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  1. I'm interested, my character is a demonic prince from Weland.
  2. Speaking of games, Hi.
  3. My Summer Car I have never needed a game so badly.
  4. Pm me. this sounds awesome.
  5. The prince continued to examine bottle after bottle and inquired about a certain year to a waiter. Unknown to the water, they were talking to Kazuhiko Xanathi, but tonight he downplayed his act. Treated like any other customer, it was a nice break from the regal self-image he was accustomed to displaying to the public. “Thank you.” He said to the waiter and paid for the bottle in cash. The woman prattled on next to him and the waitress shared an expression of sympathy. Disrespect was apparent, but if he gave her any sort of attention, it would be like rewarding a spoiled child. He ordered a specific number of wine glasses to be brought to his group of friends, where they would be delivered in haste. Adryn reminded him of many of the other nobles in the room. She was like a coiled viper, ready to strike at any young man that attempted polite conversation. Like a viper, she had her own beauty that was unrivaled, but it had the promise of a deadly venom should one get too close her. Kazuhiko could go on about theories in regards to her bitter nature, but he wanted to waste time with his buddies and this bottle of wine. He ignored her and paid attention to the bottle, admiring the lettering on the label, or any other fine details the business provided. “Have some food sent to our room, if you would please.” Kazuhiko instructed the waitress. The gentleman’s club was famous for recruiting certain members of prestigious backgrounds. Much of the activity that went on was strictly business, but now and then the men were allowed some relaxation. The gentleman’s club kept a roster of quest’s only available to their specific group of individuals. Whatever was obtained, was kept in their vault and the place secured with trained guards at every corner. Not that Kazuhiko was concerned about anyone breaking and entering- especially this obnoxious woman. She and the wine had something in common: they both left him with a bitter aftertaste. Kazuhiko left her and turned his back to her, but didn’t share any eye contact. He had the waitress deliver the wine and food to the gentleman’s club, where they would discuss the next available quests, or exotic monsters to track for rewards. It was her loss and her consequence, after he had been cordial toward her. The men greeted him with an enthusiasm and it made him smile broadly. They began to file out of the event and into another area of his parents extravagant home, that was detailed with oriental features. If she couldn’t be bothered with decent manners, then he had other things to attend to. He joined the group of me and shared cigars shipped in from some exotic land and indulged in tumblers filled with whiskey. Conquests of women would not be shared here, but he did warn them of a little viper in the next room. The men laughed at the image he gave the woman and they began to discuss business as usual. Quests were seen strewn across a large board, where each individual member was assigned. As quickly as they had been introduced, she was forgotten with his brethren. Laughter would filter from and guests would ignore the disturbance, many familiar with the gentleman’s club and their roles. Kazuhiko wanted to see what made his little viper tick.
  6. Hey, it happens. The main thing is if we know. We'll have an OOC section for it, so we can all keep in contact. Maybe a group in Discord for plotting. All-l-l-l up to Pandahat!
  7. I'm warning people ahead of time... If you plan on being active as a Magical Girl, you can't suddenly vanish, or at least without a warning to Pandahat or myself. Common courtesy and all. We do plan on making this canon and I've been talking to Supernal about it. We understand that life gets in the way, so if you need to vanish for whatever reason, just give us a warning ahead of time if you are able to. We're pretty forgiving people. Have fun! Kill some berserker Yokai and maybe my guy will teach you a thing or two on how to kill the really tough ones!
  8. Full Summary After some really hot sexy times, Aoi and Kazuhiko venture off to check out the local taverns and find out the lore behind the Enrele beasts. Upon further inspection, the two discover that the Enrele are parasitic-like bastards and must be destroyed at all costs. After much personal debate on how to kill the nasty creatures, the two go into town and plan their strategy, discovering that the Enrele can be weakened by scrolls and other magical necessities like shadow manipulation, or just brute force. The two engage in more sexy times and venture off to hunt down the Enrele the next morning. Once they rendezvous at the tavern, Kazuhiko provokes Aoi into hunting the Enrele on her own and she ventures off, determined to prove that she can kill the beasts solo. Taking note of her distress and headstrong mentality, Kazuhiko joins her in the fight against the Enrele and helps drag their nasty-ass corpses to the shore. Some survivors remain, so the two kill the remainder of the Enrele and take the bodies as proof to the tavern, where they collect their reward. Minor Summary Aoi and Kazuhiko go on a romantic adventure and kill some nasty creatures known as the Enrele. Everyone gets to be a hero. Opportunities: 1. Sexy times and building relationships. Getting to know the locals and the lore. 2. Understanding the behavior of the Enrele and what makes the little bastards tick.
