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  1. Sakura Onsen Sento: Open for Business

    The high elf turned her head with some force as she pulled on Katiya's hair. Bodice planted a kiss on her neck, making Kat grin and breathe a small sigh. "I'd love nothing more than to spy on you, more than just removing that fur you have, Bodice. I'm sure.." The vampire pulled her hand around to Bodice's back, knowing the woman had her hair still. Kat sunk her nails in to the middle of her back, a simple gesture but she allowed the high elf an idea of what she had in mind without using other terms of pain, like her fangs, or other instruments. "You put on more of a show." It wasn't long after that, she found Bodice was much farther away from her after Gwen and Koji's appearance. Seemed as though Bodice was willing to only entertain one at a time, something the vampire hadn't expected. Although in her own right, Kat was not expecting Koji and Gwen to come back in. Katiya had assumed that Koji would instead move toward taking his own time on the alluring owner. Not that the vampire was upset, thoughts of nights far beyond her vampiric life came to mind. As Bodice moved toward the door inviting each of them back one by one, Kat grinned at her. That same thought of roughness appeared in her head, the thought of punishing the high elf sauntered back in to her mind. It seemed Gwen had an idea of her own, moving in front of her prey, offering herself right there and now. Gwen also offered to let it be if Bodice sorely decided against the attempt. Koji had assured the women that Katiya was indeed property of himself, though he would never say a vial word loudly. He didn't have shackles on Kat, but he also made sure to entertain the thought that he was somewhat possessive over her. Kat's ruby eyes moved over to him, watching as he left Bodice to her thought of what Gwen had also said. Koji now grinning at Bodice moved in to the water with Kat. The Emperor submerged himself, appearing behind her and slithering up the vampire like a snake. Koji was holding on to a weapon, his hands wrapping around the blood thirsty katana. Chills ran up her arms as he whispered in her ear, her own sadistic grin appearing as her eyes lingered off to view him. For now she wanted to see what Bodice would say as Gwen offered her own clothing to start the high elf's interest. An appetizer to see what kind of fun Bodice could get in to. The concubine was rather enjoying the possibilities in her head, absorbing the possibilities they could have together. The room was grand and spacious, leaving the four of them with enough room to not only find positions together, but allow even areas that might peak two on two. Much like she did with Koji earlier, she knew she could keep Bodice to herself even for just a little while, manipulating scenes around them as Koji had allowed his mind to be open just for a moment. Kat's hand seemed to draw back, touching Koji's sides, lingering to his hips. 'si jika sjek jaciv geou clax wer bait. si ornla itov ehis throdenilt loupon ihk jacioniv ekess demak udoka. nomagqe jaciv rigluinic vi moxt warming svern, svabolen si mi charisir wer kothar geou suffice.' They were connected enough, Kat knew Koji could hear her. The vampire's face tilted to the side, smirking, 'si hefoc xurwkir wux lotoc, kapral.' Their relationship had started rather rocky, and maybe she didn't have the grace and fertility of Celine, or the kindness or respect of Mina, but she knew sex and death were a temptation she could provide. Sometimes it was the dark possibilities that allowed someone's obligation chains to be broken. Maybe she would be punished for allowing the Emperor a couple different exotic flavors other than herself and her sisters. Kat wasn't here to tell him what to do either, she shrugged and chuckled to herself before turning to face him. The vampire tilted her head to the side and planted a soft kiss under Koji's chin. He didn't distract her from her main target, and she certainly didn't want Bodice thinking she was easily forgotten. The vampire let her Emperor go, walking backward and turning out of the water. She stood not far from Bodice and Gwen, "How do you prefer me Bodice, alone, or is your curiosity slightly peaked? Either way, I will have you." Gwen was gorgeous, a demonic temptress, but she hadn't enough time to gauge how the woman felt about herself.
