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  1. Hope it’s not too much trouble, but I’m probably going to post sometime on Friday. I’ll still aim for tomorrow, of course, but I might be short on time. Also, hope you’re feeling better Gilaen! 💪
  2. The meeting from the other night had gone smoothly in the end; once everyone had a couple of drinks in them. Everyone but Durant, of course. Past all the aggression and macho posturing—and Bandit’s generous slice of edge—they were able to determine their next destination: Shawnee Glacier. Lily waited in her cabin now, sitting cross-legged on her cot, hand terminal alight while she glossed over the details of their mission. The carrier they’d boarded a few hours ago hummed with a faint mechanical whirr, trembling against bouts of turbulence aided by the snowstorm raging outside. Echo was off tinkering somewhere. Probably running a diagnostic scan on the Loco. They’d loaded their Ogres in the cargo bay, and it was up to the mechanics to make sure they were combat ready. A soft crackle, coming from the intercom, snapped Lily to attention. There was only static before she heard the distinct sound of someone clearing their throat. “All OAM pilots,” a voice said. “Please report to the cargo bay immediately. Scanners are picking up rogue transmissions ten clicks north. We believe they’re coming from the enemy base.” Good. Lily got to her feet. She was just starting to get impatient. She shoved the hand terminal in her front pocket and exited the room towards a set of stairs. The cargo bay wasn’t very large. It was almost cramped, by general standards, overflowing with heavy machinery and engineers on moving platforms. Docked in large, frame-like stations were the Ogre mechs towering some twenty feet in the air. As suspected, Echo was by the Loco, removing cables the width of her torso from its back. “How’s it looking?” Lily asked from below. Echo bent down to eject another cable. When it didn’t budge, she adjusted her footing and twisted both handles with all her might. “Oh y’know,” she said, grunting. “It’s not like it does this every time.” “You want some help?” “I’m…” She paused to swear. “…good. I can do this.” “You sure?” “I-“ KA-CHUNK. Echo fell on her back as the cable came free and whipped her in the face. “Fuck this fucking shitbox fucking thing!” Lily smiled, then shook her head. A pair of assistants approached with her mech’s interface suit. It consisted of a simple inner layer, filled with nerve-connecting runes, which would later be outfitted with pieces of armour such as carbonweave plating. “Thanks, gents,” she said, waiting while they helped her into it. A short time later, the suit was fully assembled, all but for the helmet she held against her hip. Anytime now, she thought, searching for the other two pilots.
  3. Ursa Madeum is a medieval fantasy setting, so you should be fine with anything low-tech.
  4. When your first decision as King is to throw a party: On a smaller note, I'll be attending with Crowley.
  5. Pirate's Cove is up fam I'll be here if ya'll have any questions
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    Drasir The Free City Bilgewater - Street, Sean Yang Drasir is, first and foremost, a free city in Ursa Madeum, and is therefore not subject to the Kingdom’s rule or to that of any noble house. Over time, it has grown into a seedy metropolis built on piracy and greed, known for its drunken, boisterous charm, as well as its frequently ruthless clientele. Founded five hundred years ago, Drasir traces its roots back to the legend himself: Sir Creighton Drasir, pirate captain of the infamous Tide Turner and its motley crew. The story goes that the Tide Turner met its doom out at sea during the catastrophic Twilight Storm—all while carrying vast amounts of riches that would make even the wealthiest of Andelusian nobles swoon. Merchants were the first to discover its wreck along the western coast of Thraece, dashed against treacherous, maw-like cliffs. The ship was reported to be empty, oddly enough, with no trace of its crew or cargo anywhere in sight. Believed to have survived, rumour spread that Drasir travelled inland to hide his treasure. Rogues and sailors, outlaws and warlords, even pious knights flocked to the sight of the wreck. A small community formed as a result, birthing the port town of Drasir, with each subsequent visitor building upon its shaky infrastructure until it evolved into the glorious pirate haven it is today. As things currently stand, Creighton Drasir’s true fate remains a mystery. Geography Topography Drasir is situated along the west coast of Thraece, deep in the recesses of a winding fjord. Its cliffs are set into a U-shaped valley flooded with saltwater and precarious sea stacks that render navigation difficult. Both ends of the channel can be freely accessible and are the only reliable methods of reaching the city—the cliffs surrounding it are often too steep to travel on foot, making the area a highly defensible location. Some of the rock walls tend to curve up and outwards, giving the impression of a jaw with stalactites for teeth. The heart of Drasir lies in such a sight, often referred to as the Maw, and is connected to a dense network of caverns burrowing deep through the fjord’s outcroppings. Cityscape For a city with no regard for planning when it comes to the delicate matters of infrastructure, Drasir has done remarkably well for itself, regardless of its many faults. Amid the barnacled, rotting docks, the weather-beaten buildings, and the zoo of debauchery running wild through the streets, lies a gritty sort of grandeur. The architecture is sweeping and