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  1. Metty

    Forging allies (Private)

    Arashi sighed as she heard Marigold shout from downstairs. She was certainly in trouble again as always. Breaking stuff seemed to be her strong point. She was strong physically after all, but she lacked control over her strength and her powers. Those were her downfall. She was covered in slightly burns on her arm and of course a few dozen wounds from the exploding Mircowave. Debris everywhere and of course most of lodged itself into Arashi of course. She looked like she came out of a battlezone with sharpnel. As well as her clothes covered in smoke particles. "This is the last time I try and switch on something...why do they always activate when I need to do something? Am I thinking too hard?" She trudged downstairs, falling down the stairs with a loud crash and them came. "I'm perfectly fine. No need to worry." Then she came into the room. There was she was, covered in slight burns, had debris stuck in her body like sharpnel, and she was covered in smoke particles. She looked fairly mad. "This is the last time I touch anything...why does everything blow up when i touch it? Am I doing something wrong?!"
  2. Metty

    Two If By Sea (Last Chance Raid OOC)

    Guess this turned into a ooc romance thread...
  3. I love the amount of detail you put in your profile. 

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      Thank you! I always end up with quite a few paragraphs of stuff when coming up with characters.

  4. Metty

    A Dragon to The Grind Stone

    "I hate you." Arashi said, scowling at Marigold as she laid on the table. "I'd much rather be dead than go through this..." She was fairly pissed off. This was driving her mad. Rodan was the one that was driving her through the roof at this point. Seriously, turning her into a barrel? Why? It was extremely painful from the pain she felt while being transformed nonetheless... Then it dawned on her, why didn't regonize the scientist at first? Was it because she only remembered him barely? She remembered going places with a brown haired scientist who helped educate her somewhat a while ago...at that young, Arashi thought he was her dad after all. She was given up to a wolf lady, who she was her mother and now thinks is her real mother. She had wondered where this guy had went after leaving her all this time. The young Arashi didn't understand. She still didn't understand why he left her there. He was like a dad. "Are you perhaps the guy that dropped me off with my mum...? I miss that guy. He was like a dad to me." It was a tone of nothing but confusion that Arashi spoke up with after all. She was lost. She had went adventuring and got caught up with this shit. However, after Rodan left, Arashi spoke up with a few words. "You aren't going to dissect me, are you?" She questioned. If this was really the guy from her childhood, she didn't think he was a bad person. He was a nice guy. This was a sudden contrast to how mad she was...after she thought long and hard on how she regonized the scientist. She did. Just couldn't place a name on it and whether it was her father like figure or not.
  5. Metty

    Forging allies (Private)

    A loud explosion was heard from upstairs. "Fuck!" Came from a very angry female voice. That was it. She knew she crossed the line. This was the reason why she couldn't use technology. It would always backfire on her and get her into trouble like this. She couldn't cook. She couldn't manage to touch something without her electricity powers going mad and acting like a damn emp or switching off power anywhere...she accidentally always ate fire when it was a candle or a campfire. "WHY DOES THIS ALWAYS HAPPEN TO ME?!" Came the voice of a very angry Arashi. It could probably be heard cause of how mad she was. If the walls weren't thick enough to contain the sound. This was going to shit for her, pretty fast. Now the mircowave was broken. Oh god. How is Marigold going to react to this? She was certainly scared of what would happen.
  6. "Marigold! Where the heck did you run off to this time?! What have I told you about running off when I'm not around?!" A familar voice was heard from not far behind Marigold. It was Arashi. She looked fairly pissed off, that Marigold had just left again and went strolling off again on his own accord. After what had happened last time with Rodan, she was scared to let him out of her sight. Anything could be out here, bandits...dragons...monsters! Even feral cats! It was unlikely that feral cats would kill someone anyway...as their cats...after all. She walked up to Marigold, after finding him of course and glared at the new visitor. "Who is this? Look, whoever you are...if you lay one finger on him. I would personally bake you into a cake. A rather good one." The draconian seemed almost disappointed in her tone of voice and threatening as she did not trust this foreign visitor. This could be an assassin for all she knew. She was very curious and never let her guard down now at any sign of visitor. Unless it was the military. Oh how she hated the military for giving her a bounty.
  7. Metty

    A Change of Heart (Hyde)

