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  1. Asher gave Ben a weak smile in reply before settling in to do his paperwork. He was tired, and wanted something to drink, but he forced himself to focus on the current task, all the while stealing little glances around the room. Skylar seemed nice enough. Everyone else he knew, but he was a little wary around Abraxis. He'd never dealt with anyone like her before. Heavy footsteps on the stairs announced Erixa's arrival. Her hair was still dripping wet, soaking the shoulders of her clothes. Giving a curt nod to Skylar, she sat down beside her brother. She seemed cool and collected on the outside, but inside, she was, well, jealous. She'd heard the conversation between Ben and the girls at the top of the stairs. She gave an internal shrug. What was she thinking, though? She knew Ben was a big-ass flirt. She shouldn't be surprised. But there was something there that made her want all of his attention. "Lookin' good, Ash," she mumbled, nudging her twin in the side. He went scarlet, his handwriting becoming increasingly sloppy. "Okay, so," Erixa said, shifting her attention to the rest of the group. She barely even gave a glance towards Ben. "What's the deal here?" Asher continued scribbling on the paperwork, but perked up to hear the conversation.
  2. Erixa was still mulling over Ben's words when he left. A slow smile stretched across her face. "Oh, Ben," she chuckled, walking through the steam to grab a towel, all the while watching her silhouette in the foggy mirror. "Ben, Ben, Ben." She hadn't really thought about her future. No one had really shown interest in her, probably because of Asher. Or was it because of her job as a Gatherer? Her powers were strange, and just right for the job, which made it a little unsettling to be around her. But now, here someone was, asking about what she wanted in life. She laughed. What she wanted? God, when was the last time she was asked that? Maybe around six or seven, but even then, what she was taught in her original training told her exactly what to want. And how to get it. But this. Damn, she hadn't the faintest clue. Kids? Erixa may be cold around adults, but she adored kids. But could she handle raising her own? Not like I already am with Asher. She though, shooting an irate glance towards the bathroom door. But maybe. Just maybe, after this entire mess was cleaned up - maybe she could make a decision for herself for the first time. Asher bounded down the stairs, hair freshly combed, dressed in the nicest clothes he'd ever worn. "Greymite?" he called anxiously into the halls. He winced as a few tendrils of thought managed to worm their way into his head. "Grey-mite!" He stumbled into the room where most everyone else was meeting. Wringing his hands, he squeaked, "Briefcase?" before nodding to the rest of them and plopping down into a chair.
  3. Welcome to Valucre! I'm open to new RP's; send me a shout if you're interested! :3
  4. (From the thread The Adventures of Abraxis and Graymite) Character Character Quote or saying: “The Police don’t have any fucking power over me! Quit worrying!” Character Full Name: Erixa Dimont Nickname: Eerie Age: 18 Gender: Female Role: Gatherer, Level R-2 Pay: 99k Affiliation: The Agency Teachers: Rangi Eketone, Lucarion Maltigar Character Traits Hair Color/Style: Dark blue, long, often done up in a high ponytail. Hair was originally a pretty auburn before she dyed it. Eye color: Dark brown Skin Color: Arabesque Body Type: Athletic, with just the right amount of curve; mesomorph Personality: Erixa is known for her ‘mess with me and you’ll get it four times as hard’ personality. She’s tough, she’s angry, and her patience is easily worn thin. She’s reckless, not caring about any consequences that could evolve from her actions. Strangely enough, though, she’s wonderful with children. Likes: Running, messing with authority, children Dislikes: Rules, taking things one step at a time Combat Abilities: Umbrakinesis, Agility, clairsentience, endurance, darkforce manipulation, rapid cell regeneration, sharpshooting (see ranged combat), mediumship Ranged Combat: uses an enhanced crossbow she calls Percussor. She’s not into hand-to-hand combat, though she knows a few simple moves. Biography History: Erixa was trained at an early age with Percussor. Originally, she was meant to be a Custodire, and from how well her training was going, a very good chance of being a level R-4. That all changed when her parents were murdered by an intruder, forcing Erixa and her twin brother Asher to flee. Erixa then began to use her harnessed abilities to become a Gatherer, rising very quickly to the top of the ranks. Family Father: Uru Reio Dimont Mother: Ollera Keajor Dimont Siblings: Asher Dimont Relationship: Single Extra: N/A Character Character Quote or saying: “I know you’re busy, but when you’re done, do you mind picking up some Ambrosia on your way home?” Character Full Name: Asher Dimont Nickname: Ash Age: 18 Gender: Male Role/Job Ranking: N/A, lives off sister’s income (will try for a job later on) Pay: whatever money his future job will be Teachers: Alhx'es Zheligotovy, Irokij Character Traits Hair Color/Style: High fade haircut, auburn Eye color: Green-grey Skin Color: Tanned Body Type: Sturdy, long arms; ectomorph Personality: Asher is a quiet person, sticking