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  1. Akuma Hyuuga Age 31. Origin Konohagakure Current Locale --. [Izral.] Status Jounin.s BREAKDOWN ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ Release(s) F u u t o n - R a i t o n. Fūton - Katon Height 6'2" Weight 180lbs. Hair Style: Wild and Long, with a very long, tightly woven braid running down to the floor. Black in color. Eye Color: White (Glowing white when Byakugan is active). Complexion: Tanned Body art: Tribal Tatoo's on various parts of his body, namely arms, sides,chest and back. PSYCHOSOMATIC ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ --; Ambitious;: Constantly seeking to meet or surpass his personal goals and aspirations. --; Loyal; Unwavering and unflinching loyalty to the two he considers friends as well as the men under his command--should their loyalty reflect his own. --; Sociopathic; Very cold and uncaring toward those whom he lacks affiliation. Uncaring about life and will take it to accomplish a goal regardless of whom it is. TOOLS ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ Equipment » Headwear| Occasionally wears a head-band, black in color. » Upper body| Black Tank-top beneath a loose fitting black T-Shirt. » Arms| Wrapped fingers and arms all the way up to his Elbows. » Lower body| Loose fitting black baggy pants. » Feet| Running Shoe or Heavy duty combat boot. Work attire Akuuma don's a functional carapace, designed in part by Rin. It consists of a form fitting construction of highly flexible, lightweight yet extremely durable synthetic materials and composite plating. There is no metal present, and it's pigmentation is black but can change. Through an process that he himself hasn't fully understood, yet is a byproduct of Rin's genius the suits pigmentation can change to blend in with his surroundings. Akuma often carries out key mission functions such as assassinations, and that role has prove highly useful in stealth applications. The suits mask has filtration against air-dispersed poisons and gasses and if needed can be fitted with a re-breather for missions that may bring Akuma under water for long periods of time. Primary Weapon: The Kusanagi no Tsurugi The actual legendary sword once owned by Orochimaru himself. Akuma had the weapon's hilt and guards changed to resemble the one used by Sasuke (Preference). Blade Length: 5' Overall Length: 6.2' Features: -The Weapons blade can extend vast distance to attack opponents at range. -The Weapon can be controlled by the user out of his hand. While Oni himself is not a telekinetic, the swords movements can be controlled remotely, gifting it a degree of flight in the process through an unknown, perhaps mystical means. -It's said that the weapon can cut through anything, and has in fact cut through Diamond hard materials. Accessories » Senbon10 » Smoke Bomb3 » Exploding tags4 » Wire50m
  2. where the angels prey.

    Ever since his secret was out, there had been an inner turmoil in Akuma. It existed beneath the still waters on the surface and raged wildly. The currents of his mind violently churned and went about in every which direction. Stirring up the soot at the bottom of the bed that is his consciousness from where they had long rested, clouding his thoughts and blurring his judgement at times. These two knew him best and more then likely could tell, while lesser individuals would regard him as "Less patient, far colder then usual." Way back then, before Hanyusha, before his saviors, there was prejudice and pain. Lies and secrets. Misleading ploys and plans at the expense of a child who was devoid the wonders of a proper upbringing. Instead treated like some forbidden instrument. He's not broken up about it. Not now. Not when his uniqueness was confirmed. Along with transcending the legacies of many great Hyuuga before him, surpassing their skill and technique, even molding some of his own. His blood and his being had confirmed and finally caught up with his aspirations---He was special. Just as he always thought and assumed he was. Just as their leader, had assured him. This internalization had him slow to respond to Rin's inquiry, picking up his eyes to meet her own before responding. In truth he hadn't put much thought into the changes he was experiencing being here, but he did have an opinion. He responded--"It feels different. The energy here as a whole is just, greater. In certain situations it's harder on me, i'll manage it. I've got no choice. I'll take anything you think will help me." It was a straight answer as most of them were. It was an obstacle and an objective, and he was trained at this point to accomplish those objectives at all costs, even his own life. The Trials were no different. More important then that, to Akuma, "Speaking of rampant hearts, Matashi's need's to be ceased." Akuma was intolerant of defiance. He firmly felt that he and Rin set a tone and an example. Unwavering devotion. Soldiers without question or hesitation. Their leaders will. Anyone who did not share that ideology simply did not need to be, and though Matashi's outburst was small in voice, his posture, body language and facial expressions told Akuma everything he needed to know. The both of them would know that for Akuma to have said it, that means that he has already decided to handle it himself---Unless Kaede commanded otherwise.
