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  1. I'd gladly storytell, but I'd rather not play a character.
  2. *eyebrows raise*
  3. I've been SUUUPER busy. We're moving into a new apartment so I've had a lot to do. Sorry!
  4. Askuwheteau stepped back out into daylight and stood in front of the girl. He gave a slow nod and jerked his head in the direction of the village. His Owl Vision allowed him to see all of the villagers in their homes before they even arrived. They needed to get moving.
  5. Sorry I haven't been able to post much. I'm moving into a new apartment and have been pretty busy so I can't always post so easily. Oh, ok. Thanks. I'll make an OOC thread ASAP. I'll get right to it. Whatever you guys think will work. :)
  6. open

    Soot had heard the gunshots. More lives were likely being taken by soldiers or anarchists. No one was safe anymore. He grunted as he leapt off a car deep in the greedy embrace of the large roots of a tree. He landed on a grassy hill with a roll and slid to the forest floor. Dirt skittered away from his boots and an unseen flock of birds fluttered from the leaves above, the rustling and chirps loud amongst the silent trees. He began to walk the well-worn path he knew so well. This was his safe place. The first thing he saw when he woke, memoryless, in the tank. He stepped over a delicate flower, untouched by the horrors of the city, and ducked under a branch, pushing it gently upward. He emerged from the bushes into the clearing, exposed to the bright sun, the green grass soaking up the light and stretching for the bright blue sky. The worn, old tank stood in the center, rusty, with small sprigs of grass and flowers growing from the treads and engine. A vine stretched across the front, wrapped around the long cannon barrel, like the straps of a bag about an arm. He stepped up onto the tread and then onto the roof of the tank, pulling open the hatch with a rusty screech. As he dropped inside, the sound echoed through the room, which was bigger on the inside than it looked from the outside. He reached over and grabbed five more grenades from the crate that never seemed to get anymore empty than it was and looked at the skeleton sitting on the steel bench, wearing the same fatigues as him, grinning eerily and slouched in a position that almost made it look comfortable. Why they died, he didn't know. Why he was alive, he also didn't know. He frowned and sat down next to the skeleton, the sunlight beaming through the open hatch. This clearing was on of the few areas in the Overgrown Forest that wasn't shaded by leaves and branches. The arm of the skeleton slid off the bench and onto Soot's shoulder. He didn't move.
  7. This was going to serve as the OOC thread for a while but maybe it is a good idea to make another. Wait what? You're gonna make the thread? I have no problem with that but maybe I should do it? I mean, I did come up with all of this... I guess whatever you guys think will work. I like to think of this as more of a team project.
  8. It's fine. Just reminding you. Tge thread should be on the first page of this one. Oh wait nvm Slank got it XD
  9. Sure, if you really want. PM me with a character and some ideas and I'll see where you fit in.

  11. Dear everybody, My apologies for being absent from Valucre as of late. I have had problems to deal with IRL and have been unable to post. I hope to be able to post more often, though the RL problems have not entirely been resolved. To those who I have been rping with, forgive my silence. I shall respond to all messages ASAP. Thank you, Sphynx
  12. Ahhhhh.... I see...... Ya know what, I'm not even gonna try to understand.
  13. I think the point was kinda that it was unnamed and undescribed and even those who remember it don't speak about it and/or are fuzzy or don't entirely know how it happened. Like it happened so fast or was so brutal that one second people were cozy on their couches and the next second they were smashing windows, looting trousers and guns for survival.
  14. Yeah. And maybe at some point when we finish this rp and it's like a book XD we can make another like 100 AF where the grand children of the current rebels are fighting in space or something with super futuristic weapons and the Resistance is really huge but now they're corrupt or something. Whaaaaat?