to the comfort of his home and whatever alcohol he can get his hands on. He prefers to keep to himself, and is frightened of other people. He knows he must take up a job, but he managed to stay at home, living off some of his sister’s income.He’s not known for being particularly violent, but he is fiercely protective of his sister. He doesn’t like using his abilities very much. Likes: Alcohol (helps drain the pain from the accident), his sister Dislikes: Large crowds, loud noises, no alcohol left in the house Combat & Inventory Abilities: Telepathy, Illusion, Intangibility (aka Phasing), Omnilingual, void manipulation (uses sparingly), lie detection, fire magic Combat: N/A Biography History: Asher was overlooked as a child. His sister Erixa was given all the attention, all the chances to get the best possible life. Since he wasn’t a jealous type, he didn’t mind. There was no job that was planned for him - he just took things as it went. His trainers were lower class than his sister’s, but he worked hard, learning to use his abilities quickly. After the murder, he ran away with Erixa, hiding in a two bedroom apartment, living off his sister’s income. Family Father: Uru Reio Dimont Mother: Ollera Keajor Dimont Siblings: Erixa Dimont Relationship: Single Extra: N/A
  5. Erixa shook her head, trying to take in all the words. The usual morning grumpiness took over. "I just woke up, at least let me get some breakfast," she snapped. "And good God, why am I the one to have to babysit my brother? 'Bout damn time he learned how to fend for himself!" She grabbed the first thing on the table (a slice of orange) and stormed out of the room. Regret flooded her moments afterward, but she was not about to come back in there and apologize. Idiot, she thought. You got yourself all sapped up over Ben. Pull yourself together! You've got a case to solve, a brother to look after...oh, I can't wait for this to be over. I need this to go back to normal. She stopped short. Since when was anything in her life normal? For her, normal was watching her fool of a brother waste away on the couch while she tried to solve shit people had pulled. She just wasn't sure if she could handle something new. Tossing the blanket to the side, she collected her new clothes and sprinted upstairs to take a shower. She stood underneath the hot spray, watching little water droplets race each other down the tile as she let the shampoo sit in her hair. A knock sounded at the bathroom door. With a sigh, Erixa cut off the water. "What is it?" Asher poked his head into the room. "You busy?" Erixa rolled her eyes. "Whaddaya think?" Thank goodness for the foggy glass. "Uhm...yes...yeah, yes, busy," he stammered. "What do you want?" "I just...had some questions about work?" Asher squeaked. "It's been a while, and, uh...I don't know what I'm doing." Erixa groaned. "This is what you get for being a drunk! Listen, all you do is get dressed, take orders, and sign paperwork! It's not that hard! Figure it out! I'm not your mom!" There was a shuddering breath, and the door closed. Erixa passed a hand over her face, once again regretting her words. She was Asher's mom, in a way. She had to take that place after the murder. All she wanted was for Asher to play the part of her missing father. Instead, all she received was some addict who she hardly recognized as the boy from her childhood.
  6. Asher tramped down the hall in a festering mood. He'd woken up in a place he didn't quite recognize, wasn't greeted by his sister like usual, and he'd finished the Ambrosia Ben had given him earlier. As always, he tapped the empty bottle against his thigh as he walked. "Wazz fur breakfast?" he demanded, storming into the kitchen. He took the first empty chair, straddling it, and reached for the bacon. He avoided the oranges, and the glances that he wracked up to stares. His eyes flared as his telepathic abilities began to surface. "Any Ambrosia?" he muttered to no one in particular. He could deal with thoughts for a while, but when everything else made an appearance, there would be hell to pay. When no one answered immediately (or maybe they did and he just acted as it never happened), he groaned and laid his head on the table. Why, oh, why did Eerie have to agree to come here? Back home he would've been stocked full of alcohol. And those sweet rolls Erixa loved. He'd sit around all day while his sister went off to work - "Goddammit!" he shrieked. "I've got work!" Erixa woke only moments after Ben left. She sat up, sleep clouding her eyes. "Good God, did I literally just sleep with...?" She let out an unprofessional giggle before swinging herself out of bed. Then there was the matter of clothes - yesterday's outfit was somewhere on Abraxis' floor. And there was no way she'd be walking downstairs half dressed. Gnawing on her lip, she grabbed one of the bearskin blankets, wrapping it around herself like a makeshift dress. She'd grab something else to wear before she left the house. Leaving the room, she was nearly knocked over by her brother, who was running back upstairs, muttering to himself like a madman. Moments later, a door slammed. "O-okay," Erixa said slowly. She'd deal with him later; typically he needed a chance to deal with things himself. She trotted downstairs as if nothing happened and silently took her seat at the table.
