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  1. Metty

    Persistent Alternative settings

    MHA? Yeah count me in.
  2. Metty

    Suggest a Curse! Making a List of 100 for d/100 Usage

    1. Curse of the Beefly: Turns into a Beefly. Random color of Beefly. 2. Curse of the Cat: Turn into a fluffy non-talkative cat
  3. Metty

    Entrepreneurs! Take Advantage of the Tropics!

    I should put my beeflies in here!
  4. Metty

    InFAMOUS - Zero Year

    "I might as well be that person, yes." Arashi pulled out what seems to be twenty dollars out of her wallet and gave it to the person in front of her. "Take this and go. Don't tell anybody I was here." Arashi sighed. It was the only thing she could do without harming the indiviual in front of her. She wasn't going to harm someone that didn't do anything wrong. The guy was unharmed and scared, he didn't mean any wrong doing. "I'm a SWAT officer, not a murderer. If I really wanted to kill people, I would of done it before now and gotten fired." She sighed once again, walking down the alley with her rifle in her hand and pistol in her holster.
  5. Metty

    Destruction des morts

    Arashi had been busy since she before she had left for Tia. She had been researching for Materials after all, finding out what's useful for certain things. Through some illegal searching, she was able to find out a bunch of stuff about them. As soon as the soldiers left, Arashi began to make her move down the street, going to find out where her partner was to help her with this stealing of materials. It was going to be pretty hard to steal all the stuff she wanted without alerting some detection of military appearing to stop them. "Where is that dragon? I told him to meet me around here with a gas mask...for himself." @Djinn&Juice
  6. Metty

    [Event] Darkness and Havoc - Illyria Arrives

    Arashi struggled to get free after being bound by the magic net. It was strong alright and she had no choice but trying to break it open. The draconian tried to break free but to no avail, nothing worked, she was too worn out from fighting. The last of her power was used to transform her into the half-dragon form she was currently transformed into. "You fool...I will make sure your death is slow and painful as I eat you alive after I get out of here...Mark my words." The draconian growled at Luz.
  7. Metty

    General chat thread

  8. Metty

    I'llbe nice right now

    About 8 years. Since I turned about 13 Never got into paragraph till a few years ago
  9. Metty

    Claiming the Furthest Point

    Arashi stood around as she waited for the monsters to appear to fight. The armored draconian wearing a high tech suit with a gas mask was standing on guard with a bow on hand and a sword at her waist. As well as a quiver on her back. She suddenly heard some noise, however, and a pack of Monsters came heading her way. While she didn't have time to talk to her allies, she was ready to fight the monsters that had approached. Arashi was hit however, she stumbled back by the damage that she was struck with by the monsters in question. The draconian quickly healed her wounds she got inflicted by the monsters in question by using some sort of healing gel she had hidden in her belt over her armor and went to dispatch an arrow at the monsters that were front of her. Character: Arashi HP: 5 Actions - Heal, Attack (Pack A), Enhance Roll
  10. Metty

    Dice Rolling Thread

    First roll for Yhmi
  11. Metty

    Another Day, Another Target

    As soon as Arashi was hit, she felt extreme pain coursing through her body. She gritted her teeth, the rest of it smoking off her body from the heat of the electricity that was coursing through her. After all, she was meant to be able to absorb natural sources of electricity and that obviously wasn't one. Again, her arrogance got her from thinking she could just absorb it and think nothing would happen. She took the pain pretty badly as felt like it disabled her regen and prevented her from healing the injuries she got from it. She managed to get quite a few injuries from it. Then the ground opened up, and everything became confusing to her. Who was this guy in front of her? Why were there even those guys in the first place? It didn't matter. Not now at least. "I don't need your help... I can manage just fine." The draconian said, panting heavily through her injuries. While she was hurt she could still try and fight. She tried to summon even a spark of electricity out of her finger on her left hand, nothing. Not even a spark somewhat. It must have totally knocked out her systems and even powers with that sneak attack.
  12. Metty

    What's your favorite class to play?

    Archer in Skyrim I like playing archers for some reason
  13. Metty

    Another Day, Another Target

    Arashi grew angry at the fact the book she had been reading had been completely ruined by the merc standing on it. "You ruined my DAMN BOOK!" She raged, going to punch the merc in the face when she realized they were running off in chase of someone. She was angry and wanted revenge for them ruining her book and time. The second she tried to throw the punch anf hoping it connected, Arashi was struck by some sort of needle-like thing, unsure of what it did. "What the hell was I just hit with?"
  14. Metty

    To Fellows & Friends

    "Confidence? You're asking me to be confident with myself? You're asking a bit much aren't you? My family would never let me really fight. Ended up causing too much damage to myself." She shook her head. She wasn't suited for combat just yet. She got utterly destroyed by Dredge after all cause she thought she could beat him. She couldn't even beat a feral cat in combat, let alone a human. "Missions, huh...Don't get your hopes up. Chances are that I'd die if there any sign of even a small combat situation." it was true, Arashi couldn't really fight. She was a weakling that couldn't hold her out. Her powers were hard enough to control and all she could do was hit targets with a bow. "I do have skill in using a bow..."