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    Guns, Religions Symbols, Spells, Knives, and Dark Places
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    Dumpster Diver

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Long ago I was stolen by a organization for experiments in soul removal. After they took it they through my body lifeless on the street. For some reason my hair turned black and the black drained from my eyes to white, iris and all. Once I found my body after being released form my phantasmal prison. I see it soaked in blood with body's from one side to the other of the alley. My body without the soul kills without haste mindless and without reason. Then I enveloped my body reclaiming it with a touch, my body regains it's original look white hair and jet black eyes. As I take my body the memories of what my body had done without me flow into my mind. These weren't the only people my body killed there were more... way more. The remorse for what I had done eats at me each day. The cops don't recognize me do to my hair and eyes changing drastically from the soulless body's. I hide in alleys crying for the lives I've taken. I'm now homeless and live off scrap and whatever animals i can kill. I found a coin in the rubble maybe I'll have a well deserved drink at the tavern.