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  1. Metty

    To Fellows & Friends

    Arashi was surrounded by a both of weirdos. Mainly in particular, Michael. The way he just changed when Shanti was there was certainly something. Was he like that all the time? If he was like that all the time, then that made Arashi more afraid to challenge his authority directly. Now wasn't that time, if he had come up to her with no reason and started accusing her of something she'd didn't do, then she most likely challenge his authority. But this wasn't the time, maybe some time she would get to see how strong he is to be commanding her around like that. The young Draconian sighed in relief as Michael didn't go straight forward and just arrest her after she pledged her story. She never wanted a bounty, it was all a misunderstanding to begin with. "At least you can actually call me by my name, Mr. Michael. I'd think I'd take you up on that offer actual...I don't think my family wants me in anymore trouble than already am in. Though you may have to get their permission first, pretty sure they don't want me kidnapped by a evil monster like Dredge again and tortured." She looked at Michael as she said that. She had heard rumors of a battle at Last Chance but had never heard the full details of what had happened. She was pretty sure her family didn't want to tell her what happened and she was fine by that. "...Miss Shanti? What's this staff your gonna get? What is it for?" Arashi asked like a curious child not knowing about certain things.
  2. Metty

    How many threads are you in right now?

    If only if I was in that many...
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    Outreach Team AMA

    User lore, my friend. It's under the water cooler.
  4. Metty

    InFAMOUS RP - The choice is yours

    Okay then I'll reply asap
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    MOBS tournament v3

    Okay, I'll take a stab at fighting. Geddit? Hahaha.
  6. Metty

    Destruction des morts

    Arashi had been sent here by the request of Peacekeeper Michael Commanger who sent the hybrid in his stead. She had been in deep trouble with the Terran military and Michael offered a way out of it, by working with him. Of course, Arashi thought about refusing the offer, but she accepted and was here to find out if there was something wrong. First point of action was to find the local Peacekeeper and fill them in the situation, but she wasn't too sure on where to find them. Arashi wore her signature full body black high-tech armor with a helmet with a gas mask and rebreather. Her armor helped her blend into the darkness of the night, but it hindered her fighting in the daytime. Along with a red cape over her armor, Arashi looked very similar to a futuristic knight with it on. She had some of her weapons concealed on her back under her cape, incase she had to fight. She had her bow and quiver there filled with enough arrows for quite a while to deal with a possible threat, as well as two greatswords on her back to deal with close range enemies should the need arise. A smart warrior always had plenty of ammo, extra healing items and extra items to use in a fight if need be and that's why she wore utility pouches over her armor. The draconian wasn't well confident in using her weapons to fight, as she was only skilled in using her bow to fight off threats. Granted, this was cheap weaponry she got off of dead soldiers she looted while travelling, but it would have to do till she got replacements for real that'd be much better suited. Arashi was patrolling around, looking for the local Peacekeeper when she passed the Gaian chruch, when she stopped and noticing noise of talking from inside. Activating the heat signature mode on through her HUD's through the guanlet on her right arm, Arashi looked into the building in front of her, noticing two figures. Noticing a chance to take this threat out if there was a threat or if it was casual discussion, she quietly alerted the guards of the situation, before going to pull the bow off her back and going to pull it back and putting three arrows on it. Arashi had a clear shot of the assassin from standing near the open doorway, so she fired that three arrows at her, hoping it would hit. Arashi knew she would be likely be found out afterwards from where she fired, that wasn't a problem. She was confident she would able to fight her foe head on. [Engaging Ataraxy's character directly] @Twitterpated @Ataraxy @Tyler
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    Project Destroy Tia

    Oh no. Not Lilith. Arashi is deeeed. Save her Julius!
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    Project Destroy Tia

    @Twitterpated is going to join Team 5 alongside us.
  9. Metty

    Project Destroy Tia

    I'll have to discuss this with my teammates but I'm happy to back you up on team 5
  10. Thats what im getting to doing my good sir
  11. How about something that contains the soul of a very evil beefly? @Ataraxy
  12. Metty

    Project Destroy Tia

    Imma join with Arashi on defense.
  13. Metty

    To Fellows & Friends

    Arashi sighed as she looked at Michael as she saw the evidence. "I know what your talking about. I'm suprised you weren't took the full outcome of why that happened. That wasn't on purpose, it was a mere accident in combat. I didn't know my breath attack was going to hit the wall of all things, did I?" The teenager sighed, going to explain her side of the story. "I was going through that area...while adventuring, I came across some elf lady trying to kill what you know as Raven, Queen of the Hyperion Empire. I merely did what a bodyguard or guard would do and protected her till I dealt with the threat to her life. That's how I broke the wall even further. It was already broken as it is...the area was pretty rundown like it was hit by a bandit attack or something before. There's my side of the story and last I checked, the wall is fixed now." Arashi sighed again, going to finish off what she saying. "If protecting someone's life is against Terran laws, then I will accept my punishment...but before you ask, no, I don't even know if Marigold even pays me enough to pay for the damages I have caused." She looks back at Shanti then at Michael. "Anyways, who exactly are you? Are you some sort of police officer?"
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    New to Valucre but not RP

    Hello! Welcome! Do you have any interest in making beefly friends?