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  1. InFAMOUS RP - The choice is yours

    I ought to reply at some point.
  2. And we’ll dance underneath the Moon! [Renovatio Event]

    @Etched in Stone wait, i'm pretty sure koji told kenshi to stand down...to prevent him from attacking.
  3. Thanks for the like!

    1. Aleksei


      Of course! You've shown some awesome improvement and I like Arashi's interactions with Koji so much >D

  4. Dancing on Moonbeams!

    Arashi's eyebrows twitched as Koji started to ask her questions. Her anger was rising constantly and she couldn't keep it in check. This was getting bad. The draconian clearly had anger issues but when it came to Koji? It was something she had no control over. "The fuck you mean? You fucking tried to murder me! I can't fucking die now, you reptile!" Arashi was mad, very mad at the dragon hybrid that tried to question her. "You're just as bad as Xartia with his fucking bullshit speeches when he goes off on a telling off spree! You're father literally walked in on me naked! You hear me, naked! I mean what kind of gentleman is that?! Do you and your father like seeing people naked?!" The draconian shouted at Koji for a few miniutes explaining things to the so-called dragon emperor. Ugh, the sight of him made her want to kill him and be done with it. He was annoying, highly arrogant and just like his father. Probably a pervert. Arashi would much rather be around Jin than Koji due to how nicer Jin was and he wasn't an monster at least. "What journey? Apart from nearly getting killed in a shadow realm? Nothing. What did you expect? I'm not a warrior, Koji. Neither am I yours as to speak. You will never be able to control me and you know that." Arashi stared at Koji for a few minutes at a loss on what to say next. "Now back to my real question..what is this curse you put on me? Why are you doing this in the first place? Why?!"
  5. What are you playing?

    XCOM 2: War of the Chosen on PC
  6. Dancing on Moonbeams!

    As the draconian walked into the city, she was met with the loud noise of pretty fireworks she saw exploding into the sky. She was caught slightly offguard by this as looked at them in sudden surprise as she continued forward torwards where they were being fired off. Along the way, there was a scent she had clearly known much to her disgust. The smell of a familar dragon like being. Could this be the one that cursed her? Only way to find out was to follow her nose, she guessed. As she got closer, Arashi had noticed a familar face as she walked past, she stopped and looked at the young man with a dragon arm. He had seemed too familar to Xartia in terms of what they looked like. As soon as she saw the dragon arm, she knew from that second it was Koji. Why was he here? Surely his empire was more important. Her curse was the only reason she was alive right now and thanks to Koji. She didn't know how it worked or how to cure it. She knew one thing, Koji knew how. She hoped to get answers today and that was her decision. Xartia barely told her anything about it other than it was his fault. Arashi approached Koji with a visible scowl on her face, she wasn't pleased at what he did to her. "You have some damn explaining to do. What the hell did you do to me Koji?!" It was clearly obvious by now that she was pissed off. She wanted the right answers from him or she would clearly get in a fight with him and get her ass kicked yet again like last time. @Twitterpated
  7. Royalty Never Walks Alone

    The dragon sighed, looking confused by the whole event going on. She had no idea but decided to go with it anyways. This was a surprising day for the young hybrid, first meeting Raven out of nowhere now this? The queen getting kidnapped by some unknown forces that are soon to appear? Come on, this was getting crazier by the second. One thing she thought that she wanted no part of it, but she knew she had to do something. "Fine...I'll help. You've convinced me...god I need a drink after this. This day got weird fucking fast..." The dragon sighed, going to follow Rodan. She was very tempted to start chasing that fairy in front of her. "At least don't fly in front of my face next time. Do you want me to pounce on you?" The draconian asked the fairy.
  8. Question about tables

    Is it possible to create tables and copy them over, like this? I noticed this on a profile and I was trying to replicate the table design but to no luck. Is it still possible? I'm a newb when it comes to this sort of stuff so I thought I might ask.
  9. Wait, what? I'm in Valucre? WTF?

