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  1. Sakura Onsen Sento: Open for Business

    Kat's eyes would close some as she seemed to enjoy the sharpness of his talons tracing across her porcelain skin. Her neck moved in a way of feeling totally relaxed even with the feeling of talons grasping at her thigh. A small sigh escaped her, ruby eyes finally landed on him again with some challenge. "Hoinp." She whispered. The vampire moved her hand to Koji's lips, her sharp thumbnail traced the lines of his upper lip, and then his lower, "Qloav." Kat was sure it would take the hostess some time to find which salts she found pleasurable. They were playing a dangerous game, one that Kat intended to continue until all he wanted to do was tear in to her. Surely the shackles that held Koji were still in tact, his composure was still there. The emperor was constantly and effortlessly saving face for those around him, allowing them to only see his wrist. If he was to show her the same, they would sit across from eachother in wonder once again. There was a dragon she once knew, he often came to her establishment to pick fights. At first she thought he was picking fights to simply win, however as time went one she realized he was in for the hunt. Though he looked human she knew that he must have had an appetite of the beast that lay waiting within him. He was chaotic, yet witty when dealing with those who displeased him. Kat knew that most people that took the form of such a beast were silver tongued by nature. In this moment she peered in the underbelly of such actions, looking to peel away the mask of the human to glimpse at what changes had been made. The vampire reached up, after tracing his lips she swiftly pulled his chin down to her, leaning up she kissed him lightly. "Sotsca.." She said, moving away from him just enough. Reaching behind her head she unlatched the pins that had been keeping her golden locks neatly tied. Normally her untamed locks would be curled around her, yet straightening of her hair was something servants often did to hers, looking to tame the chaos so she looked more kept. Kat's straight golden hair sprawled around her bare shoulders, giving her some exposure. The smell of it might give him a hint to what scents she fancied at the time. During winter she surrounded herself with bergamot, mint, or tea leaves mixed in. In her eyes Death should at least smell sweet. "What does yours look like down?" It was a genuine question since she couldn't remember if she had ever seen it down, though she knew how much he must have considering the amount that had been pinned. There was a curious look about her. @Twitterpated @Eternity
  2. Ruto o Torimasu | Taking Root - Laying the Foundation

    The days were long, things seemed to last for an eternity as the new city was being birthed in to existence. Majority of the time she had been away, mostly checking on the vampires around her, making connections, ensuring their emperor was in his rightful place as their lord. Awaken, sleep, repeat. Kat found herself in an endless cycle of mundane tasks which helped keep her mind at ease. Having been invited here she was still gathering her bearings about being a concubine. Being alone most of her life she wasn't keen on socializing very much, even if she was encouraged to make lasting bonds with her 'sisters.' They seemed to not have any trouble getting along for the most part. She knew a few of them did not favor Koji or the Empress considering they would have likely stayed home. Often times she thought of her own, yet remembered that she did exactly what she was doing here but with greater purpose. There was a dark secret about her, how she came here, who she was, what her capabilities were. Even those bits of information could be used against him. Having approached the tent by horseback she saw figures moving about, including the Emperor himself who had entered shortly after. The vampire dismounted, taking her horse by the reigns and casually walking closer. Most vampires had evolved from hiding away from the sun, however they still felt the sting of flesh burning slower, the tired feeling of daylight washing over them. The blonde had taken her own precautions and wore a horo, elegantly as decorated as the rest of her silks. Though she made sure that everything she wore was lighter to keep her body temperature down and give her ease of movement if needed. Long strands of bright locks had been tied in to tight pieces to keep everything out of her face, save for a bit of her bangs. She managed to tie her ride to where others had been tacked before making her way in. “You grace me with a wonderful task,” she smiled mischievously (a common thing), “Emperor, I no doubt will ensure the safety of my fellow Sister.” “You called, my Lord?” Kat merely stood in the doorway, moving off to the side. She had heard the conversations before moving in, her sense of hearing was strong but she did not know the context in which things were said, until she entered. Ruby eyes cast upon Tsuki who alluringly began wrapping her arms around Koji from behind cooing softly for him to pick up on. Seeing how he attempted to hold restraint she merely quirked a brow with a small bit of her lip tilting up sadistically. Though it faded as they turned, maybe they had noticed another audience entering, maybe not, surely they would now. Kat moved her eyes from Tsuki to Koji briefly before moving away from the door completely, her face relaxed once again and her gaze soon fell on her other two sisters. Celine who was clearly with child and Mina who looked like she might have been in some kind of altercation. The smell of her blood was intoxicating, even if it might have been on bandages or possibly dried. She didn't realize it until then, having not fed for a while was starting to strain her thoughts. They too seemed to be leaving the tent by what Celine had been asking Mina. Possibly done with the tent, she couldn't blame the woman. There was not a time that Kat would ever step in to the realm of natural pregnancy. There was never a time she dreamed of being swollen with child, maybe when she was human, but never as undead. A brief smile cast upon the women, genuine yet quick she moved to the inside of the tent.
  3. Sakura Onsen Sento: Open for Business

