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    Writing, role play, LotR, Star Wars, Shannara (ONLY THE BOOKS. THE SHOW IS NOTHING LIKE THEM! DO NOT WATCH BECAUSE IT'S INACCURATE!), Norse things, Medieval crap (do not let me get my hands on a sword....), cosplaying, everything weird......I'm a nerd and proud to be!
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    Dunedain ranger/Rey cosplayer/AUTHOR!!!

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  1. Lost in Chaos [Veelos]

    Falari muttered something about low-light conditions, but it was lost beneath the rumble rolling from her throat. Disrespectful creature! This place was her turf; she could do as she pleased! "Look, lass, if you know what's best for you," she started, sizing the young woman up. She was smaller than her, that was for sure, but was armed, which Falari was not. Her target was supposed to be brought in alive. Knuckles cracking, she prepared to give the woman a good cuff to the head, but something stopped her. That uneasy feeling spread from the back over neck, down her back, and into her stomach, feeling nonexistent. Ice crept into her veins. Something was seriously wrong. She was almost afraid to move. Instinct kicked in, though, and she took a step to the side. Her large hand closed around the woman's arm, yanking her into the alley a few feet away. And not a moment too soon. Glancing over her shoulder, she noticed an arrow lodged in the cobblestones, the shaft still quivering. "Dammit," she said. She knew people hated her, but enough to try and kill her? Her gaze shifted to the woman, who she was still holding onto. Or Maybe was it for her?
  2. Lost in Chaos [Veelos]

    A low growl throbbing in her throat, Falari leapt swung down from the roof, her fingernails raking down the shingles with a satisfying clatter. She hit the ground like a cat, barely having to even crouch as her legs took the shock of her entire weight. Ignoring the stares around her, she clomped down the street, yanking her hood over her face as she went. The mass of people parted. Many of them had their eyes downcast. She caught sight of a couple of children gaping at her. She normally would just walk past them, but she was pissed off. Her lip curled, revealing her fangs even more, and snarled. Startled shrieks rose from the children and they scattered. A few affronted looks came from passerby, but they didn't bother to speak out. Falari stalked along. She wasn't paying much attention, though, and found herself careening into an unfortunate young woman. She heard a shatter of glass; it seemed like she'd broken a bottle or something. A cross between a roar and an oath fled from her lips. "Dragon's blood, lady, stay outta my way," she snarled, climbing to her feet. Her nose wrinkled when she smelled the alcohol. No doubt another victim to strong drink.
  3. Lost in Chaos [Veelos]

    Something wasn't right. Falari's lip curled. She couldn't pinpoint the source of her uneasiness, but it was there. Her skin felt tight, just like it used to out on the plains. One whiff of an orc, one sound of a heavy foot on the grass, one tiny scream of a knife being drawn, and she'd get up and fling them into the fire. How they would howl as they rolled out from the embers as their peers snorted in disgust. Bested by the little half-orc. What a weakling. You're not there anymore, she reminded herself, looking down from her perch on the rooftop. Veelos wasn't her first choice when she ran away, but after Zavan had been wounded, it was the only place to go. At least people gave her a wide berth here. They didn't like her, of course, but she still got some respect. She drummed her fingers against her thigh, trying to calm her nerves. No one would dare attack her here. She'd made a name for herself. Not that she needed it. Someone walking in the streets below could say 'orc', and people would know who they were talking about. No, no one would be as stupid to try and take her down. Falari rose to her full height of six feet, stretching until her spine gave a satisfying crack. She'd been sitting there for hours, with no sign of her target. Might as well call it a day. She made to turn but something caught her attention; a shadow where it shouldn't have been. Her head snapped in that direction, but when she focused, there was nothing unusual. She let out a grunt. The sun had always messed with her vision. She'd been seeing things. Right?
  4. essos_exoss's Characters