  7. The Silmarillion, for probably about the 400th time...I have no life.
  8. Erixa slid in beside Ben, lying on her side, facing him. She studied him with a hint of amusement before snuggling up against him. Abraxis was fine company, but having known Ben longer, it was so much easier to take such a thing in stride. She slipped her arms around Ben's waist and buried her face in the crook of his neck. "I'm not letting go, either," she mumbled. A second later, she laughed to herself. Oh, Ben. She really did love him, truly. She was just so scared to get too attached. Losing him would be too much to bear. But she couldn't help it. Not one bit. "Don't leave too soon," she pleaded before falling asleep. "Stay a while."
  9. Oh, gosh. I have two instances from me working in the local herpetarium... Scene One (I'm talking to a bunch of high school seniors just outside the building.) Me: So, as you all probably already know, we study snakes and reptiles here - basically, it's a zoo for the scalies. Boy: Oh! Seriously? I thought this was a place where you studied herpes! Scene Two (I'm at a showing, handling snakes for yet another high school field trip. The one I'm currently holding is an eight foot long black rat snake.) Me: Now, these sweethearts live anywhere from New England, to south Georgia, to Northern Louisiana, and Southern Wisconsin... Girl in the front row: New England? Me: Yeah. Girl: But we're in North America. Me: Right. New England is apart of North America. Girl: Wait. Do we live in North America or the USA? Me: ...Yes.
  10. Erixa choked faintly as Ben's strong arms wrapped around her, but she didn't make a move to break the hug. Instead, she leaned back against him, breathing in his scent. "O-okay," she mumbled, trying to sound indifferent. In truth, she was honestly very pleased, but she wasn't one to show that. Oh, Ben, she thought, you flirtatious rascal. Why must you make things so difficult for me? (OOC: I'm so sorry my posts are short, goddammit!)
  11. Erixa quirked an eyebrow, taking another sip of her wine. "Well...not much is happening. Besides Ash working himself into a state, and me dealing with Gathering. To answer your question, I had to drop my Empathy classes. And everything else besides work." She reached up, running her fingers through her hair. "You're something else, Ben, you know that?" she murmured. "Thanks...thanks for trying to help with my brother. We both need it." Erixa's eyes dropped to her lap, a faint smile on her lips.
  12. Sure enough, Erixa had heard the conversation. She sat up, slightly dazed, hardly caring that the blanket had dropped away from her body. Her eyes drank in her new surroundings, including the red wine waiting for her. "You know me a little too well, you know that?" she grumbled, reaching for it. She gulped it down, shaking her head, just as Ben had predicted. "Too well," she repeated. She flashed a brief grin towards Greymite, leaning back into the couch cushions, her legs crossed. Her gaze finally slid over to Ben. "Alright, Ben, I'm up. What'cha need?" Erixa asked. She leaned over, reaching for the wine bottle. The red liquid tipped into her glass, but a moment later, she'd pressed the entire bottle to her lips. Sure, she hated her brother's habits, but she didn't mind a treat every now and then.
  13. Asher sat patiently as Ben started on him, sipping at the ambrosia as he stared blankly at the wall. His mind picked out what seemed like the most important instructions: introductions, Chief, He had to admit, he'd let it grow a little too long. And when was the last time he'd brushed it? Probably ages - he seemed to remember punching Erixa when she tried to yank a comb through it one time...God, was he in a state.
  14. @RavencrowI'm not entirely sure...I'd really like to keep Tsarra around, and it's really an interesting idea for an RP. I wouldn't mind keeping it up.
  15. Hello, and welcome to Valucre!