  3. where the angels prey.

    He held a profound appreciation for these moments. Watching a man's word become law. The same way he himself had watched the same man become a religion. An ideal, realized. A purpose, something to devote ones self to. Followed without hesitation or question and without flinching. Honored, and in some instances prayed to. For decades Akuma Hyuuga has done those things in regard to this man, their leader, and he has reaped the benefits of his diligence and unwavering service. Power. Knowledge. Skill. Experience. Glory. In their time here, his alias "Oni" ---The Demon. Has become synonymous with those previously mentioned characteristics in regard to their leaders rule. It has also been equally revered as one who is synonymous with extinguishing the fires burning within rebellious souls, who dare question one he is so loyal to. Matashi Gekkamaru may not have been aware, but the moment he spoke, and those eyes of legend swung from one corner to the others and rested upon him. ---He was dead. Question yourself. Question your love, question your children, hell you question GOD himself before you DARE Question their leader. Anyone who does not share the his level of devotion will simply not BE. So it was no surprise that once the outspoken underling caught Akuma's gaze, he never lost it until he exited. He had nothing to say in response to Kaede's words---Because she already said, what he felt. While the door had been secured, he adjusted himself in his seat for the conversation that was sure to follow. Those aged features transitioning themselves from a state of utter seriousness, to something only slightly more relaxed, while he situated the long obsidian braid of hair from in front of him, to his rear, and reset his posture in his seat. He had done so at reasonable pace, and had rested eyes on her once he saw that she was in fact turning her attention to address him. These two---His devoted. 2 parts of a 3-Part family dynamic built on trust, understanding and commitment, and while they're dynamic does not mirror that of her own with Kaede. It was no less effective, efficient or strong. So when she communicated, there was very little that needed to be explained. Hence why at her request, without hesitation those eyes of Legend flared to life--large lateral veins becoming present and his gift awarded him means of checking the entirety of the area around them, sparing not one inch of this domain from his scrutiny, behind closed doors and walls for meters upon meters on end. As quick as this came--it ended. And Akuma would speak confirm quickly, "We're good..."
  4. Ode to Nostalgia...(Akuuma Hyuuga -vs- Konohagakure Hokage)

    "I need height...." The strategic need for it was pestering to say so in the least. One thing he wouldn't do is come off rush or pressured, especially about facts. This was something he knew and his opposition had as an advantage. No secret. Thus no need to be pressed by what was fact, give it a second thought or allow it to make him anything less then fluid and calm. Thats exactly what he was in his transitions from the time the Senbon cast, to the moment when those legendary eyes witnessed the building of the Chakra needed for the counter. With no need to stand idle and spectate the results to his failed attempts he could stay one step ahead--and he did. Before the clone blew those metaphysical electrified "Candles" out, before that gust reached HIM, and the Clone reached the floor, Akuma was out of the gusts path and on the move, moving AWAY, back-leaping (to keep his eyes on his opponent) from where he once stood while his hands rifled off a long string of seals that followed a nip at an opening in his gloves for the blood needed for this calling. He'd had slid to a stop, now some 20 meters from the clone, even further from the source who garnered deep scrutiny from Akuma who was noticing a familiarity in his Chakra in comparison to the dynamic seen in the explosives recently utilized. He'd call the shit a "Tell", as in he was being "TOLD" how fucked he was if something was done about this difference in elevation. He'd have slid to a stop and that blood stained palm would slam against the ground, completing the rite (6) and giving birth to a simply gargantuan PLUME of smoke that erupted as a result. Gargantuan was fitting. Gargantuan described not just the plume which crowned in at quite possibly more then a few hundred of feet in height, but what emerged as a result who