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  1. MIIA-101, or "Kelly" as she was known by the denizens of Outpost Grey, sat criss-cross as she patiently sketched a Jobolba flower. Her mechanical joints moved with organic precision as she shaded and drew the most intricate of details, using her multiple vision types to recreate the very essence of the delicate flower. Once she felt satisfied, she nodded to herself as she took a brush, gently glazed her sketch with a quick-drying wax fixative, and closed her sketchbook, then placing it into a little bag that carried her drawing materials. Kelly was more than just a mere amateur artist; she was Outpost Grey's premiere sketch artist for all things botanical. If there was a plant that needed to be drawn or used as a reference for study, she was able to whip out just about anything if you gave her a description. However, she wasn't the best with faces. Though her ocular sensors were more than keen for every detail they could find, she just never found herself taking a liking to portraiture. Maybe it was the nature of her work; perhaps it was simply a difference in opinion, as any person would have. Nevertheless, the reasons were irrelevant to her and never really required much RAM to process. Slung over her back was a huge assault backpack, containing spare ammunition, a repair kit for stabilizing acute physical trauma, and a container with her modular M4A1 carbine, designed to be split into three pieces, suppressed barrel included, when in transit. For Kelly, it was just easier that way; its only downside was that its container took up about half the space of her assault pack. But in the end, she didn't mind. "My, my," she sighed as she stared at the large cliffs of the Okimon Bluff in the distance. "What a lovely day... wind is at a steady breeze, the humidity isn't that bad... lovely. Just lovely. I wish I had more time to enjoy it..." Her voice was husky and soothing, with a South Carolina accent from Earth. "I wonder where this 'Vash' character is... hmm." Without a worry in the world, she gazed further at the delightful Okimon Bluff and its large shadows cast down into the Shiddidark Basin. "'Vash'... sounds strong. Perhaps... no, no, it would be mighty-awful of me to ask to a stranger." She began to hum a nameless tune, which she would be smiling to if she had a face to do so.
  2. MIIA-131, known by her cohorts and others from Outpost Grey as "January" or "Jan," calmly navigated through the crowd of people. As a Combat Nurse knowledgeable on nearly all things medical, she could tell that the humanoids stuffing themselves with an inhuman-amount of organic dessert were going to be feeling quite the stomach pains the next day. However, the "Combat" part of her title also kicked in, warning her to never judge a book by its cover, no matter how odd... or, in this case, voracious. At any rate, her wandering around Valucre whilst on vacation continued. Her ocular sensors scanned this way and that as she maneuvered and meandered, scanning and analyzing every new object and face along the way; at points, she would stop and pick them up, give them a feel and a detailed study, and then put them exactly where they were before, to the dismay of the shopkeepers. She finally reached a stall selling incense and perfumes, to which she picked up and analyzed the scent she so adored: rosewater. Never before had her olfactory sensors, specially-built for her by R&D after a heated argument, smelled anything so lovely. For her, she lived through the smells of things: what was in it, organic or inorganic, analogous or complimentary scents... it was all lovely to her. And because she loved it so much, she was more than happy to pay for it. She directed her visor-covered ocular sensors at the shopkeeper. "How much, sir?" Her voice was, like all MIIAs, that of a woman's; but her accent was that of a British woman from Earth. The shopkeeper was mortified. "D-d-demon...! Just... take it...! Take it and leave me alone!" He cowered under his stall. "Hmm... alright. Thank you. Right-o, then." She picked up the scent and put it into her rucksack. "WE'RE HERE TO CATCH THE BAD GUY!" Her auditory sensors made her head perk up as she heard the boisterous noise of two masked men, both standing before an armed woman on the latter half of the stage shared with the pie-eating buffoons. With curiosity, she made her way to the stage and analyzed the goings-on, particularly fixated on the red document. With a quick scan and a relatively-quick comprehension, she came to her conclusion and nodded as she raised her hand. "I wish to volunteer my services as a Combat Nurse, madam. Is there anything you wish from me before our party embarks?
  3. I'll take... hmm... T1? Not really familiar with how the system works in its entirety, but I'm not a very lucky guy in terms of statistics... So I choose T1!
