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  1. Katiya's skin crawled, there was something about the silence of the city, at least from this point. Even more so was the signatures that the undead woman could feel. Only on another plane had she felt more of them, but not a whole city full. If what Koji said was true, then at least the soldiers could have a fighting chance in case of an ambush. Katiya knew how alluring her kind could be, like a rabbit caught because it had attempted to take the carrot. The Empress had yet to bestow any kind of undead abilities amongst their soldiers, though she often wondered if Koji would ask. Since the wife Shi could not bare children of her own, her immortal lust would have to be thrown on a select few Koji trusted. After all, the pain of going through such transformation would need a strong soul to lose. Insatiable hunger could certainly prove maddening if they were not strong enough. It was a balance of trying to be logical and fighting a monster that constantly stood on ones shoulders. The empress was quiet and followed the Emperor, staying within area of their guards. The thought of forbidden delights piqued her interest, at least it had been a rumor she heard the soldiers whisper not long ago on the ships. While she was not hungry, she was not full either, making her wonder just how her kind found food, which brought her back to their entourage once more. @Twitterpated
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    Katiya enjoyed the pressure of being pushed up against her Emperor. A small smile tugged at the side of her lips as they sailed about the air. Instead of looking directly at him, she listened to him as he started to explain more about the city. The Empress took note of the lavished city and skyline before her, relishing the view that mere mortals would never enjoy. They descended not long after their tour and his explanation of the culture of the city’s people. As they came to the large doorway she could see guards leaving them be as if they needed any introduction. The Empress clasped his draconic hand without worry, prideful even. Though her face appeared different, she was in awe at the intricacies of the building as it unfolded before her. The curious nature in her would have assuredly touched and looked at things up close, yet she felt the need to stay near him as they continued their way in. They passed the portrait in question, she paused as if it was an art piece in a gallery. Katiya’s head finally turned to the side and looked up at him. “I look forward to meeting them. This place is absolutely decadent, well put together.” It looked like no one had even lived in it with how still everything was. Was it bad that she looked informal? Clearly Koji wasn’t worried about it, yet she didn’t know the people in the picture well enough to judge. Koi was Emperor and Katiya was the new Empress, she felt she had to make up for that in most instances since she largely stayed away from the lime light. @Twitterpated @Aleksei
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    Deep shades of purples, pinks, and orange hues illuminated the Oo'Xora skies, painting her pale face just lightly tan. Katiya's eyes looked like ruby jewels as she looked out into the city. For a moment she closed them and lifted her head to take in the light breeze. Unlike most of the trips they had attended for business, this one was finally for a little rest. The vampire could have crawled out of her skin when she heard they would have some time alone. Especially when it came far between normally. Hearing him speak she finally opened her eyes and looked over at him. Instead of being dressed in royal attire, she was wearing a bland black robe with some chiffon falling just over her opaque arms. Blood red ties with hints of silver wrapped around her curved waist. Long bright blonde hair fell around her shoulders instead of pinned in a million different places. She seemed more in her element, the Gothic bartender he had acquired in the Halo. Katiya's eyes left him to the city once again to look onward at the Ventus Temple he spoke of, she knew what building just by the glow at the top. "Really?" There was a hint of excitement at exploring the temple and relishing in what it had to offer. His hand wrapped around hers soon after, causing her to break her view of the city, looking at him once more. While she enjoyed the taste, even the entertainment, she also enjoyed exploring and learning the history of where they were at. Perhaps they would start there and find this figure 'Belah,' that Koji had mentioned. The vampire, being more nocturnal would find more than enough time to scratch an itch that had been nipping at her feet for months. The energy in the air changed, it has his energy. A normally composed Koji was no longer there as she found herself amused with her husband's excited nature. He had managed to pull a genuine smile from her. "Ikimashou." She returned softly. She did not find herself afraid of the height in which he had launched them from, after all, the hand of a dragon would bring flight into play. A laughter emitted from her as they found themselves off to start their adventure. @Twitterpated
