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  1. open

    She stood sternly as Marcus navigated his way onto the ship, listening intently on what he had to say. Though I must confess that she had been surprised by his presence, the beast refused to express it. Her lack of human features did not aid in the perception of any of these emotions, instead making it difficult to interpret what part of her body was responding to what stimulus. Once he had positioned himself at the top of the gangplank, she slowly approached the entrance. Observing it briefly before expeditiously determining that it would be best to allow the other two to climb it before she clogged up the path with her proportional sluggishness. @Salt @Consigliere @bees
  2. waiting for @bees response if i dont get it in a few days ill post without waiting
  3. @Salt i now understand why the time of this place is so supposedly eldritch then again i guess "night" and "afternoon" are interchangeable to an extent
  4. open

    Her ghoulish figure loomed over the pair in the soft moonlight. Already turned to face the two, her featureless, glossy bone like head shifted its attention towards the lady. An inhuman series of high pitched clicks echoing from the dark, through the night air. Beyond the foreign buildings and landscape, it was clear this creature had the advantage of acute hearing. Not long after the beast had made precise observations of the woman, Kublai had asked a question. An appropriate one at that. "That remains unresolved, confederate. Perhaps the intolerable reprobate is yet to withdraw cognizance of our occupancy." At this point it became very clear that this creature was not the patient kind. Her nonexistent gaze finally returned to Kublai. The repetitive noise coming again, this time much faster. "I discern that your external layer of clothing has been defaced. May I concern you by inquiring, what occurred to allow this?"
  5. @Vynathlon i have pinged you in tov in case you have done as "the creature" has asked and gone to the docks. if you havent thats fine. tell me and thatll be all ill need from you
  6. open

    Further down the path, at the beginning of the docks, the still nameless beast navigated in the moonlight. After painstakingly winning over the cooperation of the yard captain on account of her frustratingly intimidating appearance, she had received directions to the air ship 'Annebella'. She followed them precisely, uneasily gliding across the port in hopes that she wouldn't miss something and make an awkward contact with a poll, column or sign. The creature despised the slow process. It was easy moving quickly along the path. Gravel, grass, and ash are not hard to identify from one another. Though it was clear that this area in particular was made specifically for all things human. Much akin to most foundations in these parts. Steep ledges, jutting wood, and the like all seemed to be lain out randomly here. Though if she could see at all, it would likely become evident that they were not. With some time, she eventually found Annebella. It's appearance was significant and noticeable. Unfortunately, with the only thing known to her being its shape, it was not significant nor noticeable to her. Overwhelmed by the air ship's complexity, the creature simply waited next to it, in hopes that Marcus would see her and lead her on board. By the very least, this way her companion could see her as well. @Salt @Consigliere @bees @Vynathlon
  7. open

    Much to the new comers' potentially shocked expressions, what had stood on the other side of the tavern's previously closed door was not two pitch perfect human beings. There would be no heroes leaving for their quest of moral or vengeance. The couple which would be unexpectedly found on the other side of this doorway, would not be white in psyche. Nor grey. But unpleasantly... dark. Mutually pitch black in morale and nature. There stood a charming human man, though uncharacteristically awkward at the time, his pulchritude still continued to shine through as if to hide something sinister. The tall, slender creature next to him, however. She was not human, and unlike her acquaintance, unwillingly hid nothing. Her structure was hardly even human, but a tower of living flesh coated in a sturdy natural armor, similar to that of an earthly insect. The four arms extruding from her front center reflected this resemblance, having only two visible segments, with the second being a deadly exoskeletal blade on each. In between these four arms, was a sickening oral cavity. A closed, raw muscle covered mouth with teeth jutting out of the center. Everything above and below, other than her long, creeping neck and featureless, skull face, covered in fine magenta dyed ligature. The beast discontentedly exploded in energy, skating her mass across the tavern floor. Barging past anyone in the way, regardless of their composure. A lady-like, sophisticated voice echoing through the fresh, clean air the open doorway presented to the three interlopers. Though the telepathic vocalization could be heard by all nearby, it was evidently directed at the charismatic man she once stood by. "Proceed to the dock when you are rid of these insignificants. I will wait for you." Though it may be difficult to discern what had caused such an inconsiderate outburst, it remained quite clear that something had caused the creature to snap. With that, she darted across the winding village path, gaining distance unexpectedly fast for her method of movement. Even if nothing compared to the speed a pair of sprinting legs could supply. @bees @mael @0blivian @Consigliere
  8. open

