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  1. "Is there anything more dangerous than dissatisfied and irresponsible gods who don't know what they want?" -The last sentence of Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind, written by Yuval Noah Harari
  2. Hm. Jahan, or rather Kublai -the name he would soon present to be his first one-, had noticed how cold Lukus' hand was as soon as he had touched it. Curious, considering that he had arrived before Kublai had; and the giant bonfire they sat next to would be more than enough at warming a person completely in a matter of minutes. Hmm. However, making no remarks of his small realization as he returned the man's handshake with a quiet smile; he instead chose to compliment him back. "So do you. It is quite refreshing to see someone don a classic look and not look utterly boring in it." His quiet smile widened for a second before he sat down. "I would be glad to swap tailor information, but I am afraid, the designs of everything I am wearing today belong to me." His smile turned into an almost apologetic one. "However, I do know of a few places which sell the types of fabric one doesn't see everywhere." Sighing slightly, the tall man relaxed as the breeze from the bonfire finally started to warm him up. "I am Kublai Khaghan." His smile was replaced with a neutral expression as he continued on. "Pleased to make your acquaintance." He watched the man smirk, hesitate awkwardly for a bit, and then talk. Kublai was silent for a few seconds, unable to answer his date's point about the bonfire, as he was busy with reminding himself of the mental notes he had already taken: Talks and dresses in an aristocratic fashion. Royalty, or perhaps self made? "Impressive? Very much so. I'm thankful for its presence." While he did find the breeze coming from it a bit too warm, he was aware that it was the only way the bonfire could compete with the cold. It was either this or turning into a block of ice. And just how bad could the sight of dancing flames and the sound of wood crackling be? His eyes wandered, attentively observing the atmosphere they were in. Almost everything seemed to be as it was told to be, from the waiters and waitresses hobbling from one table to another, and to the calming chatter and the occasional laughter coming from other patrons. Kublai glanced at Lukus. Maybe he had just misjudged him after all. Lord knew, his own hands had almost fallen off from the cold while he was on the road to the restaurant. If he had just been a little less stubborn and chosen a pair of gloves instead of the pear cut, obsidian ring that now sat on his index finger and covered two thirds of it, he could've prevented that from happening. Like I could help it. The color of the stone goes perfectly well with maroon, and there was no way I would wear wool with mohair-- Oh? Kublai's eyes were on his date again. Had he just seen Lukus loosen his tie? Two possibilities. One, it was too tight. Two... He has somehow, suddenly, gotten hot. Did he look the type to make such an amateur mistake as the first possibility would have him believe? Definitely not. And while Kublai would love to flatter himself by thinking that he was the reason for the second option, there seemed to be a much more tangible connection between how cold his hands were and him loosening his tie under the artificial, warm breeze, despite the freezing weather. Hmmm. He observed a hint of nervousness in the man's expression, ah, just the thing to verify his doubts. Certainly, he was not the only one with secrets tonight. "We should." His tone was calm and collected, and gave away none of his thoughts. "It isn't a good date without a good meal, after all." He smiled again, wide enough that the silver caps on all four of his canine teeeth glinted when the warm light of the bonfire hit them. Kublai quietly reached for the leather-bound, booklet like menu in front of him after he felt Lukus' eyes focus on his face. Watching me watching you, huh? "So.. What kind of meal do you think you'll go for?"