was not only large in size but stature and legend. His very being there caused rumbles for miles. His breathing was thunder. His grumblings and idle curse words were like the forceful rolling winds of nature ready to shake the very foundation of the village itself. He towered. He eclipsed, and casted wide shadow over all who'd have the honor of spectating one of the greatest beings of their time, and the times before, and more then likely the time after. At his head, The Hyuuga stood now staring DOWN the Hokage,from Gamabunta's head, who'd previously had him in the elevation department, and in numbers. "This feels fair..." Akuma was speaking to himself but as usual, the Elder chimed in, protesting his being here be it out of a lacking desire to fight or the more favored reason, Laziness. "You've better have a good reason for bringing me here brat!!! I was sleeping!!!" The Hyuuga snatched down his mask while beginning to construct more seals, this string far shorter, and he shouted at the Elder midway through, "Save it!! The flying thing and the asshole ontop, on my cue!" Akuma's foot rose and stomped once, and on cue the elder's gullet would begin to swell. Akuma's lungs did the same with air. The sound alone was something awe inspiring. It shook the village from one end to another. Gamabunta brought about many things. His sheer size, his power, his speed, in this case? Area of effect. Anything he did wasn't exactly easy to get around. This sudden JET STREAM of OIL for instance would come forward. Pressurized, a stream surging forward and toward his opposition but only moments before Akuma would expel a stream of fire (7) that upon kissing the oil released by the frog would result in an utterly devastating flame thrower of GIGANTIC proportions. YES, here and now not only attempted to roast the Hokage where he stood, and his clone beneath him but the entirety of this section of the village and it's innocent by-standards stood to be in harms way as well. The Air in the immediate area would become thick with heat and even at this time of day cast an orange hue to paint the canvas that is this village for miles on in. Like some demon of the fire element this Tidal wave of thermal annihilation would surge forward and down to wash over the intended targets and the lands and those innocent but to slow or slow to become aware of their imminent demise and while he could have just in one fell swoop laid waste to hundreds---The Hyuuga showed no remorse for these actions. Gamabunta exhaled enough toad-oil to fill a small lake. The area of effect would be substantial, whether it caught the Hokage and his clone within it's rage the village would stand to be harmed as well----And Akuma didn't care. ONLY about the results.
  5. Ode to Nostalgia...(Akuuma Hyuuga -vs- Konohagakure Hokage)

    His Kunai were fated to be subjected to the woes of physics. Sent flying off in random directions. in excess of 30 meters from where he stood, even further from their previous altitude. He' had remained thankful for going with his instinct and the results of his scrutiny of the Chakra present in these projectiles. The assumption that they were explosive due to seeing similar dynamics in explosive tags may have actually spared him harm. The bird heading his way would have been faced with surge of chakra exuded from the hyuuga's (5) like an incredible gust of went intent on sending the projectile away from him right before it's intent to detonate. sparing him close proximity to the event as a whole. At this point he had confirmed that the creature he rode upon couldn't be anything but a far larger version of these smaller explosives, and was in no hurry to get close to it. Still, the issue needed to be pressed. His opponent had the advantage of Range, and now put forth a clone that the hyuuga would see to it NOT making ground fall in the form of a barrage of lightning charged Senbon, a half dozen sent whizzing upward with intent on saturating the Kage Bunshin with 3, while the other 3 would seek to streak past the clone and bury themselves into the neck and chest of the creature the hokage rode on. Like the Hokage, he to was deducting and checking the findings of his eyes and testing theories in hopes of creating chances and openings. He stood at ready after casting the Lightning Charged. A single hand grasping the hilt of his weapon, the other, his left at ready right in front of him in anticipation of response, potential success, or plausible failure.
