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  1. Katiya was not a part of that plan, in fact she was a flaw in that plan. In her eyes it was a welcoming flaw that he decided to wander back into the Halo. The empress before her provided Noi, Celine, and her other sisters to sustain such a bloodline. A vampire was a dark mark that blotted bits of black ink on a fine white sheet of paper. A ghost, however, would prove to be a steady equal in her own dark mark. Katiya accepted the kiss mechanically as she focused on finishing off the bottle Akui had been working on. Besides, she knew the emperor would be jubilant to continue the celebration with his elated city. Something crept in the air though, it was gentle to start, like a haunting breeze you couldn't ignore. A dead creature herself, she watched as it snaked its way around the crowd. It caused them to become uneasy, mostly anything it passed by. The vampire pulled the bottle away from Akui as he finished, handing it off to a servant hovering around them. Carefully she turned him toward her shoulder and rubbing, patting him on the back, all the while her eyes wandered around the crowd. She was distracted with it, paying attention to what was going on. Koji had been caught up with Gwen, she hadn't even noticed the woman stepped in. If she hadn't been caught off guard she might be more welcoming, she hoped Gwen wouldn't take offense. Before she could even get out a hello, the crowd seemed to be gagging, crying, and groaning at the overwhelming sense of dread that this, thing, brought with it. Those around them became ill. Katiya rubbed Akui's back, soothing him even if he didn't seem to be getting sick. There was a reason for this of course, one she wasn't totally aware of. Shi - had no fear in death, or phantoms, zombies even. Yet it troubled her that those around her were feeling this. As Koji and Gwen stood not far off, she could see that they too looked uneasy. What was it? Ruby eyes carefully looked over at the side of Akui's head, was it familiar? The child seemed to coo instead of cry like the rest had done. There were faint noises in the distance, people had crowded themselves around an elderly looking man. Katiya could save such a soul, yet she didn't move an inch. Had the ghost picked someone younger she might be inclined to be a beast. Yet an elderly man would have no use to the empire if she brought him back. Instead, she simply watched Koji's face, taking in every inch of the way his expression rapidly changed.
  2. Even those might be a facade, the sheathes looked as though they had been throughly cleaned. One had a black lacquer to it while the other had a dull reddish tone to it. 'Trouble?' Internally she found herself amused, considering her own ears would match Ioreth if she had given her whole self an outward look. It seemed as though she hadn't paid close attention who was around her. There were others seated at the table, Ioreth gestured to the seat near her. Without saying a word she gently put down her bag and took a seat, listening to introductions. Dreamer continued to fall silent as the contract and job were listed out to her and Holly. As is most of the jobs she took, protection, murder, things of that sort were jobs she enjoyed. It was a clear cut point, get in, get item, protect woman, see the world. Dreamed leaned back in her chair, crossing her arms and making a face that seemed to say, 'sounds good to me, where do I sign?' As she introduced Viscerex and Holiness she merely took note of them, wondering if they were in the same boat as her. What had they traded to go along with this journey? What were they after? Dreamer was fairly interested in artifacts, but she was more interested in taking on adventure. For now she couldn't truly trust anyone at the table, perhaps her mind would change over time. The demon took hold of the contract, she wasn't into fine print. If it was anything like 'You don't get to keep the artifact even if it grants wishes,' or 'You might die on this journey,' she still didn't care. She picked up a pen and quickly jotted her signature across the line, taking one hand and sliding it back over to Ioreth with a nod, "See you in the morning, Boss." With that she did as she was told, picking up her bag and making note of where they would meet for the next day. She noticed the other leave quickly as well to find shelter for the night.
  3. Should be able to post this week. Bogged today but soon! My boss is going out of town and going to a trade show I coordinated so I gotta be vigilant till it's all up and running. ?
  4. Huge apologies, I got busy with a couple of things.
  5. Through her countless journey's and contracts she had never set foot on this land before. Needless to say the contract itself was intriguing, and she needed some adventure in her life. There was no hesitation to accept in mercenary work, she often called herself a weapon. Though as of right now, no one had the hands on her hilt to wield such power, making her feel more rogue than normal with her decisions. The demon had asked for maps, traveled through shadows and had seemly made it to the spot she was supposed to meet the others at. Dreamer mostly kept to herself, allowing her features to be seen when under attack, or perhaps more normally around those who got used to her. For now she had chosen rather dull features to keep her in line with whatever was thrown at her. Short black hair stretched to her shoulders, her skin looked smooth, they might not even believe she had killed countless people. The garb she had chosen to wear was simple, yet comfortable, gray jeans, a black tank top, some combat friendly boots. A bag was tossed over her shoulder and a pair of katana's rattled against her backside. The Stuffed Pheasant - The sign stated. It appeared to be the right one as she wandered on in. What she was looking for was a woman with a bunch of tattoos and white hair, her gray eyes wandered about the room slowly before she finally found her. Eventually she came close to her, "I assume based on the ears and hair alone, you are who I'm looking for." A small smirk appeared on her lips.
