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  1. The Adventures Of Abraxis And Graymite (Open)

    Erixa sighed, staying on her feet. She wrapped her arms around herself. Her eyes fixed on the horizon, seeking something far away - something that burned her to the core. "It's nothing to get worked up over," she mumbled. "Just some medium-ship mistakes. Accidentally stumbled into some feisty shades. Spooks. Ghosts, whatever you wanna call 'em. Nothing I couldn't handle." She forced a laugh, gingerly touching her neck where the bruises started. "I always thought I'd somehow be able to lead a normal life, but it appears like it's out of the question," she said, trying to change the subject. She turned to Ben, an uncertain smile on her face. "You know what? I want to do something crazy. Before this goes any farther, I want to be stupid. To go wild."
  2. The Adventures Of Abraxis And Graymite (Open)

    Erixa sat curled up in a broom closet, tears burning her eyes. Her nails dug into her knees. I've made a mistake. A terrible mistake. She thought. She stared at the outline of light surrounding the door, half expecting a shade to come bursting through and drag her back into their dimension. They knew. They knew. The arrangement...was it no longer a secret to anyone? She'd been so careful to cover her tracks, to set cold trails - had it all been for nothing? She groaned, covering her face. Maybe she should tell Ben...? No. That would make things worse. At least go and talk to him. Her mind reasoned. She stood up, pushing open the door. She heard the rush of a crowd down the hall, so she took a back way, stopping doctors and nurses every so often to ask about Ben. One young man pointed towards the roof. "Thanks," Erixa muttered. She sprinted up the stairs, pushing open the door to find Ben with Dr. Fowler. She glanced from the flowers, to Ben, to the doctor. She half wanted to slam the door and hide in a broom closet again. Instead, she stepped out into the open, clearing her throat. "Am I interrupting something?" she said innocently, desperately fighting back a glare for the doctor.
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  4. The Adventures Of Abraxis And Graymite (Open)

    Erixa let out an inhumane shriek, tumbling into giggles and writhing in Ben's arms. "Take...Gamma...eek...out! Shouldn't be too...hard!" Erixa squealed at the girls. She was vaguely aware of the sound of a tray dropping, but was too worried about escaping Ben to look in the direction. She tried everything she could: pinching, kicking, punching, but it was all half-hearted. Ben knew exactly how to get her helpless. At least, in her physical form. A slow grin crawled across her face. She forced herself to relax, to concentrate on her mediumship. No one else could see the shade leaving Ben's arms; only herself and the spirits that she had joined in another dimension. They wafted about her, oblivious to the newcomer. Glancing over her shoulder, Erixa could see a hazy outline of Ben holding a now limp form of herself. God, I need to get my hair touched up, she thought, frowning at the fading color in her hair. She waited for Ben to put two and two together of what had happened. A multilayered voice suddenly thundered in her head. Erixa Dimont. "Dammit," Erixa whispered. She turned around to a see a group of spirits standing before her. "Look, I haven't come to talk, boys. And girl," she added hastily, nodding at a young woman standing among them. Erixa Dimont. "Yes. That's me." Erixa huffed. You are in grave danger. One of the shades pointed at her, then beyond the barrier between the human and spirit world. All of them. "Yeah, I think we figured that out a few sec- ack!" Cold hands had closed around her throat. A shade stood before her, a wild light in its dead eyes. The DIACHONs have plans. You have interfered with them. They will target you first. When they finish with you, they will move to the next until they break Benaires, once and for all. A faint little laugh escaped Erixa's lips. "They will not target me." We know of your arrangement. It will not save you. Nor the others. She is angry. They all are. Death waits. The spirit released her, shoving her backwards. "I take my leave," Erixa said hoarsely. Not for long, sister. Not for long. She slipped out of the spirit world, sheltering herself in her body. Her physical form gasped like someone surfacing from a long dive. Gingerly, she felt her throat. There would be bruises. "Ben. Ben, let me go!" she hissed. All amusement was gone. With newfound strength, Erixa peeled herself from his arms, standing unsteadily. She didn't look anyone in the eye as she quietly left the room.

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  8. The Adventures Of Abraxis And Graymite (Open)

    Erixa frowned at Benaires Gamma, struggling to work his comments out without looking abashed at being caught mid-kiss. She avoided everyone's gaze but refused to leave Ben's side. "Gotta admit, the dress thing sounds familiar," Erixa muttered. "You morphing with him too?" She grinned sheepishly at Gamma.
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  10. The Adventures Of Abraxis And Graymite (Open)

    Erixa shook her head, laughing quietly. "Oh, Ben. You know I love you, right? Despite our little disagreements?" She reached up, turning his face toward her. "Now I guess it's time for me to admit that I've loved you longer than I care to admit. Even as a little girl," she went pink, "I'd pretend that I would grow up and marry you. And look at us now..." She couldn't believe that it was actually her lacing her fingers through Ben's, that her hand was resting on his chest, that she was the one rising up on her tiptoes, closing the space between them - was she still a little girl, dressed up in a table cloth with a string of pearls draped haphazardly around her neck? Surely she was, surely this was all her imagination, that she was only eight years old, unaware of what was to come - Then their lips connected and she knew that it wasn't one of her play-pretend scenarios. She let go of his hand to bury her fingers in his hair, trying to pull him closer, loving every second of it. Why couldn't it just last forever?
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