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    Out of the Shadows, Into the Fray

    Hi there, welcome! I am a cutiefly.
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    Seven Blades OOC

    Skip me posting. There isn't really anything for my character to react to. Forgot to say this.
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    The Seven Blades of Conviction

    Arashi had wondered why she was even invited here. It was odd considering she didn't have any real skill in anything, she knew she had her abilities that made her strong as a dragon sure, but she rarely used them like how she rarely used her powers. Only thing Arashi was known for, was her extreme skill in archery. She was a natural born archer, that's for sure. Being able to hit a target from over one hundred and fifty meters away. After a fight that nearly ended her life, Arashi became more scared of using her powers and abilities and even her will to fight was low. The light brown haired hybrid walked into the room, one would notice her quite large crimson scaled Dragon like tail with black markings on it like a Tiger and her hair reached down to her shoulders.She stood at the height of six foot two, fairly musuclar for her size and looking no more than the age of seventeen. Arashi had various crimson tattoo like markings on her arms and one V-shaped one on the bridge of her nose alongside all the scars she had while fighting. The draconic hybrid had a unique color of eyes too, them being half crimson red and half dark blue. She wore a short sleeved black hoodie, dark green camo pants and a pair of black combat boots. Arashi had no weapons on her at all, not even hidden. As she walked into the room, she took a glance around at who was there. Her eyes first caught James, who she had met before once after saving Raven. Glaring at him, Arashi spoke a few words. "Aren't you the dragonslayer that was with Raven, the first time we met?" She looked around the room again, only noticing one more person that caught her eye. The tiger. "...Ah. A fellow cat." Arashi spoke, not saying another word after that.
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    Seven Blades OOC

    I'm actually still here. Real life has been keeping me busy with stress though. I'll try and post asap.
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    Anno 2205 Far Cry 5 Civ 5 Fallout: New Vegas XCOM 2 Minecraft (it's best modded on pc)
  6. I love cats...my cat is seriously a bunch of floof. He waves at the window, gets in your way, sulks when you give him wet food in the morning and has a weird sense of being clean. He's weird but I love him.
  7. I'm almost tempted to say arashi follow raven if that's okay? I don't know how to get to interact with anything else.
  8. I like your posts. Their good.

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      Thank you! I appreciate that :bigsmile:

  9. Does this mean I get to beat spooky up?
  10. I know right? I feel like mine is wearing off..
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    InFAMOUS RP - The choice is yours

    IRL stuff happened. I barely any motivation to do anything right now.
  12. Okay, what is even going on in the thread. I went away for a few days.
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    *waves* Hi and welcome to Valucre, new people!
  14. Arashi happened to be walking around the area of Hyperion, looking at the sights before going to the castle to meet with Raven after she heard her speech. Arashi afterall wasn't much of a social person, as she normally hid under tables in social situations. This was certainly different for her. She was dressed in a black suit and pants for the occasion, infused with plant fibere that prevent her clothes from catching on fire, excess static and electricity. Normal clothes were never any good for Arashi. She walked down the streets after she saw the speech, only to be stopped by a little boy, noticing her dragon tail. "Are you one of those dragons that we hear about?!" Arashi turned around and stopped, looking at the kid. "Uhm, yes. You should really not run off on your own...I know I'm interesting, but...yeah." "But I just wanted to talk to the dragon!" "I said go home. Stop bothering me." Arashi continued walking off, going to torwards the castle to possibly meet with Rae. As she went to go inside, she was stopped by one of the guards before she reached the throne room. "Do you have permission to be here? What is your name?" "It's Arashi Sato." He looked down at the list. "I applogsie Miss Sato. You are allowed access." As Arashi walled in, she noticed the scene between Souji, the lady, Grant and Rae. Arashi walked up, looking as if she entered at the wrong time. "Did I..come at the wrong time?" She looks over at Souji. "Who is this showoff?"