  3. You take one look at him and you immediately understand why you shouldn't read that much Anne Rice when you're 14.
  4. ((OOC: Please note: This image is not a perfect depiction. My character's eye, skin and hair color -and clothing- are all different, but the rest of his appearance is very similiar to this guy's.)) Jahan slunk swiftly through the enormous entrance arch of The Frosted Glass, his straight, copper-colored hair pulled up in a neat ponytail which swung along to the rhythm of his steps, his quick breaths forming small clouds in the freezing cold air. He didn't need to pull out his pocketwatch to check the time. He was aware he was late. Oh, please, like that is my fault. Firstly, the message was delivered to him in a late date. Secondly, how was he supposed to find a means of suitable transport to a damned mountain while he was trying to be careful with his resources? Thirdly, how in the heavens could he pick his outfit combination while he tried to work on that? This was not fair game. And while he knew life wasn't fair to anyone or anything, his luck stabbing him in the back when he finally had the chance to have some fun was just-- Dear lord, just stop. An internal cry rang in his head, forcing him to stop dead in his tracks. Truly, the atmosphere of the restaurant was as cold as the name of it had him believe, with the only option for heat being the giant bonfire in the middle of it all, but Jahan's tall figure seemed to just have dragged along an alternative source of warmth with it. A long, single breasted, maroon topcoat tailored from quality mohair gave just enough way for the tight fitting, light brown vest and stone color, smooth shirt under it to be seen. Right above the collars of the shirt was a short tie, adorned with bright red oriental patterns on its jet black background. Below the topcoat, he wore a pair of black flannel pants which hugged his long legs in such a fashion that they didn't look even the slightest bit creased, while right under his kneecaps were the metal buckles of his navy blue, nubuck boots. The snug fit of his outfit did wonders at bringing out his broad shoulders while being modest with the rest of his build, which was conditioned -but still average-, and the warm color theme acted as a splendid background for his light green eyes, which were arguably as cold as the weather, and bronzed, light olive skin. A waiter is here. "Hello? Sir?" A pair of tired eyes were staring at him, a confused look in them. "Do you have a reservation?" His eyes stopped taking in the scenery, and focused on the measly waiter before him. "Kublai Khaghan." He said, not bothering with acknowledging him properly. The guttural tone of his mother tongue apparent as he gave the name. "I was told it would be a table for two." There wasn't any problem with identification, it was apparent his name was one of a kind. Soon, he was swaying behind the waiter, nervousness for being late slowly being replaced with years of expertise being a professional courtesan had gifted him. My luck is starting to turn. The table to which he was lead was already occupied --naturally. But "who" was more important than "when" in this instance, for it was occupied by a gorgeus man. My luck is definitely starting to turn. "Greetings.." He almost chirruped-- he couldn't help his childish joy. Never had there been a more perfect match in a blind date, truly, this was akin to pilfering war treasures for him. But, the calm expression on his face seemed to almost betray his tone. "..I believe I am to be your company today."
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    Click. Click. Click. Clickclickclick. The repetitive and utterly disturbing noise which he had the misfortune of hearing in the very first moments of the creature's company echoed in his ears once again, making his teeth itch. Annoyed, his hand unintentionally reached up and slightly pressed into his cheek to lighten the sensation. He couldn't help but wonder about the reason for the sound. ..Is this some sort of echolocation? For some reason, I would've expected magik.. His eyes, once again, went to the simply ostensible.. Mouth-like opening that sat on the being's abdomen, as if to confirm the thought that this creature was way more animal like than one would want her to be, at least in the somatic sense. The four claws that hung from around her "mouth", and the overall exoskeletal appearance along with a complete lack of a face only further helped his judgement. Well, at the very least, she stands upright. The thoughts that ran rampart within his mind came to an immediate halt when he heard the being's question, the gaze that was focused on the airship moments ago quickly moving up to the featureless head of the being. "..An incident of no account." He said, a calm expression on his face as he reassured her. Right at that moment, the sound of footsteps came from behind him. His figure turned around in a motion so swift that inattentive eyes wouldn't be able to trace the way in which he had moved. Fortunately, the apperance before him was of the "supposed benefactor". A soundless exhale of relaxation found its way out from Jahan's nose. Maybe, the incident wasn't of no account. @Porcelain_Puppetress ..Ah. Jahan stood quietly, attentively watching the man speak and place his goods down with an emotionless expression on his face. His eyes slowly went back to the girl close to him, waiting for her to answer the question that was directed at her. This way, I won't have to ask her personally. He had no idea why he felt glad that he wouldn't have to deal with the issue-- a rare occasion. He didn't act on nor did anything to display the nagging feeling, and remained content with watching the conversation unfold. @Salt @bees
