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  1. Legend of the Emblem: The Descent

    You've absolutely transcended in terms of your editing, though! I wasn't away for that long, I figure. When did you become a god?
  2. I've just requested access to your information so that I may view it at a later time. I'm quite excited to see this in action! Perhaps I'll get to making a character for this system soon.
  3. Youri Dakyakage, at your service.

    Welcome, Youri, to the wonderful world of Valucre! I do look forward to The Dakyakage's arrival; here lies a completely different level of roleplaying. If you or any of the others need assistance throughout your time, Chappu & I can tell you what we know...Though most of my experience comes from Chappu so perhaps he's better suited ^^'. That aside, the community here is incredibly friendly and have no problem assisting you when they can as well; just ask for help. I hope to see you in The Tavern of Legend soon, I love reading the posts from there. Best of luck on your new adventures, F R A G I L E
  4. Legend of the Emblem: The Descent

    Characters Jasper Gray Concept: Jasper is a relatively simple human with no extraordinary powers to speak of. They're an aspiring author who seeks to explore the world and write a novel based on their findings. They constantly find themselves seeking motivation and or inspiration in the most extreme of ways which'll lead them to possibly being more trouble than aid. Something like saving the land from dragons sounds right up their ally for something dangerous enough to give them an idea. Malcolm Janus Concept: Malcolm is certainly the least expected to act heroic. That being said, if he's to drown the world in despair, he'd appreciate it if it could be done with is own two hands. With no other reason than preserving the lands for his own self-righteous acts of justice, Malcolm would aim to provide a bit of tension within the group all while coming through when the team truly needed it most. In terms of his combat style (seeing as I haven't written it up yet), he'll be playing with the concept of death as well using necromancy as his main form of magic. This'll allow him to act as a frontliner as well as a support. New Character? Tell me what you need and I'll draft up something snazzy.
  5. Hi, I'm New.

    Welcome to Valucre! Might I recommend visiting The Tavern of Legend to get started?
  6. Parent Consent Form

    A quick question for anyone who can assist me. My friend is trying to sign up on the forums and he accidentally hit 2017 for the birth year instead of 1996; it responded by asking for a parent consent form. I, being the gracious friend I am, then attempted to help by signing up for him . . it's asking me for a parent consent for too and I'm twenty-two. Any chance I might get a suggestion on how to fix this? EDIT: HE FIXED IT! THANK YOU!
  7. VERBUM MORTIS "Am I truly scorned for desiring peace?" XX.XX - On this day I have been visited by the gods, they have delivered unto me a power unfathomable. Einherjar . . I will deep re-evaluate my thoughts on the matter and return at a later date. XX.XX - This world is weak! Heroes with bonds to justice less constricting than the fabric of their leotards. These foul creatures besmirch the honor of the Einherjar! Soon, if change is not perceived? I shall take matters into my own hands. XX.XX - .... This world ... is repulsive. XX.XX - . . . . It is time to take matters in my own hands . . . . XX.XX - Do not judge me for my actions, I am a man of faith and conviction. The gods have heard my desires, my will, and delivered unto me a mission. I must save the people of this world by any means necessary; even if it means a sacrifice as great as this. The fair citizens of this town will be remembered - however - they should rejoice! Their sacrifice was not in vain! They were used for a better purpose!...My dearest wife and children would understand; I am not a monster! XX.XX - I shant stop here...the people of this world...they need me..I will save everyone; even if it means mass genocide. The people of this land will all thank me! I will be revered as a hero in their eyes as I stand upon the ashes and begin the world anew!
  8. INITIUM NOVUM "My path is the truest salvation..through genocide." VOICE OVER / CHARACTER DIALOGUE [ READ ALONG ] Our world is engulfed by sin. Monsters with fleshen guises, stalk our sacred ground. Existence in itself is guided by the demons we call desires. Yet despite this, the unspoken rise. Honor, Wealth, The Inner Conscious. These heroes arrive to bring peace to their surroundings. ...Yet this is not enough. These beasts multiply by the day and your efforts simply do not suffice. I ... however ... have found a solution. You ask how he who has slain his people can be granted the title of Einherjar. The answer is simple. The gods themselves have blessed my path. Is my existence not proof of such? Regardless of this, our world is suffering and only one option remains... The eradication of Terrenus! And it with this sacrifice... shall be the beginning and end. Now...LET THIS PROCESS BEGIN!
  9. Lick a Brick and go Ham on it [D1E Quest]

