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  1. Tavern of Legend Season 3

    Tsidia blinked at the sudden invitation. After brief consideration, the ness slithered her way to Carol. "Is it really that simple to you?", she snorted. Well, it wasn't like the dragoness had anything better to do anyway. "Count me in", she chirped and nuzzled between Carol's legs. Soon, she was wrapped around him like a cat. Only the tip of her tail was sticking out.
  2. Tavern of Legend Season 3

    "Dragon blood?" Tsidia felt her own fluids heat up as she listened to the fellas at a nearby table. Was there some sort of hunt going on? Is that where all this destruction came from? Before she knew it, Tsidia succumbed to her paranoia. Several long moments would pass before she rolled over to pouncing position. Her claws were hanging above the ground. Her pose shifted to ambiguous one, but not alarming just yet. A wave of warmth rushed over her body. Her patterned wings folded. The dragoness kicked herself off. Her body collapsed on the ground like a spring. Her muscles tensed up, breath froze, then... the leap With a feline grace, the ness landed on her front paws. Seconds before her claws would lock on her prey, the dragoness pulled her form back and straightened herself. They were talking about... a drink? Tsidia started to feel her cheeks blushing deep purple with crimson lines. Her breath speed up, as she felt the gaze of everyone in the tavern lock on her. Somehow, the ness didn't seem to mind. In a way known only to her, she enjoyed this humiliation. By the time she opened her maw to speak, the two strangers already drifted to a different topic. "S-sorry", Tsidia purred out in a shy tone. "I misheard you talking and I... grrrr", the ness shook her snout, fighting her submissive, sorry urges and maintain her playful pose. "I felt threatened at the mention of dragon's blood." The ness didn't see anything wrong with settling her form down on their table. "You can call me Tsidia~"
  3. Tavern of Legend Season 3

    Tsidia decided to come out of her usual place when the aftershock of death and destruction reached far enough to affect her. The second she showed up in the open, all her muscles tensed up with a terrifying glare. “What… happened?”, she wondered. Feeling like a hatchling, the dragoness lowered her tail and stepped forward. The deeper she went, the more it was getting to her – some kind of disaster smacked against her area. If she happened to find the one responsible for this, she wouldn’t be any caring or kind. Tsidia walked with her snout pressed to the ground. She instinctively avoided the smoke. Wouldn't want to stain the pinks and purples dancing along her scales. After following the densest scent trail in the area, she found herself at the door. On closer inspection, it looked like a tavern. A bar in the middle of nowhere. ‘Priorities’, she said to herself and giggled. Without hesitation, the ness pushed her claws on the door, did her best to not cut through it as they swung open. After taking a quick look-around, the ness settled her enormous tail on a free table and the rest of her form next to it. After all, it was good to see a spark of hope in a place like this. After staring at the playing bands, she got infected with their artistic expression. Being in the clear, she drew her snout over the bar. She scanned for anything worth her attention.
  4. *does a flip to gain attention*

    Thanks for the lightning-fast welcome! I'll sneak around and read all info before getting to rp
  5. *does a flip to gain attention*

    Hi everyone! I'm Tsidia. I created an account here back when I was an edgy teenager. I created two god-awful posts and left for the lack of attention. Now, I have changed and I'm willing to return. I believe that we can reach so far and do so much if we try. This is what I want to do. Try
  6. Dragon for hire

    Finally - Tsidia sighed, as she appeared in front of a rather modern looking place. Turning around, she quickly found a sign reading "LaPlace Square". At a glance she could tell, that it's a place for adventurers and treasure hunters. Trying to draw as little attention as young dragon could she found herself in a tavern. Judging by her monetary state, she wouldn't reject any offer. Tsidia lowered her head, as her eyes turned dark blue. She could feel life, and rapid thoughts all around her. Trying to find their sources she sneaked into as many as she could, and left them a message. "Dragon for hire. Takes any payment" She turned around, and smiled waiting for reactions.
  7. Tsidia, the mind player

