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  1. Hey guys, I've been super busy with school and life, and I'm just too short on time and energy to keep up with Valucre right now. That said, I'll be dropping out of this thread. I'm really, really, really sorry (honestly, I feel bad), and I also apologize for holding you guys up the past two-three days. I tried coming up with a post but it's just not working out for me. I wish you guys all the best, and hope this adventure turns out to be a blast.
  2. Only if the drinks are girly.
  3. I was going to use Alfon but I changed my mind. Teddy's my main slice now.
  4. I really hate to be that guy but it looks like I've bit off more than I can chew. School's hitting me full force right now, and I just don't have the time or energy to keep up with an S-class commitment. Also, I don't want things to lag because of me. Sorry about dropping out, best of luck to everyone and I hope you guys have a good time!
  5. I'll make sure to have a post up sometime tomorrow! Sorry about the wait, school's been a little hectic recently.
  6. Gonna be using this guy:
  7. Ah y'know what, let's do it. Count me in for A.
  8. Sounds like a good time. Consider me interested, unless this is only aimed at the people listed in the original post. I'd be using my character Alfon (link in my signature).
  9. You got room for one more? I've been meaning to debut one of my characters as well, and this seems like a good opportunity!
  10. General Name: Linovale Kaigal Nickname: Vale Species: Elf Gender: Female Visible Age: 25 Actual Age: 52 Sexual Orientation: Homosexual Alignment: Neutral good Profession: Adventurer Class: Spellsword Physical Height: 6’ Weight: 154 lbs Hair: Light auburn Eyes: Dark amber Skin: Warm beige Build: Lean and athletic Dominant hand: Right Voice: Calm and languid Attire White shirt Brown pants Short olive green cloak Leather vambraces + brown fingerless gloves Deerskin boots Personality Demeanour: Introverted, curious, dry-humoured, adventurous, driven Strengths: Bold, creative, cool headed, perceptive, potentially charming Weaknesses: Reserved, insensitive, risky, unpredictable, independent to a fault Backstory (WIP) A bit of this, a bit of that. Your typical brand of adventure. Abilities and skills Athlete Vale’s graceful appearance is often a point of deceit, as few are able to deduce the layers of hardpacked muscle coiling beneath her skin. She’s agile, durable and strong enough to compete alongside Olympians, and her flexibility and spacial awareness are like those of a dancer. Swordsmanship As competent with a blade as any knight of great renown. Illusionist Fairly skilled, Vale can conjure illusions capable deceiving all five senses. However, the more complex the spell, the more concentration and energy it requires for her to maintain it. Elementalist Vale is most proficient in the use of water and ice-based magic. Her knowledge on the other elements is rather basic, and her skill in manipulating them leaves room for improvement. Gear Whitecap A one-handed flamberge whose opalescence shifts between metallic blue and silvery white. An ordinary hunting knife Self-explanatory, sheathed at her hip. Satchel To carry her stuff.
  11. I've been meaning to hop into Genesaris and y'know what, this could be a great way to start. No promises yet but I expect I'll be attending Bronte sometime in the near future.
  12. “I could show you my place, if you want?" I was in the middle of finishing my second Mai Tai when she popped the question. Her words barely registered in my head, but I got the meaning loud and clear. The way we locked eyes, the unspoken energy sizzling between our hips- that was enough for me. I managed to tame my excitement with a smile. “Is that even a question?” I asked, my voice equally low and charming. Setting my glass aside, I wave down our waitress to pay for our drinks before I led us out of the bar. The pop music faded into a murmur as the door swung shut, and the outdoors welcomed us back with a brisk gust of night air. A taxi with impeccable timing cruised by, the sign on its roof dimly lit. I waved it down and it came to a gracious stop, where I would hold the door for Skyler to slide in. As soon as I followed her in, an enthusiastic voice that sounded oddly hispanic (but not quite) rang out. “Hello, my friends! How are you today?” I looked up to see our cab driver giving us a toothy smile, only to realize that our cab driver looked like your traditional, Area 51 extraterrestrial. The identification strip on the back of the righthand chair stated his name as Ramone Kilgutar. “Good, thanks for asking. We’re going to, uh…” “351 Purgatory Street,” Skyler finished. “Woo, alright! Purgatory Street!” Ramone said this like he’d just been invited to party with Odin Haze. “So, how’s your night going, guys?” “It’s going pretty good, how a-“ “Oh yeah, good, good! I bet it’s going to get even better, eh?” From the rearview mirror, Ramone gave me a wink from one of his large, black, pupiless eyes. “Two hotties hopping in a cab outside a bar? I see you, I see you!” I shifted uncomfortably but I couldn’t help but laugh, despite myself. “I’m telling you, love is in the air, man! I’ve driven, like, two hundred couples and five fat dudes in the past few days, and maaaaaaaaan, it gets HOT in here! I had to buy myself some Febreeze, man! Psh psh, you know what I’m saying?” “Ye-“ “Guys, if you wanna make out, just go for it! It’s cool, man, it’s coo- WATCH THE ROAD, FOR MAMA’S SAKE! YOU STUPID CUCK!” Ramone cleared his throat. "Sorry, sorry, idiots on the road, y’know? Anyway, don’t worry about Ramone, Ramone don’t care. I’ve seen some dirty things in this cab, and you guys making out would be like…kindergarten material, you feel me? Like god daaaaaaamn, people are into some freaky deaky shit nowadays! Still, I don’t say shit! I just let them do the do. They appreciate the silence ‘cause silence is GOLDEN, son! I say that because people tip me in gold when I stay quiet. I’m doing a really bad job at it now but hey, if you wanna get steamy up in this grill, just say the word, homie.” “Nah, I think we’re go-“ “Aight, aight, I see you.” For the rest of the drive, Skyler and I sat in silence (mostly) while Ramone blabbed away and drove like a squirrel on speed. Eventually, we pulled up to Skyler’s apartment and I paid Ramone the cab fair, alongside a generous tip. When we got out of the car and made for the apartment, I heard Ramone going “Psssst! Pssssst! Homie with the blonde hair!” I turned around and strode up to his window. He handed me a rubber. “These are the best in the house, broski! Trust me, I use these babies all the time and they don’t disappoint. Good for you, good for the girl, you feel me?” I didn’t even want to think about what he just said, so I smiled. “I feel you.” “Aight aight, safe safe, cool cool! Stay safe, broski!" He then loudly added, "Show each other a good time!” With a final wink, Ramone sped off into the distance, and three seconds later a plethora of honking echoed down the street, Ramone surely yelling in his own vehicle. I walk back over to Skyler and give her a comical shrug before we make our way up to her apartment. She unlocks the door and shows me in. The inside of her apartment was sparsely decorated, with not much going on anywhere, but everything was neatly arranged and in good taste. Single bedroom, by the looks of it, and speaking of which… I turned towards Skyler and slipped my hands around her waist. Direct but hey, we both knew why we were here. I leaned in.
  13. Awesome, sounds good! If Blurb's down to have me along for the ride, then we can all discuss your idea in a group PM.
  14. Are you only looking for a one on one RP? 'Cause if not, I'd be more than glad to join you and Blurb! I've actually been meaning to bust out this character for a while: It's a pretty barebones profile but that's just because I plan on fleshing him out via RP instead of writing a long, detailed profile like I usually do. If he doesn't suit your fancy, I can grab another character!