    Level - 11 | EXP: 7/10 | PREP: 5.5 / 5 Skills Used: None | Aesthetic Vibes: Here | Party Size: 4 Forgive me as I might be a smidget out of practice... Hmmhmm! Entropy; no sweeter than candy. Madness divulged it's inner thoughts, fabricated foretellings woven by fates of the scorned. This city ( no pun intended ) consumed vast amounts of such, those stringed individuals all dancing about upon the crimson stage. Though, had this always been the case? One ponders what beckoned such a dramatic change. . . Ah, yes, the "jig was up" so to speak; it'd all began there. Despite the nature of this engagement, vultures of fleshen kind merrily gathered around in bulk. As it appeared, the city wasn't the only monster stalking this land. They'd been had, this much was abundantly clear - however - it hadn't yet registered to the lass that they were in any form of danger...Ember quickly altered her perspective. "Miss!" She shouted "Are you ok--" Blood splattered upon her frame, the dress now cloaked in crimson. Panic engulfed her once peaceful visage as her entirety froze upon realization of her current position. She was in danger. Hyperventilation occurred in an instant, she knew not of her own foolishness until this very moment. To cope with the fact that Kuma's undoing would surely weigh on her shoulders alone? Terrifying to say the least. Within this one being a mass of thoughts of emotions richocheted from wall to wall. "Why can't you move? Why aren't you working, body?!" She cried within, wishing to simply aid her comrades who were now plunged into the heat of battle. Of course, nobody ever manages to collect themselves until most crucial moment. BANG! One final jolt accompanying City falling beside Ember. "Oh no..." she'd thought "This is all my fault..Good going, Hope!" Suddenly, within this veil of black (within her mind, she's currently engulfed in the blackness mentioned earlier) emerged a bright yet eerie light. "My dear child, my poor child. Do not cry, my love." Hope - despite her naivety - was well aware of it's presence. "Goddess...Artemis?" A smile "You, oh chosen maiden, are an extraordinary gift to this world. Succumbing to such emotions are for the weak; you must remain strong." She wiped her tears "But...what can I do?" The voice spoke "Give yourself to me...I shall be your guiding light..." . . . Cut towards the bistro, Hope's disposition regained. "Momm-- I mean, Ms. City!" ABILITY | CURE | 5 | Heavier wounds, 35% of the target's HP (10' Radius) - City The woman would feel a great deal of her wounds healing before her very eyes, a red hue encasing her entire being. "I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm so so sorry!" Had she managed to move her body, had she managed to something anything!...Maybe this entire situation would've gone about a different way. All she could do now was heal her comrades and pray they forgave her foolish behavior.
  10. Soulbound [D1E]

    Level - 10 | EXP: 6/10 | PREP: 5.5 / 5 Skills Used: None | Aesthetic Vibes: Here| Party Size: Unknown The scene before the maiden was thrilling to say the least. With each movement, each motion of each joint their beings may or may not've held. Such innocent eyes as her would hesitate not from being engulfed by the starry-texture. Prior to this exact instance, silence grasped at her throat; preventing her from nigh an utterance. Perish the thought of ruining such beauty as this engagement, she'd been in the presence of true warriors. With time, their test would come to an end. Iroh would strike a crucial blow to the being known as Yehuidah. Inspiring, by any other definition. She knew she'd be unable to prove her worth through means such as those; physically fighting that is. That being said, fighting held many-a-definition. Through her healing powers she could fight too. . . She wasn't ultimately useless, was she? In any case, she'd not the time to think of that. She had a job to do and a response to give....In that order! "That was..amazing you guys!" Her hands adopted a purple hue, the frames of the two now engulfed in the same light. They would feel their bodies healing relatively quickly as she spoke. "Mr. Kuma was like WOOOSH! Then you - Mr. Yehu - you were all like BOOM SPLOSH KAPOW!" By this point, the hue would fade as their bodies would be generally healed. "Mr. Yehu was all like--" She put her hands on her hips, attempting to speak in as close to an impression of Yehu as possible "I see your power, Mr. Kuma!" She faced Kuma "Mr. Kuma wasn't having any of that though. He was like CRASH! SLAM! THRON KHA! BOOM!" Now exhausted from her over-excitement, she seemed to sink to the ground. "It was..great..you guys are...aw--" Now falling fast asleep, the tuckered Hope lie curled in a ball betwixt the two of them. ... Oh Hope... you crazy kid, you.
  11. Soulbound [D1E]