  6. With quick haste, he was past her, tending to Noi who was about ready to lose her mental stability over the crowd inching toward her pregnant frame. Wordlessly she watched them for a moment, not wanting to interfere with her care. What came next seemed unorthodox of Koji. The emperor could have handed the young prince to any of the maids that usually tended to him. Yet here he was, seeing how well she would adapt again, this time with his own son. Daring if those around him should ask, Kimi hated her. The very thought of Katiya holding their son would have her clawing away at her grave. A dangerous game, she locked eyes with him and slowly smirked. "Of course." She reached for him, carefully transferring Akui to her arms. Though she didn't make any strange cooing sounds to get him to stop fussing. Instead for the first couple of moments she sway lightly. Ruby eyes lingered down to watch his rather curious gaze, it was something she hadn't seen before, truly marvelous colors mixing together. Both monsters, it seemed their bond was instant, though she wasn't about to let anyone know her inner thoughts. With exception of a small smile that curled on her glossed lips. Without so much as a gaze to the other servants she spoke, "Bring me a bottle." They didn't need any more than that before two rushed off to procure one for her. As they waited, she continued to sway lightly, walking every couple ones, as if it was a small dance without music or song. Their energy seemed calm against each other, which left Katiya bringing her attention to Koji and the new Shogun, Koharu, who had made a speech after her own. Dare she wander that way, instead she simply watched the exchange, perhaps she would meet Koharu at some point. For now her request was met and a servant presented a warm bottle. After testing it on the back of her hand to make sure they didn't try and burn him or should it smell off, she carefully fed the fussy prince. If they had waited any more then everyone would hear the cry of the future emperor.
  7. I should be getting things in order later today. Got busy at work and what not.
  8. Of my newb self can find it. Only other issue is that I don't think the character is fully filled out. Annnd I just had to order a new cord for my laptop. So! Should be Weds, is it alright if I get you everything by then?
  9. Dreamer

    Highway to Hell

    Dreamer had successfully made it back to camp. There was too many people working for her to really be noticed. Not much had been going through her head on the way back. Although this time she kept her wits about her and clutched one of her katanas. After reaching the camp she explained what had gone on and proceeded to procure medics and stretchers. While she had hoped to keep the scene at a minimum, it seemed there were onlookers from the road. Perhaps Sebastian didn't think much of her, or that she was trustworthy and capable of making it back. From the small interaction they had she chose to stay neutral until she knew. After arriving back, she directed the medics to him, and they seemed to figure out who needed what. From there she heard him speak about setting up camp. She felt relief, at least she could set up and try and rest. Though in the back of her mind she wondered what would sneak up on them in the night. There was no room to be nonchalant about it, this place was truly limited with supplies or assistance if needed.