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    Jahan stood there, the thoughts of being watched and that the scrawny man might have had company following him suddenly disappearing from his mind. He was struck with awe. "You want to-" Stopping, his hands fell down to his sides in an almost defeated fashion; and much to his discontempt, his chin slightly dropped -unintentionally-, causing an expression of pure wonder to come over his rather delicate features. "You want to try fixing that thing? I believe you saw that it was ripped apart?" His expression only seemed to intensify until the moment he scoffed and rolled his eyes -- obviously amused. "Oh, of course. You imply magic." He turned around, observing the road before them, and the still existent threat of more unexpected company somehow found its way back into his mind. "Otherwise though, I will not believe it until I see it with my own eyes." He scoffed once again, his hands rising in a quick gesture-- as if he was repelling a fly, and spoke for the last time before his first attempt at setting off. "Because I do not tolerate sewing trails. Nor will I suffer a misplaced button, creased collars, or a single sticking out end of a thread." That he had fallen from his former title and standards was nothing but truth-- but when one inspected with an observant eye, they would see that the seemingly simple material of his shirt was crease-proof, and the thin flannel pants covered his long legs completely-- without looking even the smallest bit stretched. It's such a terrible idea, maybe she should attempt it. "..But, if you do somehow accomplish such a feat, I will repay you. Maybe I'll even let you have it, should you want for it." An invisible smile formed on his face. After that, the girl would come to explain that she would collect her materials from the Tavern before continuing -"What do you mean, you forgot your bag back there? Why attempt to follow me if-- Oh, dear lord. Do what you have to do." Jahan then explained to her the directions -"..Right down the road. Impossible for you to miss it. I'll be waiting there. "- and attempted setting off again, this time, he was successful. One final statement was what he made before the girl's figure disappeared behind the tavern's door: "Try and care for footsteps, by the way." The sarcasm in his tone was painstakingly obvious. "Unlike me throwing myself onto a snatcher, this is an actual attempt at helping you protect yourself." @bees His figure had slunk swiftly from the village road and to the docks, eyes uneasily searching for something to contact with. Moments later they found what, or rather, who they were looking for. The yard captain stood wary of his surroundings, and Jahan did not come off as a nice surprise to him. The dried blood on his face had been scraped off completely, and while he did not have the appearance of a nobleman, saying that he did not look distinguished enough to tell him apart from commoners would be a mistake. Still, the captain seemed adamant on not giving him what he needed, and was only "coaxed" into doing so after Jahan gave a complete description of his companion, and told him they were heading for the same destination. The kind of effect she must've had on him was foretold by how his face gradually lost its color as Jahan went on with the details. He pressed on, following the directions that were given to him word for word. Luckily, the grand appearance of the ship was standing noble amidst the darkness just before him a few minutes later. The lanky figure that stood next to the said ship, however, seemed something dire and extremely worrisome. Had this creature not been what Jahan was exactly searching for, he would've reconsidered going back to the tavern after spotting its image. A nightmarish mirage in the night, an elixir of raw intimidation. I wonder what the girl will feel when she meets her. Right at that moment, the wooden floor beneath them grated as another pair of feet treaded on their surface. As if to be the continuation of his thoughts, a pair of yellow eyes materialized right next to him. The girl had finally came. After quickly glancing at the creature's direction, Jahan calmly gestured at the girl to be silent. Bending his knees slightly; he leaned to his side, then whispered through the girl's hair and into her ear: "Be respectful, and let me do the talking." With that, a satisfied look came over his features as he assumed his usual upright posture, and carefully took a few steps towards the being. "Greetings again, my lady," He begun; words gliding off his tongue easily and convincingly, voice a low and soft humming in the middle of the night, "While on the road to here, I ran into a person willing to join us." He motioned at the girl as if to present her. "Presumably able to carry her weight, from what I understand from her obvious eagerness. Although.." His gaze wandered from the featureless "face" of the being to the large ship. "..I believe whatever introduction that is to take place would be done more comfortably in the convenience of a.. Warmer atmosphere." His tone turned from that of convincing to contemptuous. "Is our supposed benefactor, mister Marcus, not here to lead us in? " @Porcelain_Puppetress @Salt
  7. Hi, glad to see another non-native speaker. I'm also pretty new here, but I'm really enjoying this place. Hope you do too.
