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    Student. Planning on being an author, artist and animator when I'm older.

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The website linked is extremely mature, and full of very sensitive content. I am only linking it so that people seeking deeper roleplay can contact me there, as I fear the guidelines here restrict me from my characters' full potentials.  Contact me via Google+ and Google Hangouts for more detailed roleplay. Try not to pay attention to my extremely edgy profile.

Hi, I'm trash.
I'm an edgy kid who likes writing. And roleplaying. And drawing. And ships. And my baby Nathan. My sweet, schizoid, baby Nathan.

Soooo basically i'm just a person who essentially likes all sorts of different types of roleplay
I have so many different and unique characters. I love putting my characters into different worlds and verses, and seeing how they adapt to the new environments. I have a lot of creativity when it comes to putting them in different situations.
So I came to Valucre, and decided to see how they would pay off in this world.

So the characters I have here are Annie, Nathan and the mystery man. I'm planning on introducing the local tailor.

I have two collections on my Google+ - Petaloudes and Petaloudes: Short stories. Petaloudes is comprised almost entirely of memes, however, it does have a pinned post, and that post shows all the characters and all their basic information. Petaloudes: Short stories is a collection of proper short stories (aside from the one that's just Nathan being Nathan). If you want, you could check them out!

All active websites:
Google Plus: https://plus.google.com/u/0/+BudoMasutaAkademi
DeviantArt: http://nathanrezkoye.deviantart.com/2017-03-05.jpg^^ Annie and the local tailor. I honestly spent more time on the man on the bench than either the tailor or Annie.

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