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  1. "No?" Arashi said as she was kicked in the chest, rolling over and hitting the floor, landing on her side. The draconian was running out of energy fast after all, this might be one of the times she has to attack before she runs out. Struggling to get up, she was suddenly struck in the jaw, her helmet shattering. She went to go and grab Nikki's hand, trying to stop her from doing anymore damage.
  2. Arashi had enough of this. Enough was done today after all, and she wanted to end this here and now. So she walked up to her for and attempted to punch her in the stomach yet again, hopefully giving Arashi enough time to restrain the human. She wasn't sure how much more damage she could take after all, but she knew one thing, if she fights drags on long enough, she could end up seriously injured. "Enough! Cut it out already!"
  3. Arashi got up, slightly injured by the whole thing, her armor slightly cracked in the middle. She seemed pissed off, going to punch Nikki with electric-fire around her fist, directly aiming for her stomach again. This was going to be a tough fight after all. After all, her armor was slightly broken already, it was strong enough but hits like that could probably injure an average human enough to give them terrible injuries.
  4. Don't mind me and Ty. Just destroying the neighbourhood a little
  5. Arashi was caught off-guard by Nikki's sudden movements, dodging ever so late that she ended up getting struck in the chest that was forced backwards into a nearby brick wall from another building, going through it, into what seems to be an living room of sorts. Not like it mattered now, there was a huge as heck hole anyways where she flew through, the draconian got up, pushing the debris off of her, noticing that her armor around her chest was slightly cracked from that blow. Growling as she got up, she went to look over at Nikki. "That hurt. What are you? Some sort of monster?"
  6. "Listen, kid, it's not like you can win against a superior being--" The draconian said as she was elbowed in the arm and suddenly hit in the chin, causing her to stagger back, losing her grip on the human woman. "I'm making you PISSED? Now you've annoyed me. I thought about going easy on you but you've given me no choice." Arashi stood there, eyes glowing purple from under her helmet that were visible. Arashi was pissed now and there was no way she was going to let this slide. "If you want to die, I suggest you step closer. Otherwise, you can run away now and survive like the weakling you are! That's all the chances I'm giving you!"
  7. Arashi caught Nikki's fist the second she threw a punch at her nose. She went to put pressure on her fist, trying to break her bones in her hand as she does so. "You aren't that fast. You're slower than me! Now begone brat!" Arashi with her other free hand, went to punch Nikki in the stomach while she had her fist grabbed.
  8. Arashi seemed rather annoyed at Nikki with her sudden comments. "Who the hell do you think you are? It's like you know me or something you punk-ass bitch. Last I checked, I don't remember your sorry ass or whatever this imperium is. I frankly don't give a damn whatever this thing you're talking about is. Like I said, WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU?" Arashi continued, sounding more annoyed than before. "Last I checked, the last thing I remember is getting smacked in the face by some Terran scumbag who decided that firing lightning at me WAS a great idea. That and my name. EXPLAIN yourself. I don't hang around with weaklings after all. So, I'll say this one more time, WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU?" The draconian crossed her arms, getting more annoyed by the minute.
  9. Arashi got up after realizing whatever form she was in. That was embarrassing to say the least, being stuck like a strawberry for a bit. She was back in her human form after all, as she got up slowly, looking rather pissed off. She looked around for that person that apparently knew her and took off, going after Nikki. Stopping a few feet from her. "Who the hell are you? How do you know me?!"
  10. You're going to die if you don't do something, who am I going to use after your death? That's right, I'd just die and I don't want that. You've been holding back this whole time, would your ancestors be proud of you? The dragon inside of her head said to her. That's right. I'm pathetic. I don't remember anything, but why does that matter? The dragon is right....I've been holding back on my power the whole time. I shouldn't be. It's holding me back. Now it's my time to show everyone what I'm made of. Arashi thought. So here she was, falling down to the ground at a fast speed. Not like that matter, cause she would able to tank the fall, if she did something quickly, she wouldn't fall to her death so suddenly. Noticing the harsh gale coming towards her, Arashi held out her hand, surrounding it with blue lightning, firing a powerful blast of blue lightning at the wind, hopefully, letting the electricity going through it to harm her foe. Surrounding herself in electricity, she attempted to slow her fall.
  11. "Ur...sorry. I phrased that wrong. I should have been nicer in the way I said that." Arashi sighed. After all, she was way too used to demanding things after all as it was her only way of getting her own way. Either that way or force. People were afraid of dragons so it was natural for them to well be scared of her. Well that was mostly the case wherever she went. So much so that people just gave her what she wants in fear of getting their families killed or their reputation ruined. "About food..pretty much anything that a human eats? Stuff like that..." Arashi said as she went to go to the device that apparently was a shower and went to get showered.
  12. Stormbreaker took her time to get the party. She was originally going to try and convince Aspen to come along but her friend didn't want to come. Stormbreaker was slightly saddened at the fact but nonetheless, she went. She had taken along Skittles, Aspen's beefly and her own Beefly, Stormy to the party. Wearing a black business suit at usual and some shoes along with her light brown hair being tied up in a pony tail, Stormbreaker entered the room, looking at how nice it was. Stormy was nearby, carrying Skittles on his back, keeping her safe. Stormbreaker noticed Varda and went over, going to get those soda and some food for the beeflies as they sat down next to her, enjoying the food that was given to them. Stormy put Skittles down on the chair, giving her food and making sure she's fine. "Your mum will be happy to see you've tried new experiences!" Said Stormy in his telepathy that was able to be heard by everyone. "Thank you, Uncle Stormy! I love you!" Came the reply back from Skittles. Stormbreaker was sitting there watching the two before she turned to Varda. "Hello, Lady Varda, how are you doing? It's been a while. Your sister has been keeping me busy. She's great!" @vielle
  13. Metty

    our endless days

    Stormbreaker smiled as Aspen said about how they'd be taking a walk in her favorite garden in the manor. How exciting. She had loved her visit in the lands so far. It was unlike anything she had seen. The beeflies were certainly flocking around the fields since the house for them was putting up, them helping others and making the place more lively. It was a sight to see. It was a paradise in itself. "I'll think I'll leave Ana to sleep. She needs it." She said, following Aspen out of the room, closing the door quietly and slowly.
  14. Arashi's fist hit the earthen wall, leaving a slight dent in it from her punch. As she soon as she landed it, she was surprised to see it wasn't the Madame she hit but something else. The draconian growled as she failed to hit the target, taking her anger out on the earthern wall by punching it over and over without the electric fire. "Goddamn it! I can't land a hit on anything at all! Why does it have to be like that?!"
  15. Metty

    our endless days

    "Yeah that's fine. I should really get some clothes for that." Stormbreaker goes away to put some casual clothes on to go out for walk she was about to go on. Stormy on the other hand was just enjoying himself being petted by Aspen. After Stormbreaker was finished, she went over to Aspen. "Okay then let's go. Can't wait to see outside again. It's incredible to look at...all that produce you make is absolutely amazing. I'll have to get Ana up soon..." Stormbreaker grins as Stormy just cuddles into Aspen's shoulder.
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