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  1. Giving you a heads up that I won't be responding to any posts. I'll be on vacation for two weeks starting today.

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      Epic movie

      If they ever attempt to remake it, I'm blowing up Hollywood -.-

  2. You're the only one who has shown consistent effort in Rp, creative ideas and understanding how to communicate those ideas. Thank you!

  3. fun [fuhn] Spell Syllables noun 1. something that provides mirth or amusement: A picnic would be fun. 2. enjoyment or playfulness: She's full of fun.
  4. I will be taking a vacation for the next week or two. I'm giving a heads up to anyone I have an Rp with. I will be finishing up what I can. 

  5. He watched the man enjoy his whiskey and listened to his words. They were wise, but not something he didn't already understand. Trust wasn't to be given lightly, unless one wanted to find a knife driven into their back. There was no recovering from betrayal, especially when one placed all their bets on foolish idealism. The prince smiled then, genuine, or not, it was a smile irregardless of their conversation. This was the first time that he was able to have an intelligent conversation and from the most unlikely of places. He shrugged his shoulders in response to the man and drank his own whiskey, but he savored each drop that passed over his tongue. There was no sense in denying his fondness for whiskey, but he worked at not letting it control his mental faculties. "True, very true, Glee." Kazuhiko paused and swirled his drink, then poured himself a third. "You are correct in your assumptions. It's not every day you meet someone with your...attributes." Kazuhiko choose his words, but decided to be open with him. Honesty was something Glee valued, so he decided to be upfront with him. "I plan on expanding my Empire, but I need the right individuals to achieve that goal. I plan on returning home to Weland. Perhaps someone can help you there." He thought about his next string of words. "As for Moonskull Palace...I plan on changing the name. It's a bit ridiculous, if you want to know my humble opinion." Kazuhiko smirked at the word humble and went back on topic. "How about personal guard." He said, but didn't quote it as a question, rather as a matter-of-fact tone. "If you decide to stay loyal to the Empire, we can work out more details. In the meantime, lets see if we can't help you." Kazuhiko expressed and rested his boots on the table in front of his chair. Servants brought him more tea, but it still didn't taste like their Oolong tea back home.
  6. Solita’s words drifted in and out of his existence. His steps light, Kazuhiko watched her from the shadow plane for a moment and then reappeared, his attention on her and the strange creature that spoke to them. He wasn’t new to these tricksters, having run into all sorts of Yokai at home. Movement stilled, he watched Solita with a protectiveness and listened for the voice again. It wasn’t a hostile voice, but it was intrusive and too curious about his origins. Guardian? He heard the creature right and stood straighter, no longer relaxed in his posture. Kazuhiko didn’t know if this guardian meant them harm or not, but they were stranded and not at an advantage to create conflict. They would be overpowered if the disembodied voice was a true guardian of these lands. Instead, Kazuhiko did something unlike a prince. He bowed in the presence of the guardian. Whether or not the creature was in front of them, it didn’t matter. He wanted to show that the same devotion could be shown in them. Kazuhiko motioned for Solita to bow, but doubted she would, given her nature. While he succeeded in killing an Elder in Athentha, he didn’t know if he’d survive killing a guardian and he didn’t want to find out either. Respect was given and he kept silent, while he waited for Solita to bow with him and show that they were submissive to its presence.
  7. Did you get my last message by any chance? :laugh:

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      Last Magician

      I am not sure. Was it the one about liking my writing the perspective of the "mermaid"?

  8. I look forward to writing with you. @Gloxiana
  9. For a brief moment, Kazuhiko got to enjoy being a nobody, or a commoner in the carriage. Before they departed into his world of luxury, status, the young man traded his worn jacket, for one of regal intrigue. His steps were the same evened gait, but with a slow precision in every other gesture. Once he sat down and got comfortable, the servants rushed out of the room, mimicking the appearance of insects caught in the light at nighttime. They scurried, their words hidden underneath their breath, but audible enough for him to catch a few of the heartless words. His staff didn't care for his family, but only because of his father's strict reign. Kazuhiko swirled the drink in his hand and studied the amber tones of the whisky concoction. It wasn't a drink to write home about, but he had a hunch that Glee would know a good whisky when presented with one. "Welcome to Hell, Glee. This is Moonskull Palace. A place that I've...recently taken residency in." He said to Glee, his words careful, even the way he used his tone was practiced. Small-talk was not his forte, but did that really matter if your guest was having a good time? He drank most of his whisky down and poured more from a crystalline decanter. He was careful in how he presented himself to new recruitment. They needed a well crafted image of someone in power, or fame. Kazuhiko noticed that Glee was cautious with his drink and treated it with some sort of dislike. The prince got up and walked around in thought to what station he might place Glee in. "I want you to be my personal guard and assassin. I can already tell I can trust you. Another man would have taken advantage of my generosity." He spoke up and sipped the whisky this time. There was no doubt this man needed a job, but at what length would he seek one out with someone like Kazuhiko?
  10. "You can start immediately," Kazuhiko chimed in and kept his same expression. The man wasn't known for being expressive, but he enjoyed the fact that this detail didn't put the man on edge. When one socialized, he was expected to react and respond in a certain fashion. It bored him endlessly. This man went straight to the point, or "Glee," as one called himself. There was some sort of back story to the being called "Glee," but Kazuhiko would have to pretend to care about such a history. When one asked another about their history, they should take mental notes of important past events. If anything, to prepare oneself for any behavior that would need to be noted. Was he a drinker? The stench from him gave it away immediately. Drinking was not something that offended Kazuhiko, but now he knew the man's weak point, or one of them. That would come in very handy. "How about we talk about your new employment over a drink?" Kazuhiko asked and showed a hint of emotion: a flash of a grin, but his eyes were void. The carriage began to slow down and from what he judged on the outside, they were getting closer to the palace. Guards lined the pathway and saluted the moment they spotted the carriage, with its gilded doors and ornate exterior. The appearance of the man didn't phase Kazuhiko. His family was made up of oddities, he just happened to be more at ease about it. The carriage halted and the doors were opened immediately upon stopping. They would be parked in front of the palace, which would be breathtaking to any newcomer. For Kazuhiko, this was the boring part of the tour: his families estate. He didn't bother to show the man around, but walked straight to his reading room, where a drink awaited both of them in crystal tumblers. Servants would bring Kazuhiko his tea, pipe and evening whisky. There was no sense in telling Glee what to do, since another vacant chair waited for him. On a side table, a personally prepared drink beckoned for Glee to enjoy its exotic notes. "I'll start first. I'm a Prince of Weland and you are now in my home." Kazuhiko paused, his eyes suddenly warm with emotion, although it was difficult to say if it were true emotions, or a facade to the untrained. "Your turn!" He responded in a childlike manner and remembered his place. This is where they would make small-talk and endure it for the sake of society. The pros and cons were obvious: they would be in pure luxury, which would entice any individual to spill their guts to a stranger. Drinks welcomed them both and he could enjoy himself without the worry of offense.
  11. Thank you. That could be why I couldn't have others add me in the past lol
  12. My Discord is Deviant#2172.
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