  10. This sounds interesting! I'd be interested in joining if that's alright? I have a character I can use.
  11. Katiya watched as Koji introduced his children, she smiled as Kaori beamed with excitement to see such people cheering. Meanwhile, she was surprised with how calm Akui was, she smirked lightly, thinking how his demeanor really did match his father more than Kimi. As he announced Kimi's death, she could see the concern in people's eyes, yet filled with hope when Koji reassured them her presence would stay within Akui. Since hearing was heightened for her kind, she could see some of the crowd was pointing and whispering about Noi. Katiya couldn't look beside her at Noi, although some of her wanted to. Thankfully she was with Celine, if anything she knew her former concubine sister would ensure that Noi was taken care of. She noticed while they were waiting to come out that she was clearly uncomfortable. Having not spoken to her, and not understanding what being pregnant was like, she could only imagine that it was already uncomfortable enough, and standing with a large crowd wasn't ideal. A maiden came to face her and Koji as he spoke she bestowed three items. Katiya turned to Koji, without saying a word he knew she thought each was beautiful. Carefully she picked up each, feeling its call to her. When energy drew cold on one, she placed it down. Finally she landed on the pearls, when she touched them there was something familiar about them. Something that felt like home, as well as a dare, a dislike for her. A slow grin appeared across her lips. It was like touching a wild horse that refused to be tamed, the allure of control to master it gave her pause. 'I am everything you didn't want, yet here we are.' Katiya carefully picked up the pearls and the maiden assisted with putting them on. After a moment of silence she turned to the crowd. They were obviously suspicious and confused. If she refused to speak then it would only make them more so. Instead, maybe keeping things brief would at least give her a voice, perhaps create talk about her that wasn't so perplexed. "An empire takes many to make it, however, takes a few to make it exceptional and worthy of being written into history. I am blessed with the honor of being your incoming Empress." Katiya knew that she might not have been their first choice, but she was Koji's first choice. Their history was unknown to anyone standing on the platform with her. Koji knew what taking her hand meant, the minute she accepted being a concubine she would not do as her sisters could. Producing children wasn't in her cards. What was in her cards was protection of him, protection of an empire she had grown to love. Shi, the concubine of death was to protect everything Koji held dear. One thing was certain, Kimi would have been more than displeased with Koji. "I promise with everything I have that I will earn your respect, and in return, I only ask that we continue flourish, that we win any war up against us." Katiya bowed to the city, it wasn't that she needed to, and maybe it was unorthodox. She knew deep down she was in service to those around her, just as they were to her. Even if she found silence, even if they didn't approve, she came back up and faced them. One could say that respect was simple to earn with those of an empire, if you had a title, you could simply wave fear in their face. Katiya's aim was not to become an empress built solely on fear, the only fear she hoped to instill was in those that crossed her path with spiteful intentions. Finally she looked at Koji and smiled, her eyes shifting to Kaori and Akui briefly before facing the front and standing beside him. @Twitterpated @Aleksei @Etched in Stone @Hurttoto @Eternity
  12. Trinity put her hands behind her back and seemed to walk around the property as if it were an antique shop. She closed her eyes and continued her pacing, though it seems she really didn’t need to see where she was going. Instead she took in what he said, imagining the crowds, the tranquility of talk after a long day of working. Just as the tavern had possessed him, she could feel that it wanted to be heard. Yet, there was also something very lonely about it, possibly even some heartache it had experienced. It had been as most places had in this world, once full of family and strangers alike that found solace in gathering. When she finally opened her ice blue eyes, she landed on him again. “A drink, something to warm me, whiskey perhaps.” She hadn’t directly addressed his story, though she was contemplating what to say. “This place may never see that kind of crowd again. However, I could see new people finding tranquility in it. We often lose our ways and run as far as possible to get away from it all.” Clearly she spoke as though she had done the same thing. “I know that feeling well.” She finally smiled and approached what would be a counter to possibly get that drink she had insisted upon. “I feel free, yet so lost at the same time, have you ever felt that way Lucien?” @HeavensDarkestAngel
  13. The new Empress stood next to Koji, her face without any kind of emotion. The drums started to play, her vision shifted to the side to watch as they began to bang against the enlarged base in unison. Truly an art to play Taiko drums, if one fell out of rhythm then the rest would simply not work, it acted as a dance that was as graceful as it was powerful. The knights were a sight to see as well, a show of prowess as it were. Just as brute as the knights were, so came the calm of the dancers swaying not far behind. Ruby eyes wandered to Koji, and then back to the entertainment, a small brow raising. Of course, she felt that he sometimes liked to poke the beast within her. Surely this was for entertainment only, though her amusement held other thoughts. As they continued to make their way down to the crowds, she saw soldiers moving about to secure where the royal family stepped. As everything fell in to place, she saw the dancers once again appear and then spread amongst themselves to reveal Koji, his children, herself, and her sisters. The large crowd erupted in cheering and Katiya found herself smiling. Unfamiliar ground left her following his lead, she didn’t lift a hand. Instead, she stood in place with her sisters and watched the crowd before her like a smiling statue. This was something Koji would have to present to the world. There was plenty to learn, a full ceremony like this was certainly one of them, at least how they conducted one. There were certain parts she was sure he would lead her through. At least she hadn’t been totally baffled by the whole thing, in her human years her parents managed to throw rather expensive soirees. Katiya had been brought up on how to act in front of important people. Though she cherished being genuinely ‘down to earth’ with Koji. @Twitterpated @Chappu @Aleksei
