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  1. Valucre removes any links I post to gaia so I'm done with this site. I'll stick with gaia. Call me old fashioned -shrug-

    Don't like that I can't reference old relics with some of my old friends on here without being big brothered ~ see ya!

    1. supernal


      You didn't reference an old relic. Your post indicated you started an RP on another site and were linking it here to try and find players to write with over there. That's advertisement and it isn't allowed


    2. Viice


      Oh you meant THAAT one. Still, a little insecure when you consider you stole half your community from gaia anyway lol. Cya~

    3. supernal


      There's nothing special about GO that it should be allowed to be advertised when no other roleplay site can be advertised


  2. Boop. Come baaaaakkk~~

  3. Valkyrie pours the fireball whiskey into a short, clean glass and slides it forward towards the dragoness. "Gimme a god damn bevvy or I'll shoot yer arse in!" She then pulls a second glass from under the counter, tilting her head thoughtfully as she pours the same beverage into it -- fireball whiskey -- and finally makes eye contact with he man on the couch. Lifting the glass to her lips slowly, she throws it back, then slams the glass on the counter so hard it threatens to shatter in her fist. "You must be lost." Releasing the glass, she leans forward onto her arms, leaning in his direction and lacing her tone with mock-pleasantry. "This tavern doesn't service disrespect. You're welcome to try again, but only once, so make it count." The man is held contemptuously in her red-black gaze.
  4. Ooc: Please don't break post order, I'll be replying tonight.
  5. The sound of someone entering brings Valkyrie back to reality. She glances up towards the basement ceiling, her brow arching slightly as she hears the shouting woman above. Lethargically, the vampress makes her way towards the stairs, hooking her finger in the wraps around her knuckles and loosening them as she climbs up to the main floor. The door to the Pit opens and Val appears, her eyes falling on the culprit. There's nothing welcoming or warm about her body language, as one might expect from the owner of an establishment. She kicks the door shut behind her and begins fully unraveling the wraps, one hand revolving around the other in a swift and calculated motion. She never takes her eyes off the woman. Closing the distance between herself and the bar, her gaze lingers on the wings that rest on Crystal's back -- not at all unusual where Val is from, but certainly the first she'd seen here. She reeks of dragon. It isn't hard to identify that regal, commanding nature either. Dragons tend not to be masters of disguise. "Can I help you?" Valkyrie's voice is an incredibly strange thing. It resonates two harmonized tones at once, lacing her words with a dangerously beautiful, cold charm. She, too, is very obviously not human, from the make of her voice, to the black around her crimson irises, to her very prominent canines. Her catlike movements speak of something ancient, cheapened by simple modern garb and common tongue, a useless attempt to blend in. At least they have a common ground in that.
  6. Several months go... For a long time she stares out from the hillside on the edge of the lake, admiring the scenery and mapping the new landscape. A cigarette smolders between her dark lips....she's a black stain on the lush, green countryside, all leather and smoke and long lonely strides. Her boots are thick and steel toed, yet every footfall is quiet. The woman moves like a predator, but still manages grace. Dark clouds loom overhead like sudden, silent Gods, stalking monsters she brings with her. She has no problem navigating through the uncharted territory, some misplaced sense of familiarity guiding her. There's a presence, here. The city ahead...that's where she'll build it. Smoke rushes out the corners of her mouth. She has work to do. a strange woman came to Taen... "This is it, then?" The redhead scoffs a little at the abandoned storefront, tilting her head and narrowing her golden eyes. "This is it." "You sure it'll fit?" "The numbers say it will." Valkyrie nods, pointing towards the dilapidated wooden frame. "The place caught fire some time ago, I just need you to finish the job." The redhead smirks a little, thumbing her nose. Her knuckles read Fire Bird. "You want it all gone, aye?" "Leave not a trace." She brought a Tavern to Oakwood from a faraway land It takes three days to trace the runes they need into the ash where the storefront once stood. A blue-skinned mage paces the scorched earth, drawing these runes carefully with her jeweled feet. She dances as ashes rain down lightly all around her, chanting softly, her eyes rolling into the back of her head. The