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  1. I believe I owe you a post ^ I can't really judge lol
  2. A sigh escaped her lips. Of course he was excited. "What's done is done. At least you didn't get to far." She glared at him sideways while turning back to Kat. "We should probably take it slo.." Cecilia began to say As the platform moved into a upright position, And Cross stepped forward while the restraints clicked off. At least he thought that far ahead. She began scribbling notes on the clipboard. Then removed several sheets of paper from the bottom which contained simple logic tests that would calculate her general fluid intelligence. Cecilia had high hopes for this section. Next would be moter skills, Dexterity, And hand eye coordination which would be much more fun! Cecilia looked back to see a giant suit of armor, This one seemed special to Cross somehow. She wanted to know the story behind it. Curiosity could be a terrible thing. "Would you like to have a seat Kat?" She would push aside the papers littering the desk to clear off a space, And pull out the chair before leaving the tests there. After that she would make her way over to the screens that could bring up security footage, And watch the first true interaction with Kat. It wouldn't do it more anything important. Cross really hadn't done much before she arrived.
  3. The grin widened on her face as he aimed the sword at her. Even as the tune began to form at its tip. A duplicate one seemed to form in the air right in front of his eye. "Runic magic? I wonder what it does? I've learned runes though I haven't used this one. Perhaps we'll find out yes?" The demon thought her scared? Ha. Should he release his rune. It would only take a thought to release the same one on him. Causing whatever effect it had on both of them. Zarine was actually quite curious about its use and was tempted to release it anyways. "If you wish to fight I'm more than willing. Though I don't think Mathias would approve." Zarine turned to leave, And follow Mathias out of the cave. Should the demon make any attempt to attack her she would release his own rune into him. Most magic required words and componates. Rune magic was dangerous just by using it you gave your foe all the tools needed to use it, In a sense giving them a new weapon to use.
  4. The sudden change from light to dark hurt her eyes. She shielded them with a hand for a moment before peaking through the cracks. Pink? The whole room was Pink. Everything in it. Odd, Zarine let her hand drop to her side. The floor in front of them had a white line in stark contrast to the rest of the room. The point of no return hu? As she debaited internally about how to go about this. The little thief stepped over the line! And pitched sideways as if gravity itself had changed. Zarine lept forward. Catching hold of his scarf Rascal held above himself. The pair then began floating much slower towards the "ground" below. It would have been a gentle landing had she been alone. But the added weight made it more difficult to sustain the magic required, And she didn't want to drain herself on a task like this so earily on. So they hit the ground a bit harder then she would have liked. Perhaps accruing a few bruses but nothing life threatening. "We should probably be a bit more carful hm? the laws of physics may not apply in this place." In fact the mansion might even be far to literal. The furniture sitting on the wall should have been obvious. (Ooc Breeze-Kissed: Breezes seem to follow most sylphs wherever they go, but some sylphs are better able to control these winds than others. A Sylph can surrounds herself with swirling winds. They can also be used to slow a fall allowing for a gliding effect.)
  5. Eithan has rushed forward to stab the spider. She couldn't understand how it why someone would do that. Disgusting creature. This monstrous huge form was far worse. The spider has begun to topple, Zarine skirtted the edge of the , Towards the chests when a thought occurred. She began stuffing her backpack full of the webs. packing then tight until the bag was completely full. It didn't take long, A regular spider would have taken a hundred years to generate this amount of fabric. She though She heard a voice while she worked. But ignored it, A chance like this was rare. As she turned around, Mathias was gesturing her over. She cocked a eyebrow and shuffled over. Carfully avoiding to center of the room. Perhaps it was just her imagination but the thing still looked like it was twitching. She seemed confused. Why would a demonic summoner such as himself need help on a environment like this? Perhaps she has been wrong about her preconceived notions. Further confirmed by the fact that the imps didn't seem to have any intention of entering the room before them. She shrugged and pulled the second pair of boots from the chest. Her hand also brushed metallic object. Looking inside it was a key. She withdrew the second object from the chest. "Probably wouldn't have made It far without this hu?" She turned to Lark. "Hey summoner be sure to check for a key!" She would attempt to open the door. Should it be locked Zarine would twist the key in the lock.
