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  1. Tavern of Legend: Season 2

    As I tried not toblushed profusely I spoke "Yeah I wouldnt mind its basically simple sewing and what not but er yeah I wouldnt mind"I said confidently as I watched her stare at the ceiling to see her turn red at Ignatius. As I shooed Ignatius away I brought up a previous topic "I havent seen much action of late and the only adventurous place around here is the sparring area so once I've finished with your clothes perhaps we could go somewhere and do something? "I said excitedly
  2. Tavern of Legend: Season 2

    OOC: its ok I'm kinda sick aswell :p get better A she flashed hima grin and kindly declined his offer to spend money on her I replied" Money is no concern of mine however I could repair your clothes manually or magically"I offered as I gazed at the cat and suddenly "What are you lovebirds up to"came the screeching voice of Ignatius "Wait wha"I spluttered " I thought I sent you off in turn I would give you a drink as a reward!" "Yeah but he gave me his drink and told me to annoy you" Ignatius cackled "So hows the romance?" To which I replied "What the… theres nothing happening and you know that"I said annoyed lookng at Nykka's face for any signs of reaction "Yup your right.She has standards!" it chuckled In which I said slowly "Yes your right and thats why nothing is happening nor would I try anything." I said solemnly head held high. @essos_exoss
  3. Tavern of Legend: Season 2

    As he explained this to her he didnt get quite the reaction he expected . No slap,no storming off if anything she just carried on as in the back of my mind I felt her stroking. And then she ducked no doubt to do her laces however the cat winked which told me exactly why she went down also I noticed her attire " Hey maybe I can repair some of your clothingor get you some new ones" I offered " Not that there's anything wrong with your look or anything" I said quickly. I looked over my choice of clothing; a dark sleek cloak as dark as midnight , a warm black suit and long leggings with finishing touch of shiny shoes which tapped every time I took a step . My face with blue eyes and brown hair curled to the side prijected concern for Nykka with my high cheekbones which had the potential for a good smile and and chiseled jaw. #SmileGoals
  4. Tavern of Legend: Season 2

    As I was looking around the tavern , I felt a warm sensation envelop me as if someone was patting me on the back. I looked round at Nykka and realised she was stroking the cat and after a few seconds of mental debating I decided to tell her . "Nykka.... Y'know all of these creatures when I capture them they get trapped in a private safe enviroment in which they become a part of me so if I die they die basically" I explained my voice slowly gaining pitch "And erm basically if they feel pain I also feel it but alot less reduced and so that means " he indicated to the cat she was stroking as I turned red " yeah... I feel what they feel but the enviroment they're kept in changes depending on what I feel e.g If im angry it will be a stormy day." I started smiling then shook my head " You can carry on stroking it but just warning you cause I feel like yoy should know that before you start kissing it n all..." my voice trailed off " My point is do watever you want I will feel it but I dont mind" Then turned even a deeper shade of red realising how strange and creepy I must've sounded. "The ... you look nice today avoiding the topic of weather. OOC: Sorry for taking so long D: @essos_exoss
  5. Tavern of Legend: Season 2

    Sitting up face returning to its normal colour Nis excitedly responded "The thrill ah.. if only that was why I go around doing this . The thrill is the best thw ind the saving damsels in distress - once I had to give the kiss of life" Nis spoke to Nykka smiling as if he were back there" My powwr free to do what I want whenever I like. But sometimes people cross the line..." Ubeknownst to Nis a flame appeared in his eye. "There are some people that cross the line some that think they have a chance" As the bright flame grew larger until it hissed and Nis recognized and with a oh! clicked his fingers and put out the flame and suddenly a bowl of black powder appeared "a bit late" I said quietly to myself as I clicked my fingers again and it likewise dissapeared "Phew " I said "That was close I need something to calm me down" I said shaken. Like beefore Ispread a dusty powder across the table and close my eyes nxt second later a fat black cat appeared to which I stroked an it purred looking at Nykka with its orange eyes purring and then to me "I dont know what you mean 'special' theres nothing special about her Ignatius said the very same thing" I paused noticing Nykka as the cat padded over to her rubbing its head against her purring. @essos_exoss
  6. Tavern of Legend: Season 2

    She acctually accepted tomato huh strange I thought as I was brought back to reality by her voice I replied "Life is hard. You dont have a home to settle down you cant make friends with anyone becaus before you know it your gone. Everyday you get new scars and very night I look at the stars and decide where shall I dissapear next and the worst bit is noone remembers me they forget me as if I never existed" I said sadly watching as she once again hoisted herself up to swing those long legs to which I put my head on the desk so she couldnt see I was staring I just sat there staring into the table as the cold wood cooled my burning face.
  7. Tavern of Legend: Season 2

    "Yeah basically" I said picking my nails proud of the colour I had turned her face " But with the colour of your face I should call you tomato" I paused laughed and said " So hows life tomato" trying to keep a sincere face as my pet daemon Ignatius started terrorizing the people over yonder leaving me in peace.
  8. Tavern of Legend: Season 2

    "Magic user ehhh" I said waving the air around me" bit of an understatement i like to think of it as dimensional warping user? Now that is sexy" I said giving her a wink "Magic users are usually weak old fools who try and understand how to control the basics" I said glaring at the figure to whom Ignatius was dealing with.
  9. Tavern of Legend: Season 2

