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  1. till death do us part.

    His breathing never sounded so loud. It never filled out like this. It blanketed everything, and engulfed all would be stimulation that he should be on receiving end of. The way debris aroused by their recent actions should be pelting the ground as gravity's hold on them brings them back to rest. The way the wind should sound howling through ruins from structures that once stood proudly, had been wilted in the face of their combined intensity. Their oppositions words, ensconced in discontent for the would be opposition in the form of the The Kitakokou's Own --- His most devoted. They failed to reach him at the moment. As did his own comrades. As did motor functions that were telling his body to move, react, do SOMETHING in response to the drastic change in the world around him. Part of him even hungered for confirmation of Ouza's safety, yet the inexplicable sensation and pressure surging wildly through his body at the moment allowed for only the most BASE of bodily and mitochondrial functions. BREATHING. Breathing that was becoming as loud as a million ton train rolling into the station, and an ear splitting tone that was increasing intensity, with that intensity, the glow of the 5unique floral pattern apparent within the hyuugas eyes shone brighter. The pain in tow became unbearable. The sensations, became intolerable, the pressure on the proverbial wall built to contain what raged behind...became uncontainable. By the time his comrade had began calling the heavens to do her bidding. Akuma----was literally become a figure akin to which he is named. A prodigy, born with a split psyche that had been suppressed---and the incalculable Killing Intent inherited, had lost control of it all. And had ceased fighting it all off. The sound of the breathing had gotten to it's loudest. As did the tone, and the pain at it's most intolerable before it all simply SNAPPED.-------- A BOMB had went off----A metaphysical one first. The sheer pressure from the insurmountable amount of chakra that began to run rampant through his body. It spread in all directions, like a massive dome the likes of which began to dishevel the darkness, ichor and landscape that was present here. HE himself was like a beacon in this darkness, a light which pushed through every cell of his body, moving the pigmentation of his skin into something lighter, once into his hair---Turning it from deep obsidian to a brilliant white. His ankle length mass of hair reached heavenward with the flow of Chakra moving from his feet to the top of his head---Along with the white column of light that much like Rin's own prominence, pierced the darkness and had it's way with the skies. The pressure going outward was a on a rapid crescendo. His open hands had tightened into coiled fists, teeth with pronounced canines gritted tightly against one another and the proverbial SHOW had began. The flow of the prominence stayed upward, and amidst the brilliance, black instances of chakra danced and randomly appeared until his voice would cannonade outward and from every pore of his body he'd BLEED out the obsidian anima in vastness until suddenly it would SNAP!!!---DISPERSE!!!!!!---AND SETTLE. How odd was it that within this feeling, this sensation that was akin to one riding a star---he had calm. No pain. No pressure. No stress no strain. Yet what had he traded for all of this? Was this even AKUMA standing there, brooding even, looking over his body which felt new. Lighter. Less weight and effort required to move it. The sheer power at his disposal was intoxicating, the sensory input experienced now? Superhuman...no..godly even. It was as if he could reach out and pull the very moon into this planet at a whim! But.....something as simple as TALKING right now, at this moment? Was a feat he simply couldn't accomplish. Only actions of sheer violence! Only displays of power! And before he had succumbed to this alternative psyche there was one being that was the focus of the palpable killing intent that would weigh on the minds and souls of everyone on the battle field here---even The White Lady, who even now, while raging on like a wild goddess couldn't possibly leave this killing intent exuded from her Comrade totally unnoticed. His eyes went back and forth between the two, the white lady, and Bishanoten. Doing his absolute best--monumental as the feat was, he was able to discern between the two that ONE, was to go untouched, the other----would be awarded all of this hunger to annihilate. In the wake of her own attack there was so much raw PRESSURE coming from his being that it created field of resistance around his being, depriving him and those within his area of her wrath. Mean while, he pointed a single finger------And began collecting wrath of his own in the form of an immense singularity of YANG chakra the likes of which had very quickly began to equate to and surpass the prominence akin to a Tailed Beast Ball, oddly enough even it radiated a quality nearly identical. This single finger remained pointed at the (6)Bishanoten. And once an opening presented itself, Akuma' would set forth his intent.
  2. till death do us part.