    Personality and the Basics Name: Tsidia Gender: Female Type: Something between a feline, serpent and a western dragon Species: Changed and engineered to a point defying classification Age: Adult, details unknown Date of Birth: Celebrates on 18th may Personality: Tsidia is half-wild. Her instincts decide what she wants in every situation. It is up to her conscious mind on how to go and get it. She has a specific smile. It's a threat to predators. An offer of help to weaklings. An invitation to play for friends and her many lovers. When Tsidia is comfortable she keeps her tail half-raised. Not straight up exposing, but enough to catch a glimpse. Tsidia has a long, serpentine tongue. She brushes it over everything and everyone in reach. She loves marking with her scent, feeling it in everything. As such, every object she possesses is either waterproof or broken. It is normal for her to give tongue-baths everyone she talks with at the moment. Tsidia keeps her neck low when she is in danger and only exposes it as a sign of very strong trust towards someone. Licking or touching it is reserved for most trust-worthy and her mates. Her mood swings are unbearable. She can go from "I want to kill you literally" to "please have my hatchlings" in a minute or less. Tsidia is a very open dragon. She's never afraid of strangers. Sees nothing wrong with walking up and starting to cuddle with someone she has never seen before. her favourite technique of meeting is sitting down and staring into stranger's eyes. If they react well she raises her head, asking for pets and later snuggling. Otherwise, she runs away. Despite her looks, Tsidia wouldn't hurt a fly unless her family and friends are on the line. It gets tricky since everyone she comes across becomes either her friend or an enemy. Her attention span is very short unless it's related to her beauty or mating rituals. The ness gets bored quickly and stays away from physical work. That is not a problem since most dragons tend to fight for being at her service. In exchange, she offers her thankfulness, often in physical form. The dragoness is very tactile and cuddly. Combine that with absolute open personality and lack of fear towards strangers. Now you have a cat who is a queen of her (and many other's) worlds! Hobbies: - Playing with others - Hunting - Sleeping - Water, open air, moving at high speeds - Intensive, adrenaline-inducing, dangerous acrivites of any kind Likes: - art - meeting up - helping others - small friendly gestures - being centre of attention Dislikes: - lies - manipulation - hurting innocent Fears: - death - isolation - currently fighting claustrophobia - loosing those close to her Origin, Culture, and Family Place of Origin: Other, similar timeline (explained in rp) Tribe: Stormcaller Position: Scholar Language: Universal Home: A small cave inside a mountain on Layran Parents: Unknown Siblings: N/A Relatives: N/A Mate: In many open relationships Offspring: N/A History: Revealed in rp Physical Appearance and Accessories Height: 10 feet Length: 42 feet with tail Wingspan: 20 feet Scale/Fur/Feathers: purple and pink with patterns (see overall appearence) Eyes: Tsidia's eyes seem dark purple from afar, but up close they are light pink. A light aura surrounds them at all times, which handles the deep tone. Accessories: N/A Armor: Hates any form of it Horns/Spikes: Two stripped horns facing opposite to the face. Look lean and royal Overall Appearance: Tsidia's long tail gives an illusion of a serpent body during slithering. Yet when she jumps back to her feet many feline lines emerge. She never closes her wings, leaving them half-open on the ground. Simple patterns on her membranes are cast into her shadow. It is easy to see different shades of pink and purple, dancing together across her body.Two striped horns adore the top of her head, facing opposite to her snout. Tsidia's eyes seem dark purple from afar, but up close they are collapsing into light pink. An aura surrounds them, which handles the deep tone. Tsidia's claws are sharp like scalpels, a contrast to her teeth, suited for other tasks. Her every move cancels each other out, like a cat stalking its prey. Moving down, her posture becomes something between a feline and serpent, ending in a long tail. Said tail is the main feature of her body. It's two-toned with darker scales on the upper side and lighter under that. There are three spots. They are whiter than the rest of her tail, are rather close to each other and very soft in touch. At the base, it's very thick and slow. She uses that part to stabilise her position, get a strong grip on someone or use it as a pillow. It's an object she can lean against. Her scales are soft, but more so on the tail. It's the foundation, everything is structured on. That part slowly gets thinner, allowing a wider range of movements. Her scales also get softer as her tail gets thinner, encouraging to brush or stroke from thick to thin. Not in reverse! After getting halfway the midsection begins. From that point, the thickness almost doesn't change until the tip. This is her main base of operations. She can use this part to do anything. disarm dragons, lift herself up and hang down from objects, dance, cast spells, -redacted-. Anything! It waves to the sides when she is happy and wiggles around when she focuses. She's so used to it she does most tasks subconscious, making it seem to have a mind of its own. Tsidia has a long, serpentine tongue and razor-sharp claws. Her scent is very specific too. It's sharp but gets sweet with exposure. The smell carries animal traits, mainly of a cat, snake and an eagle. All are coated with the strong fragrance of a dragoness in heat, even when she's not in one. It also has a fruity afterglow. Males seem to like it a lot. Her scent is dominating, overpowering. The dragoness giggled many times, seeing alphas blushing hard when they couldn't smell their own scent through a layer of Tsidia's saliva. It's very persistent too. Abilities and Strengths Abilities: Stringmasters Smoke: Breaths out dense, black gas in a cone radius. Anyone affected by it enters half-conscious state, that opens up loop-holes in victims thought process. Triggers additional side effects dependent on victims mental resistance. (for example hallucinations). Blockable by a spell shield. Gas travels very slowly and can be easily dodged. It's Tsidias backup plan. Depending on the wind it can travel from 10 feet, up to 30. Riftwalker: Tsidia can step into the void to teleport. Teleportation has two phases. Charge and discharge. During charge, her body gets covered entirely in a dense, purple substance. In this state, she begins to rapidly lose energy. She has to suffer complete immobilization, vulnerable to any attack until she waited time that would have taken her to naturally get to her destination (If she could fly from A to B in 10 seconds, then to teleport from A to B she would have to stay in the charge state for 10 seconds.) After that time discharge happens and the substance (along with her body) are disintegrated and appear at the destination point. The void surrounding her body evaporates in about a second. During that second she restores her movement. The total amount of energy lost is equal to the amount of energy needed to get to the destination point naturally, the quicker the charge time the more energy is required. Riftwalker cannot be used to move through locations Tsidia couldn't cross naturally. If Tsidia takes damage during charge she will be teleported instantly to a point where she would have been after charge time that already passed, however, she will suffer the energy cost of getting to the destination. During long-range shots, this is extremely dangerous and can easily be fatal. In dire situations, Tsidia will have problems with staying focused on charging for more than 3 posts. She can jump few steps with a fraction of a second charge and without a major impact on energy levels. Strengths: - Very fast and slippery, possessing quick reaction time Weaknesses: - Fragile - Trusts easily - Overestimates her skills - Frequent manual actions dimmed out survival instincts leaving her vulnerable to surprise attacks - Has very weak spots (wings, tail spots) Fighting Style: Prefers aerial combat. She will use all of her resources, hitting against enemies with her body and her mind, using all her limbs and tail to deal damage, teleporting all around and hitting from all sides. First few minutes of battle are true nightmare, but after that Tsidia will have no more power to go on. She will become slow and exhausted, easy to hit and take down. Magic: Even though Tsidia doesn't possess any magical energy herself she's very good at manipulating and changing cast spells and abilities around her. However, interacting with magic to change it requires external connection (ex. Harry's strings)