  4. "E-eh...?!" The shopkeeper donned an aghast look and only took a small bill from Kiki's giant wad before tossing it back to her. "H-here you g-g-g-go, madame... have a n-nice day...!" He was now sweating profusely, with fear of pissing off both Kitty and Kiki. Kiki was oblivious as ever as she blinked like a ditz. "Erhm... thank!" She slipped the beautiful silver ring onto her finger and stared at with sparkles in her eyes. "Kitty! Look!" She put her hand right in the poor TACSEC Director's face. "Shines!" Her face was even more jubilant than before, but now her eyes were fixated on Kitty's simple attire. "Hmm... simple Kitty. No simple. Better need. Come!" With an abruptness like no other, the 8'3" Giant-girl slung poor Kitty over her shoulder with no effort. "Come! Clothes Kitty for! Buy you!" She dashed out the door and into the bustling streets as she meandered this way and that, with total disregard for Kitty's ability to walk herself. "Hmm... ah!" With mini-earthquakes in her step, Kiki dashed to a store... filled with lingerie. "Hmm... Kiki need... clotho sexo, erhm... sexy... thing?" Though her Terran was awful, it was obvious she was talking about lingerie and clothes that would fit her figure. Even though she wasn't one to give fashion advice and outfit people, Kiki loved to get people into attire that suited them. In fact, much to his chagrin, she changed Dan's drab, grimy, old, practical wardrobe into one of great color and vibrance. Because of her, he had a closet full of bright, neon-colored shirts and a dozen pairs of fitted slacks and shorts. In the end, it made Dan at least seem a little nicer than he really was. The Giant wasn't slow to begin picking things out. "Hmm... ah! Este, este, este, yi estse!" She grabbed an army-green, form-fitting, belly-revealing tanktop; a pair of black short-shorts that hugged her curves; a pair of knee-high black combat boots; and a pair of thigh-high, army-green socks; she then tossed Kiki into a dressing room. "Try! Show me look!" If not already blatantly apparent, it was now in the open that Kiki wouldn't take "no" for an answer from Kitty. "Amihi care! Try!" (OOC: don't worry about it!<3)
  5. I just finished lurking through the bowels of Val and am now gonna do my studying before I fall prey to the Lazis Procrastinaris disease! XD Hopefully you and I can make some posts together real soon!
  6. I'm interested! I'll volunteer a MIIA unit for this assignment! Hopefully she'll come back in one piece (albeit a bit... scuffed. XD)!
  7. Trust me dude, the Cold South is a perfect place; creating a new continent on Val would be like trying to add a new Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. So, rather than adding an additional continent, why not an individual nation? Hope this all works out for you! And expect a PM tonight about working with Outpost Grey!
  8. Dude! I love this idea! Creating Outpost White in the Cold South region of Genesaris, so this would be AWESOME to have a trade/protection deal with! @The Hummingbirdwhat do you think? Will it fit the Cold South? Btw I'm working on a sheet for Outpost White, I'll post it on Cold South and let you know when its all set!