    The fact that he couldn't perceive his new found opposition with the level of scrutiny that was accustomed to his gifts---Was thoroughly annoying him. The Pain behind his eyes, like fissures running through once solid rock, this headache forced it's way through and across his brain from that vantage point until it became a pulsating constant. Ebbing away at his concentration, diminishing the effectiveness in which he computed things. There was alot to compute. His opposition had no traceable chakra. Those robed figures that Ouza faced down now? The same, and while he could still peel back obstructing layers with his sight he couldn't perceive those details which gave him the subtle cues and advantages. Unlucky past combatants, former foes within these lands would often warrant the method to Akuma's madness as "Mysticism" or a form of "Clairvoyance", the way he always seemed to be one step ahead, or forever at ready. When he suddenly appeared---No longer a blur or an inhuman event at speed, having been stopped cold by reflex. Blood painted the ground before him having been strewn to and fro from his fore-arm---Which had been raised as a knee jerk reaction, and a substitute to it's intended point of impact. His eyes looked at the injury with utter discontent---grunting while he moved his other hand, alight with shaped chakra to half the impaling instrument and those same eyes while not wasting the moments it would take to swing his oculars to perceive the walls directly, accounted for them.---and the tarnishing of his immaculate clothing. White had been stained. These streets...stained. With his blood. He was NOT pleased---His opposition CONTINUED to be insensitive to his fashion plight and spared Akuma time to verbally protest to the affront of a CUSTOM, all white designer get up like his. Rin wasn't either as it seemed. The paramount amount of Chakra welling at his rear on approach heralded her arrival onto the battle-field, and to do so in such a manner, suggested that she was speaking in a language learned through years of combat together.------"Do something, anything, just don't die....Im attacking by the way." He just loved when she said such nice things, especially in the form of a tidal wave of wind and thermal rage. He had to be quick about his actions.. As for his footing----it simply got busy with a new directive. As quick as those walls came in, large, barreling, wide and powerful, And his Ally's attack---No Quicker. Several rotations had already been completed. 3Tenketsu points on his body had began exhausting Chakra in staggering volume. Exceeding anything that had ever been displayed by any member of his bloodline previously, his recent evolution had in-fact bestowed upon him staggering reserve of Chakra the likes of which he hadn't fully managed to control or manage, and the pain---was causing his control to waver. The Odd, Flower shaped glowing pattern in his eyes flickered and brightened. Something marvelous was occurring here. While those walls had closed---Akuma's heavenly SPIN had been SHAPED. No longer was it just a very concentrated torrent of dispelling Chakra, shaped as it was, this Heavenly Rotation was BLADED, the density, intensity and power of the said Chakra being exuded of different nature as well. Was this the 4Tensaigan's doing? Was he in control? How much was he taxing himself? That was left to be seen. What was apparent, was that those walls closing in had been diced into proverbial cubes---yet the Rotation had no ceased or slowed if anything it sped up. IN DOING SO, the set forth by his comrade had been ADDED to his own event to create something----Paramount, to say so in the least. Those in the distance, would perceive a MASSIVE cyclone of black fire, the likes of which would rapidly and randomly send 5 meter wide 2.5 meter THICK bladed projectiles, the likes of which would have resulted in at least 4 TOWARD White Robbed figure off into the distance. UNFORTUNATELY, due to Akuma's lacking control of this amount of Chakra----such was a liability, and the collateral couldn't be avoided as another half dozen would easily careened off into various directions, halving building and small structures in their wake. IF NOT for the festival drawing much of the population to one location---Deaths would be on his hands. AS SUDDEN as the creation of this anomoly came! It would sudden be dispersed in the form of a VERY fast paced SHOCKWAVE of Black-Flame and Force that would spread like a DOME in all directions for 30+ meters in all directions, the likes of which would possess enough raw concussive force to obliterate what remaining structures remained in his vicinity and place the robed combatant in FURTHER danger of offensive in follow up to what had been issued prior. ---In the wake of it all, Akuma would be left in a 3 point stance, breathing heavily and gritting his teeth, both shocked and disapproving, but understanding that this battle MAY NOT be so easily concluded despite the magnitude of those prior actions, and so....He'd return to a ready, slowly, but surely.
  3. till death do us part.

    He had approached the edge of a response before he was interrupted. Akuma was notoriously hard to sneak up on, let alone surprise. The voice coming at him over the stillness of night was attached to a man who had managed to do both----or, men rather. His focus had changed, his ears had drank in the contents of the dialogue and by it's conclusion Akuma's mood was soured and his intent had changed. Nothing the man said rattled or phased him, it had been made clear that others had been killed. That they were targeting The Kitakokou. Was there really anything else after that point, that required much thought or rebuttal? Akuma would respond though, he was reasonable, they were men after all. "Worried about my life? Im only worried about how much of your blood i can avoid getting on this outfit..." Slowly the glasses on his face were removed and stowed within an inside pocket. Those 1Eyes of Legend were affixed to the speaker within the bunch, and advertised not a single ounce of fear. They did shift over to Ouza momentarily. They displayed confidence in her, not concern and the nod he gave her was one of affirmation that they were about to engage and take life----together. Akuma's fingers undid buttons on the the suits for added comfort---And the cool flare and awesome wind it's gonna pick up during what was sure to be a paramount show from The Kitakokou's own----Right hand man. Any pondering of his findings of or lack there of life force or anima within the man before him was kept under a stoic and face devoid of readable characteristics. Akuma was trained that way, bred this way, honed and galvanized in combat to be machine like and calculating. He didn't have room or the capacity to be surprised further---Now was the time to get rid of a threat. A threat to the two he held closest---Rin and Kaede. To the lands and people that have welcomed them thus far with open arms. To the woman at his right---to whom which a perfect date with had been ruined. The change in temperature was symbolic, the only thing colder was his mood. The malice. The killing intent. He was ensconced in it. His first Steps would cue the war song of this confrontation. Right now it was harder to harmonize the insurmountable might lying dormant within him. There were doors. Large metaphysical, proverbial doors that existed and had been shown to him. A Path, forged anew, a power, a birth right he was once forsaken from now to be embraced in full, ---And he was NOT at his physical best to indulge. He could taste it though. Like some temptress, reaching out from the beyond, like a being of light to rest a soft kiss on his lips and leave a lingering taste. This was apparent--the way his eyes flickered some. They were illuminated---lateral veins running the length from their corners to his temples. A barely visible but present floral formation present in them that wasn't the normal for members of his clan. Now was the time to get down to it... BOOOOOOM!!!!! A massive concussive expansion from the explosive 23rd step, and a [Peerless Brawler] achieves what can only be described borderline inhuman speeds, Instantaneously in a mad blitz across the 20+ meter gap between them, the visuals on his actual body? Close to impossible to visually track, however his foot-falls into the ground could be seen albeit they were akin to machine gun fire hitting the ground.
  4. till death do us part.