vast, scaling cliffs with towers that lean a little too far to the side, always building upon itself like a hive fashioned from wood, stone, steel, and the occasional drop of blood. Much of the city is navigable by boardwalks, rope bridges, creaky stairs, and primitive elevators. A few districts are fraught with caverns hiding all manner of curiosities. Several outposts litter the fjord, typically acting as exclusive clubhouses for gangs, with plenty of ships crowding the docks belonging to one type of crook or another. Climate Drasir experiences a subtropical climate like the rest of Ursa Madeum but gets noticeably more fog and than cities further inland. The weather is fair year-long, the temperatures peaking during the new year (June). There tends to be heavier rainfall from November to April, and a dry season from May to October. Flora and Fauna > Olihen – The story tells of an unnaturally giant squid that can drag ships all the way down to the Fortuna Gallo, where crews will find rest amid the ocean’s darkest depths. An ancient and elusive creature with the ability to decimate fleets and leave no trace of its appearance. Few have claimed to see it with their own eyes, and only a handful are telling the truth. > Bore Leech – Not all battles need to be won with cannon or rifle fire. Often all that’s required is a barrel of bore leeches, a bit of saltwater to ‘activate’ them, and a means of launching the barrel across to the offending ship in question. Given a few minutes, these worm-like creatures will tear through the thickest of hulls with vicious ease, using razor-sharp teeth to decimate anything and everything in their path. > Scarak – One of nature’s finer attempts at creating a walking nightmare on eight legs, complete with large pincers, a sturdy exoskeleton, and a stinger sharp enough to puncture steel. Pressurized sacs inside of its abdomen allow a Scarak to heat ingested water to boiling temperatures. This water is kept in reserve for emergencies involving larger predators, upon which the Scarak can either squirt or inject it via the stinger at the end of its tail. > Coral Golem – Unique gestalts created from a colony of parasitic invertebrates called Pirinoa. These creatures begin as tiny polyps drifting underwater in search of a host to infect via ingestion. Should this occur, the polyps spread through the host’s body, infecting bone, muscle, and organs until eventually reaching the central nervous system. At this point, the colony assumes full control of all bodily processes, using its host as a mobile, carnivorous feeding ground before decaying into a more traditional coral deposit. Pirate Cove, Piotr Krezelewski Culture Drasir is a corrupt city of opportunity where gold and violence are the only two currencies that matter. No one rises to the top without being ruthless, a little cunning, and more careful than a jester at a funeral. Throughout the years, the tides have swept together an unruly sum of society’s refuse: drunkards, murderers, thieves, wenches, all with no place to go but Drasir for solace. Economy Despite the city’s ramshackle appearance, plenty of coin passes through its hands; it’s just a matter of knowing where to look for it and having the stomach to actually go fetch it. In many regards, Drasir is a place of extremes, where the poor are some of the poorest in the entire nation. On the flipside, the rich are some of the richest, hoarding treasures valuable enough to sway armies. Travellers looking for under-the-table merchandise will discover no limit to what they can purchase. Black markets mingle freely with candid businesses, offering exotic wares that would normally be impossible to find anywhere else. Some goods can be also acquired through favours—quite a few individuals are fond of making their debtors work—or bought on a patron’s credit depending on how much influence they wield over the market. Education Crime and profanity. Those are the two things Drasir will teach a man. Any other skill is secondary and better learned elsewhere in Ursa Madeum. Government There is no official authority governing the city, nor has any measure of law been formally established. What few rules that exist belong to the powerful and the wealthy, including gang leaders and pirate lords, alongside merchants who’ve secured a sizeable influence. Security Without a proper guard to police the streets, citizens are forced to look out for themselves. Gangs offer protection services for a premium to people residing within their territory. Mercenaries line every corner, assassins roam alleys and rooftops, and noble souls looking to keep the peace are far and few in between. Despite the lack of solidarity inherent to the city’s nature, residents have frequently come together to repel invasions from the government. These historic displays of power have deterred any further attempts to conquer Drasir, as anyone foolish enough to try will be met with the full might of Ursa Madeum’s villainy. Notable Residents > Dorian Finch – Arguably the most enigmatic pirate lord in all of Drasir, privy to secrets and information that could turn a kingdom onto its head. His wealth knows no bounds, nor does his long list of favours, and he seemingly has a hand in everything and anything that goes on within the city. Rumour has it his face was stolen from him long ago by an ancient spirit. He wears a blank mask at all times, covering even the eyes, in addition to a dark hood concealing the rest of his head. > Vera Granger – A half-elf and longtime madame of the Pink Pearl, which serves as part brothel, part steam-house, and part theater and burlesque parlour. It’s a little-known secret that Vera is a