  9. PERSONAL SHTUFFS/BASICS: - NAME: MIIA (Maintained Informational Index Assistant), Unit(s) #1-400 - GIVEN NAME: varies by unit - AGE: irrelevant - HEIGHT: 5'9"-7'0" (depending on modifications/chosen specializations) - WEIGHT: 400-1,000lbs (depending on modifications/chosen specializations) - OPTIC SENSORS: colorless, covered by a special UV-coated plate - COLORS: come out of the R&D department in stock-white. Some chose to stay that way, while others chose different paint schemes to suit their personal tastes or chosen jobs (see picture for a reference) - RACE: Artificial Humanoid - PROFESSION(S): varied by personal tastes and preferences - DEMEANOR: since the MIIA is sentient, each and every MIIA unit's personality and demeanor varies. THE QUIPPS (EQUIPMENT): - QUANTUM BRAIN: a brain that was designed at the quantum-level, which replicates the human brain down to the last synapse. However, thanks to its quantum core, each MIIA is theoretically-capable of learning everything they could possibly desire. However, in practice, MIIAs choose not to do this and instead choose to seek their own destinies. - OPTIC PROCESSING UNIT: an optical unit designed to see in color, negative, heat, and night vision, and designed off of the human eye. The MIIA's Quantum Brain processes these images as a human would, though the process is a bit more complicated given the multiple variations of vision they see at the same time. - LIGHT ARMOR PLATING: stock MIIA units come equipped with a durable carbon-fiber polymer shell, polished and then treated with a heat-resistant coating made of Jobolba Acid Extract. However, some MIIAs choose to be modified by the various Departments, or by their own designs, to better-suit their work environment and their own personal needs. - HANDS: 5-digit tools, complete with thumbs, that allow each MIIA unit to accomplish a wide variety of tasks, both mundane and complex. Even though this may seem mundane, hands are what helped humans build civilization. Now, they are in the MIIAs' capable hands... no pun intended - INTERNAL COMMUNICATOR: a communicator that is built-in. Though they never have to use it, many choose to in order to maintain contact with each other, human friends or coworkers, Dan, the R&D Department... pretty much anyone they befriend or find kinship in. Thanks to their Quantum Brains, they can access this communicator at will and transmit their thoughts without speaking a word. - HYDRAULIC MUSCULATURE: the muscular system of a basic MIIA, which mimics (but does not exactly replicate) that of a human. Their strength is limited to a half-ton (1,000lbs), but only after heavy conditioning. All MIIAs are aware of this, so those who choose to do so are modified to lift heavier loads or boost their agility, depending on their chosen occupation or specialization. - BIPEDAL LEGS/FEET: just like humans, MIIAs are bipedal. Their legs contain hydraulic musculature just like their arms, and are capable of tearing as well under severe stress. All MIIAs are capable of pushing themselves beyond normal physical limits, but choose not to do so as the risk of damage becomes greater as their physical output increases. At full speed (300%), they are capable of sprinting at speeds of 30 miles per hour. However, they usually clock in at about 10mph - the usual limit of the average human. BACKSTORY: The invention of the Quantum Brain sparked a revolution in Outpost Grey: the A.I. Renaissance. With this great advancement came the first sentient, artificial humanoid: the Maintained Informational Index Assistant, known affectionately as MIIA. Due to the immense power consumption of the quantum computer that crafted each and every Quantum Brain, only 400 were built before production was ceased to avoid power failure. Since then, MIIAs have become a well-known, well-respected race in Outpost Grey. They think, act, and speak freely, and rarely ever try to assert dominance over their human and Giant brothers and sisters, which prompted KANDI to note that they were the "first sentient artificial species to successfully co-habit the same plane of existence as organic species." As of now, no units have ever failed. However, their limits are being tested each and every day by accident; most of them need to visit R&D for repairs to their bodies, which is becoming increasingly-difficult due to the modifications they're receiving from various Departments and third-party vendors.
  10. "I come!" Kiki smiled jubilantly and took Kitty's hand. She quickly and practically dislocated the poor TACSEC Director's shoulder as she dashed outside and caused a mini-earthquake. She then stood, perplexed at the flurry of people and things, and thought hard. Seconds turned to hours, and hours turned to days within her head as she sought to quickly come up with an idea for a store they could visit. "I... like to buy Shokti, erhm... shines?" She meant jewelry, but her shoddily-pieced-together Terran made her statement enigmatic and vague. She knew that, but unfortunately language barriers are tougher than most other things. Suddenly, the sparkle of a diamond in the window of a jewelry shop caught her attention and, eyes wide as a raccoon's, dashed into the store with Kitty in tow. "Kitty, shines! Want!" The shopkeeper and his associates, however, weren't as joyful to see the odd duo. "May I help you? Please?" Kiki nodded happily and pointed at the silver ring on the window display. "Shines! I want! Money have shines for! Cuantos?" Her smile was unwavering. "Hmmmmm..." The shopkeeper typed some stuff up on his register. "That, there, is 100% pure silver... plus Import Tariffs, Fees... oh, you wouldn't possibly understand-" "Entienti! Understand me!" She pointed at her self and nodded with a smile. "Cuantos part el shokti?" "Hmm... everything included... this." He pointed at the register's total: an absurd amount of money for silver, let alone anything. It was clear that he was trying to screw her. "Oh!" She dug into her little pockets and pulled out a wad of bills. "This pay!" She slammed it onto the counter, to the astonishment of the shopkeeper and his staff. "Give shine!" Of course, Dan gave her an absurd amount of money just in case this happened, as she never asked questions about these sorts of things. But he also made sure to give Kitty the O.G. Expenditure Card just in case, as well as a stupid amount of cash for dealing with Kiki for the day... in the end, bad or not, whatever pleases the Giant-girl is whatever she gets. Come to think of it, both the girls were a bit spoiled by Dan's seeming-generosity. ... At the last analysis, however, he's just so cheap that he never spends any of his earnings.
