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  1. I can't blame them. They have other things to do. I want to know who has online text-based roleplaying on the top of their to-do list.
  2. *Squagison, newly woken, follows Moreau despite still being half asleep. He trips. It hurts. It woke him up.* Alright! Let's go to... cave. *Squagison exits the train and starts to gather sticks for a fire. Squagison has experience with making fires.*
  3. Elo Uzal Other names: Purple Flame, The Butterfly of Destruction Appearance: Hair: White with a highlight of purple. Neck length. Typical anime. Eyes: Bright red. His eyes have a gleam of fire in them. Skin color: Fabulous. Fabulous is a color now. Equipment: Clothes: Wears a purple hat, a white leather jacket with a purple fire design on it, black leather pants, black shoes, and white gloves that have a purple spiderweb-like design popping out from the cuffs. Weapons: Wears two purple rapiers on his back. They can retract the blades like a toy lightsaber and act as lighters. The blades can be set on fire. Both fires will be purple. Has a supply of lighter fluid that can act as paint or dye. His hair highlight came from this fluid. Other notes: Is a member of the Colored Flames.
  4. Yes, finally SOMONE mentioned the Leeroy Jenkins. And I don't know why no one's posted in about a week.
  5. I'm very bored. 🐙🦐🤡🐽🍄🍆🇮🇲👺🦑

  6. *Squagison was in the room where Vyne was having his breakdown. Vyne did not see him. Why was Vyne crying? To Squagison, he seemed like the kind of person who wouldn't have regrets or even be mourning. When Vyne came in, Squagison thought about teasing and bragging about himself not being a human and his Demon Mode ability, but he decided not to. Squagison decided to take a moment to relax as he went into another part of the train to sharpen his new, dull sword with his chainsaw. After this he told Moreau he was going to sleep and to wake him up when the group gets there.*
  7. *Squagison runs towards the train, slowly recovering his strength. He sees more people chasing him. He jumps off the roof and into the house. About a minute later he comes out holding a piece of chicken in his mouth. He wall-jumps off of another house and grabs the ledge of the first roof... One of the men was standing there. It was the one with the gun that was chasing Moreau before. He had a gun to Squagison's head.* You gave me and my group quite a scare, sir. GUYS, COME OVER HERE!!! *The man was yelling so loud, it hurt Squagison's ears.* I'm gonna fight you. A sword fight, okay? *All the men surrounded the Eye of the Storm. They clearly thought he was the most dangerous of the group. Not true. That award would go to Vyne. He was more ready to kill than Squagison. Squagison got up from the ledge, and not having time for a sword fight, he tried to cut his leg off. The man shot his chainsaw and jammed it. It was useless. Squagison dropped it as one of the men hands the leader a sword. Squagison hoped that the others could make it to the train. (This can be one of the moments where you write what you're doing while this is happening.) Squagison pressed a button to turn his chainsaw into a sword.* Let's go. *The man swung at Squagison. He countered. Squagison lands two hits. The man slashed Squagison at the end of his swing. Squagison dodges five more swings and he's hit again. Squagison runs out of the way to make the man hit his own guy. Squagison trips the man with his sword and stood above him, ready to stab him. A man shoots Squagison in the arm to stop him. The armor deflected the bullet. Squagison goes into Demon Mode, attempting to scare them off, and he did. He makes his sword into a chainsaw again and Squagison electrocutes the man to make him pass out. Squagison takes his sword. (Squagison got the Makeshift Sword.) and disengages Demon Mode. He runs to the train and jumps in. He hoped the others were there.*
  8. This is an assassin group of arsonists. The leader of this group is my character, Magenta Flame. Every assassin will have a code name for their color. It can be a minor or in-between color like turquoise or indigo. Everyone's fire that they use corresponds to the color that they are named after. If anyone wants to join, just post your code name (Example: Maroon Flame). List of taken names: Magenta, Lime, Purple, Black
  9. Code name: Magenta Flame. Real name: Unknown. Appearance: Gender: Male Hair color: Unknown. Never seen. Eye color: Left Magenta, right pupilless. Rationality: America. Apparent age: Young adult. Inventory: Weapons: Has special flammable liquid that is colored magenta and can flow through blood. The fire that comes from this is also magenta. He has a paintball gun with this fluid, four lighters (also magenta), two pocket knives, and two daggers. Armor: Wears black body armor and a special black helmet that resembles what people think a ninja mask looks like, but it also covers his right eye. Backstory: Magenta Flame founded an organization of assassins called the Colored Flames. Not even they know his real name. Each member has a code name after a color. Unlike most leaders of criminal groups, Magenta does most of the work and calls in reinforcements and help if he needs to.
  10. Um... cool, but what is this for?
  11. *Squagison forgot to disengage Demon Mode before his time ran out. He yelled extremely loud and collapsed. he was still conscious, but barely. sweat covered every part or his body. to recover, he drank it.* *Squagison started slowly running towards his destination and electrocuted himself to keep people from hitting him. He still felt the pain, however it wasn't much due to him being used to things like this. He just hoped no one would shoot him in the head.*
  12. Before anyone starts criticizing me for the Demon Mode ability, it is not overpowered. After using it, Squagison gets extremely tired and hurt.
  13. *Squagison is trying to keep up, but he ends up out of breath. He engages Demon Mode.* ALRIGHT LET'S DO THIS, LEEROOOOOOOOOOOYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY JEEENKIIIINSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!! *He picks up Moreau and caries him with one arm, while also being almost as fast a Vyne. He takes out his chainsaw and slashes everything in his path and eventually engaging Archdemon Mode. His red glow was replaced with purple and he jumps ten feet to land on a roof.* DEMON DODGE!!! *He left a purple trail behind him as he was moving at the speed of sound across the roof with his feet floating an inch above the ground. He reverts back to Demon Mode, knowing that he had little time before it ran out, he got exhausted and practically useless.* VYNE! CATCH! *He throws Moreau towards Vyne who was below him.*
  14. *Squagison begins fighting alongside his rival.* So sorry for not helping right away. I had to help Moreau get up. Humans, am I right? *Squagison was mocking Vyne. Something he usually doesn't do, but maybe get some laughs. Squagison did not have a very good sense of humor. As the Eye of the Storm is fighting, he realizes that can't always fight with his swords and he can't really go into demon mode right now. So, he takes out a dagger, one of the kunai that he got from Vyne, and the duct tape that was over his mouth for some unexplained reason, and he duct taped them all together to make what he called a squagi. (Squagison got the makeshift squagi.)* Yo, look at this cool knife-type weapon I made from your crap, Vyne! *Using the makeshift squagi, he could hit enemies twice with one swing. However, he was not used to not being able to electocute enemies. He decided to throw one of his two remaining kunai at what seemed to be the final gang member. Squagison missed. Then, a loud "BANG!" happened. It was Moreau with his gun and he had shot the final man.* Nice shot, kid. Take this for some close-range stuff. *Squagison gave Moreau the remaining kunai. He didn't give him his new weapon, the squagi, because he wanted to get a blacksmith to make one in the proper way.* How much longer until we jump on the train? Note: Squagison calles Moreau "Kid" when Squagison is either younger or about the same age. Also, I did update the character sheet once more.