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    Writing, role play, LotR, Star Wars, Shannara (ONLY THE BOOKS. THE SHOW IS NOTHING LIKE THEM! DO NOT WATCH BECAUSE IT'S INACCURATE!), Norse things, Medieval crap (do not let me get my hands on a sword....), cosplaying, everything weird......I'm a nerd and proud to be!
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  1. This looks really interesting...I'd love to use my Sirin for this! I'll PM you sometime this week to try and work something out.
  2. Image result for inspirational quotes

    I am coming close to finishing one of my stories, and am (hoping!) to get it accepted by a publishing company! Fingers crossed! *squee!!!!!!!*

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    2. essos_exoss


      Yeah. I'm soooooo sorry I never replied! Meant to bring this to supernal; but for some reason my reply never went through to you.



      Bring what to Supernal? The book?  It's ok I'll go check it.

    4. essos_exoss


      Oh, no, not the book. Sorry. I meant the fact that the reply to the message never went through to you.

  3. My pleasure, and same to you!
  4. Hello, and welcome to Valucre! I look forward to seeing you around!
  5. YAS another Eastern! Whoo! Welcome to Valucre!
  6. Hello, and welcome to Valucre! I've heard of Warhammer, and was always interested to see what it was like...I'm surprised and a little disappointed to hear it's gone. Your character Rhazagur sounds very interesting. I look forward to seeing him around. I'm always up for a roleplay or two, so PM me if you'd like.
  7. ELLO! Wondered when you'd post. XD Welcome to Valucre! I'd be glad to give you a bit of pointers, though, to be honest, it's practically like writing, but having sudden turns because you're not in charge of every character. I look forward to RPing with you! PM me any time.
  8. Kitty stepped back, dazed, as she stared at Kiki. She'd never dressed like this. Ever. Her job simply wouldn't allow her. Well, she could, but a job among men could lead to some unwanted attention. But the look on Kiki's face made her force a grin, take the clothes, and close the door. "Goddammit, Kiki," Kitty muttered, stripping down to her undergarments. She roughly yanked on the tank top, tugging at the bottom. So impractical. The same went for the short-shorts. And the boots - it made her seem like there was hardly any cloth on her legs at all, had there not been any socks. She looked at herself in the mirror, frowning. She hated to admit it, but Kiki knew fashion. Had Kitty not been in charge of TACSEC, the outfit could be something she'd wear. With a sigh, she turned and opened the door, plastering another smile on her face. "Well? Whaddya think?"
  9. Oh, gosh. Skills. Those life guards gotta get their priorities straight.
  10. Hey, Benny! I'm soooo sorry about not being on. Computer malfunction; didn't have my laptop for a while. Then I got a little side tracked, so........yeah. Lame excuse, I know. Missed RPing with you. I posted on our thread.
  11. True. But still.
  12. Ah. I'm sorry. Must've been hard.
  13. Asher sighed. "Yeah...I guess...and uh, don't let Eerie hear whatcha said about her. She broke a guy's nose the last time someone gave her a catcall." He chuckled unexpectedly. "Ya sound like ya got worse problems than me." He began reaching for the Ambrosia, then stopped. But habit won out, and he guzzled a fourth of the bottle. Guilt washed through him afterward. Heck, though. This kind of stuff would be difficult to break. He couldn't go cold turkey right off the bat.
  14. Kitty stood by the door, rubbing her sore arm as Kiki jabbered on with the shopkeeper. Only when she realized the keeper was trying to cheat the giantess did Kitty step in. "Okay, hold up, bub. You think just 'cause she doesn't understand everything we do gives you full rights to cheat her? I don't think so," Kitty spat. She looked up at Kiki. "Take your money back. For now," she added, reaching up to pat her shoulder. Tossing her head, Kitty turned her attention back to the shopkeeper. "I want you to fix the price to what it is supposed to be. And don't you dare pull any BS on me, bub. I'm the commander of TACSEC, and while I don't have much power around here, I can tell you, I'd be more than happy to let the authority around here know of what you've pulled - because I certainly doubt this is the first time you've pulled this sort of shit. So. If you value your shop and whatnot, I'd advise you to fix this little mess. Thank you." She gave him a sickeningly sweet smile and stepped back from the counter. (OOC: Sorry mine's so short! I'm kinda at the edge of the dreaded writer's block. )
  15. Okay, whoa. How. The hell. Do they not work on you?! TEACH ME YOUR WAYS. I can't even glance two seconds at some creepy picture without literally fearing for my life. I've tried working on it (blame the stupid overactive imagination) but I always have that 'cold in the gut' fear coursing through me.