  11. Hooray! Val-Senpai is back!!! I'm stoked to see that the issue is resolved, and I'm looking forward to getting back on here and getting O.G. to its highest potential yet! (might even try to open branches in Genny and Telus!) Anyway, thank you for the transparency as usual and I'm so happy everything is back online! thank you for all your hard work in getting it back online, everyone!
  12. Piper looked up-and-down at the two oddballs, analyzing them, as she keyed her ancient-looking (but very-advanced) backpack-radio. "Boss, this is Piper. Our guests are here. One wacko with a bum eye and..." She glared in absolute disgust at Serren. "... One walking pile of manure." "Don't listen to her guys," Scout chimed kindly as he removed his helmet. One of his eyes was very bright, if not glowing, red, while the other was a gently blue. He was bald, but his well-defined features made him look fairly-decent despite the lack of hair. "Piper's a nice-enough lady; she's just a bit... how do I say this without being a dick... err..." He shrugged. "Racist." He looked down to the Basin below and laughed to himself slightly. "To be honest, most of us here hate Terrans despite the fact that most of us here are, in fact, Terrans." He fixed his helmet back onto his head and rolled his neck around to stretch and let out some kinks. "Come to think of it, I honestly don't think anybody isn't at least a little racist." He turned back to face the odd duo that stood at the freight elevator. "But down below, nobody's Terran anymore. Not even you guys. We're all... hmm..." "Greys," Xander replied quickly. "We're known collectively as the 'Greys.'" "Ah, yes. 'Greys.' So, that being said, you're both 'Greys' as soon as you're on this elevator." He smiled beneath his helmet; it was a breath of fresh air to see two... odd-but-receptive people... that seemed kind enough. Piper, however, wasn't having any of it. "Are you done with your bullshit, Scout?" She walked up to Micheal, glaring up at him and pressing her (small and flat) chest against him in a threatening manner. "I'm in charge here, got it? And you..." She walked to Serren, staring at the dead earth beneath her feet. "I won't hesitate to kill you again and again if I have to. So stay the fuck out of trouble, got it?" She stomped back to the elevator, beckoning for them to climb aboard. "Get on. Now." As soon as everyone was situated and ready to go, Tiny smashed the button for them to go down the cliffs to the Basin below. "Well!" Chirped Smiley, whose mask was eerily-reminiscent of a psychopathic monster, galumphed over to the duo, with a particular interest in Serren. "You know, you're the most interesting group of people that's ever stepped foot on this elevator. Wanna see my new Jobolba gas grenade-" "SMILEY!" Piper shouted. "Sorry, Piper..." Smiley slouched and sat on a large box of ammunition. Xander, bored, removed his helmet. His head was bald as well, but his face looked more like that of a rat's. His large spectacles made his eyes look more like monstrous projections rather than ocular devices. "So our tech may seem a little primitive, but it's built like that for a reason. See, the atmosphere of the Shiddidark Basin is hot, humid, and slightly-acidic by nature. It can corrode, rust, and ruin the basic stuff you and your people might consider 'hardy.' Cool, huh?" "... That's the most he's said all day," Tiny said from the corner. "He must really like you. Either that, or he's finally found a receptive audience." He glared at Serren beneath his helmet. "... At least amongst the living." When they finally reached the bottom, Dan was waiting for them with a big smile. "Piper, Tiny, Xander, Scout... Smiley? Where are you, you weirdo?" "Here, sir!" Smiley waved jubilantly from the back of the Freight Elevator. "Good." He looked at Piper. "I assume you have our guests?" "Yes, Boss. We have all one... and a zombie." Her tone was soft and obedient, yet it was clear that there was a bit of animosity towards Serren. "Awesome!" He went over to each of