  2. Sakura Onsen Sento: Open for Business

    "My type." Kat grinned, "Roses can be cliche, yet their petals look best when making trails." The vampire shrugged, watching as the gorgeous woman undressed before her eyes again. Hoping she wouldn't find it rude her eyes seemed to take in every piece of her. While distracted she hadn't paid attention to the fact that Bodice was not looking to be lead in by her. Instead the sharp yank made Kat come to the edge of the water without protest. Bodice introduced herself and laid a soft kiss on her hand. The vampire didn't move much allowing the elven woman to explore her. They had closed in distance fast, it seemed both of them wanted the same thing, fun. Bodice's coy nature made Kat want to slam her against a wall and keep a good grasp of her hair between her fingers. However for now she would play her game and let the flirtatious woman keep her on a leash. If Bodice was going to be out of the water, then Katiya would oblige. The vampire removed herself, not giving her name just yet. Instead she moved closed to Bodice, stopping just at the woman's feet, her body barely touching her own. One hand lifted up, trailing the woman's stomach, moving up her chest and stopping just under her chin. Her thumb came up and she clasped her. A smirk appeared on her features, her thumb now moving lightly over the woman's soft lips. "My name is Katiya." Just as things were moving in a direction she had hoped to get Bodice where she wanted her, another voice rang out in the room. Kat's ruby eyes lingered off to the side of her face, greeted by none other than Gwen. It seemed that her's and Koji's business had either completed, or something else was transpiring. The latter seemed to be true as Gwen appeared to have lost most if not all of her clothing while the steam was clearing. Kat's eyes lingered back to Bodice, wanting nothing more than to kiss her, yet at the same time being distracted by a new visitor. Unsure of what Bodice wanted, Kat tilted her head over to Gwen, her hand releasing Bodice's chin. The words Gwen used made Kat believe she was here on business as well, that could only mean Koji was not too far behind. "Not yet, exactly. A beginning of sorts, though I do wonder if you're here to offer exclusive service." The vampire looked back to Bodice, "That is, if you don't mind servicing two more."
  3. Sakura Onsen Sento: Open for Business

    The scent of cigarette smoke lingered under her nose, temping her as pollen would a bee. It had been ages since she had picked up tobacco, sometimes she would get some in the lands they visited while on their way to build a new kingdom. There was nothing like fresh spices mixed in, and nothing wrong with an ordinary cigarette manufactured cheaply. Though this seemed like the latter, this woman had refined tastes that Katiya had picked up on. "That's the thing about curiosity, it leads us on great adventures." Now opening her ruby eyes she peered back at the woman in the doorway. "You'll get cold out there." The vampire turned her body around to face the woman, at least half of her was submerged while the other half had lifted when she came in. Katiya was pale in the way a Renaissance painting was, her body somewhat matching as it was more muscular and curvy. If left free her long blonde locks were feral, yet the water tamed her tresses to lay flat along her shoulders and back. Much like her counter part standing in the room, her ears were pinched at the end, but much less so. A fanged grin greeted the woman along with her hand reaching out. "The water is lovely, and this place is terribly quiet." Offering her a place inside the water should she choose to take it. Was this woman afraid of a bloodsucker? Was she curious or unenthusiastic? Kat's lovely thoughts from earlier hadn't left her the minute she wandered in. She wanted nothing more than to bring pain and pleasure to the woman standing before her. @Eternity @Jotnotes @Twitterpated
  4. Sakura Onsen Sento: Open for Business

    Katiya, left to her own devices was finding it harder to amuse herself. Thoughts drifted in and out as she had managed to make her way in to the bath. The attendant was swift to get her a scent of lavender and spices, something to calm her nerves. Blonde tresses sprawled around the outer rim of the bath and her eyes started to close. At first she found herself counting down the seconds till Koji's return, and then she started in on how long they had left. Eventually that lead to what they had been doing for some hours ago, leaving her grinning to herself. Each bit of pain she was given along with pleasure she had received, it was as if she were playing it back as a video in her mind. Though in the midst of her thoughts she seemed to linger back to the woman she had seen in the other room. She seemed to rewind the scene in her head, watching as the fur hit the floor without a sound. Kat's ruby eyes, much like a hungry feline traced upward, it was then that she instead found herself looking at another set of toes. At first it puzzled her, why another set of feet, they were placed just behind the woman? As her eyes continued up, she could see the skin tone seemed to match her own, and sitting just behind the nude woman was herself. One hand tracing the woman's arm, the other hand slithering like a snake just up her collar bone, aiming to clasp around her jaw line. It made her physical body swallow with anticipation. Inside, she watched the hand on her arm slide further down while the one on the elf's jaw line tilted her head off to the side. While one hand distracted the other kept her neck in one spot, her full lips now on the Elf's neck she extended her own jaw over the flesh, her sharp teeth piercing the soft space. Kat shot awake from her dream, lifting herself slightly from the hot bath. She could feel herself flush, yet unsure if it was the thought of more blood, or the desire to go back to that room to find out more. With Koji's thoroughness she assumed that he would contract some kind of business deal, which could take a while. However, she wasn't about to move from her perch, and decided to roll out a different plan. One that had her sliding back in to the water, closing her eyes, and concentrating her ability. In the room the woman had been relaxing in, the door would swing open just a little more. A hollow breeze emitted from outside, bits of red rose petals began drifting in to the room. They lazily landed right in the woman's bath and floated about, though it seemed as if maybe the ones still lingering in the doorway were coming from somewhere. Perhaps a trail? Or maybe it was just the random bits of the place Bodice could assume once again. Kat smirked, one tooth lingering out to catch her bottom lip, a lure, some fun. @Twitterpated @Eternity@Jotnotes