  6. The small figure slowly looked up. He still didn't appear to see the other two. But this one. "You seek the bag of trapped souls do you?" It was clear didn't hold any love for Gregor. "If you Will free me I will tell you what I know. But if you break your oath you will become as those before you." He managed a weak cackle. "Oh yes. The one you seek lays ahead." If Gregor gave his word, The elvish man would go on. He didn't stop wittling the block for a moment. "I am both living and dead, The Necromancer trapped my soul inside this vessel. He wanted to learn the limits of the magical device." A malicious smiled appeared on his face. "And learn he did. Taking souls and trapping them in corpses, Even stealing the bodies of the living. Testing all he could do. I was told to perform my craft, You see once I was a woodworker." The grin slipped away. "The monster grew Greedy, and once his limit was reached. We took his body. His soul is trapped within now. Unfortunately, We cannot use the artifact ourselves. As such our commands will bind us until we are set free. Master of death the others Will let you take the bag. Should you let us go. However, If you would trap us forever. You'll find your task much more difficult. Many are trapped. Skilled hunters, Master swordsman. More even... Some will have requests to make in return for their service. Should you fulfill them they will stay. But even still, Some have been commanded to guard to tomb." he looked away, continuing his work agasnt his will. Should Gregor decline. He would fine it impossible to force the man to speak. For he was under the control on a much stronger command, He would keep working on the block, And ignore future questions. A closer inspection of him revealed that his hands were littered with small cuts. And behind the grave sat a pile of carvings indicating he had been here a very long time. Only stopping to gather new wood from the forest. Then returning to finish a new project. Zarine listened intently awaiting Gregors response. (Ooc: Should break posting order here. Have Gregor reply. Basicly he's saying. Not all the souls within the bag wish freedom. Many do, Should they stay Gregor need to fulfill a request of theirs. you can pick and choose pretty much. But this wood worker wants freedom. Should he decline. The souls will fight back as much as they can.)
  7. Also, have you figured out a hint for the boots? Perhaps a riddle inscription or something? If you want I can help brainstorm ideas
  8. . Lol was hoping to avoid it. Well I'm in. Out of curiosity the plague would or wouldn't affect my half elf? If it does then slowly? Differently? Just have a couple ideas. ^
  9. Lol might take a minute in context. I can already see it :D seriously though taking dem lava walkers
  10. As Cass entered the clearing she noticed Parker visibly unharmed. Nycci I'm the other hand appeared to be harmed. "Do you require medical attention?" She inquired. The pack animal probably carried supplies she could use. Cass doubted Nycci would have reglected to aquire such things, While loading up the mule with many things they might need. To Cass it looked like the venom of the creatures had spread through Nycci's body, But the priests probably had a antivenom living so close to the creatures. Parker made his way towards the remaining embers of the fire. She simply nodded to his request. Such had been common. After the others went to bed, She would occupy her time gathering firewood, And keeping the flames bigh. Cass didn't think they would be attacked again tonight. She had almost woken Parker as the forest seemed to come to life. But it was just scavengers. Feeding on the remains of the combat serval hours before. Bugs, Rodents, Birds. They all came to the feast. She caught sight of a small red creature, Similar to a dog. Cass didn't have a name for it, It was thinner, with a large fluffy tail. Red, And white fur. She liked it, The creature didn't approach the fire, But rather stayed just outside the clearing for most of the night. She decided to ask Parker, Or Nycci what it was in the morning.
  11. Is it mostly a social event? E.g. little to no combat.
  12. ^ What Supernal said. It you feel a "class" fits you can just call your character that. Braweler, Knight, anything
  13. His eyes Look dead. He'll not respond to any voices. Taking his carving knife/carving. Could have a positive or negative reaction.
  14. @Ayden think you got the names mixed up. Eithan would have been poisoned lol Now to spilt the loot! Not gonna lie Zarine is going to want them lava boots. Burning hands + boots = flying fireball fists lol
  15. Do you know about/use software like World Machine, Terragen or VUE Pioneer? They're 3D, but procedural generation, and nowhere near as complicated or frustrating as meshing. It's actually much closer to circuitry, very basic and simple kinds, but you can pretty effortlessly work in 3D with them and make genuinely realistic things, it's really impressive. They're each free: WM is open source, Terragen is free for non-commercial use, and VUE Pioneer is free as a base program but has somewhat of a micropayment setup for population assets.

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