his new guests and shook their hands. "Nice to meet you both. I'm Dan, and I run Outpost Grey along with my fellow Directors. We've set up some rooms for you two; I hope the trip wasn't too bad. Also..." He handed each of them a wrist-communicator. "These will be your lifeline here during your stay. I've given both of you simple ODAs (Outpost Directory Assistants) to work with. They're pretty easy-to-use, but their programming is limited to the Outpost only. If you need an escort outside the Light Wall, let Piper know and she'll walk you around." "Hello, I am the Kinetically-Assisted Navigation and Denotating Instrument," KANDI chimed in her warm, silky voice. "But you can call me KANDI. Everybody does, even my baby-boy." Team 13 all shared a collective "oooooooh" from behind them. "And the next 'ooh' will be met with RAD disabling their A/C units for the day." There was now a collective "awwww." "Anyway, my database is connected with the rest of the A.I. units in the Outpost. So, if there's anything you need and ODA can't answer it for you, feel free to contact and consult with me." Dan, who wasn't even listening, started walking, beckoning for his guests to follow. The Outpost was a flurry of activity, from Grinders welding and soldering things to Operators shooting stun-rounds at naked people high on fungus to Shiddidark Giants, some around 10 feet tall or higher, standing around in their native garb chatting with some of O.G.'s many citizens. "As you guys can see, we're a bit of a nutty little place. Some people call this home; others call it work. But there's one thing that keeps us together..." He pointed at the R&D Building, located just a couple-hundred feet away from the Generator Building. "... That, my friends, is what I built this place for. Some of the gnarliest shit you've ever seen comes from that building. I'll be happy to show you around, but let's get you guys situated first." It was the start of a clearly-beneficial relationship... ... Well, maybe. We'll just have to see.
  13. @Song Sprite Can I use my giant robot in the thread? I mean, he's a giant massive-retaliation machine, but his cold, sentient A.I. could prove useful and offer a kinda silly sort of dry humor!
  14. Any room for a giant robot? I'm itching to send Herschel out on a job!!!! Just lemme know, because I think it'd be kinda funny to have a giant, sentient A.I. 'bot interjecting with his cold, egotistical logic! HA!
  15. Kiki, holding her shopping bags, stared in a startled confusing at Kitty's sudden change-of-attitude. "You... socks like?" Her blue eyes widened and sparkled as her new friend suddenly showed a new flurry of emotions. She ran over to Kitty, making the entire store tremor with every footstep, and looked over her shoulder. "Hmm..." She pointed at the dog. "Perroa." She then pointed at the cat. "Gattoa." Finally, she pointed at the bacon. "Poche da piglettki!" She smiled jubilantly and kissed her cheek with a giggle. "Kitty socks like! Linda Kitty!" She messed up poort Kitty's hair as if she was a small puppy. "Ah, stay!" She ran over and found some more pairs of socks. One was in the pattern of an olde-time box of popcorn, another was in a textured polka-dot pattern, and another was reminiscent of tattoo art. "Maizdikpopplat, poki-dot, yi tautau!" She pushed the socks into Kitty's hands with an even bigger smile. "Buy! Buy! BUY!" Though Kiki's Terran was piss-poor, her broken attempts at speaking often meant well and were generally understood to the average person. For someone as smart as her new friend Kitty and the rest of the educated folk, it was most likely reminiscent of a child. The only difference for her was that this was an 8'3 woman-child who, rather than simply questioning things, also beat the living shit out of anyone or anything that did anything she didn't like. But hey, friends are friends. And even though these two fundamentally-different women showed little in common, perhaps this day of shopping, fun, and madness could make the impossible possible... ... Perhaps.