    There was a satisfied look on her features when he gave her a grin. The vampire had done well then, learning a little bit of his own language to try and make amends for her trouncing tongue earlier. The instant she asked for Xartia's soul felt like a blur to her, feeling an overwhelming sensation of self-possession. The inner beast in her rang through her head, begging her to bite down on to him, tasting what she didn't get to when she took him, or Luc, last time. While she was at the Halo she had used bags of blood to sustain what she hoped would be a more peaceful nature. Yet here she was, given an open door with her shackles unlocked and being told it was ok. As she backed away from him to deny herself solace she felt cool scales run under her chin, her eyes wandered from what she could see of his wrist and then to his own scarlet ones. There was acceptance she found there, the same acceptance she was given so long ago. Even more intriguing was what followed, he allowed his own mask to fall just a little more with his tongue falling over his lips. Kat felt as though his thumb would, indeed cut her but it never came. She wasn't sure why that made her anxious, she wasn't unfamiliar with the pleasures of what could be. Hell when she felt like it in the past she just did as she pleased. However this was so very different. This person was not only foreign to her, but she wanted to make a good impression. This person wasn't like the naive person she had been with before. Koji managed to steal a kiss, something that she wasn't expecting, her own eyes had shown of bewilderment if only for a moment. The vampire leaned her head a little and closed her eyes, accepting him and reaching up to grab his collar to keep him close. That is, until he regretfully did let go. She cleared her throat and seemed to try and recover herself, holding on to a strand of hair and waiting to be greeted by the staff of Sakura Onsen Sento. Kat looked from Koji to Gwendolyn, smiling at the woman. "Thank you for having us, Gwendolyn." Kat admired the appealing woman's red locks. The blonde woman managed to bow her head, and then gazed over to Mai. There was that restraint again, she found herself trying to act composed even though inside her chaos was boiling over. Though her features matched his own, more collected than she had been as she looked around the room they were in. The vampire wandered away from him to an area of water, Kat pulled one of her sleeves carefully back to feel the hot water. She then looked over at Koji, then to Mai. "Mai, isn't it? Can you perhaps bring us three of your finest salts to choose from? Ones that you feel are most popular? Perhaps also what kind of services Sakura Onsen Sento has to offer." What did this place have to offer? Bathhouse, sure, while baths were pleasing she wondered what else. Though she hoped the girl would be a little long in having to choose and grab the salts for this private area. When she did leave, Kat turned to Koji, not saying a word for a moment she watched him. A devious grin crossed her full lips, "How about I teach you a little Drow if you teach me a little more Dragon, hm?" The vampire reached up to the side of her shoulder, pulling her robes down just enough to show her collar bone, "Vrune." Leaving it exposed she started to walk toward him until she was back in front of him again, "Or.." Another pause before she leaned to the side of her to undo her robes enough to expose her leg, leaning it close enough to his own, "Da'ur." She was teasing him, seeing what he would do. @Eternity @Twitterpated
  4. Sakura Onsen Sento: Open for Business

    "DO IT." "No! I-I can't do it! No! This is fucked up!" A small yelp escaped her as he pulled her blonde hair back so he could get close to her ear. "You are hungry, I can feel it, Katiya. I can feel what you feel when I want to feel it. I made you, you remember? You can't put off this starving forever." He then pushed her head closer to the man's neck. "You feel that throbbing? So close to everything you need." She fought tears, fought everything she could mentally but her body argued as a groan escaped her stomach. Her ears could almost hear the man's panicked heartbeat just under his chest. "he'll get louder if you don't and then those hunters will find us. Eat." He wasn't wrong, they would come for them sooner or later with all of the pleading the bag of flesh was doing. Kat reluctantly opened her mouth around his neck, her fangs feeling flesh for the first time, her tongue allowing the taste of iron to dance around on it. Pure bliss, a temporary paradise. ---- "We all do in some form. People search for eternal paradise in most cases but quickly realize that there is no such thing." A small smile crossed her lips as she looked up at him. Did he know what she meant? Maybe not. While most people strive to find that perfect paradise to live in forever, hers was made up of many small temporary ones. "Luc was a temporary paradise I found myself not expecting." People often hoped that their eternal paradise would keep them fulfilled and happy while not realizing they often trapped themselves in the same routine they had sought to escape. Eventually chaos would catch up to them and they would no longer be in tranquility, often finding something else to fulfill it. "Temporary paradise is all we can expect for true bliss." Maybe she meant that for them, even now, she knew the restrictions they were under. "So I should enjoy this gift." Kat let go of Koji, they must have arrived at their destination, after she had asked about his meaning she tilted her head. "Hak, origato coi qe zyak." Maybe in most light she might have looked plain to him, someone he was still trying to figure out. Although right now she was trying to show him she wasn't so standoffish by at least saying she had learned something for him. Maybe he'd stumble but without missing a beat he said something that seemed to rattle her. Xartia, she loathed him. Thinking back to their departure from the Halo she seemed frozen for a moment. There had been no other being that made her feel like dirt than when Xartia and Akako had started their pact just in front of her. Of course they wouldn't see any differently since now she had been upgraded from a bartender to a concubine. They might even have found that humorous, or outraged since Koji had come to her. Kat blinked a couple times, coming out of her thoughts her ruby eyes looked up at him. Not even sure where they were yet, not even caring about their surroundings or titles in that one moment she grasped his collar for balance and leaned up to his ear, "I want his soul." She whispered. A head was a trophy best kicked to the side, a heart could be eaten, but a soul tortured in her possession was what would make her happy. There were people known to rip souls from people, she figured at his true potential he might be able to accomplish such a thing. Kat's eyes wandered from his ear to the side of his neck having remembered what the taste was like. She let go of grasping him to merely placing her hands as they were, her head coming around until her nose barely brushed his, her eyes lingering up at his. The thought of souls and blood had caught her off guard, she quickly backed away. "I'm sorry, Koji." Turning her head to the side she tried to distract herself with the surroundings of what looked like a private area of the springs. ((Not sure if I should wait for @Eternity to post more about the surroundings or not? @Al Sa-her ))
  5. Sakura Onsen Sento: Open for Business