  4. The swaying of the ship had not been favorable to the Empress, she had never been a fan of them. Though she did appreciate the size in which weighed it down. If it were smaller she might have almost refused. Over the weeks travel she found her equilibrium leveling out and she was able to find her posture again. As he entered she was behind a thin fabric being dressed by her handmaids. For excursions she found herself wearing much less than her usual weighted obi. They had started to busy themselves with the last touches on her hair and softer more natural colors on her make up. Katiya looked up from the mirror to see the Emperor behind her, mentioning he was ready to leave the ship. There was a small smile that appeared. "Finally." He knew how she had been feeling, her relief was not of pure hatred for the ship, but she would relish in the time away from it. Or so she thought. As he mentioned not knowing who the dark aura was she got up from her rest and turned to him. "Well, I'm sure whomever it is, will be of no concern of ours." After stepping off, she was met with the energy of her own kind. The air was thick with them, she looked at Koji with some caution. "Have these soldiers and knights ever met a hungry vampire?" Perhaps there were some here, and she wondered if their training included creatures that would be more than willing to eat them, especially starved. @Twitterpated
  5. There was silence in the palanquin, for a while her pale hands would drift to the linen lifting it to peer out the window. While she was a vampiric sort, she had gained that ability to be in sunlight for a time. The most it would do these days is make her a little lethargic. Dark ruby eyes were illuminated by the sunlight, giving them a jewel effect as they wandered back to him. Katiya's full lips had been carefully decorated with red and her cheeks rouged so she looked at least more alive. For a while she had a headache, something she hadn't mentioned to Koji. It was the reason her blonde hair hadn't been pulled as tightly, instead they had decorated her with fresh red and white flowers that moved just a second after her head did. The city they were entering was marvelous, and those outside became curious. She managed to catch the eye of a person far off, she quickly pulled her hand away. As she did, Koji asked about Raveena. There were many in his circle she hadn't met. After the last place they had looked at, she wondered if she would get the chance. "Si haven't, svaust ui jaciv? Mobi ui kiarf ekess yor, si mi jaunus. Ihk instance, kii yth re tenpiswo?" Katiya's voice was coy. Every time they were out it was a different reason, once for relaxing, another for prowess, and to find land to put their feet down for a bit. Katiya moved her whole body toward him, her elbow leaning against the back of their seat, her hand keeping her chin up delicately as she smirked up at him. "Svabol visek ui coi nomeno tairais?" @Twitterpated
  6. Katiya was in tune with most of Koji's moves, if he lead her off a cliff, it was his own doing. Not that she did things blindly, she chose what she wanted, the red string was not a ball and chain to her. Perhaps it was infuriating to those who did not understand why she gave him free will without repercussions of a normal wife. Perhaps it was something he saw favor in her, her lack of jealousy, her understanding in putting all of her cards on the table so they could say what they wanted and it lacked effectiveness in harming her. The vampire was pleased with what she saw. The woman turned to her emperor after he explained his lack of acquiring the land, yet. "Hak coi nishka qe authot. Si tepoha eluithol nomeno geou prove ekess qe vi okarthel yth shilta jlaa persvek, batobot trian concubine vur heirs geou lamith ihk generations." If there was one thing Koji could count on, it was her willingness to be determined in his plans. It wasn't that she was a servant, if she felt the land was lackluster she might say differently. While someone might find the land rather barren she found amusement in the possibilities. The blonde turned to him, a smug grin playing across her lips. A pale hand reached up to caress his cheek, trailing down to just under his chin. The empress cherished the small moments they had alone together, to be frank and a bit devious. "Vi ilieh okarthel nishka qe nadota ekik. Vin tangis ilieh cuaili, throdenilt zyak." Ruby eyes wandered to the side of her and then back to him, rather innocently, yet he must have known exactly what she meant. Perhaps it was not just for them, the empress was after all a deviant in her own right. The blindfolded palace was not privy to her endeavors, most did not speak of what she might do. For all they knew she was boring, proper, certainly not the empress he knew when she shut the door. Katiya cleared her throat and faced forward, "Who are we meeting with?" @Twitterpated
  7. Katiya managed to give herself quite the headache as she had yet to quell her thirst. For now she was stable, ignoring the faint voice in the back of her head that begged her to become unruly. Ruby eyes cast upon Koji as he began speaking in his native tongue, though she was quiet for a moment. This had been their first outing since she had become Empress, it left her with a feeling of relaxation. A weight had been lifted off her shoulders, she wasn't saving face for those around her, which left her being more frank with him as he would expect. "Wer pab ornla qe lovely, ornla yth tepoha choice persvek wer selgtarn?" Another thing she was excited about was looking at land she hadn't set eyes on before. Like most in Valucre she hadn't seen one she didn't like, but perhaps he simply refrain from taking her to such areas. His shadows never put her off, she found it faster even to simply leave and appear in another place. A porcelain hand wrapped around his dark scales like a snake winding through branches. Today she had chosen a deep plum colors, along with hints of red and white for the other layers of her robes. Unlike her usual attire she only kept three layers as summer was already at its peak for the season. Katiya kept her hair half way down, the rest had been pulled back tightly and a large golden hair piece had been situated near the top of her head. It could have almost blended with her golden locks, yet the red and purple jewels enabled it to stick out more. "Svaklar re wux claxir ve ilroevi?" There had to be something attached to simply wanting to leave the palace to find a vacation house? Any excuse was good with her but she knew him too well. @Twitterpated