  6. Ode to Nostalgia...(Akuuma Hyuuga -vs- Konohagakure Hokage)

    There are very acute descriptions of the Hyuuga's intent and actions at this moment. He had lethal intent. He acted with purpose. His eyes, ever were diligent sentry's scrutinizing every single iota of input to be facilitated for use by him. He second guessed nothing. From the moment he set foot in here he had made the decision that be it a person or persons required, lives will be taken to atone for his current stand-point. Selfish as it may be, he wished to TAKE from this Village that gave him NOTHING. He systematically watched the chakra network of his objective, and his motions in symmetry with flight path of the Kunai on approach---which had been specially marked to serve a specific function. Within his opposition there was great release. Pathways from the abdomen to the hand becoming alight, in synchronization with the cocking back motion giving indication to the intent. No visibile weapon, no counter projectille. ---A Short Ranged Counter, Nature shaped Chakra. His Kunai was sent back, his response nothing short of impressive as expected. Meanwhile the Hyuuga remained on point, sending the Kunai on his right hand on an upward swinging motion with immaculate timing, this resulted in a clash with the former and the one in his right hand with enough force that they sparked on contact. His actions were intentional, deflecting the projectile so that it would spin feverishly while ascending upwards on a very high up and over trajectory. His force, and it's light weight, it would transcend even the 15 meter heights that he'd bare-witness to now from the Kage whom was riding a peculiar object. It lacked a Chakra network. So it wasn't a living creature however here it was, sentient and active while possessing a stable reserve of Chakra with an at rest nature similar to the one just expelled form his hand. His left hand would toss the Kunai in it to his right, briefly situating them before casting them toward the Hokage again, more specifically, ONE at the creature he rode on, the second at his abdomen, which this time was lofted 15 meters upward, while being 15 meters away. His right hand would then idle over the hilt of the sword over the massive scroll at his back, in preperation for what was to come.
  7. Ode to Nostalgia...(Akuuma Hyuuga -vs- Konohagakure Hokage)

    He'd have barely gotten the word "Mercy" out before a (*) Kunai, traditional in design, uniquely marked, split the air between them seeking the mid-mast of the Hokage at his solar-plexus. A fluid throw, no wasted motion, targeting a place on his body that would take greater time and effort to move out of it's flight path then an appendage. So began the struggle of two era's in this village's history. The prior, which had been plagued by corrupted leadership and scarcity of honorable examples to follow. Forced out from home to be raised by power and aspiration. Catalogued for death for his decision to become something greater then a lapdog or conspirator to corruption, and leaving the ties that bound him to it. Going against the latter, who had lived warmly in the bosom of liberation. Prospering in a domain devoid of the circumstances the Hyuuga faced, attempting to be empathetic, daring to impose CONDITIONS, here and now. That Kunai, soaring across the 15 meter gap between them represented the sentiment Akuma had for his suggestion and fair warning not being heeded. Not to long after the initial throw, Kunai with identical markings would quickly have appeared in both hands sliding upward from his sleeves into waiting digits, obscurely holding the instruments to form a single seal (5). Those legendary eyes were aglow, lateral veins bulging and immediately they began to scrutinize the world in a way no other ocular gift could. They told the tale of a Healthy Hokage, with high vitality and copious amounts chakra at his disposal. An indvidual who was not to be taken lightly or toyed with but instead showed the respect attributed to his position. Akuma could think of no better means of doing so then giving him his best effort. Right there in the middle of this village before the eyes of dozens of civilians and the handful of Anbu Akuma had set the stage for what was possibly be one of the greatest contest of his life and poised himself..
