid wasn't fooling around. She crossed her arms as she looked at the shopkeeper.
  9. The Pendulum: Potions and Pleasantries

    Arashi went out for food and came back out about half an hour later with a huge sack over her shoulder. She placed it down on the floor beside Ingrid. "There's meat and fish and things in there...as well as vegetables and other things? I don't know..." Arashi sighed.
  10. The wanderer in the wilds

    Arashi led him into what seems to be a shop of some sorts. Arashi folded her arms, looking up at Makiel. She waited for some sort of response from him.
  11. The wanderer in the wilds

    Arashi looked over at him as she sighed deeply to herself. "I'll try and find something..." She walks off, looking around. Arashi came back about ten minutes later. "I found something I think..."
  12. Welcome fellow brit!

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Metty


      I'm not too good at story telling personally. I prefer to just do adventure rps. 

      I'm a newbie rper but I like rping alot. 

    3. Gaheris


      I'm sure your story telling is amazing if you were to be forced to sit down and let that imagination of yours loose, Scottish! I think we should to find out sometime ;) And yes, the ability to allow one to be creative, give life to something & become someone they can only usually become in their head, is a beautiful thing :smile:

    4. Metty


      Yeah i would be more creative if i kept with my ideas. I switch alot with my ideas and scarp them slot. >.> Im weird like that.

  13. The wanderer in the wilds

    "I don't know where to sell this thing cause I'm not used to going to the shops here....I mainly steal not talk at all." Arashi sighed under her breath.
  14. The wanderer in the wilds

    "I'll do it...only because I have nothing better to do..." The dragon sighed yet again as she looked over at him, bored out of her mind. She was really bored, just wanting to do something.
  15. The wanderer in the wilds

    "...It looks harder than it seems...I don't even have an actual name..I just made up one...how great is that, huh? No parents, an adopted sister and my best friend that I can't seem to find...this is going well for me..." She looked over at him, confused on what to say next. Even after a month of searching for them, she couldn't find anything to mark out where they could be. It was like they had disappeared completely. Arashi was hopeless without the two, going out to steal and plunder whatever resources where available. She followed the wanderer.