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  1. I have a character who is a student to Gaia Academy as well so he can join with you if you would like :3
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    Gaia Request

    In this event I don't think canonize this thread is necessary unless something big happens to where it'll be hard to ignore from canonization.
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    U wan sum Snek?

    These creatures... they reek with a foul hatred as the intense heat seeps into Asen's skin that was causing him to sweat a bit. Still it was uncomfortable least to say as the debris was kicked up by the earth splitting apart like someone drop a golf ball and the ground shattered like glass. As everything was falling apart, something even more powerful was slithering under the depths of the welcoming darkness. To anyone's eye there's nothing out of the ordinary, but Asen can feel the sheer weight of something ancient and something even extraordinary hatred that screams louder in Asen's mind than any of these foreign creatures combined. Honestly it was something that Asen can't even imagine what it could be other than it possesses enough power to be equivalent to a high ranking demon. Could the Nine Hells spit something out of their realm into a different plane of existence? No, Asen doesn't believe except for a very selective few who would know such a thing to exist and they're not demons nor devils. Which would mean that Asen would have to pay a visit in the Shadow Plane once again for about... the 24th time? Asen can't remember as he's traveled back and forth that it feels like he's been in Shadow Plane for a while now. Still this powerful creature surged up the surface as various monsters continue pouring out of the depths of metaphorical hell. There was something flying, but Asen couldn't really tell as his eyes were following the amount of heads that Asen originally thought were multiple creatures. Until part of the main body Asen assumes reveals that those necklines join up in one body. "A hydra type? But this thing is huge and not even a eight headed hydra can be this big. Let alone possess such strength that is beyond physical means..." Asen was interrupted as he felt something rough wrap around his ankle and felt a strong tug pulling away. Asen immediately looked down as he had rooted his feet onto the dark disk that is keeping him afloat as like tar Asen's feet refused to part. It was a hand that belonged to a Xer who somehow leaped so high up and still managed to grab ahold of Asen. Honestly he was impressed it managed to accomplish that, and the Xer was simply terrified of what is going on so Asen can't exactly fault it. So Asen, without a word spoken, reached down to grab the Xer's wrist and hoist the creature up before expanding the disk larger so that the Xer can stand on it now. "I am aware this doesn't make us allies, but I rather not have multiple types of enemies breathing down on my neck." Of course Asen isn't sure if it can understand his language, but if anything he doesn't show signs of hostility towards the Xer. Asen would outstretch his already extended left arm while speaking in the ancient tongue. "Devour, Embodiment of Cerberus." Almost like something of a dark cloak made out of shadows form around Asen's back before a lot of eyes in various colors and even shapes opened up. In the midst is a set of teeth that can be seen as white and slick with saliva. Then like an arrow the strange creature, while possessing no lower body, shoots out to literally tear through the invading creatures coming from the fissure. Like a train of teeth, the snarl was all people can hear aside from the tremendous ancient creature looming high above them as the Embodiment would devour most things as some pieces of a leg, foot, or even part of a head flies past its wake. If anything Asen is attempting to thin out the forces that could be trouble for the local folk. The big guy was already a big problem, and these things would only prove to be a nuisance in Asen's mind. Seeing as how many of these creatures there really are, Asen would follow up as the cloak completely shrouds around Asen's body. "Go forth and cleanse the streets from their filth! You've tasted their blood, and now you have free reigns to devour as many as you please!" Several more of these Embodiment of Cerberus's spring out from Asen's cloak and spread out to cover a much wider area.
  4. "Hm... so you're going to challenge the Dragon King, and you've been exiled until you come back ready for the challenge? My, you certainly have your hands full on that one, but at least the Dragon King is allowing you some time to prepare. Most challenges would take place on the spot, such as this one instant where a magister was plotting behind the scenes. Hiring sellswords to kidnap quite a few people from Esterall just to attempt to blackmail the Baroness for a good chunk of money. Of course, that is until I... 'accidentally' stumbled upon their lair and dealt with the men. Then I found documents that only had a letter, but after finding more evidence it was clear who it was. Anyways, the magister was trialed for judgement until the little weasel decided to initiate a Trial by Combat. Well... least to say he didn't earn the magister title in Arcane East for nothing." Asen began speaking as he was telling his story while the book eventually closed in his hand. Even if nobody was listening, he's just having his voice breaking the silence since he can read a newfound tension upon Maribelle's shoulders. Her once brisk stride full of dedication and displaying her cheerful personality had slightly changed to where it just radiated a sense of sadness as her feet were slightly heavier upon each step forward. The Prince, well there wasn't much of a change in body language wise, but Asen can see that Prince Aremis has a lot on his mind right now. If anything Asen is trying to break the tension since having too much of something can cause them to... well, breakdown. Then again he doesn't really know what it is like to challenge his father since his entire village tried to stone Asen to death when he was a little kid. All because he stole half a loaf of bread when food was starting to get a bit scarce. Nor does he fully understand what Maribelle is going through as being exiled from somewhere was one thing Asen can understand. But the family part disowning was something he couldn't comprehend. "Horses are lovely until they try to give you a high hoof. Sometimes they'll give you double hooves depending on their mood." In which case Asen was joking about when the horses get startled or angry and the fact that horses will use their hooves to knock somebody out in defense. Of course Asen has quite a bit of money in his pocket, but this is something for the Prince to do. After they get to this small village Asen would take a look around. Just to see what kind of village it is, and to see that if the Prince and either Maribelle or Luk can't afford a set of horses then Asen can ask around what they can do to earn these nice people enough money to lend them at least a couple of horses.
