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      Vote for Valucre [August]   05/16/2017

      Voting for the month of August is open on TopRPSites! Vote for Valucre daily and help new members searching for a place to roleplay discover the same joys you have in Valucre. You can vote daily, so make voting for Valucre a habit. Discussion thread
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      Poachers and spammers   08/18/2017

      Please report anyone that tries to use Valucre to get you to go to another RP site.  Since Valucre started getting popular people have tried to piggyback on Valucre's success. Once, the admin of another site made a fake account and spammed 50 members at a time in mass PMs, trash-talking Valucre and linking to their own. Another time, the admin of a different RP site just pretended to be me by name to convince people I had made that site too. There are more examples than it's worth getting into. The point is to remind our members that anyone linking to other RP sites is infringing on Valucre's Code of Conduct.


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  1. The Siege of Kantos

    ((Kk, sounds good! ^-^))
  2. The Siege of Kantos

  3. What are you reading?

    Rereading the Shannara Chronicles.
  4. The Adventures Of Abraxis And Graymite (Open)

    Erixa gaped at Ben. She'd never expected him to be tied in with such things, but to each their own. She closed her mouth with an audible clop before turning to look at the van. It seemed to have suffered little damage, but she didn't know the first thing about cars. "You know...I'd rather walk," she muttered, pinching her nose again. "I need to wind down." She shuffled down the sidewalk.
  5. The Siege of Kantos

    Arja Kesor (currently going as Arja Belwin) trotted through the empty streets, the cowl of her cloak yanked over her eyes. She never bothered to look up; her gaze rested constantly on her feet. Her falcon rested on her shoulder, letting out startled shrieks if she came too near to an obstacle. She let out a stream of curses as she tripped over a barrel. The falcon flew a little ways off. It was silly, she knew, to be hiding when no one was around. She simply did it out of habit. Had she been born normal, her life wouldn't be like this. She wouldn't have to be navigating the ground, or hiding her face. Arja could have been happily living in her father's house, spoiled and living off honey cakes and tea. But no, she just had to be 'cursed'. One green eye and one brown wasn't appealing to anyone in the slightest. Or so she believed. She never stuck around to see what people truly thought. Picking herself up, Arja let out a piercing whistle. The falcon glided back over to her, landing shyly on her outstretched arm. "'Least you're not judgmental, Nyris," Arja muttered. Nyris chirped before taking off once more. Arja followed him dejectedly. She wasn't sure why she'd come here. Take that back - she knew, but not why here. She could hide in any town, yet she found herself drawn to something so empty. Perhaps it was the fact there would be no eyes to glare at her, no lips to whisper behind her back. Little did she know that there were eyes upon her.
  6. essos_exoss's Characters

    Character Full name: Taal Neru Nickname/Alias: N/A Age: Unknown Gender: Male Race: Half-Elf Character Traits Hair color/style: Ebony, multiple braids Eye color: Brown Skin: Umber Body type: Muscular Detailed Appearance: Taal stands at 6' 2". He has pale tattoos around his face and on his hands. Personality: INTJ. Independent, original, analytical, and determined. Have an exceptional ability to turn theories into solid plans of action. Highly value knowledge, competence, and structure. Driven to derive meaning from their visions. Long-range thinkers. Have very high standards for their performance, and the performance of others. Natural leaders, but will follow if they trust existing leaders. Likes: Challenges, learning new things Dislikes: Being made fun of Occupation Job: Fletcher Combat and Inventory: Combat Skills: Being a fletcher means knowing how to use a bow. He's used to long range fighting. Weapons/tools/etc.: A bow, his fletching tools. Biography (Write later) Relations Mother: Kaamia Neru Father: Falkern Neru Siblings: N/A Relatives: N/A Relationship Status: Single Spouse: N/A Offspring: N/A
  7. Looking for group to find artifact

    I'm so sorry. Life has been a bit hectic...I'll try to post up today! But just to make sure, would you like me to write the same way - historical third - as you do? :)
  8. essos_exoss's Characters

    Character Full name: Arja Kesor Nickname/Alias: Often changes her last name around due to her actual nobility. Her favorites are Sarr, Birstan, and Eanmaer. Age: 21 Gender: Female Race: Human Character Traits Hair color/style: Shoulder length dark brown Eye color: Arja has complete heterochromia - her left eye is green, her right eye, brown. Skin: Naturally tan Detailed Appearance: Arja stands at 5' 5". She tends to stand on her tiptoes...average height isn't good enough for her. She constantly has her hair covering one side of her face to hide the difference in her eyes. Many believe her to have been cursed. Personality: ISTJ. Arja is very quiet, often desiring to keep to herself more than anything. Her main goal is security. If she doesn't feel safe, she often goes into lockdown. She prefers to stick to tradition. She doesn't do well with sudden change. She's very hardworking and dedicated. Likes: Solitude, quiet, safety Dislikes: Wide open spaces, yelling, people staring at her Occupation Job: Falconer Combat and Inventory: Combat Skills: She only fights if she has to. Typically, she's a flight kind of person. Weapons/tools/etc.: 2 dirks, one belted to her hip, the other, hidden in a pocket built into her skirt. Biography Arja was the eldest daughter of House Kesor. Her parents were hoping to gain a high alliance with her, but upon seeing her mismatched eyes, there was no hope. People believed her to be cursed, and stayed away from her. At sixteen, Arja ran away. She took up Falconing, earning a job at a different lord's house. Relations Mother: Lady Tenna Kesor Father: Lord Straton Kesor Siblings: Dain, Rioll, Sigrid Relatives: N/A Relationship Status: Single Spouse: N/A Offspring: N/A (Second character to come; and this will be edited eventually. I have writer's block.)
  9. Looking for group to find artifact

    This looks fun! I can write up two new characters for this one! (*casually obsessed with character creation*)
  10. So I'm A Pretty Big Deal

    Oh, do go on! Ah, understandable. Patience is key. You'll get there. Eventually.
  11. The Adventures Of Abraxis And Graymite (Open)

    Erixa gritted her teeth, muttering something about having everything under control as Ben dragged her over to the creature. "Rabid genetic experiment that just attacked us because you were on board? Hell yes you'd better explain," she muttered. She let out a soft groan and pinched the bridge of her nose. Dark magic always gave her headaches. Behind them, Asher stumbled out of the van, visibly shaking. He crept around the gathering crowd and scooped up his sister's crossbow. Last time she left it behind, she'd had a full blown temper tantrum. Quietly, he joined the rest of them, mumbling introductions to faces he didn't recognize. (OOC: I'M SORRY THIS IS SO CRAPPY; I HAVE WRITER'S BLOCK!)
  12. So I'm A Pretty Big Deal

    HA! Mr. Silver-tongued sassy pants, eh? How did I miss that?! You're an interesting character, Mr. Hyperbole. Can't wait to see what else you bring to the table. See you around.
  13. So I'm A Pretty Big Deal

    Welcome to Valucre!
  14. Pick a Number Valucrians!!!

    Oooh, ooh, pick me, pick me! I'll do my lucky number...12! :3
  15. Hi?

    Hello, and welcome to the wide, wonderful world of Valucre! If you have any questions about roleplays, please, feel free to PM me! I'm always open to something new!