  5. Sakura Onsen Sento: Open for Business

    "A demon, you don't say." Katiya had spent years with two in fact, she was very familiar with Demons. They came in the same flesh allotted to those of a lunar child just like she. Hearing Koji, she smiled at him, clearly he was amused with her question. Though he was amused for the wrong reason, she wasn't asking out of ignorance. There was no way this place existed with just humans, they would have been gone. She simply smelled it in their veins, but hearing them say it was more of a pleasure than playing guessing games and reading auras. It seemed Koji had more questions and interjected, as he did, she turned away. Maybe another time, she shrugged. The blonde unwrapped her bruised body and began drying off her hair from the sweat she had accumulated. Oddly enough her body ached for warm water to soothe her muscles. Meanwhile she listened to see what Gwen's answers would be to Koji's simple questions. Kat wrapped a new towel around herself, thinking about the need for a little more blood before heading back. The bruises, scratches and marks would disappear, it would be easier to not look at them in the mirror each day. The thoughts would only afford her happiness of a memory passing by very quickly. Maybe she would allow them to get to know eachother, there was a fascination that Koji wrote all over his face. There was something he wanted from Gwen, and if she had the right answers then his curiosity would only further. The rabbit hole was only beginning, and her time here was fleeting. Having nothing further to offer she seemed to move away from the two, she began wandering down the hall. A small humming escaped her, watching as some of the workers hustled about. Katiya's ruby eyes watched them with interest, having a small curiosity she wondered what the other rooms looked like. Places like these were not like normal bath houses. Creatures like herself, Koji, and Gwen had to be coming to afford themselves some relaxation, and the architecture was too divine to have the same room twice. Slipping down one of the other hallways she saw one of the doors ajar. It seemed someone had slipped in to get a guest settled, Kat tilted her head to look in for just a moment. A sweet French accent emitted from the room. A nervous voice soon followed, explaining to the woman the workings of the room. The vampire bit her bottom lip, knowing that it probably wasn't right to be looking inward. The woman was stunning, her fur dropping to the floor effortlessly, it was like a scene out of a movie, slow motion in her head. After the woman turned and made her request, Kat quickly turned away. She swiftly found herself in the next hallway, moving to find the room she was supposed to end up in with Koji. Kat moved the door behind her, looking up and grinning at herself for doing something so careless. Women, Men, Kat had no preference, she was vampire. Right now her loyalty was to Koji, yet she found that just as fleeting as he seemed to. If it met his needs he did what he needed to do, but maybe that was a trait he also found in her. "I find your lack of a filter refreshing. You have been the one constant influence in my perception of chaos. True chaos that can never be controlled." "You're like flame. You give light, heat, life, and yet if you get too close it will burn, melt, incinerate."" The blonde bombshell untied her towel once again, tossing it to the side, she started to laugh to herself. A few hours ago flooded in to her head, she pulled her thumbnail to her lips. 'Hurry up.' @Twitterpated @Eternity @Jotnotes
  6. Sakura Onsen Sento: Open for Business

    The vampire knew very well what she was capable of if put to the test, Koji knew that death was going to keep those around him alive. The gift of such a thing coming from her pearly whites if she so wished it. He knew he was holding a viper with venom capable of raising armies if he so wished, those were her unfortunate children. But would he ask? "Well, I'm sure we should have no problem doing such a thing. You have an army, and each of us is some kind of freaky creature to scare most away." She seemed amused at her choice in words, considering was used to speaking that way so long ago. "Of course." When she spoke about his will, wishes, and hopes it almost seemed like he knew some things would not stay the same. Through out history such empires could be named 'the greatest' and for a time they were. Although it was usually some kind of pipe dream, considering there was almost always something that overcame them. At this moment, while she fancied Koji, she wasn't sure how willing she would die for him. At least she could say she was genuine in the end, she would succumb to blindly jumping off a cliff. This adventure was something she did for herself, her own curiosity with where this could go with him. Deep down she knew that ultimately it was the girl he was told to marry that indeed had his heart. If not her, then a proper girl like Celine would tickle his fancy. Though there was still the mystery of returning to the Halo to pick a bartender from nothing to make her a concubine. Ruby eyes seemed to linger on his face, then his hands as he untied the towel he previously used, a fang catching her lips. As he approached, her gaze lingered back up to meet his own. The sharp scales along her face, when retracted they felt like cold snake skin, soft, she closed her eyes. Fingers traced the side of her face, reaching around to the back of her head she grinned not fighting their firmness to move her forward. She could feel the closeness of him as he came in for a kiss, which she returned, taking him in while she could, openly, freely. "Very much so, Koji." Katiya reached down to his other hand and picked it up, beginning to lead him toward the bath. The vampire's eyes lingered on Gwen who seemed hurried, entering and quietly placing new towels down for them, attempting to leave. Katiya grinned, "Certainly, I have to ask though. You smell sweet, beneath the bath oils of course. Are you human, Gwen?" From the beginning Kat wondered if the clusters of people here were human, or something more. If they were just human, then she assumed Gwen would be more angry or scared that she had eaten Mai. Unless she didn't care about her at all, which would also seem like the trait of an unhuman creature. Katiya looked at Koji, and then Gwen, she smiled, "I'm sorry, maybe that was too forward." There was no doubt that Gwen was alluring, she was sure it wasn't just her. @Twitterpated @Eternity