    Character [insert pic here] Full name: Falari Morg Nickname/Alias: Ari, though she can hardly get away with trying to keep a human name latched to her. Age: 17 Gender: female Race: Half-orc Character Traits Hair color/style: Dark brown, often tied back in a messy bun. There are rare times that she wears it down. Eye color: Warm brown Skin: Green-grey Body type: Tall and fairly muscular, though you can't tell when she's not fighting. Not very curvy at all, possibly do to her orc blood. Detailed Appearance: Falari bears more resemblance to her human side, with a pretty, heart shaped face, almond shaped eyes, and small, slightly upturned nose. If it weren't for the fangs protruding from her mouth and the unnatural skin color, she'd be considered more attractive. Unfortunately, she's deemed a sort of mutant from both of her kind. Clothing: As a child, Falari often wore the skins preferred by her clan, but when she grew older, she began dressing in full leather clothes. The more skin it covered, the better, in her opinion. Her clothes always include a hood, so she can hide her face as well. Personality: Falari is very self-conscious about herself. Belonging to two very different races makes her stick out like a sore thumb. Many people view orcs as a very dumb, brutal race, but Falari throws that belief for a curveball. Sure, she's a fearsome warrior - doesn't even blink when taking a life - but she's very smart and perceptive. She hates being told what to like some animal. Respect is a big thing for her. Even though she can be cold and calculating, she makes sure to be as polite as possible to those she meets. Occupation Job: Sell sword/bounty hunter Combat and Inventory: Combat Skills: She's dangerous with a sword. Dangerous altogether. Weapons/tools/etc.: A large great sword, and a pair of big twin knives. Biography Grew up in the Dorado plains among orcs (will add more, I have writer's block!!) Relations Mother: Unknown Father: Jakzall Siblings: N/A Relatives: N/A Significant other: N/A, though at one point she was courting another half orc (see bio) Offspring: N/A Relationship Status: Single
  5. Who am I? 24601!!!! Sorry, just had to do that...anywho, welcome to Valucre! We're a weird sort of breed on this site, but it's great here. Feel free to shoot me a PM if you have any questions or RP ideas! And Vikings are frickin' awesome! I'm one myself, but living in America.
  6. Uhm... Erixa: Losing anyone she really actually cares about, and/or suffocating in some super tight, closed off space. Or getting trapped in the spirit world for eternity! ^-^ Asher: Gah. Losing control of his powers until he ultimately does something stupid, or alcohol poisoning.
  7. Well, my first and ongoing RP was with with my lovely @princeben07. Can't thank him enough for taking me under his wing. Or should I saw paw? Love you way too much for my own good, Benny-boy! DCN 4 LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIFE! <3
  8. Oh, shit. Our RP's in here...something bigger than I've been believing is going on here...WOOT WOOT!
  9. To ALL my Valucrians

    *skids into the crime scene* BENNY, I'M BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK!!!!!!!!!!!! *tackles*
  10. Would your characters be friends with you?

    Erixa Dimont: Noooooo. She'd kill me, probably. Asher Dimont: maybe after he gets over my craziness? DOG: Yes. A malfunctioning robodog that overly extroverted. And his owner and I are so alike in so many ways. Only she cusses more than I do. The rest of them...Idk. Probably not.
  11. AFV just for this week...

    Hey ya'll, I've got places to go with a schedule that keeps me busy until late at night! I'm afraid I won't be getting on this week because of it. Today's my only day. I'll see ya'll next week! Love you guys!

    1. princeben07


      I met you when the sun was shining. I will WAIT for you in the RAIN. ^_^



  12. The Siege of Kantos

    ((Kk, sounds good! ^-^))
  13. The Siege of Kantos

  14. What are you reading?

    Rereading the Shannara Chronicles.
  15. The Adventures Of Abraxis And Graymite (Open)

    Erixa gaped at Ben. She'd never expected him to be tied in with such things, but to each their own. She closed her mouth with an audible clop before turning to look at the van. It seemed to have suffered little damage, but she didn't know the first thing about cars. "You know...I'd rather walk," she muttered, pinching her nose again. "I need to wind down." She shuffled down the sidewalk.