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  1. Now we play the waiting game

  2. Sorry I've been dead for so long free time is coming my way hopefully. And I am super sorry to anyone I'm roleplaying with.

  3. open

    "Well I want someone who you can be yourself around. You seem distant around me. If he was with us maybe he could close the gap." I prop my feet on the table and lean my chair back. Then fold my arms behind my head. I sigh in relief from the stress of Lossing my new friend to an old flame, gladly that doesn't seem to be the case. "This could be something grand Melanie. You and him already have a past so I'd assume you could work well with him. All we need is one more person and boom a four person group headed for the top." I guess three people isn't to bad but I'd just be a third wheel in the end. I'm just over thinking this. @JustALargeCoke
  4. open

    "Oh he's getting friendsly (Not actually friends. Strangers) maybe that kid needs some buddy's. It's a lonely world out there Melanie." I look at her "you think this dude is still with the army or can he come with? I like his machoness, really intimidating to creeps on the road." I look around at the rambunctious tavern waking up with people. this little tavern has hella traffic going through it and it's always someone different. What's the motive, why is being a somebody so important to us all. At least we're going to be doing some good on the road to Glory. @JustALargeCoke
  5. open

    "huh no trial or nothing? Well good man, euthanize the useless right." What's between these two? She's acting all different. I take a seat next to him. "So you know anything about these night terrors Melanie has? She really kick her own ass this morning and we need to stop it from happening again. She could really hurt herself." He seems up tight so I won't fuck with him unless it's really... really funny. Hopefully he can shed some light on the subject. They obviously have some sort of history. @JustALargeCoke
  6. open

    Taking the paper I say "yeah sounds fun, and who's the coffee dude?" I asked her "Do you fight for the greater good ?" I smile at Viktor and ask. I unravel a piece of candy and put it in my mouth. "Or do you have elaborate sinister plans?" I laugh "But seriously though do you have high moral standards?" @JustALargeCoke
  7. Splitting headache and role play this will be a good day I can feel it
  8. open

    Awe that was nice I haven't had a hug in a long time. I happily go downstairs. "There's where we need to be." I take her over to the job board. "This is as close as you'll get to a town crier around here." I laugh "but it works relatively the same." This board holds some people's last hope for survival I would love to help somehow. "Here." I point to one of the jobs that now say taken. "That's the farmer with the crow problems. Somebody already took it, it seems." Looking at the board more thoroughly. I realize "Some of these are out of town, way out of town." Who brought these here I wonder. Another piece of paper materialized on the board out of nowhere. "Woah! Did you see that?" @JustALargeCoke
  9. Can't rp to drunk

  10. Might go to bed at I've partyed hard lol

  11. open

    "it'll be grand you, me, and strangers. Many things I think. Glory abound and a plethora of possibilities. Fun stuff." I smile and look outside "tons of evil to rid the world of." I pat her on the shoulder and start walking towards the door. "Let's go, all we need is to find a quest." I hope she's ok. I'll do anything to help her at this point. I got clothes and that's like mind blowing. @JustALargeCoke
  12. IMG_20170115_153918_zps59ptxjei.jpg?w=48

    I rushed it to much but it is a knife in his leg it's where he keeps it

  13. open

    I lift my right pant leg to show my Karambit sheathed under my skin on my cath. "Now I get it, but our adventuring might need to wait. I looked like that dream took a lot out of you." I think I could run away if she tried to kill me and I'd wait till later or something. Now I know a quick stab could pull her out of it. "Is it only that dagger that does it or would another do just as well?" I guess magic and PTSD aren't a good combo. Would the magic she teaches me effect me the same?. @JustALargeCoke
  14. Damn mentor that kinda caught me off guard lol.
  15. open

    "naw I try not to kill when I don't have to." I unwrap a piece of candy and put it in her mouth. " Pain is temporary death is forever." If there's one thing I have it's time I'll see how she feels when she's better. "The time to live is now. It gets better, it always does. Now I can put you back on the bed if you like?" I wave my hands by the bed as if I was presenting it for auction. "Dream a better dream...maybe."