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  1. The door to the tavern opened with a creak. In marched a young woman, holding a large, wooden staff with a faintly glowing crystal at the top. She wore a dark cloak that went down to her feet, and a pointed hat with a small owl perched atop its brim. As she flicked a casual hand backwards, the door closed behind her. Continuing at a brisk pace, she made her way to the bar across the room. "A glass of water, if you please", she said, facing the bartender. The bartender looked up from the counter he'd been scrubbing, and stared at her beadily. He seemed to be examining her figure. "Tell me, dear, what've you got hiding under that cloak of yours?", he leered. At this, the sorceress's eyes flashed dangerously, and the small owl atop her head screeched in warning. She hit her staff on the stone floor, and the bartender fell to the ground, his unconscious form hidden behind the counter. "So much for a simple glass of water", she muttered. With that, she turned on her heel and walked back to the door, flicking her hand once more to open it back up. Before she made her exit, she took one last sweeping look around the tavern. Seeing no one else to challenge her, she whirled around and walked out the door without another word. Brief though was her stay in the Tavern of Legend, the young sorceress had certainly made a lasting impression on those who dwelled there. Laecandra E. Moore was not one to be crossed.
  2. Love your characters name Laecandra! :bigsmile:

  3. Name: Laecandra E. Moore Gender: Female Age: 23 Occupation: Sorceress/Druid Weapons: Magical staff, wand, enchanted dagger (for backup) Backstory: Born to two druids who lived in the Forest of Alavrr in the middle of a war between magical and non-magical folk. Her village was raided when she was 3 years old, so her parents, bringing Laecandra with them, fled to the moor near the forest where they lived. There, they left her, hoping that someone would find her before the enemy soldiers did. Laecandra never found out what became of her parents after that fateful day, so they may still be alive for all she knows. She was also unsure of her real surname, so the warlock who found her named her for the place at which he found her. She did, however, know her first and middle names, and the fact that her middle name is one of great importance. Being the extremely perceptive and self-aware child that she was, Laecandra's parents managed to instill that in their daughter before leaving her forever. Her middle name is Emrys. It means "immortal" in the language of the druids, and it is a name of great significance and power. From a very young age, Laecandra knew that she should reveal it only to those for whom she bore the utmost trust. The warlock who took her in, for example. He raised her as if she were his own, although he seemed to be without a family as well. His name? Unfortunately, that cannot be revealed, for it is of an importance just as great as 'Emrys'. Hair Color: dark auburn Eye Color: amethyst Height: 5'7" Magical Ability: advanced, especially for her age Companion: a tiny owl called Mordred; Laecandra is quite fond of him Defining Features: eye color, carries a small owl on her shoulder or the brim of her hat
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