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    Jahan offhandedly licked the dried blood off his lower lip while listening to the girl. Either I'm dealing with a very good actress, or this girl is innocent enough to believe I did all that just to protect her. Noticing the rather exaggerated gesture -the handwave- after her first sentence, he made a mental note: The first option's more likely. He opened his mouth, then hesitated for a moment; brows furrowing and a few wrinkles appearing between them. "..Definitely. Protecting a stranger whom I don't even know the name of at the cost of throwing myself on the danger directly and having my jacket ripped apart." A chuckle escaped him. "You must come from some land of knights in shining armor and damsels in distress." "..But whatever." He continued, snarking by repeating the girl's words, "The details, there is not much of them. My acquaintance is under a lifetime service for omnipotent beings she calls 'The Eminent', and apparently, they have something they want crushed. This thing is in Valucre." He stopped to rest a bit, and remember the rest of the deal. "..But then, she apparently got a lead that it would be in Terrenus, specifically." Jahan shrugged. "And while I'm not sure if she will let you come along or not, since she basically holds the reigns and all.." He put his hands on his hips, contemplating. "Considering earlier happenings, she probably will. That's all there is to know." He glanced around, then motioned for the girl to come forward. "Now; why don't we walk together, like a true pairing -a gentleman and a lady-, to the docks?" He offered his arm in a comically dramatic way to the girl, an attempt at trying to break the ice, and showing that maybe he wasn't so bitter-- or reckless. @bees
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    Jahan had miscalculated things. "Var-un Goj-i-don, son-uh bı-kra," May the Falcon, ever triumphant, He was aware that consuming flesh would sooner or later awaken the Blood.. "Yaş-un son-uh, üzr-un Roujik," Live until the end, over the Roujik ..But the fact that it would happen this soon, and that he somehow hadn't smelled the scent of death that lied dormant here before, the road he had followed to enter the Tavern in the first place, which now only served to further aggravate the fiery hunger.. "Son-uh bı-kra, Tenr-iz uç-magın-a." Ever triumphant, until (we) reach Sky's heavens. ..No, these were not only miscalculations. These were mistakes that could potentially end his life. And they were not the first ones that were made today. Now, though, he was reduced to repeating an ancient hymn to keep himself from completely losing his focus. The only thing that kept him from sprinting back to the tavern and tearing apart the first fleshy being that would have the misfortune of meeting him in this state was this; forcing himself to remember his mother tongue, for there wasn't even a rat to spot on this blasted road, not even between the dead bushes that surrounded the soil path. The heightened senses his state of delirium granted him were wasted on the lifelessness of this place. Trembling lips started repeating the hymn again, without the knowledge that they would be curling into a vicious smile moments later. "Var-un Goj-i-don, son-uh-" Without even stopping to think, Jahan almost leapt back when he heard footsteps following him. Footsteps? Two? More? There was a pair of pale yellow eyes staring at him, piercing the darkness around them. What they would observe before the man in front of them practically flew over them was a desperate expression on a colorless face. Yes, more. To the girl's luck, and perhaps carelessness, Jahan had spotted a scrawny silhouette following her. Sprinting, he pounced on the figure, hands grabbing at the first limb they touched before a kick sent them down on the muddy ground. Thump. Not giving them a second's chance, he had crouched down in the blink of an eye to claw his fingers into the throat of who was seemingly a middle-aged man, squeezing until wheezing filled his hearing, then wrapped his arms around him, almost hugging the half-paralyzed body before rolling down the edge of the path and into the bushes with it. I can't see. Ican'tseeIcan'tseeIcan'tsee For approximately thirty seconds, all that could be heard from between the bushes would be quick, raspy gasps. Ten seconds later, a disheveled Jahan would emerge from them. His valise which had flung from its place when he had leapt on the figure now thrown to his feet, his lower lip and chin covered in dried blood, his velvet jacket almost ripped in half, and the shirt under it now visible, he had really pushed himself far. I ought not to bite that hard again while trying not to shout. A moment later, he spotted the girl. Not looking at her face, he started taking off his jacket. "Snatcher. Dead, unfortunately. But gave me quite the trouble." He clicked his tongue. "Even ripped my jacket. Prized possession, this one." A contemptuous curl surfaced on his lips as he glanced back at the bushes he emerged from. "He can have it now." The heavy jacket was thrown onto where the body now laid. He couldn't bother with repairing that kind of thing. Jahan bent down to take his valise, stopping to observe if any scratching blemished its surface before placing its strap over his shoulder, and placing it on his side once again. A finger casually went over to his chin to scrap the dried blood off, and save a few hair strands that were stuck on it. The six foot six inch man was now left only with a white, simple shirt, knee high boots and flanel, black pants. His eyes finally found the girl's. "Be forewarned, me and my acquaintance are headed for Terrenus. Following us will not be a clever move if you plan to stick around here." Large hands awkwardly searched for something on his wrists before moving up to tuck his hair behind his ears. "Do you happen to have any type of hairband? It seems I do not, and I need one." @bees