    Something about what Kaede said was throwing him off. What did he know? What was he hiding? What was the reasoning for all these things transpiring? It seemed like he was the only individual in the know. Something was amiss. Akuma knew that man very well, why would he make such a statement if it was NOT for strict purpose of keeping Akuma on guard.... It was a decent temperature. He didn't know why that mattered right now but he always liked that about this place. The air was crisp. It was so conditioned and wonderful to breathe and be in it. It allowed for a good balance of clothing options as well as choices of activity. You could stroll the main-street with a loved one, hand and hand in casuals, comfortable as ever. There wasn't a single cloud in the sky, and the moon here seemed bigger, and more powerful then the one he was accustomed to. You could turn out every light here and it's rays would still keep things appreciably illuminated. He'd have gotten a bit lost in it, hopefully Ouza didn't see it as him ignoring her but he heard her loud and clear and she clearly had the context of what Akuma had said to Kaede---Off by a mile. He hadn't looked to her at all when he said it, a slow stride , while he looked up at the moon. The cobblestones beneath his designer shoes and their voices the only things that can be heard for seemingly meters on end. He had no malice, attitude or ill manner in voice when "I said, "The same look you're giving me now, I gave her in a Cave, miles east..." None of that sounds like "I kept Ouza in a Cave for weeks at all. It doesn't sound like "I kept Ouza here in the city either" but the point is, I never said I kept you in a CAVE or GAVE you a cave, BUILT you a Cave, Created a Cave, it's a CAVE, that CAVE was there before I even got here who am I to GIVE it to anyone....." Akuma stopped walking and removed his shades. In truth he said what he said like a smart ass but it was only to signify the utter pointlessness in feuding over a simple misunderstanding. He'd have thumbed the bridge of his nose firmly between his index finger and gritted his teeth. The pain was settling in again, "Ok, Fuck caves for now..." as he'd then turn and look to her squarely, "We have no trust issues. They've been the most trust worthy individuals I've known for my entire life. Kaede's off, something happened....there was an oddity to his Chakra network, something like what happens when you get nailed with a Genjutsu, I saw it before my head started splitting." Akuma would have placed both hands in his pockets, pushing the lengthy coat back and aside while continuing to look upon her. "Eventually the talk will be had, but I have to say Im a little ignorant on the history between you, Kaede and Rin. Can't say that I was present for it, I may have either been away on task, or it may have been during probationary period, mind filling me in?
  5. Requiem.

    Scant moments into the inner areas of his own compound and the sound of heavy beast with padded feet could be heard in full stride. "Not in the mood Mala..." As if the beast would care. Mala was the product of experimentation by one of the most profound minds to ever come into these lands. She was also one of the most fickle and quick to discard. Success came, and with it Mala faced termination but instead found the solace of an interested keeper. In typical fashion Rin was tight lipped about what exactly it was that Mala, was experimented on. It wasn't until the first time he witnessed the bio-organic manifestation of compounds that can create combustible agents, increased bone density and outlandishly sharp claws and not to mention the fact that this kitten, grew to be nearly over twice the size of a horse---Did he discover what exactly it was that made him different. Mala was also young, very playful and was absolutely attached to Akuma and was quite the handful when he wasn't around. Was more of a handful to Akuma when he was, literally. He'd have barely hand time to rotate the 90 degree's to the right before his forearms met the wrists of the massive pouncing cat who's momentum and sheer weight continued to drive Akuma backward on the balls of his feet despite a somewhat serious effort to push and drive him back. The tigers roar was a playful gesture----despite it's appearance of aggression and it's intensity. As always, it required him to implement the usage of Chakra to gain the footing he needed to to turn Mala's momentum on itself and toss it over his shoulder and onto the floor. A sizable effort, And it didn't stop the big cats urge to play. Pushing himself up and off of the big cat would have him immediately looking face to face with the elder-servant who was quick to chime, "Something about this one, seems different. Personal even Akuma-San, that would explain the hospitality at least." SHe would also know that Akuma was not much for conversation or indulgence. Not when he knew it was imperative that the fewer who knew about Ouza's being here the better. And he'd reiterate that, "Something like that. More importantly, her being here for the moment is nobody elses business save for the limited staff that will be present, you and I? Ok?" Her understanding came with little to no resistance, and it was in his domain he'd reside, idling over paper-work and notes pertinent to his upcoming surgery all the while awaiting his guests presence when she was ready.
  6. till death do us part.