  8. Ode to Nostalgia...(Akuuma Hyuuga -vs- Konohagakure Hokage)

    And his response was swift. Shortly after sipping a freshly made and served cup of tea, he spoke. "I see things differently, I also see things are different. You're right that I don't need to be reminded of my status here, and im praying I don't have to remind you that the status of this village wasn't as stable as it may be now. I joined Hanyusha for power, the power to uproot the corruption that was here. Once prestigious bloodlines and clan's...PRIDEFUL and respected warriors, made mere PUPPETS, our own Hokage, just some fucking figurehead. She STOOD there while this village BURNED during their invasion that day, her handlers coming to collect, or do you not remember?" Slowly he had taken another sip and let the pause in his speech be the gap in which any rising tension if any, be allowed a moment to simmer down. TOTALLY respectful of the present day Hokage's stance, it was only right at this point that The Hokage understood the sentiment being expressed here and right now. He'd draw in breath yet again and continue speaking. "I got what I needed from Hanyusha....and Kaede. Power. Knowledge. Skills. Maybe he didn't give a shit about this place at the this time, but I did. I WAS here to liberate my village single handed if in fact it actually needed liberating. Believe it or not Hokage-sama, Im not disappointed to see that you've inspired so much change. So in that respect you don't have an enemy any further in me, but I get the feeling that should it be discovered that I don't have a place here any longer, which I probably don't. You don't intend on letting me simply walk back out of here and be on my way. That's where we may have problems, because that's exactly what I intend on doing at this point." He'd set the empty tea cup down and stand from his seat. Bowing respectfully to Ren, rotating his shoulders counter clockwise to turn left and step out through the entrance and down onto the street. He'd stop, keeping his eyes trained forward while he spoke. "I know this is against your better Judgement Hokage-sama, but I implore you that im something best left alone. Especially since I intend on extending you the same courtesey. Congratulations on your success in liberating this village..." and he'd begin walking away. If things could go his way that would be the last of it but experience has taught him that such optimism is rarely awarded positively. Either way his objectives have changed drastically, and while he obviously came here confident of his capabilities to inspire change, he remained equally confident that he would SURVIVE the ordeal of coming here, regardless the circumstances, and leaving alive.
  9. Ode to Nostalgia...(Akuuma Hyuuga -vs- Konohagakure Hokage)

    The Dark Sage was sensitive to his surroundings. Be it training, habit or his bloodlines' greatness at "Observation", it didn't take much for him to realize that this place wasn't the time of old. During the tenure of Hokage Ouza, right up to and past the time of the mist invasion the tone here had been a somber one. That will of fire had been snuffed out, festering in the tinder as an ember at best. Yet the spirits of the people here felt more aloft then ever. Jubilant even, and the heavy foreboding that lurked like a great ambiance or even like a sentient entity. It prey'd on the defeated spirits of those that called this home. It spurned A Young Hyuuga against his own clan for their cowardice and unwillingness to fight. At the same time they showed him disdain for his what they believed were his mothers sin's for congregating outside family blood ties. He felt that he neither betrayed this village or his people, but rather stayed true to his will of fire. Choosing to leave and seek the power to liberate rather then stand idle and live as a slave to corruption. He just never knew that during his journey, this place would wake up from it's decades long coma into a state of enlightenment. Then it hit him. Like the warmth of sun rays on a clear afternoon, the glow of the lights from the infamous "ICHIRAKU RAMEN" shop. Ever so lightly did the features on his face lighten, he smiled some. As this place always did inspire him to do so. It was a main stay. A pillar in the community that is this village. Weathered. Time tested, unshakable. And apparently the source of his first interaction as his name rang soundly from within the shop to his ears, and received the entire sentence following. A briefly contrived look went across his face before he kissed his teeth and looked left, "Kaede you idiot..." cursing that half assed emblem which either didn't work at all, or actually did the opposite and let sensory nin KNOW you're passing through. There wasn't much time to contemplate which of the two was the case. His eyes had also caught the symbol on this man, JUUDAIME, symbolizing his position as the 10th Hokage? Had to be. So the undertone of the invitation was taken with seriousness, and Akuma became comfortable enough after the second measure of dialogue came his way. So long as they both had an understanding that ambushing him or the relative could be seen a long ways off. Slowly. Akuma would have moved through what passed as this establishments entrance and occupied a stool to the far right of the man who jogged faint memories in regard of his identity. What was apparent was that he held a formal position and it was acknowledged. "Who am I to turn down an invitation from the Hokage?", He would have entered and took a seat. Several down from Phils right side flank and provided the opening dialogue..."To what do I owe this pleasure?.."