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    A grin caused a full set of white teeth to show, one that was just short of openly presenting the silver, embroided plating on all four of his canines. Jahan's light green eyes watched eagerly, a small spark brightening them as if to be the indicator that he was pleased to witness such a quality display of.. Show ability. An exoskeletal mass had just flung a man --who was doused in what seemed (or smelled) to be beer, no less!- without even looking his way, also had shoved another one aside, which made him lose balance, causing him to falter and almost fall facefirst onto his cane-- Lord knew what that would've done to him, had it come to pass. All in all, it was quite entertaining, and had made him appreciate the fact that he had moved aside before a similiar fate could befall him. Had been a while since I witnessed something as surreal as this.. His mind quickly went elsewhere. It's surely bee- "..What should I call you?" The motion of his train of thought was cut abruptly in half by the girl's question. "Ah, yes. Names." His grin devolved into a quiet smile. Without bothering to make eye contact with the girl, he stepped out of the door that was still being held open. The heels of his boots crushed bits of the soil path beneath them. "..I'm afraid that we wouldn't have the opportunity to exchange them, fair lady." With that, he took a few more steps, until there was a good three meters between him and the girl. ..Hmm.. Then, he suddenly stopped, and raised his head, taking in the clean air and the vision of the dark, cloudy, starless sky while basking in the worn down, broken atmosphere. "But wouldn't you say.." His normally rotund voice took on a high-pitched, loud tone; as if to be playfully suggestive. "It's a perfect day to get some fresh air?" He glanced over his shoulder, laughing, sincerely too, loud enough for the girl and other patrons to hear him. The last vision he offered to the onlookers were the contrast between his dark clothing and shoulder length, reddish hair, and his tall, intimidating figure slowly disappearing into the concealing darkness. ...Now to catch up to her. @bees @Porcelain_Puppetress
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    Jahan reached for the handle of the door, and a smile made its way over to his lips. "Of cou--" ..Ah. The smile suddenly disappearing from his face, he stared at the woman before him with a blank expression. "Another visitor." A silent laugh was hidden behind his ever-so-slightly contemptuous tone. Recognizing the awkwardness of having reached for the door at the same moment with this stranger, he quickly pulled his hand back and let his nails tap along to an imagined rhythm on the hard surface of his valise. "It seems you carry some divine luck with you, my lady." This time, a gentle, but freezing cold smile played on his lips as he looked the yellow eyed girl over. "Since a lady first opened the door, so should a lady first pass through it." He calmly uttered, as he curiously imitated the girl before him, tilting his head to the side just as she had. He stepped away to give space to the being that stood next to him, and expectantly motioned towards the door once again. @bees @Porcelain_Puppetress
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    ..Hmph. Jahan took a quick glance at the being before pulling the leather strap of his valise over his shoulder, which enabled him to securely place it on his left side. He always carried some type of emergency food with him, as it was, a good portion of dried and salted meat was secured away in a container, somewhere between all the layers of sturdy clothing. However.. He had grown so used to quenching the thirst of the Blood within him, so much so that the humane feeling of hunger had almost stopped visiting him. While he couldn't say he missed the sensation of utter starvation- which he had unfortunately come to know through.. Less than fortunate times in the past; he was aware that a lack of.. Life (and the odds told him that such a situation would probably be existent in any type of wasteland) meant he wouldn't be able to satisfy the Blood, which meant he could be forced to rely on the old, not-so-nutritious way of, well, eating. She is unfortunately right. What I have may not be enough. Would it be that bad? The meat he had moments ago was not so.. I could still feel the reverberating energy within the blood that was soaked in. Salted meat, however.. The wooden, flat heels of his boots firmly clicked on the floor as he approached the same barkeeper that had served him his glasses of mineral water. I hate this. Ten pieces of gold were almost thrown on the bar, his eyes narrowed with annoyance as he asked for six pieces of salted meat. The almost brown looking, wrinkled pieces of meat were served in a pouch of what looked to be of a paper-like material quickly. The sooner I deal with this, the better. Don't want to postpone it. The barkeeper, who had been unnaturally aware of him from the start had noticed his irritation. "The best I can sell for what ya gave. Take it or leave it, friend." Another barkeep who was standing with an empty glass and a cleaning rag in her hands nodded towards his direction, and ensured him. Noticing that their faces were rough and tired, and decided he wouldn't bother them further. While his steps traced back to the enterance, he quickly collected a small key from a pocket, and opened some type of a compartment within his valise, in which the recent purchases were shoven. A click ensured everything was set in place. The key went back inside its pocket. Done. He turned around, his stare finding the exoskeletal mass of a creature once more. He cocked his head sidewards in a curious motion, and motioned towards the door. I followed her advice. Let's see what happens next. @Porcelain_Puppetress
  13. I'll be taking this one, but I haven't saved the Dropbox folder name, unfortunately (found the link through reverse image search). Will try to see if I can find it. Edit: Found it. Here it is.