    She seemed to zone out during the purchase, before realizing that Kublai had moved elsewhere. The lack of company from her acquaintance cued her to start searching the tavern stationarily. Her long neck contorting to view the room, her mouth screeching in unison, all while pivoting on the spot. Not too long after her lack of direction had been founded, she spotted Kublai next to the door, looking at her rather expectantly. To which she replied with a simple action, and an acute mannerism. "Courteously." Her unconnected voice politely echoed, before her physical entity slid impatiently towards the door. After stopping to a halt in front of it, her oral cavity irritably growled at the human contraption. Though her speech did not seem frustrated. "Would you be so gracious as to assist me in the opening of this doorway? I disfavor the taste that dirtying my tongues may bring."
  9. open

    "This establishment exchanges excellent repast. If you desiderate the presence of such a repast on our voyage, I would advocate for you to purchase food that can be straightforwardly preserved. Such a procedure may become indispensable should our journey spy itself to be destined for a badlands." She seemed to direct her attention away from Kublai before she continued. Turning to the side, as her mask like 'face' observed the behind areas of the tavern. "Myself, I will hone my virtuosity through meditation after we have set sail. My gifts should be most beneficent, should they remain concentrated." @Consigliere
  10. sorry, i might be unable to post for another day or so
  11. how would i go about buying from the tov market place? is there a specific location i have to go to in character?
  12. open

    Her mouth seemed unusually excited for each of Kublai's responses, undulating repeatedly while an almost rattle like clattering was produced. In the eye of a close observer it would seem that his ostensibly desultory behavior had caught her interest. "...Most hominids I have had the mundane experience of encountering have had passably foreseeable performance... Yet you entertain me. I cherish you, small one."
  13. open

    The creature lurking in the dark shadow left by some poor or otherwise unusual placement of lighting, watched all of this. Intrigued, if anything. After a moment of awkward silence, Vynathlon realized that indeed, the strange beast had watched his violent outburst. Her voice creeped its way into his mind, presenting itself in a sweet, sugar coated expression. Yet hiding something familiarly sinister. "You look to be a solitary of contract and bloodletting. If you wish to relieve your malaise, I shall be rendezvoused with you at the ship the magician entitles 'Annebella'. I have a covenant for you, should you desire to accept it." With that, she nonchalantly turned. Seeming to gracefully yet steadily slide away from him. The cloth and chitin that covered her becoming fully visible under the somewhat less dim lighting. Though resembling a humanoid structure in towering shape. She was certainly not of a human world. She had no visible legs. No arms. Not even a feminine body. Just a slender mound of sturdy exoskeleton. @Vynathlon Kublai had just witnessed the end of the exchange, with the beast returning to him. It would had been difficult to tell if the absence of most from the table where once four had been, was an omen of good or bad. "We have possession of a lead. We are expected in the ship yard within an hour." Though she did expect an impressively brute like, undead, human knight to be accompanying them there, she did not mention such a thing to Kublai. Judging from his sporadic behavior he would likely not enjoy hearing of such things. Besides the clear point that the epic individual might not join them there in the first place. With that realization though, she began to have second thoughts. This human was evidently having a fit. Perhaps... consultation should be a requirement? She had tentatively decided to console Kublai. "...Is your fettle of... adequate nature? ...You surface to me as distressed..." @Consigliere
  14. i do not understand how quests work yet
  15. @SophisticatedBlurb @essos_exoss @Takarra welcome to ooc where dreams come true and memes never die