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  1. Arashi turned to wave to Annabelle, but turned her attention back to Genji. The two where both dragons or dragon hybrids, capable of causing great destruction if they choosed to. The two started to fight each in hand to hand combat, Genji easily getting the upperhand before Arashi activates her electrokinesis. The two fought each other with their powers, causing great destruction to the forest nearby. Half of it was frozen by ice, the other hslf completely burned to a crisp. The two dragons directed their fight torwards the forest to prevent any damage to the farm nearby. The two seemed to be slightly injured but still fighting to each other head on. Arashi wasn't giving up and Genji wasn't either. They were fighting like this for at least fifteen minutes since Annabelle left. In a quick second, Genji had overpowered Arashi with his brute strength and defense and sent her crashing into a nearby frozen tree with a strong ice powered up punch. The dragonkin struggled to stand, barely being able to fight no more. Genji was clearly holding back till now. The dragon hybrid walked torwards Arashi with a grin on his face. "I told you not to fight with me. You refused to listen. You shouldn't of put up a fight Arashi. You've gotten weak." Arashi got up, looking more battered up than before. Her whole left was frozen from his sheer ice power. "I ain't giving up so easily Genji! I'll defeat yo--" Arashi's talking was interrupted and she punched into the ground by the menacing dragon making her face touch the frozen ground in the process. "It's over Arashi. You're dead."
  2. Arashi stood up as she helped herself off of the bed that she was lying down on. She went over to the panel that the Royal Doctor was talking about, taking minutes to open it before putting the small listening device in her right ear. "I hate hospitals..." Arashi sighed. She was being trapped in a room by a weird hybrid woman. Not what she wanted. All she wanted was to be healed of her poison in her system. "If only I didn't leave her to run off after I ate that poisonous plant I ate in the wilds...She told me not to touch it too! When will I ever listen to Annabelle?! Stupid Arashi!" Arashi kicked the wall while talking to herself angrily. "She'll probably know i'm in a hospital...damn it...! WHY DID I LEAVE HER?!" Arashi was mad. She abandoned her sister after she ran off after she ate a poisonous plant in the forest. Annabelle would probably be worried sick by now. Arashi was meant to be protecting her, not running off like an idiot! @Warlock
  3. Arashi was embarassed. First it was at the cave that she was naked now this? Oh boy. Anybody could walk in here and see her naked. Lovely. Not a sight she was happy with at all. Arashi liked having her clothes on for obvious reasons. Leaving her naked was the worst feeling on earth. "This is so damn embarassing?! Why do people like seeing me naked, is it a thing people like seeing?" Arashi looked down as she saw the mud drag her into the ground. "The fuck...last I checked mud ain't quicksand. What is this? There's some weird shit going on here." Yes. Weird shit. That's what she called it. Hahaha. Arashi had a weird sense of talking and acting but this was mindblowing to her. Mud turned into quicksand? Oh come on. First she was naked then this. What could go even MORE wrong?
  4. "She's back at farm where you got her...please don't kill her..." Arashi sighed. She was powerless to resist the warlock, she didn't have enough strength to break free from this right now. She was too weak to stand up to the warlock. She was an idiot to think the strength she gained would prevent her from being killed. She seemed to be scared judging by the tone of her voice. "I'm a demon now, huh..." Arashi was deeply saddened by this. She wished to become a demon slayer through her newfound demonic strength. Arashi knew she had the strength to defeat the warlock, yet she didn't know how to use it to that full strength.
  5. Bro, you spelt your name wrong. Also welcome to Val! @Vix
  6. Where's this based?
  7. I don't want to go watch the show cause i'm lazy so what's it about roughly?
  8. Arashi didn't seem to be on guard when Mathias was there in front of her. She knew damn fine he was responsible for Annabelle's father death and her kidnapping. Arashi clenches her fists as she glared at him. "Mathias. Right? You took the wrong path." She growled as she willed the black demonic markings before to appear on her left arm. "Today is the day you get slain for hurting my friend!" Arashi was angry. This was the guy responsible for her torture and the one that created the demons that she absorbed for power and protection or her friend. Arashi was mainly running on her demonic strength right now and her thrist for revenge against the dark mage, she launched a bolt of demonic augmented at electricity at him. "I'M GOING TO SEND YOU SIX FEET UNDER!"
  9. The dragon elemental hybrid turned around when the kid talked. Genji seemed to be fairly big and muscular even bigger than what Arashi was. He seemed to be in top physical condition. As Arashi had finished her food, Genji walked over to the tent, grabbing Arashi up by the scarf as he reached inside, picking her up as he walked outside with her. "Genji, it ain't what you think it is!" The dragon looked over at Arashi as she spoke. "I told you to go and investigate that cult we talked about. Now it's gone cause of you!" "Hey! It's not that bad!" "I wanted to join, you worthless dragonkin! Now your friendly with humans, have you gone soft Arashi? What happened to killing humans non-stop? I told you to make problems for these humans, not become friends with them!" "Soft?! Who you calling soft, Genji?! You kill humans cause they killed your parents!" With that Genji dropped Arashi, looking really mad at her. "That's it. I'm killing you Arashi. I've had enough of this. Killing your friend too." Arashi got up and looked over at Genji. "You're not hurting my friend!" It might be a wise idea for Annabelle to not get involved in this fight, it might end up seriously hurting her. Arashi stood in front of her protectively.
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    I got told I was meant to wait till everyone posts then post afterwards. Maybe i was told wrong.
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    What happened to post order?
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    Undae is cute as heck. No wonder why Arashi likes her.
  13. Arashi sighed as she started to eat her food. She knew bits and pieces but it really didn't add up. She was confused on what she remembered and how it fitted in with her current life. Arashi knew one thing though. The organization that created her had mulitple labs across the world. Their wherebouts were a mystery. She knew the one that created her was in Hell's Gate. "No, it's alright. It probably wouldn't make sense to me..." The draconic hybrid sighed. "It's gotta be around here somewhere..." came a voice from a bit away from the area that the two where in. Arashi could pick it up due to her good hearing. She easily knew the voice. "Is that Genji? What's he doing out here?" Arashi sighed. Genji was somewhat of a friend. She'd probably get in trouble for running off like usual. What she didn't know that was probably was gonna get into trouble for hanging about with humans.
  14. I'm going to admit, that regeneration seems a bit too much. Take my main OC example, she can regenerate small wounds like cuts in under a day but deep wounds take up to 2 - 3 days or a week. I suggest tone it down a bit. Nobody is going want to fight a character that regens in minutes. She's also extremely durable and all but can only take so much damage. She's not bulletproof at all. Sure my oc is strong and all but she's a really bad at combat. Just some advice. May wanna tone a few things down.
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    Really? I'm getting better.