  5. Attacking multiple targets on one turn is a strategic action and I believe it should be a thing still. Granted everyone has their own preferences of what to do, but say if you prepped ahead of time and then do the multiple strike it would be very handy for any side to do. It just boils down to the person if they want to use it or not. After the first time of attempting multiple attack Allous registered Ersatz actually being the bigger threat than Joanna was. So Allous went after Ersatz to get the bigger threat down before working on the next threat. That's just an example of what a character would choose their tactics while using the dice system to their advantage. Also the dice apparently didn't like Ersatz that much lol
  6. Woot, that was actually a lot of fun using the dice system.
  7. It wasn't that Allous wasn't expecting Joanna to attempt to attack him since he made the error of attacking both of them. Seeing a glint of weapon catching the corner of his eye, Allous raised the pommel of his marvelous sword that managed to withstand the might of Ersatz. The pommel smacked the flat of the thrown blade with enough force to simply deflect it from hitting Allous. However this meant that it opened a small window of opportunity for Ersatz to cut away the vines and free himself. Small projectiles sprung from the man's hand that aimed at both of them, and one of them managed to scrape past the scales as a trickle of blood began to seep from these scales. The young war hero frowned a bit as his wary eye dart from Joanna to Ersatz and back. Still Allous's main target is Ersatz as it is beneficial instead of dividing his attention between the two when he can just focus on one target to take it down faster than he would if he divided his attention. Then all Allous would have to worry about is just the other target hence Joanna. As long as he can stay on his toes and keep an eye on his surroundings especially those orbs that seems to cause explosions upon impact. Allous would lunge for Ersatz while swinging his blade for Ersatz's neck in a horizontal arc. However from what Allous had seen from this old man is that he is far stronger and agile than what one would think. So instead Allous uses this was a feint as he pivots his body to spin around Ersatz leaving the man's neck unscathed. However Allous followed up by deliver a hard slash across Ersatz's back as he positioned himself behind Ersatz while keeping an eye on Joanna's movements from here. It seems like Allous's sword managed to sneak under the armor as the crimson blade sliced into the hardened leather and managed to deliver a nice cut on the man's back as Ersatz continued to burst ahead.
  8. The human would continue to smile softly at the Prince's words. "Every story has a twist to tell, and while it might not seem much even a step can create many doors for you to take. The question would be is which one would you open first." Asen's words were more of a statement than a question as he wasn't waiting for an answer. Upon seeing Maribelle turning on the ball of her feet from the corner of his eye and seeing the others follow suit. Asen would kindly follow behind the group as he volunteered to take the trek at the back. His stride was normal even though the grassy path was a tad bit lumpy possibly unnoticed by those who possess footwear since most people tend not to pay attention to their footing. Those azure blue orbs dance from one sight to the next as his ears honed onto the conversation being transpired upon them. At the current moment they seemed to be heading for the Dragon's Spire it seemed, but for what reason neither Maribelle nor Asen is unbeknownst about. The day was young and Gaia's warming light embraced the group into her welcoming arms. This actually reminded the young wizard that he actually still has that one book he's been meaning to finish. With it being daylight no one would be able to see the flash and since he's also behind the group it was only if someone looked over their shoulder at Asen's direction. In his left hand is a brown leather bound book that seems to resemble something that would be a journal. The leather is decorated to where it appears to be a tree symbol and yet appears to be surrounded by a body of water. No inscriptions can be seen on the binding as Asen opens the book rather carefully as the yellow-dried parchment paper creaks while he turns the pages. It carried the type of leathery smell, but also has been abandoned for quite some time as some of the letters in the book appears to be faded due to time and erosion of the ink. Even so Asen appears to be reading a book now even though realistically he has no pockets big enough to fit a book and doesn't appear to be carrying a bag either. In essence he doesn't look like he prepared for traveling in regards of food and even change of clothing. Asen's book is actually a journal of a moon elf who lived in the frozen tundras north of Genesaris and according to the text this elf was named Lothuialeth Starflower. Once a believer of Gaia, and as the human continues to read of what records up to a hundred years of Lothuialeth's life he would learn that she gradually hardened her soul from the corruption. Serving as Gaia's armor and shielding Gaia's followers from the temptations of evil. Honestly her upbringing was interesting in Asen's eyes, and reading of what she did with her knowledge was even more interesting in his opinion. Even though he knows all too well that anyone from Gaia would automatically reject Asen if not just attack him outright not because of the things he has done. But rather because he holds a strong taint of darkness that would be mistaken that there's a demon in their midst. Asen keeps this information hidden from public view even though rumors were sure to spread, and in addition Asen seals this part of his magic through a set of runes etched onto his skin to hide his identity from those who possess the detecting evil spells and divination sources. Even so, these said runes are actually placed on his chest which is hidden due to the shirt.
