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  1. Your character has way more smithing skills, which is why I think he should hire you! I like all the detail you put into your profile.
  2. Go ahead and give the job to him. Mine crafts through shadow, so you may want something more traditional.
  3. Working on it now. I'm going to be on a road trip tomorrow and will be back Tuesday. Heads up!
  4. It's my birthday tomorrow, so I won't be doing much today.

    1. Frostborn


      Happy Birthday!

  5. "Honnnneyyyy....Where's my Super Suit?!" - Frozone, Incredibles
  6. I was joking with you dude, chill lol
  7. I'll have mine up later today. I'm exhausted right now.
  8. Hit me up in Pm. We can discuss scenes for inspiration if you want. I don't know if I'm going to bed or not.
  9. So complicated, we chit chat online lol
  10. Welcome to Val! What's your favorite writing genre?
  11. There you go!
  12. I was joking about the difficult life lol Give me something saccharine sweet in context. I can handle it. And your debates begin!
  13. Chillin, about to get dinner ready, play a game and work on shop stuff. Maybe Rp if the mood strikes. Drinking a latte. Life is pretty difficult right now, as you can tell. I don't know how either one of us manages.
  14. I should get defensive at something in that sentence, but I'm too indifferent to give af. How's life? Maybe you could mentor her. Make her a pretty princess in your kingdom!