common folk of the Port District stare as they pass by, some stopping to watch and whisper. What kind of place is being built here? What kind of dark magic is this? On day three, it becomes apparent that the building isn't being built at all. Up from ashes, it grows in the image of a Tavern, the runes at it's base glowing like the eyes of the mage that brings it here. Valkyrie watches from the street with a content smile. It fits, alright. As if it had been here all along. called The Black Cherry The five monitors mounted behind the vacant bar flicker to life, one by one. They're nothing but hissing static at first, but soon they each snap to their respective programmed channels; four of them displaying the pit from all different angles, and one displaying the bubbling hot springs in the Cherry's caves. The pit is empty for now, boasting nothing but a dusty punching bag hanging off to the side of it's filthy circular arena. The hot springs seem to have had their routine cleaning mechanism activated, which involves a fine mesh wire running through each pool to collect whatever unmentionables were left behind by previous clients. The rest of the tavern blooms with dim lighting that supplements the burning candles, their harmony giving the Cherry it's signature blood red glow. The jukebox kicks on as the final switch is flicked to complete this familiar atmosphere. Through the front doors, just as the sun is raising, Valkyrie steps into the main lobby. Naturally, she gravitates towards the dusty stairway. The Pit calls to her like an old friend, loyal always to her needs. As she descends, her shoulders dip back to send a long jacket sliding down her chalk-white arms. One slender finger hooks it's throat and hangs it on a rusty nail at the bottom of the stairs. Simple as always, she wears a clingy black long sleeve turtle-neck and leather shorts with shin high steel-toes, also leather. Her hands are already wrapped with tape, and she rubs her knuckles as she surveys the small dusty arena with reverence. She starts with the pipes. Hopping up, she clings to the piping above her head and lifts herself with a slow curl of a bicep, up until her chin is just over the metal hose. Again. Again. Again. Her legs cross and she goes on. It isn't long before her breathing shakes softly with each ascent, knuckles going white under their bandage wraps from the strength of her grip. She isn't counting like she should be. The music sets the tone of her rhythm. Finally she releases the pipe to let her boots touch ground, a sigh of relief echoing through the dingy arena. She drags her palm up her forehead to her hairline, slick with sweat, and glances up at the pipe. It's slightly dented from her grip. Next, she stretches, bringing her arms up over her head and tilting her body left, right, cracking her fingers one at a time by bridging them and sending them up towards the heavens. One leg moves outward and she lowers into a half crouch, stretching one side before switching to put her weight on the other. A series of similar stretches are performed before she falls forward, her palms smacking the ground as she catches herself and goes right into a set of push ups. Her actions seem almost military in their smooth, crisp execution. Up next....she pads over to the darker corner of the room, where the suspended punching bag awaits her. THOOM...THOOM, THWACK, THOOM... In no time her fists are connecting with the heavy, imaginary partner in front of her. She stays light on her feet, throwing kicks that threaten to send the entire thing off of it's steel hinge. Dust shakes with each impact, clouding around her in slow motion while she moves like the monster she is, throwing strikes with imaginary blades where the ribs would be, where the heart would be, where the throat would be... Her teeth clench and bare as she puts the face of every enemy she's ever had on that bag. Reeling back, she turns and swings her leg, her boot-heel slamming against the sack of sand so hard that the other side of it bursts open in an explosion of dust and grain. She exhales sharply, her foot slowly coming down to touch ground. A miniature dune collects below the broken punching bag, and a single word hisses through clenched fangs. "Shit."
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    2. Viice


      <3 Thank you! Haha it's been quite nice here. I'm bringing the Black Cherry over :grintears: figured it would be funny to see it for folks familiar with it // Gaia 

    3. Akako Akari

      Akako Akari

      I will certainly make an appearance. Seems like more and more Gaia folk are making the switch.

    4. Viice


      Yeah I see a ton of familiar faces here. I don't plan on fully leaving Gaia but I like to get my feelers out there when it comes to people/places to RP. Doesn't hurt to have options!