    why do I like the sound of this would I be a cutiefly
  10. [ Himmelsfestung ] What Lies Beneath [ Test Quest ]

    Arashi had taken a moments notice to think about where to go next, as her nose would likely point her in the right direction after all. Being part dragon sllowed her to have senses beyond normal, letting her sense little things such as small gaps of fresh air or poisoned produce, her sense of smell mainly was so great that she was able to track down a target from their scent, providing they don't mask it. As for the lack of light in the dark hallway, Arashi surrounded her left hand with electrical flames, the electricity and fire, giving off enough light to see slightly in the darkness. With that done, the Draconian walked off straight down the corridor, not going left or right. She truly believed going straight was the right course of action.
  11. Royalty Never Walks Alone

    The draconian approached Rodan from behind, easily towering over the human from behind due to her height. She had her suspscions of who was the man was after hearing about the queen acting strange. She didn't know who he was or what he was doing, but it enough to suspect him. Arashi walked in front of him, going to grab his left arm. "Who are you? What are you doing?" Arashi asked in an interested tone. The queen was possibly in danger and with nobody to guard her, it was up to the inexperienced Draconian to protect her from harm. "If you're the one that's going to harm the queen...please leave before I hurt you." Arashi said in a threatening tone. She wasn't really much of a fighter but her height, slightly musuclar frame and her draconian tail should at least put off Rodan from trying anything funny. Afterall if he didn't answer her questions, she would have to resort to brute force for answers.
  12. General Chatter [18+] Violence always permitted!

    Hi carlos. How are you?
  13. OoC I: The Abbadon Triumvirate

    Okay! I'll swap a bit around then.
  14. OoC I: The Abbadon Triumvirate

    I posted. Finally. I might be wrong on a few things.
  15. Royalty Never Walks Alone

    Arashi was a strange one at least. She knew what plants and food was what from seeing them on her travels but hadn't tried alot of them. That was the way of being a poor as heck thief who lived in the shadows, stealing only when nesscary to survive. Arashi never targeted the vulnerable and never went so far to kill or hurt unless she needed to. After all, Arashi only basic fighting skills and only learned slightly when cornered against common villagers. "So...that's what it is. I had heard people talking about it...Mr. Xartia made a menition of how nice it was. Thought I might try it for myself." Arashi said as she smiled at Renji. After finishing the hot cocoa, she left it on the table nearby, waiting for someone to pick it up and take it away. After all, she had time to spend with her brother and now was this time. No violence...it was peaceful at last. This was one of the happiest moments she had in a while, a feeling away from her old life of crime, at least for now. She looked down at what her brother was explaining to do, building snowmen it seems. It seemed to be interesting but Arashi had other ideas. Gathering snow up in her now free hand, she shaped it into a snowball and throws it directly at Renji. She starts laughing afterwards. "You know this...is more fun. Brings out more action! No violence, just fun!" As Arashi was hoping to have a peaceful day, that all changed when she noticed something going on beside the throne with the corner of her eye. A scene of possible violence then the Warlord took someone through the window with him. "The hell? Why does everything go to hell when I'm around? Am I a bad luck charm?" The draconian hybrid grunted as she watched the scene unfold and people starting to leave. "Well...this got ugly." Arashi gave the snow covered blue furred beefly to her brother, glaring at what was going on. "Stay with him. I don't like what's happening or what's going on at least." It then dawned on the young draconian, there would be no peace in the world at least in her time. Only hatred and violence it seemed. As Arashi watched the queen leave and heard a shout saying the Queen was drugged, Arashi immediately knew something was wrong. She knew something was up, but who was she to find out who? Arashi wasn't some sort of detective that could automatically find out what's going on. Arashi looked over at Rodan, watching him from afar, tailing him slowly from behind. He was one of the only people left in the room, as Arashi had not noticed anybody else leaving. @Tyler @Afro Punk