  9. Seeing his attack landing a solid blow and while perhaps considered to be a cheap shot. It is vital for any warrior to poke a vulnerable point even if they seem to have near perfect defense. Such is the thrill of a fight between men and women alike clashing to determine who is the victor amongst them. Allous knows of this far too well due to his past of gathering his small personal army, penetrating his country's capital, and usurping the False King from his throne while rescuing the remaining members of the royal family. In essence Allous is already a war hero so to speak, but an unspoken one because the human wishes to not be remembered by that. Instead he just wanted to be remembered as husband to Laura Askia and formal member of the remaining royal family of Askia. Mostly because when traveling around the world if he goes around boasting that he's a hero of a country there's bound to be someone who wishes to cause trouble for him. Allous blinked as the elbow came and collided on his face as it changed into anguish. The sheer force behind the blow was enough to make Allous stagger backwards as the small explosion disrupted his footing, but before he could fully stagger Ersatz grabbed the hem of his trousers or otherwise simply referred to as a cord to keep adjust the width. With a mighty pull Allous was forced to move past as he was practically being thrown into collision against Joanna. Allous would fall down on his back as a misty vapor rises from his face as patches of silver scales can be seen around his eyes. The illusion Allous had placed upon himself to hide the scales was disrupted due to getting hit on the face as Allous quickly gets up on his feet. With a raise of extended free hand towards Ersatz, a thick vine bursts in the middle between them as it lunges straight for Ersatz's knee area. Where it'll quickly wrap around his knee and immediately sprout sharp vines that would puncture the armor and flesh while yanking as strong as a falling tree towards Allous's direction. It'll only pull Ersatz 10 feet closer, but Allous would meet Ersatz by attempting to swing his now blood coated blade towards the elbow joint of the sword arm where there is less protection. If anything Allous is trying to make swinging that blade harder on Ersatz.
  10. It is? Oh, I apologize for that I didn't know lol Give me a few minutes and i'll change it.
  11. Well this was a surprise as Allous was trained in the Eldritch Arts of magic, but those orbs were something else. Perhaps a family secret passed from generation to generation? Or perhaps Joanna managed to discover this gift by other means? Whatever the case was Allous didn't feel like testing his luck on this black hail storm as the man would jump back as the hail was coming for him. Simultaneously Allous would draw out his Ashrune whose blade sings to the air like a metallic hum. Allous with his crimson blade, would focus on evading the hail storm and deflecting what he could not evade. Allous was doing fairly well as he caught sight of a shining glean of steel coming for him. The man didn't know if it could curve through magical means so he used this stressor to force him to crouch low as an attempt to avoid it. This was partly a mistake on Allous's part as one of the black hailstones slammed its hard density onto his left shoulder. While no wounds can be seen from his leather armor, that still bruised his shoulder as the sharp pain lingered which caused him to wince in pain. Looking directly at the old man who proved once again that age was just a number. Allous decided that it would be wise to cooperate with Joanna to take down Ersatz. Though he does feel guilty, but seeing the man's display of skill screams to Allous that he would get killed if he doesn't do something about that. "Ido..." The young man muttered before his body poofs into magical energies, where he'll instantly pops back into reality except he's now standing right beside Ersatz and was in the crouching position with his crimson red sword in hand that actually looks like it has been sharpened recently. Even with the sharpening however there are still small nicks and scratches along the blade as it shows signs that it has been used in battle a number of times before. When Allous would begin to rise, he would swing Ashrune in an diagonal reaching for the sky. A moment of leather being torn away disrupted the air around them as Allous's blade sliced into Ersatz's right side of his abdomen and managed to draw blood from it. Landing a good solid blow to Ersatz, Allous would follow up by jumping backwards which would wrench his sword free by using his weight and momentum to pull the partly blood coated sword out of the man's side. Allous keeps a wary eye on both Joanna and those orbs for while swordsmanship Allous can handle. But magical means are a different story as Allous only has a limited number of spells he can cast that aren't rituals.
  12. I'm used to this system, but I had to go and make things complicated lol Edit: Not saying I was doing that on purpose mind you
  13. Well in that case I would have rolled two 3s, dividing them by 2 would equal to 1.5 on both rolls
  14. Actually with Allous rolling so bad I had to edit as a double critical failure so the rock didn't even get thrown at Joanna lol Instead Allous accidentally gouges out his own hand lol
  15. Welp I just rolled two times and with the divide I have two 1s lol
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