  7. Sakura Onsen Sento: Open for Business

    Drip..drip..drip Each drop felt like a second leaving her from this place. Katiya sprawled along a large lounge like stone that sat in the steam room, the towel she had been wearing was drenched with steam and sweat. Long locks of golden hair had been dampened by the humidity surrounding her, chunks of it sticking to her face and stone alike. 'What have I become?' She thought to herself, seemly picking apart her past for the first time being here. Some of her missed the dwellings of Gaia, and the Underworld, even the Halo that she had served for so long. As a introvert by nature she was now in a life surrounded by women with lack of privacy in some instances. While bar people were generally people she had to break bread with she knew she could leave them and go home to solitude. Now she was faced with the ever loving hunger of wanting to eat one of her sisters. The festering reminder that she no longer used bags, a more 'vegetarian' option if you will. Sometimes she even missed her back end job, scouting idiots for Dreamer and Shadow to kill and bring carcasses to SOFT. However, for months she had slowly been training herself to let go. This person she was, was not the person she was going to become. There was a new hunger inside her that wasn't going to settle for being in the background. Not an ounce of her wanted what some of her sisters wanted, she didn't want to replace the Empress. Being Empress meant less freedom, constant eyes watching you, wanting things from you like offspring she could never provide anyways. Kat knew that was what girls like her sisters might want, to be forever by Koji's side in wedded bliss. No, she wanted to tear in to him, she wanted to get away like this and let every ounce of their frustration with their world to be stripped down in to a game of perfect satisfaction. If that was how she would have him, then that is the part of him she got. Celine wasn't a threat to her, this wasn't a race for the bachelor, she'd have Koji this way again, she knew it. Maybe that was pure arrogance, maybe he was teaching her a thing or two about that. Besides, she stretched and grinned, besides, what would he do if she wound up like that in someones grasp? There was no denial that she felt something new for him, something she could build off of at least. -- "You look well rested." Kat crossed her arms and leaned against the wall of his steam room, a wide toothy grin plastered on her face. Her head leaned back a little, almost nodding at him. "Perhaps we should clean up before heading back?" An unfortunate sentence. The vampire waited only a moment before turning tail to head down the hall, making sure to sway a little as she did so. A small bit of humming emitted from her as she began pulling her hair away from her neck. "Looking forward to going back? I'm sure you're missed." The vampire attempted to make small talk even if her thoughts seemed clouded. @Twitterpated @Eternity
  8. Ruto o Torimasu | Taking Root - Laying the Foundation

    They had left a considerable time ago, possibly displeased with her presence. Some of the concubine she was cordial with there wasn't much of a reason to quarrel with them. Although looking around her she hadn't noticed the displeasure of the undead, which she was. Death, Shi, the name fit her well considering she would not be baring any children for the empire. As Celine and Mina slipped out rather quickly, as well as Koji, Kat turned her attention to her own things. Exploring seemed like a good idea to start, mapping out city plans, seemed logical enough. Everyone had their idea of what they wanted to see within the city walls, everyone would get as they pleased without so much as a whisper from her. Most of what she wanted was simple, while other things were much harder to obtain when she wanted. Not him, the fact of the matter was that he was not hard to find when she needed him. Blood, however, managed to torture her since she would go long rounds without actually having had a decent meal. Eating together she managed to try her best at being human, smiling, putting some food in her mouth. They all knew what she really wanted, she had dreams about it. Sometimes the dreams were of random strangers she had passed by, the vial ones were of her sisters at times. It was hard waking up near them when her head throbbed thinking about what she did to them the night before. Instead she decided to keep herself away from them as much as she could, feeding when she could slip away and they were distracted with Koji. Kat reached for her trunk unlocking it, she sifted through it until she found a leather pouch, inside was a silver looking container. Finally feeling alone she tipped it back and guzzled just enough. A sigh of relief escaped her, she jiggled the container. "Suppose I should look for more." Kat sighed, her supply running lower than anticipated. She locked the container away once again and got up, there was some curiosity about where the other two had gone. While she wouldn't make it a priority she supposed she would watch from afar, while searching for other things around the kingdom itself. During the day she had managed to come back with a few trinkets left behind by those who came before them. Thankfully it was beginning to get dark and she didn't need any kind of cover. "YA!" Her mount moved quickly through the dirt and she began her quest through the half built structures. As she passed, eyes lingered on, they stopped what they were doing to dip their heads quickly. After a couple hours of searching through parts she hadn't yet looked she spotted a few figures far off. It looked as though she had found her sisters, Koji, and two others. Kat watched as those that had been working on the city seemed to be stopping. A perplexed look crossed her face as she wondered why. They were clearly heading back to the camp, and with good reason as rain had started in on the land, it could have meant a storm. Kat made a small clicking noise, her and the beast moved quietly behind the group yet almost parallel. The blonde's head tilted with some amusement as she could faintly hear what was said. It seemed the camp would be filled with amusement tonight, meaning she had to get back to fall in line with her sisters. A few more clicks and she was gone, heading off in a different direction to meet them at the campsite. ((Sorry, was trying to catch up one some reading to get back in. Hopefully I can keep better pace without the holidays interfering.))