  9. Kazuhiko smiled at Aoi’s demeanor and saw the humor in the situation. It wasn’t that he was upset toward her, or how she handled the mission. What intrigued him more, was that she was upset by her own decision making. She had decided to come to the bank alone and trap the Enrele on her own. There had been no show of force on his end, it had all been decided upon Aoi and her choice of action. Yet, she remained angry toward him, as though he had somehow forced the decision upon her, when she could have turned around at any time. After telling her how to trap the Enrele and giving her the scrolls, plus instructing her on the capture, he was certain she would be able to shoot an arrow. Kazuhiko shrugged at her demeanor and helped her drag the Enrele up to shore. He would kill those captured in the net and then they would be able to take the bodies as proof to the tavern. From there, they would both gather their rewards and be on their way. From a strategic stand point, he knew that he had helped with a major decision-making in how to capture the Enrele, but she alone decided to attempt to show-off for his approval. Her behavior curious, he helped pull the Enrele toward the tavern and collect their reward. After the reward was collected, they would both be known as handling the Enrele with a distinct professionalism, that was rarely witnessed from new travelers such as themselves. Kazuhiko gathered his reward and split it with Aoi, keeping his word. Regardless of what happened between them romantically, she would always have a place in his heart after their passionate affair and he’d always treat her with a genuine cordiality. He hoped after this lesson, that she would learn she didn’t have to work for anyone’s love, or approval. She was already complete as she was. He grabbed his traveling pack from behind the counter and began his long trek back to Weland with a story to tell.
  10. There was a time and a place when Kazuhiko might have taken a drow’s word at face value, but today wouldn’t be that day. Unfortunately for Lyra, she would have to prove her loyalty to him in some fashion. There was a lot of work to be done in the shop and he had orders to fill. Time couldn’t be wasted. Military orders were at the highest priority and then business owners, along with everyday citizens. He unfolded his arms and without much expression, motioned for her to follow him into the shop. Arcane magic imbued items were cluttered in every available space, most of it organized by quality, category, etc. Weapons were laid out and some appeared to be modified creations of their former designs. “I am in charge here.” He explained and didn’t pause his gait. This was not a job for the timid. Creatures of the Yokai type were being hunted and brought to the shop for examination, then dissected, or experimented on to see what made them tick. To an outsider, it would look like a shop of horrors, but to him, it was just business. Kazuhiko turned on another light and the place was illuminated. Lyra would witness his creativity with the arcane. Various bottles were stored in spice-cabinet shelves, where their glass exteriors glittered like a jewel cast against the sunlight. If she took on the job and accepted her responsibility, she would learn the contents, how to imbue weapons and more importantly, learn how to hunt and retrieve specific Yokai. As future King of the Yokai, it was imperative that he controlled the realm and its out-of-control inhabitants. There was more to learn, but more importantly, he needed to instruct his possible new recruit. “This is not a job for the faint of heart. I’m Kazuhiko Xanathi, son of Chizuru Xanathi - Regent of Weland.” He paused and took her to a table, where a spider-like Yokai was being dissected, its innards exposed. Scalpels and other instruments rested on the side. He motioned toward the various weapons, bottles with substance for imbuement and other creations that would be explained at a later date. “As a drow, this sort of job may give you an advantage. I apologize for being taken aback by you earlier, but I have to protect my work. I’m sure you understand that position.” Kazuhiko spoke without emotion, his eyes did fall on her curves for a brief moment, before turning back to the shop. This was not a business opportunity for the weak, or overly-sensitive. “Now that you know what this is about, what’s your name?” Kazuhiko grabbed a blade and began to take a strange orange liquid for the imbuement process.
  11. Up and early at 6 a.m. Heading out for errands and coffee/writing later. I will possibly be at a funeral mid-week, so some things will be slowed down for obvious reasons. Thank you for the kind comments I received today!
  12. Info on my character: He is training the "magical girls," and will be ruling over the Yokai soon. This thread will become Canon.