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    "..Yet you entertain me. I cherish you, small one." A very curious thing to say for a being of her nature, of that Jahan was sure. He raised an eyebrow as he contemplated what she had just told him could possibly mean. I'm on her good side, apparently. Perhaps, if I were to keep it that way.. Seconds later, a smile spread on his face, one that fell just short of being too debonair. "Entertaintment is what used to be my former profession, my lady." That was not a lie. "I am glad to see that I have not yet lost my touch." His smile faded as long, slender fingers pulled out five pieces of gold from the inside of his jacket, and pushed them into the direction of the barkeeper. If she is entertained by just this, I would be glad to see the type of effect of what I really can do would have on her. If Jahan hadn't understood that there was also an agreeable side to this creature, he wouldn't have chosen to come along with her. But, whatever convictions he had were pushed aside that moment, and all six foot six inches of him stood up once again. "Then, shall we proceed to the agreed meeting point, my lady?" Jahan asked quietly, eyeing the entrance of the tavern as two silhouettes -one of them a hulk of a man, the other one a shadowy, fast-moving speck compared to him- flew through it. "...Or are there any further preparations to be made?" @Porcelain_Puppetress
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    Jahan, while out of contact with his surroundings, had calmed himself down -albeit only a bit. He was staring at the glass of mineral water he still hadn't finished drinking when the familiar, ladylike voice sashayed into his mind once again. Lead? What lead? The boiling waters of worry that were fluctuating within him just a moment ago seemed to freeze in response to that sentence. Blood traveled back to his face, and the corners of his lips went back to their former position. Yet, he didn't answer the being. He kept staring at his glass, his thoughts moving at a hundred miles per hour, quickly and dogmatically laying down possible outcomes, alternate maneuvers, and ultimately deciding what kind of answer he would give. Would he come, after all of the excrutiating thoughts he had of being stuck with this creature? Would he leap out of the door, successfully putting up a front of being a typical coward? His eyes focused on the light that was reflexing from the being's skeletal, bug-like form onto his glass. He was still silent, his expression almost devoid of emotion. "Is your fettle of adequate nature? You surface to me as distressed..." He had to keep himself from snorting. This thing, hadn't she flipped out at Marcus just a few moments ago just because of- The doubt in her words couldn't be more obvious. A smile surfaced for a split-second on his face before disappearing. Under normal circumstances, he would act as if he was a totally weak, digestible underling, an excuse of someone with his experiences and nationality; so that people would not suspect him behind anything unconventional or dangerous, and he would have the element of surprise work in his favor-- as he usually did back in his good old days of swindling. This time, though, it was apparent that the pity party method wouldn't work. The creature was either asking this so she had a good understanding of how well he could carry his own weight, or she was just that ignorant about the workings of the human psyche. He faced the being, then opened his mouth to answer her, and at that moment, something dropped into his glass, blurring the clear liquid inside and causing it to fizzle. Plop. Blood. Thick, dark clots surfaced on the acidic liquid while the rest of it scattered around in the form of thin, tentacle-like extensions. Under them had sunk a piece of pink, almost raw meat. He looked around for a second to see who would cause such a thing. It didn't take him long to spot the Reanimated who was sitting in an almost defeated fashion, gloved hands covered in what he suspected of being the blood that was squeezed out of some type of steak, with a broken cup across him, shards of it scattered around the bar. He had noticed the monster when he entered, but had made no effort to acknowledge him. Reanimated were always trouble, especially ones who were still capable of thought. But it was only normal that something like him would be the one order this.. Quite.. Rare steak. How long had it been since he had last fed on somebody? Consuming flesh or blood was not the way he preferred to do it, but it could come quite handy in this situation, now that he thought of it... His eyes lit up with a strange light, and his gaze found the creature as he picked the piece of meat with his thumb and index finger, unintentionally wetting them in the process. Then, he put the piece of meat into his mouth, and started to slowly chew it. It was animal meat, but the taste was delectable, and although the texture was firm and dry, it wasn't that bad after he gulped down the bloodied water before swallowing it, still staring at the being. He hoped the message was quite clear. "Excuse me, my lady. I lost my composure there for a moment, in fear of rather tasteless events would come to pass between you and Marcus. I am fine now." His eyes were still burning with something as he answered her. A small portion of the hungry void inside him was now satisfied, but the rest of it was not. The aftertaste was still scorching his tongue. Soon. @Porcelain_Puppetress