  9. Name: Katiya (No Last name) Alias: Kat, Kitty Wicked, Kitty Age: 25 (That was in the 90's somewhere) Race: Vampire Gender: Female Sexuality: Unknown Physical Height: 5'9 Weight: 160 lbs Hair: Long blonde Eyes: Red Skin: White as death itself. Markings/Tattoos: Mentality Usual State: Sarcastic, quiet, sultry Likes: Blood, Sex, Her personal belongings Dislikes: Not much, rather hard to get on her bad side, she tends to get more amused than angry. Abilities Illusion: Kat has the ability to control what people around her see, giving off the illusion that people are in a place they may not be, see things they may not see or experience things they may not want to. Vampirism: Being a vampire replenishes health quicker by sleep or blood. Speed is another factor in moving quickly to attack someone. Unnatural strength is used. Sunlight is still not her friend.
  10. Sakura Onsen Sento: Open for Business

    Kitty, Kitty Wicked, Miss Wicked, Kat, Katiya, she had been called many things but Kat seemed to stick for the new life she had been trying to make herself way back when. Koji liked Katiya, one she had put in the closet so long ago. Was he able to read her mind? That had to be the only way if he was genuine about not hiring anyone. Kat's eyes wandered back over to Mai's corpse, some of her felt the pain of wasting her so easily but another part of her felt the thrill of knowing that if she wanted to there was power in resurrection. Something she knew Koji wanted to twist her in to. There was a physical attraction between them, yet she knew that he had more to gain from their relationship than she did him in ways. While he was emperor she knew she wasn't about to achieve standing next to him aspure equals. This was displayed by how all the concubines acted. However, she didn't want to be an empress, she wanted to be fulfilled in life. Koji was curious about her, wanting to know more about what he missed, as she did did. There was hope that this might be more than what she assumed. "Is that what you want to call me from now on?" The blonde looked from Mai back to him. The air was thick in the room, every inch of her wanted to move toward him and pin him against the wall yet she seemed still. With good reason as Gwen came through the doors. Kat wasn't sure what she expected Gwen to do, to be mad or surprised. Instead Gwen surprised her with her lack of caring. It wasn't that she wanted her employee dead, but she didn't necessarily scold Kat for doing it. Kat gave Gewn a head a bow as the men came to pick up Mai, "My sincerest apologies, I will keep that in mind. If you need compensation I'm more than willing to give you it." Maybe that would be worked out later, for now Kat seemed to return the woman's smirk as she walked by. Back to Koji, Kat walked toward him, "What kinds of new tricks..?" she asked coyly. When she reached him she touched his hair admiring the darkness of it, her ruby eyes met his. "Do tell me more." Blonde bombshell moved to the side of him, facing away from him, yet facing the pink looking bath that had been soiled by blood. Kat reached up to her obi and began to untie it, letting it drop to the floor. One foot moved it aside, she began the smaller ties on each layer of her robes, letting each one drop painfully slow until she was left with the white one beneath. Bright red eyes were cast on him from her shoulder, "Or, I suppose you can show me." With the last one untied he was left with nothing but her opaque back to him with blonde coils reaching to the middle of her back. Would he come after her? After having left him with such a tease she wondered just how long his chaos was going to be kept in control. The vampire stepped in, her cold feet being warmed by the bath, she stepped until submerging herself below the surface. When she came up she managed to smooth her hair back. The water managed to cover most of her with it's milky appearance, she turned back to face him a smirk appeared. @Twitterpated @Eternity
  11. Sakura Onsen Sento: Open for Business

    There wasn't a chance for her, that was ripped away, she wasn't the one holding his hand through what he went though. There was still a bitter taste in her mouth about serving the Empress even if it wasn't as severe as before. Right now it was her duty, and she at least was cordial enough to show respect to someone above her. Kat wasn't even irritated that she was the Empress, she knew that she too was forced in to the situation they were in. Then again, Kat never even had the chance to explain how she came to be, what she experienced, it did show how much they would have to learn about eachother. There was something there that drew them together like a moth to the flame. Katiya was like Lust, carefully wrapping her arms from behind Koji, caressing his neck, to his arms, to his chest, gently taunting the chaos within him to let loose. At first she turned away from Mai, thinking that would stop the creature within from being tempted. She was sorely mistaken as the pounding in her head started in, it was as if she could hear every blood cell moving in the woman. Ruby eyes lifted from the ground, they locked on to Koji who seemed a little too amused with her turmoil. "When is the last time you fed, Katiya? " His voice seemed to ring through the chaos that was going on in her head. 