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  1. Mine isn't either. I ain't good at fighting myself.
  2. You can consider it canon to your storyline or not. It's your character after all.
  3. Lol Deus told me there was on Discord so yeeeah.
  4. We have a post order in terms who was tagged.
  5. Welcome. i love dragons too. My character is half dragon like yours xP Hope we get to rp at some point.
  6. omg will everyone stop leaving or go afv i'm sad :(
  7. Arashi seemed to be sitting on a boulder nearby from Raven, chewing what seems to be a piece of iron in her mouth. "Hold your horse. I can easily go find out that shit." The draconian crossed her arms. "What's the point in having my power if I'm not gonna use it? Urrrgh, Raven, just let me go find out this stuff by myself. I don't need help."
  9. I can't cope with this anymore. I keep losing friends everywhere i join. I'm sorry.


    1. princeben07


      hey, what is going ON G? you okay?



  10. Arashi seemed confused at this. "What? What are you talking about?" She didn't quite know what the dragonborn meant by this. "You mean that doppelganger right?!" The draconian sighed. At that sudden moment, there was a rustling of the bushes nearby, Arashi went over to investigate, upon doing so, she was tackled weakly by a white and blue fluffy beefly like thing with white wings and a light blue scarf like Arashi's. Arashi picked it up as it floated down on the ground, looking over at Ashenfire. "I forgot to meniton about him, he must of gotten lost while I went to get food. This is Fluttercup. He's a weird...beefly thing. He can't fight or anything but he...seems to like me for some reason." Fluttercup used his wings to fly up on Ashenfire's head, landing on it, he sat on it, noting it was quite warm. "Oh, are you some sort of dragon thing? You're so warm!" He said through some sort of telepathy, that was able to be heard by anyone nearby. He wasn't able to talk but this was his only way of communication. "Arashi! What is this I'm sitting on?" "That's Ashenfire...he's a draconian." "Oooh, a dragon thing! Okay then!" Fluttercup seemed to be quite huge for his species, being about three to four foot big.
  11. Jeez. Everyone here goes through alot. Here I am on four lots of medicine thats a pain in the ass to take.
  12. Captain of the Guard? How does that work? I also fancy taking a few villages and towns maybe. Is there a limit?
  13. lol im just too lazy to go on the val discord cause im in like 20 discords already Also it distracts me alot