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  1. "You sure you should be moving, Ben?" Erixa asked, turning to face him. "You literally just finished getting patched up." She knew Ben was going to fight her on getting a move on anyway, so she started towards the door. "Ready when you are." (OOC: So sorry it's so short, and for the super long wait!!! Blasted writer's block)
  2. Brea sighed. "All right, kiddo, calm down." It was probably moot to say that; Nelly had gone through hell and back. It was completely normal to lose it. But right now, she needed Nelly with a slightly clearer head. "Look. You're safe here. I know it doesn't feel like it, but no one can get you ," Brea said softly, laying a gentle hand on her friend's shoulder. "C'mon. I think there's a stash of cocoa - or hot chocolate, whatever you call it - hidden somewhere. Adamantine always had a weakness for it." There wasn't hot water anywhere, but they'd come to that issue later. Brea moved around the room, rummaging through the mess until she unearthed a canister of the stuff. It was nearly empty, and placed on the island in the kitchen. Cups were procured from somewhere else. "You want some?" Brea asked Nelly. She paused. "Know what? See if there's some decently clean clothes around here..." It's not fun being covered in someone else's blood. She said silently. She glanced down at her own clothes, then looked to the girl standing in the middle of the mess. You're avoiding her. "Hey. Nelly," Brea murmured. She walked back over to her, pulling her into a hug. "I've got your back."
  3. Erixa had been standing beside Ben the entire time, white faced, with her lips pressed tightly together. She'd observed the operation without a word. By now she'd learned to stop asking questions, but the moment the newest guest had arrived, a million more burned on her tongue. Erixa looked furtively at Ben, silently demanding an explanation, before stepping forward. "Sir, I'm sorry, but Ben's just undergone surgery. I don't know if now is the best time to talk about family issues," she said hoarsely. "I know you probably mean well, but we've got enough work on our hands as is..." Her shoulders slumped. God, she was tired. All this running, this fighting, this stress. It was finally beginning to take a toll on her. Her walls were coming down. For a split second, anyone looking at her would see a young woman, just barely out of her teen years, just standing there, broken. Then she shook away the truth. Suddenly she was back to normal Erixa: stubborn, pretty, and thoroughly pissed off. Her hands flew to her hips and she looked to the stranger. "Can we help you?"
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    (As much as I hated the prequels.... >.<) I AM BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK!

  5. AFV for about two weeks. I'm going on a business trip! ^_^

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  6. G'day to you! Welcome to Valucre!!! :) Hope to see you around!
  7. Erixa stood there, shaking. Shadows swirled about her feet like attention-seeking cats. She stared at Xethrian, desperately trying to voice her thoughts. "So, uh...you're a bad guy?" she said stupidly. She crossed over to Ben, steering clear of the Broken Broods and Xethrian, unsure of what to do. The shadows slunk back to their proper places as she let go of them. (OOC: Writer's block! >.< Kill me now.)
  8. Brea tossed the apple core over the railing, watching it sail down into the depths below. A gust of wind caught it, prolonging the fall, before it splattered against the ground. Some poor soul would eventually find the remains and make a meager meal from it. She turned back to the penthouse. Whatever was going on down there didn't concern her. Not yet. Until a problem looked her in the eye, she wasn't going to worry. She sauntered into the bedroom, throwing herself down onto the bed. It creaked beneath her weight. A rancid smell hit her nose. She didn't want to know what it was. Sleep tugged at her eyelids. All Brea wanted to do was to close her eyes, and forget everything that had happened today.. Someone knocked on the door. Her eyes flew open. Brea sat bolt upright, pulse racing. The feds. They'd finally found her. That was her first thought that ran through her head. But no, they couldn't have. It had been ages since they'd last come after her. The second knock came. She had half a mind to attempt to scale the building, to get down and run before they could kick the door off the hinges. Stay calm. You're fine. Just...answer the door like a normal person...act stupid... Brea let out a slow breath and padded out to the hallway. Her fingers curled around the doorknob as she peered through the peephole. Her heart fluttered in relief. "Oh, thank god," she gasped, yanking open the door to see Nelson standing just outside. "C'mon, kiddo, let's get you inside." She ushered the girl in, taking note of the haunted, hunted look in her eyes and the gun haphazardly tucked away. "...What happened?" Maybe she was going to get involved a little sooner than desired.
  9. Erixa couldn't help it. She screamed. She hastily scrambled away from the Broods, hair falling into her eyes. Adrenaline kicked in. Her hand dropped to her hip, right where her crossbow should be... Her fingers closed around air. Again she screamed, this time out of frustration. A Brood swiped at her, sending Erixa reeling back, a stream of curses in her wake. "What do they want?" Erixa bellowed. "Besides to kill you?!" Or me. She dodged another blow, hitting the ground and rolling. Claws sank into the concrete, just inches away from her face. There was no way she'd be able to keep this up. These were genetically engineered mutants. Erixa was only a human with special abilities. SPECIAL ABILITIES. So use them, you asshat! She jumped to her feet, arms outstretched towards the shadows. They began to writhe, seeping away from their makers, slowly creeping towards her. Erixa was so focused on drawing them that she missed the first Broken Brood stalking towards her.
