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  1. Dear people of Valucre,
         Due largely to circumstances beyond my control, I no longer have a consistent internet connection. As it is not fair for me to keep you waiting I will be on hiatus for the foreseeable future. I apologize for the inconvenience and the disappointment, but I just don't have the ability to Valucre consistently anymore. If the situation with my internet is rectified I will gladly return. Until then, anything I have put out is up for grabs and I request that Supernal meditate any disputes over content.

  2. Several weeks of travel later, Sabastian and any he may have brought with him have made it to the edge of the dessert. The secret to safely crossing the mountains turned out to be a single tunnel of unknown origin that shot through the base of the mountains and came out the other side. There were no turns or intersections, which was strange in a natural tunnel, but that simply was how it was. As it stood, a decision needed to be made. Sabastian could attempt the dessert without a guide or could camp and wait for guidance.
  3. Giving you a heads up that I won't be responding to any posts. I'll be on vacation for two weeks starting today.

  4. "So this is a graveyard" thought Malik, "how...grim." As they continued on their way Malik began vocalizing a wordless tune. While he was not excessively loud, the song itself seemed to have a force of it's own. It rose and fell in what was almost a pattern. Each verse of the music was similar but not the same. The basic tune was in tact, but there were different flourishes each time. Over the whole song was a feeling of bittersweet joy, deep pain, and crushing loss. He sung ten verses of the haunting melody and, suddenly, stopped. While he was not weeping his eyes were certainly not dry. "I apologize. Nothing is held more sacred to my people than life itself. Knowing that all of these," here he gestured to the surrounding flowers, "were once people affected me deeply. It reminded me of a great tragedy in my people's past. The first time we ever sung our funeral dirge."
  5. "Here," she said as she pulled out a many-folded piece of paper. "I have been going over it over and over trying to make sure I got everything right." As she laid it out on the table he would be able to see that it was not an ordinary map. Instead of a depiction of geography with a rout drawn o it it was a series of landmarks and instructions. "I hope it is clear enough," she says as she finishes flattening the map and hands it to him.
  6. "Might I suggest that I take point captain? My weapon of choice is only effective in close range and you can always shoot over my shoulder. In addition, it may be that my unique abilities will be able to warn me of and approaching danger. Admittedly it is not certain, whether a phantasm or spirit will show up on my internal radar has always been iffy at best, but it is better than nothing." As he was giving this last piece of advice, for now anyways, he finished checking his weapon, sheathed it and began to expand his senses, looking for the energy he would need to power his device.
  7. "While I apprecssiate the sscivility of your offer of tea, I am afraid I musssst decline. My duty issss ass a guardian of thesse mountainss. Asss you two, eather individually or together, pose a sssignificant threat to me ssshould you be the dangerousss sort I am afraid good mannersss musst be sset aside for the moment. While I am sscertanly not weak, better ssafe than sorry, don't you agree?"
  8. "So be it your eminence. Be aware that my master shall hear of this." Leela responded in a cold, tight-lipped tone. "By your leave," she half-bowed and then, without waiting for permission, slithered away in search of prey. It had been several days of traveling and, while the travel rations provided by her master were filling, they did not truly satisfy. Leela was craving fresh, red meat. Ideally, she hoped to find an oasis as there was always good hunting around a descent-sized oasis in the dessert but, failing that, she would settle for whatever small rodent or reptile life was available.
  9. "Well, I am sorry Sir, I cannot for two reasons. The first is that my father has forbidden me from leaving the city for an indeterminate amount of time. I realize that, as a young woman, I am old enough to make my own decisions, but i would not wish to cause him further distress. While I am sure a man of your authority could change my father's mind, the second reason is far more difficult to overcome. While the forest and the mountain tunnel the wolves used have very clear and memorable landmarks the dessert has nothing of the kind. I have absolutely no idea how Allan and the wolves navigated the dessert without getting lost. I am afraid the best I can do is give you a map of the safe rout to the dessert's edge."
  10. (Kyla) "Kyla, Leela, our guests are not far beyond the mordicant perimeter. Go to the storage tent and bring our best food for our guests." As Kyla, now able to focus much better, moved to follow her master' orders she could not help but notice a certain level of reluctance in Leela's body language. She could only assume that her fellow slave feared there was some danger to their master, though, considering that their master was in his full demonic form, that made little sense. Returning her focus to the task at hand, Kyla grabbed four small barrels, three of which had spigots on them as well as minor enchantments to keep the contents at a specific temperature and one of which was freezing cold, and, with the aid of a simple harness brought the barrels to her master's tent. On her return trip to the storage tent she noted that Leela had brought all of the various dishes and utensils that would be needed. This time she brought with her the main coarse, a whole boar that had been portioned out and cured for several months, and Leela returned with the various dried fruits, one large barrel of fresh, clean water, and a few small, sealed containers containing various teas. The three barrels of cool wine had just been lined up on her master's left side, and the frozen barrel of sherbet and the various dried and cured fruits and meats arranged to the right of her master when Selene opened the tent flap and announced "our guests have arrived." (Del Graz) "Welcome my guests, to my humble tent. Please sit. As you can see, we have prepared such food as we were able given our current traveling status. If anything should appeal to you, please inform Kyla or Selene," here he pointed to each of them as he said their names "and they will be happy to serve it to you. We have much to discuss."
  11. Before the young demon-prince could answer an unseen voice hissed out of the darkness. "A pocket dimensssion is a ssspace inside a container that isss larger than the container itsssself young one." The voice was cool, quiet and very distinctly serpentine, especially in the way is slurred/hissed it's s's. "It's an impresssive magical feat for one sssseemingly so young, though appearancesss can be desssceiving. Isss that not ssso young demon lord?"
  12. "Senikau.... I love it, he responded." He then proceeded to take two large chunks, though still less than half, from the carcass and, hunger satiated for now, settled into the nest to sleep.
  13. "Why then, of course, her good friend Mr. Druid came and rescued her from the nasty wolf people!" yelled a man in a stall a few spaces down in a tone of scorn and derision. "Honestly governor, why are you listening to the young chit's fairy-tail? Ain't no way any sizable population of people live that far into the dessert even with an oasis and there ain't no way she survived crossing the blasted mountains even once, much less twice!" Maria blushed as the cruel man carried on, though whether it was from embarrassment or anger would have been hard to tell. Most of the rest of the market regulars were at least kind in their disbelief, but this particular individual had been nothing but cruel at every opportunity. Slowly, she took several calming breaths and continued. "Well Sir, as the..... gentleman implied, I was taken to an oasis in the dessert where the wolf-people live. They only had a small village of rough lean-tos made from the small trees in the forest around a large oasis." She continued, "They had no clothing of any kind," here she blushed for an entirely different reason, "and they spoke to each other and me in grunts, growls and howls." The confidence returned to her voice as she got back into the rhythm of storytelling. "The first thing I did as teach them basic language. For such a seemingly primitive people they learned astonishingly quickly. After only a few weeks they were near-fluent in the common tongue of Valucre and I could begin to teach them other things. I had just started teaching them cloth weaving when the tree man, Allan Trover, arrived at the camp. He was able to comunicate with them on a far deeper, more primitive level than I could and he promised them he would return to continue their teaching if they let me leave. He saftly returned me to my home and the last time i saw him he was preparing to retunr and keep his promise to the wolfolk. I don't know if he made it back or not...." she finished quietly.
  14. "It is generally considered rude," commented Leela as she glared at Mina "to speak in a language that not all present can understand." She slithered slightly closer to the other woman, hands resting lightly on her swords "His Highness can be excused as it is his native tongue and he was only responding in kind to your prompting, but you clearly lack manners."
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