    Kaede was off. To anyone else but the two people closest to him in the room it wouldn't be so apparent. Their leader was the picture personification of immovable poise. You'd see a stone blink or flinch before he would. So few instances of it, Akuma couldn't even remember the last time he's even seen these symptoms, and what he did capture of a disturbed Chakra network, in this man. Maybe it was that profound understanding that fortified his resolve when face to face with Kaede's outburst. Without a change in his expression, tone of voice or body poise akuma responded. Unmoved, nor intimidated by the palpable, copious amounts of aggression exuding from the man. He'd still step in, turning on his heels so that his shoulder would stand linked to Kaede's own, and there was only a slight tilt of the head needed to maintain their privacy, and the appearance that there wasn't anything wrong---nor a reason for the crowd to become overly concerned with the contents of their discussion. It was also so RIN could hear his words to, "You're being told now. Same look you're giving me now, I gave her in a Cave miles east from where we stand . She was kept. Isolated. And my contact with you was at bare minimum so if IT WAS Trap or worse, it would come MY WAY and fall on my shoulders only, and in the event I failed they'd have NOTHING on you but that I was there to die..." Akuma would step forward and begin walking away from the both of them, NOW there was a change in his tone. NOW there was something off about his body language and aura that may be suggestive not of anger or malice, but sheer disappointment, perhaps even enough content to justify hurt, his pace slowed up some only so he could turn his face, that left eye at it's deepest corner, "If I didn't know better, I'd think you already had it in your head that I was deceiving or betrayed you. Good to know what you think of me.." His shades were returned to his eyes and a heavy sigh exhausted from his nostrils. As far as this festival goes---it concluded. His interest in it never having been that paramount, again, it was all about what he was tasked and ordered to do. Innumerable years had been put toward this cause. This purpose, This man. Lives were taken. Villages burned. Husbands taken from wives and children, bloodlines ended, and his own personal ties, a villiage, a life--thrown aside for it. Even at a time of confusion, or possible tainted disposition Akuma could never arrive to any conclusion about Kaede---without absolution in the proof first. He just couldn't accept less then that now, and would have crossed the bridge again, toward Ouza, a single hand gesturing for her to follow him at his side. "Lets go for a walk..." She'd be lead clamly, and quietly through and out of the festival out onto the quiet back streets which had a low enough volume for normal conversation. IN which he'd first inquire, "Im not making an idiot of myself, putting stock in you, am I?"
  7. till death do us part.

    Akuma hadn't noticed her at first. He was idle, allowing lights to catch the diamonds on his wrist which in turn attracted the fish to him in a manner he didn't expect. As it seemed there were many beautiful sights to see a the festival tonight, Even Rin in all the years that he has known, occupied space, worked with, fought with and idled with--He has never seen her as magnificent as she looked tonight. In truth Akuma relished in moments like these because there had been so few for their Trio. Hanyusha was forged through trial and tribulation, hard work, and weathering adversity. The three of them had been galvanized by their accomplishments, and this festival was more then just a celebration for these people---It was in part, to him one for them as well. Maybe it was her scent first, or a well developed proximity sense, but he was no less disappointed at what met his eyes. She was beautiful. In every sense of the word. She was gravity, and he planted firm right where he was. He had no words at first, just a moment to admire what was presented for him until she spoke, both strings of dialogue having no effect on him at least in comparison to what was revealed when she smiled. Akuma's strength of memory was exceptional, there was very little about her he didn't remember and this was certainly a new detail. He had gotten a few words into his response, "So I see im not the only one who's been through some changes as---" He'd have immediately swung his sights around on both Rin and Kaede. There was a symmetry between him and The Kitakokou. Decades at his side, an insurmountable time as a brother and a soldier at the service of his cause and ideal. Few if any get past him, or Rin, even fewer get to EFFECT their leader so. His glasses were immediately removed and the 1eyes of legend began to scrutinize the area, only to perceive trace elements of the Chakra at play before he found himself losing his balance, colliding with the railing and bracing himself from further folly. His head felt as if their had been molten lava poured right down the center and stopped right at the back of his eyes. His body shuddered at the pain, his teeth gritted and his left hand spread wide so that thumb and middle finger massaged his temples. Rin warned him of it, and these "Headaches" had been nothing short of crippling as she had described they would be. The amount of sheer input, the power, the capacity in which his eyes functioned now was simply beyond the realm of his understanding and control. Even his bodies own Chakra, in both amount of prominence had taken an appreciable toll on his bodies day to day functions. Unfortunately this entire ordeal---this moment, right now. Missing the mark. Not being there when needed. The distraction, the feelings for the woman at his rear at the moment---It all advertised a severe problem that needed to be addressed and addressed immediately. His words came slowly, And he spoke through the act of putting his shades back on, "Those two are more then company, they are my family. They have been for quite some time, even where others that should have been, weren't. During those introductions Ouza-San, Please keep that in mind. Before anything else, before anyone else, those two are the most important things in this world to me.".. Akuma's bearings were slow to do so, but were returning to him nonetheless. He'd have turned around to her, "I may even be risking that relationship by keeping you're being here between us until now, because of what I want with you, and how important I'd want you to be to me as well. Keep that in mind, one moment.." Whether Rin or Kaede saw what just occurred didn't matter to him, only Kaede's condition as Akuma would make his way over to the two of them. Keeping his body language neutral and his movements gradual as to not cause scene or stir, He'd have looked to Rin first, and then Kaede "What was that? Are you ok?"
  8. Requiem.