    Arashi seems to be completely lost in thought after Rivana had said she was going to be the best one around here. Arashi knew that was a lie to begin with, after all she knew damn well she'd be stronger than her sister. After all Arashi was part dragon and dragons were naturally extremely powerful. Her strength was limited right now, but she knew at least she would be strong enough eventually to be able to deal with everything thrown at her if she did do combat training. Arashi wasn't the type to want to learn combat however, she had no interest. No interest in fighting in a world where she would most certainly get killed. It was a waste of time even gaining strength to begin with. She knew that. What's the point in training for something to fight for, when you were going to die in combat anyways? Arashi with quite annoyed tone, replied back to Rivana. "Your funeral then. I don't intend to learn to fight to be killed so easily like I'm a rat." It was better being a coward than fighting a battle you cannot win. Arashi knew that. With that being said, Arashi walked into the kitchen to grab some food. She was hungry from being out so long anyways.
  8. Metty

    A Change of Heart (Hyde)

    Arashi nearly fell over on her back from Fye's sudden hug that she was given. She almost lost her balance after all, as her muscles were weakened from being in bed all long. She hugged Fye back, her body not as strong as it was before. Arashi clearly needed to get used to her body again before she would be able to even try and fight again. Her weakened state wouldn't let her probably use her fists to the minium potential she could use them at. "I am alright...I just feel even weaker than usual. Perhaps it's the fact I haven't been up for days." Arashi grinned as she replied to Fye and then Rivana talked to her back with her whole "you're so defensive" comment. After she was hugged, Arashi made a smirk to the Wolf girl. "Last I checked, you couldn't even hurt a moth Rivana. Don't give me that crap about being defensive. You can't fight. None of us can except from Mum. Let's keep it that way." The hybrid said in a saddened tone, before walking off to the kitchen to get some food and drink for herself. She was quite jealous of her mum's cooking and was always interested in how she was so good at it. She certainly wanted to take it up as a hobby...but her powers and abilities did not want her to. The amount of times she's burnt things just by holding it and her electric-flames suddenly activate is way too common or that time she literally broke a glass bottle while trying to open it...she clearly had no control over these things no matter how much she wanted to try. All she knew is that she can control them better when she was mad but other than the times she was mad? Zero control whatsoever. She annoyed people with how unpredicatable they were after all.
  9. So who's heads and who's tails? I was going off of the order we tagged in a few hours ago so that means I'm the number 1.

    If thats okay with you.

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      I have no idea what you're talking about. Lol.

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      The rolling thread.

  10. Dude. Arashi vs Jin is gonna be lit.
  11. Metty

    General chat thread

    So...I have a plan. Arashi is gonna become the Batman of Valucre.
  12. Metty

    A Change of Heart (Hyde)

    The draconian had been having nightmares and some weird dreams after she returned back home. It was a weird thing, she felt scared to go out and fight the man that did this to her. There was many questions going through her mind at the time of when she was getting tortured. She still didn't who that blonde haired man was. Maybe she would find answers one day, but for now she would have to settle on trying to get back to normal. When she woke up, she felt like crap. Her body was still recovering from her wounds after all, she had dismembered limbs and all that. When she woke up, she found that her wounds were fully healed, including the one she had over her eye. Where she got her wound from her eye, there was a huge scar over it, as well as multiple scars on her arms and legs from the injuries she took. Getting up out of the bed from the knock at the door, she growled at Rivana calling her a "dweeb". Just as always. Arashi was always the weaker one anyways, due to her not wanting to learn how to use her powers. She went to put her clothes on, as she was completely naked from what Dredge did to her. She would have to take a shower or bath later, but this would do for now. She went to put on her scarf, looking over to the bed she had nearby for her two pet Beeflies. Which where pink and blue colored. They were about the size of her hand, curled up sleeping in a bed next to each other. These creatures actually were pretty intelligent and were able to talk via some form of telepathy. They were sentient creatures. Arashi loved them and took care of them, even if they weren't meant to be used as companions in combat. After all, they seemed to run away if there was a fight or two, as they seemed to be scared of it, rather than trying to help out. They were snoozing quietly in the bed, cuddled up together. After she made sure they were okay, Arashi opened the door and walked out to where Fye was, struggling a bit to walk as she hadn't done so in a while. "It's nice to see you too. Do you always like eating that?" Arashi then glanced over to Rivana. "I don't like being called names, watch your tone!"
  13. Metty

    Taen HQ

    Anything interesting I could start with anybody?
  14. Metty

    The Battle for Last Chance promo

    Please do kick their asses. LMAO