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  1. I'm in Valinde too
  2. where in valucre is this located? If it is near Orisia I might have an interesting character idea.....
  3. "Ah good, they finally hired more help." said the chef when he saw Lucinda working. "Please take this to the second table to the left of the entrance as you are facing the entrance. Also, if anyone asks, the options today are a prime marinated beef steak with buttered mashed potatoes, a seasoned vinaigrette and greens salad, and an au jus gravy, a savory beef and veggie stew, or a cheesy flatbread." Having made his request and imparted his information he returned to his kitchen and resumed his duties.
  4. That's Puranetto
  5. for the first mate.
  6. *I look over my shoulder.* Are you fallowing me?
  7. how is it's atmosphere maintained? Magical barrier? Thick metal walls? Some form of force field? How is the atmosphere replenished? All other relevant questions?....
  8. Sasha had not been lazy after the encounter between herself and Red. The first thing she did was portal back to her cave in Haven. She ate some of her stored food, changed into her customary head-to-toe leathers (including hood) and rearmed herself with two sets of twin daggers. Having somewhat calmed down, she the sat and ruminated on the problem that was the slaver's enclave. She briefly considered bringing her fellow guardians into the conflict, but realized that those who were aware enough to take care of themselves, namely Ramona and The Sentinel, were still too traumatized by the dragon war to handle a place like the enclave. Her next plan, to use her power over earth to literally bring the entire enclave down, was also discarded as unfeasible. A place like the enclave no doubt employed magicians and the like and the cost of using her elemental powers to deliberately harm other beings, even evil beings, would leave her far too vulnerable to a counter-attack even if she was successful. Around and around in circles her thoughts went, always coming back to Red. She had said that she was empowered by misery and, depending on the details of what she could do, in a place like the enclave she would be positively godlike. No matter which path her thoughts started down they always arrived back at the need to find out exactly what Red was capable of and, based on her usefulness or lack thereof, free her or come up with some other plan. Having made her mind up she opened another portal below Red's holding cell. She opened a small hole in the floor and put her head up through it. For a second she half-believed that she had arrived at the wrong spot as she saw Red, or a woman who looked very much like her, having what could only be considered a normal reaction to capture and enslavement. "As touching as you cuddling is, we have a mission and I have a goal. Now tell me, what could you do if I got that collar off you?"
  9. And here I thought Red would just be enjoying herself.
  10. @Avvercus, @Artisan of Soul, I'm honestly not trying to be pushy, but we are so close. Let's finish this....
  11. Name: Maor Bjorn Gender: male Apparent Age: well-preserved 50’s Age: unknown Race: Human, Werebear Attire and Gear: In town he wears a leather apron over a cloth shirt and pants, a leather belt, and well-made leather shoes. When he leaves town he typically wears a full suite of leather armor over his shirt and trousers. He almost always has a large, but not oversize, clever in his right hand that he only puts down when absolutely necessary. He has gotten into the habit of gesturing and pointing with the clever in his hand. He also commonly has a kitchen knife in a sheath on his right hip. When he leaves the city he adds a bandoleer of twelve daggers (eight of them have no cross-guards and are similar to very large kitchen knives and four of them are the more standard cross-guarded dagger. The ones without cross-guards also have a strange fuller-like indentation on both sides) to his ensemble. Physical: He is a portly man of average height, bald, and with a thick, long, well-groomed beard. His brown eyes seem to always have a mischievous glint in them and he is prone to large smiles and loud laughter. Think Hagrid, but bald and of slightly more human proportions. Underneath his portly pudginess is solid but flexible muscles, just as behind his mischievous eyes a keen intelligence. He has a large milti-pronged scar that goes from his right shoulder, slightly across his chest and down his right arm. Lineage: His mother was killed in a werebear attack and his father drunk himself to death. He was made a werebear in the same attack that his mother died in. Titles: The Chef History: After his father drunk himself into oblivion Maor determined that he would not be a victim ever again. He took one of his mother’s kitchen knives and began teaching himself how to fight with it. He spent the next several decades learning how to cut and cut effectively as well as struggling to hide his werebear nature. Eventually, all his practice and learning coalesced into his own personal martial art that he calls The Dance With Death. Through this martial art he learned how to enter a meditative trance that, in turn, allowed him to tame his werebear urges. He worked as an adventurer and mercenary for a while and something, he was never sure what exactly, slowed or stopped his aging process. He eventually retired from adventuring and began working as a chef in an inn in Weland of Terrenus. Personal abilities: Expert and, currently, sole practitioner of The Dance With Death. This martial art focuses on excruciating precise cuts and slashes and developing and maintaining an impenetrable defense while employing an economy of motion. This martial art can be almost universally applied to any edged weapon, but is best employed with knives, daggers, and swords. He can unleash his inner bear allowing his to transform into a large only slightly anthropomorphized grizzly bear. Changing either way heals his wounds completely but is more exhausting the more badly wounded he is. Weaknesses: Little to no magical defense or attack and ranged attack is limited to as far as he can throw a knife. Personality: He is very laid back and prone to laughter. He takes great pride in his work at the inn and absolutely loves it when people enjoy his food. The only time he is not smiling is when he has decided that an opponent is a genuine threat. Notes: the grooves on the knives on his bandoleer are so he can tick three of the knives inbetween his fingers and get a good grip on them with just the sides of his fingers.
  12. I hope that came out as dramatic as I wanted it to be.....