    He smiled. He did come here to train didn't here? A little physical exertion on is end getting back to the main lands shouldn't hurt. Akuma took a second to look over the animals and his face showed approval. He had AMPLE space, and he was fond of animals as well, One of his own being an inexplicably large Tiger of his own that was actually the by-product of experimentation. Akuma very rarely got involved...no, in fact he almost never gets involved in any of Rin's experiments save for the one example lounging around his domain. Tampering with some aspects of it's genetic coding she was able to produce a cub that had grown to a little over twice the size of a normal jungle cat, had TOTAL black pigmentation and atop it's already keen senses, had thermal receptors that allowed the cat to stalk based on HEAT signatures alone---minus a direct line of sight it was STILL a highly effective hunter. So they would be at home and welcome---after a brief adjustment period. For now he'd have taken to the Caves entrance and looked east. "We are only about an hour or so from the village grounds, these surrounding forests are still within it's territory. SO long as the pace is up....shouldn't be a long trip." And it wasn't. Their travels would be at pace, Akuma spending time booth in the tree tops and on the ground where often he'd test Ouza's condition and her ability to keep pace with him. There were elevation changes. Times where they'd have to climb and scale. Soon the thick forest would recede and the low grass had arrived, over the last leg of the journey the entirety of the village would come into view and it would be at that point that they'd have reached their destination. In terms of scale, it was every bit what Konohagakure was---Perhaps alot more polished and technologically advanced in some instances but still every bit the village in terms of size and populace. At one of several entrance check-points Akuma's position of Authority would have clearly been made evident. He had been saluted and greeted as such, one of the patrols over extending himself in reminding him that his "Escort Party" once again had failed to keep up with him. Akuma's response was one mixed slightly with aggravation "I never requested it, so I didn't plan on being ESCORTED anywhere..." Ouza, and the felines in tow wouldn't be scrutinized further then the few guards who were intimidated by the largest of the trio at her rear. Through the village street's it was another matter. Akuma held both a status of being famous and infamous here. Children and young men aspired to be him, women of young and old were impressed and taken with his good looks and presentation---something they often said about Kaede, and there had been many a running poll as to which man was the most...GQ so to speak. He'd wave and smile--a forced one, where and when applicable. Some young men, and olders however, didn't share the views of others. Be it envy, hate, intimidation or some other un-seen reason, Akuma's enigmatic nature often made conspiracy theorist question his every move when and where he makes them. Soon they'd arrive at his place of residence---which was simply staggering in dimensions. Akuma's thing was Marble, and Stone--Granite to be exact. Even where there was wood present it was obsidian, even the stones in the rock garden out front of his establishent were of black granite. His arrival heralded the approach of several servants, the elder of which had approached, always with a brash tone, always bearing down on him, and he found her nothing short of delightful for it as she began pelting him with questions, "Whyyyyyyyyyyyyy? WHyyyyyyyyyy do you continue to leave with no escort Akuma-San! There are people out there who'd love to do you harm! You musnt! You never listen why do I bother.." He'd have smiled and actually hugged the elder woman. She was short, no taller then 4'10", and every bit of 65 years old with long flowing grey hair. Thankfully, he had someone to take her attention off of him, "I have guest. This is a very good friend, for a long time. Ouza-San, and she has 3 that will be staying with us as well. Keep Mala in the main quarters, I will handle introducing him to these other 3, see to it that she gets whatever she needs, and let's forget about the guest chambers, she can take my second room...it's big enough for the three of them. " The eldest woman would approach...4 other servants in tow and they'd go about Ushering her where she needed to be which would be into a beautifully furnished room that was easily twice the size of the cave she occupied earlier, beyond her twin doors a second of 6 Koi-Ponds, and every possible luxury she could need."I'll give you a minute to get settled, I have a big cat of my own i need to get up to speed and introduce yours to so that he won't look to make this a territorial issue.." off into the background that old bitty's chattering could still be heard, "Ahhhhh, yes, these things are but sweet kittens compared to that Big Black bastard of a tiger.." And he was off...soon to meet her again the moment she was at ready and requested his presence again.
  9. till death do us part.