    Level - 10 | EXP: 3/10 | PREP: 5.5 / 5 Skills Used: None | Aesthetic Vibes: Here| Party Size: Unknown A nigh-unbearable heat exuded from the current engagement. Yehuidah had seemed to gain the upperhand over her dearest Mr. Kuma. Of course, Hope wasn't the type to give up so easily on her guardian; apparently Yehu wasn't either. Yehu had questioned the extent of his strength, speaking on going after Lady Hope instead. As he'd stated this, Hope's face crew extremely flushed - unbeknownst to Yehu - for an extremely wrong reason. "Mr.Kuma..." Hope timidly shuffled over to the fallen bear "Y-you won't let him come for me, will you?" She twirled her fingers about, her arms shifting from left and right. "I-I don't think I'm ready for marriage..." Her mind clouded with a plethora of scenarios, each with varying endings. "Y-You can beat him Mr.Kuma! I-I-I have full faith in you!" She remained still, eyes gazing at Iroh as he rose up, gathered himself, and launched a counter attack at the lone demon. "Yeah! That's it Mr.Kuma! Kick his butt!" She screamed, doing her best to cheer both of them on despite her current predicament.
  12. Lick a Brick and go Ham on it [D1E Quest]

    Level - 11 | EXP: 4/10 | PREP: 5.5 / 5 Skills Used: None | Aesthetic Vibes: Here | Party Size: 4 The Next Day The streets were engulfed by large, slithering crowds of citizens. The sun gazed upon such a gathering and smiled, it's rays casting a great warmth below. Yes, today was the perfect day to enjoy the festivities - however - Hope and Iroh were here on business...they'd have to come back for "snackies" another time. A parade marched down the narrow road, various acts of little significance leaving the crowds entranced. Further down this line of fools had been the targets specified prior. The four individuals positioned themselves a safe distance away as Ember began to brief them on their tasks. "Hope and City are going to approach the clowns" This was all the maiden of naivety heard before stomping her feet in excitement. A "child" such as her wasn't one for keeping still for long. Though despite the earlier statement, she too could be crafty should situations beckon it. It hadn't taken long for Ember to finish discussing the remainder of the plan to them. As the clowns had come into view, she'd declared the mission officially on; Hope immediately springing into action. "Mommy mommy!" Swiftly, she grabbed onto City's arm and began dragging her through the crowds of citizens. "Take me to see the clowns, won't you Mommy?!" Let's take a moment to breakdown such a simple yet rather cunning action. Hope was aware of her appearance, such a small frame on a girl her age would bewilder even the keenest of eyes. Making use of that, she'd also shouted at the top of her lungs; a means to get the clown's attention. By dragging City's arm, one could infer that the goddess was at least the child's guardian if not her actual mother. Smooth, oh ignorant one, very smooth. Upon reaching the clowns, Hope began stomping her feet in excitement yet again as she spoke with widened eyes. "Oh oh oh oh! Can you do a special trick for me Clown People?! I want to Mommy to see how cool clowns are!'
  13. [D1E2.1] Soulbound OOC

    @Ayden With so little happening to hope, do you mind if I let Iroh post before me? It'll allow for the action to go first and the healing shenanigans to take place after. I think your ability should be fine in terms of what you gave us. I'll just buff Iroh as well in order to be fair. Or do you think that would be too much? EDIT: ALSO! I AM LOVING YOUR CHARACTER TOO! Sorry, I didn't want to sound rude and not respond to it.
  14. Soulbound [D1E]

    Level - 10 | EXP: 2/10 | PREP: 3 / 5 Skills Used: Enhance Strength [5] | Aesthetic Vibes: Here | Party Size: Unknown Eyes widened as the male spoke. Had he truly expected her to commit such treason? To harm the fur of her own kin? Heresy! Heresy of the highest caliber...is what one would say had it not been our queen of naivety. In any other normal circumstance, one would deem this circumstance immoral. However, due to Hope's destructively playful nature, she felt right at home with this challenge. Upon closer looks, one could almost perceive stars forming where irises should be. Her entire being seemed to burn bright with excitement as she impatiently began tapping her feet on the ground. "I'll do it!" Her body trembled with overwhelming anticipation for the games to soon begin. Her body glowed brightly, a purple hue engulfing her hands as she aimed towards the male. "Enhance Strength!" Following this, a purple hued aura now surrounded Yehu; the bright eyed maiden stepping away from the immediate radius. "You've done it now, Mr. Yehu! Mr. Kuma can defeat you even with a handicap such as this! Feel the wrath of the world's strongest guardian!" .... Oh Hope ... you idiot ... [ Cast ] Enhance Strength [ Cast ] 0 Prep Used +20 STR / +15 PHYS to Yehudiah for TWO TURNS.
  15. [D1E2.1] Soulbound OOC

    @Ayden Do you think I should switch spots with Iroh on the posting chain? Or should I hand this heal now? @Doge