  8. Impressed was far reaching, had the seer brought them a blind woman who used her senses like a ghost, she might be inclined to think differently. Though she didn't fault the woman either, how could one judge when she barely knew her? Kimiko leaned into her hand, surprising and amusing Katiya. Koji knew Katiya better than anyone, he had to know she was more like an analytical scientist. Research now, research again, eventually Kimiko would blossom into her own person. Only then could she really cast judgement. The servant had pulled her a fair distance away from the couple. Kimiko could feel the woman's hand, perhaps map out and understand the servant was a bit older than herself. She would be curious to see who Koji would place to train Kimiko to use her blindness as a weapon. A few months time and she wondered what kind of person the mute woman was to become. Upon hearing Celine was due once more, her brows rose with some surprise. He might catch the hint of jealousy since they had been fairly apart, something she would reconcile later, for now she continued her stroll with ease. "They already worry over things like names, though I'm certain I'll know what to call them when I see them. Just like I've done with Kaori, and the Prince Akui" A small smile appeared on her, quickly masking her curiosity, "I have no doubt. A name can only come when seeing, dare I say holding a new energy, in my own opinion." Aside from Noi she fell silent, until they reached the rooms, and stairs leading down to more, it would be Koji's choice on where to place her near her siblings. Guards stood near by and the buzzing of servants could be heard bringing fresh linens to the rooms. Their adventure would soon cease with Kimiko, at least until she was nestled within her confines, and until the Emperor had decided where she was to be next.
  9. The Empress preferred the sweet, at least for now it made her look human as well as satiated the hunger that growled deep beneath her calm exterior. Deep rouge lips sunk into the soft outer layer of strawberry mochi, there was something delightful about the taste, perhaps it was mixed with sakura petals. Katiya was amused with the entertainment, the wisps of colors and the dramatic play that ensued. There was some surprise in her that Koji had decided to stay within the halls of Lady Akako, his arrogance did amuse her. She could feel eyes on them, watching like diligent hawk, though they became just boring spectators of the show. It was obvious Akako and Xartia would not be at rest until their party was safely away from ruining their festivities. Katiya had not intended to stir trouble, aside from it being land that did not welcome them with open arms, it was beautiful and something she hadn't seen. Innocent eyes peered away from her treat and landed on him, "I think it would be lovely." There was an attempt not to sound too captivated by the idea, she slipped back into watching the scene and finishing her treat. Yet something in her started to fixate on the idea, with a couple of twists involved. She wondered if marketing the idea would be met with curiosity or disenchantment. "I wonder if such a thing has been done in water?" Be it ice, or water itself, she envisioned dancers and divers on high up rings, contorting themselves until finally falling. Or both? Some on land, some in water, even air. Implications of each element came to mind that could dazzle in their own respects. "Or, fire, in the air, or even simply on the ground." She knew he would catch on to the idea, Valucre had various regions that touched on each element in some way. A small smile escaped her, "No, aside from it's inhabitants, this place is rather agreeable, both in food and entertainment." @Twitterpated @Akako Akari @Tenkai Matsumoto @Aleksei @dvsn @Etched In Stone @Chappu
  10. Katiya watched as Koji started to leave the girl mostly to her own devices. Some of her wondered about the move to do so, was he testing her? Did he wonder if she was really incapable of supporting herself? Or was it his ignorance to her conditions? Could it have been his willingness to show Katiya that the woman, while looking like Kimiko, did not possess him? Ever the case, she was curious herself, while she didn't look back she could hear stumbling every now and then, it wasn't long before her mind had been made up about Kimiko's capabilities. Perhaps over time she would gain some of her own way of navigating, she had to guess by the girl's determination that her elegance might return in other ways. The Empress made a note that a servant would need to be assigned to her until she did find her footing. They passed the elegant hallways of the palace, something the blind woman would not be able to enjoy. Though she could hear the sounds of open air, birds chirping, water trickling between rocks from the gardens, the sweet scent of spring drifting in to summer, and a breeze caressing her porcelain face. At least from that, Kimiko could paint a picture for herself as