    Akuma was wearing his best face. The surgery while a success was having it's consequences. Splitting headaches, to the point where he can't even move or focus. It was new for him, having such a handicap especially during a time where he himself felt that he should be at his best, unnerved him. For The Kitakokou he is never less then what's expected, that was his motto, that was the discipline he consistently practiced. Today however he had to save face and act the part of a well fairing member of this glorious sect---when in truth he should probably be in bed. Swag on a billion.. Despite that, oh he looked the part indeed. Having a representation of being a unique individual, his clothing was something that was a combination of tradition and new-land influences. An immaculate, pristine, all white---Whiter then the sheets in heaven, mock neck full length suit jacket. The collars were beautifully trimmed, engraved with actual 24kt Gold threading and runic placements. The buttons down the front where invisible, fastening from the inside, hidden by a single pleat, the coat split at his waist where the rest of it simply flowed behind him as a cloak would, where it would sweep along the floor, an inseam of velvet to prevent what stains the ground had to offer from tainting the white. His pants were the same, as was the dress shirt, all all accented beautifully by gold---The likes of which adorned his wrists in the form of beautifully frost-bitten jewelry, VVS-Diamond bracelets, rings on his pinky fingers on both hands and a single chain, fairly large with Hanyusha's symbol done incredibly in a VVS-Diamond pendant. His hair wasn't braided---it was WOVEN into a single long braid that flowed the length of his body and rested atop the coat he wore, 24kt-Gold Bangles bracing a part of his braid spaced 4" apart from the previous and over his eyes, a pair of customized shades which truly served the purpose of low-lighting---as to not agitate his eyes which were the source of his inexplicably incredible headaches. Needless to say he stood proudly---and cleanly, at The Kitakokou and his comrades side, seating himself near them and for the most part during and after the speech being surprisingly stoic. He didn't smile or say much, Occasionally sipping his drink and sampling food. What did bring a change to his demeanor was the boy... The boy who looked at a woman and in her saw the world. Saw something he wanted. A Boy, staring at a mountain that he knew he was unable to climb but god damnit would NOT be convinced otherwise. Because she was worth it. Because he had to have it. Because he valued her, this owner of his hearts real-Estate. Akuma scrutinized the boy but not angrily. The look on his face lightened alot. It even caused him to momentarily remove the shades and smile as the boy approached and presented to Rin, quite possibly the only token of his affection that he could afford and make sense. The entire scene---reminded him of someone, and as he re-shaded his eyes and Rin inquired to him Akuma would speak, smiling, while he awarded his comrade---no, more like a sister. With a gem. "When something or someone inspires you. IN a way that nothing or nobody else ever has. Brings things out of you that you never thought even existed. Makes you want to give them the world, but for now you only have flowers....you get that. That boy has jack shit to offer you but those flowers...be flatterd Rin-San, you're someones crush. Excuse me..." He knows this feeling all to well, ever since "She" has been here he has gotten a chance to explore it, but there was still so much unsaid. Undone, unfelt. Akuma found himself at walk way over a Coy-pond staring to the clear waters and the beautiful fish at idle and by some chance, the young boy whom he stood by. The young child gushed---Obviously well aware of who the Oja-Shusho was, and the reputation that came with it. "You're more brave then I ever was kid, at that age I was to scared to even approach my crush. Power to you.." they'd bump fist and Akuma would shoo the kid away while his arms crossed and his eyes gazed into the subtle ripples of the water below.
  10. Requiem.

    For some reason he couldn't stop smiling. This was it. The grand stage, he had finally made it. It's amazing how the world works and things come full surface like this. A conversation of this tone and magnitude would be impossible as a youth, he didn't have the gaul or the stones. The courage wasn't there. The skill, the maturity, the swagger even, he was devoid of it. In some instances Akuma was devoid of some of that now. In all of his 30 years---He has never DATED a woman. Truly courted or went through the motions with one. He's had flings. His position within Hanyusha, the prolific reputation he has forged for himself--it Draws them to him. Even then he is cold. Meticulous in who or what he indulges in. This woman here though, she has always had his heart and didn't even know it. So when she spoke he hung on every word, as she moved those eyes of legend saw every curve. They didn't miss anything they didn't waste a single frame in passing. As she moved into the cave, he followed her in, with no fear of her beasts, if anything he was more nervous as to how this conversation could go incredibly right or incredibly wrong. At her dialogues conclusion, it did strike him, that he was trying to press this issue here----And she was open to going elsewhere? There wasn't much to pause about. Ouza-San represented no threat to the Kitashiobara or the The Kitakokou, who would be made aware of his discovery but for now, for the first time ever, Akuma was putting his own personal aspirations before possibile duty. He wished to see what it was she was interested in, in being here, before giving THIS WORLD...something he covets, just as he had given his sect all it was that he had to offer. His eyes traced over her a moment, and then looked around and then rested back on the woman before the words came forward, calmly, "I suppose we could speak at my place, once you've been treated and made comfortable. Don't get me wrong I like the cave girl look, it's attractive, but a woman of your stature...and importance to me, should look the part within the domain of The Kitashiobara. Shall we go on a long trip in a short while?" His way of referring to a very useful technique he has learned....that has made him quite the mover, and Killer.
  11. Requiem.

