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  1. Don't Hug My Trees

    Tia needs your help!

    I'M HERE, I'M HERE!!!! So so sorry!!!! Been working my tail off and haven't found time for anything! BUT! I'm here now Can't wait to get a-posting with you guys again! Sorry again!!!
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    1. Don't Hug My Trees

      Don't Hug My Trees


      So sorry! I've been SUPER BUSY AF and I couldn't even file an AFV! XD

      But! I'm back :biggrin: 

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  3. Don't Hug My Trees

    Rulers and Activity Needed. Free positions.

    The business of technology and alchemical/magical ingredients! Pretty much everything Outpost Grey in Biazo Isle has, plus more!!!!
  4. Don't Hug My Trees

    Rulers and Activity Needed. Free positions.

    Yeah! But don't worry, I'll bring you good business!!!
  5. Don't Hug My Trees

    Girls' Day Out!<3

    Kiki nodded with a slight grin on her face. Though the giant wasn't really one to dress in much more than what little she already had on, she sure did know how to dress those she was close to. Whether it was a natural-born gift or a product of reading too many fashion magazines, however, was still up for debate. "Hmm... sexo!" She tossed money at the cashier, bagged Kitty's old clothes, and dashed out the door, nearly dislocating Kitty's shoulder with the amount of force she exuded. Blairville was very different for Kiki, who had never ventured outside of the Shiddidark Basin before Dan and company's exploration. In fact, Kiki had never met a human until then. And to make matters worse, her temperamental attitude and enormous only furthered her detachment from Terran and Biazan society. However, it never seemed to deter her from at leats attempting to comingle with her newfound counterparts. In short: even though she was a towering giant, she was still a girl at heart. She grasped Kitty's hand tightly as they walked, but not in the usual bone-crunching way. Her happiness and jubilee seemed to diminish, and her smile quickly turned to a blank one of great insecurity. "Kitty... erhm... I... big, si?" She looked down at her friend and stopped dead in her tracks. "I know... big." She pointed at herself as she spoke, then pointed at Kitty. "You... little. Little Kitty..." She pointed back at herself. "... Big Kiki." Her eyes began to water with insecurity as she looked around frantically to make sure nobody was staring for too long. "How Kitty... erhm.. okay... small look?" She was inevitably referring to how Kitty was able to manage being so small as well as the object of many men's gazes. "Dan say, erhm... Kitty and Kiki same. Kitty small, Kiki big. Pero..." She pointed at Kitty's chest, and then hers. "... Same here. But... Kiki so big! I too little want!" She stomped on the ground like a small child, creating a small earthquake and frightening passersby. "I..." Her grip tightened to the bone-crunching death-grip once more. "... Just... amor want... but people, they... erhm... no amoremi." She was right, too. Shiddidark Giants, being so unbelievably-tall, were feared and generally-avoided by the Biazan people, no matter how sexy or beautiful or kind. In fact, it was no different wherever she or any other assimilated Giants went. And though she may put on a brave face, even Kiki's feelings of adequacy and self-worth diminished once outside of the Outpost, indicated by the universal symbol of her clutching her arm. Suddenly, a ring on Kitty's wrist communicator interrupted the somber silence. "Kitty, Kiki, good afternoon. I have a message from Dan, priority: urgent. Beginning transmission..." In a few seconds, Dan's voice was heard. "Hey ladies, it's Dan. I'm sure KANDI already said that, but I thought I'd say it too. Anyway, so..." There was quite a long pause. "... Joanna had to go away on a business trip for a while. That means I don't have a date for the upcoming party-thing they're doing over in Housing. So that means, by default, the two of you are becoming my new dates. If you don't want to be, go fuck yourself; you're doing it anyway. So go find something sexy to wear to the party-thing. Oh, and Kitty... nothing practical. You're too hot to wear practical to this. And Kiki, wear something new; I love staring at you in your clothes, but I guess this party is all about embracing new things and shit, so be a good 'maid' to me and wear something new, okay? I think I gave you two enough money to buy all of Blairville, so go nuts; I don't give a shit. Bye." The transmission cut off abruptly. A bit crude, but then again Dan was never known for tact.
  6. Don't Hug My Trees

