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    Honor Among Thieves OOC

    I got two characters I think could potentially take part in this. Zombie - a psychotic drug dealer who will do the job, but he might eat some folks in the process. Gwen - a hobgoblin girl who likes to wrestle things; has no real thievery skill but could easily front as 'muscle'. Is also not evil and won't eat people.
  2. Grapple Fiend

    Yhmi: Mapping the Depths OOC (Interest Check)

    If you don't mind another Gaia convert I'm interested. I wanna wrestle monsters.
  3. Grapple Fiend

    Tiandi Wushu Wants You! (Martial Arts Adventures)

    Dojo crash anyone?
  4. Grapple Fiend

    What's in your speakers, nukka?

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    Call of the Old World

    The sound of snow being packed tightly under massive foot filled the small glen as Kong approached, his massive armored feet stamping down the endless winter with no attempt at stealth - for Kong had never needed such things. One look at the armored titan told anyone such beliefs were founded in reality - seven feet tall and armored head to toe in a strange, rune covered armor Kong looked more daemon then man. A face plate the sickening yellow of bile hid his features, mind warping runes streaked across it and the eyes which peered beyond the jagged, lighting bolt shaped holes shone, rolling and tumbling like molten brass - unblinking. A tall, mouth height gorget covered the lower half of the face plate - a many toothed maw painted into it's surface that in the right light seemed to move, as if the two dimensional adornment was in fact Kong's mouth. Stiff, unmoving tubes of metal were molded into the face plate and gorget, linking into a central point in his chest and vanishing as they trailed backward into his strange, teal colored cloak. The hooded cloak was long, trailing behind the titan of a man and yet leaving no wake - it clung to his form, the teal like the color of the sea and in the way it seemed to move independent of Kong it gave the impression of waves crashing into his armored form. Hands like the claws of daemons were held loose at his side, the massive seven inch jet black claws at the end of his gauntleted fingers seeming to not simply be a piece of armor, but instead his actual finger nails - jet black and reflecting no light these horrendous implements looked as menacing as any weapon held by men. Strapped to his back was a pair of tools which crushed any hope that only his claws were what one would have to contend with - for a blade taller then Kong himself was hidden behind a tower shield, rune etched and madness covered the strange shield held not a candle to the pulsing red blade it concealed. It seemed to trail it's glowing color, staining the snow for the briefest moments in it's sickly crimson. It was almost as if the blade was screaming, it's pulses a sort of wordless voice. This horror known as Kong had come here, and with each stride he grew closer to the town known as Valjer. As he crested the final bluff Kong came into view, and the guards were ready for him - they had heard his ceaseless approach for many minutes, and they had expected a massive beast to crest that hill. In many ways what they saw fit what they had imagined, massive and terrifying the bear headed guards paled at the reality of what they now faced. One was foolish enough to attempt to read the runes which covered his armor, blade, mask and shield - his feeble mind failed to comprehend, and without warning he began to weep, his cries audible and startling his companion. As he looked upon his weeping friend his dread only mounted, for his tears were thick and crimson - like an open wound his eyes drained life, staining the snow and causing him to fight back vomit. "Move." Kong spoke as he came upon them, his voice every pitch and cadence - like thousands of men in unison. The pair of guards gave little resistance at the sound, scurrying to either side. Kong spared them not a glance as his massive legs, easily as thick as either man's entire body crashed into their home. Kong wasted little time as he stalked through the town, his horrific visage and powerful foot falls leaving his path always clear of obstruction. "WHO CALLS ME!" Kong cried out suddenly, his many faceted voice echoing through the silence his presence had wrought. "You torment me across dimension, and so I have come. You demand me even through the endless Immaterium of the Warp, so I come. Do NOT make me wait, voice - or you will join all the others." Kong demanded, his stride stopping as he began to speak - as one the town tensed around him, unsure of who or what he was speaking too but vaguely knowing in the back of their minds why he had come. Yet they all knew it was wise not to poke a sleeping bear, lest you wake it - and as one they prepared themselves for the reality they may have to defend their town. They would have no hope, if it came to that. [OOC: Not my best work, but hey it's been awhile since I played Kong.]
  6. Grapple Fiend