powerful witch, proficient in the arts of scrying and charm crafting, among other lesser magics. Many come to her seeking their futures or simple tokens of good luck, but her services don’t come cheap, and happy endings aren’t always guaranteed. > Amadeo Mortimer – Amadeo is the leader of the Shepherds, a fairly new gang in Drasir, known for his hateful disposition towards all abnormal beings. Nonhumans, mages, and beasts have much to fear with him in the city, as he’s fond of rounding them up for public execution, with each subsequent show gaining a larger following. The Sea Devil, Brenda van Vugt Notable Locations Within Drasir > The Black Spot – Easily the ugliest tavern in Drasir, but also the largest and rowdiest. It burned down thrice in the past decade and stands to burn down a fourth time every night. The barkeep, Madman Smithers, is a shifter with hammerhead shark-like features. He has the habit of quelling bar brawls with outrageous violence, which, unsurprisingly, serves to aggravate the situation even further. > Fig Town – No one really knows why this market is called Fig Town. There are no figs to speak of, and it’s clear that most of its shoppers have never seen a fig in their lives. The market is tucked away in a massive cavern lit by torches and lightstone veins, with several offshoot tunnels branching outwards into the cliffside. Different shops open at night when the others close down—it’s generally agreed upon that the best merchants present their wares from midnight to dawn. > Executioner’s Drop – A colossal waterfall, estimated to be sixty meters tall, slanting off the edge of the city into a river leading inland. Rows of jagged rock line its perimeter, housing makeshift prisons and watchtowers. It’s a popular tradition to execute one’s enemies by tossing them over the edge of the drop. Outside Drasir > Fortuna Gallo – It’s common belief that the souls of those lost at sea will inevitably find their way to this oceanic trench. The water above Fortuna Gallo runs like a dark scar on the ocean’s surface, and its depths are whispered to be the home of unknowable terrors like Olihen. > Whalesgrave – A coastline filled with whale carcasses found on the northern shores beyond Drasir. There are as many as thirty dead whales lining the ground in varying states of decay. The air is putrid with rot, teeming with carrion feeders of all shapes and sizes. It’s considered bad luck to visit this area, as far too many in the past have died from illness shortly after. > Great Fog Reef – Several miles to the west lies a region permanently shrouded in fog, concealing a gargantuan reef beneath its waves that remains largely unexplored. Some claim to hear whispers coming from the fog, others distant cries for help. Those curious enough to venture inside usually don’t come back, and the few who make it out alive are haunted by the reef’s mysteries. > Putnam’s Point – A precarious little settlement hidden atop the fjord’s southern entrance, watching over the sea at large for any signs of potential danger. Messenger hawks are used to relay letters to a post office in Drasir, where the letter will either be read publicly or given to the appropriate correspondent.
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  9. Lily and Echo shared a glance. We’re stuck with a bunch of loons. Lily sighed internally, then leaned back against her seat. “First off,” she said pointedly, balancing the quartz glass between thumb and fore finger. “No one’s trying to fuck you. You’re the least fuckable person I’ve seen all week.” She tilted the glass and drank quietly, emptying its contents in a single go: fungal whiskey. She could tell right away by its grey tint and earthy scent. It had originated as a by-product of Hell’s Gate self-sustaining micro-cities. Mushrooms grew especially well in a vat—to the point that there was too much of it in the end—and scientists had managed to create a few protein-rich strains to make up for meat shortages. Rather than throw out what was left in surplus, they donated their stock to enterprising brewers. The result was the filth that left Lily feeling like she’d just swallowed a mouthful of dirt. “Secondly,” she continued, chasing the aftertaste with a nacho. “This is both my partner and our mechanic, Echo Sinclair. To someone like you, Mister Durant, that would be Private Sinclair.” Echo pushed her own whiskey towards Durant and mock-saluted. “I think you need this more than I do, comrade.” Lily eyed the two men, just for a moment. First Durant and then Bandit: a pneumatic cripple with a stick up his ass, followed by a redneck body-modder with an attitude. Then there was herself, brown-haired, dressed in jeans and a plain black T-shirt. She had eyes the colour of bloody murder, and yet she was still the most ordinary person at the table. “But yes, down to business,” Lily said. She wasn’t sure she wanted to drag out this evening any longer than necessary. “We’re all here because of Apotheosis. More specifically, because Bandit has some kind of information on their whereabouts.” Apotheosis was a relatively new group on the army’s radar, no younger than a few years at the most. They were a band of eugenicists turned terrorist, the kind of folk who believed in a superhuman race. Their soldiers were all genetically modified—big boys with big guns. Said guns also extended to all their tech, including OAMs they’d acquired through unknown means. Lily turned to face Bandit. “Wanna share with the rest of us?”
  10. I’m sorry for the delay but honestly, just skip me this round. I’m having a hard time writing anything besides “Guys, look at this cool necklace!” or “Yes, let’s go right.”