    Kat watched as a man appeared from the gates. She had been watching him just before his reach to them, noting how elaborate the bathhouse must be. Every inch of the gates even displayed so much detail she admired its history. It wasn't long after his bow that she countered with a small bow of her head and a closed lipped smile. It was quick, because she had become distracted with the fact that Koji seemed to be holding his elbow out and staring down at her. It had been a while since she had even touched him, the thought had eluded her until just then. While her smile to the man that greeted them was sincere, the warmer smile appeared on her face while she gracefully accepted and moved forward. Like Koji, Kat seemed relaxed by the atmosphere. She was internally falling more in love with the place each passing moment. The sound of water trickling in spaces, all of the scents of herbal salts meshing together. Knowing she was in good hands she closed her eyes for just a second to take in tranquility as Koji began to speak. Ruby eyes leaned up to him and then the man in front leading the way. "One always needs a soothing place to hide away for a little while." There was a stiffness about his arm, even as he spoke words like that she was sure he wasn't fully grasping the philosophy of 'relaxing.' Kat smirked, she grasped his arm just a little and moved her fingers around the muscle. "Being less care free makes you forget the simple things. You don't believe the words you're saying, yet, at least." She did feel for him in that regard, it must have been pure punishment up until now having to rule over everything and not have a moment of peace. They fell silent as they continued their walk to wherever this man was leading them. It wasn't until Koji's snicker and words did she tilt her head up to him with one brow raised. "I'm not opposed if you aren't." She was careful with her next words, "Our? As in..?" Kat was going to let him answer that one. @Al Sa-her @Eternity
  6. Sakura Onsen Sento: Open for Business

    Kat's ruby eyes watched him with a glint of amusement though the rest of her face did not follow. Chaos wasn't something she ever thought of herself. Chaos was what she saw in her old friend Dreamer. When comparing herself to Dreamer she felt as though she was gentle and kinder. However she wasn't the same bubbly person she once was at the Halo. They both had changed and maybe Koji saw what she didn't. The thought was refreshing even if she was trying to wrap her head around it. Maybe she was more chaotic than she thought, in more than just sensual thoughts. The blonde looked almost unrecognizable in more formal attire of the empire. Her usual wild curls pinned neatly at the top of her head with decorations adorning it. Vibrant silks covering her from neck to foot. Some of her liked that the cover would make him nervous if she were to move inches of her body to show just a bit of skin like her leg. "Is it though?" Her answer to his last statement was coy. While he was right about growing up he was still no where near his potential and she knew that. "Do you have a choice in how you think, act, or feel? You were told who you are, you were told what to do, and you were told how to feel. You simply accepted the terms to see where they would go. Sure, Luc wasn't anywhere near the person you are sitting in front of me, however there is honesty I will find in you." Not that he wasn't be honest, or sincere. But was he really happy in believing he chose all of this. She wasn't looking to get in to a discussion about it either since they had arrived at their destination. Finally her face followed, her lips curled up in to a wicked smirk. "Sounds like fun." Was what she was going to say, instead it came out as, "Sounds relaxing." Stepping out of their 'vehicle' for the travel, she began looking around before moving any further. Finally her eyes moved back on Koji, "This place is beautiful." It was a thankful statement, a good start to see where things were going. ((Figured I would let @Eternity describe what happens as far as staff :3 @Al Sa-herSorry it took me))
  7. Sakura Onsen Sento: Open for Business