    "Gods, what is that?" The unkempt man roared, eyes bulging from his head - as if madness had taken him he pointed into empty space, his expression that of a man whom had seen something his mind could not fully grasp. His fellows peered bewildered at their companion, the fear deep in their psyche telling them there was more then their eyes were capable of comprehending. Then it came, all at once and in a deafening crack, time and perception became a thing unable to grasp and each of them said and did things over and over, as if on repeat - rewinding or sitting still, all of this in an instant; then reality came crashing back, the break hurrying to fix itself, the fabric trying desperately to stitch itself coherent once more. From that rip Kong came, emerging from the gap which vision could not perceive and for which the mind could not comprehend, a realm of eyes and limbs, of nothing and everything - the unkempt man who had first peered beyond his sight screamed, and in his scream was madness, a gibbering mixture of words no human mouth should hope to make and the constant utterance of 'Kong! Kong! Kong!' like a pattern, simultaneous yet separate from the horrific, ear splitting gibbering. To a man his companions covered their ears, the deafening horror of his madness threatening to drive them into a corner of their mind they had no hope of escaping, it was then that they all saw him. Armor and rune, towering in height and wide as an beast - it's gaze was like jagged lightning bolts, causing any unfortunate enough to meet it to feel as if they had caught flame, their screams so genuine as to convince the others that their companion was truly burning. In it's massive clawed hands it gripped a sword as tall as the tallest man, it blades a pulsing red with an inscription of runes so foreign any attempt to read them left their eyes bleeding, crying pools of blood which collected into their agape mouths. The armored horror's raised gorget covered what would be it's mouth, and inscribed on it's flat surface was what appeared to be a horrific, many toothed mouth - a mouth which moved, having a dimension beyond what it should; as if it were really the mouth of a beast, many toothed and preparing to devour them whole. Tubes of metal snaked from the gorget, and upon closer inspection the 'face' behind the gorget was armor in of it self, a pale shade of yellow like bile and covered in the same mind damning runes that it's sword was. It's cloak was the color of the sea and seemed to blur into it's body, as if armor and fabric were one, moving and twisting around it's massive frame like waves crashing against the edge of a cliff. In it's left hand was a shield like a coffin, jagged edged and with those same inscriptions at it's edges and base - a skull, much too large to be a man's but with features that resembled one was bleached and inset deep into the frame and seemed to catch more light then the unpolished metal which bisected it. Strapped to it's waist and dangling like a loincloth were two vaguely human heads deep into decay, their features twisted and warped to make them only vaguely human if they ever were human at all. The massive armored horror moved suddenly, and as one the five or so men around it recoiled - demanding their bodies run, screaming at the top of their lungs, and yet unable to look away, to flee and save themselves. "So this is where the voice calls me to?" The armored titan rumbled, it's voice an echo - as if many men were speaking at once, each with a different voice and tone yet all saying the same thing. After it spoke the unkempt gibbering man ceased his horrific gibbering, collapsing in a heap, his body a shriveled husk of what it once was; as if his very life was used to summon the horrible thing which invaded their presence. Yet the husk remained alive, wheezing and crying as he covered his eyes with his spindly arms - muttering low and hushed. "What a strange world - untainted." The armored horror sounded almost bemused in it's many voices, and without further word it stalked through the small crowd of men, stepping over the muttering husk of a man without so much as a glance. Joy and horror mixed as the men were freed from the madness they had just witnessed - for they knew, instinctively they would never recover from what they had seen, and yet they felt great joy that they had; as one they took up their weapons and stalked back to their homes, madness in their eyes. "Kong! Kong! Kong!" They chanted, and only screams followed them.
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    Guanhumara Mallayud'dha

    [Family] [Father] - Ergos Mallayud'dha (Alive) [Mother] - Unknown (Deceased) [Sister] - Yseult Mallayud'dha (Alive) [Friends] None [Enemies] None [Roleplay Threads] None, yet.
  8. Grapple Fiend

    Guanhumara Mallayud'dha

    [Fighting Skills] [Gaian Jiu-Jitsu] A grappling martial art developed by a Gaian Dwarf warrior named North Frozen-Shield it was designed to allow smaller, often non-meta fighters to defeat larger meta-human opponents. Heavily focused on newaza, or grappling while on the ground. As an art its newaza centric attack favors chokes over joint locks, a choice made after constant battle testing and finding that many meta-human opponents could simply fight on even with a mangled limb, but few could remain a threat without blood flow to their brain. The method of getting opponents to the ground is where Gaian Jiu Jitsu suffers - as North himself was highly durable due to his racial heritage he neglected takedowns in favor of simply bull rushing into range, taking blows and dragging opponents into newaza. [Skill Level] - ■■■■■ Master (Black Belt) [Learned] - North Frozen-Shield > Darren Blackthorne > Ergos Mallayud'dha > Guanhumara Mallayud'dha [Mallayud'dha Grapple Arts] A variant of Gaian Jiu-Jitsu Mallayud'dha Grapple Arts is a throw and takedown centric grappling style with limited newaza skills based mostly around leg locks or getting to ones feet - as a takedown centric style positional dominance once on the ground is favored over raw submission ability. Highly dynamic the style is especially devastating on hard surfaces - it is jokingly said that Mallayud'dha Grapple Arts masters hit their opponents with the world, throwing them with such force that they are often incapacitated after a single attack. Those that aren't are subject to brutal strikes raining down on them and suffocating pressure to prevent them from getting up. [Skill Level] - ■■■■□ Skilled (Brown Belt) [Learned] - Ergos Mallayud'dha > Guanhumara Mallayud'dha [Personal Grappling Style] A grappling style of Gwen's own design this fusion of Gaian Jiu Jitsu, Mallayud'dha Grapple Arts and her own personal techniques is still in its infancy, without name or solid foundation. [Skill Level] - ■□□□□ Amateur (White Belt) [Learned] - Self Taught (Guanhumara Mallayud'dha)
  9. Grapple Fiend