    While she walked, and surveyed him. He took a moment. His eyes peered into the cave and scrutinized certain details. The beasts, the bedding, the entirety of it. She made quite a cozy place of it, he'd give her that. The makeshift weapons, lacking craftsmanship but still from what he could see of them, in her hands they'd get the job done, at least against anything she needed to hunt, kill and eat. It was at that point that he did notice she was circling him, and the tone of her voice---where as before it would have had him red as an apple and uncomfortable. He welcomed it. He smirked and shook his head some, looking down at his feet and shaking his head at being called "Little One", as if he was chiding back "If only you knew" without exactly saying it. She was her, but at the end of the day he was him, And Akuma hadn't come all this way as a man, as a human being, as a warrior to curl up amidst being basked in the rays of his old crush's attention. Her words were taken in stride though, and he was appreciative. It had been a long long time since Akuma had smiled. Some, even those closest to him, were fast believing that it was all but an impossible gesture. She asked him what she could help him with, He hadn't thought of it at it like that at all. Again he looked to the Cave, to her, her clothing---Because HER, herself appeared to have little need of change, Ouza despite her...experience, in comparison to his own hadn't looked as if she aged a day. Be it for some personal reason. Chivalry, respect, honor to his former Hokage, or....he simply cared, he simply offered, "I actually figured I could help you. Im sure you're fine out here, and would continue to be so....that doesn't mean you have to stay out here. I use this place to train when im not on assignment, which would explain why im just seeing you now, I've earned myself some downtime between assignments.".. He'd have rubbed the back of his neck while his left hand found placement on his waist. Not nervous, but rather tip-toeing over the method in which he should suggest that she return with him, so that they could catch up on things. How she has been? What has she been up to? What brought her here? or maybe those were things she felt comfortable discussing here? "Then again.....who am I to rush you into anything? Im just curious I suppose. I haven't seen you since I left the village. I had heard of the attack, and it was rumored that you had either went into hiding or died. I........I was saddened by that. I didn't like Konohakagure. For many reasons, but I was quite fond of you. I'd love to hear about what you've been up to...from then, up to this point...if you have the time and would have me?" Akuma smiled and pointed his right hand toward her Cave-Suite. "Maybe we could talk about it?...In your um, Cave Suite? For a little?" It was a joke that he hoped she wouldn't take offense to, as he was only aiming to further lighten the mood.
  12. Requiem.

    SO many things can be taken from a simple gesture, and Akuma wouldn't blame her if she had taken this the worst possible way. At least it would have confirmed things he was curious about. Akuma didn't have many connections or relationships back then either----Ouza represented something unique in it all. Their positions in the grand scheme, created a general disposition. While he was a prodigy, a shinobi youth on the come up, and she--The Hokage. It didn't stop the proverbial school boy crush so to speak. Then there were the exams, the first time he felt he EVER had her attention, which by duty, any one person in the entirety of the village was entitled to. At that time, he had it. At that time he put forth the best possible effort he could. He didnt accomplish the Rank of Chuunin that day on the account of HIS OWN merit and pride, Akuma had fought for the right to be one step closer to her attention. To her favor. Accomplishments meant NOTHING to him then. He was used to it. When you perform, you're recognized..isn't that the way of the world? He experienced it in spades, to the point where it no longer was the motivation, until the day he matured enough to acknowledge ones ability to feel, or be stimulated by the sheer presence of someone, and his someone, was her. That Kunai stood for so much more, yet NOTHING about doing her harm. In a way it was his own way of seeing, if he was ENOUGH, here and now, as a full grown man to finally stand next to her as an equal. ---2No sooner, literally a less then the time between the swings of a clocks ticker, that's exactly where he stood. Before those beautiful eyes of hers roll down to spot where the weapon staked into the ground, or look back to where he came, He was already there. Whether she could deduce what was behind this seemingly Godly act of speed, or the mysticism behind this instantaneousess , was irrelevant, he was in fact Behind her.------Calm in demeanor. Devoid of any further actions of intent. Other then to spectate and assess. Decades would have passed since he had ever stood this close to her. Close enough for him to not need the subtle wet-winds that flowed between them to carry it. No longer kid, Akuuma Hyuuga was a man, a stout 6'3", of impeccable physique and exceptional presentation, a far cry from the frail Shinobi she once gave the honor of combat to. She'd present him with no gifts now, save for a word or two.. "I have to say on my list of people I thought i'd never see again, let alone in this world....you're right up there, Ouza-San. Or...is that to formal these days?" Maybe, she could piece together tones. How he spoke, factor some age into it, combined with the luck of an educated guess. Or she'd turn around and let her eyes in on the task and truly take in the scope of things. In either case, the two of them, former residents and children of Konohagakure had once again crossed paths under the most unexpected circumstances. "Forgive my um, gesture. Wanted to see how you would react or if someone else out here would to the possibility of an attack. Can't im on good terms with everyone from our time and place.."
  13. sleep easy, kid.

