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  1. Telekinetic shield in place, Tarin drew his longsword. While he was under no illusions as to the superior nature of his opponent's martial prowess, he wanted all his options available. As his opponent charged straight towards him Tarim braced himself left foot forward, sword held at the ready in his left hand and his gauntleted right hand palm open and strike ready. While Tarin knew his defenses were strong he also knew not to underestimate an opponent, and this opponent did not seem to be slowing down. He was starting to wish he had pre-cast his other demonic friend's summoning spell, but hindsight is 20/20 after all.
  2. Wait for few seconds and it will automatically embed itself. Just make sure you don't click the black link offering to "display as link" instead.
  3. Several Hours later....... Draegon Del Graz approaches Mathias after having completed his necromantic rituals and checking on Leela's work. "I fully intend to join the terrorizing of the populace once the sun has set and I attain my demonic form, though I am debating whether to have Leela join me in the slaughter." Having declared his intention, and not really caring if he got a response, he gathered his robes around him and sat down into a cross-legged meditation pose and allowed himself to slip into the trance that was the closest thing to sleep he was capable of.
  4. Happy Resurrection Sunday Valucre!

  5. Happy Resurrection Sunday!
  6. Draegon was not sure how to feel about his ally's treatment of his slave. On one hand, she was a fool who had gotten herself in this position. On the other hand, he did feel a certain kinship with her what with the both of them being part demons... and it certainly didn't hurt that she was not unattractive. Nevertheless, she really wasn't his problem, which suited him just fine. As far as the city was concerned, perhaps his ally had a point, and, to be honest, he liked playing with his food too. "Leela, get to work on making more mordicants. I want enough to encircle the city by the time night falls." Addressing the warlock, he continues, "I will go searching for a graveyard outside the city. There is a force in the air that favors necromancy at the moment, and I have a feeling a few undead will go a long way towards the chaos you wish to create." (as Leela) Her master's human form grew more tiresome by the minute. Only by reminding herself of his pure, powerful demonic form could Leela bring herself to obey his orders. As she forced her will onto the spirits in the mordicants she had created, commanding them to find rich earth and an open space, she wondered why the demon did not simply burn it's way out of the man. She had witnessed the power of his hellfire and knew that it scorched spirit and flesh equally. Why not simply burn off his human husk? Never the less, it was her place to serve, not to question. She was glad her master was not cruel to her the way the dragon-demon-woman's master was, but then, she supposed, she was a faithful servant, unlike dragon-demon-woman. Bringing her focus back to the task at hand, she began her work.
  7. Grim and the circle used to summon him vanish in a puff of sulfurous smoke and Rusival begins to feel foreign knowledge invade his mind. He knows that he no longer ages, can turn invisible at will, and has an unnatural physical strength and durability. If he stays invisible for more than an hour at a time he will begin to fade. This fading causes a loss of motivation and a dulling of emotions. if he uses these powers for a full 72 hours, beyond the one hour a day, they will be robbed of all motivation and emotion. the only known way to fix this emotional disability is to dismiss Grim as a familiar. He is also aware that he need only say Grim's name to summon him. Congratulations, your character now has a familiar. Please be sure to mention @Slank44 when you summon him in a thread so that I can roleplay my character.
  8. "Very well, you amuse me mortal. I shall allow you to live so long as you continue to do so. If you wish to be bound to me then simply say 'I accept Grim as my familiar.'"
  9. @Kingofgames12 What? No mention of the veritable barrage of hi-velocity projectiles Tarin is adding to the mix? SMH
  10. A harsh, throaty, wheezing sound is heard coming from underneath Grim's hood. Any who heard it would eventually realize it was laughter - the horrible, distorted laughter only a being of darkness and chaos could produce. "You are a fool mortal. A fool to the point of hilarity. You ask for friendship from a being who farms the shattered fragments of mortal souls the way your kind farms wheat. The closet thing to friendship with a mortal my kind knows is the bond of the familiar, and that is naught but a burden to us both." More wheezing, rattling laughter issues from that dark hood.
  11. "And what is it you desire? My powers are vast and far-reaching. Name your desire and I shall name my price."
  12. Draegon Del Graz, accompanied by Leela and an army of 300 mordicants, stepped up beside Mathias. "I fail to see why you must give them a hero. The four of us, and our combined resources, are more than enough to simply crush them. Must you play with your food?" As he finished speaking he signaled Leela to move up on his left. "Prepare the mordicants for battle. Assuming our friend grows tired of his playing, they will have work to do." "Yes my liege." Leela responded and, through her bond with them as their creator, commanded the mordicants to grow spikes from their fists and thicken and harden their armor for battle.
  13. Character sheets go here....