    It seemed like years were between them, even if in this moment it was barely a foot. Kat no longer dressed as she did back in the days of serving the Halo, or the Underworld. Surely with her time gone, Dreamer would inhabit such a place and she would becoming nothing more than a whisper in the mist. Gaia was all she had ever known, these foreign places were things she was still getting used to even if they were grand. A new way of dressing, walking, talking, living even with all of the other concubines that had been chosen for a man she once knew. Kat wasn't privy to such conversations, plans that were being made, she was here to serve. It became abundantly clear even before she left Gaia. A part of her knew the risk, another part was still so unsure of it. Leaving behind the comfort of knowing to trying to understand the unknown that lay before her. A boy, that was what he was when she met him, immature, selfish, brash, and yet those things amused her simply because they were more uncommon. Koji was not Luc, the separation was clear as day and yet she knew somewhere hidden in there he wasn't as posh as he played. She didn't want Luc back either, she wanted to get to know this person more, maybe this was who he was meant to be. Thoughts of Whispernight rushed in, everything seemed like a blur. The feeling of her fangs ripping in to flesh along with her very hands. The speed of getting what they needed done in a timely matter while narrowly escaping death. After that, everything else was still a blur, getting to the kingdom itself, building cities and yet also building rules and relationships. All and all the concubines could have been treated much worse, and yet in a kingdom filled with women she knew it was bound to get bloody again. However, what lay in front of her was the reason she agreed to come here, even after being insulted by his father, he still chose her to come. "Why though? Why do you give me that kind of freedom? I understand you having chosen me. Was it you, or your past self that willed you to so? Why come back to me?" She meant no disrespect, she simply got curious after not being alone with him like this since they met again. "Regret, no, I have seen and done many fantastic things while on this journey. Do I still have wonder of what will become of everything, of course. Don't we all? Even a leader such as yourself must wonder what's going to happen next?" A soft smile followed her words, assuring him that she didn't regret being with him right here and now. Ruby eyes fixed on him much like a cat had found it's prey. How did he escape the Empress to be in this situation with her. Maybe his curiosity of her lead him to do so, whatever the fact, she was grateful for the chance. The experience managed to make her heart throb in her throat. "Where are we going, Koji?"
  8. Most days she wondered how she ended up here. Kat seemed to fit with her surroundings, she was always good at adapting to her state. There was always chaos surrounding her, between her patrons and owners of the place she came from she had more than her fill of adventure. Watching the destruction pop up around her she leaned over to see the brilliant colors of gold and orange surrounding the jungle like atmosphere. A voice can be heard calling the others to it. Dove, someone, like the rest whom she was barely familiar with was giving orders for this mission. The vampire looked toward her captain to listen about the towers, where they were landing and what exactly they were doing. Most times she knew that plans were hard to follow with mass amounts of battle around them but she would try to obtain victory like the others. What made it worse was the pounding rain that seemed to drown Dove's voice every now and then. Kat did catch the part about them landing near or on the tree lit below, as well as what would be waiting when she and the others landed in to the middle. Part of her really wished these things were alive, then she could eat at least. Fresh, fresh blood, something she often missed. It wasn't that she was mistreated by any means, it was the thrill of hunting that this place had brought back to her. For years she had pushed away the feeling of watching someone start in fear, then pure ecstasy, to the very brink of death just under her full lips. Looking around as she listened she could see this was an impressive group of women that Koji had chosen as a part of this harem he had. Kat still didn't really believe in the whole thing but she decided for adventure sake she would give it a go. At the stoke of one she was out like the others falling in mid-air she wondered just how she'd get through. After landing she saw the hoard coming at them, most had started filing through the masses of undead. The ship had taken out its share before becoming a pile of flaming debris. Kat used strength, that was what she had, she wasn't a weapons master but she had perks of being her own undead being. There were spells that could be used to kill, as she started in on them a couple rings of red began to follow her. Kat's lips were moving though it sounded as though nothing was coming out, even so the rings heeded her command and spread out. As they did a couple ran at her first, though they would never make their target. The rings came from behind them, just at their feet. The undead seemed to be at a stand still as though the rings were keeping them in their place. While they struggled to move one could see their faces and attributes began to look more drained within a minute. They dropped to the ground looking like nothing more than freeze dried fruit. As more came, more rings would spread through them like targets. Kat seemed started to walk through just as the others fought their way through, following where they were going, unsure of who she would team up with to complete this. More began to drop, she was gathering their energy for something that would take time. If successful she would be able to call aid of the hoard itself, pinning it against its own soldiers. The hard part was keeping them away from her while she concentrated, but just like flies they flocked to her just as they did the others. ((Let me know if I'm off with anything, I can change things around.))