    The Tenseigan. Ever since it had been confirmed that Akuma Hyuuga, was a direct descendant of The Otsutsuki Clan, that word has had more relevance to him then ever. He's heard it so many times where as at one point it was only a thing of myth. It makes him recall a time of his youth where he was ostracized and treated like something "Different" even amongst his own clans men. Luxuries and freedoms that came natural to even the subservant second-house clansmen of the Hyuuga were denied to him. Be was often confined and isolated. His actions and words and the knowledge he was allowed to both take or give often came under greater scrutiny. Was this common knowledge to others when it wasn't to him? Is this why he was pursued so vigorously by Bingo-Book hunters? Because of this bloodline trait, a rarity by every since of the word. To Akuma it would mean nothing if not for the fact that Kaede believed it to be a "Key" to Hanyusha's prevailing in these lands. Akuma believed that his only birth-right was his inherited natural gift for ending life. The Tenseigan only served to put emphasis on that ideal---at least to him. Akuma spoke clearly, his eyes affixed directly to the leaders, "As always Lord Kaede-San, Im ready now, im in no need of anything else prior. Quicker it's done and im back active, the quicker im there to assist you i anything you may need to complete objectives.." And so it was done, and the next chapter in his lifes scriptures was set to begin..
  14. Requiem.

    The beasts moved as they move. In truth he had spent many a time among creatures like these and he was quite fond of them. He had learned their ways, their behaviors and their mannerisms. Moving with them, out of sight and mind came hardly at any difficulty. It wasn't until they had stopped and he had caught visuals of who it was that the creatures were returning to, that Akuma's face displayed an emotion scarcely present within him.---Surprise. Ouza... He thought it, he didn't say it. For now his eyes scrutinized every aspect of her being. Factoring things such as age, time, possible conditions she could be in based on the rumors surrounding her fall from the mantle of Kage of the Konohagakure. While he wouldn't say it. While he hadn't ever admitted it. While he probably never would----She was as beautiful now as she was all them years ago, and then so. She still captivated him all the same... His brows furrowed and by reflex he shook his head---as if his discipline had kicked in and immediately flooded those weakness inducing feelings from his mind and replaced it with more tactical thoughts such as. How is she here? Why is she here? Was she brought here by someone elses will? Is this some kind of trap to lure someone out? Himself? Kaede? It was these thoughts that facilitated a change in Akuma's demeanor. There was no time to consult anyone. There was not time to bring this to anyone's attention or consult the only two of his rank. This situation was his and his alone to handle right now, and he first had to assess whether she was a threat... He waited. For that still moment. When it was just him, her and the rain. That audible pat from the sound of the rain hitting leaves. It happens repetitiously and despite their canvas Akuma can still feel the cold instances on his skin from trace rain making it through to his skins surface. He'd slowly close his eyes, exhale equally as slow, and 1awaken them in Legendary form. Lateral veins stretching to his temples, and he was far enough above her as to avoid her taking notice of the glow. A single Kunai had been drawn---and SENT. If she was any shade of herself. ANY...shade...of what she was. This former Kage,---Should still be a shinobi trained of the leaf village. Even to Akuma, who by comparison to the level of skill he held when they last fought was EONS along in development, that still meant something. That Kunai blitzed through the still space between the forest canopy and her head at an amazing pace. So much power, behind the precision at display that it's trail through the falling rain could and would be seen for sparse moments after it's travel. And while it sailed for her head...his true purpose had yet to be reveled.
  15. sleep easy, kid.

    Akuma can't recall how many times he's actually been here. There was never a real requirement for him to be so---which was usually the case. That's how he kept himself, specific, and task orientated. Rarely, was there a case where his presence at a location NOT a requirement devoid of purpose. Through these lands and definitely within their territories, such facts was fast spreading. To See him, was to see death. Kaede probably wouldn't see it, but there was a moment. A moment between the ticks of the clock where Akuma's face expressed some contemplation as to how many people, Had Akuma put here. He was silent, following his leader to his place of intent. Steps. Beautifully crafted accents and structures. Granite, and other luxury stones. He loved the tones. The silence and purpose of this place, it was welcoming. So absorbed was he in these fine details, he was somewhat slow to change his attention to Kaede as he spoke. This words, as they tend to always do, poured gradually, smoothly and without much spill into the consciousness of one of his most devoted. Every syllable understood, nothing about what he said was ever scrutinized or second guessed and taken for full face value. They were things Akuma has thought of. Other beings, other powers, other lands within this new realm that for the most part, had not spent enough time exploring beyond the territories they have claimed. He has seen things. Read about things. Heard the rumors and words on the lips of strangers who pass along these fables. Be it because fear or a purist, excited by these events for what they are, there was so much more out there. ----For him to remain an effective tool, and instrument he simply had to be better. "Very, i'll always be..." He's made his business to be. Always prepared. Always efficient, always talented enough an instrument. Through any adversity, obstacle, or would be interjection. For Hanyusha, for Kade, he has simply been thoroughly and exceptionally prepared. Interested in his ideals, and having caught the heavier tones on the word -power- and -ascension-, Akuma would have spoken, "What's our next course of action?"