'Too long.' Was what she wanted to answer, yet the words weren't leaving him as she was still in a stagnant state. It seemed as though Koji had found her actual name, 'You're going to tell me how you got that later, when I have your throat.' Was all she thought, as everything seemed to go blank for her. While they were allowing Mai to turn away to the bath to administer the salts, Kat turned back around. As Mai was facing the baths Kat waltzed up to her like she had a business meeting to get to. Of course the vampire did not want the girl screaming, instead she waited until Mai heard foot steps. Before she could get a word out about 'Do you need something?' Kat locked eyes with her. "Mai, be a good girl, stand up." Mai didn't say a word, she stood up, droppingthe bath salts on the floor. The blonde reached over and snatched her chin, moving in closer to her, Mai didn't make a sound, in fact Mai looked like a zombie. Kat turned her head and without any warning she moved in to Mai's soft neck. From Koji's point of view he could see Kat moving Mai's head over, she was less ruthless with Mai than she would have been with others. Tearing out her jugular was going to cause exactly what she was avoiding, a little slower would get what she needed done. Within a minute or so the woman dropped to the ground and Kat was left facing away from Koji. Mai's body would twitch, what blood was left was starting to pool off to the side, touching the edges of their water. Kat quietly turned to face him, after hastily walking toward Mai, some of her well tied robes were looser, allowing him to see most of her collar bones. Blood trailed down from the edges of her bottom lip and ran down in spots around her opaque breasts. Bright ruby eyes had been dulled to a deep red like the jewel. "Today." The side of her lip twitched in to a sadistic smirk. Even with her stomach partially quelled she still felt something trying to chain her down. She moved around Mai, looking down in to the water where bits of blood made swirls in the water. "I used to research people for Dreamer and Shadow, they would go and kill them. Feels very odd to be bested at such a job, but I'm sure you had someone well trained. What did you want to know about me, Koji?" Kat turned her head toward him. There were so many things that were now left open, for being some kind of bliss they were suppose to be in she now wondered what he meant by the void, and why he knew her name. Those thoughts clashed with the want of bliss, and the want of getting to know this new man and how he operated. @Eternity @Twitterpated
  12. Sakura Onsen Sento: Open for Business

    There was still life in her yet. Despite her rather undead situation she was probably more lively than most of the undead she over saw. Kat felt his embrace wrapping around her like a snake finding its prey. Feeling his lips echo with draconic instead of Drow pleased her. Really she was flirting with the idea of listening to him pronounce Drow as she did Dragon, it must have amused him in some way. Kat watched his hair fall, she reached up carefully to touch his long black locks. "The Void?" She finally asked, though it seemed her question was cut short when she heard Mai wander back in. Kat broke away from him once again, putting her finger to her lips asking him not to say any more of it since she wanted her full attention on the question. The vampire moved over to the woman, since it was her first time here she wasn't about to ask for different scents so she would use these. The vanilla wasn't bad, she inhaled, but the orchids seemed to do some kind of justice in her eyes. "This one." She pointed at the jar with some enthusiasm. Something else was amiss from this seeming normal encounter. Customer chooses scent, scent is placed in bath, customers enjoy. Seemed simple enough. However in this case, after she placed the lid over the jar of the last scent she seemed to freeze. The scent had masked the smell of the woman who had brought them product, after that it left a stiff smell of something more enticing. For some reason Kat inhaled again, "Oh.." she seemed to murmur out with a sense of pleasure. It was then that the sound followed the scent she had been taunted by. The sound of a pulse. Maybe she would be confused by Kat's alluring ruby eyes landing on her like she was a piece of fillet mignon. The vampire swallowed, there was the overwhelming sense to bite. In her head all she could see herself doing was pulling Mai closer to her, Kat's lips inching up her neck, followed by her tongue until she found just the right spot to let her fangs pierce precious flesh. The vampire quickly closed her eyes, clenched her teeth and fists before opening her eyes. Carefully she asked her next question, wondering just how much chaos Koji was willing to hold on to. "I'm sorry.." She cleared her throat, "What else does this place offer besides these wonderful baths?" A mischievous smirk appeared on her features, her fists were still clenched. One small snap and she would have Mai in whatever way possible, if she stayed Kat was sure she wouldn't be able to control the hunger she felt deep within her. The need to hunt, tear in to something. The very thought of manically laughing in a puddle of blood seemed to give Kat chills. "Second thought..You should go, I think--We will be alright." Swiftly she switched her thoughts, trying to keep a leash on herself. She wasn't about to let an animal loose, surely Koji might stop her and keep her far away from the Harem she was apart of. With that the blonde turned away, "Orchids are my choice unless you had objections, Koji." Kat's face seemed to echo his when he was out in public, trying very hard to keep composure. @Twitterpated @Eternity