  14. Just as he had came, so had the snow. Thick gray clouds had muffled the sun's rays, instead blanketing the earth with a white dust. Large flakes came in chunks and began sticking to the ground before him. Not far off stood a woman, her skin as pale as a porcelain doll. Locks of wavy hair was as white as the snow falling around them. A long white laced dress hung off her lithe frame and sprawled behind her like a wedding dress. Crystal blue eyes watched him for a moment, her breathe clouding around her with each warm air she released. It looked as though she was holding on to a rope the stretched to a larger animal behind her. A black horse that dug at the ground and moved its head anxiously. "So that's it?" She seemed to answer him, "You're leaving for good? Or for the winter?" A curious look appeared across her once emotionless face, "I was wondering if I might take shelter here. It's rather cold and I have gotten lost in this area, it seems." ---Reply--- "Splendid." The woman smiled, accepting his terms. With that she simply looked at him and raised her hand. The creature that stood behind her dissipated into nothing more than smoke. "I appreciate the gesture. Those who are kind are usually the most rewarded." The white haired woman moved to lift her dress, revealing white boots that she had been tracking through the snow in. When she reached the steps she held out her hand to him, "My name is Trinity, nice to meet you--?" There was something eerie and familiar about her, though at first glance she just looked like some kind of snow elf. Her pointed ears protruded from the side of her hair with silver piercing laced around them. "Do you own this place?" ---Start from where we were at--- YOU: Lucien tilted his head slightly as the horse dissipated. He was no stranger to magic, though he supposed he must be a bit rusty at feeling its presence in others if he hadn't noticed that the horse was a construct, rather than a living creature. Well, he had been away from practically anything alive for quite some time, so it was possible he was just rusty in general. He'd have to do something about that. Possibly. As she introduced herself, he realize that he hadn't provided the same courtesy to her. It seemed it wasn't just his magical prowess that was in question at the moment. He took the offered hand when she approached, feeling no hostility from her or other reason to be apprehensive. There was an eerie quality to her that he couldn't put to words, and would be remiss in doing so anyway as it would be terribly rude. "My name is Lucien. A pleasure to meet you Trinity," he told her with a polite smile and firm handshake. "I am the owner and proprietor of this establishment, though I fear that it isn't much to look at now. Nothing of its former glory, as the saying goes." He released her hand and turned back to the doors, pushing one of the heavy double doors open in a welcoming gesture. "Please come inside. Again, pardon the dust and general emptiness. I'll get to work on that as soon as I've gotten you a drink perhaps? On the house, of course." As he spoke, candles in sconces along the walls all lit at once, providing a warm light to fill the place. A warm breeze swept through the bar from where they stood towards the door leading to the kitchen, taking most of the dust with it as it powered through the door and out of the building. He wasn't trying to show off, he merely wanted to give the lady a clean place to sit while he got a room more or less acceptable and ready for guests. "Are you hungry, Trinity? I can't claim to be the best cook, since I'm not able to even try most of my own dishes, but I have been told I'm a quite passable cook nonetheless." ---START--- "Too kind." She grinned like a proper lady and made her way inside. As she did the candles seemed to light themselves. Seems she was in the presence of another magic user. That felt comforting at least. The snow looking woman took the features of the old place. The smell of old wood made her close her eyes and take in memories that ceased to exist. "I miss old places." She finally answered him, "Let's start with a drink." a small chuckle escaped her as he offered his cooking skills. If she could keep the feeling of warmth and nostalgia then maybe this place would have life in it yet. After all, that is what she would have found most pleasant. Little did he know the ghost he was soon to share a drink with would be non other than an old acquaintance. They had been nothing more over the course of centuries at least in her eyes. He was not in the picture, at least not in the front. However right now he was, and certainly someone that offered her a kind hand when it seemed the world only continued to turn colder. "Lucien, tell me a story, it can be about yourself or of this place."
  15. Dreamer

    Highway to Hell

    Annoyed. Sure. Dreamer watched as the creature fell limp, she moved her body to the side as it started to haul its weight on top of her. She saw Sebastian come toward her and extend his hand for her to get to her feet quickly. With a nod she grabbed his hand and pulled her weight against him, finally getting to her feet. "I think so." Dreamer quickly dusted herself off, though it wouldn't help since she had been sweaty and surrounded by the filth left by these creatures. "Well, now that those are taken care of?" Wondering what his plan was next for the remaining scouts. Obviously their own heard had been thinned a little with the amount of creatures coming at them. She wandered over to her swords and began adjusting them back into their sheaths. At least he seemed distracted enough not to watch how she had killed the thing. Maybe it would look like a sword. This whole starting a new life wasn't working out as she had planned. There were so many conveniences to using magic, endless possibilities when looking to kill a mass amount of creatures. Being a scout was fun though, it was something she knew she was at least good at for the time being. @danzilla3
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