    Listening to Nykka's heartfelt story I felt sorryand she herself didnt look too good so I awkwardly pated hhad "there there" in a somewhat friendly voice as I said " Welp I guess you opened up to me ill tell you the story of me I came from- " I was once again rudely interrupted by a magical disturbance turning round I saw the offending figure form a hand and..!The outrage. I was annoyed I tried formulating things to do in retaliation. I could downright kill him but I paused if I'd done that to everyone I'd met there would be hundreds dead as I drifted off into space thinking of a plan I was interrupted by Ignatius tugging the hem of my trouser "I'm thirsty gimme somethin' to drink it whined to which I denied its request in which it then proceeded to threaten me by 'spilling the beans' to Nykka in which I had a plan. "Ignatius, see that table 3 rows over go pester them to the extent of the depths of hell please. Also try and include romance in your annoyances - they were just talking about it and it leaves a stinging mark" I chuckled evilly just the thought of casing mayhem on the accused magic - user and his lady friend reminded me better times. "Also take an indirect route so as to not let them know it was me" I called watching him scamper round. "Heh anyways sorry bout that just a bit of magical rivalry with the fellow 3 tables across anyway as I was saying I came from a place which was abundant with monsters not all of them evil in fact most were really nice. It was perfect until you came.... Humans and monsters dont mix we tried peace but it didnt work. I sacrificed myself to the humans and by some mysterious entity was granted powers beyon my wildest dream , long forgotten magics and biggest of all a human body with emotion. I travel throught time and dimensions to stop things like this happening that's why I also trap demons"I finished solemnly. Thats a shortened version of it all I said watching Ignatius on the other table. "So what are you love birds up to? Chatting it up?" Ignatius said ,trying to look cute and cuddly, to the mysterious man and lady pouting at the lemon slice OOC: phew that was a biggie I nearly lost it all aswell D:
  10. Tavern of Legend: Season 2

    "My past life was lovely my romantic life ... where I came from women were a rarity and whenever talking to one I would get nervous but then I did meet someone she felt for me and cared about me which noone ver has and then due to incidents we never met again and now I am here sometimes I think aboilut her but deep inside I know noone could ever love the true me" I said solemnly a single tear rolling down my eye "Anyway what are you and why did you have to give up romance for it?" I said leaving my tear to dry.
  11. Tavern of Legend: Season 2

    @Mysticalpyn As Saraid got up to leave( something about a hot bath ) I waved farewell wondering if I'd ever see her again and turned to face Nykka "Honestly whatever you may think it is its not I have an idea what he is doing and that he is blackmailing me honestly if he were to tell you youd probably be more ofended at me rather than it now" I said sincerely pulling Ignatius out "Be good and I'll be good " "Aren't I always " it commented sarcastically winking at Nykka whilst it searched my face for any emotion or change to which I kept none. "I really want to tell her but it would break you Nis" it commented sadly "Not that I care but who else am I gonna boss around. It was bleak in there until last night . I wonder what caused the change " it said glancing over at Nykka. "Whatever" was all I could say without insulting the imp as it smiled at me . "Don't fret over it too much " I said "Anyways about tha……" I froze . Time seemed to slow down - ethereal/life magic I sensed I glanced at Ignatius he pointed his crooked finger over 3 tables across to see a man with a hazel eye looking over a figure with an aura of mixed life must be an infection I thought to myself but then I realised there must be two people in one body - must be a nightmare.As I snapped out of my ethereal vision I glanced over to see a young lady say something about romance out load which lead me to suggest her counterpart must have a good sense of humour. Then back to mysterious man I sent a telepathic message "Don't try anything funny I'm watching". Then realised I was supposed to be talking to Nykka "erm sorry bout that I got distracted by that display of romantic yelling. So erm hows romance for you?" I commented with a straight face avoiding eye contact with the guffawing Ignatius who fell unto the floor in which I scooted him under the table with my foot @Eros' Passion@essos_exoss
  12. Tavern of Legend: Season 2

    "Oh I know nothing" I said with a false smile trying to gloss over the whole matter waving my hand as if it would help my case " Imps they try and trick your mind y'know demonic n all cant be trusted etc." I laughed nervously. "Your a terrible lier M-a-ste-r " a muffled Ignatius said in a sing song voice "Why dont I talk to her and then spill beans as the common folk say" Ignatius said wickedly To which I spluttered wishing I had a deeper bag to stuff him in and remarked "She doesnt even want to see you let alone hear you. Isn't that right Nykka" I said triumphantly.
  13. Tavern of Legend: Season 2

    "I have no idea whatsoever " I commented avoiding Nykka's eye as the imp moaned about animal cruelty until it spoke "Why dont you tell her Nis?" it spoke devishly "It's master to you and what do you mean theres nothing to say I said looking at my feet trying to keep an emotionless face devoid of colour. "I think we know dont we Nis" it cackled "Stop talking ! I growled and put the bag on the ground "Lovely weather isnt it trying to change the conversation then reakising his mistake earning a snort o laughter from insde the bag
  14. Tavern of Legend: Season 2

    As the demon sniffed when the sharp sound of a slap haoppened it started to bawl in which I hastily shove it away in my bag. "I know it may seem like animal cruelty but it was annoying although technically it wasn evil so you slapped an innocent creature trying to warm up to you but I guess that was my fault anyway as for why does it like you wel..." "I could ask you the same question Nykka .Why does it like you?" a mufled voice said until I hastily shoved it further into my bag turning red "We dont want to hear anymore of what he has to say do we " I stuttered cursing mind links.
  15. Tavern of Legend: Season 2

    "Once again harmless" I said again as I raised my eyebrow at the cooing imp."Anyways spelunking requires a cave ... I dont see a cave"I pointed out noticing a mug on the floor which I clicked my fingers and it changed purple and then I moved my hand and the mug followed until it plopped back onto the table. "Now get back here and answer my question" I demanded to the imp in which it stuck its forked tongue out mockingly.