  8. 12/23/16 - Grand Opening: We are officially open! If you happen to also RP on Gaia, you might recognize The Black Cherry, and we welcome you whether you're new or returning to this Tavern! We hope to make this familiar thread just as fun and memorable here as it was on Gaia. If you're wondering how your character should operate if in cannon they've been to the Cherry before and they remember it from Gaia, you have two options. You can either treat it as a strange vague sort of familiarity, as the Cherry DOES exist in another realm as well and perhaps they don't have full memory of it, or you can treat it as if they fully remember the Cherry and are just visiting another location which has opened under the same name and owner. I'm approaching this as if Valkyrie has two locations now, and visits both periodically through rifts in space and time.
  9. xThis is a walk in Tavern. I don't want profiles, be descriptive enough so that I don't need one! If you end up being a bartender or influential to the Cherry's story line then I may ask for a brief summery to add to a dedicated character section for this thread (if one gets made for this thread), but that's it.xIf you come to the OOC thread and ask us for assistance or advice believe me, you will get it. xPlease be mindful of post orders, and try not to skip people.xTry to keep OOC content in the OOC thread (adding one soon kinda try to wait for that hehe)xI don't mind pictures in your posts, just don't go nuts with it please. Also, of course, respect the rules of Valucre with your pictures. xI know the hot springs are going to bring all kinds of steamy romance scenes, but keep it within Valucre's rule and guidelines too.xI am not strict about where fights are held. Have them anywhere, I don't care, as long as it makes for a good story and read. Please don't mindlessly destroy everything for the sake of destroying it, because that's annoying. I prefer you fight in The Pit, but I will not enforce it. "The Cherry is a bit different than the average walk in thread. More so because it's based out of a larger world with a large base of decent great Roleplayer and diverse characters. It's a brawlers escape, and playground of sorts. Essentially it's meant to settle character disputes run random fights and the like. It's got it's own back story and edge, like any good tavern does. That doesn't take away from the fact that it is a good place for not only character development but to test character diversity." - Genetic Genocide, who frequented the Cherry in a far off land...
  10. If someone has a problem with you, you don't take it outside. You take it to The Pit. While very few rules apply and brawls may break out anywhere, planned fights are generally taken to The Pit, located in the BlackCherry's basement. Anyone can use The Pit, so long as it's understood that there is no outside jurisdiction past those stairs. Those entering make and brake the rules. It's fight or die. If you've seen Fight Club, it will be easy for you to understand The Pit's purpose. A beat up, heavy door held open by an equally heavy looking doorstop leads down into this arena. Unlike the rest of the Tavern, it appears unimpressive; just a dingy basement with a dirt floor. For training purposes, there are punching bags hanging from the ceiling in the corner, kept out of the way of where the actual fights are held. The walls are simply hard cement, and the rafters above can be seen. But it's what has been done here that makes The Pit incredible. The fighters are endlessly thankful for that unimpressive dirt floor. A hard floor would make for a quicker fight; the dirt floor cushions the falls that brawlers are bound to take. You can smell it in the walls; the sweat, the blood, the screams as bones snapped and muscles tore. People had been broken here, destroyed by their own rage and hubris. One might notice that in every corner of the Pit, camera's are mounted to the ceiling. These cameras film every fight that goes on and feeds these videos up to the flat screen TV's upstairs. This allows patrons to watch the fights from the comfort of the bar, lounge, or hot springs, or even from their rooms if they choose to tune in. Voice command software has also been added to the Pit, so fighters can opt to have music play while they brawl simply by yelling the word Play. If they want a specific song, they simply have to follow with the name of the song and the artist. Two manual interfaces for the stereo system can be found at the entrance of each of the two Pit's. And yes, there are actually two arena's available for use, the one that the stairs lead to, and one that is accessed by traversing a long hallway with doors on either side. These doors lead to 3 private rooms, belonging to close friends of the owner, Valkyrie.
  11. xxxxx Welcome to a Brawlers Bar & Inn While exploring the city of Oakwood, you find yourself in the Port district among a chaotic array of businesses; from bars to restaurants, shops to corner stands, brothels to underground markets. Something about a particular establishment, however, entices you to take a closer look. It is the red light that first draws you to it's doors. You're eyes fall on a sign crafted from dark cherrywood, though you are surprised to see there are no words on this door. So where are you? Your only clue is the beautifully painted black cherry in it's center. Nestled among the chaos, the red light above it's simple sign illuminates the building to allow for a closer look. Decored with red tinted windows and crimson trimming, The Black Cherry stands out in Oakwood as a unique establishment, one with the dark beauty of a thorned rose. Upon entering, you find yourself in a bar lit by candles and tinted with lights of crimson and gold. Hookah and incense smoke linger in the air. Comfortably cushioned barstools are displayed along with scattered Hookahs patrons may smoke at their leisure, though some choose to bring their own poison. Near the bar is a lounge furnished with large couches, trimmed in lace and maintaining the dark red and black theme that seems prominent throughout the Cherry. A pool table, dart board and grand piano are found in the lounge, and there is also a fireplace which is steadily kept burning, heating the area and creating a warm atmosphere. The bar itself runs along the back wall directly across from the main entrance. atop the bar patrons will find ash trays scattered for public use, bowls of complimentary cherries, and scented candles. Behind the bar, and all along the Tavern, are flat screen TV's hooked up to cameras that watch what happens in the Pit. Details can be found below. Up the stairs you will find rooms, and for a small fee they may be rented nightly. Every room is decorated with bouquets of red and black roses, restocked regularly. You can choose a single or double, and room service is available just as it is in a hotel, at an additional cost of course. The place, however, is a paradox. Despite it's soft and alluring glow, the Cherry's patrons are generally a deadly bunch. It has become known as a brawlers bar, not at all a place for the faint of heart. Fights are frequent and encouraged and there are no bouncers, only a resident healer who reserves her talents for near-death situations exclusively. The Hot Springs: Branching off of the lounge, through the back of the Cherry is a hallway that leads down underground, about as deep as it's Pit, but removed from it; it is not part of the basement. Upon entering it appears this is a very well kept cave of some sort. Stalactites reach down from the ceiling, as beautifully foreboding as the rest of the place. Candles burn endlessly by some unspoken and unquestioned magic, and bubbling pools of florescent blue offer their steamy, welcoming embrace. These are the indoor hot springs. There are 6 pools total, three large and three small, offering the option of privacy for those who seek it. The larger pools can service 8-10 patrons at once; the underground caves span the entirety of the property which the Cherry sits on and are almost larger than the establishment itself. With plenty of room to unwind, the hot springs are a hit with battered fighters looking to soak after a good fight. Some who visit the Black Cherry experience a very sudden and strange sense of awareness when they pass through her doors. They tend to describe it as familiarity, as if they've visited this tavern in dream or another life. Perhaps you've been here before?
  12. Viice

