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  1. Well, consider it a thing. I'll be posting this afternoon come hell or high water.
  2. I'll have a vampire soon. Wanna hang out? Swap manly stories?
  3. Name: Priscilla Valkohyr Age: Fledgling (looks 20) Hair: Platinum blonde Hair style: Curled and wispy, long and rests at small of back Height: 5'2 Weight: 115 Eyes: Green Birthday: June 21st Zodiac: Cancer Complexion: Porcelain Likes: Shopping, libraries, taverns, fruity cocktail drinks, desserts, nice people, friendly atmosphere, summer weather, flowers, lace, frilly dresses, jewelry Dislikes: Mean people, rudeness, insensitive people, bad food, bad weather, bad drinks, loud people, strangers, invasion of privacy, people getting too close Tone: Soft, gentle Hobbies: Shopping, traveling Mentality: Shy, caring, thoughtful, considerate, over-thinker, somewhat OCD Phobias: Spiders, dark places, fear of strangers/new people Personality: Bubbly, personable, intuitive, sensitive Perspective: Positive outlook, sees the good in everyone, dislikes conflict Mannerism: Fidgets with jewelry and hair when nervous or shy, observant, overly caring, intuitive with others wants and needs, can be superstitious, assertive in familiar crowds History: Taken in by Valkohyr clan and turned into a vampire fledgling Friends: Rin Allies: Valkohyr Clan, Rin Family: Valkohyr Clan Mentor: Jennifer Valkohyr Accessories: Bangle bracelets, anything sparkly, flashy rings, studded earrings, crystal jewelry Favorite hangouts: Library, tavern, home Favorite drinks: Fruity cocktail drinks Favorite food: Desserts Favorite color: Milky pink, hot pink Favorite season: Summer
  4. Feel better soon!
  5. I might pull a Roen and be back <-<; I sent you a friend invite on Discord.
  6. AFV indefinitely

  7. Joining Cuz I was invited, I think XD
  8. I will kill you with hugs. [Hugging intensifies]
  9. AFV

    Me too! I'm on strong pain medicine atm and I feel better today, but I basically can't do a lot of physical stuff for the next 21 days lol That will be a personal challenge, since I like being busy.
  10. Where are you? You ok? 


  11. I just got out of the ER tonight, so I will be posting sometime tomorrow when I can.

    1. Caliburnus


      You're fine.  Take you're time.

  12. I predicted you coming back and recall saying "He'll be back." Back from the ER and got pain medicine for my back again.
  13. It's a law firm. Chaos would rule it.
  14. He could open up a Law Firm.