    Guanhumara Mallayud'dha

    [Attributes] [Name] - Guanhumara Mallayud'dha [Alias] - Gwen [Race] - Hobgoblin [Age] - 18 [Gender] - Female [Height] - 5'8" [Weight] - 163lbs [Fight Style] - Gaian Jiu-Jitsu / Mallayud'dha Grapple Arts / Unnamed personal style [Martial Lineage] - North Frozen-Shield > Darren Blackthorne > Ergos Mallayud'dha > Guanhumara Mallayud'dha [Alignment] - Chaotic [Residence] - Vagabond [Occupation] - Grappler / Adventurer [Biography] One of two daughters of a Sigil native named Ergos, Gwen spent much of her life traveling through the various dimensional doors of the inter dimensional city, experiencing a multitude of possibilities and places. Ergos himself was a professional challenge fighter, a man who traveled to worlds with particularly martial focused societies and offered to fight anyone with a prize on the line. It was during one of these challenges that Ergos fought former Heaven or Hell 2012 champion Darren Blacthorne - despite Ergos' best effort he proved little match for the grappling centric style that the cyborg employed and after his defeat Ergos devoted himself to the art under the tutelage of Darren. After achieving his black belt in Gaian Jiu Jitsu Ergos decided it was time to find a good dimension to raise his two daughters. It was at this time that Ergos found Valucre and settled down in a small town about thirty miles outside of Weland, Terrenus. He began to teach grappling to his daughters, and in the process many of the other neighborhood children. Gwen was the younger daughter, two years younger then her elder sister Yseult and as the pair grew older their grappling styles began to separate; small for a Hobgoblin Gwen's style was heavily focused on newaza, resembling more the traditional style of Gaian Jiu Jitsu while Yseult and her father Ergos, large even for Hobgoblins began to diverge from newaza, focusing more and more heavily on standing grappling and dynamic throws. These differences grew more and more distinct with time, and soon Ergos and Yseult renamed their style to Mallayud'dha Grapple Arts - distinct from Gaian Jiu Jitsu the pants of the gi were abandoned leaving only the top remaining and in its development the style changed to a system focused on the takedown, with most of its newaza based around leg attacks used as either quick ends or stand ups to return to their standing grappling centric style. Gwen rapidly found herself unable to compete, with an inability to force her father and older sister to the ground Gwen soon also began to focus on standing grappling, accepting the teachings of Mallayud'dha Grapple Arts. When Yseult became of age she decided to leave home, hoping to further polish her style in life or death combat like her father had before her. Left alone and without a true training partner Gwen began to experiment with her drills and techniques, finding once more that her build and personality remained more suited to newaza. Over the next two years Gwen melded the two styles of Gaian Jiu Jitsu and Mallayud'dha Grapple Arts into a unique art, one which she has yet to name or truly perfect. Now of age Gwen has decided like her father and sister before her that it is time to venture out and test her skills in hopes of growing - but only time will tell what Valucre has in store for the young Hobgoblin.
  10. Grapple Fiend

    I'm back - until I'm not.

    Holy shit it's Vansin. I'm hella excited to plan some awesome shit I never follow through on with you.
  11. Grapple Fiend

    I'm back - until I'm not.

    I'm Fiend, yadda yadda former Gaia loser. I don't actually roleplay, I'm just here to pretend I do.
  12. Grapple Fiend

    War never changes. Or does it?

    Fuck you, Hael. Making a Clash centric RP ain't fair.
  13. Hey, Fiend. Can you send me your character's height, weight and martial discipline so that I can add him to his weight division?

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    OOC You are now your avatar

    Sorry, I'm just lazy. I notice everyone else is using first person, should I do the same?
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    Interested in Valucre's T1 combat system?

    The main difference I see between Val and Gaia isn't the prep system per say, but rather how powers are handled in general. In Val, your a 'water mage' so that means you can do stuff with water - and you leave the power intentionally vague as to allow variation. You want to create a dragon out of water and crash it into your opponent? With enough preps to control that volume of water you could do it, even if it isn't listed directly in your profile. In Gaia, your a 'water ninga' so instead of being vague, you have WATER DRAGON NO JUTSU or KAMEHAMEWATERDRAGON or whatever, and it has a set description of how much water it is, what its damage is, and how many posts it takes cast. Val is Avatar the Last Air Bender. Gaia was Naruto. A vague 'power type' vs a rigid 'move list'. Personally, I prefer move list - it makes combat more interesting if your options are limited to what you thought of before hand but that doesn't mean Val's style doesn't interest me. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong, just what I've observed.