  10. Banned for thinking repetition is wrong.
  11. Erixa wasn't sure whether to laugh maniacally, cry, or to kneel. She seriously considered the last one; she felt faint. She gingerly took a step forward. "I don't know where to start," she whispered, teetering over to him. She gently traced the tattoos with her forefinger, eyes locked on the wings protruding from Ben's back. "You've got a lot of secrets up your sleeve, don't you love?" With a shaky hand, she reached out to touch one of the wings, only to hesitate and drop her arm to her side. "You know, I don't think I'm going to even try to understand," Erixa laughed weakly. "Do you have a plan in mind, or are we gonna wing it? Get it? Wing it?" She laughed again before burying her face in his chest. Puns. She was making goddamned, terrible puns. What was the world coming to? An end, it seems. She thought. Whatever. Just enjoy this time, this moment. The future would come later. "All right, let's get a move on. I don't want to waste any more time," Erixa mumbled. She stood on her toes, gently placing a kiss on Ben's cheek as she wrapped her arms tightly around his waist.
  12. Erixa sighed, staying on her feet. She wrapped her arms around herself. Her eyes fixed on the horizon, seeking something far away - something that burned her to the core. "It's nothing to get worked up over," she mumbled. "Just some medium-ship mistakes. Accidentally stumbled into some feisty shades. Spooks. Ghosts, whatever you wanna call 'em. Nothing I couldn't handle." She forced a laugh, gingerly touching her neck where the bruises started. "I always thought I'd somehow be able to lead a normal life, but it appears like it's out of the question," she said, trying to change the subject. She turned to Ben, an uncertain smile on her face. "You know what? I want to do something crazy. Before this goes any farther, I want to be stupid. To go wild."
  13. Erixa sat curled up in a broom closet, tears burning her eyes. Her nails dug into her knees. I've made a mistake. A terrible mistake. She thought. She stared at the outline of light surrounding the door, half expecting a shade to come bursting through and drag her back into their dimension. They knew. They knew. The arrangement...was it no longer a secret to anyone? She'd been so careful to cover her tracks, to set cold trails - had it all been for nothing? She groaned, covering her face. Maybe she should tell Ben...? No. That would make things worse. At least go and talk to him. Her mind reasoned. She stood up, pushing open the door. She heard the rush of a crowd down the hall, so she took a back way, stopping doctors and nurses every so often to ask about Ben. One young man pointed towards the roof. "Thanks," Erixa muttered. She sprinted up the stairs, pushing open the door to find Ben with Dr. Fowler. She glanced from the flowers, to Ben, to the doctor. She half wanted to slam the door and hide in a broom closet again. Instead, she stepped out into the open, clearing her throat. "Am I interrupting something?" she said innocently, desperately fighting back a glare for the doctor.
  14. Erixa let out an inhumane shriek, tumbling into giggles and writhing in Ben's arms. "Take...Gamma...eek...out! Shouldn't be too...hard!" Erixa squealed at the girls. She was vaguely aware of the sound of a tray dropping, but was too worried about escaping Ben to look in the direction. She tried everything she could: pinching, kicking, punching, but it was all half-hearted. Ben knew exactly how to get her helpless. At least, in her physical form. A slow grin crawled across her face. She forced herself to relax, to concentrate on her mediumship. No one else could see the shade leaving Ben's arms; only herself and the spirits that she had joined in another dimension. They wafted about her, oblivious to the newcomer. Glancing over her shoulder, Erixa could see a hazy outline of Ben holding a now limp form of herself. God, I need to get my hair touched up, she thought, frowning at the fading color in her hair. She waited for Ben to put two and two together of what had happened. A multilayered voice suddenly thundered in her head. Erixa Dimont. "Dammit," Erixa whispered. She turned around to a see a group of spirits standing before her. "Look, I haven't come to talk, boys. And girl," she added hastily, nodding at a young woman standing among them. Erixa Dimont. "Yes. That's me." Erixa huffed. You are in grave danger. One of the shades pointed at her, then beyond the barrier between the human and spirit world. All of them. "Yeah, I think we figured that out a few sec- ack!" Cold hands had closed around her throat. A shade stood before her, a wild light in its dead eyes. The DIACHONs have plans. You have interfered with them. They will target you first. When they finish with you, they will move to the next until they break Benaires, once and for all. A faint little laugh escaped Erixa's lips. "They will not target me." We know of your arrangement. It will not save you. Nor the others. She is angry. They all are. Death waits. The spirit released her, shoving her backwards. "I take my leave," Erixa said hoarsely. Not for long, sister. Not for long. She slipped out of the spirit world, sheltering herself in her body. Her physical form gasped like someone surfacing from a long dive. Gingerly, she felt her throat. There would be bruises. "Ben. Ben, let me go!" she hissed. All amusement was gone. With newfound strength, Erixa peeled herself from his arms, standing unsteadily. She didn't look anyone in the eye as she quietly left the room.
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