    New (from Gaia)

    The more I look into things the more I get that kind of gist ~ I think it'll be pretty easy to acclimate myself and everyone here seems super friendly and eager to help newcomers! <3 Thanks for the input! Hey! Nice to meet ya (: and thanks! Hello hello! I appreciate that, always good to know I can ask around if I have questions (or more like when @___@ ) Thank you for the welcome! I feel pretty good about hopping in soon. I have a little tribe I'm interested in introducing, sort of African inspired, maybe for a jungle-ish area of Valucre ~ gonna read up on the lore and see where they'd fit in <3 I have TONS of info and custom art of them already from using them on Gaia but the RP they were involved in fell through. I'd hate to let all that created culture go to waste. Heyyy you! My god people just keep popping up! Good to see ya :D God I'm so glad my username was available on here or nobody would have recognized me
  13. Viice

    New (from Gaia)

    And another one! Hey you <3
  14. Viice

    New (from Gaia)

    Oh excellent! I might spend a lot of time there...does that part of the site get a lot of action or do people mostly focus on the existing continents? I was thinking about PMing supernal about taking on a quest but I'm afraid I don't know enough about Valucre to take a quest on and really contribute to the environment...I'm usually more suited to RPing in my own worlds, but I'm trying to break free of that to challenge myself.
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