to what kind of place she was about to call home. Koji had began speaking about Kimiko's role as a concubine as well as who she would be rooming with. His face turned to ask her a question about Noi's child, just as she was about to answer she was cut painfully short. Normally it would be difficult to hold balance with the amount of robes she found herself in, yet Katiya stiffened upon Kimiko's impact. The vampire could feel her hands cling to her robes as if to find any amount of stability not to hit the cold marbled floor. In doing so, the Empress could feel the robes become much heavier and they began to slink away from their proper place, pulling them back and opening her collar ever so slightly. Servants far behind them lifted their hands to gasp while no one was looking, guards took pause at the scene. Katiya's eyes widened ever so slightly, "We will have to work on your elegance, Kimiko." Her head turned to the side of her right shoulder, looking downward at the possibly petrified woman. A small grin began to form, a pivotal moment for the Empress to show both humility and authority. Katiya reached to touch Kimiko's wrist, putting enough pressure to assure the woman to let go. When she did, if she did, she carefully turned to face the new concubine. Taking in what features she could of the late empress, she reached her free left hand to Kimiko's face with patience. Katiya's hands were like ice, yet soft as a silk scarf as they carefully went down Kimiko's cheek to her soft lips. Most would think a vampire smelled of death and iron, yet Katiya smelled of bergamot and tea leaves, something she found relaxed the servants around her. After all, she could only be so forgiving until one or two went missing and Koji would simply turn his head the other way. "Truly uncanny, as if you were a sculpted piece of artwork." She murmured to Kimiko, her voice low and analytical. It wasn't long before Kimiko would feel another set of hands on her, this time she would hear rushed footsteps first. Quickly a servant bowed and transferred Kimiko's hand to her own, she would feel the warmth in her hand return as the woman was clearly alive. The coolness in Kimiko's face fading away just as Katiya intended. It left the Empress to adjust herself accordingly and turn to Koji, without skipping a beat she finally answered him. "I would have to agree, an old wives tale I read about suggested the way a woman's stomach is shaped. Either way, I can only assume the child will have a fighting spirit like it's mother." They continued to walk, the servant stopped Kimiko and kept her in place, just behind them as Koji had expected. There would be no error in where she was supposed to be, as well some guidance around before she truly gained her footing.
  11. Katiya didn't move as Koji became swallowed up by the mist of Akako and signaled them to stay. It blocked the view of both entourages, leaving them to stare at a black mass. The Empress wasn't worried, after all whatever struggle he had with his then mother-in-law was of none of her concern. Any ill will toward Akako was her own just as his was also his own responsibility. Knowing Koji, she knew that the black wall that came down eventually would reveal them both in good health. At least on the outside, what went on emotionally might not be known to her right away. How nervous was Xartia? From the corner of her eye she caught the boy with him earlier running off, clearly, that nervous. This made her pause, that must be someone he is close to, if not his own kin. The vampire took mental note to ask Koji later, she wasn't about to assume anything with this family. Katiya's other pause came from from her own previous thoughts, twisting them into Xartia's. It was as if Xartia was holding a sword to her own neck, and Koji to this boy's. She didn't put the thought past him, now that he knew where she stood and that he had even considered putting her there. The vampire had enough enemies at the moment, the thought of one more wasn't concerning. Knowing her Emperor, she knew he would not display her if he felt she couldn't handle herself or that she was in mortal danger. Koji brought her here to face the very people she had meant to so long ago. She was sure he had already thought of the fact that once Xartia or Akako saw her, they might use her as a pawn to get back at him. More people began to gather, most likely to greet Akako in person. Ruby eyes wandered around to view who was in tow, those that began to speak caught her attention. The appearance of someone familiar made her emotionless face turn to a light confusion. It was fleeting as Koji had returned from the mists, she quickly turned face with him, it became very clear that they were not staying. She did not find herself heartbroken, the outcome seemed to be as any negotiation between rivals would go. What he did next made her pause, his talons in the air wishing Akako long life. Katiya's brows rose and she smirked slightly, waiting for the crowd to die down with their amusement of such a display. "Vorqic hefoc dout regipre jahus met mrith petranaswin." Sarcasm dripped from her low sultry voice. As they passed by those looking to greet the Yokai Queen, she caught the one eye of a monk who had stared at her for a minute. He looked painfully familiar, despite his newer appearance, perhaps she had given him a drink in her years as an owner, or tender for the Halo. She had not lost her memory, but instead pushed it in the back of her head as she had other things to tend to. Perhaps another time if fate had presented itself, she would meet him to quell her curiosity. @Twitterpated @Akako Akari @Tenkai Matsumoto @Aleksei @Chappu
