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  1. Hello! I'm 21 years old too!

    1. Chemister_Kaane


      Heya, and nice.  Hope to write with you sometime ^^.

  2. "I am trying to my hardest to make humans accept me. It's pretty difficult." The draconian said, finishing her food before heading over beside his dire wolf and going to pet her. "Damn...your fluffy. Very fluffy. I like you already." As he explained about resting, Arashi put her gun down on the ground beside her and went to put her head down on Luna's fur going to cuddle into her. "Thanks for the food. I'm going to sleep now." Then the draconian well fell asleep pretty darn quickly after that.
  3. "Acrually, why don't we make half raspberries and half oranges? It'd be fairer that way." Stormbreaker said as she looked over at Aspen. Stormbreaker's favorite thing was food after all, and she ate alot more than an average person. Food was nice. Mainly meat. She loved eating meat.
  4. "Of course I'll come along. Can't say no to you. You're too good of a friend to say no to!" Stormbreaker laughed, helping herself off the ground as the little baby beefly beside her thought it was a great idea to try and sit on Aspen's shoulder for like the 500th time this month. Stormy liked doing that alot. He seemed to really trust Aspen deeply.
  5. Have you got three houses? Its well worth it

  6. I highly recommend rping in this area! UM would probably suit your needs.
  7. "Holy--" Arashi said as she got hit by the lava and rock, luckily the lava on her skin only doing a slight bit of pain and damage to her heat resistant body. She was lucky though, if she didn't resist that she would of ended up with some serious burns. The angered dragon when to punch the god with enough force to shatter a boulder at it's right leg.
  8. I'm a rainbow beefly. Best thing ever.
  9. If Valucre was flat, all the cats on it would have pushed everything off of it now.
  10. Couldn't find a topic about this about 10 pages back. So here we go. I'm currently playing Fire Emblem Three Houses on the Switch and Project Ozone 3 (Modded Minecraft) on PC.
  11. Hi! Do you like cats and cutieflies?
  12. Dude these pics are awesome. Loving the mechs though!
  13. "...I don't exactly approve of how your people threw you out like that...to me that seems like they don't care enough about you. As for me...I don't know. I don't know what I am since my memory is like blank. I have a feeling I was completely human at some point but other than that, I keep getting told that've I'm always been like this. Part of me seems to not think so. It feels off. Humans are scared of me. So are fellow dragons thinking I'm not even worth their time due to what they call me being a halfbreed and probably weaker. I scare everybody off." She sighed. She was fairly beaten up over the fact she was rejected time and time again. "Nobody seems to want monsters these days. All they do is hunt them to extinction. That's where the human race is heading anyhow." Arashi said as she bit into the animal she was eating and resumed eating.
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