  13. Sakura Onsen Sento: Open for Business

    Kat's eyes would close some as she seemed to enjoy the sharpness of his talons tracing across her porcelain skin. Her neck moved in a way of feeling totally relaxed even with the feeling of talons grasping at her thigh. A small sigh escaped her, ruby eyes finally landed on him again with some challenge. "Hoinp." She whispered. The vampire moved her hand to Koji's lips, her sharp thumbnail traced the lines of his upper lip, and then his lower, "Qloav." Kat was sure it would take the hostess some time to find which salts she found pleasurable. They were playing a dangerous game, one that Kat intended to continue until all he wanted to do was tear in to her. Surely the shackles that held Koji were still in tact, his composure was still there. The emperor was constantly and effortlessly saving face for those around him, allowing them to only see his wrist. If he was to show her the same, they would sit across from eachother in wonder once again. There was a dragon she once knew, he often came to her establishment to pick fights. At first she thought he was picking fights to simply win, however as time went one she realized he was in for the hunt. Though he looked human she knew that he must have had an appetite of the beast that lay waiting within him. He was chaotic, yet witty when dealing with those who displeased him. Kat knew that most people that took the form of such a beast were silver tongued by nature. In this moment she peered in the underbelly of such actions, looking to peel away the mask of the human to glimpse at what changes had been made. The vampire reached up, after tracing his lips she swiftly pulled his chin down to her, leaning up she kissed him lightly. "Sotsca.." She said, moving away from him just enough. Reaching behind her head she unlatched the pins that had been keeping her golden locks neatly tied. Normally her untamed locks would be curled around her, yet straightening of her hair was something servants often did to hers, looking to tame the chaos so she looked more kept. Kat's straight golden hair sprawled around her bare shoulders, giving her some exposure. The smell of it might give him a hint to what scents she fancied at the time. During winter she surrounded herself with bergamot, mint, or tea leaves mixed in. In her eyes Death should at least smell sweet. "What does yours look like down?" It was a genuine question since she couldn't remember if she had ever seen it down, though she knew how much he must have considering the amount that had been pinned. There was a curious look about her. @Twitterpated @Eternity
  14. Ruto o Torimasu | Taking Root - Laying the Foundation

    The days were long, things seemed to last for an eternity as the new city was being birthed in to existence. Majority of the time she had been away, mostly checking on the vampires around her, making connections, ensuring their emperor was in his rightful place as their lord. Awaken, sleep, repeat. Kat found herself in an endless cycle of mundane tasks which helped keep her mind at ease. Having been invited here she was still gathering her bearings about being a concubine. Being alone most of her life she wasn't keen on socializing very much, even if she was encouraged to make lasting bonds with her 'sisters.' They seemed to not have any trouble getting along for the most part. She knew a few of them did not favor Koji or the Empress considering they would have likely stayed home. Often times she thought of her own, yet remembered that she did exactly what she was doing here but with greater purpose. There was a dark secret about her, how she came here, who she was, what her capabilities were. Even those bits of information could be used against him. Having approached the tent by horseback she saw figures moving about, including the Emperor himself who had entered shortly after. The vampire dismounted, taking her horse by the reigns and casually walking closer. Most vampires had evolved from hiding away from the sun, however they still felt the sting of flesh burning slower, the tired feeling of daylight washing over them. The blonde had taken her own precautions and wore a horo, elegantly as decorated as the rest of her silks. Though she made sure that everything she wore was lighter to keep her body temperature down and give her ease of movement if needed. Long strands of bright locks had been tied in to tight pieces to keep everything out of her face, save for a bit of her bangs. She managed to tie her ride to where others had been tacked before making her way in. “You grace me with a wonderful