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    Long walks on the beach, cooking and dissecting other humanoids, and fighting against arrogant people who believe that his very existence is an affront to nature itself.
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    @Claus "I think it's pig's blood, but I honestly forgot about it. Blood is blood though. Undead bodies, or at least my body lacks the usual mechanisms for digestion, but we can still process food and drinks. Kind of works like a pipeline. Goes in one hole out the other, but that's probably too many details for you. Blood has nothing more than psychological benefits. Death Knights of my caliber need to inflict pain in much the same way that normal creatures need to eat food. Drinking blood helps keep my mind off of needless bloodshed. Not to mention, it's easy to get and a perfectly renewable resource. It's a win/win for everybody." Vynathlon said, taking another sip of blood. "Plus, I like the taste. My tastebuds are practically gone already, but blood is one of the few things that I can still taste. In my opinion, blood is best added to most things. My kind will likely agree with me."
  2. open

    "Yeah? Is that going to be a problem?" Vynathlon asked.
  3. open

    "Indeed." Vynathlon said. He sighed and took a sip from his cup of blood.
  4. open

    @Claus Vynathlon turns around to look at Dream. "Sure." Vynathlon said. "There are always different variations on the undead lifeform, but it doesn't mean we're all the same. Saying we are is like comparing a lizard to an alligator. I was once a human, and now I still think I am. The only difference is I have less skin, more decay, and the power of magic relating to life and death." With that, Vynathlon telekinetically grabbed his mug of blood from across the room, sending it into his hand. He then took a sip and smiled, revealing blood-stained teeth. "We're all travelers in one way or another. We're all searching for that great purpose in life. Despite how I might have more 'dark powers', it doesn't mean I don't still need money, or a job, or a purpose. Pursuing the secrets behind undeath mastery is just a hobby. There have been liches in the past, who have used their powers to try to take over the world, but they never grasp the big picture. What happens after everyone's dead and the world is yours? Nothing. Absolutely nothing." Vynathlon sighed and just shook his head.
  5. open

    @Chaotic Vynathlon ignored the Orc's remarks and continued speaking with the girl. "Now that's not very nice. You shouldn't judge a book by its cover. Undead are just as human as you are." Vynathlon got onto his knees to get at eye-level with the child. "But, yes! I am proud to say that I am a Lich. It seems your school must have quite a curriculum to teach about my kind. I would have thought it to be more of an... advanced subject, given all the gross details in between."
  6. open

    @Chaotic While Allsin had this conversation with Tobais, over the ethics of dismembering the Orc before him, Vynathlon took that opportunity to visit the young girl who had been behind the Orc. She seemed to hold Vynathlon's initial gaze at first, meaning she must have been at least slightly interested in what Vynathlon had to offer. Vynathlon found his way over to the young girl. "Hello there." Vynathlon said with a perverted smile. "My, your arms are so delicate, and your skin looks so crisp! You are just adorable. Would you like to come over to our table? Perhaps I could teach you how to use the grill, or an oven perhaps?"
  7. Jahan. The guy you just responded to.
  8. @Mooys Consigliere isn't in the main tavern. We had a side-plotline going on a few pages back, where one of Vynathlon's minions, Consigliere, and Porcelain all got onto a ship heading for Terrenus.
  9. open

    In response to the big, hulking Orc heading his way, Vynathlon merely laughed. He smiled at the Orc's words, but didn't say a word. @Chaotic
  10. open

    "Ugh." Vynathlon said as he watched Allsin's chaotic appearance mold over into something new. If there was something Vynathlon hated more than the Light (well, not as much), it was chaotic beings. Vynathlon, while one to cause chaos, was still quite orderly. He didn't seem to violate the laws of physics aside from the generally Euclidean notion of losing an arm and reattaching it. In his experience, spending time with people like Allsin was a sign of trouble. That was when he noticed a new arrival to the Tavern. A hulking Orc covered in tribal tattoos entered the Tavern, but what caught Vynathlon's eye however, was the small delicious girl standing behind him. He took in the girl's appearance, before widely opening his mouth and licking his lips. He smiled, remembering the delights of cutting open children, as they screamed for their mommies. Vynathlon sighed in relief, relishing the first bite of his meals. He turned his eyes upwards. Children always make the best meals..... @Chaotic He turned his attention to Allsin, before giving him a wide charismatic smile. "Say..." Vynathlon said, dragging it out. "Allsin, you see the new arrival who entered through the doors?" Vynathlon mentioned, directing with his eyes. "What would you say to a fight and a meal? If you distract the Orc long enough, I might be able to make a ravioli out of the child's brain matter. Trust me, you haven't lived until you've tried my cooking!" @Mr.ThyTheEccentric
  11. open

    Sensing the blood on Gull's skeleton made Vynathlon wish to suck on his corpse, but he knew that wouldn't go well. Vynathlon didn't really know what to say to this creature. He had never come across such a creature in his travels, but at the same time, he didn't really care. He fluctuated between telling Allsin this, and remaining silent. In the end, Vynathlon settled on "Well, it is a pleasure to meet you Allsin." He laced the word 'pleasure' with sarcasm. He wished to say 'You don't have a mouth, you don't have internal organs, and you don't have tastebuds, therefore you're not an undead that matters.' But he chose to remain silent, not because he wished to remain polite, but because being rude required expending energy, and he didn't have the energy to use on Allsin.
  12. open

    Vynathlon turned to Gull, with a look of confusion, as if to say What the fuck are you trying to do?
  13. open

    Vynathlon ignored Gull's antics and answered Tobais. "No, no. Keep them alive, and if possible try to kidnap them without knowing what's going on. When I receive them, I know of some ways to get their heart pumping. In my opinion and others, the living tastes best when they're alive, bleeding, and upset."
  14. open

    Vynathlon's smile only grew when he heard Tobias's words. "You Human, are amazing. I've never met one of your kind before, who's willing to sell out your own kind for a bag of gold. Fortunately, I have plenty of gold to go around."
  15. Please don't be disturbed by Vynathlon. Before I left the wow forums, I was well-known for Vynathlon's absolute disregard for Human life, and the willingness to go into graphic detail explaining exactly how to prepare and eat a human corpse. In his universe, he comes from a group of undead, who eat corpses in order to regain health, so I took it to a different level by learning a bit about cooking.