    an introduction

    "Meh, we're not all that you make us to be, Mike..." Dan's voice seemed to trail off for a small while while as a large, 65-meter-long, four-trailer Jobolba Diesel truck, modeled after the "road trains" of Earth's Australia, roared by with a large trail of kicked-up dust and noxious diesel fumes. This particular truck's trailers were carrying large quantities of debris and rhyolite chunks from the base of the southern Okimon Bluff. "... We're fighting to exist out here. The Snacker threat is getting worse and worse, the Light Wall is eating up precious nuclear power that we struggle every day to nab more of, and many Grey-Trains like the one you just saw transport vital supplies and materials to and from the little construction outpost we have building the Trans-Basin highway... it's far from perfect." He sighed as he smiled. "But I'd be lying if I said it wasn't worth it to each and every one of us out here." As they neared the R&D Building, another Grey-Train roared past, this time in the direction of the Bluff. Its trailers were now full of large machines, spare parts, supplies, and aggregate base for the massive construction project along the outskirts of the Basin. "Sorry about the dust and the smell, you'll get used to it! Anyway, here we are!" He led Mike and Serren into the R&D Building. It was stark-white, shiny, and new; everything a research lab would look like and then some. MIIA #321, "Georgia," was at the reception desk typing up a flurry of requisition and research requests for the Grey-Trains to bring back from the construction site. Her robotic head perked up as she saw the trio. "Mr. Thompson, so lovely to see you this fine afternoon! Had I opted for the addition of a facial module, I would be smiling at your return!" Her voice sounded like that of an French woman from Earth. "I see you have guests?" Dan nodded. "Mhm, two. Mike and..." He stopped to think. "... Serren!" While he wasn't bad at remembering names, he didn't care enough to commit them to memory yet. Like the many other 'diplomats' before, they might just talk game and then leave, never to be seen again. "Top Clearance for them, please. And..." He leaned in. "... Any chance you have that, uh... module... ready yet?" "Mr. Thompson, you know that is a very delicate matter." She leaned over, 'whispering' into his ear. "It is ready... see your girlfriend downstairs." She then printed out two security clearance cards and prominently placed them on their chests. "These cards will grant you access everywhere else your ODAs will not. My name is Georgia, and I am the receptionist for the R&D Department... and... very single." She ran a finger up Michael's chest, eyeing him up and down with her optical sensors. "Do not let my mechanical body fool you, Mr. Michael... I am very much a woman. In fact, perhaps better. Come, see me in my charging alcove tonight. I will show you what functions a MIIA is capable of... performing. Had I a facial module, I would be winking at you, as human women would." "Georgia, calm yourself!" KANDI yelped from Dan's wrist communicator. "Michael is our guest; be a little less vulgar, please! Michael, please accept my apologies for Georgia... MIIA units can be a bit-" "Oh KANDI, must you be so critical of my kind?" She giggled. "Come, see me later, Mr. Michael." Dan groaned and sighed. "Don't mind Georgia, Mike. She's a promiscuous one. Opted for the pleasure package over a facial module. I'd stay away if I were you." By now, it was very apparent that these MIIA units were more than just simple machines. "You said you wanted to see what's in this building? Let's take a look." ... Hopefully the technology won't be as overwhelming as the odd greeting they had received...
  7. Don't Hug My Trees

    Rulers and Activity Needed. Free positions.

    If you have anything, I'd love to have a piece of the Cold South to make Outpost White! I know we talked about this on Discord, but just wanted to post it here as well for posterity!
  8. Don't Hug My Trees

    To Catch a Fugitive...

    MIIA-101, or "Kelly" as she was known by the denizens of Outpost Grey, sat criss-cross as she patiently sketched a Jobolba flower. Her mechanical joints moved with organic precision as she shaded and drew the most intricate of details, using her multiple vision types to recreate the very essence of the delicate flower. Once she felt satisfied, she nodded to herself as she took a brush, gently glazed her sketch with a quick-drying wax fixative, and closed her sketchbook, then placing it into a little bag that carried her drawing materials. Kelly was more than just a mere amateur artist; she was Outpost Grey's premiere sketch artist for all things botanical. If there was a plant that needed to be drawn or used as a reference for study, she was able to whip out just about anything if you gave her a description. However, she wasn't the best with faces. Though her ocular sensors were more than keen for every detail they could find, she just never found herself taking a liking to portraiture. Maybe it was the nature of her work; perhaps it was simply a difference in opinion, as any person would have. Nevertheless, the reasons were irrelevant to her and never really required much RAM to process. Slung over her back was a huge assault backpack, containing spare ammunition, a repair kit for stabilizing acute physical trauma, and a container with her modular M4A1 carbine, designed to be split into three pieces, suppressed barrel included, when in transit. For Kelly, it was just easier that way; its only downside was that its container took up about half the space of her assault pack. But in the end, she didn't mind. "My, my," she sighed as she stared at the large cliffs of the Okimon Bluff in the distance. "What a lovely day... wind is at a steady breeze, the humidity isn't that bad... lovely. Just lovely. I wish I had more time to enjoy it..." Her voice was husky and soothing, with a South Carolina accent from Earth. "I wonder where this 'Vash' character is... hmm." Without a worry in the world, she gazed further at the delightful Okimon Bluff and its large shadows cast down into the Shiddidark Basin. "'Vash'... sounds strong. Perhaps... no, no, it would be mighty-awful of me to ask to a stranger." She began to hum a nameless tune, which she would be smiling to if she had a face to do so.
  9. Don't Hug My Trees