task,” she smiled mischievously (a common thing), “Emperor, I no doubt will ensure the safety of my fellow Sister.” “You called, my Lord?” Kat merely stood in the doorway, moving off to the side. She had heard the conversations before moving in, her sense of hearing was strong but she did not know the context in which things were said, until she entered. Ruby eyes cast upon Tsuki who alluringly began wrapping her arms around Koji from behind cooing softly for him to pick up on. Seeing how he attempted to hold restraint she merely quirked a brow with a small bit of her lip tilting up sadistically. Though it faded as they turned, maybe they had noticed another audience entering, maybe not, surely they would now. Kat moved her eyes from Tsuki to Koji briefly before moving away from the door completely, her face relaxed once again and her gaze soon fell on her other two sisters. Celine who was clearly with child and Mina who looked like she might have been in some kind of altercation. The smell of her blood was intoxicating, even if it might have been on bandages or possibly dried. She didn't realize it until then, having not fed for a while was starting to strain her thoughts. They too seemed to be leaving the tent by what Celine had been asking Mina. Possibly done with the tent, she couldn't blame the woman. There was not a time that Kat would ever step in to the realm of natural pregnancy. There was never a time she dreamed of being swollen with child, maybe when she was human, but never as undead. A brief smile cast upon the women, genuine yet quick she moved to the inside of the tent.
  15. Sakura Onsen Sento: Open for Business

    There was a satisfied look on her features when he gave her a grin. The vampire had done well then, learning a little bit of his own language to try and make amends for her trouncing tongue earlier. The instant she asked for Xartia's soul felt like a blur to her, feeling an overwhelming sensation of self-possession. The inner beast in her rang through her head, begging her to bite down on to him, tasting what she didn't get to when she took him, or Luc, last time. While she was at the Halo she had used bags of blood to sustain what she hoped would be a more peaceful nature. Yet here she was, given an open door with her shackles unlocked and being told it was ok. As she backed away from him to deny herself solace she felt cool scales run under her chin, her eyes wandered from what she could see of his wrist and then to his own scarlet ones. There was acceptance she found there, the same acceptance she was given so long ago. Even more intriguing was what followed, he allowed his own mask to fall just a little more with his tongue falling over his lips. Kat felt as though his thumb would, indeed cut her but it never came. She wasn't sure why that made her anxious, she wasn't unfamiliar with the pleasures of what could be. Hell when she felt like it in the past she just did as she pleased. However this was so very different. This person was not only foreign to her, but she wanted to make a good impression. This person wasn't like the naive person she had been with before. Koji managed to steal a kiss, something that she wasn't expecting, her own eyes had shown of bewilderment if only for a moment. The vampire leaned her head a little and closed her eyes, accepting him and reaching up to grab his collar to keep him close. That is, until he regretfully did let go. She cleared her throat and seemed to try and recover herself, holding on to a strand of hair and waiting to be greeted by the staff of Sakura Onsen Sento. Kat looked from Koji to Gwendolyn, smiling at the woman. "Thank you for having us, Gwendolyn." Kat admired the appealing woman's red locks. The blonde woman managed to bow her head, and then gazed over to Mai. There was that restraint again, she found herself trying to act composed even though inside her chaos was boiling over. Though her features matched his own, more collected than she had been as she looked around the room they were in. The vampire wandered away from him to an area of water, Kat pulled one of her sleeves carefully back to feel the hot water. She then looked over at Koji, then to Mai. "Mai, isn't it? Can you perhaps bring us three of your finest salts to choose from? Ones that you feel are most popular? Perhaps also what kind of services Sakura Onsen Sento has to offer." What did this place have to offer? Bathhouse, sure, while baths were pleasing she wondered what else. Though she hoped the girl would be a little long in having to choose and grab the salts for this private area. When she did leave, Kat turned to Koji, not saying a word for a moment she watched him. A devious grin crossed her full lips, "How about I teach you a little Drow if you teach me a little more Dragon, hm?" The vampire reached up to the side of her shoulder, pulling her robes down just enough to show her collar bone, "Vrune." Leaving it exposed she started to walk toward him until she was back in front of him again, "Or.." Another pause before she leaned to the side of her to undo her robes enough to expose her leg, leaning it close enough to his own, "Da'ur." She was teasing him, seeing what he would do. @Eternity @Twitterpated