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  1. Valucre removes any links I post to gaia so I'm done with this site. I'll stick with gaia. Call me old fashioned -shrug-

    Don't like that I can't reference old relics with some of my old friends on here without being big brothered ~ see ya!

    1. supernal


      You didn't reference an old relic. Your post indicated you started an RP on another site and were linking it here to try and find players to write with over there. That's advertisement and it isn't allowed


    2. Viice


      Oh you meant THAAT one. Still, a little insecure when you consider you stole half your community from gaia anyway lol. Cya~

    3. supernal


      There's nothing special about GO that it should be allowed to be advertised when no other roleplay site can be advertised


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