  10. 25 years ago he was born within these very lands. Trained in these very forests surrounding the village just a mile south of where he stood now. Undoing (1-3) his hands of a single seal before exhaling and turning around, he began a promenade along an unbeaten path. A single breeze paced over the blades of grass and the cloth of his apparel , Filling his nostrils with a familiar scent, in a sense opening gates within his mind long sealed. Harsh training sessions. Indifference. Politics, isolation and prejudice. Hard choices and consequences. Wins and losses, gains and the strife suffered along the way, all in the name of selfishness. Personal gain, power and the means of molding something as expansive as the world to his liking required much sacrifice and time and even now it's questionable as to whether he has done enough. The actions to follow the mile between he and his greatest challenge to date will forever cement his place and inspire change in this expansive world that he seeks to leave an impression on. His only hope is that "Home" hasn't changed so much that the audience who spectated his downfalls and misfortunes with pride, were there to witness his triumph and accomplishments this day. A once solid figure became a blurred image. Taking to the tree's, and moving through them with an inhuman grace akin to a greek messenger god. Barely a leaf disturbed or a branch strained. His movements were perfected, and beautifully honed producing nary a wasted motion. This carried on for the time taken to traverse the distance from where he stood, to the perimeter of the village and it's high walls. At a pace greater then the wind and movements twice as silent, and twice the tree's height he'd clear the height outright. There was a faint glow of an emblem fastened to his black shozoko, a trinket provided from his comrade Kaede, encouraged his passing undetected by the sensory field around the village. Even from such a great entry height his landing atop the roof of a civilian house hold was barely audible. He hadn't felt as if he truly arrived until now. Slow was he to erect to his full height of 6'3". The loose fitting Shozoko blew idly in the wind, along with the bright white hairs that were tied back into a ground length braid that was knotted at the end, with brass trinkets locking it firmly into place so that it would not unintentionally come a loose during battle or general movement. Aged and rugged facial features were covered by a mask, revealing only those intense eyes of a legendary bloodline within these village walls. The only sure sign identification and indication that he WAS in fact a native to these lands and this very village. The last thing Bingo-Bookers saw before their deaths. He'd have exhaled some while overlooking the layout of the lands. Little changed, at least from an exterior stand point. As a force of habit when thinking one could find his right hand resting on the large Kuchiyose Scroll at his back, while his index finger tapped idly. The heat from the emblem sizzling snapped him out of it, he'd immediately pluck it free from the lapel of his his external attire which was akin to that of worn by Great Sages that preceded him. Obsidian in color, it rang true to his earned handle as "The Dark Sage", and this emblem had run it's course and did it's job and would provide no further aid in shielding him from the Sensory nin, IF ANY, that may sentry the village interior. That burned emblem was all that lie in his wake. He departed that position and would began the trek toward the domain of the Hokage: His objective. He would have taken to the streets below. Pulling a large obsidian hooded cloak that was to be draped over his head and shoulders for obscurity. He had the benefit of NOT being seen personally by anyone within this village for the better part of 15 years, which meant those likely to recognize him, such as Anbu or bounty hunters were hardly first responders . With the benefit of having passed the sensory barrier without detection Akuma had earned himself a walk through Nostalgia, tracing his memories along his path toward the Hokage's compound.