    [TW:II] waking dream

    MIIA-131, known by her cohorts and others from Outpost Grey as "January" or "Jan," calmly navigated through the crowd of people. As a Combat Nurse knowledgeable on nearly all things medical, she could tell that the humanoids stuffing themselves with an inhuman-amount of organic dessert were going to be feeling quite the stomach pains the next day. However, the "Combat" part of her title also kicked in, warning her to never judge a book by its cover, no matter how odd... or, in this case, voracious. At any rate, her wandering around Valucre whilst on vacation continued. Her ocular sensors scanned this way and that as she maneuvered and meandered, scanning and analyzing every new object and face along the way; at points, she would stop and pick them up, give them a feel and a detailed study, and then put them exactly where they were before, to the dismay of the shopkeepers. She finally reached a stall selling incense and perfumes, to which she picked up and analyzed the scent she so adored: rosewater. Never before had her olfactory sensors, specially-built for her by R&D after a heated argument, smelled anything so lovely. For her, she lived through the smells of things: what was in it, organic or inorganic, analogous or complimentary scents... it was all lovely to her. And because she loved it so much, she was more than happy to pay for it. She directed her visor-covered ocular sensors at the shopkeeper. "How much, sir?" Her voice was, like all MIIAs, that of a woman's; but her accent was that of a British woman from Earth. The shopkeeper was mortified. "D-d-demon...! Just... take it...! Take it and leave me alone!" He cowered under his stall. "Hmm... alright. Thank you. Right-o, then." She picked up the scent and put it into her rucksack. "WE'RE HERE TO CATCH THE BAD GUY!" Her auditory sensors made her head perk up as she heard the boisterous noise of two masked men, both standing before an armed woman on the latter half of the stage shared with the pie-eating buffoons. With curiosity, she made her way to the stage and analyzed the goings-on, particularly fixated on the red document. With a quick scan and a relatively-quick comprehension, she came to her conclusion and nodded as she raised her hand. "I wish to volunteer my services as a Combat Nurse, madam. Is there anything you wish from me before our party embarks?
  10. Don't Hug My Trees

    Tia needs your help!

    I'll take... hmm... T1? Not really familiar with how the system works in its entirety, but I'm not a very lucky guy in terms of statistics... So I choose T1!
  11. Don't Hug My Trees

    Girls' Day Out!<3

    "E-eh...?!" The shopkeeper donned an aghast look and only took a small bill from Kiki's giant wad before tossing it back to her. "H-here you g-g-g-go, madame... have a n-nice day...!" He was now sweating profusely, with fear of pissing off both Kitty and Kiki. Kiki was oblivious as ever as she blinked like a ditz. "Erhm... thank!" She slipped the beautiful silver ring onto her finger and stared at with sparkles in her eyes. "Kitty! Look!" She put her hand right in the poor TACSEC Director's face. "Shines!" Her face was even more jubilant than before, but now her eyes were fixated on Kitty's simple attire. "Hmm... simple Kitty. No simple. Better need. Come!" With an abruptness like no other, the 8'3" Giant-girl slung poor Kitty over her shoulder with no effort. "Come! Clothes Kitty for! Buy you!" She dashed out the door and into the bustling streets as she meandered this way and that, with total disregard for Kitty's ability to walk herself. "Hmm... ah!" With mini-earthquakes in her step, Kiki dashed to a store... filled with lingerie. "Hmm... Kiki need... clotho sexo, erhm... sexy... thing?" Though her Terran was awful, it was obvious she was talking about lingerie and clothes that would fit her figure. Even though she wasn't one to give fashion advice and outfit people, Kiki loved to get people into attire that suited them. In fact, much to his chagrin, she changed Dan's drab, grimy, old, practical wardrobe into one of great color and vibrance. Because of her, he had a closet full of bright, neon-colored shirts and a dozen pairs of fitted slacks and shorts. In the end, it made Dan at least seem a little nicer than he really was. The Giant wasn't slow to begin picking things out. "Hmm... ah! Este, este, este, yi estse!" She grabbed an army-green, form-fitting, belly-revealing tanktop; a pair of black short-shorts that hugged her curves; a pair of knee-high black combat boots; and a pair of thigh-high, army-green socks; she then tossed Kiki into a dressing room. "Try! Show me look!" If not already blatantly apparent, it was now in the open that Kiki wouldn't take "no" for an answer from Kitty. "Amihi care! Try!" (OOC: don't worry about it!<3)
  12. Don't Hug My Trees

    Look here......

    I just finished lurking through the bowels of Val and am now gonna do my studying before I fall prey to the Lazis Procrastinaris disease! XD Hopefully you and I can make some posts together real soon!
  13. Don't Hug My Trees

    Tia needs your help!

    I'm interested! I'll volunteer a MIIA unit for this assignment! Hopefully she'll come back in one piece (albeit a bit... scuffed. XD)!
  14. Don't Hug My Trees


    Trust me dude, the Cold South is a perfect place; creating a new continent on Val would be like trying to add a new Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. So, rather than adding an additional continent, why not an individual nation? Hope this all works out for you! And expect a PM tonight about working with Outpost Grey!