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  1. I haven't really thought of anything yet, but Minevra doesn't really care what she does if it will get her one step closer to her goal, though she won't kill innocent people or help someone with clashing goals.
  2. That's fine. I'll probably be a bit of a slow replier, myself. I tend to think on my posts a lot and don't really like to settle for "just okay" xD
  3. Minevra. I still have to add her specific skills to her information, but most of her bio is there. She's an Elementalist capable of Magitechnological Projects thanks to her late adoptive father.
  4. It is pretty fun to watch a dumbass get his ass kicked by a leg that isn't attached to a body
  5. I've been around for like two weeks now, and haven't really done much past a post in the ToL. Anyone feel like doing some shenannies with a Magitechnician who can kick an ass (literally) from twenty feet away?
  6. A Sentient Cabbage Monster named Caesar Saladin ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  7. Maps can be pretty useful, you know :^)
  8. open

    Distractions. Something that Minevra really did not enjoy (unless it was an attractive man or a doubly attractive woman). However, she had heard some interesting clinking and clanking nearby, so, after the examination of her leg, she looked up with a look on her face between a forced smile and a sneer. Smiling was not something she was good at. She was immediately set upon by feelings of curiosity, and her smile sneer turned into a normal inquisitive look. "Well, hello...." she said with a sultry tone. On one side, there was a young woman - younger than Minevra at least - dark skinned and perky in terms of personality, it seemed. On the other - a hulking individual of steel, and a mix of magic and metal. It looked positively ancient in design and make, yet to have lasted as long as it must have, Minevra was quite impressed. "What do we have here? A most archaic design if I ever saw one. No offense. To be as old as you and as impressively built, your creators must have been quite skilled." Minevra smiled and grabbed hold of her leg; she moved to attached it to her body once more. Audibly snaps and clicks could be heard as the sockets moved into place. "As for my legs.... My late father built them ten years ago for me. Well, I suppose he wasn't really my father, but then again, he did adopt me after my blood parents were killed and I lost my legs..." She looked at the metal man again. "My apologies, but the individual who made these legs is no longer amongst the living. However...." She smiled a most eager smile. "He taught me everything he knew. While I am not nearly as experienced as he, I am pleased to say that I have managed to maintain, and improve, these little beauties for the past ten years. I've also made a number of magitech items, so I, perhaps, could manage something for you as well. This opportunity, I would be loath to pass up. There were only three things that really exicted Minevra: Magic, Cute Girls, and Magitech.
  9. I'd just like to take a moment, today, on my birthday, to acknowledge and offer up an exclusive thread to Carrie Fisher, who died today. If you don't know her by that name, perhaps you'd know her better as Princess Leia from Star Wars. Never before have I felt the need or desire to mourn a celebrity who died, but today, on this day of days, I can't help but give notice and mourn an actress who was, is, and will forever be part of one of my favorite universes in our universe. May the Force be with you, Leia. Always.
  10. I'm not really one to just jump into things.
  11. Any of my ideas sound good? I'm running out of ideas here. Bottom line is, I had intended Minevra to be there for her own reasons, and not due to being part of the siege originally. Would make it more interesting, in my opinion. Though I guess the Mercenary route would work..... hadn't really intended for her to be a Merc, though.
  12. I wonder if it would be possible for Minevra to drill through a section of the wall with her awesome magitech legs..... She'd be pissed off because, "This battle is seriously cramping my 'get in, kill some moron guards, interrogate and then dispose of some moron warlock guy, then get out' plan". I figured she'd be like a "Third-Party" during the siege.
  13. Well, she wouldn't be there in direct correlation with the House to begin with. As far as she's concerned, House Rhodos is "House Whatawatheheckisthat?"
  14. Can I get a link to the RP so I know what's going on? I guess Minevra would be there to begin with because there's someone there with information on her quarrel? Maybe she helps with the siege by.... blowing something up? xD I just want to know how Minevra is there and how it is she comes to end up being invited into the House in the first place.
  15. So um... is there anything I need to do at this point? I assume we'd have to RP Minevra's becoming the Archmage or whatever? Let me know.