  12. Perhaps it would be a surprise if Nana was not Kimi in disguise, even though everything screamed it was looking to be so. What would happen? The Emperor loved the late Empress in his own way. Her erratic nature was intoxicating and willed him to the ledge with her time and time again. Surely in his own way he could not believe there was only one true love, for himself perhaps, but she wondered if hands were laid on her by another, would he feel so freely then? It was a fleeting thought but if he knew anything about her, it was that she was a witty realist. While she did not possess the nature of an mercurial spirit, she possessed a certain gravity, dragging him back down when no one else could say it. It seemed as though her outburst had struck something. A red string tied around his hands gripped him back to her if only for a moment. The low grumble of dragon was soft instead of the growl he had earlier. This felt more like them, seeing a grin appear on his face she was delighted to meet his eyes. The touch of his hand at the small of her back made her skin prickle, his lips greeting her own with such passion and assurance made her smirk between each kiss. Katiya felt her own control loosen a little as a porcelain hand snaked its way around his neck, ever so slightly did her thumb and index finger apply pressure. How badly she wanted to put a grip around his neck and yet she elegantly moved her hand to the back of his jaw and ear. When they released, the hand to his draconic smoothed over the scales as if daring them to pierce her. "Si mi ti tesantamaso." Was all she answered back, after all, she wasn't and he knew just what she meant. There was something different about how Katiya came to be and how Kimi was coming back, so to speak. This was his choice, as was she was at one point in time. As he stepped away and gave her knowing gaze, her eyes closing for a moment and her head almost nodding. It should have come as a surprise, but with their entire meeting she knew he would most likely name her something that reminded him of Kimi. Katiya looked to the ceiling, inhaling as he read her name aloud. The Empress made her own mental note, knowing that if it was her, she would do as she planned for Xartia. If Kimiko demanded any sway over Koji she would truly feel what kind of a monster lurked below Katiya's good graces, something she wondered if Kimi thought about long ago. The odds were already stacked neatly against her by everyone in the empire, what was adding one more name to the board. "Perhaps we would show her to her new quarters?" She watched as the woman seemed to be drawing something in Koji's palm. There was a moment of silence as she waited to see what he would do or say. The Empress merely looked at the servants near by, two bowed out and left to seek preparations.
  13. I am everything, and nothing you ever wanted. Before even catching sight of them she was nervous. Bubbling in her stomach could have been from her hunger, or perhaps she came up with the thought to quell her anxiety. What was she anxious for? A monstrous thought entered, one in which she was back in the mountains with him. Except, the wine was not wine, instead liquid she had acquired from these beasts. The display of course was regal, a spread fit for two, perhaps more if they so allowed. Delicacies of treats lay on wooden trays across the room. Maybe there was wine, but next to it was a shapely glass holder, hand done by a blower in the east. At the bottom was where her own cup had acquired such liquid, blood, barely moving, thick. Her porcelain hands wrapped around the stem, swirling it in her own quiet victory. Someday, but today was not that day. Their group along with Lady Akako and Lord Xartia's seemed at a stand still as they faced one another. Ruby hues landed on her first, how poise she was, even for her untimely, dismemberment. Katiya almost wondered if she was stitched up like a doll. When she addressed Koji, as Lucius, it amused her with how daring Akako was, even after everything. Though she knew well that Koji would have his composure, even with her attempt to throw him in the mud. After all, he had been past what she had done to him or Kimi, at least in regards to watching per personally squirm. There was a boy with them, though Katiya knew not who he was, but he smelled familiar. While she had ignored him with her gaze for a time should feel Xartia staring. He seemed stunned to see the blonde standing in front of him. The vampire was much different back then, not the woman standing in Dastuzoku attire. Certainly not the woman the Emperor called her by. Yet, one who never forgot his face, Xartia. He looked untouched, and clearly he hadn't suffered the same atonement Akako had. Katiya's face did not move, instead she very swiftly turned her bright ruby eyes directly on him as Koji introduced them once again. The vampire cast a mildly wicked smirk across her visage, it would only be given to him briefly before disappearing into a stone emotionless expression. "A pleasure." Was all she said. Koji had addressed that Akako and he met in private to give a gift, one she was not even sure of. Though knowing him, it perhaps wasn't the kind of gift Akako wanted, but one that would entice her curiosity to know more. "Is it commonplace for a gentleman to want the heads of others? If I may ask, what does one do with the heads - paperweight, formal decoration?" @Twitterpated @Akako Akari @Aleksei @dvsn @Chappu
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