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    Tavern of Legends
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    Long walks on the beach, cooking and dissecting other humanoids, and fighting against arrogant people who believe that his very existence is an affront to nature itself.
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  1. So, I wasn't online when it was posted. How can I join it?
  2. Here you go! Clicking the link will send you to that area of the forums where other people already posted their profiles. You can read up on it and stuff.
  3. I have a strange question to ask. While I was posting in the Tavern of Legends forum, I encountered this problem dealing with the formatting, where I wanted to reply to someone's post at the bottom of the page, while simultaneously responding to people on the next page. So my first question is, how do you do this in only one post? As a continuation of my story, I tried just responding in one post, since I couldn't figure out how to quote someone on a different page (the copy & pasting function is kind of weird), but then I noticed in the past that if I responded after my last post then the two posts would merge. This time, it didn't do that. So on the Tavern of Legends, I have one post with a short post, followed by a long post with lots of stuff. I'm trying to get the quote from that short post onto the long post, but I have no idea how. Can you help me out?
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    "Fine, whatever." Vynathlon turned to leave before he noticed Khotan blocking his path. "Same reason why you're allowed to threaten me." Vynathlon replied. "What were you doing up there?" Vynathlon asked.
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    Vynathlon just waved a hand at him, without making eye-contact.
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    "What human?" Vynathlon asked, feigning ignorance. "Do I need a reason to care? You're obviously in need of help for something, and I can certainly provide. So what is it? Money, food, supplies?" Vynathlon asked.
  7. open

    Vynathlon 'woke up' out of his stupor once again. He was really getting tired of that happening... After all of the 'excitement' that was experienced from earlier, he had lost his mug of blood and a rather cool swirling design, made out of runic magic. So, he took it upon himself to just approach the bar. There was a human tending it. Vynathlon sneered. These damned humans were everywhere! "What can I get for you?" The damned human asked him. Vynathlon clinched his fist hard enough to make his knuckles crack. With a scowl on his face, Vynathlon said, "Get me a mug of ale. I don't care the brand." After the human bartender left and retrieved his mug, Vynathlon pulled out a gold coin and gave it to the bartender. He then picked up his mug and approached a waitress, tending to a table. After she was done, Vynathlon grabbed her by the throat, and pulled out a knife. He sliced her hand open, and let the blood drip into the mug he had placed below. After enough had been passed, he threw the woman aside ignorant of her fate, and slowly stirred the ale with his magic. He took a sip, satisfied with the taste. @Echoshine He then approached an elfish woman who had just gotten out of her chair. Vynathlon grinned at her. "Can I help you, miss?"
  8. Thanks for the input. I agree! These forums actually post more often than I actually like, as if there is such a thing lol. I'm still used to my old forums where if you're lucky, there will be one post per hour, but usually seven the next day. Here, I post something and then check back 37 minutes later, and there are already two more pages I've missed out on. And then I have to get to know a new person to talk to, because my old person hasn't been waiting for me to respond. They just moved onto someone else who posted while I was away. So this place is very hectic indeed.
  9. Fun fact: There are some hand-soaps that make your hands smell like Windex, on purpose.
  10. I did that. I was just wondering if I was supposed to also put it into this thread as well.
  11. open

    Vynathlon wanders up to Rafael before he heard this. "Well, I'd imagine if the steam were placed in a semi-cold environment, like a freezer, then it would dissipate and turn back into regular water."
  12. Are we supposed to put the character sheet in here? Cause I made one awhile back, but I just had it floating in that roleplay resources forum.
  13. open

    Vynathlon scowled at this. He hated this sort of discrimination against his kind. "What did I do to you, fleshbag?"
  14. open

    Vynathlon perked up at Aeon's question. He moved over to where they were talking. "Hello. My name is Vynathlon, who are you?"
  15. open

    At once, Vynathlon dropped his mug and ran over to Tobais. "Hey, what the hell? I had to drop my mug for this? I feel like I'm watching one of those electronic picture boxes."