  11. Sir Pillar? The name took Eli by surprise. He couldn’t tell if it was the witch’s idea of a compliment. Regardless, he shook her hand, unsure of how else to respond. “Ah, well uh… you’re welcome?” He glanced over to Halisera. The Matriarch was already paying for their bill—and a stern glance, aimed at him, smothered his protests in their infancy. I’m just going to go, he thought, nodding to both women as he left. ----- Eli arrived at the plot half an hour later, armoured in full shellplate. A gold helmet rested upon his head, masking his features behind those of a Brumak he’d slain himself. He walked past a cliff overlooking a cave, tucked away in a small clearing, anxious to repeat the experience but looking forward to it as well. About time I see some action. It’d been too long since he’d swung anything besides a pen. He was probably rusty from lack of practice but all that meant was this was a good opportunity to regain his edge. He’d brought a spear and a shield with him—standard fare for the Raiders. Arguably the most optimal combination thanks to its high reach and defensibility. A few goodies also sat in his pouch, strapped tightly to his belt, mostly of an alchemical variety in the event of a medical emergency. “Lady Halisera,” Eli called out, spotting the woman by the cave he’d seen earlier. He tilted his helmet back, just a little, so she could catch a quick glimpse of his face. “Sorry if I made you wait, takes a bit of time to strap on all this armour.” He paused to scan the area around them. “I suppose Enid’s on her way?”
  12. Echoing Tyler's statement, I've got my hands full with other threads. Best of luck!
  13. I’ll try to have a post up tomorrow morning.
  14. Lily Harper, more commonly known as Rose to her friends—or Private Harper to people she didn’t like—was nursing a glass of whiskey when her girlfriend walked into the bar. “You made it,” she said, sliding a warm beer across the counter. It’d been sitting there for a while now, long enough that it probably tasted like piss. “I was starting to think that Ashford might’ve killed you.” “He almost did,” Echo said, holding up a finger while she drank. The glass came down empty, and she gestured at the bartender for a refill. “Fucker had me fixing gardening tech for PETAL all the way down in hydroponics. Should’ve only taken me a few minutes—a grad student with two brain cells could’ve done it—but he neglected to mention the carnivorous algae clogging the air filters.” Lily cocked an eyebrow. It was hard not laugh at the thought. She settled for a teasing smile instead, taking a sip of her own drink. “What, did it try to suck the moisture out of your skin?” “You say that like it’s a joke, but that’s exactly what happened.” Echo rolled up her sleeve. “Only it had teeth to do the job.” Lily’s smile vanished. The skin on Echo’s forearm looked crinkled and raw, like the flakes of an old croissant left out to dry for too long. A series of dots ran along its length, bright red and needle fine. They formed a narrow, twisting line winding all the way up to her elbow. “Yuck,” Lily said. “You’re supposed to tell me it doesn’t look as bad as I think.” “Did you put any cream on that?” “Best PETAL could do was some aloe vera and an apology.” Echo shrugged, quickly unrolling the sleeve of her jacket. She was a tall woman, with the rough, calloused hands mechanics got from working long hours. Sometimes those hours were on account of her boss being an inconvenient brand of dickhead; often it was a matter of Echo treating her job as a religious sort of hobby. Lily knew the girl was a genius, a savant in all things that went boom—it wasn’t uncommon for her to drop by the workshop late at night, bag of McRonald’s in hand, to find Echo obsessing over the military’s next doomsday device all on her lonesome. Lily smiled. For some reason, she found those nights oddly charming. “What?” Echo asked. “Nothing,” Lily said, waving the question aside. “You feel like ordering nachos?” “Only if they come with extra guac.” They ordered at the counter and had the nachos delivered to a nearby booth. There was an aquarium built beside it, pulsing with the soft glow of neon pink jellyfish. The rest of the bar, in similar fashion, had other tanks embedded into its walls, keeping in line with its namesake as the Knackered Nautilus. “So,” Echo started, chomping down on a handful of cheese and taco beef. “When are your friends supposed to show up? I thought I’d be the last one here.” “Probably soon,” Lily said. “I don’t think anyone’s in a rush. And we’re not exactly friends, I’ve never met either of them before.” She’d heard of them, though. Callsigns Quake and Bandit. Both pretty popular among the Ogre community, but not for what she’d call the right reasons. One of them was a cripple, apparently, with an equally crippled mech, while the other was a first-generation pilot who’d gone AWOL some time ago. They were supposed to meet here at the bar and discuss the details of their mission—Echo was merely a tagalong, someone willing to patch up their rides and give them a lift in her airship. “Well,” Echo said. “Let’s hope they get here soon. I don’t know who decided to put Hunan peppers in these nachos, but they’re kicking my ass and I need help.” @Zink @samo
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